Friday, March 31, 2006

Crisis or Urgency?

What do you do when there is an urgent call for help?
What do you do when there seems to be a crisis?

You are being called to be truly helpful.
You are called to bring the Presence of Love.
You are asked to stay awake and aware.
You are integral in the return to Peace.

In our family systems, on the job and in everyday life, there are moments in which we may experience those who are upset, fearful, angry and perhaps even life threatening.
Each one of us who is reading this reminder will be the earth angels, here to represent and present the voice, the behavior and the prayers of sanity.
We are the ones who are here to bring the Peace of God, the healing energy of Love and the wisdom of the ancient forefathers.

When in crisis mode, choose for what brings you back to your calling and your inner Peace.
Remember Love.
Love everyone and everything involved.
Practice forgiving your judgments and criticisms.
Seek to see the circumstances without prejudice of the past of fear for the future.
Ask for advice and counsel form your own inner guides and outer wise ones.
Gather information which will give you the worldly guidance about creative possibilities.
Breathe deep and listen both to those in crisis, but also to your own inner knowing.
Take just a moment to affirm, to pray, to see for spiritual support for all concerned.
Endeavor to stay fully conscious and connected to source.
Give what you are called to give, comfort, security, reassurance, information, balance, structure, etc.
Be careful to choose the loving way, rather than the crisis way.
Honor the path of the individuals involved.
Listen always to what they want and acknowledge their needs.
To bring others back to their peacefulcenter is the key to healing.

Remain neutral and never push for what you would want.
Offer what the other wants and needs with love, patience and trust in their healing and learning process.
Be holy present and see the holiness in all involved.
Be grateful for being there giving only the highest and best you know for all concerned.

Loving you with a heart that is true B'Lue,
Betty Lue

This is our place to walk and hide.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Responsible Relationships

“I want him (or whoever loves me) to see that being with me is a good thing!
He seems to have a lot of sadness about being with me--what's that about? Any clues?
It still hurts that his decision was to leave.
I want to focus on the love we have for each other.
All problems to me are solvable if we want them to be!
I know I'm loving and worthy of love and so is he
I know that even if he loves me, he may not want to be my partner in a committed relationship."

Have you been left?
Are you feeling a valued relationship is over?
Are you stuck in the dilemma of who to blame, them or me?
Are you feeling lost and afraid, confused about what went wrong?

When we feel like a victim in a relationship, having been rejected or abandoned, we often profess and protect our innocence. The customary response is to defend oneself and feel enormous grief.

To have a successful relationship, we must take total responsibility.
When we are angry, blaming, guilty, fearful, jealous and upset, we are unable to respond apopropriately.
We cannot change or fix or correct another's behavior. We can only look at and heal our own.
We are not responsible for what others do or think or create.
We are totally responsible for what we think and do and say.

When we want to learn, to heal, to undo everything that is not true and whole and loving, we can look.
When we are willing to do the work to forgive ourselves and the others, we can free our fears.
When we let go of myths and fantasies and wishful thinking, we can get real and heal what we feel.
When we trust there is good in everyone and every relationship, we can see clearly the lesson and gifts.

The five keys to successful relationships are joining in a common goal or purpose, total honesty without withhold or deception, equality in giving and receiving (giving only our best), commitment to what is for the highest good of both without demanding, threatening or hanging on, and full responsibility for the quality of the relationship, ability to respond to what is without guilt or blame.

When we are laying blame on another, we are attacking. When attacked, most people will defend or go away. When attacking, most people will fear and feel vulnerable to being attacked and become defensive.

When there are hurt feelings, there is a tendency to make the other feel responsible.
When women are unhappy, they usually blame the man. When they blame their man, he usually feels responsible, guilty and withdraws or projects blame back onto the woman.
Each party is responsible for their own happiness.
If you are unhappy, consider taking total responsibility for your feelings.

Consider handling your feelings privately unless you get permission from the other to share.
Consider when you dump your unhealed stuff on your partner, they don't have a clue about what to do.
Consider that the implication they caused your problem, might be an indication that you don't trust them. Consider that you might be teaching your relationship partner that they are not good for you.
Consider when someone loves you, they will go away, stop talking, withdraw, so they don't hurt you. Consider the possibility you may have been left, because you taught the other person with thoughts, words or deeds that you wanted them to go. "Leave me alone!"
Consider that the whole relationship dilolemma is a wakeup call and an opportunity to totally transform your thinking and behavior.

Food for thought.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Return to Peace

When we have lost our peace, we have stepped off our path.
When we find ourselves in ugliness, we have looked away from beauty.
When we are uncertain and full of doubt, we have listened to our learned fears.
When we feel angry and upset, we have believed we are victims of worldly insanity.

What is insanity but believing in what is made up?
What is being upset but buying into the illusion of our misperceptions.
What is anger but judging without considering the whole truth.
What is healing but remembering only love prevails.

In searching for peace, I must turn away from the conflict.
In seeking peace I must remember to listen within.
In finding peace, I must be grateful I know which way to go.
In extending peace, I must forgive all fear.

In this world of rocky roads, misguided choices, and faulty beliefs, I must listen within to honor my path.
In this time of illusive security and commercial defenses, I must know and trust my Source and Resource.
In all circumstances of confusion and conflict, I must pray for inner peace that passes all understanding.
Within me and you together, we can transcend the world of apparent divisiveness and uncertainty.

The return to peace begins within.
The journey to healing is choosing for holiness.
The path of understanding comes with listening.
We are creating our world with our thoughts, words and activities.
What we perceive and believe we perpetuate.
To turn away from darkness is to extinguish our belief.
To provide more light enlightens what was held in the shadows of our consciousness.
When we see with the Light and Love of God, seeking only wholeness and goodness, we find that which we have chosen to be.

