Saturday, June 30, 2007

Trusting Our Brothers

When we "trust" others, we set aside the mistakes of the past.
In the moment Now, we see their holiness.
When we "trust" others, we step out of the future and be present with what is before us.
By seeing with forgiving eyes, we can behold the True Self, free of our error and sin.

In glimpsing the Goodness within each One, we can begin to know and empower our own.
When we seek to find the mistakes of each one, we amplify and doubt our own Holiness.
In forsaking the worldly way of evaluating and comparing, we find peace in seeing the Light.
For it is looking for that Light of God and Love of Goodness that we find it in everyone.

Just as the Secret Law of Attraction invites us to see and believe in what we envision,
So in our relationships can we draw forth, communicate with and celebrate what we Love.
Just as the archer focuses totally on the bull's eye rather than remembering all past misses,
so must we erase from our mind's eye the "sins" committed previously, to see the Present.

What we experience is the result of our thoughts and feelings,
What we are responsible for it how we perceive our brothers.
What we experience is the outcome of our mind, body and spiritual prayers.
What we experience comes from the affirmations held in our heart.

When we are willing to heal our doubt, fear and judgment of others,
we take responsibility for the behavior of our brothers.
What we expect, we attract.
What we fear and resist, we call forth.
What we celebrate, we enhance.
What we value, we increase.

Love is freedom and Trust.
We are free to believe or to doubt.
When we doubt, we interfere with the manifestation of what we want.
When we believe, we think and feel, act and live, with faith in the Highest Outcome for All.

Trusting and freeing you and me to be all we are meant to be,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pleasant Words

"Pleasant words are like e honeycomb, sweetness t the soul and health to the body." Proverbs 16:24

Could it be that our unpleasant words are making us sick at heart, in mind and body?

I notice that I only speak in a positive and affirming way to myself.
I seldom entertain negative or rude languaging in person or in media, books or film.
When I let in something negative, I clear it with forgiveness or something neutral, like "Delete".
The way I talk inside is how I was talked to as an infant, with love and respect.
So I was never programmed to swear, threaten, name-call or label myself.
It was modeled to speak with respect and kindness, "please" and "thank you", with a smile.

I notice I forget to make eye contact and smile, when I am too busy with my inner focus.
I choose to spend much time alone in silence, so I can stay connected within.
The only words I hear within are loving, truly health giving and affirming.
I am given Holy work that is meaningful, productive and generous for others.
I am guided to be with those who are appreciative, respectful and receptive.

Consider erasing and forgiving all thoughts and words that are less than pleasant.
Consider undoing patterns of unconscious and unkind speech.
Consider forgoing any cursing, damning or hating anything or anyone.
Notice how free and easy you can breathe when you are kind and considerate in thought, word and deed.

Loving you truly,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Full Moon Cometh

This is a Blue Moon, as in "once in a blue moon".
The second full moon in the same month is called the Blue Moon.
The full moon seems, for those who are sensitive, to increase or exaggerate whatever is our current state.
Everything is experienced more intensely, similar to PMS for women.
The advantage of increased intensity is that we can experience the present wakeup call .
If we are willing to be awake and responsive, we will stop, look and listen to what is being called forth.

This full moon is an invitation to celebrate summer with its greater heat and light.
In the greater light we see what is missing or messy, what is a mistake or what is needed.
In the greater light we can see and appreciate what is working and in harmony, what is good and whole.
In the greater light we can affirm and honor what is true and loving.

And when there is warmth and sunshine, we can heal and grow and develop ourselves with joy.
We can also get too hot for comfort and feel like exploding with anger and impatience, needing to move, to fix, to undo what is not good for us and for our community.
Anger is a sign of withheld energy.
Anger is an invitation to use our energy in a positive and productive and focused way, creating what we want, not destroying or judging what we do not want.
The question asked openly and sincerely, "What can I do?" or "What can you do?" can develop into powerful creative solutions and opportunities for doing Good.

I use everything as wakeup calls.
When I see another's behavior as less than loving, I may ask myself, "What can I do?"
When I hear f someone in need or hurting, I ask, "What can I do?"
When I know of a cultural need for respect and responsibility, " I ask , 'What can I do?"

When I am free of guilt and blame, of sympathy and shame, I can listen within and respond with Love.
When I know I am perfectly guided from within, I know listening is where to begin.
So I ask my inner voice, "What can I do?"
It serves me to know how to serve to effectivelybring peace to myself and the perceived other.

When in doubt or fear, listen within.
When asking how or why, listen within.
When wanting to heal and grow, listen within.
This I know will bring peace and gratitude to your mind and heart.

Listening within today and everyday,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Choice

Life is your choice.
If you choose, you are responsible.
If you don't choose you are responsible.
Either way, you are responsible.

We each have the freedom to choose how we respond to life.
We each are free to love or fear, experience peace or conflict, judge or forgive, laugh or cry.
We are totally free to choose how we respond to all the experiences in life.
We are free to remember or forget, free to bless or to complain, free to trust or to worry.

The beauty of our freedom is that we really can choose what we think and how we feel.
It is easy to see ourselves as victims of our feelings or our thoughts, but they are choices we make.

Emotions are simply energy in motion.
Energy is for the purpose of creating.
We can choose to use our energy to create Love and Joy and Peace.
Or we can choose to use our energy to create fear and pain and war.

When we have yucky emotions, it is a “wakeup call that we have forgotten our Holy Purpose.
We can choose to listen within and return to Love by forgiving our separation from Higher Truth.
When we forgive our detour or distraction, we return to alignment with our love and joy and peace!
Yeah for emotions! They simply show us when and where we have distrusting thoughts.

We can use emotions like children to get attention, get our way, be heard, manipulate and control.
We can enjoy our emotions like riding the roller coaster of ups and downs with the rush of drama.
We can play others' emotions by using our own to inspire and encourage theirs, negative and positive.
We can emote as catharsis, clearing our space to be able to choose again, like sneezing to release.

