Friday, September 29, 2006

Moving Today

I may be off line (no computer) for the weekend, so please call my voicemail and pager, if needed. #800-919-2392

Our new home address is: 1632 Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Yes, when you are on purpose, you are happy and at peace.
Yes, when you are in love with the life you have chosen, all is well.
Yes, when you are listening and following the voice within, life is safe, fun and easy.
All this is true when you are living in integrity with your authentic Self.

Therefore, when we are unhappy and conflicted, in fear, and having difficulty, we are not on purpose.
Everything unlike Love is a call for Love and a return to our authentic Self and life purpose.
All upsets are wakeup calls and an invitation to be still and listen within.

We moved to Rossmoor, an adult (over 55) community to be near Robert's Mom and provide the companionship and help she needed for the last almost 3 years. It is now time to move to a space nearer work. This move within one mile of my Center for Conscious Living will save 40-80 minutes daily just in the driving. It will save time (5-10 minutes) going to Alameda for the grandchildren and for the Home of Truth Metaphysical Center, and to Petaluma (10-15 minutes). This is a big advantage for the many spiritual assignments we have. Life is a ministry. Serving with the Love I am is my calling and my purpose. It is what works for me. Supporting myself in fulfilling my function is the key to health, happiness and peace of mind.

Thanks for living what is your purpose, your function and your calling.
You and I inspire our world to find a better way.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stop It

If you don't like it, just stop it.
If you don't like the story you are telling, stop telling it.
If you don't like the foods you are eating, stop eating it.
If you don't like the words you are saying, stop using them.
'If you don't like the people you hang out with, stop hanging out with them.
If you don't like what you are doing with your life, stop doing it.
If you don't like what you are hearing, stop listening.
If you don't like the news, stop watching and reading it.
If you don't like another's behavior, stop perceiving it.

Believe it or not, we can stop creating our experience at any time.
We become habituated to seeing ourselves as stuck with what seems to be.
We believe it is ours to endure and a lesson to be learned.
Perhaps the lesson is to just say "no: walk aways, ignore what you want extinguished.

We can change the focus on the lens of our eye (camera( and see things differently.
We can change direction and see a whole ew point of view.
We can change our minds about what we are judging.
We can flush step away from what rightly belongs in the toilet.

Learning to say "No" is just that easy.
Letting go is as simple as you make it.
Releasing your past is done in the instant you do it.
Forgiving what used to be is a breath away.

I love you and bless you and renew myself as easily as this,
You can too, if you want to.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Love Attracts

Love Attracts Everything Unlike Itself for Healing.
Is it possible that loving kindness can be misunderstood?
Is it possible that the innocent can experience abuse?
Is it possible to love someone who doesn't love you in return?

Why would anyone hurt or falsely accuse those who are good, happy and loving?
Why would anyone reject the Love of a giving, genuine and compassionate soul?
Every relationship calls us to heal what is unhealed in one another.

Those who are innocent and loving are the most likely to forgive and do the healing work needed.
Those who are loving and giving are the most likely to keep on loving no matter what happens.
Those who are loving are the most able to see the needs for love in those who are hurting.
Those who are loving are so filled with the Spiritual Love within they can give fully and freely.

We all know stories of martyrs and spiritual leaders who are assassinated, crucified or exiled.
Many of us have experienced being martyred, falsely accused and sent away.
Sometimes we are hurt, frightened, confused or bemused, but mostly we respond with forgiveness.
We all know stories of innocent children being victims of passionate and sick crime.
Wounded and misguided beings on some unconscious level seek to be forgiven and redeemed.

Our world consists of those who love unconditionally, those who know God and Good, those who trust.
Perhaps the majority appear to be those who love conditionally with expectations,
those who see the sins and mistakes of themselves and others and those who are suspicious and limiting.

In every relationship we are here to heal one another, to believe and perceive the Goodness within.
In every relationship we are here to be truly helpful, preferably having been asked and invited.
In every relationship we are here to recognize, forgive and heal the learned blocks to freely loving.
In every relationship we are to notice our own judgments, fears and withholds and release them.

Love heals.
Love brings peace.
Love makes whole.
Love sees Holiness.
Love is God in action.
Love invites Goodness.

From a place of loving oneself wholly as we are, one can be forgiving and loving of others as they are.
From a space of knowing the Presence of Love, one can extend that Love to others without expectation.
From healing and erasing the errant programming of human minds, one can reach out with Love.
From connection with God, experiencing unconditional and all-inclusive Love, One can love All as One.

Life is a circle with Love being the Center and unifying force. We come from Love and return to Love.
In remembering to Love, we return to our natural state of Abundance, Wholeness, Joy and Inner Peace.

May we remember this circle is unbroken.
We are here only to Love One another as we love ourselves.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do I Care Too Much?

I can feel your pain.
I can see your tears.
I can know great love.
I can hear your fears.

Somehow in the midst of the anxiety and anguish of humanity, I must know the Peace of God.
When I see the separation, the depression, the abuse, I must remain at peace.
It is only in the inner realm, where I remember "All is well." , that I can give compassion and wisdom.
In my oneness with all beings, I can know their suffering.
But from this place of pain, I am immobilized, hurt and weak.
Only when I can return to peace, the place where I know Goodness waits for welcome, can I truly do my part and realize the trust and freedom that heals.

My part is not to pass on the pain with words that hurt.
My part is to heal the pain within me and deliver words that heal.
My part is not to suffer and leave guilt in its wake.
My part is to cast the spell of love that only true forgiveness gives.
My part is not to sit in silence, withholding the part I play.
My part is to give the best I have now in every way.
My part is not to shrink back in fear.
My part is to clear the way for communication and appreciation.
My part is not to pass judgment.
My part is to shine my light on what is and recognize the love within.

