Monday, June 30, 2008

Peaceful Changes

When you make changes without peace, they will be disturbing to others.
When you make changes with peace, they will be beneficial to others.

Changes made as reactions to being hurt, angry and upset will engender more upset.
Changes made after forgiveness, clarity and inner peace will bring healing.
Changes made when upset, tired, sick, in recovery are simply readjustments.
Changes made without consideration of the welfare of all will yield guilt.

It is essential that we recognize every process is for our own inner peace.
We can be creative, creating new possibilities and opportunities for good.
We can be reactive, acting emotionally to avoid or punish or handle our guilt.
In order to find peace, we must forgive ourselves, change our minds and listen within.

Feeling upset or hurt, offended or afraid is a clear sing we are living off purpose.
When we are listening within and honoring our inner voice we live with freedom and trust.
When we are weathering the climatic and emotional storms in life, we respond to what is with ease.
When we are resisting the storms of life, we may react with fear, anger, defensiveness and attack.

Respect what life offers.
· Opportunities to heal our fears and judgments.
· Chances to see things differently.
· Opinions to forgive in order to feel peace.
· Gratitude to learn from everyone and everything.

Give your best and let go of the rest.

· Give reassurance where there is fear.
· Give help where there is a request.
· Give love where there is lack.
· Teach only by your example.

Stay with the lesson until it is learned.
· Quitting too soon will yield another time to learn the same.
· Quitting with blame and anger exaggerates anxiety within.
· Quitting under pressure increases the sense of victimization.
· Quitting from a poor-me place diminishes self esteem.

Find inner peace with your changes.
· Before, after or during peace, take time to heal your inner conflicts.
· Give every impulsive change some time to settle before implementing.
· Always consider the impact on everyone and everything.
· Change with prayerful feelings and thoughts of respect and gratitude.

Yes, change is constant.
How we respect and respond is what generates the blessing or disaster.
All change can work together for good when we focus on seeing the Good.
Life is an opportunity to manage every moment with love, trust and respect.

Blessing us all for the peaceful changes we make in alignment with Spirit.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creating, Maintaining, Utilizing, Letting Go

Each one of us has our own specialty.
We do this with ease and joyful gratitude.
And we often rely on others to play the other parts.

My joyful work is creating.
When I create, initiate, vision and plan, I am “in the Zone”.
I love to create happiness, community, beautiful spaces and opportunities for spiritual growth.
When I am creating, I am inspired, empowered and in love.

For those whose work is maintaining, you provide the energy and enthusiasm to keep things going.
You love to support, continue, carry on and build relationships.
You are team-builders, nurturers and truly helpful.
When you are maintaining, you feel happy and fulfilled.

For those whose work is utilizing, you look for people, places and knowledge to be used.
You seek out place to fill up, to learn and grow, to heal and realize your own well-being.
You are avid learners, enjoyers and gratitude-givers.
When you are utilizing with gratitude, you give the creators and nurturers appreciation.

For those whose place is undoing.
You let go with ease and enjoyment.
You easily release everything that is not wholly helpful and essential to the Good.
When you are letting go, you create new space for the creators to create.

Thank you, everyone for your part in the overall unified plan.
You can see that each of us is needed to complete the circle.
And so it is that we sometimes play all the parts or avoid those we dislike.
Let us allow ourselves to know our right work and fulfill our part for the Good of All

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday evening Robert, Lila and myself packed up the Center of Light 1200 Sq ft in two hours.
Sunday morning we loaded the truck and cleaned the space in three hours.
I learned that it is important to me to move on quickly so I don’t linger in doubt or regret.
I blessed the space, learned from the experience and move on to the next creative moment.
Life is an easy flow when you are willing to let go.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life is Miraculous

To see miracles, you must be ready.
To see miracles, you must expect them.
To see miracles, you must be forgiving.
To see miracles, you must know you are one.

Miracles are seen in light.
Light and Truth are One.

When we are filled with joy, we see miracles.
When we are filled with peace, we know miracles.
When we are filled with love, we are the miracles we see and know.
When we are filled with gratitude, we increase our awareness of miracles.

Miracles are natural to those who live in love.
Miracles come from Love.
Miracles are seen with forgiving eyes.
Miracles can reverse all errors in our minds.

So what must we do to be miracle-ready?
We must not assume we know.
We must release our beliefs based on past history.
We must undo our fear with forgiveness.
We must be willing to see things differently.
We must remember all things work together for Good.
We must trust in the essential Goodness in the Universe.
We must be open to see with right-minded perception.
We must encourage creative possibilities.
We must allow ourselves to be miracles and see miracles.
We must appreciate the miracle of life itself.

Life is a source of wonder and joy.
Let’s enjoy the everyday miracles.
You are a miracle in my life.
And I totally love, respect and appreciate YOU!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun, Safe and Easy Transitions

“Your transitions are like movement of the wind.”, said a dear friend of ours.

Yes. When you listen within, without judgment or fear, all movement is flow wherever you go.
I know when there are “”, I have unconsciously created them and must respect my own obstacles.
When I take responsibility, I forgive myself and the apparent glitch.
With forgiveness everything is seen in a new light and treated as a wakeup call and blessing.

Change is the nature of this physical reality.
Seasons, light, timing, the stars, weather, emotions, beliefs, people and more are changing constantly.
When we are judging the changes, we may feel hurt, scared, suspicious, lost, confused and upset.
When we are trusting the changes, we may feel amazed, appreciative, happy and even curious.

Where we are attached to the way it was, we probably are angry or hurting.
Where we are optimistic about the way it will be, we probably will feel hopeful and appreciative.
Where we are scared about the unknowns in the future, we may be resistant or avoidant.
Where we are faithful and trusting about the essential Goodness in life, we will be excited.

As the wind blows, so the clouds of darkness and despair are dispelled.
In the stillness there is silence and reflection.
When we are breathing easily and freely, our judging mind is erased.
When we are holding our breath hand withholding our love and trust we may feel afraid.

