Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holistic Health

To be healthy, we must take impeccable care of our mind, body and Spirit.
Like a three legged stool, if any one of the aspects of life is neglected the whole Self is compromised.
To care for ourselves with holistic consciousness, we must honor the highest function of each element.
In a recent Sunday School class, I was given a simply model for high level Wellness.

Spiritually, in our highest state we are filled with delight, bliss and lasting Joy and contentment.
Mentally, in its highest state the mind is open and filled with Light and loving images and words.
Physically, in its highest state, the body serves and contributes, communicating Love to All.
When all aspects of the Self are functioning well, we are alive, enthusiastic and in Love with Life.

The form in which our physical service takes is guided by the mind’s vision and inner calling.
The body is in service of the mind that serves Spirit.
Where we are inspired and mentally in agreement, everything is possible.
When we are serving with joy and love, we are at peace.

No matter the apparent limitations in the physical realm of comparison,
the mind guided by the Spirit will always find what is a blessing to ourselves and others.
And so it is, we can be assured that a life of giving our best will be blessed.

We are free to serve a life of contribution and giving or a life of scarcity and withholding.
Each yields its only unique experience for better or worse.
When I find myself not feeling up to par, I merely check in with each aspect of Self to find where I have stepped away from the Highest Good. When I realign with Joy in my Spirit and Love in my mind, then the body can serve in the ways that benefit everyone, including myself.

Life is for Giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving your Self that you realize the Gift that You Are.

Everyone has a healing and higher Purpose.
First we are called to discover our True Nature.
Then we take impeccable care of our Authentic Self.
In this we reclaim, confidence and inner Happiness and Peace.
With attunement and integrity, we can know our Purpose and Calling.
As we encourage and support ourselves in living the Truth for us, we are whole, happy and free.

Life works.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, March 30, 2009

Work and Play

Work and Play are the same to me.
Life is a playground of opportunity to learn and grow, to serve and know we are creating our experience.
Whether I am “working” or “playing”, creating or relaxing, as the world defines it, I am a happy learner.
In my reality, I fully and freely experience all life activities as my conscious choice.

I am free to choose to work or to play.
I am free to have fun or despair.
I am free to enjoy or resent.
I am free to learn or to ignore.

I am free to be responsible or to be a victim of my circumstances.
I am free to choose the timing, the environment and the associations I want.
I am free to allow others to define me and my choices.
I am free to live in the past or in the future and forgo the opportunities right now.

This freedom stuff is a responsibility that I can only experience if I am awake and willing.
With freedom of choice I recognize that it is only fear and judgment that restrict me.
With consciousness I know that I am allowing externals to control my mind and my choices.
With the realization that no one and nothing can harm me unless I allow it, I am free to choose.

Ahhhh! So now I am aware that when people respond to my life choices—full of good stuff, some call work, they are reflecting on their own choices, duties, obligations, fears and judgments.
Others can only be able to understand at the level of awareness they have in their own life experience.
I can respond to others questions, comments and judgments answering their Real questions.

Am I as happy as I seem to be doing all that I do?
My life is an open field that I choose each day.
I use every moment in a way that is meaningful and productive to me.
By living each moment fully, I am fulfilling my purpose which keeps me happy and enthused.

I love to use the wind to teach and inspire me.
I enjoy reality TV to observe all the diverse ways human psyche’s respond and react.
I love the lessons in ACIM because it keeps me on my toes in being response-able.
I am strengthened, empowered and clear when I stay fully conscious.

Life works FOR me, when I do the work within me.
Keep my mind clean and clear to hear that which benefits All.
I am called to a life of joyful service and contribution and so it is.
Waking, sleeping, laughing or weeping, I am One with All.

Loving my life, just the way it is.
Betty Lue

Do you have the life you choose?
What have you allowed to limit you?
Are you willing to undo of past choices and choose again?

Purpose Exercise

To bring your purpose to life, you need to make a declaration of your values and describe the things, people, attitudes and objectives that are important to you. This is a quick exercise to help you uncover your purpose.
List 5 answers under each set of questions.

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose.
Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers.
Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose.
What is important is to commit to something in writing.
Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Created Whole

Robert and I wrote a song 20+ years ago “I am as God created me, whole and happy and free.”
Indeed the spiritual logic is the love begets itself. And perfection creates perfectly. God, the All Good, All Loving, All Present and All Powerful can create nothing less than itself. So how could we have wandered so far from this truth?

Imagine that humanity was so busy correcting perfection that it lost sight of the Perfect.
Imagine that parents so consumed with trying to make sure their child was OK, they imagined not OK.
In our imagination, our creative power, we can conceive and believe in what is wrong.
In our mind, our place of vision, we can buy into thoughts of evil and sin, and believe them into being.

If we keep looking for what is broken, we will make up brokenness.
If we keep trying to perfect what is already perfect, we will believe in imperfection.
If we tell a child they are stupid or clumsy, they will believe us and often act out those beliefs.
If we treat others in a fearful and defensive manner, we may convince them they are to be feared.

What we conceive and believe, we can achieve.
This works for the Good and for mistakes as well.
When we imagine there will be mistakes and believe it is true, it will be. (Self-fulfilling prophecy)
When we fear sickness, accident, injustice and difficulties will occur, they will surely arise.

Let’s turn it all around………
Look for miracles of Love and healing, joy and creation, beauty and Goodness.
Look for instant healing and amazing “impossible feats” of courage, adventure and limitlessness.
Look for the Good and Godliness in You and those around You.

Let’s raise our children and grandchildren by believing in their innate Goodness and Love.
Let’s model joy, appreciation and open-mindedness.
Let’s seek words and deeds that teach our world to be whole and happy and free once more.
Let’s go for a place where freedom and trust are natural again and life is fun, safe and easy.

I believe we can change our life experience and those around us one at a time.
I believe we are touching and teaching everyone everywhere when we simply remember.
I believe each one of us is a miracle of God’s Love and the Presence of unlimited Good Now.
I believe life is our time to remember and reclaim the Love and Goodness in which we are created.

I believe in You.
I believe you are whole.
I believe it is when we join in the Truth that we awaken.
I believe you are free to be All You Can Be right here and right now.

I am Loving YOU,
Betty Lue
Let’s teach everyone they are created whole and happy and free.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I made a mistake which I can still feel in my body/mind.
Usually when we make mistakes, we feel guilty and try to fix the blame elsewhere.
I can feel that something is not right, because I keep replaying it over and over in my mind.
How I respond to the mistake I made is key to how I respond to others.

