Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keep It Simple

Aloha! Ready for the next adventures...and there are many coming this month!
Fabulous time with eleven of us on “Awakening Retreat” on Kona.
Next retreats being planned for March and July in 2007.
Going for two next year because want to keep them small and ohana “family”.
Dolphin swim, massage and music all added special blessings.
Good food, good fun, good friendship and fun, safe and easy awakening for all.
Glad to be here sharing with you all again.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

How do we rebuild our families?
How do we create safety and peace in our homes?
How do we nurture a generation of trust and freedom?
How do we remember Love is Who We Are?

Slow down.
Smile at everyone.
Speak to strangers.
Get to know the people who serve you.

Eat dinner together.
Play games as a family.
Take time off for day trips.
Work together to make your house a home.

Give everyone full appreciation.
Treat everyone with respect.
Never assume others know what you want.
Teach them patiently.

Take care of your own business and behavior.
Allow others to learn from their own life experiences.
Be a listener first in order to understand.
Share you feelings and thoughts authentically.

Take time.
Give care.
Honor others.
Teach by example.

Keep it simple and build the relationships you really want.
Loving you all as part of my inspirational family,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 18, 2006

Travel Update:

Gone to Kona for 12 days with Robert on our annual spiritual retreat.
Our group of eleven is focused on Awakening.
Returning on August 30, 2006.
No computer access while we are there.
If needed, call us at 800-919-2392 (message) or my cell 925-324-2409.
Betty Lue

Your Loving Reminders

Yes, these are written daily for me and for you.
And for the next 12 days, I will be gone from my computer.
How are you going to remember?
How can you remind yourself?
How much are you willing to learn from life?
What is your best way to stay awake?
How are you going to remember what is truly meaningful and important in your life?

First, stop and take time to listen within.
When in an uncomfortable or uncertain situation, stop and ask within.
What is highest and best here?
If you are confused or conflicted, wait until you find the "loving" way.
If you are feeling angry, hurt or fearful, heal yourself first.
Pray, meditate, journal or talk with a helpful person who will not "take on" your stuff.
Dumping toxins on those you love just leaves garbage which accumulates and stinks.
You want love (freedom and trust).
You want light (awareness and forgiveness).
You want vision (spiritual insight and understanding).
You want peace (knowing all is well!).

When you receive reminders that come from love, you will have Love, Light, Vision and Peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

“Love is learning to speak the language of those whom you Love. “

Our first hand puppets are Mom’s pot holders.
Grandma and Grampa can talk like the puppets, too.

Can you make believe be real?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Respect Those You Love

Are you understanding?
Are you accepting?
Are you compassionate?
Are you caring?
Are you nourishing?
Are you inspiring?
Are you forgiving?

To dump our toxins on loved ones seems like shooting ourselves in the foot.
To attack someone we claim to love with complaints, judgments, unforgiveness seems foolish.
The only reason for attack, "bitching" and making the other feel guilty is to dump our own guilt.
When we take impeccable care of ourselves and honor our agreements, there is no judgment.

Every upset is a past similar in which we forgot to love, usually from our own childhood.
We project our unhealed stuff, our unconsciously chosen misunderstandings onto others.
We blame someone else for our withholding love from those we have chosen to love and cherish.
Children, parents and our partners most often are the dumping ground for toxic material.

When you catch yourself having angry, ugly or blaming thoughts, stop yourself, go to the bathroom or some PRIVATE place.
Dump and flush. Poop belongs in the toilet.
Harming someone by making them feel guilty or bad about doing what for them was the best they could do in the moment serves no one. To encourage people to do their best, we must do our best all the time.
To inspire others to be more conscious, we must be more mindful.
To invite others to be more aware is to be more aware ourselves.
When we give or messages of criticism or blame with anger or hurt, we only encourage others to do the same.

Our children cry and rage because of what they see and learn from the adults in their lives.
Partners learn how to treat themselves and their spouse by how their spouse treats herself and them.
We are all teaching the world most by our choices, our behaviors and how we speak about others.

There is no need to talk about what needs to be forgiven and flushed.
There is no need to punish for deeds done when no alternative were offered.
Children and adults respond best to Love and praise.
People want to be nurtured and guided, not belittled, intimidated and punished.

Speak about no one, unless you would want the same said about you.
Talk to, preach and teach others only in a manner which would feel respectful and encouraging to you.
Negative motivators serve only to intimidate, separate and cause resistance and fear.
Love is patient, encouraging, supportive and understanding.

