Monday, February 28, 2005

Why Forgive?

“Are there really people out there who keep on forgiving and giving no matter what someone does?

People do things. We hurt ourselves with our judgments, fears and decisions about what was done.
We experience hurt by carrying building resentment, fear, grief, disappointment and defensiveness.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves to free us from the negative effects of the experience.
Forgiveness is our tool to heal and clear ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually.
We do not need to live in “victim” consciousness. We can choose again.
We do harm to ourselves by shutting down our love, our dreams, our Spirit.
We do harm to ourselves when we worry, defend, put up walls and decide to “never love again”.
Our own choices become the unhappy prison in which we live.

No one has power over our choice to Love.
We can choose to be free even in prison.
Love is our freedom. Love is our natural state.
Love is life itself. Love is our reason for being alive.
Without loving, we limit our life energy, our happiness and our purpose.

When we make a choice to love someone who acts unloveable, unworthy or difficult,
we take on a healing project. People are either loving or calling for love.
Loving does not mean we owe the loved one our lives, nor do we need to live with everyone we love. Healing assignments call us to love unconditionally those who feel unworthy of being loved.
It is our work to love no matter what. Even when that personality rejects our love, forsakes or betrays us, divorces or dies on us, we can continue loving, as our gift to ourselves and our soul purpose to Love. Often Loving is best done from heart to heart, without engaging the personality or interacting.
We may find ourselves in relationships, in which we are not meant to marry or live with the person.
This is the journey of those learning to love everyone without seeking specialness or desired outcomes.

Forgiveness is letting go of our expectations or attachments to what we wish would have been.
We can forgive ourselves for setting ourselves up for disappointment or disillusionment.
There are many myths about love.
We may believe we are to wed or live happily ever after.
We may believe we will be loved in return, if we love enough.
We may hope our love will change the other person.
All conditional loving is a prelude to disillusionment, disappointment and disagreement.
We are here to learn to love without attachment, without expectation, without neediness, without judgment and fear.

Everyone has their own soul’s journey.
Everyone has areas of wounding and needed healing.
Relationships are for the purpose of healing.
It is forgiveness and love that heal.
When we are aware of loving without judgment, we heal ourselves as well as the other.
It is through forgiveness that we come to love again.
Since our holy purpose is loving, we shut down our life force when we limit our love.
When we open to love all equally, we feel fully alive and return to love without fear.

The more I love fully and freely, the happier, healthier and more creative I Am.
The more I love others without conditions, the more I am healed and free to love all equally.
The more I love others, the more they are healed by Love and feel safe to Love in return.
There are no guarantees in life about the behavior of personalities.
The only guarantee I know is that Love heals.
Therefore I choose to love no matter what.

I encourage you to experiment with loving and notice how you feel.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Words of Truth

No more idle chatter please.
No more sounds of disharmony and discord.
No more judging and fearful thoughts shared.
No more giving false evidence to our miscreations.

What would happen if you stopped talking just to talk?
What would happen if you simply lived in silence?
What would happen if you sat quietly with a loved one?
What would happen if you shared a meal without words?

What would happen if you only spoke words of affirmation?
What would happen if you only shared prayers of praise?
What would happen if you only used your mind for glorious creation?
What would happen if you only sang songs of joy and peace and love?

I know the peace that comes from being quiet.
I know the love I feel when I sit in prayer.
I know the bliss of a mind filled with inspired creation.
I know how life unfolds when Goodness is what we share.

We are awakened by practicing living in Love.
We are encouraged by speaking words of Kindness.
We are inspired by sharing dreams of healing and Wholeness.
We are healed by forgiving all mis-takes, yours, mine and ours.

Our holy work is to live in faith.
Our sacred lives are to be given in full appreciation.
Our healing words are to be a balm of creative peace.
Our expansive heart/mind is our song of prayer.

You know when your story is being told another time. Enough already!
You know when the idea is old, being said just to fill the space.
You know when there is nothing that needs to be said, so be still.
You know when there are too many words.
You know when you are seeking approval.
You know when you are trying to impress.
You know when you have no clue about your intention.
You know when there is only love and gratitude to be shared.

So let me say..with many words and none at all,
I love You.
I see you Healed and Whole and Holy.
I know we are One Family, here to sing in celebration.
I value our glorious creations of Goodness, Beauty and Love.

Bless us All, Every One, as the Only One,
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Needy? Be Helpful.

Needing love and affection?
Give love and affection.
Needing wisdom and advice?
Listen to the advice and wisdom you share with others.
Needing comfort and support?
Give comfort and support.
Needing security and worldly provision?
Give security and financial contributions
Needing inspiration and joy?
Give inspiration and joy.

Give what you want to have.
Give from the inner resource of your own Good.
Get the energy moving from within you.
Notice that you receive from the giving.
What we contribute is not lost but remains as a blessing.
What we give is a reminder of what is available within.
What we share with another we are realizing for ourselves.
What we give we always receive for it returns in many ways.

Who can you give to?
Give to someone or something you love and appreciate.
If there is no person who calls to give, give to an animal or to a cause.
Volunteer in a hospital or home for those you care about.
Join a support group, community resource center or church.
Contribute to a neighbor or someone you read about.
Where you are moved emotionally, feeling compassion and love, GIVE.

Your heart knows where you must flow your energy.
Life is full of spiritual assignments and projects.
When we ignore what comes our way, we feel spiritually bereft.
When we respond to the calling of our heart, we feel fulfilled and blessed.
When we turn our back on someone who asks for help, we fear the same when we cry out.
When we judge and fear those who make requests, we are owning that we fear our own neediness.