When the same thing keeps coming up on our outer screen or inner screen, it is calling for healing.
Healing is Forgiveness = Erasing it all with love and seeing the intrinsic gift or blessing underneath.
I give the whole experience to Holy Spirit, the energy of Healing and Joy, to be undone.
I release my judgments of myself, to be renewed with enthusiasm, trust and freedom.

I know when I have made a mistake because I am not at peace.
I know when I have misunderstood because I am hurting or upset.
I know when I have withheld Love because I am afraid or defensive.
I know when I have disconnected from the Joy within because I am unhappy.

When I see that I have misperceived and reacted with a lack of Love, I know there is a call for Love.
First Step is Awareness.
I am aware that something is not “right” with me.
Second Step is Acknowledgment.
I confess my imperfections and mistakes, my lack of understanding, my upset, my withhold of Love.
Third Step is Forgiveness.
I forgive myself for any place where I forgot to Love. Love me, Love others, Love All That Is.

This forgiveness process can be lengthy, because every mistake or upset is always a past similar that may have been repeated in some form many many times in a lifetime.
My work is to simply let go with Love.
Some would say, Give it to God.
Give it All to Love to be healed and revealed.

Fourth Step is Listening in the silence.
After forgiving everything and everyone, including ourselves, there is a quiet and inner peace.
It is here in the “void”, a place of openness and peace that we can here the Voice within guiding us.
Fifth Step is Affirmation.
What we affirm it for the highest Good, the will of God, responding with Love.
Sixth Step is Acceptance.
When we accept responsibility for giving Love with open-mindedness and trust, we experience Love.
Seventh Step is Appreciation.
It is here we appreciate ourselves and our willingness. We appreciate the outcome of peace and the return to Love. We appreciate our life of letting go and learning. We appreciate how awesome we can correct out mistakes without fear or reprisal to experience a renewal of Love and Joy and Peace.

In this moment I can feel how perfect it is to make mistakes in order to know who to heal ourselves and learn from all our mistakes.
Blessings to us all Perfectly Imperfect Beings with Everything Used for Our Good,
Betty Lue

A little girl and her puppy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Is

Love is who you are.
You were created by love for the holy purpose of loving.
When you are not loving, you have simply forgotten who you are and your purpose.
This is our purpose in being here…to remember our purpose, our true identity.

Life gives us infinite opportunities to Love.
We practice learning to forgive and love again.
We experience lots of learning about withholding our love.
We justify and defend our right to not love.

However, we feel guilty when we are not loving.
We become afraid when we are not loving.
We feel weak and vulnerable when we do not Love.
Love is our natural state and when we are not in our natural state we feel disconnected.

So what is there to do, but Love.
Love without conditions.
Love whether we want to or not.
Love no matter what.

In loving consistently, without end, we discover Love creates happiness.
Love strengthens us and fills us with enjoyment.
Love is creative and expressive.
Love is freeing and inspiring.

So why not?
Just try it for a day or an hour……Just experiment with simply loving.
Then withhold love for a day or an hour and notice how you feel.
Once you realize it is the life force and the only way to feel really good, you will choose it daily.

Loving you in your loving…..
Betty Lue


There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

It makes no difference
How deeply seated may be the trouble,

How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Supporting One Another

Supporting is Loving.
The best support is unconditional Love.
The best support is “I love you no matter what.”
The best support is an acknowledgement that no matter what you will not quit on Loving.

If someone in your life appears to be asleep at the wheel, having difficulty with coping, unaware, obnoxious, hurting, frustrated and angry, they are neglecting to support themselves with Love.
Therefore it is the work of the most conscious one to be supportive and openly loving.
If both people are feeling unsupported and there is no one conscious enough to choose for love, it is the response-ability of both parties to support and love themselves.

Loving requires little except the realization that Love is enough.
Loving requires a genuine desire to create a safe, fun and easy environment for yourself and the other to heal and grow, to be happy and fulfilled, to succeed and prosper.
When we come to realize that the other’s peace is our peace, the other’s happiness is our happiness, the other’s fulfillment is ours, we will give up the habit of withholding love.

Withholding Love is a learned decision which endangers everyone and may be caused and create fear, anger, loss of self, guilt, blame, withdrawal, control, martyrdom, righteousness and a myriad of other emotional reactions and defensive justifications.
Withholding Love never works,
Withholding Love is hurtful to everyone and always fails in the end.
Withholding Love is an ineffective strategy.

Loving is simple.
Loving is safe, fun and easy.
Loving works.
So why not give up the games and simply give it a try.


Blessings of Love for each and everyone of us,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Believe In Your Self

Do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe you can do anything?
Do you trust your choices?
Do you count on yourself to know what is best for you?

Do you believe others know what is best for you?
Do you have more confidence in others than in yourself?
Do you doubt yourself more than you trust yourself?
Do you second guess your choices with “yes, but….”?

When we have grown up with programming from adults who doubt themselves, they doubt us.
When we live with others who question our decisions and don’t trust us, we learn to doubt ourselves.
When we live in a world that relies on outside authorities and experts, we stop listening within.
When we lack faith in ourselves and distrust our choices, we lack confidence and self esteem.

Learning to quiet outer voices is key to listening within.
Forgiving the impact of others doubt and fears is essential for trusting our inner voice.
Learning to let go of fears and guilt is needed to rely on our intuition to guide us.
Believing we can be and do and have what is highest and best for us is the way to be successful.

We can forgive our past programming.
We can forgive the limiting influences in our lives.
We can erase ways we play a part to fit in with others.
We can undo what is no longer true for us.

Life is a process of releasing what no longer serves our highest Good.
Life is a journey to recognize where we have been unfaithful to our calling.
Life is an adventure to discover what it the Highest and Best and what is not.
Life is a sacred opportunity to heal and grow into all that we are meant to be.

So let us not forget our sacred job and holy purpose is to love our whole Selves into fully Being.

Joining with all those who seek to grow and blossom in this glorious garden of unlimited Beauty,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Freedom and Trust

We will trust freedom when we are able and willing to be responsible.
We will trust our own freedom to choose when we are willing to be responsible for our choices.
We will trust others’ freedom to choose when we stop taking responsibility for others’ choices.
We all learn best by experiencing the natural consequences of our choices.

When we become the fixers and care-takers for others lives, we take away the opportunity to learn.
When we meddle, advise and interfere with another’s free will, we blur their ability to see for themselves.
When we nag, patronize and scrutinize what others choose to do, they often are distracted and give attention to us and not to what they are choosing and doing.
When we let go and let others learn (without doing harm to themselves or others), we love them by giving them freedom to choose and trust in the learning.

Protecting others (young and old) from the learning process comes from our own fear.
Protecting others from the natural exploration in life teaches them to be afraid.
Protecting others from life’s challenges thwarts freedom to grow and their own self trust.
Protecting others from the natural consequences of their action or non-action limits learning.

What we are called to do is remember love is freedom and trust.
Fear creates restriction and rules and suspicion, doubt and distrust.
We can forgive ourselves for being afraid for others and for ourselves.
We must realize where we have learned from all our mistakes without interference and distraction.

Life is for learning.
Life is for letting go of fear.
Life is for remembering.
Life is for freeing ourselves and others to be happy.

Let us let go where we were holding others dependent and hostage to our opinions and ideas.
Let us let go of our fear that others will be hurt unless they choose our way to do their lives.
Let us let go of judgments of what is right and what is wrong and focus on our own lives.
Let us let go and trust that we all are here to learn, the hard way or the easy way.

The more we focus on the outcomes of our actions and words without distraction, the faster we learn.
The more sensitive we become to the power of our thoughts, words and deeds, the better we choose.
The more honest we are with living our own truth impeccably, the more we can choose again easily.
The more forgiving we are of all seeming mistakes, the more we realize they all have learning value.

Bless us all for minding our own business first, last and always,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Short and Sweet it is today.
We are off to dedicate our new sanctuary and sacred space for Unity on the Delta and the Center for Inspired Living.
Unity on the Delta is our Sunday Church Fellowship and Celebration!
Center for Inspired Living is our community outreach program which will offer counseling and coaching, educational and inspirational programs for families, couples, youth and children.
Our mission is to be Love in our world and we intend that we make our work visible and available.

Ask yourself what it is you are truly dedicated to.
What do you spend time and energy and money focused on every day?
Your health?
Your happiness.?
Your family’s well-being?
Looking Good?
Having money to spend?
The welfare of the nation?
The environment?
Your job achievements?
Getting ahead?
Serving Others?
The quality of your relationships?
Playing games and watching movies?
Keeping things clean and organized?
Paying bills and feeding your family?
Praying and spiritual practice?

Where you place your attention and intention, you yield results that feel good or feel shallow.
Take some time during this Spring of 2009 to look very closely at what you are planting in your consciousness the fertile fields of your Being. What you plant (seed ideas and visions, hope and dreams) with nurturing and nourishment (time, energy and attention) will grow into a rich harvest to last for the winter (later this year and in the years to come.)

Your Good Works will be supported by an Abundant Universe and Goodness that provides for the Good we do. Love what you do and you will feel Loved.
Joy energizes.
Peace creates rest and renewal.
Love inspires and bring nourishment for our soul.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Pray

Everyone is a living prayer.
Every word of gratitude is a prayer.
Every act of kindness is a prayer.
Every work of generosity is a prayer.

Every creative thought is a prayer to the Universe.
Every respectful word is a prayer to humanity.
Every heartfelt service is a prayer to the Good of All.
Everything we think, say and do can be a prayerful contribution to God and all Good.

We all are loving reminders one to another.
We are all prayer partners as we look unto our spiritual family with a hope for Goodness for all.
We are all ministers of kind service as we reach out with contributions and a helping hand.
We merely wandered away from the natural life of Good Will for all life.

When we forget we are the ones doing the praying, we begin to search for someone else to do it.
When we forsake our inspired path of doing Good with miracles of love along the way, we feel alone.
When we lose our natural ways of giving thanks for each good thing we experience, we stop trusting.
When we go away from what fulfills our heart and keeps up awake to All Good, we become confused.

Life is our journey to forget or remember.
Life is a place of becoming a victim or being at choice.
Life is our way of strengthening our commitment to Love, our Natural State.
Life is our process of learning to let go of whatever is not True and is not loving.

It is all our choice.
Cursing or Praising?
Quitting or Saving?
Neglecting or contributing?
Judging or Accepting?
Demanding or Requesting?
Hating or Accepting?
Fearing or Trusting?
Doubting or Believing?

You see, humanity made up our own mad journey and now we need to forgive ourselves (through all time)
and return Home to a Path of Love and Goodness and Prayer.

So there…..
Loving you as I will always do, Ever True.
Betty Lue
That was fun!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is Here

What creates a fun, safe and easy life?
What inspires a life that is filled with joy, effectiveness and celebration?
What gives life meaning and a reason for being?
What encourages faith in the future and a desire to do well?

Learn quickly from everyone and everything.
Mistakes are gifts of learning and can be valued.
Risk looking foolish in order to experience novelty.
Attract people who are unique and provide different points of view.
Forgive as fast as you are able, letting go of all negative thoughts.
Foster positive thinking with association with positive people.
Give yourself and your talents generously appreciating the giving.
Feed yourself the balanced diet you require with work and play, relaxation and creativity.
Acknowledge your differences by really knowing yourself and your preferences.
Spend each day in integrity with the best in you.
Support your mission in life by giving yourself the people, positions and possibilities you need.
Own your own areas of difficulty, avoidance, ignorance and preferences.
Be able to laugh at yourself and your world in all its irony and inconsistency.
Remember life is learning how to Love and respect you and then Love and respect others as well.
Relinquish the need to criticize, blame, hold resentments and regret.
Undo all unnecessary stuff, memories and fantasies.
Expect only that you will be provided with the Good you are called to give and do.
Know the richest gift in life is the gift of living consciously.
Value your life by giving it your full attention and intention.
Know you will be known by how you live and give more than by degrees, wealth and accolades.
Acknowledge that you are fully responsible for you, your thoughts, words and actions.
Be willing to take responsibility for your relationships, your environment and your finances.
Enjoy the learning that comes from every person and every situation.

Life is good when we treat it as the valuable gift of remembering to heal, learn, grow and give.

Blessings to each one of us for being willing to begin anew today and everyday!

Loving you and me and all life as One,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Is Coming

Friday, March 20 at 4:44 AM PDT, Spring officially arrives.
Our weather is certainly letting us know she is here in California.
And the buds and blossoms on the trees are speaking loud and clear.
So what does Spring mean to you and me?

Time for renewal.
To being anew requires that we let go of the old.
To hang on to the way it was slows us down.
To be attached to the positive or negative past keeps us stuck.
To remember anything that does not lift and inspire delays and distracts us.

Time to plant the new seeds of opportunity and possibility.
To plant what is beautiful, good and holy.
To enjoy our vision and bless it with inspiration.
To appreciate what we want to increase and experience.
To honestly choose what is truly highest and best for us.

Time to do Spring cleaning.
Clean out unused stuff.
Forgive old resentments, fears and failures.
Undo whatever it no longer true for us.
Flush away any hurts we have allowed to limit us.

Time to complete the winter conservation and hibernation.
Make sure you have enough rest.
Make sure you have finished the work of acknowledgement and appreciation.
Make sure you have planned and prepared for the coming year with vision and faith.
Make sure you are filled with enthusiasm and confidence as you set out on a new adventure.

All things in due time.
If you are still in winter, wait to till the soil and plant your seeds.
If you need to heal and undo last year’s stuff, then take your tie to complete each task.
If you are not clear on the vision, be patient and wait for the light to dawn.
If you are still in winter, trust Spring will come in due time and be quiet with thanksgiving.

Life is a cycle and a circle of perfection.
To push the river or effort to become will not create success.
Take your time to observe the season of your soul and respect what is.
Always loving you and your creations of Spirit,
The blessings already are, so TRUST.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your Life Is Working for You!

Life works just fine when we appreciate how fine it is.

Have you appreciated the weather today?
Whether rain or sunshine, wind or cold, it is always just what it needs to be.
Have you enjoyed the food you have eaten today?
Whether it is fast or slow food, organic or processed food, it will nourish you better with your enjoyment.
Have you listened to the sounds around you today?
Whether noisy or silent, loud or barely perceptible, it tells you that you can hear. What a blessing!
Have you respected the electricity, water and air you breathe today?
Whether you know it or not, it is a privilege to have these resources available to us.
Have you noticed the beauty of the colors and textures of nature, the coming of spring, the change of light?
What a wonderful gift of sight!
Have you observed the flavors of music available on TV, radio, I Pod and live?
What a joy to live with variety of opportunities.
Have you watched the many skin colors of all God’s Children?
While all unique, we are one amazing family, here to Love and care for One another!

What an amazing world we live in!
What a great life when we appreciate how great it is!
How can we not be happy with being here when we fully enjoy what we have?
Life is Good, when we view it with forgiving eyes.

Loving us all, no matter what we may do, say, or forget,
Betty Lue

Haiku poem by Chinese poet Do Hyun Choe:
Stillness is what creates love.
Movement is what creates life.
To be still
And still moving-
That is everything.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blessings In Abundance

Your Life is a blessing.
Everyone you encounter is a blessing.
Seeing with forgiveness is a blessing.
Wishing the best for yourself and others is a blessing.

Seeing your world with gratitude is a blessing.
Offering loving kindness is a blessing.
Welcoming folks with a smile is a blessing.
Being gentle with all life is a blessing.

Eating wisely and well is a blessing.
Caring for your pets and plants is a blessing.
Being a good steward of your thing is a blessing.
Using your money wisely with respect is a blessing.

Caring for your home is a blessing.
Treating your job with good work is a blessing.
Treating others with dignity is a blessing.
Taking time to enjoy life is a blessing.

Being good to your environment is a blessing.
Paying your bills on time is a blessing.
Communicating effectively is a blessing.
Remembering to love others is a blessing.

Everything we think and say and do is a blessing.
When we remember Love is Who We Are.
When we know we make all the difference in the world, we will honor the blessings and the blessed.

You see in the end and in the beginning, it is through our blessings that the world is blessed.
May you be the blessing that you are and know life is a gift in which we realize the creative gift we give.

Blessings to one and all,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Have What You Want…..

To have what you want, you must have a vision or a picture of the experience you want to have.
When you do not hold a vision in your imagination, you will be at the effect of others and your world.

To have what you want, you must really want what you want.
To desire and have passion and energy will move you and move you around all obstacles.

To have what you want, you must believe you can have what you want.
To believe is to have faith and to know it is possible and you deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

To have what you want, you must commit to go the distance to have what you want.
Those who achieve what they conceive and believe never ever quit on themselves or their vision.

To have what you want, you must have a plan or strategy of staying on course and inspired.
Those who listen within to their forgiving heart and positive mind are flexible and adapt easily.

To have what you want, you must act with confidence and assurance that the outcome is clear.
Your confident actions tell the truth on your conviction and your certainty that you can have.

To have what you want, you must be appreciative of every step of the way, including “mistakes”.
Every seeming mistake or obstacle is the opportunity to make a course correction and to keep on purpose.

To have what you want…. Stay awake and on purpose looking toward fulfillment in every way.

Vision-------------------------See it.
Faith---------------------------Believe it.
Passion------------------------Desire it.
Commitment----------------Choose it.
Strategy-----------------------Plan on it.
Action-------------------------Just Do it.
Gratitude--------------------Appreciate it.

The problem with most of those who feel unfulfilled is:
They are looking backward at their own errors and the mistakes of others.
They are busy criticizing rather than appreciating.
They get stuck worrying and strategizing rather than acting with confidence.
They are planning for failure rather than assured of success.
They are convincing or threatening those around them with negative outcomes.
They rely on others who have failed or repeat history with their constant comparisons.
They are passive and allowing the current trends or mass consciousness to lead their choices.
They forget that Goodness and Kindness, Forgiveness and Love, must lead to succeed.

Loving all of us in having what we really want for the Good of All,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 14, 2009


We are never upset for the reason we think. ACIM lesson from “Love is Letting Go of Fear”
What if we stopped being soooo serious about all the little things in life?
What if we stop and breathe for a moment and take responsibility for finding our inner peace.
What if we stop blaming others for our upsets and start thinking: “What do I need to heal in me?”

So when someone is upset, critical and blaming with us, how do we respond?
If their upset creates a fearful or angry reaction in us, we shut down our loving and creative response.
If we are offended or take it personally, we usually just give them back what they gave to us.
If we feel hurt and afraid, we may take on another’s upset and move away withholding compassion.

