Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seeking Advice and Help

When you need information, advice or help always go to the one who knows, one who cares, one who has been there, one who has succeeded and learned and one who believes in you.

We may go to someone for help because they are comfortable.
We may go to someone because they will agree with us.
We may go to someone because they give advice free.
We may go to someone because they are available and convenient.
We may go to someone because they are friend or family.

I see people get distracted, detoured and delayed in their healing and learning process because they seek help for the wrong reasons from the wrong people.

If you feel like quitting, you may have sought counsel from a quitter.
If you feel angry, you may have sought advice from a resentful person.
If you feel discouraged, you may have gone to a depressed person.
If you feel confused, you may have gone to a conflicted helper.
We usually seek help from someone who will give us what we want and expect.

If you don't like the results, recognize your error, let go and choose again.

If you want new ideas, go to someone with creative possibilities.
If you want hope and energy, ask someone who is hopeful, positive and enthusiastic.
If you want information and education, choose an adviser who is well informed and always learning.
If you want listening, support and kind encouragement, choose someone who has those qualities.
If you want your advisor to give you something specific, ask if they are willing and capable.
The more you get clear about what kind of help and advice you need, the more likely you will receive it.

If you seek many opinions, notice the source of their opinions?
Do people advise you from their life history, their feelings and beliefs, their best guess,
their study and research or their intuition and inner guidance?
Are your advisors walking with you or do they stand by the sidelines and tell you what to do.
Do your helpers understand you and your specific needs or are they viewing your process from their own perspective?
Do you feel energized or defeated by what they tell you?
Do you seek for more or want to do it yourself?

Authority issues come from our dependence or rejection of parental authority.
You are author of your own life, your own choices, your own direction and success, as an adult.
When you seek external authority, you are relinquishing your right and responsibility to choose.
When you seek external direction, you are inviting your inner child to rebel and reject or to conform and become dependent.
You may seek outside or human help, but always remember that you are in co-creative partnership with those whom you invite to serve, counsel, listen, support, heal, help and guide you.
What you contribute is vital in creating your desired outcome.
Every helper or advisor needs to know your desire clearly.
You need to withhold nothing.
You need to see yourself as equal, committed and responsible for yourself, your communication and your choices.
Remember to choose again when and if your choice does not support you, the real You, the healthy you.

I am here for each one of us to respect ourselves, take fully responsibility for our choices and to learn to cooperate with life.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Everyone is here for different purposes and our own unique learning, healing and contributions.
You cannot compare your life with anyone else, because your Soul, Higher Self and Essence has called you to your own unique spiritual journey. All of us universally are recognizing and clearing the blocks to unlimited and Universal Love.

We each remember this Essential Love in our own timing, our unique relationships and individual process.

Some of us remember within our childhood family system
Some remember within relationship with a primary partner.
Some become aware through our spiritual relationship with the Unlimited Creator.
Some wake up through connections with the Earth, nature and all living creatures.
Some are healed through the teachings and gifts of their children.
Some achieve enlightenment through tragedy and some through miracles.
Some of us need to be alone to find God and some find God in relationship.
All of us are unique. Your life is yours to respect, cherish and embrace fully.

As I reviewed the photos of yesterday with all three granddaughters, Gia and the twins, Harper and Lila, I was moved with the profound love and gratitude I feel for how much they are loved and cherished for simply being.
Their love and inner peace radiates to those who come into their lives.
They naturally love everyone without judging the blood relationships, the ethnicity, the education, the financial status or external value.

Love is our natural state.
In our natural state we extend love to everyone.
In our natural state we openly receive all the love that is given.
In our natural state we trust all is well.
In our natural state we are forgiving and forgetting hurts and momentary fears.
In our natural state we heal thoughts, feelings and words and return to love.

As tears of gratitude and joy fell watching and re-experiencing the feelings I have, I am aware that these children of the Most High represent all the children of the Earth. I am privileged to know and love thousands of children, some in adult bodies and some still growing.
It continues to be my greatest source of fulfillment to watch people open to love themselves and love one another.
I am filled with joyous reverence and sweet gratitude when we remember to Love.