Make sure you give yourself and others what really benefits.
Make sure you are not filling a pothole only until the next rain washes it out.
Make sure you are not building dependency on you as the savior and provider.
Make sure you are teaching people to take care of themselves, rather than doing it for them.
Make sure you are giving from love and not to seek approval or favors in return.
Make sure you are honest and giving what you have rather than from someone else’s pocket.
Make sure you are taking impeccable care of yourself and your family first.
Make sure you are listening, observing and learning from every act of givingness.
Make sure you own the places where you are needy and respond to Self with compassion and kindness.
Make sure you trust in the strength and wisdom of Spirit working through you.
Make sure you feel gratitude for your willingness and ability to love, give and serve.

I only give what I have received and choose to remember.
Betty Lue

Friday, February 25, 2005

Attached or Addicted? Get a Life!

Human beings seem to acquire cravings, habits, addictions and attachments.
Our physical and emotional beings like comfort and familiarity.
We may believe that letting go is dangerous, difficult and sorrowful.
We also like energy lifts, adrenalin rush and the pleasure of something new.
We may feel that energy feeds our desire for pleasure.
We become addicted to momentary bursts of pleasure or habituated to everyday comforts.
Life then becomes a cycle of highs and lows, ups and downs, which tell our minds, we are “alive”.
Adrenalin “junkies” or “couch potatoes” or both.
We can become addicted to pain, addicted to depression, addicted to self-cruelty,
just as we can become addicted to drugs, pornography or ice cream.
Addictions have many causes.
Explaining and justifying “Why?” yields an endless maze of lies.

Whether attached, habituated, addicted or craving, we become slaves of physical and emotional desires, which distract, detour and delay our Self Realization.
We use life’s temptations to cover our fear of living.
When I see creativity, individuality, freedom and whole life success fall prey to learned limits, I sometimes suggest it is time to “GET A LIFE”.
Many people are afraid to LIVE.
Many are afraid to LOVE.
Many people are afraid to LET GO.

We are here for a relatively brief time on this earth.
It is our time to shine, to carry a message of freedom and love, creativity and joy, healing and peace.
Each of us carries a light, a message, a promise.
Each one of us is giving and receiving, healing and awakening, remembering and realizing Truth.
If we forsake our purpose, we grieve.
If we leave our path, we feel lost.
If we stop loving, we begin to die.
If we separate from our Source, we lose confidence.
When we are not living a meaningful life, we long for solace, salvation and something more.
When we seek after worldly pleasures rather than lasting treasures, we find empty fulfillment.
When we seek to get from others and from our life, we are dependent on what others give.
When given the good stuff, we are pleased and want more.
When given the leftovers or nothing, we are displeased, sad and feel lost, left and unloved.
When we seek to receive from this world, we will get whatever is being given in that moment.

To find lasting fulfillment and joy, we must give.

It is in giving that we receive the riches of Eternal treasure.
No one can take away the joy and hope and love you give to another.
Only you can forsake you, when you betray your heart and give only what you get.
To be whole and fulfilled, it is essential that we give freely and fully from the depths of our being.
Each of us has a wellspring of Love and Joy and Wisdom within.
If the well has been covered over with worldly temptation, promises of love and wealth, fame and glory,
you may have forgotten the wealth of Infinite Potential within You.

If you are living your life based on what others give you, you will be short changed.
If you are living your life based on what you think you can and cannot give, you will be limited.
If you are living your life based on what others believe you have to give, you will be deceived.
If you are living your life based on what you think you are and think you know, you will be mistaken.

Your magnificence, greatness, true success and spiritual fulfillment come only in giving and for giving.
Life really is for giving.
You are the gift.
Only as you fully give your whole and Holy Self will you come to realize the world needs you.
The world waits for your Love.
The world is healed and blessed, when you really show up and give.

Loving You wholly and Holy,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Your True Work

What is your work?
Is it your career or what you do to earn money?
Is your true work your family and friends?
Is your true work your personal healing and spiritual growth?
Have you every thought of your whole life as your work?

What if your life is a blank canvas on which you are painting your own creation?
What if you can ask for a new canvas at any time and create anew?
What if your life becomes a facsimile of your parents when you let it go?
What if your forgiveness of the past is the cleanser that wipes out all mistakes?
What if you can bring your Essence into every relationship and each Holy moment?
What if you can have your highest vision simply by believing you can?
What if your real work here is to actualize your creative potential?
What if you can truly have it all and give it all with your faith, commitment and willingness?
What if you need the inspiration of a Higher Power and Super Vision to create the Highest Good?
What if your remembered past fears and failures are a distraction and distortion from the Truth?
What if your forgiveness opens you to learn and heal and create from a new perspective?
What if it is through practice (many canvases) that we truly become adept at creating?
What if everyday is a new opportunity to live in love and give with joy?
What if each relationship is the practice ground for you to remember the essential Goodness in All?
What if everyone you meet is both your teacher and your student?
What if every task, no matter how menial, can strengthen your abilities to live, love, learn and let go?
What if life is a graduate course in creative living for those who are awake and willing to be responsible?

What is your current work?
Getting through each day?
Making someone else happy at your expense?
Seeing how much you can handle?
Paying the bills?
Keeping your marriage together?
Looking good?
Doing all the “right” things?
Following the social norm?
Pleasing those in charge?
Chasing a pot of illusive gold or phantom lover?
Doing what your parent would have wanted?

What is your Real Calling?
What is your spiritual intention or purpose in life?
Who is your boss?
How do you make decisions?
How do you know what is the right path for you to choose?
How do you appreciate yourself at the end of each day?

