Saturday, October 16, 2004

Finding Balance is Healing

Each one of us is unique.
Each one has their own path and their own purpose.
Each one of us must discover our own balance for healing and wholeness.

We are called to bring the precious gift of ourselves to the present moment.
We are called to bring the Truth of Who We Are to every sacred relationship.
We are called to take impeccable care of our own gift of Self.
To most of us this means letting go of the limiting programming and claiming our own identity.
This mean we must recognize and release the imprinting, labeling and copying of others.
This means we must come from a deep and profound love for our Authentic Self.
We must give ourselves the opportunity to discover and celebrate our differences.
In a world of homogenization, comparison and judgment we are encouraged to conform.
As we conform to fit in and belong, we lose ourselves.
As we meet the expectations of our family and teachers, we forsake our natural balance.
As we allow outer voices to teach us, we tune out our inner voice.
As we let false teachers lead us, we get lost in a world of lost souls.

To find our inner voice,
To find our own natural rhythm and balance,
To reclaim our unique identity,
To discover our own spiritual calling,
We must stop…Release and let go of external demands…even for a few minutes daily.
We must look… Look within for the answers. Respect your individuality.
We must listen….Be still and listen to the inner voice, the calling of your Spirit.

Our culture tends to exalt being social…not being alone.
Our cultures tend to encourage talking…not being silent.
Our culture tends to promote getting as much as we can…not giving the Best we have.
Our culture tends to produce aggressive competitors...rather than team-building cooperatives.
We tend seek entertainment… rather than learn to create a full life for ourselves.
Our culture supports complexity rather than simplicity.
Our culture values achievement more than being a loving Presence.

Look within for what is your balance.
Neither avoiding nor being attached. but rather be willing to be what supports the Highest Good in each moment. Introvert or extrovert, intuitive or information gathering, thinking or feeling, detailed or spontaneous, social or private, driven or relaxed, goal oriented or being present with what is, active or passive? Choose what is truly best for you in each moment.

Take time to reflect.
Stop and listen within.
Ask your whole Self what is being called forth.
Honor your inner voice.
Enjoy the blessing of being You.
This is healing.
This is balance.
This is enjoying the fullness of each moment in your life, for exactly what it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue