Thursday, August 31, 2017


I value what is good for us all.
I appreciate what I have to give and share.
I live my life with joy and gratitude.
I enjoy the beauty around me and within me.

Time to Give Thanks!

When we don’t know what to do, give thanks.
When we are not happy, be grateful.
When we are feeling sorry for ourselves, appreciate.
When thinking you are alone, value what is.

People think of celebrating when everything seems right and good.
Most complain when they judge they have less than they want.
Many focus on what is missing and don’t even see what they have.
While we compare our losses, how many are feeling blessed for what remains?

The good we appreciate today will be even better tomorrow.
When we complain about lack, we highlight and increase our lack.
I am sorry for the loss, and I give thanks for what is gained in learning.
I am always grateful for what has been received and shared.

In metaphysics, there is an understanding that what we appreciate increases.
There is the knowledge that where we focus, we encourage and expand.
 Our attention gives value to where we focus, and our focused energy increases.
Therefore, it is essential that we learn to focus on the Good, the wholesome.

With all the changes in environment, economy and family life, we must find gratitude.
When our world, nation and communities are ever-changing, we can learn to increase the Good
When we allow our attention to attend to what is insufficient, we keep see and believing in the negative.
Our focus must turn toward creative solutions and positive outcomes.

What can I do?
What can we do?
How are we valuing what is beneficial?
Where are we contributing to what is improving?

Begin by simply learning to say “Thanks!”
In prayer, we can say, ”Thank you God.”
In praise, we can be pleased with the new day.
In healing, we can smile on one another.

Give thanks for the home you live in and the bed you sleep upon.
Give gratitude for the choices you are making to help and serve.
Be appreciative of the food you eat and how it grew.
Be aware of the value of life, liberty and the pursuit in happiness.

You are alive and able to choose.
I am aware of how I can contribute.
We are able to smile on one another.
Our world receives our presence to do good.

This is our opportunity to turn around our mind, body and spirit to value what we value.
Let go with your blessings of what no longer deserves our attention and intention.
Serve yourself and others by giving thanks for what inspires and enlightens you today.
Give your best and receive your own blessings of appreciation.

I value you,
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Be Good

Love is my natural state.
Joy and peace are my natural state.
I forgive myself for forgetting and neglecting to choose only Good.
Goodness is the way I am born to be naturally.

Being Good

What does being good mean for you?
Be good to feel good.
Be good to receive good.
Be good to experience the good in you and all.

It seems like many have never know what it is to be good.
Contribute the best in you and you are being good.
If you don’t know what is good, you can ask.
“What will be good for you?”

We can never assume what is good for another.
We can only feel the good within ourselves.
Consider what gives you peace and happiness.
Experiment with giving the best you know.

Notice the joy and delight in you.
Notice feeling inspired and alive.
Notice how what you give comes back.
Notice how goodness inspires more good.

Our thoughts must be good
Our words must be good.
Our behavior must be good.
To know is to believe in good.

Ethical behavior is good.
Doing what is right is good.
Blessings are good.
Living in integrity is good.

It is natural to be good.
It is helpful to be good.
It teaches everyone to be good.
It lifts up others to be good.

Take time to consider what is the good you are called to do everyday.
You will feel when your thoughts, words and behavior are good.
You will feel ashamed or guilty when you are off purpose.
It is time to consider your heart and your conscience to be good.

When we stop caring, we cannot give goodness.
When we are numb in addiction, we do not feel good.
When we are unkind or doing harm, we are not good.
When you have forgotten how to be good, seek examples of goodness.

We are the ones to return “being good” to a natural way of living, loving and giving.
Loving you with al the Good within me.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Peace Begins With You

Today is the first day of my life.
Today I will give my best to everyone I meet.
Today I choose to forgive my fear and reach out with peace.
Today, I will follow the high way and bring peace to all.

Peace Begins With You

Peace begins with you.
Love begins with you.
Healing begins with you.
Kindness begins with you.

Why does it begin with you?
Because you are the most conscious one.
Because you are the most willing one.
Because you are the most able to do the right thing!

It is childish to wait to be forced to stop fighting.
It is immature to want the other one to go first.
We are here to make a difference in our world.
You and I can make the difference in our homes and work places.

To control our emotions is essential.
Being out of control is lazy.
We can practice the art of reason and diplomacy.
We can stop acting like a two year old.

Peace begins with peace of mind.
When our mind stops running the show, our emotions will be in check.
When we suspend the mental and emotional authority to do whatever, we will act differently.
When we stop allowing ourselves to think, speak and act crazy, we will behave sanely.

It is time to think with reason and creativity.
Even children can be taught and show how to reason.
People in great distress can learn how to breathe deeply and behave rationally.
Our planet does not need to implode with war and hatred, disease and despair.

We are in a time of needed humanitarian efforts with no blame or condemnation.
When we listen to our heart/mind, we know that fear begets fear, and hate begets hate.
You and I can be the healers with one interaction at a time.
Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

All ages deserve respect and dignity.
All colors, races, religions deserve our best.
We can only unite to be helpful to one another, when we see things differently.
We must start by behaving with genuine kindness and respect for everyone. 

Trust we all can learn together.
Let us begin today.
Respecting us all,
Betty Lue 

Monday, August 28, 2017

No Harm!

I treat others as I want to be treated.
I recognize how I relate to others is showing them how they can relate.
I trust what I do today to be helpful will make my world better for all.
I believe we can create a place where there is life, liberty and no harm.

No Harm, Please!

When there is harm, stop and step away.
When there are harmful words, stop and remove yourself.
When there are harmful thoughts, stop yourself and change your minds.
When there are harmful behaviors, stop and leave the situation.

Make a commitment to stop doing harm to yourself and others.
Make a decision to stop the hurting with your words, behavior or thoughts.
When you do harm, you attract harm.
When you behave in hurtful ways, you are doing harm.

This world was changed and deranged by fearful humans.
People hurt, threaten, bully and fight to get their own way.
War and hatred, killing and abusing, are justified to win.
People have not understood that there is enough for all.

You can begin today to stop hurtful ways.
You can change your home and workplace.
You can find more good in being peaceful.
You can change your behavior when you decide.

Stop today allowing anyone or anything to hurt you.
Stop by withdrawing your destructive energies.
Give peace where there is a need for love.
Offer what is wanted without bloodshed or harm.

Children must be taught to do no harm.
Adolescents must be shown how to do no harm.
Adults must learn to stop doing harm.
Peoples must learn there is a better way.

Yes, talking with civility takes longer.
Working together in cooperation takes longer.
Giving and sharing with one another takes longer.
But resolving the inequities is worth it to stop fighting.

We are smart enough to know the costs.
We are wise enough to know we must stop.
We are good enough to seek what will work.
Together we can find a better way.

What will it take to be kind to your neighbor?
What can you do to forgive your ancestors?
What are you willing to change to make peace?
What can you give to forgive and undo the past?

Do Unto Others As You Want Them To Do Unto You.
You can because you want to.
You can because you choose to.
You can because you are Loving.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Clean Up Your Life!

I enjoy cleaning and clearing my space.
I make room for more goodness, joy and prosperity when I clean.
My mind and body function with more ease and energy in clean places.
Completions and conversations are easier in calm, harmonious space.

Cleaning Reminders

When you need to move, clean.
When you have a problem, clean.
When you are forgetful, clean.
When you get confused, clean.

Cleaning is a joy when you have the right attitude.
Children can enjoy picking up, when they have grateful parents.
Adults can change their mind, when they “hate” to clean.
All of society can learn to simplify their lives with cleaning.

Consider cleaning up after every meal.
Consider cleaning up before you go to bed.
Consider cleaning up before school and work.
Consider doing  a thorough cleaning weekly, monthly or even annually.

Consider yard sales, charitable contribution, calling in “We Got Junk” to take it away
You have the right to demonstrate to family, friends and neighbors how you live.
You will discover the cleaner your bedroom is, the better you sleep.
You will learn that children love to copy their parents, when they is happiness.

I never learned not to love cleaning.
I love how things feel and look when clean.
I could feel how good it is to start with a clean kitchen or desk.
I experienced that everyone keeps my space clean when I do.

As a child, we had a minimal things but always what we needed.
I did not compare with others, but saw us as happy and well off.
While the money was little, there were always hand-me-downs.
I enjoying cleaning and polishing and sorting with full appreciation.

In Feng Shui, they teach that we are only to have as much as we care for well.
They teach to stop hoarding what is not used and functional for your well-being.
They teach that what you own, owns a piece of your energy and defines you.
Therefore, it is essential that you conscientiously choose only what is beneficial to you.

Observe how much better you feel and think when you spaces are clean.
Experience how much more you can accomplish when your space is in order.
Feel the energy in you is drained by what is incomplete, messy or unnecessary.
Begin to clean and clear one space, even one drawer, at a time.

You will see how free you feel when you live simply.
You will appreciate how good you feel when your life is in order.
You will think with more creativity, when you have open time and space.
You will begin to fully understand what works for you.

Clean up your life inside as well!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Ten Keys to a Good Life

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.
Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Be Effective!

I conscientiously choose to do what works for the best for all.
I love to be effective and successful for win-win solutions.
I take exquisite care of myself mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually.
What is best for me inspires others to be their best.

Does It Work?

If what you do works, keep doing it.
If what you do doesn’t work, stop and do something better.
If you don’t see the results you want, choose again.
To keep doing the same thing expecting a different result is foolish.

If you don’t know any better, learn from someone who does.
Ask for help from those who have a life that works.
Read from books and then experiment to see what works.
Watch people who are happy and peaceful how to do better.

Seems logical and smart to find a better way.
When you pray or affirm, seek a better way.
When you listen and learn, search for a better way.
When you get hurt or offended, look for a better way.

Stop complaining and start appreciating
Stop demanding and start asking for help.
Stop blaming and begin to forgive  your negativity.
Stop doing the same thing, and explore something different.

Parents and teachers need to learn to value what our kids and youth are saying.
Leaders and bosses need to learn from what employees are requesting.
Families need to learn how to take time to affirm and honor one another.
Everyone must begin by taking impeccable care of their own needs first.

When hungry, tired and angry, we are not helpful or effective.
When we take care of our own needs, we are open to find better ways.
When we express blame and criticism, threats and demands, we are not effective.
When we are reactive with fear and harm, we are not effective with ourselves and others.

It is time to see what works.
When peaceful, discerning and helpful, we can always find a better way.
When we see a positive goal, with persistence, we will find  an effective way.
Notice how you talk to others and seek to be respectful, kind and helpful.

You can always do better with your intention to create what is good for all.
You can always choose to be happy and helpful when you relate at home and work.
You can always be your best when you care for your own needs first.
You can always find the right way to live, love, learn and appreciate.

Pause and breathe more.
Step away and listen within to seek help and wisdom.
Stop and forgive your harmful and reactive behavior.
Choose again for what is good and healthy for all.

Loving us in doing what is right and good and effective for all.
Betty Lue

Friday, August 25, 2017

Keep Cool!

I release the past and choose for a better future.
I seek what is highest and best for all concerned.
I would rather be happy than be right.
I want all interaction and communication to be helpful for all.

Learn To Keep Cool.

When it is hot, keep cool!
When you are upset, learn to control yourself.
When others are upset, learn to bring peace.
When you get “triggered”, learn to step away.

There is a time when upset is a wakeup call.
There is a place to be fully and freely expressive.
There is no point in creating resistance and fear.
There is no healing in reacting with anger and blame.