Personally, I prefer the more spiritual, inspiring and God-given emotions of Peace and Joy.
Therefore, I usually choose to lay the rest down in private through journaling, forgiveness, breathing or old fashioned letting go. When I find myself expressing distrustful emotions, I know I have disconnected from God and Higher Power. I am calling for a Loving Reminder, "What is the Truth?" always wakes me up to listen within and know Who and Whose I Am, how I am loved and guided perfectly and to trust in the outcome by letting go of all expectations, doubts and fears.

I appreciate these momentary lapses of consciousness.
They remind me, I prefer living in Peace and Joy.
I prefer choosing Freedom and Trust.
I prefer letting go of fear.
I prefer extending only Peace to my brothers and sisters.
I prefer to be the Love I AM.
Therefore I choose what I prefer to have, and so it is.
My thoughts and emotions support what I choose.

Blessing our choices for the High Way of Freedom and Trust!
Betty Lue

Monday, June 25, 2007

Emotions are Temporary!

I am a God Created Me, whole and happy and free.
Anything other than this state is temporary, an illusion of our making.

Wow! What if this is really true?
Have we made up the world of drama and crisis, illness and suffering?
Are we stuck in an mis-creation to demonstrate we are creative?
Can we be serving emotional gods instead of the God of Peace and Love and Joy?
Are we caught in a belief that feelings are real and need to be believed?
Could we be children pampered by those who want us dependent and needy?
Are we lost in a sea of distortion and faulty thinking, believing in the myth of victimization?

What if a mind given to only inspiration and Spirit could be truly Whole and Happy and Free?
What if a Being who was committed to live a life of joyful giving could live at Peace?
What if a personality that served the Highest Good for All was always safe and provided for?
What if we are really able to create our world with Joy and Peace and Love?

When I catch the germs of emotionalism, I feel lost in a maelstrom of confusion and pain.
When I forget to stay connected to Spirit, I lose my bearing and sense of Holy Purpose.
When I think someone else's drama is real, I find myself feeling guilty or looking for blame.
When I try on the worldly perception of suffering and loss, I think I must be missing something.

Each one of us is in a different place in the university of life.
Young souls see themselves as the center of the universe.
Mature souls try to effect change on their world.
Older souls seem to flow with what life offers maintaining their integrity and inner peace.

How I relate to others is solely dependent on what my inner voice directs.
When I invite others to tell me how to respond, I may support their ignorance and victimization.
When I encourage emotionalism and immature behavior, I foster dependence and stuckness.

How I respond to my own or another's emotionalism is a reflection of my own self understanding and spiritual awareness.
When I am remembering the High Truth, I will forgive all I see.
I respond naturally with Freedom and Trust, the foundation of Spiritual Love!

If our communication is not inspiring, it is of the ego and fear.
If our communication inspires others to live their Highest Potential, it is of Spirit and for Love.

Try this on, and see where you have manipulated yourself and others with unconscious emotion, adult temper tantrums.
Our work is to ignore what we do not want to encourage and Value what we seek to increase.

Loving you in loving All,
Betty Lue
Always encouraging Freedom and Trust!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Setting Your Intention

Goal setting is aligning your mental, physical and spiritual energy with a specific focus.
The work is to clear all the apparent obstacles in the way.
The clearing is individual with breath, forgiveness, affirmation, inner guidance and trust.
The process requires vision, faith, desire, commitment, strategy, action and gratitude.

When we align with Spirit, with God and with Goodness, we recognize and naturally release what is not.
When we envision Peace, we immediately feel and express Peace.
When we trust in Higher Power, we let go of doubt and fear.
When we come with passion and desire to our set intention, we give All to have All.
When we are committed to our Highest Experience we persist, withholding nothing.
When we use a spiritual plan to fulfill our intention, nothing can interfere.
When we are willing to act with wisdom and courage, we feel confident and inner-directed.
When we are open-minded and appreciative, we see, feel and know all is well. And so it is.

Often humanity is ruled by history, guided by fear and supported by those who doubt.
Often people let their emotional state be their guide, only to realize the outcome they feared.
When we let limiting beliefs guide our path, the predictable outcome is to recreate our history.
To create a new outcome, we must forgive the past, return to love and trust and listen to spirit within.

Design your own life strategy. Begin with the end in mind.
What is it you want to achieve, experience and/or create?
Create a simple mission statement.
What is your life really about? Use 7 words or less. , so you can remember.
What are your primary guiding spiritual principles? Use them in all circumstances.
How can you best remember to live your mission and purpose and follow your guiding principles?
LISTEN WITHIN every day, always asking for inspiring loving reminders.

To align with your Higher Self, the spirit of wholeness and Joy in you, requires that you stay in communication. The best way to stay in communication is to be receptive, to listen within.
Set a daily appointment with your Spirit Self, same place and same time.
Give yourself a way to write it all down, so your personality and busyness don't erase or distort it all.
Your inner voice will guide and direct you to experience a fun, safe and easy life of fulfillment and joy.

Set your intention,
Know it is Good.
And be willing to receive the Goodness that is yours,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Light Has Come

I have forgiven the world in my mind!

Yes, the light dawned on me in the middle of the night during this solstice awakening!!

I engage in sprit-guided communication in my personal and professional life.
I do not (maybe never have) offer emotion-based communication.
Therefore, I lead groups, offer counseling, and lead my life solely from inspiration.
I do business with Spirit.
I practice business with a spiritual intention and support that intention with all I think and do.
I speak, teach and lead with Spirit.
I listen to what I say and watch what I do with the focus of leading others to be inspired.
I interact with family and friends, listening within to Spirit and let Love lead the way.
This means I often say very little. I do not socialize or chat.
I do not attend parties or go out to eat or share stories on the phone.
My life is solely about inspiring and being inspired with the Love, Joy and Peace of God.

This makes me different, some would say weird, but I do not notice because I am living in delight.
It was only last night that I asked to understand a perplexing relationship experience!
I asked, "What was that all about?"
I talk and think differently. I cannot fit where I do not belong. I cannot give what I do not have.
I will not express what is not inspiring for myself and the other.

I seek to support and be supported by offering only what is inspiring.
I seek to respect and be respected by inviting forgiveness and clearing of all that is not loving and true.
I seek to let go immediately of the egos judgments, fatigue, illusions of guilt and blame.
I seek to return to a natural state of Wholeness, Goodness and Love in which we are all created.

