Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Building Trust

I trust myself to do my very best.
The more I trust myself, the more I trust others.
The more I trust myself, the more others trust me.
The more I trust myself, the more others trust themselves and trust others.

Rebuilding Trust

Without trust there is fear.
Without trust there is insecurity.
Without trust, we don’t feel safe.
Without trust, we feel separate and alone.

When partners don’t trust one another, they feel anxious.
When children don’t trust their parents, they feel confused and afraid.
When people don’t trust, they feel vigilant, suspicious and on guard.
When nations don’t trust, they feel defensive, protective and threatened.

Treating others with the same feelings of distrust creates more distrust.
When we act defensive and demanding, others feel more distrusting.
When parents and partners are constantly on guard and angry, others feel distrusted.
When we question, withdraw, avoid, behave in unloving ways, distrust is reinforces and increases.

We must learn to trust ourselves by being consistent.
We must live in integrity by keeping our word.
We must do what we say and say what we are going to do.
And when we change our mind, our plans, our lives, we must be upfront and communicate clearly.

Children learn to be distrust when parents are volitle, addicted, inconsistent with words and actions.
Children have a reason to be distrusting when parents are absent, negligent and inconsistent emotionally.
Children fear trusting their parents when they have been confused, abused and used .
Children long for a safe place which they can count on for the long haul.

Parents who behave in emotional, erratic and immature ways cannot be trusted.
Children learn to trust they cannot count on parents for anything, which creates great anxiety and depression.
One of the more pro-active ways to deal with untrustworthy adults is to be angry and act out their fears.
When we can use our energy to effect change and get others to listen, we begin to gain feelings of power.

To trust our world, trust authority figures, trust there is something to trust, we must have consistency.
To rebuild trust in families, there must be routing and regular schedules.
What is promised must be given and done on a regular basis.
Anxiety is most easily calmed with consistent meals, bedtime, activities and togetherness.

Uncertainty causes anxiety.
Inconsistency creates uncertainty.
Fear causes both acting out and withdrawal.
Constant change creates either a need to control or give up.

Parents, employers, leaders and authority figures must be reliable and accountable to be trusted.
When authority figures are principle centered, others experience consistent communication and learn to trust.
When our world feels stable, secure and save, children and adults feel peaceful, calm and trusting.
When our environment feels unstable, insecure and unsafe,  people may feel anxious, angry or depressed.

It is time to create a safe world for ourselves and others.
It is our choice to build trust for ourselves and others.
We can make better choices of principles, people, places and priorities.
Each one of us is responsible for the safety, security and sanity in our own domain.

Let us rebuild trust one day at a time.
Loving and trusting we can just do it!
Betty Lue

Trust Begins with me.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


I love myself for feeling Good.
I forgive myself quickly when I think, speak or act negatively.
I easily change my focus on negativity.
I totally love and appreciate how happy, loving and positive I feel.


How you feel is a product of your thoughts.
How you think comes from what you judge.
How you judge is determined by what you believe.
What you believe comes from what you learn.

Thoughts, judgments, beliefs and learning all interweave and create the experience you give yourself.
To feel good, you need to experience Good.
To have Good experiences, you need to think, judge, believe and learn what is Good.
When Goodness comes only with special conditions, you will have a comparative mind.

When we hold only Goodness in our consciousness, we see, feel and believe in Goodness.
When we hold Bad or negativity in our mind, we may see, feel and believe in the not Good.
When we hold in our consciousness, will be what we see and perceive.
When we look for how we feel we often seek out what may be Bad rather than what is Good.

To change you feelings from bad to Good, experiment with seeking for the Goodness and the Blessings.
Change your attention and focus to all things positive and Good for you.
Actually seek what you life, what you prefer, what you want and spend time feeling grateful.
Begin to experience you have a choice in what you experience.

We all can watch the news and experience sorrow, fear, regret and frustration.
We may find it difficult in media to find Good news, so learn to translate what you see potential for Good.
We may need to purposely read Good news and associate with positive company.
We may want to treat ourselves well everyday with what we think and do and say.

When we are conscious, we learn to give ourselves what is Good for us.
When we want to feel Good, we can make different choices and choose to be grateful.
When we want to share Goodness with others, we will clear the field of negativity.
When we have a Good day, we can see how we begin and end our day with gratitude and joy.

Some keys to feeling Good:
Stop complaining.
Start appreciating.
Get enough sleep.
Observe nature’s beauty.
Make time to laugh.
Spend time alone.
Reflect on the Good in your life.
Breathe fully and freely.
Eat well when relaxed.
Use media for entertainment.
Show appreciation to others.
Forgive all regrets and resentments.
Develop the habit of smiling.
Think Good, see Good, hear Good, speak Good and you will feel Good.
Live well for Goodness sake.

It feels Good to love you and me, too!
Betty Lue

Monday, February 26, 2018

What Matters?

I choose the best I know.
I awaken with gratitude for having choice.
I choose what matters to me with joy.
I respect the thoughts, words and activities I choose.

What Matters to You?

“If you don’t mind, it won’t matter.”
Where you judge matters.
What you choose matters.
How you live matters.
When you speak matters.
Who you love matters.
What you give time and energy to matters.
How you life works matters.
What you do with money matters.
What you think about matters.

You are giving your life energy to what matters to you.
Whether you know it or not, your life is telling on you.
You have what matters to you.
What you care about matters to you.

To simplify your foci for attention, choose five qualities or experiences that matter most to you.
Begin to live as though these areas matter most and watch them thrive and expand with success.
Observe everyday how what you think and do and say support what matters most to you.
Focus positive proactive energy on what matters to you.

