Sunday, July 31, 2022



My words make a difference.

My thoughts and words influence others.

My Essence communicates with the Essence in others.

We are learning and healing from and with one another.

Why Are You Here?

Do you ask yourself?

Do you want to be here?

Do you judge where you are?

Do you value being who you are?

We are here on purpose.

We choose to learn and grow.

We choose to help and heal

We choose to hear and know.

Do you pay attention?

Do you learn from everyone?

Do you help others?

Do you listen to you own inner voice?

Our presence is valuable.

We can choose each day.

We can be victims or victorious.

We can drown or swim.

Are you conscious about what you do and say?

Do you observe how your words effect others?

Are you aware of how you are creating your experience?

Do you see what your thoughts do to your feelings and behavior?

We came to Learn.

We are in this school to learn how life works.

We came to learn about ourselves.

We can pay attention, listen, observe and know.

Are you helping others?

Are you aware of how your thoughts can heal?

Do you see that what you say and do makes a difference?

Do you know what you do for another, you are doing for all humanity?

We are here to learn and heal ourselves.

When we help another, we are helping ourselves.

What we teach, we are learning and reminding us.

What we give, we receive.

Are you responsible?

Are you a victim of your circumstances?

Are you strong to speak up?

Do you dare to change or rearrange what is wrong?

We are able to respond with love to all things.

We can make the change we want to be.

We can say and do what is true for us.

We can change ourselves and our circumstances.

Trusting in your willingness to correct your misperceptions and judgments.

Always open and willing to respond with my best.

Betty Lue

Saturday, July 30, 2022



I am inspired to be truly helpful.

To serve another is to serve ourselves.

Love is the answer whatever the request.

Life is for Giving and I Am the Gift.

Are You Truly Helpful?


When we give what we genuinely want to receive, we can be helpful.

When we give what we think they need, we may be judging.

When we give what we hope will fix or change them, we may be interfering.

When we give what we are inspired to share without expectation, we will be caring.

The fine points of helpfulness are intertwined with beliefs, opinions, past history and experience. 

Parent and child helpfulness can be meddling.

Husband and wife helpfulness can be nagging.

Co-worker or neighbor helpfulness can be showing off.

Every form of helping can be construed in different ways by every recipient.

Some people feel loved and valued when someone helps.

Some people feel irritated and interfered with help.

Some people ignore and resist being helped.

Whether adult or child, needing help or not, everyone reacts or responds differently.

We all have experiences where help is not helpful.

We each have times when others try to fix or change us.

We may have experienced that helpfulness comes from a need to control.

Whether helper or recipient, we need to respect whether help is truly helpful.

We need to communicate what is wanted and what is not helpful.

We need to appreciate the positive thoughts in being helpful.

We need to enjoy the connection of compassion and kindness.

Before being helpful, consider if you would want the same.

“In this situation, would I appreciate someone helping me?”

Before proceeding with trying to be helpful, ask for permission.

“ May I help you?”

Before judging that the help you want to give is truly helpful, ask.

“I would like to …..   Would that be helpful to you?”

Before  offering, ask if the helpfulness is coming from a judgmental perspective.

“ Are you helping in a way that empowers or disempowers the other?”

Too often, parents, partners and well-meaning friends interfere without asking permission.

Often people ignore and step away from caring and sharing because they don’t know what to do.

Sometimes, people overdo, sacrifice and martyr themselves in doing for others and create guilt.

There are those who need to help, care, and do for their own self esteem and peace of mind.

Consider if your caring and helpfulness are coming from Love, Trust and Freedom or from Fear.

Consider if you believe and trust the other or distrust and want to control the recipient.

Pay attention to your intention in helping, advising, fixing or making decisions for others.

Be willing to listen to what others really want and may be afraid to request.

Suggestions for Helpfulness:

1) Wait until clearly asked or invited to help. 

2) Provide privacy and confidentiality and clarify any limitations.

3) Listen for exactly what is wanted: Listening, advice, information, compassion or spiritual support.

4) Set a specific time frame for the sharing and helping.

4) Request feedback in gratitude, compensation, application to life rather than being disregarded.

Remember to give time and energy to those who receive with respect and gratitude.

All I give is given to myself.

Loving to help, serve, guide, inspire and encourage.