Some tricks to flow with change:
Affirm written and spoken aloud:
Letting go and allowing change is fun, safe and easy.
All change works together for Good for those who trust.
  • Breathe freely and easily or sing and chant throughout the day.
  • Let your prayers be filled with appreciation and love for all that is.
  • Keep moving with doing helpful things.
  • Design and imagine the highest desired outcome.
  • Trust that with flexibility and willingness to change, it always works.
  • See life as a kaleidoscope of possibilities always yielding simple beauty.
  • Trust, you are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
  • Listen within constantly and ask always what is for the highest Good of All.
Blessings on all our changing adventures.
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Is Your Life Going?

God and Good, within you, are the moving force.
God, Goddess and Goodness energize, guide and create.
God, Goddess and Goodness shine enlighten your mind.
God, Goddess and Goodness fill your heart with joy.
(I couldn’t help put all these G words to together to help us see the sameness!)

When we are not inner focused, we are distracted by the world.
When we are not inner guided, we feel detoured by life’s urgencies.
When we are not inner inspired, we feel seduced by outer form.
When we are not inner fulfilled, we can never get enough to be content.

If your life if going downhill, put on the brakes and take a break..
If your life is going nowhere, ask what really matters to you.
If your life is following everyone else, invest in your own company.
If your life is waiting for something to happen, let your connection within happen.

You see, it all is up to us.
We can have a life going upward.
We can have a life going somewhere we really want to go.
We can have a life that follows a path of fulfillment and joy.

Focus on the Good.
Listen within to the voice of Love.
Honor what is practical and inspiring.
Enjoy the Beauty and Goodness that reflects Your True Self.

When you turn away from problems and reflect on solutions, you will find them.
When you direct your attention and intention to doing Good, you will do better.
When you listen more to your intuition and inner guidance, you will be directed.
When you step out in trust, appreciation and open-mindedness, you will know Infinite Possibility.

Life has rhythm and a dance that works perfectly.
Life is an inspiring and educational school designed for you by You.
Life, like school can be a place where you do well or poorly depending on your intention and commitment.
Life provides infinite opportunities for you to learn and grow to come to know freedom with responsibility.

Simple helpful affirmations:
I am willing to be responsible for my life.
I am open to learn from everyone and everything.
I am here to create what is beautiful and good for all.
I am trusting in the guidance within for my focus, direction and spiritual work.

Life works for us, when we are willing to do the work to learn and grow, heal and know, what is Good for All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Through or Around Obstacles?

The easiest way to move from where you are to where you are going is around all the obstacles.
The fearful way to deal with obstacles is to avoid them or simply stop and wait until they disappear.
The Spiritual way to treat apparent obstacles is to dissolve them with forgiveness and Love.
The strangest way to deal with obstacles is to fight them until they lose and you win or both lose.
The simplest way to deal with obstacles is to deny their power and simply rely on inner guidance.

Life shows us where to go, when to go and how to go when we are conscious.
There is an inner voice or outer light that gives us constant clues and messages.
However, the trained and loud voice of the world and outer authorities often take over.
We miss the mark because we are going for worldly values and programmed beliefs.

Some Self-defeating worldly programs:
Put the money God first.
Take care of yourself. Forget about others.
Be careful of all the possible problems.
Others are out to get you, so protect yourself.
Keep your private affairs a secret, so you are not vulnerable.
You can’t trust others.
Avoid asking anyone for help.
Bad things happen. There is no way to avoid it.
Life is hard and serious business.
Work hard and long and then get out before you lose it all.
You can’t get rest without getting sick.
You’re never going to be enough or have enough.
Loving and appreciating yourself is selfish and arrogant.
You have to stick it out no matter how it hurts.
Defend and protect yourself at all costs.

Some inner messages:
Follow the path for the Greatest Good.
Make decisions where no one loses.
Trust settles every problem now.
Trust your brothers who are One with you.
Share your joys and your sorrows to be released from feeling alone.
Trust and respect for others teaches them to trust and respect you and themselves.
Ask for help from those who care, listen to inner knowledge and want the best for you
Life can be fun, safe and easy when we listen and follow the voice within.
Balance your life with work and play, rest and creativity.
Give yourself exactly what you need to be your best self.
You are abundant and unlimited in peace, prosperity and peace.
To Love ourselves as our Creator loves us is truly honest and humble.
Let go of whatever does not support your Highest Good.
What is best for you is best for others.
There is o need for fear, since it limits, distracts and detains our creative potential.
Let Love lead the way.
Let’s heal what isn’t real.
The past is gone.
We are making up the meaning of everything we see.
Let’s see the way clear by lighting up our perceptions.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Handling Change

How we handle change in moods, change in health, in finances, in residence, in relationship, depends on our attitude. When we are delighted with change and excited by the unknown, flexible and open, change is always positive and works for the Good of all.
When we handle change with resistance, avoidance, fear and anxiety about the unknown, change can seem difficult and dangerous.

Forgiving ourselves for any resistance is the key.
Clearing up past history including the myths we have learned from others who resist change.
Learning to reassure our selves and be patient and gentle with change is also helpful.
Do affirmations and visualization.
Ask for the support, guidance and information you need.

You see love is trust and freedom.
Freedom encourages change for the Good and Trust support change.
So let us Love the change that is happening and direct it all for the Good of All.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

To clear up any misconceptions:
Moving only our Home August 1.
Still Co-Director of Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill.
Still offering counseling and coaching at the Center and on the phone.
Always including these Loving Reminders.

We are moving our new home on August 1.
I will continue classes, counseling and coaching at my Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living.
My Mom will be moving back to permanently live with us on August 11.
We continue to feel blessed and at peace with the changes in our lives.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ways to Love

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”
This was said poetically many years ago.
We need to love in ways that will be received.
Having a variety of ways from which to choose is helpful.

Love is freedom and trust.
Love is positive and affirming.
Love is creative and helpful.
Love is a natural flow of life-giving energy.
Love is respectful and kind.
Love is peaceful and happy.
Love is good and beautiful.

Simple Natural Ways to Love.
Say “Please” and “Thank You”.
Make happy eye contact.
Be positive.
Introduce yourself.
Ask sincerely, “How are you today?”
Make a comment of appreciation.
Let the other know they are seen.