When we are upset with another or a circumstance in life, it is due to a past similar experience.
There are many unhealed places, pictures and experiences in our past history and childhood.
Life presents each one to us in different forms, so we can find a better way to respond and heal.
Each upset is an opportunity to heal our fear and blame and reactivity and open the door to love.

When faced with something that seems to push our buttons, the first correction is to say “Thank You.”
We must be grateful that the old wound was revealed to be healed.
In our appreciation, we can let go of the defensive reaction of justifying, blaming or avoiding.
We can begin to see our world as a stage in which we each give ourselves opportunities to heal.

Revealing Exercise
The Real Reason, I am upset is:
Write a page or two of responses until your mind cannot make up any more reasons.
Then immediately ask the empty mind, ”What is the “Real” reason?” See what is beneath the stuff.
Go back over all the reasons you think caused the upset.
Cross each one off if you see clearly, it is not REAL.

This work is to repair the accumulation of excuses, history of misperceptions and wounds you have used to prove you have the right to be upset. The mind works to prove itself “RIGHT” and you must choose to let all that go. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

What is the most safe, fun and easy way I can release this pain?
What can I undo and return to peace and happiness?
How can I easily and quickly let go of this problem?
What is my holy and healing purpose here? Let go of Fear and return to Love!

In the end, I am responsible for everything I experience.
I can undo my fearful and painful responses.
I can let go of all that I see is dangerous, difficult and serious.
I can be whole and happy and free no matter what the world offers me.

We can as we choose.
Remember to always Love,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 13, 2009

It’s Your Lucky Day

Friday the 13th.
What you believe you see and experience.
On a conscious or even unconscious level, we are projecting our beliefs onto our world.
We do receive exactly what we expect, ask for and believe will be to the degree to which we believe it.

How about making everyday your lucky day!
How about expecting everything to be a blessing.
How about opening your mind to the Abundant Good
How about anticipating miracles everywhere.

We are creating our experience by what we project.
We attract our experiences by what we believe.
We select what we want to see with our unconscious choice.
We affirm what we value and deny what we don’t value.

We can place energy into what we don’t want and it demonstrates our value for it.
Negative reactions can be even more powerful in creating than bland positive responses.
Where we give our power we grow that in our experience.
What we fear or resist can become more potent with our defensiveness.

How about changing your mind?
How about choosing to receive only Good?
How about moderating your response and reactions?
How about letting go with gratitude and choosing with trust?

Life is meant to be a clear learning experience.
We are learning how to activate our creative power.
We are letting go of our judgments and fears.
We are choosing to be response-able for what is in our lives.

All of this is healthy, spirit-guided awakening to the Truth of our Being.
When we give our gifts and our love fully, we begin to see the difference we can make.
When we open our hearts to respond always and only with Love, respect and Kindness grows all around.
When we are really present with the circumstances in our lives with compassion, forgiveness and blessing, our world and our relationships are blessed.

Life is our opportunity to notice how powerful we really are when we live in Love and give with Joy.
Peace, Love , Joy and Abundance are our natural state.
When we step into humanity’s mistaken beliefs, we may forgot, but we do not change the Truth.
Life waking us up to be the change we want to see in every relationship and every place.

So enjoy the power of Loving and Letting Go,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Are you willing to be renewed in mind, body and spirit?
Are you open to dropping away the old and familiar?
Are you able to fully embrace change and cocreate the new?
Are you available for release and blessing an exploration into the unknown?

Life offers us experiences which we can call risk or opportunity.
Life gives us the freedom to choose each day for the best way.
Life opens doors to seek and explore what is unfamiliar and unknown.
Life is the space in which we can choose freedom and trust or caution and doubt.

Which will it be?
Freedom and renewal or the familiar and comfort?
To fully let go implies the relinquishment of tradition, security and our comfort zone.
To freely embrace change indicates we can enjoy the adventure into the unknown.

Are we willing to trust?
Are we open to the possibility that We can be transformed by the renewal of our thinking.
Are we allowing the highest in us to guide us to a life which can be fun, safe and easy?
Do we believe there is something better for us if only we can let go of what is not of value?

I now easily let go of all that is not best for me.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Life works for me when I happily release the limits I have placed on myself.
I now open my mind to experience only that which supports the Truth of Who I Am.

There is value in blessing what has been and trusting what will be as we let go of the old and look forward to the new.
Blessings of renewal, Betty Lue

Today's Daily Word - Thursday, March 12, 2009
A new me has emerged.
Watching accomplished athletes execute their skills with perfection, I may consider their performances to be easy and effortless. I know, though, that they have dedicated years of practice toward honing their skills.
There is truth in the adage "practice makes perfect." My spiritual practices of prayer and meditation, faith and trust are more than skills. They are a way of life, a way of living in awareness of who I am and what I can accomplish as a cocreator with God.
With a dedication of my time and understanding, my heart and soul to God, I am spiritually enriched. I am renewed in spirit, mind, and body, and my life is a reflection of the new me that has emerged.
"You have stripped off the old self with its practices and have clothed yourselves with the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge according to the image of its creator."--Colossians 3:9-10

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teach what you want to Learn

You will teach with enthusiasm and a beginner’s mind.

Live what you teach.
Set the example for others to follow.

Be obvious and public about your agreements.
Share what you know and who you are. To stay accountable.

Explore and experiment to discover what you believe.
Truth dawns on us through our life experiences.

Trust your inner knowing.
The inner voice is guiding us to life that is fun, safe and easy.

Give what you have to have more.
It is only through joyful giving that you discover the secret to being truly prosperous.

Honor the path of everyone without judgment.
As you respect and accept what appears to be, you can see the perfection of what really is.

Life is a series of connected miracles of awareness.
Our ignorance and blindness only come from being unwilling and afraid to see.

Enjoy your whole life and your life will consistently bring joy to you.
It is with inner peace and gratitude that you can fully receive the Goodness of Life.

Be patient with others as you would want them to be with you.
We cannot push, prod, demand or beg another’s process to move at our pace.

Give acknowledgement to others for the blessings they share with you.
Each thankfulness yields an exponential increase in the Good that already is.

Be willing to learn from everyone.
You will realize how we each are teachers and students together.

When meeting resistance, treat it with respect by moving around it gracefully.
Focus on the goal and be flexible in discovering a path around all obstacles.

Trust in the power of Love.
Know that love is at the core and Center of everything.

Create what is Good for all.
You creative potential is enhanced when you serve the highest Good of All concerned.

We are in this together, so pay attention.
Life is a gift from which we awaken in Love.

Always Loving, because I AM,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What Do You Want?

Whatever” yields whatever is floating around in the Universe.
Whatever others happen to be dishing out…..
Whatever happens, happens.
Whatever means I don’t care or am afraid of wanting what I want.

I don’t know what I want.” is saying I have forgotten how to want.
I don’t know reminds you that you don’t deserve to want.
I don’t know says you have given up on wanting.
I don’t know implies you are afraid to want what you want.

Most infants learn early to want what will make their caregivers happy.
Sometimes they learn not to want what will make their caregivers angry.
Consequently, people often want what they believe others want them to want.
In adulthood, the programming obscures any possibility of really knowing what we want.

The first step is often to affirm (written and spoken 20 x daily for 2 weeks):
It is safe to want what I really want.
I now can let go of wanting what others expect of me.
I easily see what is for my Highest Good.
I am willing to want what I want.
What is truly best for me is best for others.
Choose affirmations that you resist, because they are clearing your false beliefs and perceived limitations.

Under the pain of choosing what the world wants, is the joy of what the Good in you is calling forth.
Under the fear of being ridiculed, rejected or guilt, is the freedom of wanting your own High Way to Be.
Under the perceived limitations of the worldly myths, is the amazing life of creating the Best for you.
Under the illusion of restriction and distrust, is the Love that sets you free to fully Be.

On this full moon day, and the coming of Spring, how about going for it?
Begin to take steps to choose the way that only you can fulfill.
Begin to let go of the need to please others endlessly with their limited perception of you.
Begin to undo what is not true about the limited, lacking and little being you thought you were.

Now it the time to be free of the shackles that have bound you to ordinary and conforming living.
You can take one small step…even a few hours a week to try on your wings and truly BE.

Loving you in your natural state of Love and Joy and Trust.
Be Free.
Betty Lue

Monday, March 09, 2009

Step Away

When things aren’t going well, step away.
When you are frustrated, step way.
When you are trying to make something work for you, step away.
When you get tired, cranky and upset, step away.

When someone disagrees with you, step away.
When someone criticizes you, step away.
When you feel hurt or confused, step away.
When you are lost in uncertainty or doubt, step away.

It is the peace within you that see the possibilities.
It is the peaceful intention you have, that is truly powerful.
It is your inner peace that commands the situation.
It is you peaceful focus that clears for success.

Stepping away may be taking a walk.
Stepping away may be taking a bathroom room.
Stepping away may be a moment of prayer.
Stepping away may be simply breathing or counting to 10.

There is always a way around all obstacles.
There is always a way to reach harmony.
There is always a way to find healing.
There is always a way to return to your Center and Source.

Silence is a powerful gift in circumstances filled with empty words.
Being still is an opportunity to find true Knowledge and understanding.
Dropping your position and opinions opens the door for real listening.
Being quiet in the face of negativity gives the speaker undisguised feedback.

Stepping away from darkness and looking for the Light within brings peace.
Stepping away from fear and returning to your natural state of Love is healing.
Stepping away from defensive reactivity will stop destructive arguments and wars.
Stepping away from guilt and blame will establish fertile soil for peace and harmony.

Life invites to step into the light and step away from darkness.
Step into love and step away from hate.
Step into acceptance and step away from intolerance.
Step into kindness and step away from cruelty.

We choose how we use our mind, our emotions and our body.
Choose the best way and step away from the rest.

Blessings on our Holy Healing choices,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Make the Best of Life!

No matter what your situation, make the best of your Life!
If you have relationship hurt and pain, make the best your life.
If you have financial crises and stress, make the best of your life.
If you have health issues and problems, make the best of your life.

Quitting is an option.
Complaining is common.
Feeling depressed or angry is normal.
Focusing on “Why me?” and “Fixing it” is usual.

While most people feel victimized and see something or someone to blame, it will not be best.
While most try to change what went wrong, it will not yield the highest outcome.
While the temptation is to feel burdened and upset, it will not be the best for you.
Life offers us challenges, changes, adventures as opportunities to wake us up to be at choice.

Choose to make the best out of everything.
Make every experience a lesson in Love.
Give the best for yourself as an example for others.
Use difficult times as blessings in disguise.

Seek the gifts in each relationship and experience.
Call forth the best in you to manage your thoughts and emotions.
Challenge yourself to always go for the win-win solution.
Exercise a positive and appreciative attitude to change your perceptions.

Forgive immediately any negativity and victimization.
Erase your need to know, understand, judge or find fault.
Release the temptation to look perfect or be right.
Surrender to the Presence and Power of Infinite Possibility in you.

During economic limitations, expand your cooking skills and enjoy what you have.
During relationship upsets, increase your forgiveness and be willing to start anew.
During health problems, welcome changing your daily living habits and appreciate your physical vehicle.
During job stresses and loss, seek what has purpose and meaning for you in all you are and do.

“Every cloud has a silver lining” simply means we need rain to grow the seeds of our inner vision.
The cycles of our lives are perfectly imperfect.
The seasons of discontent give way to inner reflection and return to what we value most.
The times of stress and distress call forth our real reason for being “to be happy and love one another.”

Make the best of each minute by loving your life and living it fully and freely,
Bless us all everyone,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Life is flow, change and movement.
Are you moving, changing and flowing.
Is life a constant flow of effortless transformation and unfolding Goodness?
Are you richly blessed and prospered by receiving the Good that you deserve?

It is possible we have learned to be stuck, stagnant and sedentary.
It is possible that humanity has become attached, addicted and adulterated.
It is possible that we have forgotten our resilience, respect and responsibilities.
How can you change and rearrange your priorities as you let go and learn what is growthful for you?

The most successful among us create opportunities our of obstacles.
The most persistent and flexible children seem to get what they want.
The most helpful and healing souls are those who see places and people to serve.
The most long living centurions seem to work all their lives doing what needs to be done.

Let’s get up off the couch.
Let’s step away from the computer or TV screen.
Let’s walk away from our own stubbornness and seek possibilities.
Let’s ask ourselves what we can do to create a better world, a better life, a better home for everyone.

Spring is the traditional season for new beginnings.
Lent is a traditional time of letting go of what is not good for us.
March is a time of creating a plan for our family and our work.
Yes, it is a good time (and so is any time) to envision our future fulfillment.

Let us move toward what has heart and meaning for us.
Let us step away from habits and addictions that are harmful.
Let us building respectful, responsible relationships at home and work.
Let us step away from disrespect and teach responsibility by our example.

Let us be the change we want to see.
Let us be willing to change what we do not want to perpetuate in ourselves.
Let us be flexible and open as we choose a lifestyle that accommodates for what is Now.
Let us be grateful and respectful of everything we have and give, and Who we really are.

I am truly grateful for the continuous opportunities to be all that I am and to give joyfully all I have.
Betty Lue

Purpose Exercise

To bring your purpose to life, you need to make a declaration of your values and describe the things, people, attitudes and objectives that are important to you. This is a quick exercise to help you uncover your purpose.
List 5 answers under each set of questions.

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Live your purpose and you will feel happy and free!

Friday, March 06, 2009

What Is Life?

**Feng Shui Workshop tomorrow has been postponed due to moving into a new Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood.
You can expect more wonderful offerings in Brentwood, as well as all programs will continue in Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living.

What Is Life?
What Is Your Life?

Look around you.
See what is there.

Are you blessed?
Are you a blessing?

Do you want for anything?
Are you needing something?

Have you given yourself the basics?
Are you really loving and caring for You?

Do you hang on to the meaningless and the dying?
Do you cherish the old and fear the new?

Can you believe there is always something better coming your way?
Are you willing to give your best to everyone in all circumstances?

Do you see life as a gift and enjoy its offerings as you unwrap the miracles of love?
Do you forgive any judgment of the discarded wrapping paper and search for the blessings?

Are you willing to expect Goodness, Happiness and Love because you give only Goodness and Love?
Are you grateful for what you know it to come, because you realize appreciate generates abundance?

Life asks only that we choose with consciousness and receive with appreciation.
How fun, safe and easy can it be when we live with love and gratitude endlessly?

Enjoying the Son shining in you and me everyday,
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 05, 2009

How to Support Ourselves

We are here to encourage, facilitate, inspire, support and create a better world for all.

What are those things you want to grow in our world?
Inner peace, conscious choices, Love and laughter, Respect and Responsibility, Kindness and understanding, Trust and win-win solutions, prosperity and contribution, service and volunteerism, Self awareness, esteem and confidence, Goodness and mercy, equality and justice for all, principle-centered living, abundant giving, creative expression…………..

Take your pick or add your own.
Yes, they all sound good, but you have your unique part to play.
Find what really matters to you and give it your all.
Create a mission or purpose statement with words.

Support it with all your heart and mind.
Give it your all, 24/7!
Live it. Embrace it. Envision it. Enjoy it.
Where you withhold your best contribution, that piece remains unfulfilled.

Support this piece of You (your Peace of God) with your time, energy and resources.
Make sure that all your activities everyday in some way offer support and reminders.
Do nothing that detours, delays or distracts you from your mission.
Translate all your activities into full support for what you value, appreciate and choose to fulfill.

When you support yourself, you attract support from the universe.
When you support yourself with love, trust and respect, you teach the world how to treat you.
When you support yourself with love and appreciation, you feel valued and validated.
When you support yourself with care of your finances, environment, you see you are supported.

Life follows our focus, attention and intention.
The Universe responds to our values, priorities, attitude and behavior.
God within gives us what we are willing to be open to receive.
Our lack of support comes from our lack of self supportive thoughts, words and activities.

This means we can change our experience and our life choices by changing our mind.
This means we have the power to turn around the s benefits we receive in life.
This means to fully and freely love, support and bless our lives yields a world of support and blessings.
And so, life can be fun, safe, easy and blessed by simply changing our minds.

Support myself by supporting everyone in supporting themselves well and with Love,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What To Support?

Life offers opportunities to choose what supports us.
We can turn away from those things and people that weaken or limit us.
We can choose to stay with what doesn’t work in order to “fix” or “change” it.
Or we can easily and with blessings step aside and choose that which works and sustains us.

Free Will and conscious choice are the gifts of everyday life.
We must be awake to be selective.
We must be conscious to notice what works for us.
We must be willing to let go of what distracts or no longer serves our well-being.

To pay attention, with negative or positive energy, will feed and strengthen.
To ignore, step way, forgive and undo, will dissolve that which you no longer value.
Behavior modification with children, adults and life itself teaches us to reward what you want.
Ignore and turn away from what you want to extinguish or undo.

Judging, fearing, avoiding and resisting are forms of attention.
We must forgive, erase, release what we are relinquishing.
Simply turn from the past, and look to the future.
Turn away from the shadow and look toward the sun. (the Light!).

Life offers us choices:
Do we cling to the familiar simply because it is comfortable?
Do we detach with our blessing and choose for the unknown?
Do we let go of what no longer serves and supports?
Do we seek and feed what heals, grows and inspires us?

Support what inspires you.
Support what gives you inner peace.
Support what makes you laugh and enjoy.
Support what you value and appreciate.

Some Guidance I received in quiet this morning:
Keep on going. Your inner light and life do not fail you. You keep the promise for which you came.
Slow down periodically and listen to the peace. Nothing to do. So do what brings you peace and joy. Stay busy and active only because your enjoy it.

Love God and Goodness with all your heart, mind and soul and there will be no leakage of other than Good. Sing out in praise and notice it grows before you eyes, as it is prospered in your heart.
Enjoy the blessings of life fully and there will be no thought of curse.

When you forget to close the door, whatever lies outside will come in. So be vigilant only for God and Good. Safe, fun and easy, (Love Joy and Peace)—This is the Healing and Holy Truth.
Amen and blessed be.
You can be at peace, for God is with you always in the stillness and in the flow of life.

I am loving and supporting the Truth in You, the Place of Love and Joy and Peace,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


We have volunteered to be here.
We volunteer to stay wherever we are.
We volunteer to have life be what it is for us.
We volunteer to learn willingly or get stuck in resistance.

If we acknowledge that we are here, let’s make it meaningful.
If we know we have chosen to be where we are, let’s make it beneficial.
If we see we change choose, change, commit and communicate, let us do Good.
Once we are no longer confused, victimized and at the effect of our live, let us be creative!

Here are some guidelines I wrote yesterday for the volunteers in our Unity Center for Inspired Living, which we have painted and move furniture into this Saturday. Grand Opening, March 22.
We are all volunteers for God and for the Good of All.

Life works when we are willing to do the work assigned to us by God.