We are created to create Goodness and Beauty.
We are created to extend peace to the minds of all creation.
We are created to bring Love to every heart.
We are created to be the helpful and healing presence on this Earth.

In this we find peace.
In this, we give peace.
In this we have peace.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wisdom and Knowledge

To gain knowledge, study, read and research.
To gain knowledge, seek teachers, information and observe your world.

To gain wisdom, forgive knowledge and let go of what you know.
To gain wisdom, be still and listen.

The key to wisdom is a quiet and open mind.
The key to a quiet mind is total forgiveness.
That is the secret to ageless wisdom and infinite love.

The enlightened and light-filled mind is empty.
Ageless wisdom and love are all that is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Are we having fun? Yeah!

I am in Love Loving to Love. Are you?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Loss of Connection

Is death the end?
Are we abandoned, when people leave us?
Is there really separation or just the appearance?
Can we remember the universal connection no matter what?

Is time and space an illusion or our own creation?
What is the myth of departure, dying and distance?
How can we be separate when we are truly One?
How is our authentic loving communication unifying?

Do the ego's beliefs determine our reality?
Is is possible there is a real unified field beyond our sensory perception?
Are we allowing the forces of judgment and fear to manufacture temporary barriers?
When we experience abandonment, are we not demonstrating our attachment to the body as real?

I love you and you love me, no matter what our differences.
In our love we are unified as Love, both giving and receiving, ever flowing the Love we are.
I see the Light in You as I see the Light in me. In this we are Love loving Itself.
We are shining our light into the mirror of our consciousness to remember the Light of the Holy One.

Love does not end, it merely changes forms.
If there is no end, there is no death.
If there is no death, there is no loss.
With no loss, how can we grieve.

It is for our forgetting the Love, the Source, the unified field, that we grieve.
It is the loss of our innocence and true wisdom for which we feel hurt.
It is in the remembrance of our authentic Self, the Essence of Love, that we find our solace and Peace.
It is in dying that we are born to new life, the Life without limitation or lack.

I am the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and Wholeness restored.
I am not my body, but I have a temporary body as my communication device.
I am not my emotions, but I have emotions as my way of expressing the energetic messages I share.
I am not my thoughts, but I have thoughts to be used by spirit to inspire and awaken my brothers.

To clear the fears of abandonment, separation and death:
I forgive those who have falsely taught me to believe we are separate and can be alone.
I forgive myself for believing we can be hurt by death and lose our loved ones.
I forgive the mistaken perceptions of all beings.
I trust and know I am one with everyone in the Love I AM.
I celebrate and am grateful for the awareness I cannot be abandoned, rejected or left alone.
I am thankful for the Eternal and abiding Love and Goodness and Beauty in All That Is.

Always with You,
Betty Lue

Try sitting and talking with those who appear to be departed.
Listen to their responses and write what you hear and feel.
Ask to connect through the spiritual internet and phone lines with those who seem to be absent.
Take quiet time to imagine what they might be saying to you.
Those who are clairaudient may hear clearly their responses.
Those who are clairvoyant, may see clearly their presence.
Those who are clairsentient, may feel clearly their beingness.

The ancestors, the grand mothers and grandfathers, are with us even now.
The dearly departed have merely stepped behind the veil of illusion.
We are comforted, strengthened, encouraged and even guided by their presence as we request.
There is a time when each one of us may be called upon to know, to guide, to love from the invisible.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Enough Time?

Participating in a Retreat this weekend sponsored by Institute of Noetic Sciences with Jean Houston and James O'Dea on The social Healer, and social Artist. Rich with diversity, laughter, story-telling, myth and inner process. Most valuable to me is the time to reflect on the land, the glory and beauty of the earth and the magic and mystery of what humanity can create together.
Always remembering Love,

B'Lue Joy

Is your life full enough?
My time is as full, as I allow it to be.

When I need to rest, there seems to be time.
When I need inspiration, there it is.
When I need to give, opportunities prevail.
When I need to listen, I simply stop and be quiet.

When I am consciously choosing how to spend my 16-18 hours/day of waking time, I seek to satisfy my basic personal, relational, educational, inspirational needs. I seek to always and only remember that this is my life, my path, my truth, my gifts to give healing, honor and service to the Highest Good in myself and each One I encounter. Everyday is filled with loving creative and inspiring service through writing, teaching, blessing, learning, bringing peace and order, understanding, creating beauty and extending Love. There is no other purpose than to be happy.

For in giving what I have been given, I am content.
In loving those who come to me, I am at peace.
In blessing the world that appears to struggle and suffer, I am of service.
In appreciating and enjoying the life I have, I increase its goodness and beauty.

Always loving us All,
Betty Lue

Do you know why I send these yummy pictures of little children?
To encourage your loving every little child, especially the Innocent One that still lives in you.
I offer these pictures to you to remember:
Love is your natural state.
Joy is your natural state.
Playful curiosity is your natural state.
Wow! this is a wondrous new playground.
See how I spend my time!

Being loved by everyone.
Learning from everything.
Trusting All That Is Given.
Enjoying the joy of it all.

This is Sofia Grace, Gia’s little 4 month old sister.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Healing or Creating?

Reactive or Proactive?
Sustaining or Initiating?
Fixing or Developing?

Are you the maintenance man in your family, your home or at work?
Are you the peacemaker, negotiator or the interpersonal trainer?
Are you trying to make things work or stepping back and following a new tactic?
Are you the one who smoothes things over or uncovers what needs to be forgiven?

Are you the artist, the critic, the buyer or the janitor?

What part do you play in the lives of those who encounter?
Do you provide inspiration and encouragement?
Do you vision, believe and develop something good?
Do you watch and applaud or criticize?
Do you clean up the mess after everyone else is in bed?