Personal Ways to Love.
Read to another.
Spend quality time.
Listen with your heart.
Send a personal handwritten note.
Make someone their favorite food.
Make an unexpected phone call or visit.
Greet another with real delight and pleasure.
Tell another what you appreciate in them.
Forgive their errors or omission or commission instantly.
Give your best in every encounter or conversation.

Special Ways to Love.
Create a loving evening or event together.
Surprise them with sincere words in a card, song or sharing.
Think of the other always with happiness and love in your heart.
Vow never to stop loving them, no matter what may occur.
Write a poem, song or letter of tribute and gratitude.
Speak only the most positive words about them to others.
Look for opportunities to serve them in uplifting and helpful ways.
Reach out and give a smile and a hug for no special reason.
Say “I Love you.” when the other needs to hear it.

Love is our natural state.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

Love is our Source of life energy.
Love is our happiness expressed outward.
Love is healing, creative, reassuring and helpful.
Let’s remember to love one another, as well as ourselves today and everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Here is a gift of love for you. It will make you smile.

Chef Sofia is our 2 1/2 yr. old granddaughter, and Gia’s little sister.
When someone says, “You’re so cute!”
Sofi says, “No, I’m Sofi!”

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Notes for Sunday Morning

This morning I am giving the talk at Unity on the Delta, a Christian church community.
The title is “The Greatest Light
I am sharing with you my notes, so you will see what I hear within and know to be the truth for me.

Whenever we ask, and listen without interference, we can hear and feel and know the answer.
Whenever we are open, with a quiet mind and grateful heart, we can trust we will know.
Whenever we are forgiving of our past mistakes, resistance or distraction, we will hear.
Whenever we are willing to be wrong and happy to learn once again, we will easily be guided.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when we are happy and willing to listen within, to learn what we need to know and to go, do and say what is guided.

The following talk would be expressed in a different way for those of other faiths or no faith at all, but the message would be the same.
You see, it matters not the specific philosophy or belief system.
What matters is that we live the Truth we know.
What matters is that we give the best we have.
What matters is that we accept and respect everyone.
What matters is that we remember always the Goodness of God.

So I share with you.
You are the Light of the world.
Forgiveness is your function to blow away the clouds that block the sun.
Forgiveness of yourself dissolves every fear and clears the way to be the Light.
Forgiveness of others reminds them to shine their light on themselves as well.
Life is an enlightening process.
Light, Light, more Light.

Loving you always,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Full of Light!

Are you full of it?
Light I mean to say!
You are filled with water, they say.
But do you know that you have more space in you than matter.

We are mostly space, like 99% or more.
Talk about room for improvement.
That’s a lot of space for rearranging the furniture.
That’s a lot of space to fill with junk or with beauty.

So what?
If there is that much space inside of these bodies,
How about we commit to fill them with the best.
Fill yourself with the best ideas, the best foods, the best!

Let’s imagine that God is Light, pure and perfect light.
Let’s imagine that we are God’s Light and De Light.
Let’s imagine that we can fill the Light in us with anything we want.
The space inside can be filled with God Light or with stuff.

Take a breath and imagine you are breathing in pure Light.
You can feel the energy, the possibility the vitality and health.
And when you exhale, you know you are giving the best of Who You Are.
When you relate to others, you see yourself shining Light on everyone.

Take a breath and imagine you are breathing in human pollution.
You can feel the darkness, the toxicity, the fatigue and disease.
When you exhale, you are breathing our your fear and despair at the state of our environment.
When you relate to others, you can see how limited, lacking and futile life feels.

We are choosing to be filled with the Light of God and pure Goodness.
Or we can choose to be filled with the darkness of the human condition.
We can be the Light of the world or tell the painful truth of our pollution.
We can choose to bring gratitude and delight or guilt, fear and despair.

To clear the air is to undo despair.
To see the light is to shine really bright.
To know all is well we must Goodness tell.
To live in Love, we seek answers from above.

How willing are you to think only what is true?
The choice is to be filled with spacious and unlimited light
or clutter our minds, bodies, emotions and relationships with stockpiled historical stuff.

We are choosing.
Delighted to be here now in love,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 20, 2008

Are You Awake?

Are hurting yourself?
Are you ignoring your responsibilities?
Are you spiraling down or lifting yourself up?
Are you paying attention to what loves you best?

During these days of Great external Light, we have the opportunity to see and choose what works for us.
When there is more light, you can see more dirt and debris of the past.
When there is more light, you can take responsibility for cleaning up the mess.
When there is more light, you can avoid doing the work by partying, playing, or complaining.

When you begin the downward cycle, the momentum will keep you going down and down.
To stop the downward spiral, you will need to use some effort to say “NO.”
Instead of sucking your thumb in self recrimination, you need to begin positive action.
Positive action will always begin with full conscious awareness to see what a mess you made.
Positive action will call for a full confession and acknowledgment of your responsibility in the matter.
Positive action invites total forgiveness of yourself and all others for the inattention, mistakes and negative behaviors.

To begin to shift our of the self destructive, self abusive cycles, we must first stop the hurtful behavior.
Do you know what is hurting you?
Do you notice the negative things you think and say and do?
Do you believe you can undo what is not true and loving?

Life requires that we learn through experience.
Life invites us to be keen observers of our own process.
Life provides a failsafe education for young and old.
Life is a healing journey to forgive the mistakes and receive the blessings.

Wisdom is a blessing.
Forgiveness is a gift.
Love is always the answer.
Happiness is the reward.

Say “no” to those thoughts, words and behaviors that are not loving to yourself and others.
Say “no” to continuing habits which cause yourself or others fear, harm or limitation.
When we say “No” to something, we need to say “Yes” to something to fill the void.
Say “Yes” to envisioning, speaking and acting in ways that are totally loving of All.
Say “Yes” to creating new habits and rituals that create peace, harmony, creativity and Joy.

Life will provide options and choices everyday.
Make conscious choices to think Good, speak Good and do Good.
Your reward is pure and perfect Goodness.

Loving you in your awakening,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are You Wanted?

Were you wanted as a baby?
Were you wanted in your family?
Were you wanted with your playmates?
Were you wanted in your school and workplace?
Are you wanted now in your home?