Betty Lue

Friday, July 29, 2022



I forgive myself for interfering with anyone’s right to choose.

My Love sets us all free to choose with freedom and trust.

I learn from everyone and teach the highest and best I know.

I listen within and honor Unconditional Love, Heartfelt Service and Remembering the Good in All.

Let Us Appreciate!

Stop criticizing.

Criticism interferes.

Complaining is draining.

Judging blocks the flow of creativity.

Appreciation opens and expands.

Gratitude fulfills.

Love heals and reveals.

Valuing makes all things better.

Politics is meant to give everyone a voice.

Voting is always about your personal choice.

Choosing what is right and good for you is good for all.

Coming together united for the highest Good dissolves the need to fight.

We all have a right to be heard.

When we listen to one another, there is no need to fight.

When child and parent disagree, it is respectful to listen fully.

When partners are not on the same page, it is essential to read the other’s page.

I listen and I am clear.

I listen for what rings true for me.

I listen for integrity in you and in me.

I relinquish the need to be critical, belligerent or demanding.

I trust in the end what is for the highest Good will be the outcome.

Everyone will learn and awaken to what benefits all.

We are here to be helpful to one another.

We can join to learn and teach, listen and respond for the greater Good.

I listen for the call for help, education. inspiration and for love.

I listen for what represents the inner principles of each person.

I listen for where there is sincerity and simple inner truth.

I listen so I can always respond for each individual’s highest calling.

Not only in politics is it necessary to voice your choice.

It is essential in employment, with customers, therapists, doctors, teacher, parents and partners.

Together we make a difference, because we learn from one another.

Everyone can benefit by knowing more, being open and willing to more.

Let us commit to walking in the others’ shoes and listening for their fears, tears and joy.

Let us agree to disagree when what we see is different.

Let us join in respect, ability to respond freely and cooperating for a higher Good.

We are called to be united in our choice to honor our differences and live in peace and unity.

I love, trust, respect and appreciate our differences.

Betty Lue

Key Questions to ask your Self:

1) What do I want to do better?

2)  What am I willing to do better?

3)  How can I practice doing better?

When in an intense situation:

1)  What can I learn?

2)  How can I be helpful?

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Dependency and Co-Dependency

Researchers say: 90 % of all families are Dysfunctional or CoDependent.


My love sets me free to love without end.

I love and share this love as a natural gift of my being.

Love is my natural state.

We are born in Love as Love for the holy purpose of Loving.

Dependent and/or Co-Dependent?

Do you need to be needed?

Do you need someone to love you and care for you?

Are you dependent on people, places or things?

Are you aware of how vulnerable or insecure you feel?

What can you do to rely on you?

How can you turn your life into a secure way of living?

Do you have a schedule, routine or something to rely on?

Are you willing to take responsibility for the quality of your life?

Whenever we feel dependent on someone or something, we will feel vulnerable.

To depend on the reliability of others will open the way for insecurity.

Those who learn to manage their own lives have less fear, anxiety and dependency needs.

Consider what or who you can trust no matter what.

Is it helpful to yourself and others to be needy?

Are you here to become your own person or to let someone else guide you?

Do you need to be loved by another or can you actually love yourself?

Do you need someone to need you to be worthy of being loved?

Often you may rely on the advice of others.

You may need others to care for you.

People depend on another or the government for finances.

You may have learned to lean on another and stay dependent.

Consider whether you want someone to depend on you.

Do you encourage others’ addictions or dependency?

Are you aware of how you want to control people who need you?

Some depend on others to be dependent on you.

Help your children to become independent and grow up.

Help partners to develop their own gifts and talents.

With independence come strength, courage, and consciousness.

Learn to be independent to feel Self confidence and self respect..

You can be attached to another and want to keep them dependent on you.

You can need to feel better about yourself by taking care of others.

You can be addicted to the feeling of being needed.

You can choose again to set yourself and others free to learn from life.

Dependent love is usually restrictive and limiting.

Conditional love is based on what others do or don’t do.

Independent love is trusting and freeing.

Unconditional love has no limits and simply loves for the sake of loving.

I trust you to learn from your own mistakes.

I trust you to create your own life movie.

I free you to find your own right path.

I free you to enjoy your own journey.

For me Love is Trust and Freedom.

That is what I choose for myself.

That is my desire for you.

Enjoy your own movie.

Loving you as I love myself!,

Betty Lue

Let us forgive our own mistakes and choose again for a better way!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Do Not Assume!


I free myself by freeing you.

I trust you are freeing me too.

Everyone learns to feel safe and whole, as I learn to just let go.

I easily release all expectations, judgments and assumptions. And simply Love!

Make No Assumptions!

Don’t expect others to know what you know.

Don’t expect others to believe what you believe.

Don’t expect others to live the way you live.

Don’t expect others to do what you would do.

Everyone is different.

Everyone has a different beliefs and goals.

Everyone has different set of values and standards.

Everyone has their own inner dialogue and sense of themselves.

We really can make no assumptions about anyone.

Different strokes for different folks.

Some are formal and some informal.

Some are assertive and some are passive.

Some play victim and some play aggressor.

Some speak out and some stay quiet.

Some are respectful and some don’t care.

Some are needy and some are greedy.

Some feel alone and some want to be alone.

Some are certain and some are doubtful.

Some are independent and some independent.

Some want more and some want less.

Some know nothing and some know everything.

Some like to make their bed each day and some find that a waste of energy.

Some like to sit down at the table to eat a balanced meal and some graze on whatever is available.

Some life to do things quickly and some like to take their time.

Some think about things and some just want to do it without a lot of thinking.

Some overdo and some under do.

Some like and some hate.

Some stick to themselves and some relate.

Some change every day and some stay the same.

Some are demanding and some laissez faire.

Some lead and some follow.

And then it all changes all the time anyway.

There are so many personality differences, we cannot possibly understand anyone else.

And it may take a lifetime to know ourselves.

We may study, observe, do therapy, change our persona and we still are evolving.

Such is the nature of life

The safer we feel, the more we reveal.

The more we reveal, the faster we heal.

The faster we heal, the happier we are.

The happier and safer we are, the more we change and unfold and blossom into our fullness.

So let’s give each other the space to fully be.

Let us choose to live in harmony with all the difference colors and textures and flavors and sounds.

Life is a tapestry of unique expressions of being.

Let us stop judging and just let everyone be.

In our willingness to be, we can live in wholeness and harmony.

Loving you and loving me, we believe in freedom and trust.

We create a safe zone in ourselves where everyone is free.

What a wonderful gift of life when we let everyone simply be.

Betty Lue

Four Agreements.

1. Make No Assumptions. 

2. Keep Your Agreements. 

3. Take Nothing Personally. 

4. Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Do what allows you to feel good about You.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Ask Yourself

I write and share these Loving Reminders for all of us to use!

The affirmations are for you to read aloud or silently.

They will become part of you when you clear your resistance.

Consider learning to use affirmations daily. 

(Ask me how they work best!)


I love being me.

I show up for myself.

I pay attention and listen to my Self.

I choose what is right and good for me.

Have You Asked Yourself?

Where are you going?

Where have you been?

What are you doing?

What have you done?

Who are you being?

Who have you been?

How are you changing?

How have you changed?

Is the world rearranging?

Have you rearranged your thoughts and ideas?

Have you changed how you feel and relate?

Are you doing what needs to be done?

  1. When are you happy with yourself?
  2. What gives you a feeling of inner peace?
  3. When do you allow yourself to relax and rest?
  4. What gives you good thoughts and feelings?

So often in life we just follow the flow and do what needs to be done.

We may let others lead us or tell us what and when and how to do.

What is wrong and right often creates upsets and fights.

So how do you know what is your right place to grow?

Could you take five minutes a day to find your Will and your Way?

Are you willing to stop and listen within to your right place to begin?

Can you undo what is their right way and do what is truly good for you?

Are your ready to choose your life as you want it to be?

Each one of us has our own unique path and purpose.

You have your gifts, talents and resources.

You can name and claim your vision, mission and goals.

You can take charge and choose what is good for you.

When you ask yourself what you want, listen deeply to your heart guiding you.

There will be no guilt and fear when you are clear and living what is dear to you.

You will find peace of mind when you live what is truly highest and best for you.

All will be in harmony when you choose to be the best you can be now and now and now.

Your REAL Job is to be GOOD to YOU.

Loving you and me, as we love ourselves well.

Betty Lue