Awakening my brothers and myself,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What Is My Work?

I work for the Good of All.
My boss is the One who sent me.
I came to serve from my heart to love all equally.
My work is a spiritual playground of creative possibilities.
I fully enjoy the work I am given.
My work is also my play.

I work through writing these Loving Reminders.
I work through coaching and counseling.
I work through creating and facilitating classes, workshops and more.
I work through caring for those who come into my family and my life.
I work through listening and following the inner Voice of my heart.
I work through my affirmative prayer and visualization.
I work for the glory of spiritual living and abundant giving.

I stay full when I give freely.
I overflow with joy, when I give without limitation.
I am inspired as I inspire.
I am blessed as I share blessings.
So it is my life is abundant.

When I withhold even a drop of what is mine to share, I withhold from myself.
When I limit the Good I give, I am limiting for all humanity.
When I think thoughts of lack, “I don’t have enough.” I teach falsely, reinforcing mistaken beliefs.
When I believe I am limited, I limit my Self and my gifts.
When I belittle Who I Am and the purpose for my Being, I diminish the Gifts of God I have been given.

Did you know?
I am sole financial provider for our household.
My spiritual partner and husband is on a disability sabbatical, recreating his life from inside out.
I spend 20 hours/week on computer writing Loving Reminders and offering email love and support.
I offer coaching and counseling in my office, on the phone, in homes and businesses. 10-15hrs/wk.
I facilitate groups and workshops about 5 hrs/wk.
I am with Gia in the early AM and in her classroom about 20-25 hrs/week.
Robert and I have quiet time in the evenings about 15 hours/week.
I take care of my home, do errands and groceries and prepare simple meals 15 hrs/wk.
I take time for spiritual practice, exercise and personal growth about 10 hours/week.
Everything I do, I do for God and the Good of All.

Everything is equally important.
The peace, order and beauty of my home sanctuary,
The kindness and support in my marriage,
The generosity of Spirit given to those who are sent to me (family, friends and those unknown to me)
The nutrition and loving preparation of the foods we eat,
The purity of wisdom and love I offer verbally and in writing,
The efficiency and organization of my business and finances,
My inner work of forgiveness of the world I see and fidelity to the Good in All,
The gratitude and joy I give and receive for living fully and freely.
Everything matters.
My prayer is that you allow your whole life to matter to you, because…
You matter to me and to the whole of humanity.

Loving you with a heart that is True B’Lue

Call me #800-919-2392 or email for more information…
Whole Life Coaching and Counseling on phone or in person.
Spiritualizing Your Life in Kalamazoo Sat. March 12.
True Prosperity in Hammond, IN Sunday March 13
Spiritual Wisdom Circles in Walnut Creek and Santa Rosa, CA monthly.
Hawaii Spiritual Retreat “Living with Joy” September 24-28 on Kona.

** I highly Recommend Heartmath Solutions Workshop –Robert and I will be attending.
Saturday, Feb 26 9-4:30PM with Rev. David Mc Arthur of Unity Center of Walnut Creek, Contribution

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Communication Glitches

Some say roadblocks indicate we need to go another way.
Some say problems tell us we need to stop, look for alternatives and listen for what is best.
Some say difficulties indicate an inner resistance to be cleared.
Some say barriers inspire us to learn and grow.
Some say challenges strengthen our intention.
Some say problems are just problems to be overcome.

Whatever anyone might say about my emailing challenges and changes since Jan. 2, 2005,
I am clear I value listening within and sharing my daily Loving Reminders with you.
I know that these creations inspire and remind, heal and encourage me and many others.
I feel best when I am connected to the writing and direct transmission of them on a daily basis.
I also know that I feel at peace when I am the keeper of my email lists, since there are hundreds of you.
I know you through your spiritual energy, if not personally.
I like to know when you come and you go.
I greet each person personally and feel connected in Love.
I know this is one way God/Goddess is loving each one of us…and I will not quit on Love.

So please forgive with me, as we have been unraveling both cause and cure of the interference.
Robert has been greatly and gratefully helpful with reconfiguring new lists and a new newsletter server.
However, I have lost the direct touch with when and how the loving reminders are sent.
I will hopefully be returning to my old direct emailing system which allows me to send to you directly, when the Loving Reminder is written, without outside formatting and delays. Please bear with us for the next few days, as I adjust and readjust according to the fun, safe and easy way I have shared in the past.
Feel free to communicate with me, if there are changes needed to be made for your benefit.

Know my Love extends to you always, just as yours is received.
In reality there is only loving union.
May these reminders be awakening affirmations of hope, faith and love, so that we never forget to Love.
It is our Way. To Let Go.
It is our Truth. To Learn.
It is our Life. To Love.
Through Love all Good things are possible.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Letting go of attachments
Learning to create anew.
Loving the ride home.

Monday, February 21, 2005

All Things to All People

Who am I really?
I am what you project me to be, based on your own past experiences and beliefs.
I am a mirror in which you see the reflection of what you believe yourself to be.
I am a kaleidoscope of possibilities depending on your current state of consciousness.

How can you see me, when you are looking at who you want me to be?
How can you know me, when you are still discovering yourself?
How can you understand me, if you don’t yet understand your own needs, emotions and dreams?
How can you believe me if you cannot trust yourself to consistently love, honor and respect you?

Isn’t it amazing that we live in a projective world where we see what we believe?
Isn’t it miraculous that we can make up what we want to be true and then prove it is true?
Isn’t is awesome that we can see a hopeless world with fearful judgment and a beautiful world with forgiveness?
Isn’t it powerful to recognize that our perceptions shape our experience of reality?

We can choose the quality of our day based on how we choose to perceive our experiences?

I am all things to all people, as they choose me to be.
So what others project onto me is truly none of my business.
Some call this being a shape-shifter.
Some say it is being a light-filled screen on which the perceiver sees themselves.
Some recognize when you know only light, you see only light.
All things seen in light are good and whole and beautiful.
Whatever your choice, I honor you.
When I see and know and love myself, I see and know and love the Real You.
When I remember the Essence of me, I Am Love It Self, I recognize the Love You Are.
When I recognize the Love We Are, I know our Oneness and I am in Joyous Peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Computer glitches are almost healed. Now to clear up any changes needed to take care of your needs.
Happy to hear from you if you want changes.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Healing with Heart

How do we heal fear, disease, confusion, guilt, doubt and self-denial?
How do we find love, health, clarity, forgiveness, confidence and true prosperity?

First, recognize what feels unhealed, unhealthy and unhelpful.
Being aware of our upsets and lack of peace is the first step in claiming our needed healing.
Every upset is a call for healing with Love.
Every upset is a past similar which needs our attention.
Every upset is a request for seeing things differently.

Let go of what you thought was the cause.
Let go of trying to fix or cover-up or pretend there is nothing wrong.
Let go of thinking you “should” know, because if you knew you would have handled it.

Forgive yourself for not knowing what to do or denying the help you need.
Forgive yourself and others for the mistaken beliefs, judgments and fears you have taken on.
Forgive yourself for being upset, for judging yourself, for getting stuck, for being ashamed.
Forgive yourself for trying so hard, for not caring, for hiding from the pain, for not responding with Love.

Ask what is needed to heal, to remember Love and return to wholeness.
Ask for the Truth, the highest Truth, the helpful Truth, the heartfelt Truth.
Open your mind to see the Light, and see things differently with new awareness.
Open your heart to feel the Love, to heal your pain with patience, kindness and compassion.

Write down your inner sense of what you feel and think you know.
Clarify what you want to feel.
Ask for inner guidance on how to move from where you are now to where you want to go.

“I am in pain (confusion, grief, fear).
I do not know what this is for.
I release my need to understand.
I forgive myself for hurting myself.
I love me and believe in me.
I am willing to be happy.
I free myself to love again.
I open my mind to inner peace.
I am grateful I can heal and be healed.”

The healing process is finding the faith in your heart to see what you want to reclaim.
The healing process is clearing the doubting mind and finding the believing heart.
The healing process is letting go of fear to return to Love and Joy and inner Peace.
The healing process is focusing on creating possibilities with gratitude and confidence.
The healing process is remembering your wholeness and Holiness.
With faith in your mind and love in your heart, All things are possible.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Friday, February 18, 2005


Random Acts of Kindness defines friendship for me.
This is the week of Loving relationships and random acts of Kindness.
Often I don’t see and may have never met my “friends”.
I have “friends” all over the world who may not even know me.

Robert, my life partner and husband, has lived in 56 home in 56 years, the longest being in Kalamazoo, MI where we lived and loved and built spiritual community for 4 years 3 months, training and ordaining 21 Living Ministers of Reunion. In our 20 years of marriage we have lived in 14 homes and five states.

I have lived in over 40 different homes, when I count my early childhood moves. If lived in one family home or community, you may have sustained lifetime friendships and family relationships. I have known hundreds of brief friendships, some intense and some casual, some helpful and some offering powerful learning. I have not attended a class reunion nor maintained childhood friendships because I have lived in many states. Even the college I attended, Antioch in Ohio, offered a work study program with changing locations every 3-6 months. When I move, I have all boxes unpacked and pictures hung within 3-5 days, because I want to be settled in my home sanctuary.

In the Enneagram definition of instinctual subtypes, I am global or social in orientation looking out for the greater good of All, rather than one on one relational or self preservation focusing on significant friends or self care. My primary way of receiving and giving love are acts of service (not gifts, quality time, affection or verbal affirmation.) This means I feel loved and experience friendship, when people are performing acts of service for others and joining me in my service. In other words when anyone performs random acts of kindness, I feel loved and I feel friendship or kindred spirits.

What is true for me:
I have friends in every nation, every walk of life, and feel connected with every community of people who love unconditionally, serves from their heart and remember the God and the Good in all creation. Whether I am meeting someone for the first time or have not seen you for years, I am the same, authentic and unconditional presence, willing to offer my best self to all. No matter the external personality changes which might seem to interfere with communication, I trust in True our inner connection and Union wherever we are, whatever we are doing for the good of all. Because of my mobility, I can easily be “on-call” for God and in service wherever I Am. I am not attached to the comings and goings of individuals, or the gain and loss of place, identity or material goods. I am free to love each one I am with.
God is my source and lives in each person, each place and each Holy moment. So I am connected and at home.

What seems to separate people are our judgments and our fears.
What seems to unify people is our loving and kindness toward one another.
When we are living loving God and Goodness and extending peace to one another, we are all friends. When we forget, we feel lonely, isolated and without friendship.

Ask yourself how you define and design your friendships.
What are your expectations for friends to give and receive?
Who are your friends and how do you show them you value your relationship?
(With gifts, loving words, affection, service or quality time?)
Where are you at home, feeling safe and healed and whole?
To whom do you offer random acts of kindness?

You are my True Friend now and always,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 17, 2005

How Can I Love More?