Sometimes babies are called “an accident”.
Sometimes we feel forced into a family which feels different.
Sometimes we find ourselves in jobs where we don’t fit.
Sometimes we are in marriages (partnerships) where we feel like strangers.

Which do you prefer to believe?
Are there accidents and mistakes?
Was your marriage a mistake?
Were your babies a mistake?

Or just maybe,……..
Everything is on purpose.
There are no accidents……………
No matter what anyone thinks or says.

If you were a “mistake” or an “accident”, you may find yourself never feeling wanted or valued.
If you believe there was no place for you, you may never believe that others love you or want you.
If you subconsciously believe you were not wanted, you may help people reject you to confirm your feelings.
If you felt ignored, devalued, abandoned or like others were depressed by your presence, you may attract experiences in which you feel ignored, devalued, abandoned or with depressed people.

So what to do?
Change your mind.
How do I do that?
Forgive the past programming.
With what words?
“My parents were wrong about me.
I forgive you Mom and Dad for not knowing how to truly love me .
I forgive myself for not fully loving me and you.
I love you Mom and Dad and I know you love me too!”

“I am important, wanted, valued and on purpose.
There are no accidents in God’s Plan.
Every one of us is essential to the healing of humanity.
I am integral to God’s Plan.
I am totally irreplaceable in the eyes of God.
My True Creator created me right where I need to be.
I trust that I am always in the perfect place at the perfect time with the perfect people.
When I remember this, I am happy, at peace and on purpose.
When I am happy and at peace, my life works and I am truly helpful and loving to others.”

Remember you are part of God and the essential Goodness in our Universe.
We are incomplete without YOU!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love It All

Impatient or Cranky?
Happy or Inspired?
Sad and Needy?

Whatever your current state, know it is being intensified by the Full Moon today at 10:31 AM PDT.
The full moon effects the tides (water).
Water is the element of emotion.
Full Moon intensifies our emotional energy.

Mercury in retrograde (May 28-June 19) effects communications, scheduling, travel and technology.
When things are not flowing easily and there are roadblocks and detours, it is the way it is.
I know that when my life feels off track, I need to forgive any judgment and resistance.
Flowing with the way it is, is the fun, safe and easy way.

Summer Solstice, June 20 at 5PM PDT is the time of the longest day and the greatest light.
When there is much light, we can see what needs to be cleaned and healed.
When the light is intensified, we recognize the problems and sore spots.
When we come into the summer solstice, we will notice what we have been ignoring.

And on July 13 for 24 hours is a designated World Love Day.
How about making today and everyday a Love Day?
Focus on how we can love each moment and everyone.
Give yourself a few moments to begin and end the day with loving You.

No matter what the circumstance, the healing power of Love will prevail.
No matter what the condition of body and mind, Love will transcend it all.
No matter what the weather and earth’s storms, Love will bring gifts.
No matter how upset, afraid, hurt or angry, we can Love it all away.

What is the most loving thing I can say right now?
What is the most loving thing I can do right now?
What is the most loving picture I can imagine right now?
If only we could always remember to Love, all problems would dissolve.

Enjoy this day with Gratitude.
Enjoy tomorrow with Peace.
Enjoy Friday with Vision.
Enjoy everyday with Love.

Loving you this day and everyday.
Why not Love it All?
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Change implies stress.
There is positive change and negative change, and both positive and negative stress.
Both cause the body and emotions to feel stressed and sometimes distressed.
Too much stress tends to weaken the immune system. (And even be vulnerable to dis-ease.)

If change is to avoid something you fear, it may be distressing.
If change is to move into something wonderful, you may feel excited with stress.
However, both kinds of stress do impact the physiology.
Ways to manage the stress of change are many and can be simple.

Breathe with every thought of change. Enjoy the aspects of the changes that you find beneficial. Forgive the aspects of change that are frightening or distressful. Extend peace and gratitude towards everyone that supports you.

Change is a constant.
Some change (weather and seasons and time itself) is beyond our control.
Most change is created consciously or unconsciously by ourselves.
Therefore we need to take responsibility to manage our changes.

Some Ways to manage change and its subsequent stress.
Prepare yourself ahead of the change with visualization.
Try on your responses with your imagination.
Handle your fears by affirming the good you seek.
Be patient with yourself.
Be willing to be flexible.
Trust all change works together for Good.
Take each change as a step in the process.
Let yourself learn what you need to manage concerns.
Ask for help and support for greater understanding.
Give yourself time to adjust.
Let go and let God and Good prevail.

Life is full of surprises and mysteries.
When we seek the good, the gift and the blessings, we can find them.
When we are focused on the bad, the problems and the pain, we will amplify them.
So choose what you want the desired outcome to be and let the rest go with your blessing.

Trusting in the changes in life,
Betty Lue

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Yes, rested, renewed and rejuvenated.

Off the balcony at a Sunday Brunch.

On a morning seaside walk!

Monday, June 16, 2008

“Love is Letting Go of Fear!”

Fear Anyone?
When we fear anyone, we contract our energy.
When we fear anyone, we are withholding our love.
When we fear anyone, we limit communication.
When we fear anyone, we dis-empower ourselves.

Fear anything?
When we fear anything, we attract evidence.
When we fear anything, we see what we believe.
When we fear anything, we make ourselves right.
When we fear anything, we defend ourselves.

Fear is blinding.
Fear is withholding.
Fear separates.
Fear feels limited, little and lacking.

Love anyone?
When we love anyone, we open our heart and minds.
When we love anyone, we are flowing our energy.
When we love anyone, we expand inner and outer communion.
When we love anyone, we empower ourselves and them, too.

Love anything?
When we love anything, we attract goodness and beauty.
When we love anything, we see beneath the surface.
When we love anything, we expand its value.
When we love anything, we appreciate and enjoy life more.

Love is enlightening.
Love is flowing and growing.
Love unifies and brings us closer.
Love feels unlimited, magnificent and abundant.

Love is Letting Go of Fear.
Love is practical, useful and powerful.
Love is a gift to ourselves.
Love is an act of courage and gratitude.