Give Love today and Love will give to you.
Teach only Love, and you will Love You,
Betty Lue

Remember most human beings are tired, hungry or feel unloved when they are cranky and complaining.
Feed them love, gratitude and the rest will bring healing and closeness.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Every Day is Special!

Every day is a sacred day.
Every day is special.
Every day offers everything I want.
Every day is a celebration of life.
Every day is a gift.
Every day is for giving
Everyday is an opportunity to learn.
Every day I am teaching with my thoughts, my words and my actions.
Every day I am blessed.
Every day, I am a blessing.
Every day I find inner peace.
Every day I extend peace to others.
Every day I listen within.
Every day I follow my heart.
Every day I am grateful for All I give.
Every day I respect the Abundance I receive.
Every day I am united with everyone everywhere.
Every day I am One with the Earth.
Every day my life is my prayer.
Every day I am God's healing song.
Every day I am loving you.
Every day I am reminding my Self.

There is no time or place where God and Goodness do not exist.
There is no moment in which Truth is not available to me.
I have eyes open to see, ears ready to hear, mind willing to know and feet ready to go.
My heart loves God and the Goodness in all creation.
I am here truly to remember and remind us all that we are blessed and a blessing one to another.
And so it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Come play with me this fall.
Also speaking at the Home of Truth o Sunday, Sept 3 10:30AM “What is your Real Work?”

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Live Your Purpose

Birthday Reminders written on the eve of my birth day.
(Yes, I chose to return to love you and me and Life Itself.)

To be happy, live on purpose.
Make your life matter by following what you believe.
Teach what you want to remember.
Love everyone equally, all the time.
Heal the parts of you that are stuck in the past.
Let go of whatever no longer serves you.
If it is in your field of vision, it is yours to heal.
Be patient with your learning and healing process.
Give generously with no strings attached.
Believe in yourself.
Never quit on love and loving.
Always give for the joy of giving.
Be fully honest with yourself.
Never gossip.
Know there are no secrets.
If you are thinking it, others hear you.
Build your ideal world from inside out.
Paint the picture in your mind and then see the world the way you prefer.
Invite into your world those who love, respect and support you.
Be true to yourself.
Be real.
Know that feelings pass and judgments fade with love.
Make everyday special.
Erase what is not wholly true and loving.
Keep no diaries of your pain, unless you want to memorialize them.
Remember always that you are precious to y our Creator.
Receive only the Goodness you are given.
Flush the "gazoobies" down the cosmic toilet.
Life is too short to wait for joy and love. Enjoy now and love it all.
Gratitude is the fastest way to healing.
Be free with your unconditional love.
Serve from your heart (never from threat or obligation).
Remember always God and Good.

You are that which you see, so see only the Goodness, Holiness and Beauty in All That Is.
Betty Lue

Monday, August 14, 2006

Want to Fix or Change Someone?

It is not up to us to correct anyone.
It is arrogant to believe we know the right path for someone else.
It is foolish to think we can guide another better than Higher Power.
It is ignorant to trust that we know what is inside another.

If we are here to heal and make whole and holy, how do we begin?
Begin within. See healing, wholeness and holiness in everyone.
Believe in the Goodness, beauty and perfection of God's Love.
Trust that our work is always within ourselves.

"Those who see themselves as whole make no demands."

The messages I would give to another are always for myself.
What I see in another is always about what I know or have seen in myself.
How I treat another represents how I treat, think of and speak about myself.
My relationships demonstrate my relationship with myself.

When we are at peace, we extend peace.
When we are complaining, we offer complaints.
When we are trying to change, we work on others' changes.
When we love and accept ourselves, we love and accept others.

Life gives us infinite opportunities to love one another, even as we love ourselves.
In our journey, we can see our Holy and healing work by the way we are loving those in our world.

May I walk in Love and see only Love.
May I live at peace and extend only Peace.
May I create with Joy and share my joy for all Creation.

Let all that is true and whole and beautiful bless and prosper everyone everywhere.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Saturday, August 12, 2006

What's Missing?

Are you looking for something?
Are you trying to get more love or money, or fame or peace?

What you are looking for is within you.
Who you seek is the One You Are.

Life is not some cruel joke where you now have IT and then you don't.

You always have exactly what you really want.
You always are exactly who you want to be.
You can always receive what you are willing to give.

Our Holy work is to remove our blinders and see the Holiness within.
Our sacred journey is to come home to the Truth within.
Our life purpose is to be happy and grateful for what already is.
Our enlightenment is to recognize we have been covering our eyes.