What does this mean when I am tired, sad or scared, upset or needy?
It means I have forgotten. Help me remember the Truth.
I have lost my way. Shine a Light to show me the spiritual path.
I have given more that was called for. Give me some help, so I can rest a minute.
I have not taken impeccable care of myself. Model for me self care and encourage me to do the same.
I am caught in the emotional weather. Be clear and respectful as you ask, "What is the high Truth?"
I am trying to handle other's problems. Encourage me to only follow Spirit-guided priorities.
I think I am doing my work by myself. Remind me I am never alone. God is always with me.

Emotions are transitory. Spiritual guidance is ever-lasting.
Emotions are self-protecting. In our defenselessness lies our safety.
Emotions are personal. Spirit is impersonal.
Emotions get stuck when we judge them. Spirit offers blessing and finds Gift.

When I feel emotional, I remember, "I am never upset for the reason I think"…
and "I never know what anything is really for".
I always accept help in remembering my work is to listen within.

I prefer in all circumstances, personal and professional, Spirit-guided or inspiring communication.
Its benefits:
Fun, safe and easy communication.
Immediate positive change.
Respectful and supportive interaction.
Conscious clarity of intention,
Experiences of deep and profound love,
Remembering wholeness, oneness and Love.
Instant forgiveness of the past.
Laughter, light and return to our natural state of Joy.

So, you ask, what is new about all this, Betty Lue?
We have heard about this for years from you.
"I never saw it all so clearly demonstrated and then elucidated by spirit. It is a great blessing.

I just love how spirit works in our lives.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greatest Light

In this time of the greatest Light we see everything more clearly.
All our "gazoobies" show up.
Our fears are in front of us.
Our wounds ache with pain.
Our regrets haunt us.
The ghosts from the past may return.

You see life has its way of calling us to task.
There is work to be done in this life.
We are here to complete unfinished business.
Where we are not whole, we must return to Love.

Thank God, for the Light.
Thank God for the Love.
Thank God for forgiveness.
Thank God for Prayer and Praise.

You see in this time we are called to use the tools we are given: forgiveness and gratitude.
Everything is healed, cleansed and released to the nothingness from which it came.
The truth, seen in the Light, sets us free to be all we are created to be.
Life is not about perfecting ourselves, but rather about erasing all that we claimed "imperfect".

Only in Love and kindness are we willing to look deeply, to see beneath the errors to the Truth within.
Only with conscious and consistent forgiveness can we dare to release all the misperceptions of history.
Only with blessing will we feel at home, at cause and in love with All That Is.
Only with Goodness, compassion and gratitude will we find the place of wholeness and Holiness inside.

You see, where we judge we are stuck in fear.
Where we claim better than, we hold ourselves outside the circle of Love.
Where we name another imperfect, we weaken out self image and fear to be judged.
Where we allow the world's measure to become our own, we sacrifice our spiritual calling and Love.

Life is a circle.
We being in Love and end in Love.
In the middle of life, we are called to do the Holy Work.
Forgive. And be grateful.

I am loving us all for rolling up our symbolic sleeves and doing the work.
We cannot run and cannot hide from what we see around us.
What we see is a reflection of what remains to be healed deep within.
I am open and willing to do the work.

Calling for Light, Light and more Light.
May we heal all that is not real and not of God.
Praise God for the Light within me.
Praise God, let Love abide.

Loving you loving you and me sets us all free.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Build, Don't Destroy!

Remember you are unlimited, re Source Full, and capable of living your dreams. Begin NOW!
I am willing to help, inspire, support and encourage. You must be open and willing!


When you know what you want, you go there.
When you know what you have, you appreciate.
When you know what is Real, you celebrate.
All the rest is illusion to be released with forgiveness and blessing.

Complaining is a sign of being off purpose.
Unhappiness indicates you have forgotten what makes you happy.
Being tired tells us we are afraid and judging.
Being upset and cranky says, we are stuck in past muck.

So what to do?
Kill it all and start over? NO!
Suffer and make the best of it? NO!
Find someone to blame or hate your self? NO!

Time to get off the pity pot and look at what you have created.
YES, it is all our creation including our emotional response to it all.
We have chosen what we have and must celebrate our creativity.
Better to be positive about what works and what we value than throw it all out the window.
Better to enjoy what we are grateful for and learn from the rest what we really want.
Better to change our mind than destroy our whole life.
When one pimple appears, it is best not to have cosmetic surgery.
When one mistake is made, it is best not to crucify oneself or spend a lifetime suffering in silence.
Many of us watched parents, grandparents and nations stuck in recrimination with ugly results.

So now what? Take time daily to reflect on simple key questions.
Get up before your family, when it is quiet and you are alone.
What do I really value?
What is meaningful in my life?
What will inspire me and give me energy daily?
What can I do with my life to make a difference?
Where do I receive support and sustenance?
How can I spend more time in the Presence of those who inspire me?
What can I do today to be happy, on purpose and fulfilled?

Questions will lead to more questions.
Never ask why because it yields endless unhelpful questions.
Ask only questions which will give you positive, productive, and moving answers.
How can I become more independent? How can I set myself free?
How can I give the best of me to everyone I encounter?
How can I release my fear and judgment?
How can I fill my cup to overflowing so I am glowing?

My experience is that unhappy people are living what they were taught rather than what is True for them.
My experience is most people are truly cases of suppressed happiness, living a lie.
My experience is most couples support one another's living off purpose to sustain their comfort zone.
My experience is with a little daily spiritual guidance each one of us could be happy and free living our lives in joyful contribution and creativity.

Build on who you are (LOVE) and what you have (FREEDOM of CHOICE) and do what inspires you (GIVE WITH GRATITUDE AND JOY).
This is truly Love in Action.

Loving you!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Relationship Work

In response couples whose relationships need serious healing work or separation: I am called to write this Loving Reminder.

What I believe is how I live,
with thought and prayer, words, both direct and indirect, and my actions and behavior (in all situations.)

I believe in the sanctity of marriage.
When blessed by a religious tradition, I believe we have committed to live by spiritual principles.
These principles are guidelines, best listed in a verbal and written pledge to one another.