Everyone seeks to love and be loved.
Everyone longs to feel safe and belong.
Everyone hopes for peace and joy inside.
Everyone wants to be heard and affirmed.

My part is to awaken and be glad I can play my part wholly and holy.

Playing my part, (even if sometime it smarts!),
Betty Lue

Monday, September 25, 2006

How Much Do You Care?

Passion is Caring.
Passion is Daring?
Passion is Meaning!
Passion is Feeling!

What are you willing to do for your family, friends and neighbors?
How much do you dare to care?
How much are you willing to feel?
How much are you willing to give meaning and purpose to your life?

When you live your passion, you lose track of time.
When you live with passion, you care deeply about your life.
When you feel how much you care, you find meaning and purpose.
When you dare to feel your passion, you are alive with joy and gratitude.

If you really care, you show it.
If you really have passion, you express it with love and respect, power and purpose.
If you really feel love, you live it with every word, every thought and every action.
If you really find meaning in your life, you never quit. You just keep going.

What is it that moves you?
How is God using your life to do Good?
Where do you find meaning?
How are you allowing your passion to care deeply for others?

Passion is sometimes viewed as lust, urgency, insistence on having what you want.
However, this false passion is moving you away from the real power of True passion.
True passion is to giving everything you are and everything you have for what has meaning.
When you really care, you are willing to listen softly to the inner calling of your Soul.

Spirit's messages are gentle and sweet.
The ego's passion is strong and demanding.
Spirit's calling is easy and light.
The ego's urges are pushy and extreme.
Spirit's caring is subtle, quiet and often anonymous.
Egoic caring is often direct, obnoxious and showy.

Ask yourself, "Are you willing to die for what you love?" This is the ego.
Are you willing to live abundantly for what you love? This is Spirit.
Are you willing to let go of your neediness for the sake of service and caring?
Or are you intent on satisfying your needs, your timing, your requirements?

Life is filled with opportunities to care deeply, love purely and give generously.
First, passionately care for your whole Self, your Essential Self, your Real Purpose.

Why not?
Loving you,
Betty Lue

This will help you identify your passion and purpose.
To bring your purpose and passion to life, you need to make a declaration of your values and describe the things, people, attitudes and objectives that are important to you. This is a quick exercise to help you uncover your purpose.
List 5 answers under each set of questions.

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Are you willing to listen to others?
Are you willing to listen to yourself?
Are you willing to respond with patience?
Are you willing to learn and love?
Are you willing to laugh?
Are you willing to erase the past?
Are you willing to trust in a Good Outcome?
Are you willing to reach out with kindness?
Are you willing to suspend your judgments?
Are you willing to set aside your opinions?
Are you willing to find peace first?
Are you willing to believe all intentions are seeking Love?
Are you willing to be truly helpful?
Are you willing to do your part?
Are you willing to learn what you are teaching?
Are you willing to know you hold only one piece of the picture?

Willingness is a key to a happy, peaceful and productive life.
Tears and anger rarely appear because I am willing to hear

Trust settles every problem NOW.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I here to represent the Lov
e that sent me.
I don't have to worry about what to do or say,
because Love directs me.
I am content to be wherever Love wishes, knowing Love is here with me.

I will be healed, as I let Love teach me to heal.

I will remember my holiness, as I let love teach me to see only Holiness.

This is paraphrased from the Healer's Prayer in A Course in Miracles.

I am a happy willing learning, learning from everything and everyone,
Betty Lue

Trust me
I learn as I go.
I learn as I grow.
I learn as I know.
I am learning, this is so.
If you want to know who I really am....See the pictures below.
It explore and experiment in life with great delight. Betty Lue

This is our new playroom.
We love all the fun, safe and easy options here.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Loving All Equally

Are you loving the ones you are sent?
Are you loving the one you are?
Are you loving the ones you live with?
Are you loving those who come your way?

Everyone along our path is ours to Love, to Serve, to remember God.
Our holy work is to love each one with the best we have.

Yes, no more yelling.
No more unkind thoughts.
No more criticizing.
No more regrets or resentments.

Loving yourself equally means that you serve yourself the best with kindness and trust.
Loving others equally means that you serve them with genuine compassion and authenticity.
Loving others equally in work and home, for a lifetime or a day, means each word, each deed.
The language of loves sees the world with forgiving eyes and gives the Love of Trust and Freedom.

When we can fully love everyone, we come to know the Love of God.
When we truly forgive everyone and everything, we come to know the Peace of God.
When we can really see the Good within it all, we come to know the Joy of God.
Life is leading us to see the face of God and live in the heart of God.

Let us Love, each day, in every way.
May peace be our theme to think and speak and demonstrate.
May smiles, kind words and loving touch be your reminders.

Loving All as One,
Betty Lue

Today we pack our condo in the hills where we have lived for almost 3 years.
We sign the lease on our new home within walking distance of our
Center for Conscious Living.
We clean, measure walls for furniture placeme
nt, functional utilization and organization.
We make birthday cake (choc+ choc) and design a beach scene on the icing for Gia's party tomorrow,
plus create a "Pin the Tail on a Whale" game, and prep for face painting and other games for 8 year old girls.
See clients later today and love it all with the joy that comes from Loving All Equally.

Everyday is filled with loving surprises, miracles and reminders.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Is Your Own Life in Order?

Fall is a time to reevaluate.
Give thanks for what you value.
Let go of what you don't want.

