Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Life is Healing

Can you imagine that your life is for your healing?
Can you see that every experience has been a path of healing?
Can you appreciate the opportunity to heal the fear, the doubt, the separation from God?
Can you fully honor the gift of your sacred journey and know you are remembering?

Our healing needs are plain and simple.

We are here to heal our fear.
We are here to remember Love.
We are here to heal our self doubt.
We are here to remember to trust.
We are here to heal our separation from God and our betrayal of ourselves.
We are here to reconnect with our Self and our Source.
We are here to heal our belief in lack of love.
We are here to know we are deeply and profoundly loved by God.
We are here to heal our fear of lack and need for more.
We are here to realize and appreciate the abundance of all we need.
We are here to heal our self judgment and belittling.
We are here to recognize our magnificence and the perfection of our lives.

Whatever life has offered us has been a gift from our higher selves to awaken us to the Truth within.
Whatever life has brought to us has been an opportunity to reclaim our creativity and our holiness.
Whatever life has demonstrated for us has been a reflection of our mental images and attitudes.
Whatever life has shown us has been a holy offering for forgiveness and the strengthening of our faith.

Whatever life seems to be is a mystery, until we can truly see with eyes of forgiveness and of love.
As we let go of pain and problems, we allow what was curse be transformed into gift and blessing.

Yes, beyond the tears of shame and guilt are the simple joys of holy love.
For when we can love the Holy One we are, we see our lives has been the journey home.
We are here to reclaim the simple gift of Perfect Love for Self and Love for Source.
Each one of us is called to take this sacred walk to realize we have never left our Creator and ourselves.

Life is our healing and we are blessed.
Betty Lue