Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Treat?

Is your life a trick or a treat?
Are you pulling a fast one on yourself and others?
Are you out to get as much candy as you can?
Are you busy giving unhealthy rewards to others?
Do you seek to fill your life with surface pleasure?
Are you indulging in what is addictive?
Do you feed others temptations to keep them from being upset?
Do you seek to “treat” yourself with what does not serve your best self?
Are you enjoying a life of temporary “highs” only to fall into depression?
Are you busy avoiding real life with your real Presence?
Are you aware that life has loving and learning value?
Can you give yourself real treats?

Do you even know what a treat it is to give your best?
Is it possible your withholds are making you sick?
Is it possible that avoiding failure is really keeping you stuck in non-success?
Is it possible that the costume you are wearing is a fantasy or mocks the real You?
Is it possible that you are hiding from the real essence of you?
Is it possible that the trick in your life is to take off the mask and look in the mirror?
Is it possible that the real treat will be living and giving the Authentic You effortlessly?

This “Trick or Treat” world has confused many into thinking we are here to masquerade,
as what we think is valued and important and will be rewarded with the most treasure, candy or money.
The trick is to realize what we no longer value and let it go.
The trick is to recognize you already have what you need.
The trick is to remember you are here to give everything good and loving and holy.
The treat is to find your real life of joy and peace and love.

Take off your mask.
Give up your addictions and self-defeating habits.
Forgive your self made and learned limitations.
Undo your mistaken beliefs and behaviors.
Discover your True values.
Wakeup and choose what you Value.
Live with courage and conviction.
Trust in the Goodness and Creative Power within You.
Honor and Respect Who You Really Are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Family-Centered Living

What is family?
What is its purpose?
What are family values?
How can you build functional family?
These are some of the questions which I hope to encourage, inspire and invite you to ask and answer.

The family is the learning classroom in which children learn to develop their values and ideals.
Families are the learning territory for exploring behaviors and communication.
Families are the safe place in which to feel and heal one’s bruising attempts to play the game of life.
However….if your family of origin was non-existent, inoperative or dysfunctional, learning was limited.

It is never too late to build a functional family with willing friends, partners or respectful groups.
It is always possible to learn to be in respectful, responsible and cooperative relationships.
It is always possible to learn to give and receive the best with those you relate to.
It is always possible to learn to be honest in your communications without withhold or gossip.
It is always possible to learn to commit to what is good for every one with freedom and trust.
It is always possible to learn to be responsible for the quality of all relationships with no guilt or blame.
It is always possible to make life your learning classroom and humanity your family.

As a community builder and experiential learner, I have discovered what doesn’t work with many groups.
Where there is control and autocratic leadership, others stay dependent and needy or rebel and act out.
Where there is permissiveness, giving freedom without responsibility, there is anxiety and confusion.
Where there is seeing others as incapable or weak, there is difficulty holding them accountable.
Where there is no common goal or vision, there is competition and interference.
Where there is gossip without clear direct communication, there is sabotage and unfairness.
Where there is no vision of togetherness or cooperation, there is inadequate leadership and direction.
Where there are rebellion and resistance, there is frustration, resentment and futility.
Where there are martyrdom and sacrifice, there is exhaustion, covert hostility and disease.
Where there are impatience and busyness, there is taking over and doing it oneself.
Where there are floundering and failure, there is self doubt, shame and quitting.
Where there are only pain and problems, there is avoidance, addiction and rejection.

In families there are opportunities everyday to forgive mistakes and choose again.
In families we can appreciate the successes of each one and build more of the same.
In families we can heal our past ignorance and learn new ways to relate.
In families we can apologize sincerely for disrespectful communication and choose better for All.
In families we can change direction at anytime and truly make a difference in the lives of everyone.
In families we can build what we claim to want for ourselves and those we love.
In families we can be all we are here to be.

Why not commit to give those you love the best you have?
I am committed to love you with the best of me.
Betty Lue

Friday, October 29, 2004

What Every Child Deserves

(Following our morning with Gia’s first grade classroom for their Halloween Parade.)

Every child deserves to be hugged.
Every child deserves cuddles in the morning, evening and anytime they want them.
Every child deserves to be greeted with a smile and a greeting of welcome.
Every child deserves to have friends to play with.
Every child deserves to be listened to with respect.
Every child deserves to hear “No”, when that is the best answer to receive.
Every child deserves to be guided to positive behavior.
Every child deserves to be shown how to succeed.
Every child deserves to play and create freely.
Every child deserves to dance and sing without self consciousness,
Every child deserves to be loved unconditionally.
Every child deserve a good breakfast and nourishing lunch.
Every child deserves to have clothing they feel comfortable in.
Every child deserves go to school where they feel safe.
Every child deserves to be supported in their uniqueness.
Every child deserves to know their family values them.
Every child deserves to have their parents and grandparents express appreciation and affection.
Every child deserves to be read to and helped with their homework in a positive way.
Every child deserves to be encouraged to be confident and adventuresome.
Every child deserves to be have responsibilities which are helpful to their parents and teacher.
Every child deserves to be limited from excesses in consuming, acting out and demanding.
Every child deserve opportunities to learn and grow, to give and contribute to their highest potential.
And YES,
Every child deserves food, clothing, shelter, quality health care and a safe place to be loved.
This is the right to life, the right to a loving and abundant life.

And YES, every person, even You, deserve all of this and more.
Give it to yourself everyday and you will find it easier to share with others.
Life is for giving what we all truly deserve.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Vacation for Renewal

Let go of one’s former identity.
Release roles and functions.
Open to what is true and real now.

I cannot imagine a better place to remember my purpose for being.
Your place may be the woods, sitting in front of a fire, walking on a beach or in meditation.
I remembered, renewed and rekindled the flame of purpose within me.
What is your empassioned and committed reason for being?

I dedicate my whole life to be inspired and inspiring, offering the Highest I know in each relationship.
Whether positive or negative, I dedicate All to the highest good.
What is your highest value?
What calls to your heart and mind?
What is so important that you could let everything else go?

