Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dependent, Independent and Interdependent

I free myself to fully be myself.
I let go and let all Good and only Good into my life.
I trust and allow everyone to learn from their own life experiences.
I depend on myself to be the good, loving and helpful being I Am.

When we need others to serve, help, teach, approve and lead, we depend on their resources.
When we depend on ourselves to serve, help, teach, approve and lead, we are independent.
When we learn to actualize our own hope and dreams, we learn to cooperate rather than compete.
We grow from dependence to independence to interdependence where all benefit.

In families and society, we depend on parents and then learn to depend on ourselves.
We crawl and walk and run and fly.
We sleep within, sleep along side, sleep in the next room and then sleep alone.
We are nursed and weaned and learn to feed ourselves and then cook and prepare food for others.

There is an appropriate path to learn and grow to become mature, yet each one follows their own.
Emotionally, we may be soothed by others and then learn to self soothe and then learn to clear our fears.
Mentally, we are taught and then teach ourselves and eventually teach others.
Life is a natural circle and cycle of growth from conception, birth, youth, adulthood and old age.

When we get stuck in our own growth cycle, there is usually a judgment or fear over-riding.
There is often a person or persons in our dependent state who may need someone to depend on them.
Co-dependence is considered as the need to have someone depend on you to give you what you need.
If we have parent, partner, therapist or doctor or belief that needs us to depend, we may stay dependent.

There are those that believe Love is dependent.
There are those how believe it is healthy to be dependent.
There are those who believe it is safe to be independent.
There are those who believe it is more free to be independent.

It is valuable to ask what and whom you depend on.
It is worthwhile to notice the source of your self esteem and confidence.
There is value in finding our what you fear losing or letting go.
The awareness of our dependencies and attachments is helpful and healing.

Awareness with non judgment is healing.
Awareness without fear is freeing.
Awareness with an open mind and forgiving heart is enlightening.
Awareness, simply noticing and knowing develops growing trust and freedom.

Trusting yourself and freeing yourself leads to flowing love and goodness to yourself and others.
Trust and freedom allow for natural healing and growth.
Allowing yourself to see what is and let go of expectation, assumption and manipulation is beneficial.
Being fully present without attachment ends sorrow and suffering.

Are you willing to grow up?
Do you trust yourself to let go?
Are you ready to simply trust and allow?
Is this your time to be free?

Loving you and loving me Betty Lue

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What Do You Do?

I make decisions quickly and easily.
I learn from my mistakes and correct them.
I do what I love to do and learn to love what every I do.
I trust myself to listen within to what is best to do for me and you.

What do you do to make your family more harmonious?
What do you do to make your partner feel appreciated?
What do you do to make your home clean and orderly?
What do you do to make yourself happy everyday?

What do you do to prepare healthy meals?
What do you do to clean up the house?
What do you do to stop complaining?
What do you do to teach by your example?

What do you do to care about others’ feelings?
What do you do to listen and share rather than shout?
What do you do to create easy conversation?
What do you do to show you really care about others?

What do you do keep yourself Healthy?
What do you do about trusting instead of worrying?
What do you do to keep a positive attitude?
What do you do to give your best Self?

What do you do to make your world a better place?
What do you do about recycling and loving the Earth?
What do you do about treating humanity with dignity?
What do you do to respect those you encounter?

What do you do about stopping unhealthy habits?
What do you do about saving not spending?
What do you do about giving without conditions?
What do you do to treat children, elders and animals with respect?

What do you do to give thanks to others?
What do you do to appreciate what you have?
What do you do to share loving kindness?
What do you do to forgive everyone’s errors?

What do you do with your time to use it thoughtfully?
What do you do to spend your money consciously?
What do you do to use your energy effectively?
What do you do to live and love gratefully?

Why me?” you may say.
“Why not you?” I respond.
It only takes one to make a difference.
Who better than you?

I will never quit on living consciously and giving my best everyday in everyway to everyone.
I will never give up on you.
I will never stop believing in you.
I know we together can awaken humanity one person at a time.