We have a choice in how we use our emotions.
We have our own mature ways of responding.
We have to learn how to control our emotions.
We have to mature in how we treat others.

In this immature society, we observe minimal impulse control.
Parents may flare up in using harmful words and behaviors.
Politicians my be abusive and childish in how they react.
Drivers may be out of control in how they take out their anger.

What children see teaches them how to be to get attention.
Youth observe violence in movies, TV, video games and in their homes.
Our emotionally based communication heats up disagreements.
People seem to enjoy getting their way with hurtful words and actions.

To make a difference, calm yourself and express with respect.
To be heard, take time to think, speak and act rationally.
To fight creates more push back and less respect.
To state you position and then listen to theirs opens cooperation.

When we promote the adrenalin of fear and fighting, we get less cooperation.
When we demand, threaten, bully and demean others harms relationships.
I highly recommend that we find peace and understanding only when calm.
I suggest that we step away and calm ourselves to begin to respond in healthy ways.

When anyone is upset, there can be no positive interaction and co-creative decisions.
When either party is angry, hurt, fearful and resentful, there will not be a win-win outcome.
It is essential that the conscious and mature individual bring peace and understanding.
It is most important that all parties have an opportunity to be heard and treated with respect.

Let you and I be the ones to listen with respect.
Let us respect our own ideas with one time statement.
Let us seek a response that leads to a positive outcome for all.
Let us learn to seek peace and happiness more than being “right”.

Respecting our reason and choice for peace.
Betty Lue 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Courage To Be

I have the courage to me truly mySelf.
I live my life with self respect and integrity.
My power lies in living my truth daily.
I find joy and great appreciation in my choice to be me.

Do You Have The Courage To Be You?

Are you even aware of Who You are?
Do you know yourself?
Are you aware of your gifts?
Do you recognize all you have denied?

When you are unaware of your true Self, how can you know your purpose?
When you have played small or not at all, how can you see what you are to be?
When you have let others define you and your life, how can you be happy?
What do you see, when you look in the mirror at who you came to be?

Freedom to be is how you claim your right way of being.
You will be both happy and free to be You.
Your body supports your right livelihood.
Your mind will be inspired when you are You.

Discover yourself.
Explore and experiment.
Sing and share what is your truth.
Face your fears with laughter, not tears.

You can live in your own authentic way.
You can find heart and meaning in what you do.
You can be happy and healthy and free being you.
You can appreciate and enjoy your own right choices.

Your life is just for you to have and be and do.
Your life is your assignment to make it work best for you.
Your relationships, lifestyle and activities are your form of self expression.
Are you giving yourself what you really want without compromising your will?

Remember that you are important to you and your self-fulfillment.
Remember that others will be inspired to have the courage to be themselves.
It is possible to be good to yourself and live with integrity in all you think, say and do.
You are clearing your self denial and deceit by having the courage to be true to you.

When you have made promises, keep them and change them if needed.
When you have made mistakes, forgive them, make amends and choose again.
When you have lost your way, come back home and begin again with respect and dignity.
When you know what is clearly right for you, choose it with courage with full appreciation.

You can have the heart to be all you want to be and much more.
Enjoy the journey as you explore and experience the value of Being You.
I admire and respect you for giving your Self to actualizing what you came to be and do.
Love is trusting and freeing yourself to be all that you are created to be.

Appreciating the True You,
Betty Lue

Awaken Your True Potential
by Paramhansa Yogananda
Your success in life depends not only upon your natural ability; it depends also upon your determination to grasp the opportunities presented to you. Opportunities in life come by creation, not by chance. They are created by you, either now or in the recent or distant past. Since you have earned them, use them to the best advantage.
  • Always hope for the highest and best 
  • Banish oversensitivity and self-pity 
  • Never entertain thoughts of limitation 
  • Renounce passivity and egotism 
  • Use your own but God-given power 
  • Harness your will to the right goal 
  • Broadcast your prayer to God continuously 
  • Attune yourself with Cosmic Power 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Be Good To You!