Seeing you whole and Holy, because I know I AM.
Betty Lue

Friday, August 11, 2006


To understand and accept our differences is to uncover our essential similarities.
To honor and respect our unique paths is to acknowledge that our destination is the same.
To love one another as we are loved by God is to recognize there is only the Love of God.
All paths lead to the Goodness, Wisdom and Mercy of God within each and every One.

"By whatever path you come to me, I will welcome you."
Is it true that your God and mine is the same?
Is it possible that all men are seeking the same peace?
Is it real that fighting and forgiving are two different paths seeking the same outcome?

I was raised in a pacifist family.
I have an aversion to war for any reason.
I understand from my father's teaching that the "boys" who are carrying the guns may have a family and a faith just like our soldiers.

I know that every mother wants her children to thrive in safety and prosperity.

I can only imagine that the Source that created us wants the same and more for one and all.
I must believe that it is not my doing that will create this outcome, but the work of each from within.
It is in our deepest relationship with the Divine, the All-knowing and All-loving One that we come to our purpose.
It is through or relationships with one another that we realize and realign ourselves with our path in life.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent and shine forth the essential Love from which I have come.
I know this Love in the core of my being.
I need not know how or what to do or say, because the love within directs and guides my way.
I know that in my healing, my forgiveness and my peace, that others will be reminded of this peace within.

The Peace begins in me.
Betty Lue

Remember you can call for those brief coaching and counseling dilemmas.
When in doubt, forgive and extend PEACE!

May Peace and Love prevail within each and everyone of my relationships now and now and now.
We may be different, but we can love one another.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


If you are blaming someone or something for your problems, you dis-empower yourself.
When you are the 'victim' of your history, bad luck or your failures, you dilute your possibilities.
When you see yourself as "at the effect" of life's circumstances, you forget to be "at cause".
Taking full responsibility is the key to easy, effective and immediate choice and change.

Spiritual laziness and unwillingness to be responsibility are the primary two disablers in life.
Spiritual laziness is having no discipline, forgetting to practice what you teach and not doing what works. To be a disciple of any philosophy, teaching or truth principles is to live daily in all relationships what you believe. When you are unwilling to practice with everyone including yourself, you lack commitment.
Irresponsibility comes from fearing the blame and criticism you give to others.
We don't want to be treated as we treat others, so we deceive ourselves into thinking it is all their fault.
Taking total responsibility for the quality of your life and your relationships is the quick way to cure.
When I know I am responsible, I can do something practical and positive immediately.

Trust will settle every problem now.
When I don't know what to do, I can shift to trust my thinking to know.
When I think it is someone else's responsibility, I become helpless to do anything.
When I take full responsibility, my work is to enable myself to respond from the highest within me.

Our holy and healing work is to stop the habitual learned games that yield the same results.
If what we have been doing has not worked, we must stop, become aware and choose again.

Where we judge, we fear.
Where we fear, we blame.
Where we blame, we weaken ourselves and others.
Where we weaken ourselves, we feel helpless and hopeless.
Where we feel helpless and hopeless, we are in despair, depression and apathy.

Where we forgive, we love.
Where we love, we bless.
Where we bless, we strengthen ourselves and others.
Where we strengthen ourselves and others, we feel powerful and happy.
Where we feel powerful and happy, we are effective, helpful and inspired.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, August 07, 2006


It is amazing what can be accomplished with willingness!

This weekend I was privileged to be a part of an amazing and wondrous Spirit-guided co-creation.
Four interfaith and new thought ministers joined in the co-creation of a new form of leadership: Partnered Leadership.
With each one willing to let go of the need to lead and the willingness to support every other part,
there emerged the natural leader of each aspect of the whole.

Where there is willingness, there is ease, equanimity, listening, intuition, creativity and fun.
Where there is willingness, all parts are filled by those who value all parts/
Where there is willingness, the inspired outcome is accomplished with no brakes on.
Where there is willingness, each one celebrates every other one with full appreciation.
Where there is willingness, truly the experience is fun, safe and easy.

With no judgment, comparison, fear or resistance, enthusiasm escalates. With no withholds, no secrets, no comparison, no false humility, trust reigns. With no separation, no demands, no needs, no criticism, freedom rules. With enthusiasm, trust and freedom, Spirit directs the flow and the outcome is Good.

Let there be willingness in your partnerships.
Let families, couples, business agreements all be guided by inspired willingness.
Let this willingness inspire vision, faith, inspiration, commitment and collaborative action.
Let the outcome at each step be celebrated with innocent and natural joy and appreciation.