Most of the parts we play are unconscious.
They were learned and valued in our family system?
Some parts have lost their initial value and some still are beneficial.
Some parts heal, inspire, create and encourage.
Some parts breed doom and gloom with repeated fear-based story-telling, critical gossip and worry.

We are responsible for what we see and perceive.
We are responsible for what we believe and share.
We are responsible for what we do and how we care.
We are able to respond with our love or our fear.

Changing our minds, our communication and our daily lifestyle does change our world.
Cultivating ideas, sharing constructive possibilities and living in integrity with our values teaches all.
Each of us can establish a mission to create better communication, harmonious relationships, a peaceful home and workplace and hopeful vision for our world.
Each one of us can make a difference and reach out in faith and love and peace to all we encounter.

Questions you might ask:
What can I do today that would be truly helpful?
How can I live today that will be a blessing?
How can I change my interactions to touch others lives?
What can I give myself today that will open my heart to appreciate and find inner joy?

You heal and create a new beginning.
Each day is a new dawn of opportunity to forgive, let go and choose again.

May it be a spring of Love for you,
Betty Lue

The pot of gold lies right in front of you,
when you look for love, beauty and goodness in everything.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Peek a Boo!

Here I am again.
Yes, I have been to Michigan teaching, counseling, inspiring, loving and gathering folks 13-18 hour days.
Yes, I have been working non-stop since I came home.
Laundry is usually done within 3 hours of arriving home.
(This time it was finished 48 hours after arrival.)
I have missed my communications with spirit within and sharing them with You.
I have not been taking adequate time to sleep and eat and play.
I realize this morning I need to slow down for a moment or two.

Now what has me needing to rest?
I have judged others for not giving their best.
I have feelings about others taking advantage of my kindness and generosity.
I made mistakes in communication where I gave everything and others didn't value what was given.
I am judging that I made a mistake in trusting others to respect themselves and me in giving their best.

What is needed now to reclaim my full energy and commitment with no regret?
I forgive my judgments.
I totally forgive myself for allowing myself to feel bad.
I forgive myself for trying to understand what happened.
I choose to remember I must take impeccable care of me to be able to fully care for you.
I commit to always keeping my agreements, taking nothing personally and giving my best.

How do I stay happy and healthy?
I focus on giving my best right now.
I remember I am a gift of Love to be given fully and freely.
I appreciate the gift I am and the opportunity to be of service.
I am kind and compassionate when I make a mistake.
I remember the only mistake I ever make is when I forget to Love.
I choose to Love everyone always, including myself.
I will renew and revitalize today by loving myself and my world in every way.
I now see, feel and express gratitude for it All.

How's this for self disclosure and helpful process!!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Ides of March. Indecision?

Off to Michigan for four days at 4 AM tomorrow morning!!
See schedule below.
If you need me, please call me at #800-919-2392*
No computer or email access! Loving you always.

What do I do?
Where do I go?
How do I get what I want?
What is stopping me?
Why does this always happen to me?
How can I get the love and support I need?
How do I stop getting confused?
What is interfering with my success?

Doubt and fear are the devil's workshop.
The ego, our learned defensive personality, confuses us with doubt to interfere with our ease and success. Some say the EGO is "Edging God Out."
To follow the path of fear will feel like going around in circles, never happy, never fulfilled.

Most children start listening to the external voices of warning and fear and "No" by age four.
Most children stop listening to the Voice for Good and God within to honor their parents.
Most children learn to let fear and avoidance of punishment and disapproval make their decisions.
Most children trust others before they trust themselves.
Most children are not respected nor listened to.
Most children are given many lessons daily to be afraid and few lessons to trust in love.

Questioning, intimidating, playing victim ("poor me" ), and withdrawing or being aloof are all the ego's methods to delay,
distract and difuse your energy, enthusiasm and success.

Where do you begin?
Heal the doubt within.
To build confidence in you, you must first listen to you.

Listen to the fear.
Listen to the need.
Listen to the pain.
Listen to your heart.

You need to love You.
You need to know You.
You need to find the Real You.
You need to honor and respect You.
You need to clear away all the learned voices and listen to the Spirit of Wholeness within.
You need to forgive yourself and others for forsaking your magnificence and theirs.
You need to spend time writing, playing, giving yourself what you really need.
You are a gift. Your life is a gift.

Your joy brings joy.
Your love increases Love.
Your peace gives peace to every other mind.
In your healing and remembering, you are healing us all.

Take the time to know and love and be the wise and loving and amazing beautiful being You Are.
Once you are truly listening and love within, you will know where to go, what to do and how to give.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

March 16-19 with Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. MFT

Spring Theme: "Remembering Love and Celebrating Life"

"Please gather with me sometime during this weekend to remember the Light within you and Celebrate New Life together. By offering choices, I hope there is a perfect time."

March 16 Thursday, Remember Love and Celebrate Wholeness", 7-9PM
March 17 Friday, Coaching &Counseling Consultations with Betty Lue, 7 AM-5PM
March 17 Friday, Gathering of Ministers of Reunion, 7-9PM
March 18 Saturday, Life is Our Ministry: "What Is Your Message?" 9-5PM
March 19 Sunday, Life is Our Ministry: "Now What?" 9-3:30PM

Kalamazoo Gatherings, 5464 Holiday Terrace (Connie Vinci's office, (next door to my hotel) and 2nd Driveway on left, as you turn down Holiday Terrace off S. 11th.)
Kalamazoo Consultations at Hawthorne Suites, 2575 S. 11th St. (Ask for my room.)
Benton Harbor Weekend Workshops, Brookview Montessori,501 Zollar Drive Benton Harbor, MI.
Contact Linda Beushausen; for directions.

Your financial investment pays for the space rental and workshop costs, my travel expenses from California and for the 4 days of time away from my home and professional responsibilities, so I can travel to Michigan. I trust Spirit in You, your inspired guidance, to direct your fair contribution to Reunion Ministries, a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-deduction. I am guided to welcome all who are called.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fickle or Foolish?

Just as the weather changes, so do our emotions.
Just as the tides flow in and out, so does our respiration.
Just as there are moon cycles and seasons, so is there time to sow and time to reap.

When we are in the natural flow of life, there is balance and order.
All things work together for good.
When we are distracted and detoured by fear and/or selfish pleasure, there is imbalance and confusion.
Every upset is a wakeup call to attune and listen to spirit within.

Spiritual guidance provides solutions in which no one loses.
Loving choices consider the Highest Good of all concerned.
Egoic neediness and conflict seek only temporary solutions.
Human personality often seeks simply to defend and pleasure itself.

To listen to your emotional as though this would provide the best answer is foolish.
Your quiet mind and open heart will provide a space in which the highest and best guidance is received.
Impulsive, fear-based quick fixes, threats and demands only bury the healing under more fear.
Reflect and contemplate what will yield no regret, but give all concerned peace and love.

Sometimes we are told to listen only to our rational mind.
Sometimes we are advised to listen only to our feelings.
Both provide input, both learned and culturally conditioned.
However neither contains all that is needed to serve the Highest Good.

What is missing is a bigger picture, an over view or Super Vision.
Are you able to see beyond your own perspective?
If not have you sought and listened to others viewpoints?
Are you considering what is truly what you would want for the outcome?

When you listen for spiritual Guidance, you are given solutions that encompass all time and all beings.
Your answers are principle-centered and ethically correct.
The inner vision you are given demonstrates how all will benefit.
You are serving just you or the whole of humanity by how you live.

Be neither fickle or foolish.
There are no rigid rules for living well.
But there are guiding principles that serve the Greater Good.

Betty Lue

Monday, March 13, 2006

Whole Life Perspectives

Yes this reminder took about 12 minutes to write directly onto my computer.
I listened, learned and remembered, just like you.
I do not edit or correct unless I happen to see a missed letter or word.
I share these reminders with you because and Spirit in me and you has invited me to do so.
If you ever wish to be removed from my list, ask.
If you find what is written is not true for you, delete.
If you are upset because you are not living the best way for you, forgive yourself and choose again.
Waste no energy on being angry, guilty or ashamed. Let go with compassion and love yourself well.
I am loving you and me and all in the best way I know. May you simply choose the best way you know.
Betty Lue

I am being called this AM to give a whole life perspective.
Few know life from this vantage point.
You are those who remember and seek to know.

Life on earth is a learning laboratory, like a space station in time.
We are responsible for how we respond to everything we experience.
Our thoughts, emotions and behaviors and those of others create the interactive experience.
One might see this as a test tube where we are both the scientific researchers and guinea pigs.
In our consciousness we can observe and learn what works. In our conscious response-ability we can let go of what doesn't work and repeat and enjoy what does work for us.
In our unconscious we may feel at effect or victimized by our mistakes and/or feel guilty and get stuck.
The key to life's ease and fulfillment is forgiving all mistakes (ours and others) and being grateful.
Appreciation increases everything we value and appreciate.
Gratitude amplifies and adds value.
Our body is a temporary space suit to be used during our walk in space and time.
To keep our body space suit in good repair ensures our pleasure in this learning process.
Some who come are beginners, some are more aware, some are teachers and some are volunteers.
All have something of value to give and receive, teach and learn.
There is no one less or greater, everyone is a integral aspect of the hologram, the whole picture.
God and faith are our best description for what we cannot find with our senses, but know within.
When we feel connected, we remember and are empowered.
When we feel separate, we forget and feel victimized.
Our holy work here is to remember and remind one another by our loving interactions.
Our holy undoing here is to let go of past disconnections and destructive unconsciousness.

Offer no one what might do them harm.
(You don't give a knife to a baby.)
Everyone is in their place of awareness because it is what they can handle successfully.
Wait until you are asked for advice. Most will resist or feel judged incapable.
Offer the best you know. No value in withholding. This may be the only opportunity to give.
Communicate clearly your intention, after you clarify within no selfish motives.
Honor all people with respect and dignity, especially those with whom you live and work.
Give yourself the best in thoughts, words and behavior. Stop self punishment and destructive behavior.
To love is to trust and free. Trust in your intrinsic Goodness and free your creative potential.
Create only goodness, wholeness and love in all things.
When you look on your life, smile with appreciation and know "THIS IS GOOD."

Blessing All with Love,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Clean Up Your Life

Clear the Clutter from your space.
Drop distractions and drama.
Heal habitual self sabotage.
Cease chronic complaints and criticism.
Let go of limiting habits and attitudes.

When we have no where to go and nothing to do, we often fall into unconscious unhealthy habits.
When born to parents who love us, but do not know how to love themselves well, we adopt their ways.
When we seek to belong to our clan and our culture, we learn to follow along like cattle.
When we don't know a better way, we choose the path of least resistance, the known and customary.

To revitalize your life, let go of the dead stuff.
To be reborn to happy inspired loving, allow the past to be forgiven and forgotten.
To be renewed in Spirit, transform your thinking by releasing your conformity to the ordinary.
To be healed of unhealthy and re-wounding habits, give up one each month.

Make the letting go, a daily ritual.
Start your day recommitting to whatever y has you.
Devote your time to what is healthy for you…
Fill you mind with activities that inspire and fulfill you.

Laziness or unconsciousness is a product of getting comfortable with routines.
When we do the same thing in the same way, we lose choice, growth and gratitude.
Bring novelty into your practice… in showering, dressing, preparing food or talking on the phone.
Awaken your mind from its sleep mode, by being aware of each moment and its choices.