The human tendency seems to be to judge what others have, what others do and what others are.
When we are judging we are comparing and daring to be compared and judged ourselves.
My suggestion for us all—Clean up your own affairs first!

Everyday my bed is made, my dishes done, my mail is received, my house is orderly.
I get up early enough to finish my daily chores, so I come home to a welcoming home.
This is my place of rest and renewal. This is my haven and my inspiration sanctuary.
This is the place I have created to inspire, replenish and give my peace.
I honor its value by celebrating its beauty, order and harmony.

Our homes are a reflection of us.
Closets are a reflection of how I feel about my inner self.
Kitchens are a reflection of how we nourish ourselves.
Bathrooms are a reflection of how we purify ourselves.
Bedrooms area reflection of we rest and renew ourselves.

It is time to begin to honor and respect ourselves first.
Leave your home in order every day. Your self confidence will grow.
Pay your bills on time. You will feel secure about your future.
Feed yourself only healthy food. You will experience better health and vitality.
Make your bedroom a place of peace to relax your mind and body. No clutter, no computer or TV.

To handle your life, begin today to put your time and energy into what you can do.
You can throw away what is old, unneeded and collecting dust.
You can clear your closets and your drawers of clothes and stuff that goes unworn, unused and unnoticed.
You can recycle old magazines, papers and materials received in another era and time.
You can sort your mail and handle what is essential, letting the rest go immediately.
You can empty all garbage several times weekly.
You can clean up your kitchen, your bathroom and your bedroom of everything that is not healthy.
You can sweep your front porch, water your plants and wash your clothes weekly or more.
You can value and appreciate yourself every time you do something good for you.

Perhaps the single most reason for not doing our chores daily is our impression, from childhood, that they were painful or punishment or something your parents avoided or hated.

I love to care for my home, my belongings and my life because I never learned to resist or avoid them.
I always feel good about cleaning, organizing, blessing and beautifying what is have and do.
If you have learned not to care for you and your life, forgive yourself and those who taught you.
Choose again today to love yourself well in every way.

If you need help to get started….hire someone or ask a friend or unplug your TV and computer.
Give yourself the reward of a good book or TV program or computer time after you do your chores.

Loving myself well, affords me the gift of loving you well,
Betty Lue

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Equal or Unequal?

All are created equal.
In the eyes of Love, we are all equally worthy, equally special, equally valuable.
Our worth is not established by what we say or do, what we teach or learn.
Our worth is established by God.
We need do nothing to be loved.
We are not measured, evaluated, compared, or judged.
We are loved equally by God, Who loves us all as One Son, One child, One Holy One.

When we love, as our Creator loves us, we will have no fear, no judgment, only the joy and peace of loving All equally.

Those who feel less than others often try to be better than others.
Self esteem issues often show up as false arrogance or false humility.
Self esteem issues come from being taught to judge compare and evaluate ourselves.
When we feel envy, resentment or jealousy, we are feeling lacking, needy, separate, not enough.

Our healing is to acknowledge our limiting beliefs which color our perception.
What we believe, we see and prove with false evidence appearing real (FEAR).
Wholeness comes from letting go of what others have taught us with their thoughts, words and deeds.
Self healing comes from forgiving ourselves for believing them and not wholly loving ourselves.

Our work here is to see only Holiness.
Our work here is to heal separateness.
Our work here is to love others as we love our highest and best self.
Our work here is to love ourselves as we love our most beloved.

For you and me, to set us free,
We must see as God sees His Creation.
Whole and Good and Beautiful

Each of us wonderfully and beautifully made.
All are unlimited and free to be,
Free to love, free to give,
Free to realize our inheritance of total Peace,
Living at home in the Goodness of Love.

When I know no one is separate,
When I see no one as greater or lesser,
When I am at peace in my soul,
Then I realize the Love I AM.

And All is well. All is well.
Loving you for always,
Betty Lue

This is our beautiful playroom, finished to be safe and kid friendly.
Lots of space and lots of fun!
Let’s share our snack time.
Let’s share our sippy cups.

Let’s share our table.

Let’s share everything...since we are One.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Holiness is our Natural State

If every interaction with people is holy, then doesn't that take away the "special" nature and quality of what is holy? If every interaction is "healing," when do we have those interactions that wound us? The ones that we are "healing" from? DM

We were all created by Holiness and wholeness as Holy and Whole.
We were all created by our Creator to be creative.
We were all created by unlimited and unconditional Love to be free and unlimited and unconditional.
Love is our natural state.
Freedom is our natural state.
Unlimited is our natural state.
Whole is our natural state. (‘Holy’ and ‘Whole’ come from the same root meaning.)

Since we "fell" into 'sin' (meaning error or 'off the mark' in Greek), we lost our way, forgot our Truth.
We, human consciousness, has been suffering, struggling, forgetting, judging and sinning ever since.
This is our "wound" and our error.

In relationship we see, feel and know our errors (sins) in others and in ourselves.
Condemning the errors, continues them.
Guilt binds the "sin' in our consciousness and blocks the flow of healing.

Forgiveness erases the errors and frees us from the past.
Spiritual forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
What remains is no past, no wrong, no guilt or regret.
This awakens the essence of Love=freedom and trust

Human forgiveness sees the error and grants pardon to the doer.
What remains is remembering and defending against further wrong-doing.
This keeps us in the unconscious belief in fear, defense and essential sin and evil.

All relationships are for the purpose of healing.
It is our function here in bodies to practice forgiveness and erase our belief in error and sin, unholiness and woundedness.
When we cry, they are really tears of sorrow for the Holiness we have forgotten.