Hawaii reminded me………
I remember the innocence of community in the 50’s.
I remember the togetherness of families.
I remember how easy it is to live and let live.
I remember how natural it can be to greet everyone with love in your heart.
I remember how much fun to wakeup everyday and greet the rising sun.
I remember how easy to buy and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.
I remember how good it is to spend the day talking about important things with people you love.
I remember how rich life is when you treasure every relationship, every moment, every contribution.
I remember how simple life can be without planning months in advance.
I remember how to listen to the birds, smile at the children and dance in the sun without a care.
I remember what warmth there is in appreciating the goodness and beauty all around us.
I remember how freeing it is to walk to the store.
I remember how sweet the air is blowing off the ocean.
I remember how the sun sparkles on cresting waves and waving palm fronds.
I remember who I am when I allow myself to receive the abundance that is mine everyday.
I remember to thank our Creator for the blessings of simple abundant living everyday.
I remember that I am a gift of Love.
It is my joy to give this gift to everyone in everyway every day.

I am renewed as I remember the simple Truth.

I am loving you by always sharing the best I know,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Holding True Through Respect

The world offers many challenges to our willingness to respect our individual life journeys.
My life journey is for the purposeful living, giving the highest and best I have to Every One.
Others have their own unique life journeys, and inspirational purpose.
I must not interfere.
I must mind my own business.
When I am asked to help, serve and remind, I respond.
I must follow the path that has heart and meaning for me.
I must listen to the Voice of Love within.
I must let go of expecting others to be the same as I am.
I must let go of trying to seduce, persuade or convince anyone.
I must give up all need to make the world different than it is.
I must respect the learning opportunities that come to each one.
I must be a catalyst for change by sharing the highest Truth I know.
I must give all to all to have all I have.
I must walk with a sense of freedom and commitment to the Highest Good.
I must save myself by letting go of trying to understand others.
(It is only when I live my own purpose peacefully that I come to understand.)
I must free myself to simply be.

To respect myself, I am willing to look again, to see things differently.
To respect myself, I choose to see every upset or imbalance as a wakeup call.
To respect myself, I must show up and speak up and let go of expectations.
To respect myself, I choose to give myself the best I know.
To respect myself, I am willing to express how I feel, what I want and be willing to give it to myself.
To respect myself, I am called to see my holiness and support my being whole, healed and holy.
To respect myself, I am called to let go of the world I know.
To respect myself, I free myself to be alone and always connected with the One.
To respect myself, I release myself from all limitations, worries and made up roles or functions.
To respect myself, I choose to be willing to allow Spirit to use my thoughts, words and actions for Good.
To respect myself, I surrender to the power of love within me.
To respect myself, I look on my world with love, appreciation and open-mindedness..
To respect myself, I choose peace now.

As I wholly respect All That I Am, I am always respecting all that you are.
As I totally trust my life journey, I also trust yours.
As I completely free myself be at conscious choice, I free you to be the chooser in your own life process.
I see you. I know you. I love you… As I see Me, free Me and totally Love Me.

Respectfully yours,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What I Am Not Responsible For

I am not responsible for making anyone happy.
I am responsible for being happy.
I am not responsible for healing others.
I am responsible for being whole.
I am not responsible for obeying others’ requests.
I am responsible for keeping my agreements and changing them when no longer highest and best.
I am not responsible for believing in what others see as true.
I am responsible for seeking the highest truth I know.
I am not responsible for what others share with me.
I am responsible for how I receive what others share.
I am not responsible for others’ health and well-being.
I am responsible for setting the highest example of wellness.
I am not responsible for how others choose to live.
I am responsible for my own consciousness and choices.
I am not responsible for others’ learning and whole life journey.
I am responsible to not agree with mistakes, sympathize with neediness, and protect you from growth.
I am not responsible for others’ unconscious behaviors.
I am responsible for being nice to keep others sleeping.
I am not responsible for others’ problems or upsets.
I am responsible for waking others up to make conscious choices.

I am able to respond to others, when I have responded to myself with love and conscious choice.
Where I sacrifice myself for others to assuage fear or guilt, I will not be able to truly respond.
Where I take control over others experiencing the consequences of life, I limit learning.
Where I handle the lives of those around me by judging, fixing or trying to make it better, I interfere.
Therefore I choose to respond with what is in alignment with the Good of All concerned.
I choose to listen and respond with the freedom and trust of Eternal Love.
I choose to honor my whole life values and respect the journey of each one along life’s path.
I choose to be wholly response-able and impeccable in my daily life.

Loving you by being able and willing to respond with Love.
Betty Lue

Monday, October 25, 2004

I Am Responsible

I am responsible for the world I see.
I am responsible for how I respond to what I see.
I am responsible for my judgments, both positive and negative.
I am responsible for my emotions.
I am responsible for my perceptions.
I am responsible for my thoughts.
I am responsible for my choices.
I am responsible for what I do and do not do.
I am responsible for my health.
I am responsible for my happiness.
I am responsible for my learning.
I am responsible for my letting go.
I am responsible for my willingness.
I am responsible for how and whom I help.
I am responsible for how and whom I love.
I am responsible for my consciousness.
I am responsible for my whole life experience.
I am responsible for my state of mind.
I am responsible for my patience.
I am responsible for my trust.
I am responsible for my acceptance.
I am responsible for my kindness.
I am responsible for my generosity.
I am responsible for my open-minded ness.
I am responsible for my faith.
I am responsible for my honesty.
I am responsible for my well-being and attitude.

I am willing to be responsible.
Betty Lue

Friday, October 22, 2004

Values and Vision Into Action

(from our Hawaii retreat)

Vision without values is empty.
Vision without faith will not manifest.

Only when we know what we really value can we claim a vision for our Authentic Selves.
Only when we live our unique values can we experience the fullness of our personal vision and mission.
Only when we forgive our doubt, fear of failure and success can we actualize what we dare to dream.

