Sunday, December 31, 2017

Together We Succeed!

I cooperate with those who seek always to love.
I collaborate with those who create more Love in our world.
I co-create with those who listen within to the Voice of Love.
I recognize and appreciate the joining of Love in our world

Cooperation, Collaboration and Co-Creation

Are you willing to work together for the Good of All?
When you respect yourself and others, you will be responsible.
When you are responsible for your thoughts, words and deeds, you will naturally be respectful of others.
When you are respectful and responsible, you will easily cooperate, collaborate and co-create with others.

Life in relationship is meant to be harmonious.
Living in connection with others, we naturally must cooperate to succeed.
When we disconnect from others, we tend to criticize, conflict and compete.
When we feel separate from others, we create disharmony.

Families are meant to live and play, work and create, together.
When families are compatible in their goals, they create success.
When families cooperate and collaborate, they co-create their desired outcomes.
When families understand and accept their differences, they learn how to give their best for the good of all.

Marriages and Partnerships can create success when they understand the essential keys.
Common values and goals generate effective cooperation, respect and responsibility
Open honest communication is focused on positive languaging rather than complaints or criticism.
Equal contribution to the relationship allows for each to give what is their best at the time.
Commitment in the relationship is based on what is best for each individual.
Responsibility for the partnership comes from owning your own thoughts and words and actions.

Live in harmony and there will be success for all.
Choose always for the Highest Good and everyone benefits.
Recognize that with trust cooperation everyone wins.
Understand with respectful collaboration  we co-create the Will of Goodness and Love.

Cooperation begins at home where everyone works together for the Good of the whole.
When the parents and children cooperate, everything is done easily and well.
The cooperative Spirit in a family creates a sense of security and abundance.
When we “have each others’ back”, there is no lack.

With mutual respect and equal responsibility there is no guilt and no blame.
When there is no guilt or blame, everyone feels free to do their best.
When all as a team do their very best, the who team succeeds.
Where there is success, they all are blessed with freedom, abundance and ease.

True cooperative living creates a world of provision and peace for one and all.
Where there is joining in vision and purpose, everyone prospers and feels safe.
When we co-create a world of safety and trust, we can live with peace and harmony.
Humanity benefits when we are respectful, responsible and cooperative with one another.

So let us choose to free ourselves to join in peace and love.

Betty Lue

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Life Is Our Dream

I am responsible for my whole life.
I appreciate who I Am and All I have and give.
I value the learning and growth everyday of my life.
Life works for me because I choose consciously.

Life Is Our Dream

Is your life a dream or a nightmare?
Are you awake or sleeping?
Do you imagine Goodness or evil?
Are you attracting or avoiding?

Are you aware of how much you create?
Are you awake to the infinite possibilities?
Do you choose consciously what you want?
Are you purposely sleeping through each day?

Life is an equal opportunity provider.
Life gives us what we believe we deserve.
Life shows us the way and waits for us to take advantage.
Life offers miracles of hope and challenging adventures.

When we release our fears and tears, we can see the light.
When we undo the past misfortune, we can create lasting gain.
When we forgive our errors and misperceptions, we can make course corrections.
When we let go of resistance, we learn gain with persistence.

Life is our school in which we learn our self-created “magic”.
We begin to understand that where we spend our time, there goes our mind.
When we remember what we treasure, we have more of what we value.
It takes time to learn the tricks of the mind as we become awake.

When we are more conscious, the truth is more obvious.
When we are more awake and aware, we have more miracles to share.
When we let go of blame and guilt and shame, we have more joy to claim.
Life shares its dreams and visions, when we do more thank-filled living.

Be responsible for learning.
Be responsible for healing.
Be responsible for being awake.
Be response-able to choose again.

With responsibility comes power.
With responsibility comes choice.
With responsibility comes freedom.
With response-ability comes the joy of creation.

And so it is that we discover what was within us all along.
We learn to remember and claim our own happy song.
We are willing to be responsible for our life and the dreams we create.
We easily respond to whatever comes and learn to forgive and update.

Life is but a dream, an illusion, a mirage, a creation of the mind.
Life is a song we sing and share and enjoy with each word and action.
Life is learning how to live and love and give always and only Love.
And with our freedom and trust in being, we begin seeing the Love We Are.

Loving All That Is
Betty Lue

Friday, December 29, 2017

Free To Be

I free myself to fully Be Who I AM.
I free others to freely be Who they are
I am grateful for the diversity and unique expression in everyone.
I trust myself to be a safe place for each to be authentic, creative and REAL.

Free Your Self To BE!

What can you do to free yourself to be fully you?
What holds you back from being truly authentic?
How do you keep yourself in check in your live?
What rules to you live by and whose approval do you seek?

There are many teachings and beliefs we learn early in life.
We listen to parents and teachers and what gets their approval.
We observe what works and what doesn’t work in the world.
We are programmed to be externally referring in our choices.

Does this please my parent, teachers and friends?
Will I get ahead by talking and behaving this way?
Do I fit with the people around me and how they act?
Do my actions, language and choices conform to what is popular?

People do not spend quality time with others, learning their values and beliefs.
It seems that most people pay attention to others via media, texting, face book, etc.
It seems that young people admire those in public view and follow their lead
It seems that ‘getting along’, following and belonging are among the highest values.

Where have the leaders gone?
Where are those who speak up for the rights of others?
Where is authenticity, originality and new thought?
Where are those who express themselves creatively?