What is currently preventing me from having a safe, fun and easy life?
What could I stop thinking, doing or saying that would benefit me?
What am I willing to choose to fully support my happiness?
What one thing can I now release that inspire confidence, health and fulfillment?

Often clearing one obstacle opens the door to so much more.
Often one positive choice empowers us to honor our life purpose.
Often forgiving ourselves for one mistake frees us to love ourselves again.
Often choosing to give ourselves the gift of service to others, revitalizes our energy.

What problem are you hiding behind?
What pain are you using to excuse your absence?
What panacea are you allowing to detour and distract you?
What are you willing to let go?

I know you know.
I know you can.
I know you will.

Remember You are Love ItSelf.
Betty Lue

Remember you can call for brief coaching or counseling in person or on the phone.
Letting go can be fun, safe and easy! 800-919-2392

Contrary to what some people might believe, there is nothing wrong with having pleasures and enjoyments.
What is wrong is the confused way we grasp onto these pleasures, turning them from a source of happiness into a source of pain and dissatisfaction.

-Lama Thubten Yeshe, "Introduction to Tantra"

Here is a novel way to drink your spilled juice.
It made us all laugh with delight..

Are you laughing at your silliness?

Laughter dissolves fear and resistance.

Laughter heals and helps you remember what is real!

Try it. You might laugh too! And that would be fun!!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Badgering and Begging

Complaining and whining are simply one way to get attention.
Badgering and begging are one way to get what you want.
Children use these methods, when they get results.
Family systems develop communication methodologies which work for them.

When behavior is rewarded, it is reinforced.
When behavior is ignored, it is extinguished.
(Sometimes on first try and sometimes after some time.)
Ask yourself what are you reinforcing in your relationships?

Children may whine and cry, plead and bargain.
Adults may complain, threaten, demand and convince.
The truly needy and "helpless" may beg, barter, look pitiful and cry.
What you reward with attention, goods, and sympathy will be continued.

Persistence is a positive trait and will eventually lead to desired outcome.
Faith and hope are valuable to keep us going on our journey to success.
We have a culture which currently rewards the squeaky wheel and the most needy.
Perhaps its origin is at home with our children.

Communication means "coming together in understanding as one."
Our grandchildren do not need to cry, because they are heard and respected.
Their needs are honored and met with loving response.
They need not beg for attention or cry to be heard.
In my family of origin and the families and working centers I have create since childhood, there is no complaining, arguing, convincing, begging or threatening.
There is request and response, sometimes discussion with each person communicating their own needs.
Problem solving is needed occasionally in order to find a solution in which all parties win.
People speak with one another in an adult way, even as children.

In your life, are you giving everyone in your family the respect they deserve?
When you see another's body language or facial expression, how do you respond?
Are you noticing what needs are calling to be met by the most conscious and loving One?
Are you willing to honor and treat others as you want to be treated?
Do you respect someone when they tell you "no"?
Are you willing to say "no" to others without fearing disapproval?
Can you begin to build all your relationships to support honest open communication and respect.?
Are you willing to create solutions in which no one loses?
Do you seek first to stand before bing understood?
Do you listen for other's needs as much as your own?
Can you give up all complaining, whining, badgering, begging, demanding and threatening?
Are you open to reward respectful and mature requests and ignore or educate those who are unaware?
Can you give up the habit of needing to be right?

I am trusting we can and will teach our children to respect themselves with all requests.
I bless you in teaching by your example with your thoughts, words and interactions.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Give the people you love better words when they forget how to ask respectfully.

Wow! Grandpa got me a new ball!
I know how to roll it back and forth with him.

Grandma laughs and claps for me.

Thank you Grandpa! I love it!
Let’s play together!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Early Mornings

Those of you who are awakened in the middle of the night or early morning and cannot sleep, are being called to get up and listen to the Voice of God. Holy Spirit, Love, God, your Elder Brother, Higher Power,
Infinite Intelligence, Allah, and Buddha, live within you. Love speaks to you all through your day and even in the night, but our listening is trained on the outer voices rather than the inner voice of Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty within.

Take some quiet time to listen.
And what you hear, should be written or will be forgotten or dismissed by the ego.
What you hear must be acted upon in order to be reinforced and to strengthen your listening ability.

I suggest the same time and same place everyday with your same pen and piece of paper.
If you hear nothing at first meeting, wait.
If you hear your own doubts and questions, write them down.
You need to be willing to listen to all that is wanting to be heard.
The Voice for healing and Goodness is there waiting for a quiet moment to be received by you.

You will know what is True, because it is consistently loving, gentle, peaceful and reassuring.
The Inner Voice is there for you to remind you that you are loved no matter what.

I am here to remind you to listen within.
I know you can because I DO.
I began in 1977 and have continued daily ever since.
Life works when we are guided by the One who knows only our Good.
Life is fun, safe and easy when we listen to One who loves us and wants us happy.
Life is a beautiful and holy creative experience when we are willing to play our part.
Life works when we forgive all judgment and rely on the Love and direction of Spirit.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Off to be with Gia and baby Sofia all day.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Can You Feel It?

Spring is coming!
Are you awakening?
Fear is thawing.
Anger is heating up the Earth.
Impatience is pushing us into doing something Good.
Emotions are starting to flow with expression of forgiveness.
Frustrations are felt as earthquakes in consciousness.
We are listening and hearing the lies and quiet deception.
We are watching one another to find safety in sharing.
We do care.
We want Peace.
We seek to Love.
We want to heal.
We are tired of letting fear lead us over the cliff.
(Stampeding cattle follow the herd to their death.)

Let us stop and look around us.
Let us be grateful for the love in our lives.
Let us seek guidance from our courageous spirits.
Let us rejoice in this time of renewal and new life.