I believe in the value of family,
keeping parents committed to modeling values of respect, responsibility and cooperation for their children. This mean respect for one another, being equally responsible for the household and parenting and cooperating with one another for the Good of all.

I believe in treating others, as I want to be treated.
This means kindness, trust and fidelity in thought as well as deed, honesty and openness, giving my very best at all times, speaking well of the other (no gossip or complaining to others), spending quality time listening and sharing, affection when desired, and appreciation for all the Goodness and contributions to the family.

I believe in equality.
Equality means both people give their best to one another and to themselves. They learn from one another. They openly share ideas, beliefs and opinions and respect differences. They are willing to give and receive from one another. sharing equally in rights and responsibilities work, household chores, finances, and parenting. Work hours are work hours both at home (no pay and outside for pay),

I believe in commitment to what is Highest and Best for Both.
If one is ill or in holistic difficulty, the other steps in being committed to give what is needed. If one is lost in confusion,, depression, mishandling their affairs, the other gives what is best for all, without sacrefice to themselves and without blame or resentment.

I believe in taking full responsibility for the relationship.
When both people as taking on 100% responsibility for the quality of the marriage, there will always be an abundance of love, trust and freedom for all concerned.

I believe in giving the marriage to God, Spirit, Higher Power, Principles of Truth and Love.
When we give our holy union to the Highest Good, there will be no hatred, no swearing, blaming or name-calling. There will be no unloving activities, pornography or crazy sex, alcohol abuse or drunkenness, street drugs, depression, silent treatment, greed, addictive behaviors like binging, shopping, gambling, TV on all the time . There will be respect, responsibility and cooperation.

When we are choosing to LOVE someone, the work is ours to clear the blocks to LOVE.
Love is an activity of mind, body and spirit. It is not emotionally based…although humans seem to learn that the emotions of fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, grief, hurt depression all block the activity of LOVE.

To commit to Love, to marriage, must be revisited periodically to assess where we have lost our way or forsaken our values. We must forgive ourselves and the other and recommit to the Highest and Best. Thus we will find true inner happiness and peace.

Bless us all for being willing.
Betty Lue

Our little guys deserve a healthy family with the trust and freedom that comes from the adult’s willingness to Remember LOVE!

Monday, June 18, 2007

What Do We Do with the Fear-based Culture?

This morning I was realizing: When I grew up……
We were not afraid of sunshine.
We had a vegetable garden.
We did not have or use credit cards.
We bought what we had money to pay for. (only our house had a mortgage.)
We sewed all our own clothes and bought the extras at a discount store.
We saved money for a special family trip to Europe when I was a senior in High School.
We had fun saving money.
We visited the doctor only when we were sick (rarely).
We were not afraid of drinking water.
We were not afraid of playing in the woods.
We were friendly with strangers.
Phone calls did not interrupt dinner or chores or conversations.
We looked people in the eye and smiled easily.
We always treated all elders with great respect.
People were comfortable being quiet.
Reading, crafts and hobbies were preferred past times.
Men opened the door for women, and seated them first.
We all said 'Please' and 'Thank You' to one another.
Children always had chores and sometimes a little allowance.
We were excited to learn new things to help our parents.
It was good to go to school, do homework and get good grade.
We appreciated our teachers and let them know with gifts and notes.
We watched a little TV, like Ozzie and Harriet, but preferred to play outside.
We all played some sport or instrument.
Families played board games and card games together.
We went to drive-in movies and at popcorn.
There were no magazine articles about sex.
Diets were mostly focused on eating a balance of the food groups.
We all cleaned out own houses and washed our own cars and mowed our own lawns.
We went to church together on Sunday and had a big fun family dinner Sunday afternoon.
We went on two week vacations every summer.
We drove to our relatives on special holidays or for family reunions.
Politics was a matter of voting for the best man, the one you trusted.

We felt safe and loved.
We felt secure in our world and were free.
We valued our relationships.
We took good care of the simple things we had.
Relationships lasted. Money lasted. Our things lasted.
Respect, responsibility and cooperation were taught naturally.
Life works when we love, trust and respect ourselves and others.

Clear the fear.
Let Love here, with me and you!
Betty Lue
(See the children below! They are the reason for clearing the fear and the return to Love.)
And we love watching our grand children play.
They are natural, feeling safe and loved.

Let’s be like two Moms at the park with their babies!

Kissing my sister’s baby, so she doesn’t cry!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Honor Our Father and Love Our Mother

Respect all fathers and appreciate all mothers.

Have we given full appreciation to our fathers and Our Father?
Are we acknowledging all the masculine energy provides?
Have we created dependence and lack of respect in our desire to take care of everyone?
Are we modeling imbalanced living by sheltering rather than empowering?

Divine Masculine is yang energy; light, creativity, freedom, assertiveness, action, moving forward.
Human male roles traditionally offer, provision and protection, discipline and encouragement.
Divine Feminine is yin energy; love, receptivity, restriction, passiveness, stillness, and maintenance.
Human female roles are traditionally nourishing and nurturing, comforting and supportive.

We need to be still and listen within to receive Spirit's guidance. (Feminine)
We must move forward with courage and confidence to fulfill our life purpose. (Masculine)
Both the yin and yang create balance in whole life success and fulfillment.
Both feminine and masculine energies are given each one of us to actualize our full potential.

Too much of either energy sets up too little of the other, yielding dysfunction and imbalance.

When there are missing pieces in our own history, we may fear, judge, withhold, avoid certain attributes. When we are holding on to unhealed and unforgiven pieces of history, we may reject needed qualities.
When we judge God based on our parental models, we may forsake the abundance of Love available.
When we fear being misguided by authorities or leadership, we may resist inspirational Guidance.

Where we judge, condemn or fear our male role models, we may avoid our own Divine Masculine.
Where we lack appreciation and acceptance or our father, we may deny our own power and limit our potential for successful activity.
Where we judge, condemn or fear our female role models, we may deny our own Divine Feminine.
Where we lack full appreciation and acceptance of our mother figure, we may limit our nurturing and nourishing of ourselves and others.