My life mate Robert is my willing partner in all aspects of life.
In our joined willingness, with Spirit at the helm, there is nothing we cannot do.
Our appreciation of one another expands and increases our union, our friendship, out trust and our joy.
Love prevails and we smile in love.

I love you and bless you my spiritual partner in your willingness to create a Good Life.
May it be so with our willingness and joining.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

It’s hot but we have great hats to wear!
Grampa loves to take our pictures!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Spiritual Extreme Makeover

This summer my whole life seems to be getting an inspirational extreme makeover.
Just a few of the big shifts and changes.
Reunion Living Ministry Training Program has been re-initiated.
Open enrollment allows seekers to apply at any time. Currently there are eight active ministry students locally.
Center for Conscious Living was born on July 2, while conceived in early June. This center is an expanded space in the same office complex with an equal partner, a silent Partner (behind the scenes invaluable help) and a partner-in waiting ( equally helpful and joined).
Renewed interfaith and new thought ministry calling is drawing me to greater inspirational fellowship, counseling and healing services and classes for the public.
Selling our Condo in the adult community where we lived and served Robert's Mom and our positive Living friends here.
We will continue to serve them as they have requested.
Moving to a new rental home near the Center hopefully to cut down on costs and commuting energy.

Each change is inviting renewal inside and out. Each is an invitation to listen more closely to what is highest and best for all concerned.
When Robert and I were looking at our schedule the next 12 days, before we go on our annual spiritual retreat to Hawaii, I outlined our priorities:
First, our health and happiness…impeccable care of ourselves.
Second, our commitments to our family, friends, clients, all we know and love (that includes YOU!
Third, completion of the projects: new window coverings, lighting, painting and carpet for the center.
Clearing our home to stage for both painting and sale. (our condo is two shades of warm pink inside)
Visioning and designing new ministry programs to serve the greater Bay area.
Preparation for the expansion of our Center, our ministry and our service to those who are called to us.

Now I ask myself, did I create this?
It is my birthday month and often new births happen for me at this time. I affirm renewal and rebirth. I love new beginnings.
I just reminded another Minister to ensure that spiritual laziness and comfort does not dilute our work. (Message for myself)
I know that I was getting comfortable and my life had some space in it for forgetting my commitment to service.
I am always at my best when I am accountable for every minute.
I listen to Spirit best when I am allowing God's Will to direct all my thoughts, words and activities.
I know I am not doing anything alone when there is so much seeming to be done through me.
When I am in the spiritual flow, what is shared here becomes no challenge, but rather an adventure in joyous discovery.

New relationships with others invite deep instant connection.
New possibilities bring excitement about vision given to me decades ago to be manifest now.
New spiritual partnerships open the door for higher levels of co-creation and collaboration.
Clearing space for what is next is a joy and invitation to be totally welcoming and enjoy the miracles.

I am so blessed to remember, Goodness is in charge of my life.
I am so grateful to feel safe to let go and trust.
I am so happy that life works when I conceive and believe all is well.
Love is trust and freedom. Boy! Do I ever Love it all!

Betty Lue

Remember what I see is a part of me. This is me!!!
I have sooo much fun everyday playing and learning and growing!

And boy, do I love to eat all the good stuff Mama makes for me!”

Saturday, August 05, 2006

We Are In This Together

Teaching and Learning
Remembering and Reminding
Healing and Being Whole

All are the same.
We are in this together.
No one less.
No one more.
No one left outside.
Not one left behind.

Some linger.
Some rush to the gate.
All will awaken and enter in due time.
And some will wait.

We are here to walk into the expanded awareness of the Love We Are.
We are here to encourage, empower and strengthen our Union in time.
We are here to heal both within and without.
What is given is received, by those who share what they believe.

It is time to honor heaven's door.
Right here right now, not a minute more.
You can have and be it all,
If you let go of all you think you are
And all you believe you know.

Healing is the process of remembering you are whole.
Remembering is forgetting what you have been taught was so.
Learning is receiving what your inner Spirit provides.
This life is the sacred place where we learn and heal and grow.

I am learning and healing and growing as I remember through you and these Loving Reminders,
Betty Lue

"Only one equal gift can be offered to the equal sons of God and that is full appreciation."
A Course in Miracles

Friday, August 04, 2006

Staying Awake and Aware

Where do you best remember?
When do you fall asleep?
How do you stay on purpose?
What do you allow to distract, detour and delay your process?

Have you found your path, the way that is a high way for you?
Have you discovered you purpose, the free way that is yours?
Have you chosen the joy way that brings happiness and peace?
Have you followed the holy way, that brings healing and love in your life?

Believe it or not, we all have a course to follow.
The curriculum is to keep awake and on the road.
Our function is to forgive and erase or drive around all the obstacles in our way.
Our work therefore is to notice what is right in front of us and deal with it.

Just like when driving on the freeways in life, we must be awake and aware at all times.
We must take responsibility for noticing inner and outer signs.
It is crucial that we know which way to go.
We can't be reading a map, putting on makeup or dialing numbers on a phone to drive with full attention.

When we hit the lane markers, we must correct our coarse.
When we change lanes, we must take responsibility for others unawareness.
We cannot assume others know where or how to go.
We cannot count on others to be awake and aware.

Chart your course by knowing where you are and where you are going.
Make sure you keep your vehicle in tiptop condition.
Plan for rest and renewal stops along the way.
Appreciate how far you have come.
Enjoy the moment as you watch life's scenery pass by.
Give yourself the loving reminders you need.
Share your journey's highlights with those you meet.
'Make sure you are learning with every encounter.
Keep yourself alive with curious expectation.
Miracles happen for those whose eyes are open.
And stay in touch with your inner navigation system.
Your north star is only as far as your inner voice.

Loving us all on this sacred journey we call life!
Betty Lue

We just love our new car!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Outer Relationships Reflect Our Inner Relationship

"There is Only One of us.
In Your eyes, it's me I see.
There is only One of us.
You are my reflection."

What if there is only One to Love?
Could you love yourself more?
Could you be more understanding and patient?
Could you be more gentle and kind?
Could you be more honest and principle-centered?

What if the way you are seeing others is the way you see yourself?
What if the way you judge others is the way you judge yourself?
What if the way you love and hate others is the way you love and hate yourself?
What if this world of multiple relationships is teaching you how to love You?

Are you patient with your impatience?
Are you gentle with your harsh thoughts?
Are you loving away your fears?
Are you forgiving of all your mistakes/
Do you take time to provide well for you?
Are you giving nurturing, appreciation and fun to yourself?
Do you make love with yourself regularly?
Are you respectful with all your teaching and learning?
Do you honor the healing and growth in your life?

When we look outside for someone to give us what we have denied ourselves, we will be disappointed.
Others have their own work to do.
Others are learning to love themselves, too.
Others remember and forget just like we do.

Our primary work is to be in right relationship with ourselves.
Our real work is to forgive our judgments of ourselves and remember Love.
Our greatest work is to love the fear, the mistakes, the denial, the sacrifice, the ignorance within.
Our most effective relationship work is to begin within.

Build within yourself whatever you experience is missing outside.
Then give what you have given yourself to others.
In this, you build a new world of perfect Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Last week we had temperatures in the mid 90”s with no AC, so.......
Wow! We were all melting together.
But lots of drinks. And lots of hugs and love!
And in our pool we cooled off!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Are You Alone?

In what do you believe?
Do you stand alone or is there something greater?
Is there some underlying Power or Presence in this great creation?
Do you ever feel alone and afraid?

Do you believe in Goodness?
Do you believe in Love?
Do you believe in family?
Do you believe in science?

Are there opposing forces?
Is this a random universe with no meaning?
Are you here to struggle and survive for no purpose?
Is there a calling, a reason, a Truth for which you came?

Whether Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Native American, Mormon, Jew or Gentile, all believe.
Whether scientist, clinician, agnostic, humanitarian, physician, fundamentalist, all believe in something.
Whether you believe in your ancestors, the dearly departed, or the children and generations yet to come,
You believe in something. In this is your faith, your fortune and your future.
For it is by your beliefs that your values, your livelihood and your life purpose is formed.

Where you doubt, question, avoid, judge, separate and hold yourself alone, you feel weak and afraid.
Believe in something beyond your separate and vulnerable self.
Believe in the greater Good that is your desire.
Believe in the Love you have for children, for beauty, for life itself

Goodness or God?
By whatever name you call that which you believe, your faith will make you whole.
Faith banishes fear.
Believe in something that speaks to your mind and lives in your heart.

Give yourself time to listen and learn…….in what do you believe?
Believing in the Love we share,
Betty Lue

We are practicing our crooked faces for you to laugh!
You should hear us snort. We are really good at that, too!

Grandma and Grandpa love to laugh at us and with us.