During LENT, Let's Eliminate Negative Thinking. (Robert Schuller)
Let us forgive and let go of what is not working.
Let us release and bless what no longer serves the greater Good.
Let us fast from our doubts, fears, regrets and complaints.
Let us stop and look with respect.
Let us listen and affirm with faith.
Let us vision and believe we can achieve.
Peace on Earth, beginning in our own hearts and minds.
Abundant Love, beginning with out own words and deeds.
Bountiful Joy, beginning with our daily appreciation for All That Is.

Let the Spring begin with me,
Betty Lue

MASTERMIND: The Power of Co-Creation at Work!
This is a group experience to which you bring any desired goal, vision or healing for yourself or others.
It is a series of 6 weeks, committed, because it depends on group participation and focus.
Mastermind intention is to use group vision, affirmation, support, and faith to manifest our vision for ourselves and our world.

MasterMind begins on Thursday Eves, March 23 from 7-8:30PM, six weeks. Contribution.
Betty Lue will facilitate and teach the participants to continue this or lead other groups, if they wish.

See pure love and joy and peace below in Harper’s face.
This lives in you perhaps covered with learning what is untrue.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I am not a storyteller, because I don't remember the story. I remember what I value.
When I experience life, I seek to find LOVE. Learning to Love is what touches me.
When I hear a joke, it is the laughter and delight of the teller that reaches me and lifts my Spirit.
When I hear your story (your history), I get a picture of how you see and feel about yourself.
When I look at the world through human eyes (judging), I see what is believed and stuck with emotion.
When I look at my life, I see what I value and want to remember and I let the rest go with blessing.
The rest are experiences that have honed, shaped, strengthened and helped me to understand humanity.
All my life experiences, both negative and positive, represent my quest to remember only Love.

I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the LOVE that sent me.

I don't have to worry about what to say or do, because the LOVE that sent me always directs me.

I am content to be wh
erever LOVE wishes, knowing that LOVE goes there with me.
I am healed and remember my HOLINESS, when I let LOVE teach me to heal my perceptions and see only HOLINESS.

Adapted from A Course in Miracles

Where we judge, we hold attack or expectation.
What we remember, we hold as investment or identification.
What we seek, we hold as carrot and silent motivation.
What we depend on, we hold as captive and savior for our survival.
What we crave, we hold as excuse and urgent distraction.
What we tell, we hold as gift and sacred message.

In truth, I tell what I am remembering, learning, creating, building and enjoying.
In truth, I share the highest gifts of inspiration and co-creation of which I am aware.
In truth, I own nothing, but rather allow everything to be perceived through forgiving eyes.
In truth, I forgive all to clear my vision and see what is whole and good and beautiful.
In truth, to see less that the gift within would give me nothing of value to give to you.

I am here to be truly and totally of service.
In serving my ego self, I care for the body/personality vehicle which serves the Greater Good.
In caring for my worldly tasks and responsibilities, I minimize distractions along my Higher Path.
In treating my family and friends with love and respect, I do honor to all humanity as my Self.

Indeed there is no time more special than this moment now.
There is no relationship of greater value than the one before me.
There is no place of more significance that the holy place on which I stand.
The gift of Healing is now.
The gift of Holiness is here.
The gift of Peace is All.

You are loved,
Betty Lue

To all you story tellers, I bless your good work.
Stories will be remembered for the message and the experience received by the teller and the listener.
So tell what you want to be remembered and valued.

What are
you searching for the the toy box of life? Are you having fun, yet?

Monday, March 06, 2006

How Do I Know?

This is a very abbreviated expose of my human experiences.
I have personally known illness, death, hospice, great pain, surgery and near death, bankruptcy, divorce, attempted murder, infidelity, deception, fraud, being scammed, burglary, vandalism, fear, single-parenting, food stamps, tragedy, police, courts and prison, exclusion, prejudice, husband's illness and disability, protecting a loved one, being judged falsely, having and having not, abandonment, and more.
All of this was experienced in this lifetime for myself or for those in my presence.

I have experienced living a very human existence.
With these experiences came human thoughts and moments of human emotion.
What may make these experiences different for me is that with each one, I was called to go to a Higher Power, a place of inner peace, and experience profound forgiveness, release and return to love.
I perceived each experience as reminding me to return to Love, wherever there is a call for Love.
I perceived each hurt as an opportunity to grow in faith and strengthen my courage to be the Love I Am.
I perceived each relationship as a holy encounter, calling forth from the most conscious One, LOVE.

"My Spirit greets You. My heart rejoices."
We are in a holy relationship in which we are here solely to remind one another of our Holiness.

This is the Truth.
No matter what the difficulty, no matter how painful the wound, no matter how upset we may feel, the only healing response is Love.
Even though I may be busy, pre-occupied, focused on my own work or thoughts or needs, my Spirit is ever present with yours.
Even though I may appear to be physically absent or attending to others, I am with you.
Every one is special. Every relationship is sacred. Every moment is healing. Every word has meaning. Every thought is a prayer or affirmation. Every action is teaching all others.

The worldly knowledge I have acquired through literally thousands of hours of training, certification, workshops, and supervised programs is nothing in comparison to the inner wisdom bestowed on me in any moment of listening within. While I have learned much from thousands of clients and hundreds of workshops I have designed and facilitated, my primary resource remains my inner guidance in each moment. While I have written now over 2200 Loving Reminders and thousands of pages of handouts for workshops and classes, what I value most is my peaceful mind, my open heart and my trust in the inspired wisdom that lives in me and speaks through me.

I am learning everyday in everyway…
from the clouds and the colors of the sun on the many shades of green,
from the sounds of laughter and intense looks of innocence and trust in our babies,
from the voices on the phone or in my presence, when I hear the call for help,
from the little acts of loving kindness and dignified service to elders in our community,
from how my energy flows and grows when there is a need, and rests when I have need,
from bills to be paid and money that comes in to fill the account so I know All is well,
from Robert's gentle touch as I pass by to remind me personally, I am his Beloved,
from your notes and prayers, your love and cares, shared with me, knowing I am Your Sister.