True forgiveness sees with the eyes of Healing and Holiness and extends light and joy to every other mind. We only need to see the Holiness in our brothers. Everything unlike Holiness is always a call for Healing and Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

This is a call for help and healing!
She is acting like a demanding child.
It is easy to condemn and judge.

It is also easy to laugh and find amusing.

But most importantly love responds to her holiness with help.

Don’t forget Jewish New Year and Fall Equinox on Friday.

We will be having a fabulous Gathering Friday evening with Music, Meditation and Miracles.
“Life is meant to be both Healing with Peace and Celebrating with Joy.
In the holy (healing) space of Love, both Peace and Joy exist.”
All are welcome.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Opening Your Heart

A question which was asked of me: "How do I learn to open my heart and love others? Or can you even learn how to do that? I feel that it should be a spontaneous reaction that is within but for some reason it is not for me." BM

Love is our natural state.
When we are afraid, we close our heart and our mind.
When we hold a hurtful history against anyone or humanity, we shut down our capacity to connect.
We monitor and even prevent ourselves from extending Love.
It is a habit of mind and heart to do what has protected us in the past.
It is an unconscious choice that we once made to defend ourselves against pain.

Love is our natural state.
We cause ourselves pain, both physical and emotional, when we withhold our love.
It is vital to our health on all levels that we open ourselves to return to love.

The primary affirmation for all of us…is:
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive myself for withholding my love.

I recommend that you write and say these two for at least two weeks, 20 times daily.
And thereafter, anytime that you see yourself sinking into old patterns.

You can begin by loving, reaching out to those most vulnerable and safe for you to love…old people, children, the dying.
Look for those you can easily Love and reach out to them.
Spend time listening, learning and letting go of your fears.
By becoming aware of what your mind makes up to hold you back, you will release what is no longer needed, no longer here and no longer real.
Practice loving wherever you can and whomever you can.

Love is not an emotion.
It is an energy, a life force, that flows through you and connects you to all life.
Love is not special.
It is like the sun which shines through your being, your words, your thoughts and deeds.
You are created by Love, as Love, for the purpose of Loving. This is your Holy Purpose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 18, 2006

When You Are Loving You

When you are loving you, you remember your Creator.
When you are loving you, you are happy and at peace.
When you are loving you, you speak good news instead of bad.
When you are loving you, you are content with what you have.

When you are loving you, you see the silver lining.
When you are loving you, you cease misery and complaining.
When you are loving you, you take action on your dreams.
When you are loving you, life is a gift of creating and letting go.

You see, when you are loving you, you trust your journey as it is.
When you are loving you, you freely and easily change course and direction.
When you are loving you, you find beauty and miracles along the way.
When you are loving you, you give your best with a consciousness and generosity.

When you are loving you, you radiate light and love to all.
When you are loving you, your presence is enough.
When you are loving you, your words are healing.
When you are loving you, what you seek you find.

When you are loving you, your life is a blessings wherever you go.
When you are loving you, the world is grateful for your gifts.
When you are loving you, abundance is your natural state.
When you are loving you, you share freely all that you have.

Life is blessed when you love the One you are.
You are blessed by the Presence of your Love.
Your authentic Self shines through in all you say and do.
Your are fully to Gift of God's Love, when you are loving you.

I love you, and support you in letting go of the blocks, so you can truly be loving YOU,
Betty Lue

Are you up for it? If you want to know where to begin......
Look into your eyes each morning and say 10 times,
"I love you, (your name), just as you are."

Mama calls me “Trouble” and Grandma says, “I’m cute.”

When you are loving you, you are curious.

When you are loving you, you do whatever you want.

When you are loving you, you are naturally innocent.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Love Yourself More

Stop wasting energy on judging others.
Spend your energy on loving yourself more.

When consumed with gossip, we lose energy.
When judging others, we fatigue ourselves.
When criticizing and blaming, we lose our way.
When forgiving ourselves, we find our peace.

When we blame someone for the problems we have, we leave the source.
When we find fault with those we allow to lead, we lose our power.
When we complain about the ills of the world, we fall victim to life.
When we forgive our lack of faith and fortitude, we choose again for what is ours.

Our holy work is to see things differently.
When there is a call for work, let's roll up our sleeves and do it.
When there is a call for love, let's open our hearts and give it.
When there is a call for vision, let's open our eyes and see it.
When there is a call for hope, let's open our mouths and share it.
When there is a call for faith, let's open our minds and be it.

When we are loving ourselves whole and holy, we can hear the need.
We can find the faith.
We can share the joy.
We can forgive the wrongs.
We can teach the willing.
We can reach the healing.
We can celebrate the being.

Life is a gift when we love ourselves.
We are the gift of Love, Trust and Freedom given to one and all.
Give mightily.

This is our True Prosperity for our Posterity.

Full and free, giving mightily.
There is no limit with Goodness and God within.
Betty lue

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Use Your Life Well!

Someone recently wrote. "I don't see how you do it!"
The answer is "I use my life well."
"I love what I do and do what I love."

To use your life well, you must value your life.
To live your life well, you must value your health.
To assign your life purpose, you must look deep within.
To spend your life joyfully, now is where you begin.

I am called to be busy, active, alive, enthusiastic, creative and with those who are given to me.
You may be called to be still, alone, creating, healing, simply being.
You may be called to be in business, selling, laughing, encouraging, inspiring.
Each one is called to a different life flow…and mine has changed many times over the last 64 years.

What is the theme, the calling and the ministry of your life? This is your mission, your life purpose! Live it fully and freely with no withholds and no regret!

In my life there is one central theme, a thread of purpose throughout it all.
"Give all to All for the sheer Joy of giving and abundantly living. I love life. I live it well."
I am with many every week doing many different things.
One could say I have a wide variety of Jobs.
Grandparent. Therapist, Coach, Writer, Cheerleader, Minister, Healer, Enlightened One, Listener, Friend, Mentor, Philanthropist, Administrator, Creator, Community-builder, Interviewer, Strategic Planner, Group Facilitator, and much more. There is a schedule, a rhythm and a purpose to every moment.

Sundays-The Home Of Truth most of the day(10-5), Ministry, Self Renewal (5-8AM and (5-8 PM).
Mondays- Grandmother (7-11), Minister (11:30-4:30), Group Facilitator (7-9)
Tuesdays-Therapist and Coach (8-5), Business Partner (5:30-8)
Wednesdays- Supervision ( Looking for the blessing) and counseling (8:30-6;30PM), teacher (7-9PM)
Thursdays- Petaluma grandma (7AM-7PM) counseling/coaching on the 3 hours of driving (passenger),
Fridays- Grandma 7-6PM, Minister and Spirit leader 7-9PM
Saturdays- Therapist and Coach 8-2PM and Home caregiver 2-8PM
Yes, I offer phone coaching, do errands, prepare meals, write these reminders, take walks, answer email and phone calls, occasionally read a little, even sleep 6-8 hours/night. These are all part of my Job in giving and living abundantly. I wouldn't change any of it. And there is always more available.
I love you and you are important to never hold back from calling if you have need! 800-919-2392

To use my life well means that I am truly happy and grateful for everything I "get" to do.
To use my life well means that I am always loving me and You and our reSource.
To use my life well means that when I am hungry, I eat, and when I am tired, I rest. I even take naps!
To use my life well means that at the end of the day, I feel content and have no worries or concerns.

To keep that smile in your heart….Use your life well, living exactly what is right and true for YOU!

Living well,
Betty Lue

Here she is almost 11 months and already, using her life so very well.... Learning, growing, laughing, exploring, everything with joy and gusto!
Good job Sofia in using your life well!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Practice Positive Prayer

"Whatever Is for the Highest good of All, May it be so."
Our home was just sold to the first appreciative person who saw it.
She stepped in the door…and after looking over 18 months, she said "This is it!"
Within 48 hours of the Broker's open house, the buyer came for the second time and made a fun, safe and easy offer to accept.
No questions. No counters. No contingencies.

How does that happen?
With practice.
With prayer.
With positive thinking.

Our home is beautiful and filled with Love.
We know the right person will come to buy it in the right timing.
We trust that the offer will be right and fair for all concerned.
We are willing to listen within to know exactly how to respond.

This evening, on the way to the presentation, I heard the exact amount that was being offered.
I listen inside and know.
I respect what I hear from within.
I trust the Good that is mine.
From Corinthians II 9:8 And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.

I am aware that I own nothing.
Everything I have is from the spiritual treasury to be shared with All.
I am aware I will always have everything I need to serve everyone who comes.
I am aware that I need be concerned because what I need will come to me as I need it.
I am aware that here on this earth, I am perfectly provided.
As I appreciate what I am given, I am given abundantly.
If I were to worry, I would restrict the flow.
If I were to criticize, I would not experience inner peace.
If I were to compare, I would feel envy.
If I were to judge, I would feel needy.
I prefer to feel grateful and appreciate what I give and what I receive.
With my enjoyment and appreciation, both my giving and receiving increases in value.

Are you ready, willing and able to trust in the Good that is waiting for your welcome?
Are you ready, willing and able to let go of doubt, distraction, detours and delay?
Are you ready, willing and able to undo what is not true and release what is blocking you?
Are you ready, willing and able to believe that everything works together for Good?

As a man thinketh, so it he.
As you believe, so you will see.
As you affirm with 100% consciousness, so you will experience.
And so it is.
Ready, willing and able and very very grateful!!!

Ready, willing, able and happy,
Betty Lue

Call me for an efficient and effective consultation, (as brief as you like). 800-919-2392.
Often can find time within 24 hours. Why wait?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are You Valued?

Are you where you want to be?
Are you with those you want to be?
Are you doing what you want to do?
Are you experiencing what you want to experience?

If not, why not?

Could it be that you are not 100% committed to having the life you want?
Could it be that you are conflicted about what you want?
Could it be that you do not totally love yourself?
Could it be that you have expected someone else to give you what you want?
Could it be that you have decided it is selfish to have what you want?
Could it be that you believe you don't deserve to have what you want?
Could it be that you do not truly value your own life?

When we feel or experience being unwanted, it may be that we do not treat ourselves in a loving way.
When we feel too much wanted or needed, it may our worth is dependent on being needed by others.
When we feel we are wanted and then discarded, it may be because we value ourselves conditionally,
When we feel uncertain about our value, we may deny, dismiss or diminish our value.

When you value your own life, you will cherish every day in every way.
When you value your whole life, you will honor all your basic needs, mentally, physically and spiritually.
When you value your inner life, you will give yourself the time and attention you need.
When you value your essential life, you will listen to and learn about your self and your purpose.

When you value yourself, others will experience a YOU that is happy, radiant, giving and fulfilled.

I am valuing you as I value me, giving you the very best I am,
Betty Lue

I want to invite you to our Friday evening fellowship for fun, ispiration, new ways to inspire and transform your lives with healing and joy!
Friday evening will be loving, happy and creative space in which to remember Love and return to wholeness and holiness.
Have you ever imagined a “sacred place” in which you would feel spirit and be inspired to make each day better, brighter, more alive with Goodness and Beauty, Happiness and Peace. Our world needs a better way. Are you seeking a way to make your life and those around you a little better?
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wasting Time?

