Friday, October 31, 2014

Take Off the Mask!

Affirmations: ( Use an affirmation to write and say 20 times daily to clear the blocks to being free to choose the real You.)
I put love into all the parts that I play.
I give myself time to connect with the inner Truth.
I live in integrity and find courage and confidence.
I see what is in me is also in you.
LOVE is our Essence: I cannot be fooled.

Take off your mask and what do you see?
Who is the one looking at me?
How can I tell who I am and what’s real?
How do I know what I think and I feel?

When we play lots of parts, we get confused.
When we follow the crowd, we don’t see who leads.
When we pretend so not to offend, we may feel upended.
When we feel lost because we are conflicted, we may go nowhere.

Some say there is a shadow side to us all.
Some believe in Jekyll and Hyde.
Some think we have many personalities.
Some simply see either love or fear calling for Love.

However you frame the experience of you, it may be time to see what is true.
Often we believe what others have told us.
Sometimes we simply try to fit in.
Some pretend to be what they admire.
Others create a persona which they can defend.

However we choose to believe what is true, we may be talking about what we see within you.
Take a look at what you see out there.
Imagine you could not see what you do not know within you.
Perhaps projections are simply identifying what we seek to be or avoid being.

Is there an intelligent chooser within you?
Is there a consciousness that shows us where to begin?
Like putting on a costume or wearing a mask……
Are we choosing to play out our own chosen task?

Consider the possibility we are here to be free.
Consider we have chosen the parts that we play.
Consider we are learning the freedom of choice.
Consider we are director, script writer and actor too..

What do you choose to be and to do?
What part do you play and for whom are you playing?
What outcome do you want in the scene you are making?
What lines to you deliver with clarity and calm?

Do you believe in the essential you?
Have you looked beneath the mask, the story and script?
Have you asked yourself if you want to continue playing this part?
Are you ready to delete, let go and choose something new?

I am aligned with the part I play each day.
I am strong in the integrity of being me.
I am consistently returning always to love.
I trust Love is who I am and so are you.
Betty Lue 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween = Hallowed or Holy Evening

I learn from everyone and everything.
I enjoy my life and so life is full of joy.
All that I give is given to my Self.
I see in Life, Abundance overflows with my appreciation.
While Halloween is seen in many different cultures and times to celebrate and honor, to play tricks and get treats, perhaps we can learn something that is helpful to us all.

In the Hawaiian people the sunset is a time to let go of the day gone by with gratitude and blessing.
The sunset is a simple sacred ceremony of watching the sun go down into the sea with respect.
Consider the possibility of creating the “evening” being a time to “even out” or balance one’s day.
We may need to find some rituals that create for us, a quieting of our lives to really appreciate it all.

Life may be full of tricks and treats.
It is how we perceive and handle what we experience that makes all the difference.
If we feel victimized by life’s unpredictability, we may feel hurt, defeated, powerless.
If we feel challenged and surprised by life, we may be awakened, curious and even inspired.

It is not what happens to us: it is was happens through us and for us
It is not that we are “just human” and bad things happen.
It is that we are Spirit having a human experience, to learn, to remember, to overcome, to serve.
Often we are given the opportunity to choose how we perceive our experience to awaken ourselves.

Take the time on Halloween to see each child as the beautiful, capable, happy child they are.
Every evening take just a moment to pause and appreciate the day that has been experiences.
Every morning when you awaken allow yourself to imaging the best in the day to come.
Use your mind and heart to give yourself a reason to be inspired, happy and contribute to life.

Often we let the richness and value of life pass us by.
People squander their time together and forget to enjoy.
When we waste what we have, how can we possible value having more.
And so it is, we have less than we want when the day is done.

The abundance in life comes from enjoying, appreciating and using all we have for Good each day.
The value of life is increased when we see the sacredness, the blessings the wholeness in all things.
The prosperity we assert we want to experience is in valuing and utilizing what we have not.
When every day , every moment and every encounter is meaningful, we experience true prosperity.

Some have said : “Waste not, want not.”
And for certain this is true for those who live making everything important.
When we use all that is given, we find there is more to be shared.
Always plenty, “a great sufficiency” for all that we need.

Put your best into each moment and pause to receive the Best from what you have given.
Life works when we take time to enjoy the many gifts and blessings, the tricks and the treats.
You can choose to receive all Good and only Good from all that is yours.
Make sacred this and every moment with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Loving you with a love that is ‘True B’Lue”
Betty Lue

Be Safe + Be Love

Ten Keys to a Good Life:

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.

Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If You’re Not Happy….

Happiness is my natural state.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
Letting go of negatives allows me to feel happy again.
I am open and willing to fill myself and my life with happiness.

If you are not happy, how can you be happy with your life?
If you are not happy, how can you be happy with your relationship?
If you are not happy, how can you be happy with your children?
If you are not happy, how can you be happy with your job?

Do you get it?
Happiness is your natural state.
When you are not happy, something has gone wrong!
Stop and look at how you make yourself unhappy everyday.

When you pay attention to your thinking you will see how you make yourself unhappy.
Happy thoughts beget happy feelings.
Happy feelings create positive attitudes.
Positive attitudes generate good interactions, happy experiences and positive outcomes.

Happiness is an inside job.
When you are judging or criticizing, you will not be happy.
When you are feeling guilty or resentful, you will not be happy.
When you are thinking negatively about your self or your life, you will not be happy.