I freely offer inspired wisdom, because I know nothing.
I am willing to share the Love I have and the gifts I am freely given, trusting in the abundant and eternal supply,
Betty Lue

Free Holistic Clinic this Sunday, March 12.
Appointments 2-6PM with Robert and Betty Lue. 800-919-2392

We support you in remembering your wholeness physically, mentally, spiritually. We are partners in realizing our intrinsic wellness through freely giving to one another. We join you in realizing your desired outcome, through the co-creative process of undoing what is no longer of value.

Amazing! I wonder how I got in there? There I am and there you are! Wow! Life is a mirror with perfect reflection!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Glitches, Delays, Miscommunication?

It is fun to find an easy excuse to let go, accept and trust what is. So let's try a favorite, when three times a year when Mercury goes retrograde. Right now it may seem crazy, confusing, broken mechanical stuff, email, contracts, missed appointments, mixups and even traffic seeming messed up…….Try this!

"It's that time again: Mercury turned retrograde on March 2, and will continue its apparent backward journey until the 25th. Better dust off all the standard Mercury-retrograde cautions: Back up computer files and go the extra mile to express yourself clearly. When the Communication Planet is in reverse, it can feel like productivity is in park! But no two retrogrades are the same -- and Mercury's latest move makes this a crucial time to strike new balance.
Mercury retrograde is always cause for introspection -- even more so as it takes place in Pisces, the imaginative final sign of the zodiac. The Fish swim through deep, dreamy waters, so pay close attention to your subconscious cues for the next few weeks. Reason may be particularly obscured, but as typical modes of communication become tricky, we'll all benefit from indulging those creative sides! Of course, the planets love a good curveball: On March 4, Jupiter, ruler of values, also turns retrograde (until July 6). With Jupiter's social aspects highlighted -- and its typical grandeur toned down -- now's the time to realistically reevaluate your belief system: What's crucial to your role in the bigger social picture ... and what's holding you back?
Put it all together, and what do you get? A golden opportunity not only to immerse yourself in your dreams, but also to season them with a pinch of reality."

Taking total responsibility for our experiences may mean being totally able to respond to whatever comes along.

If tired, sick, upset, fearful or angry, responses will be reactive, coming from fear, rather than peace.
If inspired, happy and connected, responses will be forgiving, flowing, listening and accepting.

Whenever life seems to be different than we expect, hope, create and affirm, our work is to let go, and honor flow.
Interruptions and glitches are opportunities to stop and listen within.
Misunderstandings and missed communication are reminders to forgive and communicate clearly.
Broken contracts and agreements are places to respect, rethink and choose again.
Malfunctioning stuff are a place we can give gratitude, choose for greater care and be creative.

Everything that upsets our plans, expectations and assumptions is a wakeup call.
Life is our learning laboratory with mistakes and misperceptions.
We can become more aware, more honest, more present, more forgiving and more peaceful.
We can remember to let Love lead the way to patience, open-mindedness and appreciation.
We can choose to trust the Voice within and be fully present with what is.

Life is a grand teacher.
We are the willing students.
The choice is to learn easily and be happy or with resistance and be miserable.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Babies are happy willing learners.
Now, how do I get in for a nap? I wonder what’s back here. Let’s take a closer look!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Creation, Maintenance or Destruction

Is you life inspired, creative, moving, expressive and alive?
Is your life supportive, comfortable, complacent, easy and functional?
Is your life in chaos, turmoil, conflicted and falling apart?

Whatever your life may seem to be, you are here to see, accept and participate in the process.
Every moment is yours to respond to, as you will.
Where you judge good, you may attach and want more.
Where you judge bad, you may resist and want to avoid.
Where you judge OK, you may rest and renew your energy.

Both desire for more and resistance may interfere with the natural flow.
Desire for more pushes us to effort and miss appreciation for what is.
Resistance causes us to slow the flow of life.

To be alive is to engage with the life we have.
To be trusting is to let go of fear and doubt.
To be freeing is to understand all things work together for good.
To be loving is to know life is a gift and every moment is an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy.
To be healing is to recognize every relationship is to heal the separation and recognize the One We Are.
To be creative is to forgive all mis-creation and value creating what is good and beautiful and holy for all.

We choose how we experience our lives by how we respond to what we have.
What we have is the gift we have given ourselves to learn our next holy lesson.
What we give is what we have learned from our responses to life.
What we learn is what we see and know when we have forgiven all judgments.
What we are responsible for is everything we have received from which we learn.

Are you learning?
Are you listening?
Are you responding?
Are you appreciating?
Are you giving?
Are you trusting?
Are you healing?
Are you creating?

For those who say, "yes", you are engaged in living.
For those who say, "maybe" you are considering being fully alive.
For those who say, "no", you may be wishing you were not here….

Stop judging and you will see everything differently.
Creative possibilities exist beyond your judging mind.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Coming to Kalamazoo and St. Joseph, Michigan March 16-19 for consultations and workshops.
Let me know if you want to know more to be able to join me there.....Loving you.

You can be happy and content, expressive and alive!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Natural Innocence of Children

Are you hurting, restless or addicted?
The diagnosis may be a lack of being a child.

The prescription may be to attend to your inner ch
The ou
tcome may be a happy being, healthy liver, curious and eager learner and loving giver.

Why do I show you pictures of the children?
Yes, they are my grandchildren…and so are all children on the planet "my children and grandchildren"!
Yes, I am delighted with them each in unique ways and I totally enjoy my time with them.
And the truth is, I totally enjoy my time with each one of you, each in unique ways.
Yes, I learn a so many wonderful things about myself and the mystery of humanity from them.
And I learn much from each client, student and person I encounter casually.

What children give us is the reminder of pure love, fresh curiosity and total focus.
What children give us is the freedom of expression and the wonder of exploration.

What children give us is great sensitivity to the energies and natural "chi" in and around everything
What children give us is the opportunity to teach useless rules or learn great simple joys.

I know many illnesses, boredom and depression, addiction and destructive habits can be cleared by remembering to be as a child.
I know much of our lostness, wounding and separation can be healed by awakening our inner child.
I know much of our attraction to unhealthy living can be cured by remembering innocent loving.

Children teach us.
We are here to learn.
Remember Love….and Return to Wholeness.
(This is the primary theme of the work I do through Reunion Ministries.)

Where do we begin to remember what has been forgotten, withheld, kept locked in a dark closet within?
"Allow the little children to come unto me"
"Be as a child and the kingdom of heaven is near."
"Love is freedom (the free expression of a child) and Love is trust (the natural knowing and exploring).

Can you give yourself permission?……
Squeal with great glee at something you delight in.
Buy some crayons or chalk and scribble all you want.

Sit in a mea
dow or your back yard and watch everything around you.
Just play and splash when you take a bath or shower.

Eat with you fingers and
spit out what you don't like.
Get all excited when you see people you love come into the room.

Enjoy a
t all the colorful energy around plants and pets and people.
Cry or groan or make a face when someone says or does something that doesn't feel good and loving.

Sleep when y
ou are tired, eat when you are hungry and cry when you feel bad.
Enjoy every minute you are just being you.

Loving you,
Grandma Betty Lue

Life is like exploring this new climbing structure.....
Lots of holes to look through, new vistas to reach, sisters and brothers to find, moments of joy to share, different perspectives to have and ....sometimes we fall down and get hurt. But so much to look forward to, we forget, get up and move on with present moment joy. B’Lue

Thursday, March 02, 2006


What does commitment do?
To what or to whom are you committed?

To me, commitment means:
Commitment means never quitting.
Commitment means giving your all.
Commitment means devoting your resources-time, money and energy.
Commitment means mind, body and Spirit.
Commitment means thinking, speaking and living with an intention for fulfillment.
Commitment means knowing, loving and being respectful and responsible.

Commitment is more than an agreement, more than a temporary choice.
Commitment is more than a desire or wish.
Commitment is not conditional on circumstance or changes of mind.
Commitment is with the full understanding of the changing nature of life.
Commitment is unconditional and sincere, sacred and significant.
I choose my commitments according to the inner direction of Spirit.

If commitments were temporary, then it would not be a commitment but a temporary agreement.
Agreements are usually based on what works in the moment.
Agreements can be easily changed or broken, (best done with full communication.)
Most marriages, business partnerships are conditional agreements, to be changed when they no longer suit the parties involved.
Commitments are meant to be lasting and lifetime.
Commitments are often mission and life purpose.
Commitments are best spiritually guided and principle centered.

Are you committed to people or principles?
Are you committed to promises and vision or to actualization and fulfillment?
Are you to today's diet or everyday healthy living?
Are you committed to someone's loving personality or to creating a sustained healing relationship?
Are you committed to achieve today's rewards or always do your best?
Are you committed to following the behaviors of your culture or to living your highest principles?
Are you committed to love when you feel like it or to love your Self, your Source and others with all your heart and mind and soul?

Are you willing to be committed to your calling, your mission and your life purpose or will you follow the path of human desire, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns?
Life is fun when you are living what you value.
Life is safe when you fear and attack no one and nothing.
Life is easy when you listen to spirit within and follow the high way.

I am committed to love.
I am committed to trust the Good in All That Is.
I am committed to free my thoughts, perceptions and behaviors from limitation, lack and littleness.
I am committed to let love, the Spirit of God and Goodness, lead my life.
I know in this I am loving Source, I am loving Self and I am loving You.

Committed to Love,
Betty Lue

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Please call or email to register, limited space, and unlimited learning and fun.

Yup! We are learning to ride our elephant.
What are you learning today?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Love is always present

Just like the sun hiding behind the clouds, or in the dark of night, the sun shines, though we cannot see it.
Loving is natural for all beings, created by Love and remembering our Creator.
Only when we get lost or disconnected from our Creator, do we forget who we are.
Only when we mistakenly think there is another unloving creator, do we think others are not Love.
Our work here is to remember.
Our work here is to trust.
Our work here is to forgive the clouds and shine away the darkness.

When all have forgotten, there will be no one to remember.
You and I are here to remind one another.
We are here to keep the flame of hope alive, to rekindle what was dimmed by fear and forgetfulness.
We are here to remind those who have forgotten or perhaps never knew their Source!

When those you know are behaving or speaking or thinking in ways that appear unloving, remember…
You are the conscious One.
You are the one who remembers.
You are the light of the world to awaken and ignite other Lights.
You are the One who can love, where there is a lack of Love.

"Why are you always the One?
When will it be your turn to be loved?

Why do you have to remember to love?

When can you rest and let others love you?"

God rests only when everyone remembers and realizes the Reality of Love.

Be the cause of Love in your life.
Be the cause of Love in your world.
Be the cause of Love being remembered and realized.
Be the cause.

We are all here for the same holy purpose.
Some of us get it.
Some of us don't.
Some get it and want to forget it.
Some get it and celebrate our remembering.

We are here to love.
We are here to heal with Love.
We are here to awaken with Love.
We are here to strengthen our Love.

Life is for giving Love.
You are the gift of Love.
It is in giving the Love you are that you fully recognize the Power of your Loving Presence.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Loving you with a love that is real and true and forever,
Betty Lue

I have three teeth now and a face full of my maple teething biscuit.
I love laughing at my Grandma..And my sister is still napping!