When we are healed we are not healed alone.
Loving us all in letting go of fear.
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father’s Day

Our Father, Creator, Source, Provider and Protector,
We have been created in Your Likeness and Image.
For Love begets Loving Kindness.
Wisdom begets Wisely.
Creativity begets creatively.

And still Humanity has failed to learn.
Your errant children behave like toddlers with demanding tantrums and selfish motives.
Some behave like children following fearfully whatever they are told by the loudest voice.
Some behave like adolescents demanding privileges without taking responsibility.

We can step up to be the Love.
We can step up to provide and protect.
We can step up to create what is Good for All.
We can step up to live with wisdom and loving kindness.

And so on this a day to celebrate Our Fathers.
Let us choose to be grateful for all those who are stepping up.
Let us choose to forgive all those who are still growing up.
Let us choose to be the ones who remember to be like Our Creator.

May this be so, and so it is.

Thanks to all the Fathers this day and everyday for being willing to step up.
Thanks to all the mothers, friends, family and strangers who remember to give their best.
Thanks to all those who model for us what being a Good Dad can do for our youth.
Thanks to all the protectors, firemen, police, servicemen and more for protecting and providing.
Thanks to all the teachers and preachers, coaches and guides who give wisdom with Love.
Thanks to all people for playing the parts that are so needed to bring us all Home to Love.

Loving you all,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Powerful and Life-Changing

When nothing seems to work to lighten your worry and fear, practice forgiveness.
When you are confused and conflicted about your direction, practice choice.
When you are caught in the sea of pain and un-peace (dis-ease), practice gratitude.
You see the blessings already exist, you simply have forgotten to see them.

When we feel most separate from Creator and source of All Love, we must forgive ourselves.
When we feel guilty and regretful, we must forgive ourselves.
When we feel unworthy and inadequate, we must forgive ourselves.
When we feel angry and filled with blame, we must forgive ourselves.

We have the tools to clear the way
To make conscious choices everyday.
We have the skills to make it clear
About what to do when we have fear.

We simply need to get moving with our PRACTICE.
It is our inertia and laziness that keep us stuck.
It is our resistance and self-pity the keeps us in the rut
Of Hopelessness and Despair.

Now the way is mighty clear.
Get up and PRACTICE.
So you say.

Here is a practice that is truly effective, plus fun, safe and easy.
Just do it…………

30 Days to Enlightenment or 30 Days to Waking Up
30 Days to Healing or 30 Days to Seeing things Differently!

This exercise came to me from Spirit within over 20 years ago.
It has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform our lives.
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:
Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind.
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within.
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.
Make the sound “AAAH” for 1-2 minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.

Now write and say 30 Choices.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to be free.
I choose to do what I love.
I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1-2 minutes.

Even a few of each is better than none.
Do what you can and trust it is working.

Loving You always,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good News

Media sensationalizes all the worst news.
People tell stories of their ailments and medical procedures.
Educators talk about the children with behavior problems and learning difficulties.
Parents focus on what is wrong with their kids looks, behavior or lives.

When will we learn that focusing on the tragic and painful simply creates more of the same.
When will we learn the what we give energy and attention to , will grow with our focus.
When will we learn that psyches are influenced and even programmed by hearing the bad news stories.
When will we learn that these unhappy and scary stories create worry and upset and fear.

Can we only be entertained by tragedy and drama?
Are we numb to what is good and beautiful and healthy?
Are we only impressed by stories of challenge, stress and strife?
Is there an unsatiable attraction to melodrama and how bad it was or could be?

Today is Friday 13th.
Let’s begin a Good News campaign today.
Let’s break out the smiles and memories of all the best events in life.
Let’s go on a diet of only stories of Love and Peace and Happiness.

Are you willing to join me in flushing what we don’t want to pass on?
Are you willing to forgive yourselves for scaring others with your bad stories?
Are you willing to breath and release whatever your current complaint might be?
Are you willing to begin to build a world of innocence, hope and Love?

Are you willing to let go of watching, paying for or participating in “war” stories?
Are you willing to bless everyone you meet or think of with prayers for their peace?
Are you willing to give yourself what inspires, delights and expands your loving Self?
Are you willing to step away from conflict, controversy and simply support what you value?

You see,
What we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves.
Where we place our attention, we increase with our energy.
What we appreciate grows in value with our positive attention.
What we think and speak and do is teaching all the universe.

Why not be silent unless we are increasing what we what to be and see?
Why not be peaceful rather than upset by listening to stories of pain?
Why not be forgiving rather than stay scared and angry everyday?
Why not be self respecting by only sharing what we are pleased with?

Life is for giving.
So why not give the best and delete the rest.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 12, 2008

To feel Safe, Secure and Loved……..

You must feel and think and act with pure Love in your heart.
When you are feeling angry, you will be afraid of others’ anger.
When you are thinking revenge, you will be defending against other’s vengeance.
When you are behaving in cruel ways, you will be vigilant against possible attack.

The only way to clear fear is to stop thinking, speaking and acting with fear.

Today I realized that it is in our total innocence that we feel at home and in peace.
It is when we are believing and behaving with unconditional trust and love that we know peace within.
It is from clearing our own defensiveness, need for control and attack on others that we know we are safe.
Life is the dumping ground to heal all past history, ours and others with profound and absolute forgiveness.

When we withhold love from ourselves or another, we experience fear.
When we separate ourselves from the welfare of all others, we feel unprotected.
When we step away from opportunities to help others, we fear being unsupported.
When we are giving our love, our compassion and our kindness, we feel safe.

Gossip is a form of attack.
When we gossip, we fear being gossiped about..
Rejection is a form of attack.
When we reject someone, we fear others’ rejection.
Criticism is a form of attack.
When we criticize another, we defend against being criticized.

To feel safe, secure and always loved, we must provide safety, security and unconditional Love.

Life is for giving.
When we forsake or forget to give, we receive the same from others.
Life is for giving.
When we forgive and remember to give, we receive the same from others.

Let not your childhood experiences, your peers or your world teach you what is not true.
Erase from your mind, your words and your actions all that is not wholly true and loving.

Loving all as we let go of our fear of loving.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Where we are attracted or repulsed, we have something to learn.
Wherever we are not neutral, there is value to be received from our relationships.
When there is simply easy natural love, respect and appreciation flowing there is no intensity.
When we make someone especially fabulous or especially awful, there is learning value.

Special Love can be utilized as a prototype for all loving relationships.
When you love someone in a healthy way, you can generalize and apply that loving to all relationships.
When you become attached to a special love, you may become dependent on getting something back.
When you are needy in a loving relationship, you are vulnerable and open to hurt, resentment and anger.

Special Relationships are transformed into Healing and Holy relationships, when you look for your needs and find a way to heal them and fill them without dependency. When two trees grow by leaning on one another, if one falls down or gets sick, the other is likely to fall down or get sick as well. When two people are dependent on the other to get the Love they Need, they will be angry or hurt if the other gets sick, or becomes distracted or disinterested or puts their attention elsewhere (like on a new baby or ailing parent.)

All relationships are for the purpose of healing. So when there is a form of neediness or greediness in relationship, it shows us where we need healing. The need for another’s attention defines a need to give ourselves extra attention. The need for affection indicates a need to give and receive attention. When we specialize and make one person the sole object of our need, we limit our love and the possibility that life offers a broad spectrum of loving opportunities. When we love one child more than the others, it indicates our need for what that child offers. When we love one friend more than others, it shows us where we are lacking or self denying or have learned to prize some quality that is missing in our lives.

Special hate (dislike) arises because another did not meet our expectation.
When we are disappointed in what we expect and receive from others, we ma fee hurt and angry. The anger covers the hurt.
When we stop counting on other’s to perform to our standard, and learn to love n accept others as they are, we find a path of peace and inner-generated happiness.
When we are dependent on others giving us what we want, we love and appreciate them when they give what we expect and demand. We hate, fear or are angry when they do not (cannot ) give us what we expect and demand.

Remember everyone is doing the best they can in the moment…including you and me.
Remember everyone has better and worse days and moments..including you and me.
The key to healthy relationship is how we handle the days when we and others are not at our best.

Loving you in letting go of your “special needs and dependencies.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Expand Your Territory

When we start being critical about where we are and what we have, it is time to open our horizons.
When we feel limited, stuck and tied down, it is time to move into more open country.
When we are unappreciated, devalued and even criticized, it is time to expand out territory.
Sometimes we are busy trying to fix, change and patch up what is already finished.

It has been said, “A prophet is not welcome in his own land.”
There are many who are so family focused, they cannot get the message that their help is unwanted.
There are those who cannot see beyond the traditional roles and pictures painted long ago.
Move on.

Give, where your gifts are valued.
Share, when your sharing is enjoyed.
Help, when you helping is appreciated.
Let go, when you see what you give is ignored by others.

When you find yourself in a home, a partnership, friendship or family where your gifts, advice,
helpfulness and kindness go unappreciated, you might take the hint.
Move on.

Do not force your attentions on others.
Do not give words that go unheard.
Do not help those who find it offensive.
Do not give affection to those who resist.

Your Presence and your Prayers are enough for those you love.
“Familiarity breeds contempt” is often so.
Where there is closeness, there may be competition, comparison and jealousy.
When there is comparison, there may also be animosity and negativity.

Consider expanding your territory.
There is no need to shut down or withhold.
Gifts are meant to be given.
Wisdom is meant to be shared.

Give to those who are called to receive from you.
Share with those who listen.
Help those who have asked and are appreciative of being helped.
Enjoy the new opportunities to grow the garden of Love with healing and creativity.

We have no need to stay where there is drought.
We have no requirement to stay with those who would banish us.
We need not continue efforting in loving kindness when we are not valued.
There are many places and people and possibilities for giving our very Best.

Move on.
Loving you in loving!
Betty Lue

Monday, June 09, 2008

Who Needs Sleep?

We all need to sleep. So why are we a nation of people who are sleep deprived?
We are discovering that lack of adequate sleep is causing physical and emotional problems.
We are discovering the lack of adequate sleep is effecting learning, memory and moods.
We are discovering that lace of sufficient rest may be causing violence and crime.

So why not correct this issue now?
Egos crave doing what they have been denied.
So when staying up late is forbidden for years, then as adults we desire staying up late.
When it is used as a privilege to stay up for proms, parties and special events, we want to treat ourselves.

Yet, regularity in sleep schedule is crucial to our physiology.
Just as regularity in eating and elimination is essential to total health, so sleep is to emotional health.
To be regular, we must put patterns into our schedule which allow for our optimum amount of daily sleep.
To help the body adjust to regularity, we must set time to bed and time to arise and practice daily.

Once the physiology gets used to the new healthy schedule, sleeping will be a conditioned response.

What keeps us from sleeping well?
Inner noise and outer noise.
Full moon and extra energy or agitation.
Trying to sleep in a room full of mess or stuff that is upsetting.
Medications, hormones or the energies of the person sleeping with you.
Dreams or nightmares.
Our inner Spirit calling for attention.
Pain or physical disturbance.
Eating too late and having the digestive tract be working when we are trying to rest.
Foods that are disturbing to the system.

Some suggestions: (You may have others that work for you!)
Regular hours for sleep.
Always sleep in the same bed and find the best position in which to fall asleep.
Have at least 30 minutes of quiet time before going to bed. (Music, light novel, poetry, meditation.)
No alcohol or food within 2-3 hrs of bed time. Light tea or maybe a piece of fruit if hungry.
No mess in your room, no workout equipment, no TV or computer, no electrical energy in or near bed.
Make the space feel beautiful, relaxing and attractive –an oasis for rest and relaxation.
No fighting or heavy conversation before bedtime.
Find pillows and positions that bring your pain relief.
Focus on breathing.
Use Melatonin (sublingual) if you need help natural sleep aid at health food store.
Have a pad of paper near bed to write down ideas or dreams, so your mind doesn’t try to remember them.
Use a sound machine with waterfall or rain or ocean waves to push away outer noise.
When you cannot sleep, simply get up to change the mental channel by reading or write down you ideas.
Some people are receiving spiritual messages in the middle of the night and need to write them down.
This is a beginning.

Sleep well.
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Your True Self

Brighter than the Sun.
Loving EveryOne.
Once we have begun.
Our Real Work will be done.

We will Be.
All will See,
Truly Free.
As the Star We Are.

And so it is we live,
To find our way clear of distractions, delusions and disappointment.
When we appoint the way others have followed, we will not find Our Way.
Our inner light is only bright, when we let go and shine the Love inside.

Too much time is spent trying to be like others before us and around us.
When we claim our uniqueness and play our part with full passion and joy,
We will experience the freedom and trust that comes from Love ItSelf.
There are so many paths and only one destination, to be the One We Are.

Is it possible we have the Sun to show us the Light in us?
Is it possible that we have the Son to show us the Love in us?
Is it possible that we can be a Star in the night sky of fear and darkness?
Is it possible that we can be the Teacher and Way Shower for those who follow?

How can you be your True Self?
How can you speak simply words that inspire?
How can you know Great Love for all Beings?
How can you be the One You Really Are?

Take time each day to clear away what consumes your energy.
Take time each day to forgive the ones who ignored and confused you.
Take time each day to release attachments to what covers the real yearning inside.
Take time each day to give thanks for everyone and everything that inspires you.

You can polish your Diamond Essence.
You can bring Light into your World.
You can inspire those around You.
Simply light your own Life with Love and Appreciation.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Never Too Busy

Some assume that in a life like mine, I am too busy.
Some people imagine that I do not write to you personally.
Some people make up that their words don’t really count.
Some people feel that they will just take up my time.

Correction of these assumptions:
My life is full, full of meaningful activities and encounters.
My life is respectful and reverent, respectful of each one and reverent towards its meaning.
My life is joyful, full of love and appreciation, opportunities to hug and say “Thanks”.
My life is responsive and responsible. I care for myself so I am awake and aware of what is needed.

I am listening.
I listen to you and others.
I hear what is being called forth from those I encounter and know.
I listen within to the ways in which I am to respond.

My responses may be silence, allowing the silence to speak.
My responses may be words, words of Encouragement and Truth.
My responses may be deeds, actions of contribution and creativity.
My responses may be prayers, thoughts of healing peace and affirmation.

You see, I know that you matter.
I know that our work is not done until we all are One under the Sun.
I know that the Sun shines on everyone equally and so does the Son.
I know that love is given to each one of us and we are to share it with All.
I know when we give abundantly, we receive abundantly all that we need.
I know that giving provides Joy and Healing and Inspiration and Loving Reminders.
I know that I am here to be with you and for you and always Loving you.

So ….I am never too busy for you.
I have always answered my own phone calls and correspondence.
I have always set my own appointments and done my own scheduling.
I have always written my own words in each Loving Reminder and book.
I have always made my own decisions by following the guidance of Spirit within.

When one leads a life of inspiration and Spirit-guided Service, there is always time.
There is no limit to Love and Loving You.

Loving you, one at a time…and all together too!
Betty Lue

Friday, June 06, 2008

Everything Matters

Show up.
Pay Attention.
Do and Say the Most Loving thing.
Trust it is all equally important.

Everything you think and say and do blesses Everyone Everywhere.
It all matters.
When you live like all life matters, you know that you matter.
When you live act like everyone matters, you know you are making a difference.
When you speak like all words matter, you will speak the most inspiring and loving words you know.

Life is just one moment at a time.
Love is just one connection at a time.
Healing is just one act of kindness at a time.
Inspiration is just one encouraging word at a time.

It matters not stranger or friend.
It matters not the age or past history.
It matters not what brings us together.
What matters is how we relate.

So say and do and think what gives what you want your world to become.
Envision and speak and act what you believe is the Highest and Best Truth.
Give and affirm and believe what you want the other to conceive and achieve.
You see life is for living the best and giving the best and heaving the Best for All.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make someone smile.
Don’t miss the chance to give someone a heartfelt thanks.
Don’t miss the moment when a life can be changed.
Don’t neglect to give the Best you have and recognize the Gift You Are.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
The rest is just the stage Being set for the next opportunity to give.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Do You Know?

When you listen inside, what do you hear?
When you listen to your heart, is it all clear?
When you listen with love, what do you find?
When you listen for Truth, are you always kind?

I know that listening for the Highest Truth will get you to where you want to be.
I know that listening with hope is what brings the light for you to see.
I know that where you are growing your faith, it is Love that you seek.
I know that your heart will give you the Love and Peace that you can be.

Learning to listen within bypasses the judging mind.
Sitting quietly and patiently with note pad in hand will open the door to hearing more.
When you listen and hear the most loving way, but choose to do it another way, you will hear less.
When you honor and follow what you know to be best for All, you will expand your inner listening.

It is not a science or an art; it is willingness that opens the door.
When we set aside our fears and judgments, we can all hear that inner voice.
Usually by age 4-6, we have stopped listening within, because the outer voices create such a din.
So take time to practice and see what happens.

I highly recommend that you set a regular time daily with no interruption.
Same place, same time with a pad of paper, or journal and a pen.
Write your questions or prayers at the top, close your eyes, quiet your mind and wait.
Whatever you hear needs to be all written down. (Do not try to make sense of it, simply take notes,)
Later when you read it back it will be clear what part came from the inner voice (guidance) from your love center
and what (if any) might have come from your learned ego which is usually fearful and defensive.
Make sure you acknowledge with appreciation for yourself and your willingness and honor with acknowledgment
and follow-through on what you hear.
The more you are willing and happy to listen, the more you hear.

Following your inner voice will lead you around all obstacles and problems.
You will learn how to have a fun, safe and easy life.
You will begin to see yourself ad your world differently. Listen.

Also the 30 day process below is a powerful cleanser of the past and your own consciousness to make you more able and willing to listen within.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Do We Really Own Anything?

Who Really owns this earth?
Who really owns our children?
Who really owns our water, air, electricity and gas?
Is it possible that we are loaned these precious gifts?
Is it possible that we are guardians of what has been given us?
Is it possible that we are to learn to be good stewards of it all?

While our egos may want to posses what we have, our Spirit knows it is not true.
While our personalities may wear our partner or job like a badge, our Essence knows it is a lie.
While our need to feel powerful, commanding and in charge, we know we are but dependent.
And it is only when we relinquish our hold on what is given, that we can find the Truth.

To be a guardian of a child is an honor and a privilege.
To be bequeathed the opportunity to mentor, teach, encourage is a gift to us.
To be entrusted with the youth who will carry on, is a spiritual responsibility.
So how do we best care for what we have been given?

To be here on this amazing and glorious planet is an opportunity.
To be utilizing her precious commodities is a responsibility.
To be allowed to be here with full resources available is a gift.
How do we respect what we have been entrusted?

Today we receive the keys to our new home Trilogy at Rio Vista.
We are moving in early August with my 87 yr. old mother.
We papers of “entitlement”, which signify ownership.
However, it is not so…in reality everything is on loan from Source.

And so can I humble myself in appreciation of what is given me.
Will I use it wisely and well, creating a place of love and nurturing for others.
Will I be a model of what I want my world to remember.
Love one another even as we are loved.
Share the best you have with one another.
Care for the least of these and be aware you will be cared for as well.

I am well aware that my life is dedicated not to own and protect what I own,
but rather to give and share and be joyful in the giving.
Thank you Earth and sky and Sea.
Thank you rivers, wind and rain.
Thank you sons and daughters of humanity.
Thanks for this precious life we claim.

Thanks you and all that is,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gratitude Heals

Gratitude heals everything unreal and reveals what is Good and of God.

Gratitude heals the mind from the separation of judgment and fear.
Gratitude reveals the beautiful blessings that lie within all things.

Gratitude heals the thoughts of sickness pain and death.
Gratitude reveals the glory of life with its bountiful gifts.

Gratitude heals what we thought we endured in vain.
Gratitude reveals what was learned and strengthened in faith.

Gratitude heals the heartache of loss and separation.
Gratitude reveals that love is endless and only changes in form.

Gratitude heals the sickness of criticism and complaint.
Gratitude reveals the song of forgiveness and affirms the prayer of peace.

Gratitude heals the focus on what divides and provides fearful distraction.
Gratitude reveals the trust and perfection beneath all seeming problems.

Gratitude is a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.
Gratitude reveals what is truly beautiful, holy and Good.

Remember there is Good in all things.
It is our function to clear the debris and really see beneath the apparency.

Loving you and loving me…as One,
Betty Lue

“Appreciation increases and grows what you value.”

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer

Monday, June 02, 2008

Parents Need Help

Our families need help to nurture healthy, conscious, respectful and responsible children.
Our society needs to change the way we perceive and treating our children and our elders.

Let’s help parents be the best parents they can be.

The best parents are patient.
The best parents are respectful.
The best parents are forgiving.
The best parents are helpful.
The best parents are responsible.
The best parents are listening.
The best parents are cooperative.
The best parents love first and ask questions later.
The best parents feed their children only what nourishes mind, body and Spirit.
The best parents forgive themselves for what they mistakenly teach their children.
The best parents take responsibility for changing their own behavior as role models.
The best parents take good care of themselves and enjoy guiding and providing for their children.
The best parents are inspired, educated and open and willing to learn whatever it takes to be the best.

What can we grandparents, neighbors and teachers do to help parents be their best?

We can be role models.
We can give them time to take good care of themselves.
We can give them a break.
We can encourage them.
We can acknowledge their good intentions.
We can appreciate their best efforts.
We can give them time off.
We can help out by contributing our time and happy service.
We can provide the respite care, meals and helping hand in times of need.
We can be listen to parents, and let them first ask for advice and help, before offering.
We can forgive our judgments and fears and learn to respect and appreciate them.
We can give them our very best in modeling impeccable self care and loving service.

Let’s ask ourselves what can we do at the grocery store, on the streets, and with our own families.
Let’s respond always and only with love and respect.
Let’s give our best and let the rest go with forgiveness.
Let’s all be the best we can be and set others free to be their best as well.

Loving you and all parents.
Every child is our responsibility.
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Are you willing to respond with love to everything and everyone in your life?
Are you open to see what really is the Truth underneath the craziness, the dis-ease and the fear?
Are you trusting that there is a reality of beauty and Goodness and Love?
Do you forgive your fearful thoughts, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits to remember Love?

It is ours to forgive erase and undo whatever is not true and loving and good for all.
It is ours to live in a way that inspires, lifts up and encourages those we encounter.
It is ours to heal our past, to undo our addictions and forgetfulness.
It is ours to be that which we are called to be by revealing our Highest Selves.

We do have responsibility for whatever befalls us by responding in the most healing ways.
Often we are so busy asking why or seeking to blame someone or something, we forget our way.
The responsibility in life is to give it all to the Highest Good, to be used for the Good of All.
The reality of life is that on the canvas of this physical dimension we can paint the power of Love.

Can we let go of our pettiness and greediness and stop trying to figure out how to get our way?
Can we relinquish our limiting vision and see what is good to appreciate and increase the Good?
Can we stop placing blame on others to step up to take our rightful place doing Good for others?
Can we release our need to analyze and understand why and how and simply be at peace?

When we are responsible for taking impeccable care of ourselves, we are willing and happy.
When we are willing and happy to respond to what is, we are able and confident in how to respond.
When we are able and confident, we know what and to whom to give.
When we know what to give and to whom, we have found the responsible path for our life.

There are so many opportunities to take responsibility.
When we see an injustice, we can speak up or say a prayer or be helpful.
When we feel some physical or emotional need in ourselves, we can stop and fill the need.
When we notice a need in our neighbor or family member, we can joyfully and freely give.

Life offers each of us opportunities to reach out to others.
And we cannot give what we do not have.
If the need is education, let us educate ourselves.
If the need is hunger, let us feed ourselves enlivening foods.
If the need is faith, let us inspire and build our own faith.
If the need is better ways of managing finances, let us become better stewards.
What we have to give, comes from being responsible for what we have.
Let us be fully responsible by beginning within.

Loving us all as we grow in our willingness to respond with Love to All That Is,
Betty Lue