Energy is your resource.
Energy is the life force.
Energy is the substance of life.
Energy is what creates and sustains life itself.

The conscious ones are good stewards of their resources.
To be conscious means to utilize all you have to support the Good you do.
The unconscious ones waste energy judging, considering, defending and efforting.
To use energy consciously one must be committed to do only that which is essential to your purpose.

Wasting energy implies spending time thinking about rather than simply being/doing.
When we are called, we can simply begin and be carried by the universe.
When we are called, but doubt and fear the calling, we delay the action of Spirit.
When we are called, but worry about doing it well or "right", we interfere with the blessing.

Wasting energy is the delaying, distractingand detouring habits of the egoic or fear-based mind.
Wasting energy comes from seeking approval or avoiding disapproval.
Wasting energy is seeking permission from outside authority rather than trusting your inner knowing.
Wasting energy is imagining there will be problems and objections and often creating them.

All limitation is generated from within.
We project only our lives the problems that we experience.
The simple way to easily flow around all potential obstacles is to dissolve them with forgiveness. and to watch them with amusement and delight.
History is often used by our egoic thinking to prove we need defenses, plans, group agreement, etc.

Caution creates delay.
Second-guessing limits enthusiasm.
Defending blocks flow.
Doubting slows progress.
Fear paralyzes creativity.
Conflict divides focus and confuses intention.

Our work is to be single-minded, focused and directed by the spirit (Joy) within.
When we allow the world to confuse and distract us, we lose motivation, momentum and enjoyment.
Let go and flow with the Joy that you know.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Tonight is our first class of Relationships Coaching Circle this fall.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thinking Too Much

Quieting the mind means having no judgments.
Being still means being present.
Breathing facilitates naturally letting go of thoughts.
What we perceive is what we believe.
Our programmed mind only sees what it is seeking.

We learn from our first moment the experience of being judged and judging.
Our training from infancy throughout life is to judge all things.
Our language is a language of judgment, comparison and evaluation.
Our teachings come with a necessity to judge.

"Good, Better, Best,
Never let it rest.
'Til Good is Better
And Better Best."

Life has taught us to strive to better ourselves and better our world.
It is possible that in our need to improve, we have judged ourselves into guilt and stuckness?
Through undoing our judging mind we will come to find, we already are that which we seek.
Judgments block our perception of what is true and loving and take a position to be right.
Consider being with what is.

"Be content with what you have;
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
The whole world belongs to you."
Lao Tzu

When you want only light, you will see only light.
When you want only love, you will see nothing else.
When you choose only peace, you will know only peace.
Such is the nature of reality. True B'Lue

As a servant leader, I seek to serve the Good.
I can do this by erasing what is blocking the light.
It is in pure deLight that I find my joy and see the beauty and Goodness.
The Perfection in All that is comes easily, when I simply be present.

My judgments mean absolutely nothing.
They are merely habits of the mind that keep me blind.
So I would see what is really me.

In all things I find the Love I am, the Good that lives in me.
Blessed be.
Betty Lue

Monday, September 11, 2006

Clear the Fear

Love is Letting go of fear.
Joy and laughter dissolve fear.

Gratitude blesses what we have.
Appreciation increases what we value.

We are living in a reign of terror, because we are terrorizing ourselves with incessant fearful reminders.
Leaders gain power through scaring their followers which creates more dependence on the leader.
Politics and media often use scare tactics to get people to buy through sensationalism.
Authorities are strengthened by giving them attention.

What we pay attention to, grows.
Our attention feeds what we focus on.
When we focus on fear and violence, we experience more fear.
When we forgive (erase, release and bless), we experience more love.

Consider turning off scary media, movies, radio, and walking away from fearful conversations.
Consider turning off your own scary thoughts and imaginings.
Consider letting go of what you seek to undo in your life.
Consider giving attention to good news, loving responses and healing relationships.

We have choice in what we see and hear, what we say and do.
We can undo what we seek to not be true in our lives.
We can erase negative thinking, limiting beliefs and reinforcing the problems in society.
We can focus on doing good, seeing good, being good and appreciating the goodness we experience.

We are love Itself.
We are here to create what is Good and beautiful and Holy.
We choose the experiences we want to have and invite Goodness into our lives with gratitude and Joy.
We are here to celebrate the diversity of all humanity and honor the Oneness within our differences.

All of us seek to Love and be loved.
All of us seek to improve the lives of our families.
All of us want to give our very best to promote what benefits and blesses our children.

Love is the way.
Through education, healing and fellowship we encourage freedom and trust among all peoples.
Begin within you inner self and your family.
Teach only Love.
You will see how peace and Love and Joy begin within.

Loving you each and every day,
Betty Lue

Remember you can call or email for a consultation of any length. *800-919-2392

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Who Is Responsible for Our Children?

Who in our society is taking full and total responsibility for our children?
In traditional and simpler times, the roles were established.
Mothers gave nourishment, training and nurturing of children.
Fathers were providers, protectors and disciplinarians.
Children respected their elders and learned to participate in chores and family responsibilities.
Childrens' basic needs were met with food, clothing, shelter, moral training and discipline.

Now, with our fractured society, parents are busy earning money, status and preparing for the future.
Mothers are balancing a job, household chores,family needs and keeping their marriage in tact.
Fathers are managing long work and commute hours, providing family's financial needs and maintaining their own physical and emotional health. Frequently there are no family meals, nor healthy foods prepared and offered. Someone outside the family may be hired to perform household chores. TV, video games, computer, phone and outside activities take the place of family interaction and conversation. Schools wants parents to help children with homework, but parents frequently have little time or patience.
Children are often left to support themselves in getting breakfast and ready for school. After school care and homework is usually with a baby-sitter.
Children are being raised and guided by teachers, care-givers, their peers and TV with celebrity role models.

Lastly and most important, family courts have now decided on the model of joint custody and equal time with both parents and shared responsibility. Children often have two homes, two different family systems, rules and customs. Neither parent has full responsibility, since the parents do not communicate or even agree on parenting styles. There is often no back up parenting support for divorced parents or accountability in single parent homes. Follow up, consistency, appreciation and consideration for the child's needs may be lacking or non existent. Children often have no one to care, listen or respond to their needs, because no one is available with the time, energy or consciousness. Children are doing the best they can with what resources they have been allowed. Kid's anxiety levels are high. Their self respect is low. They seek approval by keeping the adult authority happy or making their needs known through negative behavior. Being invisible alone with drugs, computer or DVD or ipod music plugged in is often their way to accommodate their isolation. Or they find gangs, explore too young intimate relationships or get in trouble at school or home to be noticed and have social interaction. Yes, there are responsible parents and respectful responsible children….But all of our children are our responsibility.

Who cares?

Who is listening?

Who knows what is best?

Who is willing to be responsible?

Our children are our future.
They are a gift of Love given to us to bless our lives.

They deserve to be loved and cherished.

They need to be guided, provided for and given loving and consistent consideration.

When I look at the level of disrespect, irresponsibility and lack of self care in our youth, I understand.
We have neglected and failed our children.
They are crying for our loving attention.
We can each say YES, I am willing to make and keep my agreements with these beautiful innocent souls.

Consider making a list of agreements for the children in your care.
I am taking responsibility for the grand parenting of this child.
I will listen to her needs in all circumstances.

I will help her learn how to ask for what she needs and wants.

I will teach her how to be kind and respectful of everyone by my example.

I will endeavor to be my best in her presence as a positive role model.

I will be kind and respectful to her in all circumstances.

I will provide her with consistency and keep my agreements.

I will communicate with her kindly remembering she is a child.

My intention is to love her by giving her the best I have every moment.

Blessing your willingness to give your best to each child who comes your way.
Betty Lue

How can we take responsibility for a child if we have not learned to be responsible for ourselves?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Who Is Responsible?

"Not I" said all of the farm animals, so the little Red Hen did it herself.
Are you passing the buck?
Are you making your parents or God responsible?
Are you blaming the government or your employer?
Are your excuses your family or partner?

Who is willing to be responsible?
It is so much easier for the ego to place blame, to find fault and to make excuses.
To be fully and totally responsible for one's life and one's choices is courageous.
To be fully and totally responsible is the key to freedom.
To be fully and totally responsible is fun, safe and easy.

After all, there is only one person we can change…ourselves.
There is only one mind, we can really influence and that is ours.
There is only one life we can live, our own.

So how about being willing to be totally responsible for all our thoughts, words and deeds?
How about being responsible for the state of our finances, our relationships and our health?
How about being responsible for our children, our homes and our future?

Being responsible does not mean blaming ourselves.
Being responsible does not imply burden or obligation.
Being responsible does not mean taking the punishment.
Being responsible means being able to respond with consciousness to whatever comes our way.

Responding with consciousness requires being on purpose.
When we are off purpose, we have emotional upsets, physical health issues and mental confusion.
Being on purpose requires taking impeccable care of our whole selves.
When we are not caring for and loving ourselves well, we are distracted by our own unmet needs.
Loving ourselves well requires, forgiveness of all past unconsciousness.
When we are unforgiving and judging ourselves, we will blame, criticize and condemn others.

I am totally responsible for being on purpose….
I am totally responsible for taking impeccable care of myself….
I am totally responsible for forgiving all past unconsciousness.
I am totally responsible for loving myself and others well.

Only when I love myself can I truly love others.
Only when I am responsible for my life, can I create the life I want.
Only when I am willing to be consciousness will I know and create and love what I want.
I am willing and able to be totally responsible for my whole life….
I am totally willing and able to be responsible for my relationships, my finances, my health, my joy and all that I have and give.

Being responsible if the key to joy, gratitude and freedom.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Come and play with us.
Come and learn with us.

Come and heal with us.

Come and serve with us.

Classes begin next week.

-Awaken Your Authentic Self

- Relationship Coaching for Singles and Couples

- Inspirational Fellowship "Miracles, Meditation and Music

For those of you who seek to serve as messengers of Love, perhaps you are called to our Living Ministry Training Program. It does not teach what to believe or how to practice, but rather facilitates your learning how best to serve others with compassion, respect for differences, responsibility and creative cooperation. The Reunion Living Ministry Pr
ogram works for those locally and long distance. If any of these programs sing to your heart, let me know. We are all here to be truly helpful to one another. Betty Lue

Note: Full Moon is Thursday at 11:43 PDT

When life gets intense, how do you relax and release excess energy?
When there is distress, how do you manage that stress?
When you watch others 'lose it', how do you offer peace?

Do you stress about being stressed?
It would help to simply be aware of what you are experiencing.
It would help to stop judging or fearing the intensity of life.
It would help to ride the waves with consciousness and gratitude.

Life seems to intensify with full moon, trying times, health crises and major disappointments.
How we deal with the intensity is our choice.

Those who let the intensity take over, may feel like they are drowning.
Those who fight the intensity with drugs may feel like they are out of it.
Those who fear the intensity will never end, may suffer.
Those who trust, "This too shall pass." And "let go and let God", are comforted.