To be balanced in life, we must forgive and embrace both energies.
The more fluid and flexible we are, the more we allow the circumstances to dictate quiet or activity, acceptance or encouragement, creativity or receptivity, future visioning or present enjoyment.

As an exercise, list positive qualities in your father figure.
Notice whether you appreciate and embody those qualities in your life.
List the positive qualities in your mother figure.
Notice how you appreciate and embody those qualities in your life.

Look at your relationship with Divine Wisdom, the Creative Force and empower yourself with creativity.
Look at your relationship with the bounty of Mother Earth, and acknowledge your unlimited abundance.

Our whole life fulfillment is realized when we fully appreciate
we are the children of an All-Powerful Heavenly Father and eternally loved by an all-Loving Mother.
We are the children of Light and the children of Love, the union of Heaven and Earth.

Loving you, Child of Godliness and Holiness,
Betty Lue
Let us love everyone with a Love that is from the heart.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrating Fathers

The Father lives in everyone of us.
Humanity is the creation of the union of Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine and Heavenly Father, the Divine Masculine.
We are here to embody and celebrate both our Yin and Yang nature., our feminine and masculine.
We are to represent the nurturing and support, the receptivity and sensitivity of the feminine and the providing and protecting, the creativity and productivity of the masculine.

Dependent on our level of spiritual development, our life purpose, we each display varying degrees of masculine and feminine energy. We are not necessarily displaying the primary energies of our sex.
Some say that as we evolve we become ever more androgynous or balanced in yin and yang.

Where there is imbalance, there is dis-ease and lack of peace.
Where there is imbalance in politics, there is war, national debt, violent crime, and poverty.
Where there is imbalance in families, there is abuse, divorce, poor parenting and disrespect.
Where there is imbalance within, there is laziness and isolation or aggressiveness and violence.

Where we judge one parent, one sex or one way of being, we generate imbalance.
When parents judge one another with name-calling or with sarcasm, the children lose balance.
When businesses create too much to care for well, the business loses its success potential.
When people have too many activities or stuff to fully integrate and enjoy, we lose real values.

In our culture we seem to take sides, judging one sex as better than the other.
Women are weak or men are insensitive.
When we stop judging, our fears and imbalance subside.
When we begin celebrating, our inner peace and natural balance returns.
Create and observe.
Act and then receive the result of your action.
Give and then receive the gift given.
Celebrate and bask in the feeling of joy and gratitude.
Speak up and then be silent and listen.
Work hard and take time to rest.
Pray to God and always listen within for guidance.
When we recognize both energies are equally valuable and necessary, we will easily find balance within.

Male and female energies, communication styles and mental conceptualization and languaging differ.
The active and the receptive, the creative and the maintenance, the planting and the nurturing, the light and the dark, are all equally valuable to the life process.
Let us find balance within and restore the natural balance on earth.

Celebrate your inner Father, the Creator and Source of protection and provision.
Celebrate your inner Mother, the Nurturer, the love that heals and comforts, nourishes and maintains.
All is well. All is Good. All are a blessing and gift of the All-Loving and All-Powerful God.

Blessings of balance in creativity and receptivity.
Betty Lue

Be aware that Grandpa’s and Daddy’s are fabulous nurturers and educators, often giving freedom and trust (LOVE) with joy and peace.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Glitches in Communication?

Mercury is in retrograde until July 9 or so.
If you believe in this stuff, you might notice a few interruptions or glitches in communication, travel, electronics, etc.

For example, yesterday after being gone from 7Am-10PM, my computer was off and would not restart. They said, "A power surge and fuse blown", when taken to the apple expert today. But right back on a few minutes ago…Yeah. When driving to Petaluma at 7AM, I saw probably 7-9 drivers driving erratically, in and out of lanes. On cell phones, tired, distracted…who knows? Reports of delays in airline travel. Confusion when attempting to be understood……Whatever.

What it all means for me is to take my time and be clear.
Spell out exactly what I mean.
Ask what was heard and understood by the other.
Give a little more time to travel.
Be patient with myself and others.
Breathe when there is judgment or impatience.

Life is a flow of energy either creating more synergy and connection or life is the interruption of flow, creating my dissonance and separation. We each choose which we experience.

Remember what you look for, you find.
What we think, speak and do creates the experience we have.
What we believe we see, so believe the best and let go of the rest.
Interpret what you experience in a way which allows more love, joy and gratitude in your life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where Am I?

To know where I am going, I must know where I am.
To know where I am, I must discern how I got here.
When I am in fear, the awareness is cloudy and confused.
When I am in gratitude, the awareness is clear and accurate.

Before you can see where you are and where you have been, forgive all judgments.
Before you can see where you are now and where you are going, forgive all fears.
Before you can move ahead with ease, confidence and grace, your vision must be clear.
Before you move on, forgive all that has gone before, all that is "wrong" now, and you will flow into the next moment with gratitude and joy.

Let’s flow together as we love ourselves in each and every holy moment.
There is always a gift in everything when we cease judging what is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

When In Doubt

When in doubt, be grateful.
When in pain, rest.
When afraid, love yourself.
When lost, be still.
When lonely, play solitaire.
When in judgment, forgive.
When worried, breathe.
When confused, go for a walk.
When criticized, listen.
When angry, feel the hurt.
When working too hard, take a break.
When losing focus, remember vision.
When feeling separate, join someone.
When uncertain, trust

Look for the Good in all things and you will find the gift.
Look for the Love in all beings and you will see it under the pain.
Look for the source of all healing in supporting your own wholeness.
Look for the joy in giving by giving withal your heart.

Life is really simple under the complex mess we often make.
Find the true and pure gold by filtering out the false with forgiveness and wisdom with love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

So much glamor in dressing up like Mommy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Set Your Own Course

When we allow others to determine our goals, we may be confused and get lost.
When we let current fads or societal norms determine our destination in life, we may feel doubtful.
When we ask others for advice and get their opinions for themselves, we may feel hesitant.
When we step forward playing parts determined by loved ones, we may lack confidence.

As much as we want to please, we may forget to please ourselves.
As much as we want to serve others, we may give up our own self-care.
As much as we let the squeaky wheel get our attention, we may neglect the whole vehicle.
As much as we desire to make everyone happy, happiness is an inside job.

There is a time to set aside our own interests and serve another, as long as it serves us.
When we allow fear-based and personal interests to override the good of the whole, we get off course.
When we let our history, programming and loved ones requests to determine our course, we are lost.
Life provides us with a road map to peace around all the obstacles.
When we learn to read the signs along the way, we can find the high way, the path of happiness.
When we are grateful for the bumps that keep us awake, we quickly choose again to get on course.
When we recognize others' advice and criticism is always for themselves, we say thanks and move on.
When we trust, respect and Love our authentic Self, we serve Spirit and inspiration within first.
When we take time to stay connected with our own sacred journey, we are at peace.
When we listen within and follow the calling of Spirit, we know what is true and loving.
When we give our best by being honest with ourselves and others, we feel confident and capable.
When we take nothing personally and make no assumptions, we stay clear of inner conflict and confusion.
When we live in integrity with the highest and best we know for ourselves and others, we live in grace.

Life is good.
Listen within to find your heart.
Follow what has heart and meaning.
Let no one and nothing dissuade you from your High Truth.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

First we copy those we love.
Copying is a high form of praise and admiration.
Just trying it out....
Then we learn to find our own way.
We must encourage freedom to choose by respecting and trusting each one, no matter how young.
This is how each one learns to value, respect and admire themselves, building spiritual integrity.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Real Work in Relationships

Relationships have a purpose and a value to each one of us.
To some we ascribe satisfying our own egoic pleasures and needs.
To others we ascribe satisfying their egoic needs and pleasures.
To those choosing the alternative inspirational and spiritual way,
we ascribe purposes which are in alignment with our spiritual path.

Whether in a spiritual or very egoic relationship, the errors are the same.
Initially in relationship, we choose someone who will 'serve' us.
As we become attached and needy, we try to 'serve' them to keep them in relationship.
The more attachment, the more desperate, angry, martyring we often become.

When we set a goal for each relationship, like North on the compass, and hold true to the goal, we can stay focused on what creates a satisfying and authentic relationship.
When we have no goal and allow the emotional weather of the moment to direct our actions, we become buoyed up by the positive and drown in fear and guilt with the negative. The relationship has the highs and lows of a high sea. And we are thrown about at the whim of the current storm.

The more we receive intermittent reward (highs and pleasure), the more attached and addicted we become.
Gambling, drugs, sex, porn, anything that provides intermittent or occasional high points will become physiologically
and psychologically a source of addiction, need, obsession.
Consistent reward (positive regard and joy) reduces tension: hence less stress and adrenalin.
Consistent pleasure yields a steady flow of endorphins, happiness juice internally.
Intermittent rushes of adrenalin and joy juice will attract us to having more….
Be aware.
Choose your drugs.
Make them the ones which are healthiest for you.
(The ecstasy of Union with God, the savoring of the beauty of classical music,
the high of a hike in the hills, creating a song or dance or work of art for the Glory of God.)
Be high and happy with Love.

Sent in response to a dear friend and spiritual sister:
The real work of every relationship is to set a goal for the relationship.
And then to remember that goal each time you meet or think of the other.
My work with everyone is facilitate, inspire and encourage each to find and follow their own path to happiness, healthy and fulfillment.
In other works I empower people and inspire them to live their potential.
I trust their process and free them to live life their way.
I have a conscious knowing that each one of us has a very unique life to live.
My worries, guilt, intervention often confuse the issue.

They try to do what pleases me rather than discover what pleases them.
Or they try to displease me and resist rather than do what is really Right for them.
This is the same with my kids and grandkids, my Mom, my clients and all others.
When I remember this, I do not interfere with their learning from consequences.
I do not take on their pain, nor do I prevent them from feeling pain.
I free myself to BE myself, knowing that my happiness, health and fulfillment are a source of inspiration.

When I let someone else's emotional upset, confusion, craziness and problems take me off purpose and lose my focus, I can be conscious or helpful.
When I allow the world to teach me their goal is mine, I lose my way and follow the prevalent fad or myth.
When I join with the other in teaching and treating them like they are incapable, untrustworthy and unloveable, I confirm their worst fear.

My Real work is to Love, Trust and Free myself and others to be the magnificent, abundant and unlimited creative Beings we are.
So find your path, your high way. Be it and live it in all circumstances with all people.

I am loving You!
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What We See

What I see is a part of Me.
The Beauty I see is the Beauty in Me.
The Holiness in Thee is part of Me.
The Love I see is the Love in Me.

So what is the yucky stuff I sometimes perceive?
Misperception, apparently!
I judge the behavior as bad, wrong, needy, cruel, unloving.
I am seeing in them what they see in themselves to be acting that way.
I forget to see the call for Love and for Loving Reminders.
I forget the world is teaching fear.
I forget we often have no loving role models.
I forget all lack of Love is always a call for Love.

We always and only fear what we judge.
We always and only Love what we accept.
What we attract is a reflection of our inner request.
When I am loving, I see only Love and the call for Love.

When I remember I am Love always loving, I easily respond with Love.
When I imagine I am just human, afraid and defensive, I react with Fear.
When I see you are a part of me, together as one, I Love you as I Love my Self.
When I see you as separate and different than me, I doubt, judge and avoid loving.

There is much work to be done by All of us as One.
To remember the place that Loves All as One,
To respond to the need with the Love we are.
To accept what seems different and difficult,
This is our call.

Love unconditionally.
Give positive regard to everyone no matter what with the Love of God.
Serve from the heart.
From a place of joy and gratitude we give all to all without duty or sacrifice.
Remember God.
To stay awake to the intrinsic Goodness in which we are all created is the key to happiness and peace.

Loving you is loving me.
These Loving Reminders are for the One of us, you see!
Betty Lue

I always remember the Truth of Love, even when I appear to forget.
Simply ask your authentic Self, how to respond with Love?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mission and Purpose

What are you doing with your life?
What is your spiritual calling?
How do you live each day?
This is your mission in life.

Why do you do what you do?
What is your motivation?
What is your reason for being, doing, giving what you give?
This is your purpose in life?

Our expressed mission is to teach, model and inspire Spirit-guided living.
We know that when we are on purpose, there are NO upsets.
We know that when we are taking the High Way, life is fun, safe and easy.
We know that all we need is provided so we can do our good and holy work.

Today we are taking time again (several times annually) to review our vision, mission, purpose and goals.
Revisiting what was chosen in the past is valuable because life, circumstances and people, change.
Apparent problems signify a need to look beneath for the true value of what we give.
Life is constantly changing and it is essential that we stay in the flow with no attachment to the past.

So here we are…..
An inability to stay at peace with the changes, interruptions, distractions and problem personalities is a symptom of being off purpose.
What I know is…
Time to listen within.
Time to take time to reflect on my own needs.
Time to reevaluate.
Time to renew my commitment to Spirit.
Time to ask and receive specific inner guidance.
Time to celebrate my whole life dedication to Service.
Time to fully give and receive the gifts of Spirit I am given to those who want to receive them.
Time to let go of wishing, fantasizing or trying to make it different than it is.
Time to stop wasting time and leave where I am not wanted.
Time to give myself to Love, trust and freedom, where Love (trust and freedom) are returned to me.

"I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I don't have to worry about what to say or do because the Love that sent me will direct me.
I am content to be where Love wishes because Love goes there with me.
I am healed and Whole, when I let Love teach me to heal by seeing only Holiness." ACIM paraphrased.

Loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue.

Getting ready for the Tour de France.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Freedom with Responsibility

Responsibility Brings Freedom

I notice how often criticism comes to those who accept responsibility.
I notice how few critics step up to be responsible.
Perhaps the two go together.
Where we judge others, we fear the judgment of others.

In my building families, communities, teams and organizations, I have found that support, encouragement and appreciation of those willing to take on leadership and assume responsibility makes everyone happier and stronger.

Empowerment begins with the encouragement of those stepping into their power with true responsibility.
To disempower comes from an internal fear of power beginning within ourselves.
The means to disempower are many, since they are generated by the clever and resourceful ego.
Disempowerment comes from gossip, complaints, pettiness, lack of appreciation, sabotage, distraction.

When someone takes responsibility for fixing a meal, how do we encourage them?
Appreciate what they do. Offer support and encouragement. Enjoy the meal.
Ask to clean up afterwards. Make them feel good about what they have done.
This will strengthen and increase the probability that they want to do it again.

To make it unlikely they will ever take responsibility again, we can do the following:
We take it for granted. Belittle their efforts, Make comments and criticisms about their
way. Offer advice without being asked. Forget to say "thank you." Leave them with the cleanup.
Compare their meal with others. Silently think they should have done this along time ago.

Life is an opportunity to be respectful of all those who are willing to be responsible.
We need to ask ourselves "How would I want to be treated, acknowledge and supported?"
We need to recognize the amount of time, effort,courage and heartfelt service went into their choice.
We need to look deep into the motivations of those who serve and step up to be responsible.

I choose to give others what I would want in similar circumstances.
When I take on a responsibility, I want to be left to my own inner guidance about how to fulfill it.
Therefore, when someone takes a responsibility in my organization or family, I trust them to do it.
I will cheerlead, praise or quietly acknowledge as I hear from them what is wanted.
I will not interfere, nag, or wish they had done it differently.
I will not advise or criticize unless I am invited to specifically give input.

I respect and admire those who are willing to come from their own center of love with wisdom.
I fully appreciate those who take responsibility for contributing to the good of all.

Blessings of Love,
Betty Lue

Just beautiful family interactions.
My step daughter Lacey and my newest Grandson Beckett..

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Swimming Upstream?

Are you going against the current?
Are you casting your pearls before swine?
Are you giving your best to those who don't care?
Is there a message from them you are not receiving?

Sometimes in family and relational systems, we call this passive aggressive behavior.
But wait…maybe we just don't get it!
Perhaps we have assumed they are like us.
Perhaps we are believing they see the big picture and take responsibility for their part.
Perhaps we are just too busy with out own agenda to notice the signs of unrest.
Perhaps our own overdoing and exhaustion causes us to miss the main message.

Wendy and the Lost Boys was a story about a little Mommy who joined them to serve them.
Are we getting lost to serve the lost?
Are we dimming our Light to be among those sitting in the dark?
Are we waiting for joining from those who are separate from themselves?

Yes the world feels like many lost souls collectively commiserating.
Often humanity sets a course of complaining when they could be responsible.
We can pick our causes and set out course without consulting those who are misguided.
We can choose to move ahead without filling the boat with drowning souls and drowning together.

So I am going back to the drawing board and asking myself…
What is my Higher Purpose?
Why am I here? (In this family, relationship, organization)
To what and to whom do I owe my allegiance?
Where am I aligned with those I am loving, living and working?
How are we going in different directions?
What am I being called to contribute?
What is the missing piece?

So as I ponder, I realize a reassessment is needed.
I do not know what others expect, desire, believe and assume about my part.
If this is true, they probably do not know their part or what I believe about them.
When we (any two or more) are not aligned in purpose, process and practice, there will be wasted energy.

If you are like me, this is no time for wasting a drop of energy.
If you are working on living a spirit-guided life, practicing principle in all your affairs, there is no laziness and no time off.
If you are called to love all unconditionally, perhaps it is time for us to ask them…
Where are we going together?
What do you expect of me?
What is your role in our family or enterprise?
What are the needs you expect me to meet?
What do you believe you must do for us to be successful?
What is your picture of success or fulfillment?

Set our north star together.
Where are we going?…Vision
What is our work together?…Mission
Why are we doing this together?…Purpose
What are the tangible and observable outcomes we desire?…Goals
What are the most effective ways we can achieve our desired outcomes…Processes and Practices
What are the most functional forms of communication (respect and responsibility) we need to live?…Principles

Time to go to my ashram..with the children! Loving you, Betty Lue

This might be our own car....

Or maybe our rickshaw....

Or our very own time machine!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Do You Want to be Special?

Do You Want to be Special?
Do You Make Others Special?

Specialness creates attachment.
Specialness requires judgment.
Specialness fosters comparison.
Specialness encourages dependence on others.