Most people are living the human values of their past and their parents, their culture and community.
Most people are living worldly values of accomplishment, physical health and wealth, acquisition, giving to get, security in relationship, worry and self doubt, having enough, . values of fear-based egoic defensiveness. These values are temporary and change as we evolve spiritually.
When asked for ideal values that support your Whole and Holy Self, qualities of freedom, trust, loving kindness, peace, joy, contribution and integrity may show up. However in everyday living these ideals are often forsaken and replaced with what takes care of our learned neediness and seeming lack and limitations of bodies and personalities.
Humans seek for what they believe they do not have. What we are valuing we create.
Humanity strives to accomplish that which they believe will get them approval or affirmation.
When we are not living in integrity with our highest values, our lives will display what we currently are valuing. Often we experience not having what we are fearful of not having.
When searching for your current values, look for that which you spend time, money and energy on.
Money, self image, being right, worry, criticism, getting the love you want, satisfying your appetites, pretending to be what you wish you were,, wealth and power, getting even, etc.
To being our current values, look at your life and you will see what you have been valuing.

When looking for your ideal values, do a values sort. Look for your optimum 1-3 lasting values.
Write down on cards your top ten values. Comparing pairs of values find what really is your top choice. If you have to choose between the top two, which will you choose as your preference? Using your top choice, compare with the next value. Let go of those which are not chosen, until you have one left for your top priority. Begin again to find the second priority, etc.

When you locate your top three values, ask yourself:
Is this how I live?
Is this how I think and speak and act in all circumstances?
Is this what I give myself?
Is this what I give to others on the highway, in the store and in my family?
After clarifying our top three values, next to prune or let go of everything that interferes and interrupts you living your values daily. As you let go of what no longer serves you with forgiveness and loving kindness, allow yourself to remember what is profoundly True for you.
Then ask yourself what you need to support yourself in living a values-centered life.
What people, activities and reminders do you need to instill into your daily life to support what matters?

Our Highest Vision is to be Who We Really Are.
We are not here to be a human doing, but rather to actualize our Spiritual Beingness.
Once we discover and declare our true values, we come to see our Real work is to live and give our Being unconditionally to everyone. This is our joy, our salvation and our whole life.
Our Highest Vision is to live our Essential Beingness.
The fable says that God gave us the secret of Eternal Life in a place where we look last. Deep within us lies everything perfect and Good and True for us to Be. Discover and live this Truth and we will know Everlasting Happiness and Peace.

Blessed be in our discovery,
Betty Lue

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Vision is Healing

As you may recognize by now, anything can be used to heal.
With inspiration, with Spirit, with God in you, all things are possible.
What you believe will work for you.
So choose what you believe.

Hold your inner vision with faith and conscious desire.
Hold your vision of with clarity and conviction.
Hold your vision with commitment and persistence.
Hold your vision with trust in the healing process.
Hold your vision with forgiveness of doubts and fears.
Hold your vision with the Light and Love of God and Goodness.

When we are focused on the illness, problem, or issue we want to avoid, resist and let go, our energy and vision create more of the same.
When we are focused on our ideal values and vision for ourselves and our lives, our energy and vision create what we are valuing and envisioning.

It is healing to allow vision to manifest that which we want.
It is healing to undo what is no longer true.
It is healing to let go of the past.
It is healing to be inspired by our vision of our holiness.
It is healing to create our future.
It is healing to live our values.
It is healing to see clearly that which we truly are.
It is healing to see beyond the body and physical appearances.
It is healing to remember the Love of God and return to the Holiness which you are created to be.
You are the healer as you heal your mind with your inner vision.

Loving our Holiness,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Life is Creative

I am choosing to use my life to heal the past or create each moment anew.
I am choosing to focus on what was or what is now.
I am choosing to judge what I have created or fully enjoy what I am now experiencing.
By my choice, I get stuck in fear of making a mistake or the adventure of seeing what comes next.

Wherever I place my attention, there I see what it is I have judged.
Judgment is the filter through which I see my world.
When I have forgiven and released my judgments, I can see the whole world anew.
When I behold with forgiveness and love, I fully appreciate the goodness, wholeness and love.

Judgment creates more of what I judge.
Forgiveness creates from the heart of Love.
Finding fault with me creates criticism of what I see.
Love in me creates Love in All I see.
Depression in me paints my world with a frown of grays and browns.
Happiness in me paints my world full of wonder and possibility.
Complicated plans and strategies create complicated outcomes.
Simple focus with freedom and trust creates easily what I love and value.

So you see, I am creating the world I see.
I am creating the life I enjoy.
I am responsible for my creations.
I can change, rearrange, undo and choose again for what I want to create by changing my mind.

I am willing to love me, love my creations and love the experiences I have.
I am willing to create with love and joy and peace in my heart/mind.
Betty Lue

Monday, October 18, 2004

Life Is Healing

Life heals us.
Upsets are wakeup calls reminding us to be conscious.
Challenges are opportunities to strengthen our faith, our courage, our inner guidance.
Disease and illness are invitations to take responsibility for our whole life health.
Anxiety, fear and worry are clues that we need to learn to seek the goodness, love and blessings.
Negative and limited thinking are the opening to develop a new attitude of positive creative thought.
Difficult relationships are the call to forgive the past, to extend peace and love and let go with blessing.

When we forgive and release our judgments and fears, we experience and extend acceptance and love.
When we are at peace and have an open mind, we receive insight, guidance and understanding.
When we behold and appreciate the goodness in our lives, we are positive, joyful and creative.
When we dedicate all challenges and difficulties to the Highest Good, we are blessed by miracles.
When we remember to Love no matter what, we reclaim our True Identity and Purpose here.

Life is for giving and we are the gifts of Love, Peace and Joy.
We are the sacred place of Light and Healing and Grace.
We are the temple of the living God and essential Goodness.
We are the purpose for our Being and our life is a Loving Reminder.

There is nothing to get.
There is no where to be.
There is nothing to do.
We are simply to be the fullness of Love and Goodness we are.

This is our holy function, our purpose and our Life.

My life is a healing and Loving Reminder …and so is yours,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Creating Your Day

No need to let life happen to you, when you can actively participate.
Imagine that you are preparing a simple meal for a holy guest.
You would not wait until the guest was hungry to go seeking food in the kitchen.
There are steps you would take to create what the meal (the day) would be.
Every day is your opportunity to prepare the meal of your life for your own holiness.