When you are not happy, you teach others to be unhappy too.
Your children, partner, friends and co-workers may feel unhappy when they are with you.
If you are unhappy with yourself, they learn to be unhappy with you too.
If you are unhappy with them, they will feel guilty or hurt and unhappy with you too.

Happiness is a choice.
When you are not choosing happiness, forgive yourself.
When yo are allowing others to hurt you, forgive yourself.
When you are forgetting how to love you, forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
Forgive, erase and delete thoughts, memories, beliefs and negatives that cause you to feel unhappy.
Your job is to return to your natural state of peace, happiness and love.
The Key is to forgive and let yourself see things differently.

Everything that is not love and loving is a call for love.
Everything that is not happy is a call for happiness.
Everything that is not peaceful is a call for peace.
Everything that is not healthy is a call to return to Love.

Clear out all thoughts that are not helpful and kind.
Erase all words that are not positive and healing.
Undo all behaviors that are not beneficial to all.
Natural happiness will show up under what is blocking the flow of love and appreciation.

So grateful we are in this life together,
Betty Lue

What does it take for you to be “happy” with you?
No judgment.
Full appreciation
True Forgiveness
Healthy Living
Generous Giving
Trusting in Something Great
Patience and Allowance
Honesty and Integrity

Trusting and Freeing You to Be You!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Healing Encounters

I choose to love, trust and free myself and others.
I commit to love no matter what.
I know what I give to others, I receive myself.
I am happy and peaceful when I remember to Love.

Every relationship is a holy (healing) encounter.
Whether we meet by chance or by choice, every relationship has a healing purpose.
All healing comes from clearing the illusion, external learned and imaginary stuff.
All holiness is see with forgiving eyes, perceiving the wholeness within.

My mission statement.
I am the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness is restored.
Wholeness is healing and perceiving the holiness within all things and every encounter.

Life is a choice of seeing what is real beneath the appearance or seeing the temporary cover-up.
Beneath anger, there is fear and the need for Safety.
Beneath the fear, there is always the call for Love.
Beneath the craziness, there is sanity.
Beneath the weakness, there is strength.
Beneath the loneliness, there is unity.
Beneath the lack, there is abundance.
Beneath the sorrow, there is joy.
Beneath what humanity experiences, there is a spiritual gift.

Yes, we all can forgive, erase and undo everything that is not wholly true and loving.
Yes, we can perceive the call for Love, freedom and trust beneath the apparent emotional reaction.
Yes, we can remember that all reactivity and attack comes from feeling unsafe and unloved.
Yes, we can give to what is lacking and forgive what is false and see things differently.

Life is the university or school to learn to love no matter what.
The sooner we learn to love, the faster we experience only love.
When we are here remembering to love unconditionally we are happy and at peace.
When we recognize the need to forgive all judgments, we experience the freedom and trust to love.

Love only Love.
Give Love, freedom and trust no matter what.’
Share the best we have in each moment and forgive the rest.
Each holy and healing encounter has a singular purpose- to extend Peace and Love!

Is the world of unconditional Love possible?
Yes, it is possible to Love everyone and set them free to love themselves.
To condemn one is to condemn ourselves and teach others to condemn themselves.
To love each one is to love all aspects of ourselves and to teach others to love as well.

Relationships filled with healing, forgiving and loving thoughts are holy relationships.
Healing relationships are filled with letting go, learning, and loving no matter what.
Healing relationships create safety and peace for each to grow and learn and let go.
Healing relationships reveal what needs to be healed with forgiveness, acceptance and understanding.

Let every relationship be seen as a healing encounter.
Pay attention to love being given and the call for love being requested.
Give love when you receive Love and give love when you don’t receive Love.
Everyone needs to feel safe with you, so love no matter what you say or do.

Loving you as we heal together,
Betty Lue

Robert and I are on a Working Sabbatical in Kona, Hawaii.
We are available by email, phone or skype while here.

Currently planning our programs for 2015.
Creating more simplicity in organization for the centers.
Scheduling time for clients and workshops for all six centers.
Planning retreats, conferences, and vacation with grandkids.
Updating all websites for accuracy and effectiveness
Working on the new Reunion Family Center in Middletown.
Mentoring a new Coaching Certification Program
Writing my Loving Reminders daily.
Notes to contributors and grandkids.
On healthy retreat with swimming & walking daily plus raw veggies and fruit.
Some phone and email coaching and counseling as requested.

Back to the Bay Area on Sat. Nov. 1
Home to Hidden Valley Lake on Nov. 4.

If you want phone or Skype appointment while here, please email me.
If you want to schedule an in person appointment, let me know what days/times.

Hope you read today’s Loving Reminders!
Love always Love.
Betty Lue

How Do We Create and Get So Much Done?
We are Happy doing with no anxiety or pressure.
Fun, safe and easy is our way to do everything.
Lots of mini breaks for walking and relaxing with appreciation.
Silence most of the time and quality time simply enjoying.
We love, trust and free ourselves to do what is loving with Love.

How Can We Afford to Do what We Do?
We live simply and prioritize how we use our time, energy and money.
We contribute over 50% of our income to Reunion centers and services.
We use our United Credit Card for flights and stay in our time share.
We eat at home because we eat mostly raw vegan and we love to prepare our meals.
We offer services and centers and programs on a contribution basis, so all included.
We give to others as we would want to be given to, with everyone equally valued.

We work because we love to work, giving the very best we have for the Good of All.