Join me in Love.

Betty Lue

Friday, March 28, 2014

Do You Really Want to be Successful?

I know what is mine to do and I do it.
I know what I want and I go for it.
I trust myself to live my dream.
I live my life in the best way for me.

Do you really want to live your life, your way?
Do you really want to do what you say you do?
Do you really want to be all you can be?
What do you really want?

Much of success in getting clear about what you really want.
When you value what is not valuable to you, you will not be satisfied.
When you go for what fits with what others want for you, you will not succeed.
When a part of you wants it and another part does not, you will be stalled.

Self sabotage is the usual reason for not getting what you say you want.
Clearing your own fears, doubts and interference is our primary work to success.
Relinquishing blame and victimization is key to undoing the blocks to achievement.
Stop justifying, explaining, complaining and making excuses and just do it.

Success for some may be living life simply.
For others success is living with fame and fortune.
For another you may want living a good and Godly life.
And for you, what is success for you?

You may have a dream.
If you rely on another to have the same dream, you may be disillusioned.
If you count on getting others to help, you may be disappointed.
If you rest success on having the rime and money, you may wait forever.

What does it take to have Real Success?
Vision = See clearly what you really want to experience.
Faith = Believe wholeheartedly in what you really want.
Desire = Have passion and deep feeling for what you want.
Commitment = Give your all and never quit until you succeed.
Strategy = Trust in your inner knowing along with a clear plan.
Action = Have the courage to do what is needed without hesitation.
Gratitude = Be appreciative of every step along the way, always including yourself.

Do you know what you want to experience in your family and your relationship?
Do you know what you want to experience at home and in your job or career?
Do you understand where you interfere and give what you don’t what to have?
Are you aware of where you stop yourself from having, doing and being what you really want?

The work is always to clear the blocks that interfere with results.
The work is to undo the emotional baggage, disappointment and fear.
The work is to stop the wasted energy in judging and blaming yourself and others.
The work is to get the past history and learned resistance out of the way.

Forgive, erase, undo, release and flush the blocks.
Choose again with eyes, head and heart wide open.
Live your life as if everything matters, because it does.
Give you all to have all to be all you are here to be.

Loving you mightily,

Betty Lue

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Is Important?

My life is important and I treat it well.
My thoughts, words and behavior makes a difference.
I choose wisely what is for the Good of all.
I choose to be happy, inspired and authentic always.

List what is important to you:
To be happy.
To be inspired.
To be authentic.
To be fully in love with all life.

When I am happy, I share my joy.
When I am inspired, I inspire others.
When I am authentic, I am a safe place to be.
When I am fully in love, I create a loving world.

You begin to discover that is all begins within.
The world I see is a part of me.
How can that be?
You are the world!

When you realize that your well being impacts all life on the planet and beyond, you care.
When you experiment and find that your attitude impacts those around you, you change your mind.
When you see what is important is YOU, you being to make your thoughts and words a priority.
Judging, complaining, negating, belittling yourself does the same with all others.

Do no harm…..means do not harm your mind, your body, your Self no matter what.
Do no harm means be kind to yourself in everyway.
Do no harm mean to stop blaming and shaming and start claiming your own wisdom and Goodness.
Do no harm means let go of making yourself wrong and start by learning from everything.

What is Important is YOU.
What is Important is all you stand up for.
What is Important is how you believe and LIVE.
What is Important is what you think and do and say.

What is Important is letting go of what no longer is good and true for you.
What is Important is cleaning up after yourself.
What is Important is undoing the fear and getting clear.
What is Important is stopping the insanity, the drama, the suffering and hurt.

You are Important.
Your thoughts yield emotions and actions.
Your words yield helpfulness or harmfulness with responses and reactions.
Your actions yield models of conscious goodness and kindness or foolish neglect and harm.

Your time is Now!
Do what is Important everyday in everyway.
You can do it!
Together, we can…. Do What is Important for our World.

Loving you because YOU ARE IMPORTANT!
Betty Lue
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