All things work together for Good for t
hose who trust.
Everything works more exquisitely than we can plan.

Principles of Service:

Happiness: Smile and be welcoming.
Peace: Handle your own concerns through prayer, journaling, inner healing work to be fully Present.
Trust: Know there is Good and Gift and Blessing in everything, including “mistakes.
Focus: Be clear about your function and higher purpose. Minimize distraction.
Breathe: Center yourself in God and Good.
Surrender: Give the outcome to the Spirit of Joy and Peace and Love.
Visualize: Know your intended experience and outcome.

We are created to create: Goodness, Beauty and Wholeness.
Show Up. Pay Attention. Tell the High Healing Truth. Detach from the Outcome.
Let Go and Let God.

Respect… Responsibility… Cooperation. Respect
Respect your self and your area of service.
Respect those you serve and the service your render.
Respect Our spiritual family and those God sends to us.

We are responsible when we are able to respond to whatever comes our way.
We are responsible when we take impeccable care of our whole selves-mind, body and Spirit.
We are responsible when we appreciate the work we do and those we serve.
We are responsible when we cast neither guilt nor blame on anyone and always give our best.

To cooperate is to join with others with welcome and appreciation.
To cooperate is to realize all parts are of equal value with no one lesser or greater.
To cooperate is to fully communicate and participate in the greater Good.
To cooperate is to give your best with no withholds or judgments.

Acts of service blesses both giver and receiver.

Bless us all in giving the gifts we have been given.
Betty Lue

Remember: The blessings already are and we are now awakening to enjoy them.

Lila in her Princess Smile.

Harper in her Raincoat sitting in her Grandpa’s comfortable lap.

The 27 month old rock star who can over power his almost 4 yr. old twin sisters.

Monday, March 02, 2009

How To Respond

One of my readers asked m to consider writing a book on appropriate or positive responses in many situation.
This is my initial response.
It really doesn’t work to give global answers because each situation is totally unique.
The work we have to do is to wake up, be conscious and tell the highest truth we know, while listening within to our inner guidance.

When someone criticizes you…….
The criticism is always about the critic.
Whenever you feel judged or criticized, first know the critic is telling on themselves.
They are exposing a place of self judgment and projecting it onto you.
“Thank you for sharing.”(or simply ignore the comment). is all that needs to be said, with no defense, explanation or justification. Leave the critic with the taste of their own negativity in their mouth.
They will be more likely to think twice next time.

However, if the criticism pushes your buttons and hits home, it means there is something in your own self judgment that is calling for healing.
In this case, “Thank you for sharing”! is really gratitude for revealing where you have a healing need.
Do your own inner work to forgive yourself for any place you are withholding love from yourself. Forgive all conscious or unconscious mistakes and choose again for the highest and best for all concerned.

After an argument…….
Arguments are always about proving ourselves “right”.
This always creates a lose-lose outcome.
Even when we believe we are right and the other wrong, no one goes away without a loss.
When you find yourself arguing to be right or make the other wrong, stop…interrupt the pattern.
Make an excuse to go to the bathroom or get a drink, breathe and ask yourself if you want to be happy?
Choosing to be happy will take precedence over the need to be “right”.

Arguing is a bad habit and a waste of time and energy.
State your position once, and then stop and listen to the other’s position with an open mind.
If you differ, acknowledge and accept the differences respectfully.
There is no need to change the opinion or position of someone else.

If you are genuinely listening, you will find points of agreement which you can acknowledge.
If you have hurt and not heard another during an argument you can respectfully apologize for your ignorance andinsensitivity. You can demonstrate by example that doing what is not respectful and kind, is inappropriate. Defensiveness is a sign of someone who is fearful, attached and needs to be right.
It takes a conscious person to acknowledge errors in relationships.

When you receive unwanted advice….
All advice is always for the advisor, the speaker.
Many people who give advice without being asked and invited, think they are being helpful, even loving.
To be respectful, you can acknowledge what you value and ignore the rest.
“Thanks for caring about me and wanting the best for me.” You can change the subject and move on, ignoring the parts you didn’t appreciate…..or you might reflect back what you heard. “So how does that work for you in your life?” or “ I wonder what made you think I needed help?” It will help to not judge but rather give the other person an opportunity to become conscious about their communication.

Always seeking a better way to give and receive with love, respect and appreciation of the Good,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Healing is Remembering

At the highest level healing is remembering we are whole and holy.
At the ground floor healing is being able to do what we want to do with our lives.
The way we limit ourselves is by forgetting our Source and our True Selves.
The way we remember is to forgive ourselves for forgetting.
Such is the most basic truth.

When we believe we are our body, we let the body run the show.
When we believe we are our mind, we let out mind tell us what to believe.
When we believe we are our emotions, we allow our feelings to guide our choices.
When we remember we are more than body, mind or emotions, we are free to lead with Love.

Yes, Love is our Essence, our Source, our creative Power, our Happiness and our Peace.
Love is the way we learn and grow, we heal and know the Truth of our Being.
Yes, we are here for a temporary experience of forgetting and remembering.
This is our opportunity to explore and experience the Lost shall be found and the confused will get clear.

We will all remember that we are whole, beneath the appearance of separation, dis-ease, loss and lack.
We will claim our natural inheritance which is to be the Love in which and for which we are created.
We will understand that all things change in this physical paradigm when we relinquish our fear.
We will acknowledge the simplicity and power of trust and freedom to remember our Wholeness.

So what if all the above makes no sense or causes us to feel angry or upset.
Let it go. Attach to nothing that hurts or scares you.
Let go and allow the freedom to choose to be your power.
Trust in the present power of choice in you right now.

You will notice after practicing that you can use your mind to change your focus, from fear to freedom.
You will become aware that the body obeys your commands when treated as an ignorant child.
You will see that the emotions you experience follow after your judging thoughts.
You will learn that our perceptions and experiences come from our conscious and unconscious choices.

Life teaches us to see what really is going on when we are happy (non-judging) learners.
Life offers us infinite opportunities to change our attitudes and our minds.
Life is the place where we remember what works and doesn’t work.
Life is a glorious learning laboratory, a universe-ity, where we can choose.

Emjoy the learning process.
The only grades you receive come from the judging mind.
Forgive the judgments and discouragements, anger and fear disappear.
Begin to notice with curiosity and wonder, the neutral mind.
Choose for what you really want to be your experience.
Imagine, speak and act from that place and it will be your experience.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue