Thursday, January 29, 2004

Am I perfect? Are you?

What is perfection, but an image we have made that there is a right way to be?
My image of perfection is to be happy, and to be happy I am free and unlimited.
Your image may be to be happy requires making others happy or following a certain path.
My image of abundant and successful living is to live purposefully, confidently and faithfully.
Your image of perfection may be to be successful at work and home.
What is being successful at home and work for you?
My image of perfection is to learn from life, to fully enjoy life’s experiences, without judging them.
Your image of perfection may be to only have “good” experiences.
My idea of perfection is to make “mistakes” and see them as opportunities to see things differently.
Your idea of perfection may be to try not to make mistakes and to try to do things perfectly.
My belief about perfection is that given to Spirit, everything is in my own best interests, ie Spirit uses it all for Good.
Your belief about perfection may be that God wants us to only do things a certain way. When we do things wrong we need to repent or make compensation.

I see us as naming ourselves as “human” to give ourselves permission to make mistakes.
What if it is Divine to make mistakes to be perfectly imperfect.
What if everything is on purpose when viewed with no judgment.
What if we really are unlimited in power, in peace, in choice, in non judgment.
What if this is an experiential Exploratorium in which we learn the most by being free.
What if we are so loved that we are totally and absolutely free.
What if it is only with our own self judgment that we get stuck repeating what we judge.
What if when we fully embrace our experience that we are totally free to choose again.

Interesting look at perfection.

Perfectly loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue

Smile….there may be no such thing as perfection as we usually define it…or maybe it all is perfect.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Abundant Living

The richness of life is found in fulfillment and inner peace.
No amount of money can create that deep and abiding inner contentment.

Even the poorest beggar can live abundantly.
The financially rich are often distracted from the real and lasting peace that comes from living life purposefully, gratefully and faithfully.

What do you live for?
What is your Highest Purpose in being alive everyday in everyway?

Who do you live with?
What are the thoughts and feelings you have, the activities you enjoy and the gifts you share?

What is your faith?
What are the beliefs that guide your life journey?
Are you certain, confident and without doubt and fear?

When you live with purpose, confidence and faith, life is fulfilling and content.
Life is abundant.

Living and Loving Abundantly,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What Is Real?

If what I see and hear is interpreted through filters of history, beliefs, programming and expectation, what is real?
If what I feel is the response to my perception through these filters in my mental computer, are my feelings based on what is real or what is distorted and misperceived?
If my thoughts are a product of my learned response, my fears and judgments of my experiences, how can my thoughts be real?
If my judgments of right and wrong, good and evil, are creating my experience of “reality”, how can I undo this fearful and ungodly miscreation?

Meditation and prayer bring neutrality, open-mindedness, and trust to all perceptions.
Meditation and prayer are an invitation for vision, to see all things with the eyes of God.
Meditation and prayer open the way to perceive with wonder of a child.
Meditation and prayer heal my mind and my attitude that I might see the gift and the blessing.
Meditation and prayer encourage my heart to extend Love and my mind to be enlightened.
When I am healed, I am not healed alone.

When we forgive, erase with Love, we perceive the world new again.
Nothing is named or judged. Everything is new again.

To live fully and freely,
To live abundantly invites us to see ourselves
As beloved, protected and provided for,
With no need to worry or doubt or fear.
Is this reality?

Is the illusion we have made so convincing that we are stuck in the fearful, separated experience, a nightmare that consumes our thoughts, feelings, relationships and resources?
Can we now forgive, erase and release our judgments so that we can see rightly?

What would happen if we trusted in the Love that is our Source?
How would life be if we became as an innocent child?
Who would we be if we lived as the Holy Child of God we are?
What would we perceive if we saw all things as the journey to awakening?
How would life be if we lived in a state of peace and love and joy?
What is real?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 26, 2004

The Healing Power of Prayer

Four points were discussed by the author of this book on Hour of Power.
These feel important to pay attention to for all of us.

Prayer brings us close to God.
Within the prayerful relationship we experience intimacy with God.

Prayer changes us.
It helps to clarifies our priorities as we release unforgiveness and open to love, thus, experiencing what is real and of value.

Prayer enables the body to heal itself.
When we are in prayer we relax, quiet the fearful and judging mind and open to the natural healing energy of God.

Prayer releases God to perform miracles. The prayerful person lets go of fear and resistance and allows faith to release the healing energy. With faith in God, we are healed in mind. With peace, the natural flow of healing energy brings balance and healing to the body.

In prayer we may come from need and demand, to wishful thinking and bargaining, until we reach the moment of letting go of our misperceptions and fears to allow what is the Highest Good to be done through God. Not my will but Thine be done.

When you pray with all your heart and mind and soul, you know that God is at work in you.

Praying for forgiveness of all that is untrue and unloving,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Life Is A Full Time Job

Staying on track requires my full time intention.
Taking impeccable care of me requires my total investment.
Being completely honest with myself and others requires absolute vigilance.
Staying connected and attuned to Spirit asks nothing less than full commitment.
Life is a full time job.

Abundant living requires abundant investment.
Total healing asks total focus on wellness and wholeness.
Unconditional love demands loving myself without withhold, judgment or condition.
My life asks nothing less than to commit, forgive and give my All.

How could I possibly have time to tell others what to do?
How could I imagine I know what is best for you?
How can I take time away from what Spirit is guiding me to do to tell you what to do?
The best I can do is remind you of what I need to remind me, so that I remember.

In other words, relationships are all opportunities to hear ourselves and see ourselves and trust ourselves and believe ourselves and affirm ourselves and commit to ourselves and to love ourselves and to forgive ourselves and to befriend ourselves and to teach ourselves and to learn from ourselves and to unite with ourselves and to heal ourselves and to free ourselves to be ourselves.

I love reminding me of what I need to remember. Thank you.
Betty Lue

In Kalamazoo, Michigan from Jan. 29-Feb. 1, with gratitude and love.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Doubts Deplete

Wherever we doubt or fear, we decrease our energy.
Wherever we trust and love, we increase our energy.

When I allow negative thinking, I negate, dis-empower and dilute my positive energy.
When I forgive myself and return to positive thinking, I erase and release my mis-direction.

When I listen to the Voice Within, to my heart, to Holy Spirit:
Saying “yes” is choosing to trust and move ahead.
Saying “ no” is choosing to stop and move away.
Saying “maybe” is choosing uncertainty and waiting.

I observe that when I judge my choices, I am confirming that I cannot trust myself.
I am affirming, I doubt and disbelieve in myself.
When I make choices from a place of fear, those choices deserve questioning their value and validity.
When I make choices from a place of love, contribution and goodness,
I must believe in them to create them Good and Whole and Beautiful.
Creations and choices for the Good of All are to be believed, trusted, affirmed and enjoyed.

We are here to create what is good and beautiful and holy.
Even when there is an apparency of difficulty, I must look to see the gifts, the helpers I meet, the people I call on, the lessons I learn, the opportunities to grow in faith or the encouragement to write this Loving Reminder.

Everything given to Spirit will be used for Good, my Good and the Good of others.
Whenever I judge or condemn, fear or doubt and try to fix the situation myself,
I hold the outcome away from the Spiritual Good that I am to see, believe and experience.

I choose to give my life, my choices, my path and purpose, my relationship and finances, my health and happiness to God, to Good, to create the Highest Good for everyone everywhere.
I choose to give my life to be an instrument of peace, an inspiration of Joy and a reminder of Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, January 23, 2004

Commitment to What?

Are you committed to anyone or anything?
What do you value so much that you will not quit?
What is important enough for you to forgive and begin again?
What do you value enough to let go of the past and be wholly present?
What do you love enough to trust the Divine Outcome no matter what?
What have you given your life to?
For what have you given your time, money and energy?
Why are you here?
For what or for whom do you live?
What is your life purpose?
How much of yourself do you bring to your place of value?
What do you hold back from making a Holy committment?

Committed to respect for all beings?
Committed to loving without condition?
Committed to keeping your agreements?
Committed to being your best?
Committed to being grateful?

Watch how your life changes dramatically when keeping your commitment to what really matters to you.

Commitment changes your life.
Commit to what is good and beautiful and Holy.

Committed to loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Under the Weather?

What does that mean?
Letting the weather, the quality of our consciousness affect our well being?

I am responsible for how I respond to whatever I experience.
How I respond to my experience affects the experience I have and how long it lasts.

Some say we are responsible for illness.
Some say it all is gift or a lesson to learn.
Some say we are responsible for our thoughts about illness.
Some say we are responsible for how we respond to an illness.
Some say we are responsible for treating ourselves with love and respect no matter what the appearance.
What do you think about illness? What is your philosophy or belief?

When I judge anyone or anything, the experience lingers and gets stuck in my consciousness.
What we resist persists.
When I am forgiving, the experience naturally moves on through like passing clouds.
What we embrace, softens in gentleness and love.

How do you treat those who are sick, in pain, having difficulty physically or mentally?
All my life I have been privileged to be available to those who are ill, suffering and dying.
While it is not the most joyous experience, I find it extremely rewarding, a true loving reminder.
Whenever there is love, there is healing.
Whenever there is acceptance, there is peace.
Whenever there is compassion, there is shared experience.
Whenever there is kindness, there is love.

What do you seek when you are ill, in need or in pain?
Solitude or companionship?
Quiet focus or distraction?
Encouragement or sympathy?
Time to heal from within or external cures?

For me…trust in my natural healing process..
Give it to God and know I am healed.
See me whole no matter how it might appear.
Love me as I am and judge (fear) nothing.

These reminders are for me and you to be clear about how best to love one another.
Remember, when you don’t know, just ask.

I am listening,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Letting Go

Whenever there is stress, upset, uncertainty, crisis, disease, difficulty,
letting go is the fun, safe and easy way to return to the natural state of peace, love, joy and fulfillment.
Undo what is not true.
Release the blocks to certainty and confidence.
Erase the limiting patterns of behavior, thinking and speaking.
Clear the fear, worry, guilt and regret.
Forgive judgments.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Undoing is like taking a spiritual shower.
Wash away the limiting beliefs, the negative programming, historical perspectives.

The ego likes to be right.
The ego clings to its own prophecies and justifications.
The ego seeks to keep what is familiar in place.
The ego surrounds itself with examples and associations that support its position.
The ego tends to be stubborn and unchanging.
The ego trusts in what it sees and will not accept responsibility for its perceptions.
The ego creates a fortress for defending its agenda.

I now let go of letting my ego run the show.
I now easily and gently lay aside all that I have placed as obstacles on my path.
I now freely and easily love myself into wholeness.
I now release everything that is not wholly true and totally loving of me and All.
Letting go of excess pounds is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of any apparent illness is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of faulty beliefs is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of activities and associations that support my ego is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of any limiting history is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of my acquired things and achievements is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go of allowing others emotions, neediness or limiting beliefs to control my choices is fun, safe and easy.

Wow! That was fun, safe and easy.
What anyone of us does is a gift for everyone of us.
Such is the Truth.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 19, 2004

Look Beyond the Apparency

Can you see beneath the surface?
Can you see your brother as yourself?
Can you see beyond the skin tone?
Can you feel the same call for love as is in you?
Can you see beneath the anger?
Can you feel the fear and hurt calling for someone to listen and let go?
Can you see beyond the illness?
Can you see the essence, the heart of the being who is created by our Creator?
Can you see beyond the poverty?
Can you feel the same need to provide for one’s family?
Can you see beneath the ignorance?
Can you see the hunger and despair seeking for a better way?
Can you see beyond the immaturity, the emotional displays?
Can you feel the calling of the soul to live, to learn, to love?
Can you see beyond what appears in the personality, the body the behavior?
Can you find within the same Love that lives in you?
Can you call it forth?
Can you sing it lullabies of peace and reassurance?
Can you speak in tones which are safe and gentle?
Can you ask questions which are meaningful?
Can you listen with an open mind?
Can you reach out with a compassionate heart?
Can you give what you have to One who is the same beneath the apparency?

Loving you in loving All,
Betty Lue


Sunday, January 18, 2004

What Is Love?

Love is energy.
Love is creative.
Love is eternal.
Love is healing.
Love flows.
Love extends.
Love cannot be destroyed.
Love never ends.
Love is all there really is.

Love is not an emotion.
Love is not temporary.
Love is not earned.
Love is not erased.
Judgment, fear, anger, hurt may hide the awareness of Love.
Love can be forgotten.
Love may be misunderstood.
Love is sometimes overlooked.
Some say, God is Love and Love is God.
In this world, we often block the awareness of Love’s Presence.
Love is real no matter what may be the appearance.

Forgiveness is a tool which can be used to clear our perception.
Forgiveness can erase our judgments.
Forgiveness can clear our fear.
Forgiveness can remove our self-made obstacles to the awareness of Love’s Presence.
Forgiveness is our Holy work.
Forgiveness is the path to peace and understanding.

I forgive myself for limiting my perception.
I forgive myself for fearing Love.
I forgive myself for forgetting to Love.
I forgive my world for teaching me Love is unsafe.
I forgive myself for hiding the Love in me.
I forgive myself for letting anyone or anything keep me from Love.

I am Love created by Love for the purpose of being Love.
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Brief Reminders in Response to You

Tithing and Giving

Give to what gives to you. Contribute time, money and energy where you are energized and fulfilled.
Feed the activities and associations that inspire, teach, heal and bless your life.
This can be a school, a church, a person, a cause, and definitely to yourself (ie vacation/retreat to renew your whole Self or a new car to stop worry about breakdown or air pollution or whatever brings you into your natural state of joy, love and peace.)
Giving to what drains, sucks, depletes, fatigues and depresses you only yields more of the same.
Pay attention to where you spend your money and where you give your thoughts. Let go of what no longer works for you.

Is It for You or for Others?

People who want to do something for themselves often try to convince others they are doing it for them.
This demonstrates their guilt about choosing for themselves.
Be honest about what you want.
Be honest about whether fear or love guide your path.
Trust whatever is truly best for you is always best for others.
Commitment must be made on the basis of what is Good for you. Otherwise it becomes duty /obligation.
I choose what is for the Highest Good and always include myself.
I listen to my doubts and fears only as an indicator of where I am being misled by my ego/separated self.
I choose for what brings happiness and peace.
Where there is conflict, I am not hearing the Voice of Spirit. So I ask and listen again.

EveryOne Is Equal

When we are living on purpose and sharing our gifts fully and freely, we are all perfectly playing our part on the stage of life.
When we are withholding, judging ourselves or doubting our worth, we limit, confuse and distort the part we play.
We often get stuck with a diminished role or identity. We see ourselves as being treated unfairly or less than equal.
To be free:
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I now easily recognize and release all the judgments and fears that have kept me from fully being present, alive, alert and enthusiastic in life.

We are all equal, no matter how we act, think or speak.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, January 16, 2004

Everyone is Our Teacher

The age of gurus is past. The time of inner reflection and direction has come, for those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives. It is easy to give credit and blame to someone else for the life you experience. It is easy to allow others to lead your parade. It is easy to ride through life on the “destiny” or “luck” train, but it takes willingness to be conscious and responsible to know you are choosing your destination and even the experiences you have along the way.

All my life I have seen everyone as equal…the infant and my great grandma, both rich and poor, expressive and quiet, educated and simple. I have learned from everyone. I love to learn, therefore I observe. I listen. I explore, I wonder. I reflect. I experiment.
Life is my teacher. As you live your life and allow me the privilege of learning from you and through your life choices, I can more easily see and follow the path of my choice. I choose light. I choose joy. I choose helpfulness. I choose freedom. I choose peace. I choose wonder and delight. I choose respect. I choose what is for the Highest Good. I choose teamwork and togetherness. I choose independence and solitude. I choose forgiveness and love. I choose all these qualities because I have admired, appreciated and valued the lives of those who choose likewise.

I learn from those whose lives and choices I value and appreciate.
I learn from those whose lives and choices I prefer not to experience.
I choose to let go of what interferes with the values and life I choose.
It is simple. Follow the master whom you value.
Live the qualities you enjoy and prefer.

Whose life do you admire?
What do you appreciate in others?
What is the life experience you most value?

Let those who live this way be your example, the doormen to open the doors of possibility for you.
Choose and be responsible for your choices.
Forgive and let go when you have allowed someone or something to mislead you.
Simply choose again. Every mistake is an opportunity for a new choice.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Giving Your Gifts

When you share your wisdom, extend your love and radiate joy, be aware of your attachment to the response.
Are you giving to get something in return?
Are you giving to enjoy the gifts you give?
Are you giving just because it flows freely and naturally?
Are you giving to spread the love and Light you are?
Are you giving to make sure others get it?
Are you giving to appreciate the gifts you have?
Are you giving to yourself?

When I wait to be appreciated, acknowledge or affirmed, I am attached to the outcome.
When I wish others would “Get it”, I am attached to their response.
When I want my contribution to make a difference, it matters to me how I am received.
When I get hurt or offended, resentful or withholding, I am at the effect of the other.
And those with whom we are in relationship can feel our attachment.

When others feel conditional giving, they become conditional in their response.
When others feel our caution and withholding, they too become cautious and withholding.
When others fear their response will hurt our feelings, they often separate and avoid intimacy.
When others feel guilty about causing us pain, they often become fearful and distance themselves.

How attached are you to the reception of the gifts you give?
How affected are you by the response to your gifts?
How much do you need others to accept and appreciate?
How much do you take very personally the way others treat you?

What is true?
Others give what they have to give.
Others respond according to their current or fear.
Others are a reflection of parts of the self.
Others often are calling for forgiveness and love.
Others are often playing the part of some unhealed experience from our own history.
Others often are unconscious and ignorant about how to respond differently.
Others are often getting a mixed message about what we really want from and with them.
Others represent opportunities for healing.

Celebrate every upset, disappointment, and emotional button that is pushed.
It shows you what is calling for clearing, forgiveness and healing in you.
Be grateful for the opportunity to see and feel what needs to heal from within.
When we are filled with light and love, there is only light and love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Balance and Integration

Finding ones balance requires standing up for oneself.
Being confident and clear requires living in integrity with one’s true values.

When I am clear, I can take a stand for what is true for me.
When I am serving others’ values, I lose a sense of my integrity, my self and my worth.

Is sustaining our relationships with others most important?
Or are we to use our relationships to discover our primary relationship with ourselves and our “God”?

When I listen to what you want from me, think about me or criticize in me, you become my God, my Source, my guidepost as to what to be, what to say and what to do with my life.
When I listen to what I want for me, what I believe about me, what I need to improve in me, I become the author of my own life.
When I listen to my Essence, my Creator, the inner voice, I am called to think and say and do what is for the Highest Good.

Who is the author of your life?
What is the source of your beliefs, values and current state of mind?
How do you listen within to find what is wanted and needed there?
What time do you take to honor your own calling?
How much are you invested in being here for yourself or for others?
Are you here to serve others needs, so they will not serve their own?
Are you here to serve your own needs so you will not need others?
Are you here to teach others to meet their own needs, as you model honoring your own path?

Where are you in relationship to God, to Self, to Source?
What does it look and feel like to be dependent on God?
What does it look and feel like to be dependent on yourself?
Is your life a tightrope or a freeway?
Does your life have a safety net or is this a death-defying adventure?
How can you find and maintain your balance on the tightrope of your life?
Do you have traveling companions or are you a lone pioneer?
What is it you are learning as you experience the pitfalls, along the way?

Wow, that self-reflection could take a lifetime….
And so it does.

What an awesome and wonderful journey!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Life is Changing...... Are You?

As I watch our world transform, I see masculine energies closing down, needing a respite from long overuse and abuse.
I see the feminine being called forth in a surge of earnest longing for healing, for recognition of the Earth, the Mother, the Love we are. Where the masculine and feminine unite, there lies creation, insight, vision and great joy and peace. Where we resist, judge and fear the apparent polar opposite, there is depletion, disintegration, limited perception, depression and often fear and violence. (Read the best seller, DaVinci Code).

Over the years I have often spoken about and referred to what I have called the spiritual leadership of the feminine. There is a calling forth of the feminine Christ, a hunger for the missing piece of our holy selves. The Holy Grail refers to plugging into that which is wholly Loving, sipping of the cup of profound inner peace.

How do we claim what we have not named?
What is the place in your life that is missing?
Where are you bereft and in grief?
Where are you angry and afraid?
What do you seek and hunger for?
What are you doing to complete the whole of your life?
What are you offering to yourself that will fulfill your hunger?
How can you give to others when you have not fully given to yourself?
What would it take for you to be fulfilled and enlightened?
How do you hide the light from your life?
Where do you withhold love from yourself?

Where you have needs, fill them.
Where you seek Love, clear the fear of finding it.

Love yourself Holy and Love will wholly Love You,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 12, 2004

Forgiveness Restores

Love makes all things new again.
Love makes relationships new.
Love makes the world new.
Love makes our bodies new.
Love is the absence of judgment, criticism, resentment, anger, hurt, woundedness, regret, fear and all those emotions, energetic clouds of inter-fearance.

If you imagine that emotions are temporary blocks to the awareness of the presence of Love, then you might trust that underneath, and in Truth Love is always present beneath those clouds. The illusion of judgment and fear is supported by our misperceptions which are distortions of what is present. Without judgment we would see things as they are without comparison, categorization and reference to past experience. “Ahhh… that is interesting? How amazing! Wonder-full!” would be our response to what is.

Forgiveness is the grand restorer.
Forgiveness is a mental and emotional eraser.
Forgiveness clears our vision.
Forgiveness seeks to see what is.
Forgiveness knows not what anything is for.
Forgiveness restores all to its natural state.
Love is our natural state.
Peace is our natural state.
Wholeness is our natural state.
With forgiveness and Love we see all things new again.

Just imagine what would be your experience if all things were new again.
Just imagine if you would see what is without fear and judgment.
Just imagine how you life would be if you were in love all the time.
Just imagine how beautiful, good and whole you would see all your creations.
Just imagine.

Loving you always new,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Whole Self Renewal

Love makes all things new.
You are Love created for the purpose of Loving.
Where are you to begin? With You, of course.
Love created You from Love as Love for Love.
The most awesome gift you will ever receive is your Self.
Your gift to your creator is to love the gift you have been given.
So Love You and You shall be made new again and again.

To renew your whole and holy Self is to let go of everything that is not whole, true and loving of you.
Be aware.…
What is not good for you?
What scares you?
What limits you?
What distracts you?
What confuses you?
What drains you?
What is no loving you?

What is best for you?
What assures you?
What frees you?
What focuses you?
What clarifies for you?
What fulfills you?
What loves you?

Life is filled with opportunities for unconsciousness and forgetting.
How do you remind yourself of what is true?
How do you remember?
How do you keep loving you?
How to you stay in love?

Wherever you are not loving you, you are off path.
Wherever you are upset, you are off purpose.
Wherever you are losing energy, you are following a mistaken source.

Loving you by loving me.
Reminding you as I am reminded.

Betty Lue

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Why Do It?

Why should you get up in the morning?
Why teach what you want to learn?
Why give your best?
Why keep your promises?
Why be forgiving?
Why heal the past?
Why learn how to love unconditionally?
Why trust God?
Why take care of your Self?
Why be honest and fair?
Why reach out and touch others’ lives with Goodness?

It is the right thing to do.
It feels good.
It creates a better world for you and others, too.

Whatever you think and say and do teaches everyone everywhere.
When we are not living the way we want our world to be, we help it slide into unconscious error, selfishness, violence and craziness.
When we find and live a better way, we see the results in our own life.
We are healthier, happier and more Fulfilled.
I see life can be fun, safe and easy, because I Am.
Betty Lue

Friday, January 09, 2004

Are You Living Your Truth?

What do you value?
Is this how you live?
Where you say one thing and do another, you lose integrity.
Where you value something, but ignore it in daily life, you lose confidence.
Where you believe but do not live, you lose energy.

Living our values consistently, openly and authentically gives us power, confidence and certainty.
Where we live in integrity with what we believe, we are fearless and formidable.
Where we function honoring our highest truths, life is fun, safe and easy.

Where we dismiss and ignore our true values, we cause doubt, depression, sickness and despair.
My guideline is that when I am upset for any reason, I am off purpose. I am not living my values.

Guidelines for this new year and ever new moment.
Clarify your values. They change, so ask again.
Find the top three values for you by comparing them.
Do I value more travel or security?
Do I value more family or money?
Do I value more spiritual Truth or harmony?
The biggest areas of ego/spirit conflict seem to be God or money?.... Another’s happiness or my own?

Assess your integrity.
Note how you spend your time, energy and money.
Are you living what you say you value?
Do you spend your time and your money on what really matters to you?
Do you spend your mental and emotional energy on what has heart and meaning for you?
Do you value family pain and problems? Or do you value family harmony and happiness?
To what do you give your attention, conversation, support and effort?
Do you value your health and wellbeing or your physical problems and disabilities?
Where do you focus your thoughts, spending and conversation?

Forgive your dishonesty, lack of commitment, unconsciousness and choose again.
It takes courage to be wholly responsible for your life. It takes courage to be honest with yourself.
Once you are aware of where you are living a lie, you can correct it by choosing the truth.
What we value shows up in our lives.
What we value is where we place our attention….our time, money and energy.
What we value is our gift to ourselves.
If you don’t like the gifts you are receiving, check out your integrity and your values.


Loving You,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Interdependence Anyone?

I have wandered around this world seeking to play the game of life with those who would let Spirit lead.
I have tried following and leading, teaching and learning, giving and receiving, listening and staying silent, watching and participating, talking and encouraging.
I have created and destroyed, built up and let go, created safe havens and moved on, been enthused and disappointed.
Life is an amazing place of realization of the Self We Are, the One I Am.

You can’t push the river.
No matter how much I see us all working together as one family, joined in vision and purpose, honest and true, equally giving and receiving, committed to the Highest good for All, and totally responsible and able to respond to what is being called forth, the reality of this Vision is not yet it seems. Is this true? Are you seeking for interdependent spiritual partnership?

Stages of Development for the Children of God, the peoples of this Earth

Dependence. This stage is necessary for infants dependent on their parents for nourishment, learning and love. So it is for those in spiritual infancy. We need to be told and shown what to do. We want to know what is right and what is wrong. We need to be given to until we recognize we are whole. We seek and suckle. We give only to get what we want.

Independence. This stage is the separation from the apparent Source of our survival, identity, happiness, livelihood and direction. We often hate, run away, resist, criticize and try to abolish those we have depended on. We seek control, perfection and winning the game of life. I don’t’ want you to tell me what to do, I want to do it myself. Me, first. All I have is mine to do with as I want.

Interdependence. This stage is reached when there is self-actualization, completion and fulfillment of our self-initiated attempt to be something and achieve what we have designed for ourselves. There comes a time when we are complete and seek for Union with God, in living in and giving to the Highest Good, in being One with All. In this stage we connect with an inner calling to play our part with a fullness of Spirit, seeking nothing and giving All. The journey looks like many separate travelers all headed home. To love, support and encourage one another is natural, as we are the family of God. Whatever I can do to help and support you is a gift to us all.

Recognizing and accepting where you are brings peace and understanding.
Honoring and valuing your place in the wheel of life encourages trust in the process of humanity.
Be fully where you are with respect and gratitude and you will open the flow in your own spiritual development.
Where we are stuck is where we judge.
Where we appreciate and bless is where we grow.

I Am Who I Am,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

What does it mean to Love?

I “love” You.
I “love” God.
I Love the I Am.
I love the One We Are together.
I love receiving and sharing these loving reminders.

When we “Love”, we receive in the “loving”.
When we “Love” we receive in the sharing of our Love.

Love is freely being who I Am and giving the gift of my Soul Self.
Love is the joy of authentically sharing the fullness in my heart.
Love is the songs I sing to you without self consciousness or afterthought.
Love is the freedom to fully be me without embarrassment or self judgment.
Love is knowing I am enough.
Love is joining with you in prayer, in vision, in purpose.
Love is honoring who you are and where you are without asking you to be somewhere else.
Love is supporting and encouraging you to grow in your own pace and timing.
Love is never needing to say “I am sorry” because the intention for Goodness is so clear.
Love is the peace that passes understanding, as I have total faith in the Presence of God in you.

Only when I am limiting my loving, do I withhold the fullness of my Self.
Only when I fear being hurt, do I be cautious in letting Love flow.
Only when I resist losing my separate Self, do I measure my giving to you.
Only when I seek filling my own cup, do I feel guilt and unworthy.
Only when I know I am called by duty or obligation, do I resent freely giving.

I am open and willing to Love.
I am free and happy when I am loving.
I feel at peace and more empowered when I give my Love freely.
I trust myself and my world when I am on purpose and in Love.

Have no doubt,
I am loving you.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Teacher and Learner

Everyone is our teacher. We all have something to learn from ourselves and from others.
Everyone is our student. We all have something to teach for ourselves and for others.
Our choice is what we would teach and what we would learn.
Where we place our attention and focus teaches.
Where we give agreement teaches.
Where we are silent and where we speak up teaches.
Where we reach out and help teaches.
Where we give appreciation and criticism teaches.
Our choice is what we would learn as we teach.

We can learn the lessons the world…math, science, literature.
We can learn the lessons of spirit….faith, hope and love.
We can learn the lessons of our peers….comparison, competition, and being better than.
We can learn the lesson s of the sages….compassion, generosity and cooperation.
We can learn how to make more, have more and spend more money.
We can learn how to be more, give more and live more of the Love we are.

Life is really all about becoming conscious of the choices we make.
Life insists that we see where we are expending our energy by giving us a clear reflection.
Life is our ultimate teacher as she offers us the opportunity to view our choices made obvious.

Everything you think, say and do teaches both you and others.
Choose what you want to learn more, have more, be more and live more.

I want a loving world, so I choose Loving reminders in everyone and everything.
Ask yourself what you want to learn, to have, to be, and to live.
Teach what you value. Learn what you value. Live what you value.

Your world will be healed and transformed.

Happy New Beginning. This moment is precious. Live it fully conscious.
Betty Lue

Monday, January 05, 2004

Beginning a New Year

A renewal of Spirit, a new physical program, a new focus in work… all are valuable only if they truly represent what is in my heart.
I can see how the end of the year did not represent my desired state or pace in life.
While I did no shopping, there was plenty of moving both office and home, newsletter mailings, beginning a new business partnership, attending others’ needs. holiday gatherings in our home and travel all added to the stress.
This is not the way I choose to have the peace I want in 2004. So I immediately forgive myself and choose again.

I can create the lifestyle and pace I want.
I can do as much or little as I choose.
I can have fun everyday in everyway.
I can be at home and at peace.
I can enjoy the fullness of life without overdoing.
I can be happy with what I have.
I can enjoy our return to Walnut Creek with no regret.
I can honor the needs of others without neglecting my own.
I can be present for all who enter into my consciousness in thought or in person.
I can celebrate the goodness and beauty in everyone I meet.
I can create a loving experience from everything I do. Life loves me as I love myself.
I can….I will….I do…
I choose to wholeheartedly love me, so that I can wholeheartedly love You.
This is the way I learn and grow.
I find what works and I am grateful this is so.

Try free flowing your own thoughts and forgiveness and choices as I have just done.
See what appears on the screen of your consciousness.
Renewal is as fun, safe and easy as becoming aware forgiving all and choosing again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

PS The more awake and aware you are, the smaller the misstep will be discerned.
The resulting “scritch” is obvious and unable to be ignored.
Blame and guilt will no longer work.
Take total responsibility, forgive and change your mind.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Giving or Getting

Are you here to get what you want?
The ego always wants more.
For our fear-based personality, there is never enough.

Are you here to give what you have?
Our Spirit is always full, abundant and fulfilled in giving.
Our spiritual essence is overflowing with love and joy to share.

You have two voices within you.
One is learned from the consciousness of our world.
The other is the voice of Truth, the Voice of God.
One teaches us fear and speaks of our lack, littleness and limitation.
The other shows us Love and the abundance, magnificence and limitlessness of Spirit within.

When we recognize our inner Essence, we are focused on caring and sharing what is good and beautiful and Holy. We give for the joy and fulfillment of giving. Having rests on giving.

When we believe in our ego, our personality and our human limits, we seek for more and strive to get more. We give to get.

Life is for giving. Find the gifts within you and give them freely.
You recognize the spiritual gifts you have and the gift you are as you GIVE.

Giving all to all,
Betty Lue

Make 2004 a year to give more.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Peace on Earth Goodwill to All

How does peace begin?
It begins within the hearts of everyone.
Peace is extended through kindness.
Peace is shared as we have peace within our own minds.
Where anyone has prejudice, malice, hatred and fear, there is unpeace and a call for peace.
Forgiveness heals wounds of the past.
Forgiveness clears our history to return our minds to the peace of God.
Peace is practiced one day at a day and one relationship at a time.

When standing in line, extend peace.
When listening to an argument, extend peace.
When hearing a baby cry., give soothing peace.
When watching some violent act, offer peace.
When hearing about a conflict, give peace.
When noticing someone’s pain, offer peace.

Peace is a silent prayer.
Peace is a gentle touch.
Peace is a soothing song.
Peace is a kind word.
Peace is a gift freely given.
Peace is offering to help.
Peace is a smile for a stranger.
Peace is trusting in God.
Peace is an appreciation of beauty.
Peace is feeling respect for ourselves and others.

Let peace begin with me…and You.
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Another New Year!

What are your choices for your life today and everyday?
Every moment is a microcosm of my whole life.
When life isn’t working, I can watch the last hour of how I spend my time, my energy and my resources and see where I am not living what I value.
I got up at 5AM, took my Mom to the airport after a full 2 week visit, came home and organized my clothes in drawers and closet, my bathroom, the laundry room and now my office and creative room. I have done three loads of wash and made many phone calls, handled correspondence and business. I will prepare homemade pizza (yes, even the crust from scratch) and watch the Rose Bowl while writing thank you notes. Robert and I will take a one hour walk, when not raining heavily. Some more business to be done, organize the kitchen for fun, and read into the evening.

I like life full, balanced, in harmony and order and feeling pleased with my activities at the end of the day.

Choose what really has value to you and you will follow through.

I choose again to give my blessing to each and every one I encounter.
I choose again to forgive where I have judged.
I choose again to treat myself as I want to be treated in thought, word and deed.
I choose again to respond with both my mind and my intuition.
I choose again to seek the spiritual truth within every worldly experience.
I affirm to slow down a little and enjoy the journey with a little more enthusiasm.
I choose again to greet everyone I meet with the joy and love I feel.
I choose again to give myself the very best.
I choose again to do what I say I am going to do when I want to do it with joy.
I choose again to create only goodness, wholeness and beauty in everything I do.
I re commit to a life that is totally healthy, happy and fulfilling.
I recommit to fully enjoy and appreciate my home, my family, my friends and my good work.

I love to make New Year’s resolutions …because they are my everyday affirmations with a new feeling and flavor.
I love being alive, awake and enthusiastic.
I love being with you and Spirit,
Betty Lue

Thank you for Blessing our Home with your Presence

Wherever you go, you leave behind your blessing or your judgment.
What you give, your receive for yourself.

Whomever you meet, there is a healing, a teaching and learning in the encounter.
Where you teach only love, you are healed.

Whatever you do with your energy, you strengthen those qualities within yourself.
Where you focus on caring and sharing, you enhance your relationships.

However you choose to spend your time, energy and resources, you increase what you have expended.
Your values are demonstrated by what you focus your time, energy and money on.

Where you give generously, you increase within your own life.
Where you open the flow of energy, your energy and resources are enhanced.

Remember: Life is for giving and you are the gift.
Give freely of your Love and Love will give to you.

Thank you very much for your many gifts to me.
Keep giving generously.
Your love makes a better world for all of us.

Loving you,
Betty Lue and Robert