Awareness- Notice your thoughts and feelings. Be conscious and open to possibilities.
Intention- Visualize what up seek to create and offer your guest. What do you want?
Willingness- Acknowledge your willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfillment.
Clearing- Actively release fears and doubts, judgments and limiting beliefs about your abilities.
Preparation- Prepare yourself and your creative space. Gather the tools and materials needed.
Focus- Place your attention on your desired outcome. Not on the product, but on the experience.
Direction- Allow your inner confidence and the voice within you to guide your process.
Attention- Pay attention to what you want. Undo what is not the Truth you seek.
Trust- Have confidence knowing the Presence of Goodness and Love within you will create.
Desire- Allow the dynamic tension between your desired outcome and current state to energize you.
Commitment- Be prepared to persist with faith until you have the experience you envision.
Planning- Let your strategy to use whatever comes for the Good of All.
Activity-Do what you are called to do with joy and confidence,
Appreciation- Be grateful for the opportunity to envision, to trust in the process, to be free to create,

There are other sacred qualities which enhance the “meal” preparation as we create each day.
Seek balance in inner and outer direction, using intuition and being practical, knowing when to work and when to rest, being quiet and being active, and many other choices throughout our day.
Find a harmony of flavors in life, so notice when there is too much bitterness or sweetness in life.
Cooperate with your whole life experience. Rather than making something happen, be with what is happening and use it all for Good. Resist nothing.
Forgiveness- Remember to undo what is not true, rather than hurt or block your joy with your judgment.
Choose again- Know there are unlimited opportunities to choose again for what is highest and best.

The Universe supports us in how we are supporting ourselves.
Our work is to prepare ourselves for the whole and holy experience we desire.
It is our thoughts and feelings and physical well-being that we offer each day.
We are stewards of our own energies. It is these for which we are responsible.

To create your day with love, know you are worthy of being happy and fulfilled.
If happiness and fulfillment are the “meal” you seek, let this be your vision.
Give your mind, your heart and your commitment to creating happiness and fulfillment for you.
Practice every day. Stay conscious and you will learn to let go of blocks to your happiness.
Create your day with Joy and Love.

I Am,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Finding Balance is Healing

Each one of us is unique.
Each one has their own path and their own purpose.
Each one of us must discover our own balance for healing and wholeness.

We are called to bring the precious gift of ourselves to the present moment.
We are called to bring the Truth of Who We Are to every sacred relationship.
We are called to take impeccable care of our own gift of Self.
To most of us this means letting go of the limiting programming and claiming our own identity.
This mean we must recognize and release the imprinting, labeling and copying of others.
This means we must come from a deep and profound love for our Authentic Self.
We must give ourselves the opportunity to discover and celebrate our differences.
In a world of homogenization, comparison and judgment we are encouraged to conform.
As we conform to fit in and belong, we lose ourselves.
As we meet the expectations of our family and teachers, we forsake our natural balance.
As we allow outer voices to teach us, we tune out our inner voice.
As we let false teachers lead us, we get lost in a world of lost souls.

To find our inner voice,
To find our own natural rhythm and balance,
To reclaim our unique identity,
To discover our own spiritual calling,
We must stop…Release and let go of external demands…even for a few minutes daily.
We must look… Look within for the answers. Respect your individuality.
We must listen….Be still and listen to the inner voice, the calling of your Spirit.

Our culture tends to exalt being social…not being alone.
Our cultures tend to encourage talking…not being silent.
Our culture tends to promote getting as much as we can…not giving the Best we have.
Our culture tends to produce aggressive competitors...rather than team-building cooperatives.
We tend seek entertainment… rather than learn to create a full life for ourselves.
Our culture supports complexity rather than simplicity.
Our culture values achievement more than being a loving Presence.

Look within for what is your balance.
Neither avoiding nor being attached. but rather be willing to be what supports the Highest Good in each moment. Introvert or extrovert, intuitive or information gathering, thinking or feeling, detailed or spontaneous, social or private, driven or relaxed, goal oriented or being present with what is, active or passive? Choose what is truly best for you in each moment.

Take time to reflect.
Stop and listen within.
Ask your whole Self what is being called forth.
Honor your inner voice.
Enjoy the blessing of being You.
This is healing.
This is balance.
This is enjoying the fullness of each moment in your life, for exactly what it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 15, 2004

What is my Responsibility?

I am here to feel what is real.
I am here to heal what is not.
I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to stop being helpless.
I am able to appreciate what is before me.
I am able to appreciate what is behind me.
I respect and honor what is above me
I respect and honor what is below me.
I love and cherish what is within me.
I love and cherish what is within you.
I am willing to give the best I know.
I am willing to let go of what does not serve All.
I am willing to share what I have.
I am willing to have more to give more.
I am willing to trust I have what I need.
I am willing to trust we are learning from one another.

In my willingness, respect and gratitude, I am able to respond to life as it is.
In being present, I can see and hear, feel and know what is in each moment.
In respecting what is, I can easily respond from my Spirit and with my heart.
I know and trust being conscious and responsible is the gift of Love I Am.

I am able and willing to respond with the Best I know.
I am willing and able to give the spiritual wisdom I receive.
I am willing and able to be wholly present with you and All.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Responsibility Heals

What do you really want?
It is in wanting that you come to have what you want.
What is it that you truly value?
It is in discovering what you value that you know what you want?
Take note of what you think you need to have what you want and live what you value.

You may not recognize that you are living what you say you value and have what you think you want. To be aware that this is so is to be fully conscious, responsible and enlightened.
In this state, you can easily and simply choose again.
Blame is never justified or warranted, because you are the chooser.
When you are unwilling to be the conscious chooser, you will see yourself as the loser.

To be responsible is to respond to what you perceive.
To be responsible is not to be stuck in guilt or blame, but merely to choose again.
To be responsible for your whole life is to perceive your whole life as holy.
To be responsible for the state of your happiness is to see what is your happiness.
To be responsible for what you have is to clearly choose you want to have.
To be responsible for who you are is to take impeccable care of your thoughts, words and activities.
To be responsible for how you live is to live consciously healing what is not highest and best for you.
To be responsible is to let go of that which no longer works for you.
To be responsible is to name and reclaim that which calls to you and inspires you to live and give.
To be responsible is to earnestly desire to live what you value.
To be responsible for your life is healing.

I am responsible for my happiness.
I am responsible for my peace of mind.
I am responsible for the world I see.
I am responsible for how I live.
I am responsible for what I give.
I am responsible for the gratitude I feel.
I am responsible for what I create.
I am responsible for my use of time and space.
I am responsible for this holy place.
I am responsible for what is mine.
I am responsible for All I Am.