I choose to be good to myself and to others.
What is best for me teaches other to do what is best for them.
I have and give, be and do, what is good for me.
I honor myself and my life with the good I know to be.

Do You Know What Is Good for You?

We copy the ways we were treated.
We copy the Good or Bad others showed up.
We emulate what we saw others do for themselves.
We do not know what is good until we learn.

What is really good for you?
Do you know the best food to eat?
Do you know what kind of rest you need?
Do you know what to do to handle money?
Do you know how to be a good friend?
Do you know how to handle your emotions?
Do you know how to raise your family?
Do you know how to treat your husband or wife?
Do you know how to keep your house and car?
Do you know what clothes are best for you?

Who are you following?
Who do you admire?
What is the outcome of their choices?
How will you learn to be good to you?
Do you read books and take classes?
Do you learn by experiencing how you feel?
Do you see what makes you happy?
Do you wait to see what gets others’ approval?
Be good to you in your own ideal way!

Do you know how to be really good to YourSelf
Do you focus on getting rid of what is bad for you?
Are you punishing yourself with what is not good?
Are you copying society or your family history

It is about time to stop deceiving yourself.
When you are mature, you let go of childish ways.
You stop excessive ways of eating,  spending , demanding and emoting.
You learn to stop hurting yourself with excess or denial and live in moderation.

When you love yourself, you treat yourself with loving kindness and healthy living.
You may know what is good, but forget to treat yourself well.
You may realize how you have done harm and feel guilty and do it again.
You may resist what you know, because you live with bad habits and addictions.

It is time to be good to you, because you want to.
Choose to be good to yourself today, all day.
Forgive yourself for mistakes immediately and choose again wisely.
Begin again to repair the damage and you will see what you can be.

Loving you and I everyday in the best ways I know.
Betty Lue 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Be True To You!

I listen within and live my inner calling.
I trust myself to be happy and free, honoring me.
I know what is mine to do and do it with gratitude.
I honor the love within me and give it freely.
Be True to You!

So many choices and even more voices!
What do you choose to be?
How do you choose to live?
What do you choose to give?

Set yourself free.
Live with integrity.
How can we fully be?
When we do not hear or see.

Are you really honest with yourself?
When you feel resentment or regret, you are off purpose.
When you are sad or tired, you are not being true to you.
When you live in secret or in hiding, you are not abiding with your truth.

What do you need to do to have the life you want?
Are your values skewed by wanting something you don’t have?
Are you listening to someone else rather than yourself?
Do you even know what your purpose is?

As you learn to walk away from what is not for you, you are free.
As you undo the mistakes you have made, you can choose again.
As you forgive what is not your way to live, you begin to get your way.
It is your time to learn to listen to your heart and be really smart.

Life is for giving your best.
Life is for living your truth.
Life is for loving what is yours.
Life is your place to shine all the time.

You can tell when you are choosing the right way for you.
The symptoms are clear.
You are at peace.
You are energized.
You look forward to each day.
You want to do more and give more.
You feel blessed with your good life.
You blame no one, because you are on purpose.

Listen to your heart song.
Listen to how you feel.
Listen to what is yours to do.
Listen to give to the real you.

Blessing us all for living our Highest Truth.
Betty Lue  

Monday, August 21, 2017


I value the Good I see.
I see more of what I value.
I enjoy this amazing universe.
There is always more to enjoy.

Amazing Universe and Beyond

Do you take for granted how amazing it all works together?
Do you look at how exquisitely you body works together?
Do you understand the part you play in the greater whole?
Are you appreciative of the perfection in all things?

Even when we tinker and fiddle with the engine in time, we can see the delicate balance.
Even when we judge and try to make it all better, we are really trying to fix our human error.
Even when we withhold, contract, delay and detour in fear, we can see how it all tries to flow.
Our minds are barely beginning to reveal the healing and balancing nature of the universe.

Consider what you can do to get in the natural flow.
Focus on the awesome greatness of what is.
Allow yourself to stop interfering with Good.
Enjoy and celebrate the beauty of the Creation.

We have so much to appreciate.
We have our whole lives to celebrate.
We have the delight of what we create.
We have the entire Universe to navigate.

Our part appears to be to simply enjoy what we have.
With our appreciation, we have more.
The more we have the more we give.
The more we give the more we have to share.

And so it is, our lives are part of the universal flow.
Our thoughts are pieces of what is constantly flowing.
Our words teach and we are learning what we teach.
Our actions show us what we love and do not value.

What will teach us to fully have what we have?
Who will show us our mistakes in consciousness?
How will we get what we came to be and do?
When will we understand we must undo what is not true?

You and I can see what we want to see.
When we choose the beauty of the landscape, we begin to acknowledge our beauty within.
Beauty and light is in the eye of the beholder.
And so is ugliness and dark within the mind of the judge.

Are we not here to get out of the way and allow the Goodness to be?
Are we not here to erase and forgive our inter-fear-ence?
Is it not our time to stop attending to what is not worth our attention?
Perhaps that is our duty here….to let go and let Goodness return?

We can learn to be inspired and blessed for the natural perfection in life.
We can be encouraged to simply enjoy the beauty around and within.
We can trust in what is as we naturally let go and let Good simply be.
We can appreciate and enjoy all that we have and be and do.

Loving today with all the Good we have.
Betty Lue

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Make Everything New!

Life is good and getting better.
I see with new eyes a new vision of a better world.
I release the shadows of the past and see a new light.
My forgiveness erases all that is not love and I recreate with Love.
Love Makes Everything New!

When you are able to see with respect and forgiveness, you see it all new.
When you awaken with the Spirit of Love, you see with new vision.
When you are willing to let go of the past, you will see what really is.
When you allow the mistakes of yesterday to be erased, you see it all with Love.

Relationships are often seen with the history of past errors of omission and commission.
Our lives may be reflected by thoughts of what didn't work, the hurts and failures.
We often judge ourselves and others based on what trials and tribulations occurred.
Consider what would be if you were willing to flush yesterdays indigestion away.

We seem to think today is a composite of yesterday’s experiences.
We seem to grade ourselves and others on what is remembered.
We seem to gravitate toward the drama and trauma rather than peace.
We seem to believe that we cannot be new again and still again.

When you wake up in the morning, you do not know who you really are.
When you wake up with your spouse or children, you can never tell what mood will be.
When you start the day anew, be aware that you can release your judgment and pain.
You can experience transformation of every relationship by simply erasing the past with Love.

Why would we want to hang on to the pain?
Why seek revenge and blame another?
Why hold on to the pain of the past?
Do we really believe this protects us?

When we defend ourselves from loving and trusting again, we are denying ourselves.
When we hold animosity and hate, we are keeping ourselves from happiness and peace.
When we live life in grief and regret, are we not making ourselves unhappy and unhealthy?
Can we do better, think better, feel better and act better than this?

Life can be a series of mistakes, misperceptions, and rejection.
Life can also be a series of amazing creations, happy experiences and miracles of love.
Which do you really prefer: something that hurts or something that heals?
I love myself enough to keep on forgiving and start all over again with an open mind.

Some people cling to the old and familiar.
It feels comfortable and safe because you know it well.
You can keep the old memories, but why not choose the kind and beautiful ones?
I notice when I release them all with forgiveness, the remembered ones are beautiful, good and healing.

You choose what you keep in the album of your heart.
You have what you have selected to give attention to.
You can claim what you name to be your legacy.
You feel what you really want to feel with what you hold dear.

I hold all that is good, healthy and loving and therefore create more of the same.
I forgive everything no longer has value and fill the space with Love, only Love.
This is my life to choose what I value, and so more comes to me to be valued.

Holding you dear in my heart and mind.
Betty Lue