Parents make their kids special.
Lovers make their beloved special.
Egos make themselves special.
Entrepreneurs make businesses special.
Nations make their people special.
Religions make their beliefs special.
Leaders make their decisions special.
Politics makes certain groups special.
History makes people and events special.
(This includes special good and special bad.)

What you begin to see is it is all an illusion here to teach us we are creating our experience.
We are creating the picture we see with the judgments and beliefs we hold.
Love creates Love.
Fear generates fear.
Judgment begets judgment.
Lack creates lack.

What we conceive and believe, we achieve.
As a man thinks, so is he.
What we envision and focus on with full faith, we fully experience.
The present moment seen with loving eyes is only that of full appreciation.

My intention is to Love as Love and Goodness Love….without condition, without specialness.
I intend to love all equally, no matter what the station in life, education, age, ability or challenges.
I intend to forgive all my fear and see clearly that all are equally and forever loved by Source.
I intend to love and respect myself fully so that I can fully love and respect others.

Today in this Loving Reminder I am declaring this simple and Holy Truth, as my reminder.
I have been made aware again that egos want to be special.
I have experienced again that personalities are vying for attention, privilege and special treatment.
I am realizing that Spirit is inviting me once again to declare and live my commitment to God.

I serve the Highest Good for All.
I listen to the Voice Within.
I honor what I am called to do and be, to give and have.
I am grateful this is so….for so it is.

Loving you all equally,
Betty Lue

Life is like blowing bubbles.
Some blows yield nothing.

Some last and burst before appreciated.
Some last for a few moments of enjoyment.
In the end, all are blown away in the wind.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Need to Heal or Create?

Where there is anger or fear, guilt or resentment, there is a need to heal.
Where there is joy, gratitude, love and enthusiasm, there is a call to create.

Upsets are the wakeup call, symptoms of unhealed and unforgiven past stuff calling for inner healing.
We can try to avoid the person or situation or defend ourselves with justifications, but the experience will reappear until we heal. The inner healing asks of us that we take responsibility without guilt or blame. The inner healing asks that we open the door to our egoic wounds and neediness to be able to let the light shine on what remains from a past that no longer exists.
Without a history, there would be no fear or anger.
Toxins call for clearing with journaling, forgiveness, Breathwork, carthartic release or simply choice.
Let go of whatever no longer serves you.
When you are complete, you will feel joyful, grateful and at peace.

That is the time you can begin to create.
With enthusiasm, respond to your inner voice and inner vision with a resounding YES.
Give your vision flesh, make it real in your mind's eye.
Your joy is a sign of feeling open, willing and worthy of spiritual or inspirational connection.
Listen for what resonates and gives your energy.
Let love and joy lead the way.
Trust totally that you can and will have exactly what you have in mind.
When something else shows us, know it was lying in your subconscious.
When a piece needs to be healed, get inspired to do the mental house-cleaning.

Life is a manifestation of the spiritual work we do.
When we are willing, the work continue.
When we are unwilling, we quit in despair, or disappointment.
Everyone is healing and clearing the past.
Everyone is creating their present experience.
Some have leftovers everyday.
Some are creating a new recipe.
We all are choosing.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 03, 2007

What Are You Teaching & Learning?

What Are You Learning?
What Are You Teaching?

I have been called a True Believer, since I was a child.
I know life can be fun, safe and easy.
The work is to let go of everything that is not true and good and loving.
The work is to undo what is not true and let go of the negative stories.

As a man thinks, so is he.
What we conceive and believe, we can achieve.
Ask, Believe and Receive.
Focus on what you want. Forgive, erase and undo what you no longer want.

Recognize we are created to create what is good and whole and beautiful.
Our real learning is to create like God.
Our real teaching is to demonstrate with our thought words and actions how to create.
Thoughts create. Words make manifest. Actions demonstrate.

If we would see the world we say we want, we would stop giving attention to what we don't want.
If we would be what we really are, we would live and teach abundance, happiness and inner peace.
If we would give only gifts of love, we would forgive our fear and doubt, resentment and guilt.
If we would be living loving reminders, we would radiate the love of God and perfect Trust.

Live in Love.
Give with Joy,
Walk with faith.
Create only Peace.

This is the way we walk in Truth, the Light of God and the Goodness from which we are created.

Loving you in sharing these secrets of a happy and fulfilling life,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 01, 2007

What Can You Do?

You make a difference in your life.
Find your path and your purpose.
Take impeccable care of yourself and your life.

Where you are lazy, you may be vulnerable.
Where you are asleep, you may get rudely awakened.
Where you are guilty, you may fear punishment.

Every act is sacred, when you are awake and aware.
Those who are active in creating their life will not let anything slide.
They are aware that making their bed is a gift of gratitude and completion.
It sets the tone for a day of conscious appreciation and self-respect.
Eating a good breakfast is an act of preparation for our daily holy work.
Brushing our teeth is a sign of respect for our loving relationships.
Paying our bills on time with appreciation indicates our value for what we have and give.
Recycling is a gift to mother Earth to all humanity and future generations.
All our words are recorded in the unconscious collective and they teach by example.
We can regard ourselves as little limited victims of past and present circumstances or we can step up and recognize we are creating with every conscious and unconscious choice.

What you have now in your life, you have created with thoughts, words and deeds.
Imagination creates. Unconscious belifes create. False learnings create. Fear creates.
Forgiveness heals. Spiritual vision clears. Awakening transforms. Choice undoes.

Are you willing to take responsibility for staying awake?
Are you willing to be responsible for the quality of your relationships?
Are you willing to be responsible for how money and finances work for you?
Are you willing to be responsible for your home, your health, your emotions and your fulfillment?

This is an amazing time in human consciousness to choose again.

Pray peace. Pray healing. Pray awakening. Pray choice. Pray harmony. Pray freedom with responsibility. Pray honoring our lives and our planetary home.

We are the ones and Now is the time.

Loving us All as One,
Betty Lue

Full Moon time at 1:04 Am on June 1st and the Blue Moon is the second full moon in the month. June 30th at 1:49PM

Do whatever it takes and enjoy every lick of life!