If money matter most, then give it conscious attention and consideration everyday.
When friends matter most to you, give them attention with positive thoughts, words and activities.
When your health matters most to you, make sure all that you ingest and do support your health.
When your home matters most to you, make sure it is clean, organized and harmonious daily.

Life is a canvas on which we are creating what matters to us.
When we don’t like what we see, it is because we have put it there unconsciously.
To change what we see and experience, we must erase and delete and choose again for what matters to us.
Life requires us to consciously choose what we want to see and experience because it matters to us.

When we find ourselves in trouble, we can focus on the trouble or be grateful for the peace.
When we find ourselves in sickness, we can worry about lack of health or we can enjoy being alive.
When we feel like victims of our situation, we can succumb to the pain or rise up in faith.
When we are lost in financial struggle, we can be angry and resentful or appreciate how much we have.

When we realize our focus creates our experience, we learn to focus solely on what we choose.
When we validate our thoughts and words create, we clear the unconscious thoughts with consciousness.
When we recognize we are here to learn to create our reality, we give up allowing others to create for us.
When we step away, forgive what is NOT and choose what IS, we can see we can stand up for ourselves.

Life is best played with full consciousness and conscience, responsibility and respect, for what it.
Be grateful it is so.
Forgive mistakes as opportunities to learn.
Choose again quickly and easily for what you really want to be.

You matter to me.
These Loving Reminders matter.
Your health and happiness matter.
All I give makes a difference, because we all matter.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue 

Sunday, February 25, 2018


I take full responsibility for my life experiences.
I choose the way I respond and appreciate my choices.
I am free to choose where to live and whom to associate with.
I take impeccable care of my whole self to stay in love and at peace.


We each are free to choose what to see and what to be.
We are free to speak and free to be silent.
We are free to move and free to stay.
We are free to be miserable and free to be happy.

My most cherished value is freedom.
What is you more cherished value?
Often what we value determines our choices.
When we choose what we value, we have more of the same.

Freedom is a given.
We are free lie down or get up.
We are free to be victims or be sovereign,
We are free to live in fear or live in faith.

There are consequences of being free.
We are responsible for the outcome of our choices.
We are responsible for the impact on those around us.
We are responsible for what experiences we have with the choices we make.

When we understand the value of being free, we may use our freedom more respectfully.
When we recognize that freedom can yield mistakes and imperfect consequences, we may value rules.
When we live with rules, we recognize they may have value in reminding us of what is right and good.
When we realize freedom is a choice, we learn to be responsible and respectful of our freedoms.

What is the gift and learning in the life I have chosen?
What can I do with what I experience?
How can I utilize the lessons I am learning and teaching?
What is the value of the choices I am making?

Each one of us has lessons to learn and gifts to share.
We are free to use, abuse or confuse ourselves.
We are free to stay awake and be responsible.
The more we choose love, the more trust and freedom we experience.

And so it is, we step away from being imprisoned with doubt, fear and hatred and choose Love.
We find freedom from fear in faith.
We find freedom from pain in joy.
We find freedom from loss in gratitude.

We are free to choose what we think and how we feel.
We are free to choose what to say and to whom.
We are free in what to do and how to do it.
We are free to change our minds at any time.

Live is a gift of freedom that blesses us all.
Loving you with trust and freedom in the paths we choose.
Betty Lue

Saturday, February 24, 2018

What Do You Choose?

I choose what I want.
I decide the goals I want to achieve.
I appreciate all the choices ai make and learn from them.
When I take responsibility for my life, I make better and better choices.

What Way Are You Going?

When you get in your car, you usually know where you are going.
When you want to so somewhere, you know the destination.
When you make a phone call, you usually know who you want to talk with.
If you want satisfaction, you need to know where, why and with whom.

In these times of entertainment and “killing time”, people often just sit and wait and watch.
We often turn on TV without knowing what we are going to see.
The TV may be on already and so whatever shows up is what we watch.
When we don’t even know what it is we are watching, we allow anything to come in.

When we get up in the morning, if we don’t know what we are going to do, we have no destination.
When we start talking and allow whatever to be shared, we have no desired outcome.
When we let life happen to us, we become at the effect or “victims” of whatever is around us.
When we see our energy and feelings go in the wrong direction, we need to stop and turn around.

We seem to have forgotten to watch where we are going.
We may have neglected to set goals, desires or direction.
We may eventually lose our own inner compass and values.
We may have learned to allow whatever is to be with no choice.

We have a choice about what our day will be.
We have a choice about who we associate with.
We have a choice about what we talk about.
We have a choice about how we feel and what we reveal.

Everyday is ours to choose.
When we choose to reminisce, we may go backwards and sink into what was.
When we choose to be entertained, we may allow whatever is on the screen to be our entertainment.
When we choose to buy whatever is on sale, we may allow advertisers to control our expenditures.

When we stop know what we want, we can no longer choose what is “right” for us.
When we forget that we have a voice, we may no longer believe we can stop what is wrong.
When we neglect our powers of YES and NO, we may forget and neglect which way to go.
We become people without conscious choice and victims of our own lack of choice.

When you go to bed, create you picture of a good night’s sleep.
When you awaken, choose your own ideal day to achieve and enjoy.
When you talk with someone on the phone, choose what is best for both of you.
When you need to make a decision, make sure you are deciding what is good for you.

Life is ours to choose or lose.
We are here to awake and make choices.
We learn from making choices that work and don’t work.
When we take responsibility, we learn to simple choose again.

Love the power of your mind to choose where to go, whom to talk with and what outcome to achieve.
Trusting our freedom to choose,
Betty Lue