What I value I am given.
What I value I am living.
What I value is what I see.
What I value is a part of me.
What I value is the joy I feel
What I value is what makes it all real.
What I value is my holy escape.
What I value is what keeps me here.
What I value is what I hold dear.
What I value can’t be right or wrong.
What I value is my holy song.
What I value is how I choose.
What I value is mine to lose.
What I value is either love or fear.
What I value is conflicted or clear.
What I value is for me to know.
What I value I can also let go.

I want freedom…so I am free.
I want joy…to live happily.
I want be my song.
I want peace…to know right from wrong.

Mistakes of the heart can never be…. When I choose wisely listening within Me.
What I value is freeing myself to forgive and release where I am stuck.
What I value is giving myself the choice to create anew…right here and right now.
What I value is knowing this is a failsafe universe in which I can learn as I go.
Remembering to love myself with freedom and trust…this is the highest value I know.

Loving you, loving my gift to set us free.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Conscious Healing

What is healing with consciousness?
Conscious healing is taking responsibility for our current state of mind.
Being aware that we are responsible for our experience is being conscious.
To awaken from the dream that we are victims of the world we see is healing.
Conscious healing is realizing by changing our minds, we heal our perceptions and our experience,

Recognizing that the world we see is not real or permanent frees us from being at the effect.
Practicing the art of changing our perceptions to change our experience is our learning laboratory.
Owning that we are creating our experience with our judgments and perceived limitations enlightens us.
Lifting clouds of lack and limitation by recognizing our creative potential becomes our choice.
We have free will to choose our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and experiences.
With limiting beliefs, we think limiting thoughts, have belittling feelings and experience victimization.
As we choose beliefs of limitlessness, freedom and creativity, we heal our minds.
By thinking expansive thoughts, feeling happy and freely loving life, we experience the joy of creation.
With conscious healing we think with open-mindedness, appreciation and love.
With attitudinal healing we see ourselves as offering the gift of our love to each moment.
With forgiveness of our limited perceptions and fear-based judgments, we transform our lives.
With right use of our will, we create only that which is good, and beautiful and holy for All.

When I am conscious, I see I am created as Love for the sole purpose of loving.
When I am conscious, I remember to forgive and release every unloving thought or perception.
When I am conscious, I use my time, energy and resources, to create what is for the Good of All.
When I am conscious, I perceive my Self as an aspect of God and the Goodness of God.
When I am conscious, I know my Creator and my Self.
When I am conscious, I am inspired to live in alignment with the Holy Purpose of Divine Will.
When I am conscious, I live and move and have my being in God and Holy Goodness.
When I am conscious, I use my body, emotions and mind to serve the Highest Good.
When I am conscious, I listen within to be guided by inspiration and by Spirit within.
When I am conscious, I see all things as working together for Good.
When I am conscious, I respond to lack of love with forgiveness and the extension of Love.
When I am conscious, I give All I Am and All I have freely without expectation as I am inspired.
When I am conscious, I know I am whole no matter what the apparency of body, finances or world.
When I am conscious, I live joyfully and give abundantly knowing all my needs are met.
When I am conscious, I trust everything I experience is to be utilized as loving reminders.
When I am conscious, I celebrate my wholeness, abundance and freedom in all ways.
When I am conscious, life is a reflection of my inner kingdom and I know all is well.

And when I forget………
each relationship, every upset, every moment calls me to wakeup and remember………

I am healed. I am whole. I am healing. I am holy.
And so are you!

In consciousness and gratitude,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Life is Healing

Can you imagine that your life is for your healing?
Can you see that every experience has been a path of healing?
Can you appreciate the opportunity to heal the fear, the doubt, the separation from God?
Can you fully honor the gift of your sacred journey and know you are remembering?

Our healing needs are plain and simple.

We are here to heal our fear.
We are here to remember Love.
We are here to heal our self doubt.
We are here to remember to trust.
We are here to heal our separation from God and our betrayal of ourselves.
We are here to reconnect with our Self and our Source.
We are here to heal our belief in lack of love.
We are here to know we are deeply and profoundly loved by God.
We are here to heal our fear of lack and need for more.
We are here to realize and appreciate the abundance of all we need.
We are here to heal our self judgment and belittling.
We are here to recognize our magnificence and the perfection of our lives.

Whatever life has offered us has been a gift from our higher selves to awaken us to the Truth within.
Whatever life has brought to us has been an opportunity to reclaim our creativity and our holiness.
Whatever life has demonstrated for us has been a reflection of our mental images and attitudes.
Whatever life has shown us has been a holy offering for forgiveness and the strengthening of our faith.

Whatever life seems to be is a mystery, until we can truly see with eyes of forgiveness and of love.
As we let go of pain and problems, we allow what was curse be transformed into gift and blessing.

Yes, beyond the tears of shame and guilt are the simple joys of holy love.
For when we can love the Holy One we are, we see our lives has been the journey home.
We are here to reclaim the simple gift of Perfect Love for Self and Love for Source.
Each one of us is called to take this sacred walk to realize we have never left our Creator and ourselves.

Life is our healing and we are blessed.
Betty Lue

Monday, October 11, 2004

Imagine Peace

Peace is Healing.
Perfect Peace is True Holiness.
Peace is the absence of conflict.
Peace is the natural extension of Love to every One.
Peace is the experience of Heaven here and now.
Peace is the end of all fear and ignorance and lack.

Peace begins within my own mind.
What would it take to be totally at peace?
What would it take to know no conflict?
What would it take to hold no grievances?
What would it take to be separate from no one?
What would it take to behold the face of God in all Beings?
What would it take to trust that there is only Love?
What would it take to forgive all judgments, comparisons and criticisms?
What would it take to remember only love, appreciation and open-mindedness?
What would it take to bring peace to myself, my life and my world?

Trust I am Love.
Trust I am created to extend Love.
Trust there is a living God in all creation.
Trust there is Goodness within each aspect of creation.
Trust God is The Peace and Love and Joy in All That Is.
Trust we are here to remember Love.
Trust we are here to love unconditionally.
Trust we are here to serve the Greater Good.
Trust we are here to remember and remind EveryOne of the Good within.

Be free.
Free ourselves to live.
Free ourselves to love.
Free ourselves to create.
Free ourselves to forgive.
Free ourselves to laugh.
Free ourselves to let go.
Free ourselves to be happy.
Free ourselves to appreciate.
Free ourselves to heal.
Free ourselves to bless.
Free ourselves to remember God.
Free ourselves to live our Goodness.
Free ourselves to fully breathe.
Free ourselves to totally enjoy our holy lives.
Be free.

We are here to totally enjoy our whole and holy lives.
In this we find peace.
We live at peace
We extend our peace
We teach only peace.
We are the living Piece of God, as we offer the Peace of God we are.

May we know the healing power of God’s Peace.
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Healing with Guidance

What does it mean to be spiritually guided?

Being wholly Happy is Healing
God’s Will for You is perfect Happiness.
When you are not happy, you are not living God’s Will.
Following Spirit is living what inspires you.
To be guided by Spirit is to follow your inner inspiration.
Following inspiration is following the path of perfect happiness.

Are you guided by fear or by love?
Are you following a path of pain or of joy?
Are you busy filling your time with “work” or with “pleasure”?
Do you live to make money or make contribution?
Are you running from problems or running toward freedom?
Are you giving to get ahead or giving to express appreciation?
Are you working to pay the bills or to make life better?
Are you seeking approval and achievement or seeking inner peace and lasting joy?
Are you letting fear build defenses or letting love bring great freedom and joy?
Are you living to enjoy life or living to end pain and despair?

To be wholly happy, first correct the thoughts, words and deeds which bring unhappiness.
To listen for the Inspiration and Joy of your inner Spirit, first forgive.
Let go of past mistakes and limited attempts to bring happiness.
Relinquish your need to look busy,
Give up trying to get approval.
Forego being right in anyone’s eyes.
Release the need to accomplish and achieve fame, wealth and greatness.
Erase the world’s judgments of you and your life,

And when you are quiet….simply ask, “What is the path of greatest happiness for me?”
This is the key to perfect happiness.
This is the key to healing.

You may be called to experience the fullness of life.
You may be called to be totally alone and do nothing.
You may be called to serve others with your loving kindness.
You may be called to write, to sing or paint or dance.
You may be called to take long walks, climb mountains or swim in the oceans.
You may be called to take inner sojourns to listen to the ancestors.
You may be called to rock babies or prepare meals for the hungry.
You may be called to write notes of appreciation for those in your past.
You may be called to heal your inner child with play and profound love.
You may be called to daily devotion to the living God of your Spirit.
You may be called to make music or write stories.
You may be called to read books of great wisdom and reflect on their Truth
You may be called to simply enjoy every breath of life itself.
Simply follow the path of your heart.

Perfect happiness heals.
God’s Will for you is that you remember to Love you, to be wholly happy and healed.
God’ will for you is perfect happiness.
In this you will find your Whole Self and live your Holiness.

Healed, happy and holy,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Healing is Remembering

When I remember I am whole and holy, I am healed.
When I remember my Creator and my Source, I am healed.
When I remember I am not my body, I am healed.
When I remember God is the healer, I am healed.
When I remember only love is real, I am healed.
When I remember to forgive everyone and everything, I am healed.
When I remember there is nothing to fear, I am healed.
When I remember I am created as Love by Love for the purpose of Loving, I am healed.
When I remember health and illness are a temporary illusion of duality, I am healed.
When I remember to breathe and be free in Spirit, I am healed.
When I remember to trust in God, I am healed.
When I remember that I am the Light of God’s Love here in body, I am healed.
When I remember that I Am within, I am healed.

Healing is not of the body, but of the mind.
Healing is letting go of all fears and misperceptions.
Healing is the process by which we return to peace within.
Healing is seeing beyond the apparency of temporary experiences as a result of faulty thinking.
Healing is forgiving all errors in my mind.
Healing is giving All to All for the Good of All.
Healing is remembering that I am created whole and holy.
Healing is letting go of a belief in what is not real and lasting.

Even though in this world we see some are not cured of disease, we can see the healing in their eyes. Even though the body may be released in what we name as death, we can hear the voice of Eternal Love. Even though there are those who assume this physical life is the only truth, there are those who see and know what is beyond this world of physical and emotional experience.
Even though some fear the end of physical life, there are those who are totally at peace as they transcend the worries of this world.
Even though there are those who try to save the body, it is the Essence, the spark of God in each one that seeks to be remembered and expressed.
Even though, there may be some who only see with their eyes, there are those who see the holiness with their hearts.
We can only begin to express what is healing here with words.

Simply go to the Source for healing.
Simply love yourself and All That Is for healing.
Simply know you are not alone, when you are healed.
Remember We are One,
When anyone remembers, all are awakened to remember what it real.
Be the holiness and see only holiness,
In this, we are healed as One.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 08, 2004

Traveling Can Be Healing

Wherever we go, there we are.
Wherever we go, we are called to love the ones we are with.
Wherever we go, we are invited to be at home.
Wherever we go, we can easily forgive all judgments and choose again to love.

We are off to 17 days away…to write, to listen, to love to share.
I will be writing and editing Healing Reminders.
The second week friends and family will be on retreat with us.
Loving reminders will be posted often on my web site at
We will be back in California on Monday October 25th.

To connect with us, please call 800-919-2392 or my cell 925-32402409 or send me an email.

Know we are loving you and all, as we travel, teach and honor the goodness in all people.
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Healing with Service

Do you have a purpose here?
Have you found your “calling?”
Do you contribute generously with the gifts you have been giving?
Can you give your life to serving others, rather than serving your own pleasures?

You can heal your pain and addictions by serving a greater purpose.
You can free yourself from suffering by reaching out with love.
You can find perfect happiness and peace by giving your life to what you really value.
You can know what and whom you are called to give by what brings your joy and peace.
Listen look and respond….
Abandoned, animals, children needing attention, hospitalized newborns needing to be rocked, good people running for office, environmental causes, contributing to habitat for humanity, serving on a school or church board, buying groceries for your housebound neighbor, saying “hi” to the unhappy shopper, remembering to thank personally your busy waitress, giving a hug to your child or spouse, remembering to end each conversation with “have a good day” and living life as though all life matters.
I am just scratching the surface on how you can serve a greater good.
In times of apparent fear we tend to contract, isolate and insulate ourselves to meet our own needs and protect and defend our own territory by standing up for our own ideals.
And yet to build a community of humanity we must have the courage and strength to reach beyond our comfort zone and embrace all life with the best we have.

The best we have is not to withhold love. It is to extend forgiveness and love again and again.
The best we have is not to fight for our rights. It is to give both rights and responsibilities to others.
The best we have is not to make others wrong It is to educate ourselves to what is right about the others.
The best we have is not to separate ourselves. It is to join got the highest Good of All people.
The best we have is not to say “my way”. It is to respect different ways that serve the greater Good.
The best we have is not to tell others what to do. It is to listen to how others do what they do.
The best we have is not to sacrifice and blame. It is to be a shining example of self care and contribution.
The best we have is not to attack others values. It is to be true to our own ideals and spiritual principles.
The best we have is not to live in the past. It is to move forward committed to a clear direction for peace.
The best we have is not to forsake our allies. It is to build honest friendships and cooperation.
The best we have to not to be stuck in ineffective policy. It is to see, find and choose better ways.
The best we have is not to judge others choices. It is to be honest in making effective choices.
The best we have is not to fight like children. It is to be mature adults who can accept differences.

I am traveling in the next few weeks. While in Hawaii, there is another culture. I will adapt. I will embrace. I will enjoy. I will celebrate. I will be grateful. I will bless. I will contribute. Whenever we enter into another’s home, workplace, place of worship, community or nation, we experience cultural difference. This is the perfect service. To be open, appreciative and accepting. There is nothing to fear, except withholding the love and gratitude that heals us all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Healing Reminders Book coming soon.. Will be put together while I am on retreat....

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

When I Need Help

Yesterday I twisted my ankle, as I was about to go for a walk.
It hurt enough that I came inside immediately and put ice on it.
First I hurt my body and later I hurt myself with my fear thoughts.
Then I healed myself by asking and receiving the help I needed.

I first asked how I had created the experience and immediately identified five precipitating factors.
-I had carefully watched a woman on crutches with a temporary leg cast on the way home.
-I had a fleeting thought about not really wanting to take a walk.
-I was preoccupied with my own timing and did not stop to say hello to a passing neighbor.
-I had questioned spending two weeks away on retreat starting Friday.
-I remembered wondering what if something happened and we could not go.
I needed to acknowledge and accept responsibility.
I then needed to forgive myself for hurting myself.
When we are in conflict or questioning, interference shows up.
When we are not “watching where we are going” consciously, problems may appear.
When we are too busy and focused on schedule or timing to live our mission, we stop ourselves.
This was a self-created wakeup call.

My initial physiological response was a desire to stay quiet and at home.
Even with little discomfort, my whole Being was in healing crisis.
I asked what holistic remedies I had available to me.
I asked Robert for an energetic balancing and for Reiki healing.
I put ice on it and kept it up.
I rubbed on Traumeel a homeopathic cream.
While I thought it was OK (no pain with easy walking), eight hours later I had great pain and aching.
I started thinking disaster thoughts and scared myself, further causing trauma.
“Broken bones? How will I get to sleep ? What if the pain doesn’t go away? How can I take a trip on crutches? I don’t want to go get an x-ray. I cannot take any pain meds.” Etc. etc.
We scare ourselves with out thoughts.
The body was out of balance.
The mind was out of balance.
In fear there was a spiritual disconnection.

So I asked for help, first from my spiritual partner. “Please help me. Reassure me. Tell me I am OK.”
Please send me Reiki while we sleep. Is there any other help you can give?” Robert offered ‘Pain tapping’ to ease the discomfort and arnica for trauma and Rescue Remedy, a Bach Flower essence. He reminded me of the body’s natural response to trauma…first endorphins to numb the pain and then later the pain reminds us to allow the healing without further injury. I put an ace bandage on my ankle to remind me to keep it still during the night, and used two magnets which always helps me with healing and clearing pain.

While I lay awake I began to pray and use attitudinal healing and prayer treatment.
I asked God for help, as I affirmed “God is the healing Presence and Power”.
“I am requesting healing from all Spiritual Power and Presence that is Whole and Good and Loving.
I love my whole self.
I appreciate my body and its natural healing ability.
I forgive myself for being afraid.
I trust in the natural healing process of the body.
I know all things can be healed with faith.
I am alone in nothing.
As I am healed, my world is healed.
I recommit my mind, body and Spirit to Divine Will, knowing that God will provide my every need to do my Real Work here.
I am grateful this is so.”

With belly breathing to relax and release negative or limited thinking, I eventually fell asleep and awoke to find a new ankle…stiff and strong and calling for respectful use. No pain and greater awareness and appreciation of my faith and willingness to ask for the help I need to remember what is true.

I am grateful to be open and willing to ask for the help I need.
Perfectly Healed with Faith,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

God Helps Those That Help

Often I find myself and Reunion Ministries reaching out to those who appear to need help. I share as I am guided as a catalyst for inspiration and demonstration of our union in the brotherhood of God. Sometimes money is given, help is offered, coaching and counseling is provided, healing remedies are shared, spiritual insight and wisdom are revealed. All is given without thought of what I will later receive, for what is given me is to be freely shared with All. Everyone is worth helping to serve the Greater Good and the return to wholeness and Holiness. Some folks are lost and seek to be found. Some folks are blind and call for spiritual sight. Some folks are hungry and need to be fed before they can learn to plant crops and harvest their own supply. Some folks lack faith in God and confidence in themselves and need a demonstration of Divine work in their life. Some folks are in an existential crisis and cannot find support for their intrinsic wellness and need someone who walks with them in love and trust in their awakening.

Yes, we all have experienced moments and sometimes years of challenge, struggle and separation for the Abundance, Goodness and Trust in God and Good. How we respond to these times determines their strength and length of our struggle. When we are challenged in the school of life, our teachers and fellow students can help or interfere with our learning. To be judged causes doubt, fear and guilt. To be encouraged creates an environment of “I can do it.” When we are defended, protected and helped without their faith in our ability to learn, to heal, to create and to contribute, we are held back by the do-gooders who feed their children without teaching them to cook.

Do you know how to cook for yourself?
At what age did you learn to do your own laundry?
How do you care for yourself, if you feel tired or a little rundown?
What do you do when you have a relationship problem?
Do you ask for help when you need it?
Do you pay your bills on time, balance your checkbook and pay for what you buy each month?

Those who know must teach those who do not know.
Those who can must encourage those who believe they cannot.
Those who love must demonstrate forgiveness and love with those who have not been loved.
And those who have energy and means must sometimes offer tough truth to those who have learned to be lazy, dependent and needy.

Not everyone is motivated to “do” for themselves. Some do not know that to grow up we must learn to care for ourselves, pay our bills, seek help when we really need it and learn from life’s circumstances.
What to do with the age of entitlement and dependency?
Prime the pump with sincere help.
Model responsible living.
Appreciate and encourage each step toward independence.
Help people recognize the joy of healing, learning and growing with your own joy.
First dependence, learning to be independent.
And only when we can take good care of ourselves can we truly build a community of interdependence.
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Are You Voting?

The majority of people don’t vote.
Most people don’t choose what their day will be.
Most people believe that externals control their lives.
Most people are caught in the cycle of victimization of guilt and blame.
Most people don’t want to be responsible for themselves and their choice.
Most people don’t want to choose because they don’t want to be wrong.
Most people vote against something rather than voting for what they really want.

What do you vote for in your workplace?
What do you vote for in your home?
What do you vote for in your relationships?
What do you vote for with your health?
What do you vote for when you shop?
What do you vote for with your words?

What are you voting against?
Are you aware that when you vote against something, you are feeding it with your energy?
Are you aware that your thoughts and words are unconscious votes?
Are you aware that how you live everyday is a vote?
Are you aware of how and where you spend your money and time is a vote?
Are you aware that your vote matters?
Are you aware that your vote counts?
Are you aware that every prayer and curse is a vote in the great pool of consciousness?
Are you aware that what we vote for today leaves a legacy for our kids tomorrow?
Are you aware that your anger and your forgiveness effect your world?
Are you aware?

I am voting:::::::::::::
I vote for peace.
I vote for possibility.
I vote for openness.
I vote for creativity and seeking to find a better way.
I vote for accepting multiple viewpoints.
I vote for changing my mind when I have made a mistake based on limited awareness.
I vote for being willing to listen to others as well as the God and Good within.
I vote for respect for all peoples, all faiths, all paths seeking to find a better way.
I vote for freedom to speak out and trust in each man’s desire to create a better life for himself and others.
I vote for education and opportunity, rather than condemnation and retribution.
I vote for the right of people to learn and grow through experiencing the consequences of their actions.
I am voting with every loving reminder.
I vote for you and me joining together through peace and understanding and good will for all.

Loving all,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Love is Healing

We are here to heal everyone.
To heal is to see only holiness.
To heal is to believe in the wholeness within each one.
To heal is to love.
To heal is to erase what appears to be unloving.
To heal is to forgive our judgments of the other’s neediness.
To heal is to see the call for love and offer loving reminders.
To heal is to remember what is true when others have forgotten.
To heal is to never quit on love.
To heal is to give the gift of Love you are
To heal is to free yourself to love.
To heal is to stop withholding love and give freely the love you know.
To heal is to give the love you seek.
To heal is to never betray love with emotional selfishness.
To heal is to forgive allowing anyone to hurt us.
To heal is cease protecting ourselves from being loved.
To heal is to trust love is real and everything else is made up.
To heal is to clear all fear.
To heal is to believe in creating the life you want.
To heal is to laugh at the errors in our mind.
To heal is to bless our past history.
To heal is to see the gifts in all things.
To heal is to stop valuing what is valueless.
To heal is to be wholly present.
To heal is to express what is beneath our feeling.
To heal is to commit to our magnificence and abundance.
To heal is to realize we are unlimited in power and in peace.
To heal is to give ourselves the very best.
To heal is to let go of all the rest that is not the best.
To heal is to judge nothing and to be willing to see life differently.
To heal is to honor all life.
To heal is to listen with love both within and without.

The healing of human consciousness is our purpose in being here.
To heal our own mind is the first step to healing our world.
Let is begin with me.

Today I see myself as whole, Holy and wholly helpful.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Healing Value of Self-Renewal

If you don’t take good care of you, who will?
How can you give your best, if you are not at your best?
Who knows what you need better than you?
How can others learn to love you, if you don’t love you?

It is only in taking impeccable care of our Self that we uncover the authentic and essential Self within.
The real Self is buried under images, roles and responsibilities we have assumed to be ours.
Instead of living for tomorrow, living for others or living to survive, how about living to thrive?
When you give yourself the Best, you become the Best you can be.
When you are at your best, you contribute the best at home and work.
When you are giving the Best you are and have and know, you teach the world to do the same.
When anyone is living as though their life matters, everyone is inspired to live with meaning as well.
A values-centered life begins with knowing what you value.
Clarifying your values creates focus and direction.
As you develop clarity of values and priorities, you let go of what no longer has meaning for you.
Life is simpler, truer and more fulfilling.
Living your Truth is living in integrity.
Life becomes more fulfilling, as we let go of what no longer fills us.

In the process of Self Renewal, ask, “Who Am I really?”
How have I been pretending?
How have I been trying to live up to another’s expectation?
How have I been coping with life?
How have I been defending and protecting myself?
How have I been denying what I really know to be true for me?

Self renewal is then about letting go of what is not highest and best for me.
Self renewal is not about polishing my armor to go out and fight another war.
Self renewal is truly about knowing and loving myself totally with kindness and compassion.
Self renewal is about being a friend to myself by listening, learning, forgiving, and loving me.
Self renewal is about taking the time to really be with myself without distractions and dismissal.
Self renewal is about being born anew with a Self that intends to love and nurture my own wholeness.

I highly recommend one 24 hour day each month of total silence.
Taking time daily and weekly for reflection, inner listening and value clarification is essential.
Self Renewal is healing for mind, body and Spirit.
We are transformed by the renewal of our thinking.

Loving you in renewing your Whole Self,
Betty Lue