Find your highest and healthiest way to deal with intensity of energy.
Sing, dance, run, exercise, breathe, meditate, read, laugh, contribute, share, express, create, rest.
Listen within to your own body, mind and Spirit and ask, "How can I find peace?"
When we are sincerely asking for help, help comes. But we must follow the inner direction.

"Let it be. Let it be. There will be an answer. Let it be."
Betty Lue

You are the One!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Taking Time

When life is full, take time.
When things get busy, take time.
When you feel stressed, take time.
When you are tired, take time.

Time for what?

Take time to breathe.
Breathe one long lingering breath full of Spirit.
Take time to give thanks.
Appreciate the moment, the gifts, the beauty, the goodness.

Taking time means receiving what is given.
Taking time means loving your self well.
Taking time means smiling at your words and deeds.
Taking time means a kind word for everyone.
Taking time means being quiet in mind and body.
Taking time means give a prayer of thanksgiving.
While my life is full and my love is freely given, I am aware all I do is for the joy of giving.
I live abundantly. I give abundantly.
And I receive abundantly.
My life works.

I take time to do my work.
I take time to play.
I take time to listen within.
I take time to eat the best foods.
I take time to love myself well.'
I take time to reach out to those who call.
I take time to laugh and learn.
I take time to let go of what no longer serves.
I take time to be inspired.
I take time to create what is good and healing.'
I take time to be with the children.
I take time to encourage the discouraged.
I take time to enjoy natural beauty.
I take time to love you.
I take time to dream.
I take time to observe my world.
I take time to forgive any judgments.
I take time to really appreciate my life.

Take some time…even a moment will do to bring peace and pleasure to you.

Taking time to appreciate you,
Betty Lue

Monday, September 04, 2006

In Love

Resting in Love
Working for Love
Playing with Love
Living in Love

When we are "in love", we feel alive, unlimited, safe, trusting and carefree.
This is how we are meant to be.

When we designate someone as the "cause" of our feelings, we make them special.
We are then dependent and need them to be that special way to feel "in love".
We have projected onto them our special need to be alive, unlimited, safe, trusting and carefree.
When they perform perfectly, we are satisfied and in love.
When they forget, fall off the pedestal, or change their mind, we lose ours.

Indeed we are "in love" with a projection of what we need them to be.
We have made up an image we believe will give us what we want.
We have set ourselves up for downfall and feeling forsaken and disillusioned.
We have set them up for our resentment, anger and unforgiveness.

Being "in Love" is an inside job.
Our loving relationships show us a glimpse of what we seek to feel and live everyday.
When we fall "in Love", we are learning how to love as god loves us.
When we give ourselves in love, we are glimpsing how we can be the Presence of Love.

What does it take:
to fall in Love,
to be in Love,
to give in Love,
to rest in Love,
to live in Love?

  • To love oneself in all ways.
  • To forgive others for all things.
  • To see the goodness and Holiness in what is.
  • To believe in the Power of Love and the Presence of Love.
  • To let Love heal and renew our Spirit.
  • To give Love and receive the Love we give.
  • To be willing to trust and free oneself and others.
  • To choose to be dependent only on God, the Good within.

Practice being in Love everyday, beginning now.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Do you love yourself this much?
Our children are here to show us how to love ourselves.

Give yourself the best of your Love everyday and you will live in Love.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Your Real Work

On this, our Labor Day Weekend, we are honoring our labors and those who have labored for us.
We can give rest to ourselves and others by appreciating what was and is being given.
But more importantly, we can ask ourselves what is truly important work in our lives.
What is our Real work here on this earth, in our families and communities?

Have you noticed that most people seem to work for money?
Have you noticed that few people seem to enjoy their work?
Can you imagine what a shift would be, if we worked for Love?
Are you willing to ask yourself sincerely, "What is your Real Work?

Is it possible that people of fear work for money to manage their fear?
Is it likely that people of faith work for Love to express their trust?

Are you working being motivated by fear?
Are you working with the motivation of loving service?
Are you reinforcing your love and enjoyment of life?
Are you pushed to work by your fears and threat of not surviving?

Each one of us must look at our family heritage to see the work patterns of our elders.
When we are in touch with nature, we learned to take only what was needed.
When we trust in provision, we give back a tithe to the source of our Good.
When we know we are free, we work and play with enjoyment and gratitude.

What is your Real Work?

My real work is to let go of whatever is not wholly true and wholly loving.
My real work is to consistently relinquish what I think I know and listen to Higher Truth.
My real work is to never quit on Love, the trust and freedom to see the world with forgiving eyes.
My real work is to release the learned fears and perceive wholeness and holiness within All.
My real work is to enjoy, be grateful and happy for All I AM, All I have and All I give.
My real work is to create what is Good and beautiful and holy for All.

I am loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue,
Betty Lue

Friday, September 01, 2006

How Simple It Can Be!

Be Present and you will receive the Gift!
For in being the Present, you will see the Present.
Your life is a reflection of what you give to your life.
(What is see is what you believe, request, or focus on.)

Take full and total responsibility for all that you experience.
You can respond to your experiences with an eraser or a highlighter.
You alone choose what you wish to continue or discontinue.
(If you like the drama, fear or upset, play replay. If not, delete.)

We are One…."One People, One Planet, One together when we love each other."
Everywhere you go and everyone you meet is a holy and healing encounter.
How you look upon and treat another is how you treat yourself, the One we are.
(You are both giving and receiving with every thought, word and deed.)

To awaken is to remember to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember thee Good.
To awaken is to take full responsibility for all your experiences.
To awaken is to create beauty, goodness and healing wherever you go, whatever you do.
To awaken is to be whole and happy and free.

I am always loving you and me,
Betty Lue