If you are one who doesn’t follow the crowd, appreciate yourself!
If you are someone who expresses your truth without offense to others, value yourself!
If you are among those who lead others to do good and create good, enjoy your part!
If you are true to you and give always and only your best, count yourself blessed!

What you can do to free yourself is listen to what feels right and true for you.
What you can do to free yourself is to pay attention to when it feels wrong and stop!
What you can do to free yourself is listen to your heart, your conscience and inner guide..
What you can do to free yourself is forgive every mistake, yours and others, immediately.

We are easily tamed and changed and delayed by the criticism we have learned.
People often fear being wrong and so don’t even step out of the learned boxes of society.
We may fear judgment, being shamed , rejected and humiliated by others .
People learn to let others lead and then blame them for their own lack of leadership

If you feel safe by conforming and following what others do, you hold back..
If you still try to please and get others approval, we will do what they want you to do.
If you think playing it safe is the best way to live, you will hide your inner light.
If you wait until another goes forth , you may miss your time to shine and share.

Time to be free and see All that You Can Be,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 28, 2017

What Is Working?

I quickly stop doing whatever is not for the best of all.
I easily forgive and release whatever is not loving and kind.
I quit thinking, saying and doing what is not helpful and well-intentioned.
I stop and center myself with the best I know in mind.

If It Isn’t Working, STOP!

If your life isn’t working, STOP!
If your relationships aren’t working, STOP!
If your money isn’t working, STOP!
If your health isn’t working, STOP!

Stop doing the same things you have always done, expecting a different result.
Stop thinking, speaking and behaving as you always have, believing this time it will be different.
Stop making up that somehow someone out there will show you a better way.
Stop judging, blaming, criticizing someone else for what isn’t working for you.

We keep going, because our ego wants to be right.
We keep doing the same thing, because we don’t want to be the problem.,
We keep choosing what is familiar believing that this time it will work.
We keep trying over and over falsely hoping for a change externally.

The purpose of stopping is take a time out to clear our thinking.
The purpose of stopping is not quitting, but stopping the ineffective methods.
The purpose of stopping is to break the cycle of insanity.
The purpose of stopping is to undo the dysfunctional reactive patterns.

Time outs are for parents to give themselves and the kids a chance to calm down and find our center.
Stepping away from an upset is time to reconnect with what is best for everyone.
Taking deep breaths clears the fear, drama, anger and emotional distortions.
Pausing for a walk, meditation, writing in a journal, forgiving and doing affirmations is to think clearly.

I recommend not talking when upset.
I recommend not express our hurtful feelings.
I recommend dumping toxic material in private.
I recommend clarifying your goal or intention.

When we react emotionally, we are seeking either to get others to help us or to give others our upset.
When others are calm, reasonable and able to be helpful, it works.
When others are upset, fearful, irrational or unable to helpful, nothing we do will work.
Often we simply spread the pain, fear, drama, unhappiness and lack of love to another.

Consider taking full responsibility.
Consider being the conscious one.
Consider making amends with I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and Thank you.
Consider forgiving your self for making up the upsetting thoughts and feelings.

Life is the practice grounds for clearing the pain and fear, guilt and blame fro yourself and others.
Life is the place in which we can make ourselves safe to work out our own issues without hurting others.
Life is the experimental laboratory to stop ineffective means to solve a problem.
Life is the learning ground in which we openly discover what works and does not work.

Bless us each and all for observing, exploring and learning better ways.
Loving you,
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I use my thoughts, words and actions for the Goodness Sake.
I immediately delete what has no positive value.
I easily forgive and erase limiting thoughts and words with love.
I use my life to create what is good, beautiful and healing for all.

You Are Creating!

Every thought is creating!
Every word is creating.
Every action is creating.
Every story is creating.

Are you creating what you want to experience?
Are you creating what you fear or don’t want?
Are you creating what is Good or what is bad?
Are you creating more of the same or something new?

It is up to you!

When you dream you are creating.
When you spend money, you are creating.
When you judge, you are creating.
When you give your attention, you are creating.

Some folks give attention to what they admire.
Some spend money on what they value.
Some tell stories about miracles of Goodness.
They create a world of positive possibilities, people and places.

Some folks pay attention to what they fear.
Some give their time and money to what they hate.
Some tell stories about disease, disasters and depression.
They create a world of negative effects and victimization.

It is easy to change our focus from awful to awesome
It is fun, safe and easy to seek positive experiences and step away from negative ones.
It is helpful to build a repertoire of stories to tell that are filled with insight, wisdom, kindness and love.
We can become those who create more light, life and love in our world.

Negativity is a learned habit of mind.
Stories of suffering and pain yield more of the same.
Sharing our toxic material for others to hear creates a world of much more to fear.
We can undo what we do not want to be true by simple letting go in private.

Forgive and erase with love.
Undo and deny what has no value to you.
Give up what is not fit for eyes, ears or innocent minds
Step away from is hurtful, unkind or simply offensive.

We can create beauty, goodness and wholeness.
We can clean up what is not healthy for any of us.
We can take responsibility for what we see and hear and repeat.
Store no garbage in your mind and make yourself well again.

You are created to create.
Create what is good and beautiful and healthy for one and all.
This is your function and your purpose.
Give yourself the gift of creating all Good for All.

Loving us all as creators.
Betty Lue