“How can I become more loving? How do I hang on to living in Love?”

Love is. We are here to release all blocks to the awareness of the Presence of Love.
God is. We are here to recognize all barriers to the Awareness of the Presence of God.
God and Love can be neither created nor destroyed. They simply are All there is.

We, in our creativity and separated mind, have thought and imagined there is not Love.
We made up a belief in punishment, hell and the wrath of God to deter making errors.
We have believed people are evil, sinful and bad, and so perceive and conceive of evil and sin.
What you believe, you will see.
What you envision, you create.
What you fear and hate, you strengthen.
What you judge, you strengthen in yourself.
What you imagine, you project into other minds.

Only Love is Real.
All else is illusion.
Everything unlike Love is made up.
Forgiveness is a made up tool to clear up our imagined forms of the absence of Love.
We made up the temporary worldly experience of disease, evil, poverty and death.
The more we believe in our mis-creations, the more fixed they become in our consciousness.
The more we defend again our temporary creations, the more real they become.
The more we assign blame for our errors to the Creative Power of Love, the more afraid we become.
The more we believe we are victims of a God who punishes our mistakes, the more we withdraw.
The more we withdraw our love and our listening, the more we mis-create defending against our fear.
The more we blame others for the sin and fear we see in ourselves, the more destructive we become.
Our mis-created illusion becomes more real to us with every justification, explanation and defense.

My Real work is not to become more Loving, but rather to give up my belief in separation and lack of Loving.
Underneath all personality forms of separation, (fear, anger, envy, resentment, hurt, depression, jealousy, etc), there is only Love and the call for the remembrance of Love.
For me Love is not a feeling, but rather a state of Being.
Love is trusting in Love and freeing myself from limiting Love in myself and others.
Love is opening the way for us all to live and let Live, to give and be fulfilled in the giving.
Love is creating what is beautiful, good and wholesome for everyone.
When I am at One with my whole Self and my Creator, I know and extend only Love.

Fear nothing.
Forgive everything.
Love All.
Trust in Goodness and Love.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Are You Living On Purpose?

Being on purpose feels happy, healthy and fulfilled.
Being on purpose feels focused, directed and giving your best.
Being on purpose feels open, willing and meaningful.

Our purpose here is to recognize and clear all blocks to the awareness of Love.
Our purpose here is to forgive and heal all errors in our minds.
Our purpose here is to give and receive fully and freely the best we have.
Our purpose here is to remember Goodness and Love in ourselves as we give.
Our purpose here is to Love God and Good with all our heart and all our mind.
Our purpose here is to love our brother and ourselves.
Our purpose here is to be truly helpful as we listen within and follow the Voice of Love.
Our purpose here is to trust we are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
Our purpose here is to be show up, pay attention and tell the Highest Truth with non attachment.
Our purpose here is to grow in compassion, wisdom and faith.

Are we living on purpose?
Wherever we are, whatever we do, whomever we encounter, we can live on purpose.
Our job can be janitor, salesman, president, homemaker, teacher or beggar.
We can live on purpose.
Our life can be financially or physically limited or lacking in romance and adventure.
We can live on purpose.

Everyday in everyway, I trust my walk of faith.
Everyday in everyway, I receive and give the love and wisdom I know.
Everyday in everyway, I forgive the limits I have set before my Good.
Everyday in everyway, I challenge myself to heal and grow, to love and know.
Everyday in everyway, I am living my purpose with gratitude and inspiration.

The more you give your heart and mind to God, the more you know Abundant Living now.
The more you love your brothers as yourself, the more you experience the Love of God.
The more you give your best in all encounters, the more you open to receive the Best everyday.
The more you appreciate the Goodness in your life, the more Goodness you receive to appreciate.

Where you place your focus, there is your treasure.
Where you withdraw your attention, there you diminish your faith and your fortune.
Give freely to the Source of All Good and you will be mightily rewarded with a peaceful mind, a joyful heart and an abundant life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I am blessed to be reminded by the Love that is within us All.
As I share with you, I am honored and grateful to build a world that grows in wisdom, love and faith.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

To Judge or Discern

Are they different or the same?

This question was posed by a dear friend of Loving Reminders.

When we think with the mind of humanity, what we see is duality.
Black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, better or worse.
When we think with the mind of God, what we see is unity.
Love is real. Oneness, Wholeness and Beauty live in the hearts of all creation.

The difficulty with our minds is that We think.
Worldly thoughts are often not of Good, but rather defending against bad.
Our thoughts create what we think about.
When we are thinking about what we want and what we don’t want, we have both.
Whether we are judging what is right and wrong or discerning what we prefer, we participate in the manifestion of both.
When we try to think positive, we are usually thinking how we can avoid the negative.
You see what we perceive we strengthen.
What we believe, we will see.
What we agree on (wherever two or more), there we make manifest.
What we feel, we make real.
What we judge we continue to see.
What we discern might be seen as what we are willing to see in order to judge.

How can we judge anything when we are making up what we see?
You make up what you see by the words you use and the meaning you give to those words.

The bottom line is seek first what is Good and Whole and Beautiful.
See first what is Good and Holy and Loving.
Focus on what you really choose to be your reality.
What you give energy to, you will increase.
Give energy and focus, love and gratitude, to what is Good for All.
Listen within and KNOW.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love holds no grievances.
Love lays aside the past.
Love gives of It Self.
Love shares freely.
Love knows no fear.
Love is patient and kind.
Love speaks freely with gratitude.
Love is present, judging nothing.
Love creates joyfully.
Love lets go with dignity.
Love serves only Love.
Love is our right and responsibility.
Love is Who and Whose We Are.
Love begets more Love.
Love endures.
Love only Loves.
Love never ends.

This is Valentine’s Day and the beginning of Random Acts of Kindness Week.
We celebrate these holidays to remind us of what we may have forgotten.

Love is the way to inspire.
Love it the way to educate.
Love is the way to heal.
Love is the way to create.
Love is the way to go home.
Love is the way to find peace.
Love is the way to be happy.
Love is the way to prosper.
Love is the way to see beauty.
Love is the way to find friends.
Love is the way to find fulfillment.
Love is the way to make amends.

When lost, remember to Love.
When lonely, remember to Love.
When sad, remember to Love.
When hurt, remember to Love.
When betrayed, remember to Love.
When misunderstood, remember to Love.
When tired, remember to Love.
When forgetting, remember to Love.
Love is the way.

Enfolding YOU and All in the Love I Am,
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Where Am I Going?

How can I get somewhere in life, if I don’t know where I am going?
If I am lost, how can I find my way?
How do I get my bearings in an ever changing world?
Where do I set my course, if I have no compass?

Do I let the world I see lead my choices, my goals and my path?
Do I let my spiritual vision guide me to an unseen goal of eternal peace and happiness?
How can I be responsible to two masters when they promise different outcomes?
What will my destiny be, if I serve neither well but dance between both realms?

What is your North Star?
What is your Highest priority?
What is the destination you have chosen?
How do you serve that outcome?

Choose wisely the One Who Leads.
Give freely to the One You Trust.
Speak openly of what you value.
Respect totally your Highest Goals.

Are you clear about your destination?
When you go to bed, do you know what your next day will bring?
Are you happy with what you are doing with your life?
Do you feel fulfilled at the end of each day?
Have you led yourself on a fulfilling and high functioning path?
Are your relationships squeeky clean with respect and gratitude?
Have you spent your hard-earned money in a way which serves the One earning the money?
Do you care for your body, mind and Spirit in a way which honors the Creator of All Life?
Do you think and speak of yourself with love, loyalty, faith and hope?
Are you willing to do your best, simply by doing your best, neither over-giving nor pushing?
Are you willing to end your day in gratitude for what has been and faith in what will be?

We are shaping our own destiny by knowing where we are going.
We are leading us All into the future by setting our North Star today.
Lead consciously by living impeccably.

This is Love.
Love knows and loves You.
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 12, 2005

How Are You Leading?

Parents lead their children.
Mates lead one another.
Bosses lead employees.
Religious authorities lead their people.
Organizational heads lead their organizations.
Doctors lead their staff and patients.
And so also do children, employees, members, patience and the public lead.
Those who are leading often have no awareness, and it is the unconscious leading the unconscious.

In our culture we often follow dramatic media, the current fad, doing what feels good, hysterical emotions,
tending the sick and the needy, the loudest voice and the most expensive advertising.
We may follow with envy the one who has what we want, or tells us what we want to hear or makes us their loyal friend and lets us coast in comfort. We may follow our own worldly desires, making up for what we never had.
We may think life is about the most money and toys, but lose our selves and our Spirit.

Life is always about the choices we make.
When we take full responsibility for our choices, we can freely and easily choose again.

There is confusion and chaos , depression and loss without conscious leadership.
Life becomes meaningful, fulfilling and empowering with clear conscious leadership.

When there is conflicting leadership, those following become confused and upset.
When there is unconscious irresponsible leadership, the followers become inconsistent.
When there is committed leadership, the followers become loyal and devoted.
When there is selfish demanding leadership, the followers become dependent and demanding.
When there is respectful conscious leadership, the followers become respectful and giving.
Where your life is working will tell you where there is effective leading.
Giving authority to ethical guidelines and spiritual principles will work.
Choosing leadership that sets the highest standards of integrity and consciousness works.
Selecting leaders who seek to educate, empower and respect all people will inspire and motivate.
Give authority only to those who live that they teach and serve others to educate, inspire and empower.

In most relationships there is no conscious committed leader who is willing to take responsibility.
If we want to improve the quality of life for ourselves and our people, it is our responsibility.
If we see what needs to be done, it is ours to do.
It is the responsibility of the most conscious person to lead.

We lead by example and modeling.
We lead through direction and education.
We lead through coaching and counseling.
We lead through listening and supporting.
We lead by empowering and delegating.
We lead through the expressive arts and creativity.
We lead with our private thoughts and activities, what we buy and watch and listen to.
We lead with our stories and our songs, our successes and our failures.
We lead with our choices of what we eat, who we believe and where we give.
We lead with our emotions and words.
We lead with our forgiveness, love and gratitude.
It behooves us to lead where we want our families and our world to go.

Choose wisely. You are leading.
Betty Lue

Friday, February 11, 2005

Never Quit on Love

When Light has come to awaken and inspire, will it be welcomed?
When Love has been given, will it be rejected?
When gratitude is shared, will it be received and appreciated?
When forgiveness is offered, will it be gratefully accepted?

When you shine your light into dark corners of your family, you may be criticized.
When you show up at a party uninvited, you may be turned away.
When you arrive in a relationship that is without intimacy, you may be pushed back.
When you give your love to those who feel unloveable, you may be scorned.
When love and light are belittled, know there is fear just as there is need.
When love and light are shared and not received, there is resistance to being seen and revealed.

The presence of unselfishness reveals selfishness in others.
The presence of joy reveals the sorrow and grief in others.
The presence of light reveals the darkness in others.
The presence of unconditional positive regard reveals the disrespect and negativity in others.

Love attracts everything unlike love for the purpose of healing.
Light shows all the dark corners that call for cleaning.

When stuck in fear, we may fight for our righteousness ways.
When lost in misguided confusion, we may reject wise direction.
When caught in our own illusion, we may resist enlightenment.
When dependent on our limited beliefs, we may see only what is ours.

Light to be welcomed, must be invited.
Love to be received, must await an opening.

Love holds no grievances, and welcomes an invitation.
Light judges nothing, but sees everything.

And so it is in all relationships, we are called together to reveal with Light and heal with Love.

Blessed are those who seek nothing and give All,
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Healing YourSelf

How do you heal the sickness in you?
Remember sickness can be physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial as well spiritual.

When You are ill or off balance on any level of life, look for judgments (yours, mine and ours).
Wherever you judge, there you are vulnerable, sensitive and susceptible to “catching it”.
When you are upset, fatigued or just plain sick, look for what you have been giving attention to.
Wherever you focus your attention you increase and what you perceive, you strengthen in yourself.

Take responsibility for your experience. Own your own cause in the matter and seek the learning.
Rather than judge your creation which gets you “stuck” with it, simply notice, breathe and let go.
When you take responsibility, your work is to forgive any judgments or blame and guilt.
I forgive myself for hurting myself with those thoughts.
I release and undo my fears. I let go of judging others for my choices.
My sickness has no value to me and so I easily let it go with gratitude.
I take full responsibility for my experience and gladly choose again for what is best.

Trying to get rid of your pain, your problems or your illness may indicate that you are demanding that you let go of the symptoms without clearing the cause and experiencing the real healing.
I am willing to learn what is mine. I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to forgive all now.

Choosing again is the proactive step of inviting into your life those conditions which are helpful, healing and healthy. I rarely know what is highest and best for me. Being upset or sick is a clear indication that I have stepped off my path or out of bounds. I need to stop and listen with open-mindedness to see what is best for me. Stop and listen. Ask questions and write what you hear (so you cannot forget or neglect.)

I have learned the more you follow what you hear, the more you will hear next time.
Look at the major areas of ones healthy life.

Spiritual Connection
How much and how shall I spend time with inspirational reading, listening and spiritual communion?

Nature and the Beauty of the Earth
How am I to incorporate time with the bountiful energies of the Great Mother today?
Music, Sound, Song and Movement
How am I to sing and share my joy, my gratitude, my praise? How am I to fill my senses?

Diet and Exercise
What am I to eat and drink? How am I to move and breathe?

What attitudinal healing is needed here?
With whom am I to share my love and gratitude?

Creativity and Play, Recreation and Renewal
How much am I to work and play, to meditate and reflect, to vision and to plan?
Is there some lesson I am missing? Is there a place of unconscious omission that needs attention?

How am I to feel and express my profound appreciation and love for the good life I have?

When your listening is complete, it is time to “do the work” which may be to do absolutely nothing. When you have become a happy willing learner, the skies clear, the sun shines and all things seem new again. As your mind is renewed with the Light of Goodness that lives in us and around us, we can fully envision the blessings of it all.

As we are restored to sanity with a grateful heart and enlightened mind, knowing we are spiritually connected, our life experiences seems just that (an experience without regret or blame.)

Healing oneself is healing the entire Sonship.
Healing oneself is opening to fully loving as God loves.
Healing Oneself is living the two primary commandments to Love God and Love our neighbors.
Healing oneself is our gift to our creator, to love His gift enough to take exquisite care of what is given us.

I love this mighty glorious and miraculous work…staying awake on planet earth.

Call me if you need a little or a lot of spiritual coaching.
I am here, at one with You, doing the Holy work!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Love is Giving

What is true?
Some people think they must “get” Love, because they need Love.
Some think they won’t have Love, when their Loved one is gone.
Some think they can only truly Love one in their lifetime.
Some think Love is dependent on whether the other returns their Love.
Some believe once you find Love, hold on to it.
Some believe they can only Love those who are Special.

All may be true for you, if you have learned this kind of Love from your family of origin.
None are True in the highest Spiritual sense.
And to be wholly happy, one must disavow and let go of these errant beliefs.

Love lives in You.
You were created in Love, by Love for the sole purpose of Loving.
Not by your parents, who may have been mistaken about Love, but by Creator and Source.
Love is your calling.
When you are genuinely loving, not for a reason, but simply because you are Being, you will be happy.
Love is your mission here in life.
If you have forgotten your mission and forsaken your calling, look for someone or something to Love.
Love is your path to happiness and peace.
When you are not loving, you may feel sad and needy, because you miss your Real Self.
Love is your life.
When you are not loving, you may feel lost and alone, because you have stepped away from living.

Your life is for the Sole and Soul Purpose of Loving.
Love grows as you give it.
Love expands as you extend it.
What you give may not be received by personalities, but will always be received by the Soul.
So give Love and be happy again.

Loving you as I am living my purpose,
Betty Lue

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Wholeness and Holiness

Those who are whole make no demands.
When we are complete we need nothing.
When we are whole, we demand nothing.
When we are full, we need no fulfilling.
When we are happy, need no diversion.
When we are at peace, we need no comfort.
When we are in love, we need no encouragement.
When we are inspired, we are naturally inspiring.

Whatever we have given or denied ourselves will show up in our relationships.
Whatever thoughts we have fed ourselves will display themselves in our emotions.
Whatever beliefs we hold about anyone will be expressed in our thoughts, words and actions.
Whatever we give ourselves is our responsibility.

When we are expressing demands, we are feeling needy.
When we act angry, we are hurting because of some hurtful thoughts.
When we feel sick, we have taken on what is not wholly healthy for me.
When we am lacking, we have denied ourselves what we want.

It is our responsibility to keep ourselves whole and holy.
It is our responsibility to feed our body and our soul with healthy food.
It is our responsibility to respond to our emotions by changing our thoughts.
It is our responsibility to clear our fears with right thinking and right action.

Remember, when we give what we don’t want, we fear getting it back.
Our unconscious knows what we give we will receive.
(If we are demanding, much will be demanded of us.)
We are responsible for our whole life balance, our attitude, our physical vitality and our spiritual focus.
Our wakeup calls are the signs and symptoms of distress: illness, pain, negative emotions, “accidents”.

When we find ourselves experiencing what we do not want to think, feel or do, it is our work to immediately stop….look within and listen quietly to what is calling for healing, correction, forgiveness and renewal.

The holy One is peaceful, happy and giving.
The wholesome one shares freely his wholeness.
The whole one is respectful and grateful for everyone and everything.
The Holy One blesses everyone everywhere.

This is our calling and our Holy work,
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 05, 2005

No Judgment, No Blame

My judgments in the greater picture mean nothing.
My blaming another accomplishes nothing.
Perceptions are a result of my inner focus and intention.
Taking responsibility for my life and my experiences is effective.

What I perceive I strengthen.
When I see lack, I increase lack.
When I see wholeness, I expand wholeness.
What I see with a judging mind is lack, littleness and limitation.
What I see with an enlightened mind is abundance, greatness and possibility.

My work is to forgive judgments, erase misperceptions and undo beliefs in lack, littleness and limitation.
When I see with forgiving eyes, I see what is beneath the temporary worldly experience.
I see light and enlightenment.
I see love and holy relationships.
I see joy and creativity.
I see freedom and trust.
I see goodness and beauty.
I see abundance and generosity.
I see patience and honesty.
I see hope and faith.
I see potential and possibility.

My holy work is to see with forgiving eyes.
My holy work is to hear with forgiving ears.
My holy work is to give with forgiving hands.
My holy work is to be holy loving and holy living.

Loving you holy,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What Can You Do?

How do you really feel about money?
If money doesn’t matter, then serve for the satisfaction of your life work.
If wealth does matter, then work for lots of money.

If you honor your own path, you will be at peace.
To avoid what is right for you, will not work.

How do you feel about children?
Too many people get married and have children to do what is expected without being honest.
If you just love kids, be around them, work with them and consider being a parent.
If you don’t love children, don’t pretend or try to do what you are not called to do.

How do you really feel about God?
If you love God, then respect and listen and serve God.
If you don’t care about God, there is no reason to pretend.
Too often we deceive ourselves and others by trying to be what is not real.

What you can do is to be honest with yourself and others.
What you can do is be the best you can be.
What you can do is explore and discover what matters to you.
What you can do is to give yourself the opportunity to live what feels right in your heart.

As I touch lives and listen to people’s issues in business and personal life, I suspect that if we told the truth about who we are, where we are going and what we are willing to do, the problems would melt away. Clarity of vision, honesty with ourselves, willingness to give our best, commitment to persist and taking full responsibility for the outcome insures success.

Know where you are going.
Be honest about who you are and where you are.
Give your very best each step of the way.
Keep going no matter what the obstacles.
Take full responsibility without guilt or blame.
You will succeed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Healing and Helping

On Friday afternoon, my husband Robert had surgery and was home again by noon on Saturday.
We envisioned the best, most fun, safe and easy procedure and it was amazing. The hospital and staff treated us like we were their only patient, personal attention, quiet environment and no pain. Some of you know Robert has a neurological diagnosis which limits him from doing what he has always done…work all the time. Bottom line, his physiology has stopped him, so he can remember to live spiritually.

The following are his words: the morning following surgery:
“Healing without vision/mission/purpose is impossible.
Vision/mission/purpose without healing is impossible.
The degree of passion for one’s vision/mission/purpose defines one’s degree of aliveness and vitality.
All illness and dis-ease is a call to renewed vision/mission/ purpose.”
Robert Waldon

Physical pain and disease are a wakeup call.
When we are going in the wrong direction, our spirit (Higher Self) will give us signs to redirect us.
When heeded, we simply and easily change course.
When ignored the signs become stronger and more obvious.

We must know where we are and where we are going in order to get there.
Otherwise we may find ourselves in a cave, a prison, at the edge of an abyss or in hell.
When the lost follow the lost, all is lost.
When the lost follow the light, they at least see where they are going.
When the lost follow the enlightened ones, it is likely to find what is found with enlightenment.

Before you follow anyone, discover where they are and where they are going.

My way of helping Robert is to see him healed and whole.
I trust his process and free him from duty and obligation to explore and find vision/ mission/purpose.
I celebrate his self forgiveness, and acceptance. I honor his exploration. I love his willingness.
I know that each one of us must find our own path home.
Each one has a different function in the Divine Plan.
Each one is essential to the Circle of Life.
Each one has a perfect part and role to play.
As we love (trust and free) one another, we all find our way to fulfill our vision, mission and purpose.

Healing for me is being aware of who I am and why I am here.
Healing is loving myself and my calling.
Healing is knowing when I am off purpose, forgiving my error and choosing again.
Healing is remembering my wholeness and holiness through all circumstances and conditions.
Healing is trusting in God and in Goodness, God’s Love, in all things.

“Be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Helping and healing by remembering,
Betty Lue