May your life be filled with remembering Love.
You are deeply and profoundly loved……No matter how much the world may forget and fear Loving.
You are precious and provided for……..Far beyond your wildest imagination and what appears to be.
You are gift to me and the whole Universe….No matter how small or simple your life may seem to you.

I am loving you always,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 27, 2005

Releasing Attachments

Show up. Be present and conscious.
Pay Attention. See what is real.
Tell the Highest Truth you know. Express from your adult observer or fair witness Self.
Detach and let go. Release need to control, manipulate or fix and trust Higher Power.

When we are attached to someone or to a specific outcome, we can carry the anxiety, pain and upset as an unloving reminder.
When we judge a perceived "wrong" or unfairness and seek to attack the offending "wrong", we simply perpetuate the perceived injustice.
When we fear for the outcome, we plant seeds of fear in others minds and hearts, and often encourage the very outcome we seek to change.
When we forgive our judgments, our fears and our need to control, we can let go and offer our best.
When we remember to love with trust and freedom, we begin to find inner peace in our willingness.
When we know peace in our minds, understanding and acceptance dawn on us as we expand our awareness.
When we understand by seeing more of the healing picture, we can encourage, support and trust more.

No one knows. " Of myself I know nothing."
It is only through a higher perspective and wisdom that I am given my part to play, my part to say and do.
It is only when I let go of thinking I know the right outcome that I can open to the highest outcome.

I cannot possibly be aware of the healing process within each individual.
I do not know when the child is here to heal the mother.
I do not know if the courts need to give the individual time off (in prison) to meditate and choose again.
I do not know when an individual's earthly work is done.
I do not know when someone will be called to move on to their next assignment or to rest awhile in peace.
I do not know what tragedy will call the world to heal its woes and faulty thinking.
I do not know how the illusion of time and space is teaching us to be the love we are.
I do not know how we can simply let go of our story (past) and create ourselves anew.
I do not know what it is or who I am to be with you and all,
I do not know how miracles appear and disappear, so we learn to believe in what is unseen.
I do not know how I am continually inspired and brought to tears of joy through beautiful acts of love.
I do not know when I have touched and healed, taught and learned by what I share.
I do not know. I need not know.
I am called merely to believe in the power of Love within each aspect of creation.
I have faith that all I do is given to what is truly loving, wholesome and Good for All.
I totally trust we all are created by Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
I trust we are each here to remember our Loving Essence and to live for Love and live from Love.
I trust we are absolutely free to take our own path and our own timing to find our way back home.
Love is who we are. When we live in Love and give in Love, we are happy and at peace.

Bless us all every One in our unique journey,
Betty Lue

Remember our workshops on Saturdays, July 9 and 16 on Understanding Differences in our home. Also being offered on Wednesday eves.
It will give you insights into difficult relationships and also support you personally in living from your Essence as you find the Purpose in your life.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


When your world seems to be lacking respect for itself,
it is a call to improve the quality of respect you give yourself.

The more you love and respect yourself, the more others will learn to love and respect you, respect themselves and respect others.
How you live is your teaching for all the Universe.

So I ask myself:
What are the ways in which I have been lazy or lacking in self respect?
What are the ways in which I have allowed the world to change me?
How have I compromised my values and relaxed living what matters to me?

I live in a place which has slowed energy.
I associate with people who expect very little of me.
I no longer remove my shoes when entering my own home.
I have been eating sugar and other foods which are not healthy for me.
I have stuck energy in my body and mind with subsequent weight gain.
I am not creating at the highest level I am aware.
I have been worrying about some family matters.
I have grown lazy in daily spiritual practice.
I dress in a less than professional and inspiring way.
We are not usually eating our meals at the table expressing a blessing of gratitude.
I think about worldly matters rather than only about inspiration and contribution.
I am fascinated by individual craziness rather than focused on the lifestyle of the Masters.
I sometimes spend money on nonessential items.
I agree to do things to take care of others rather than serve what is best for me.
There is more I am sure.

I excuse these "slips" in consciousness because there are so many areas in which I am living with respect.
My home, relationships, contributions and self care mentally, physically and spiritually are all excellent.
However, when I know what I have let go, I see why I do not treat myself with perfect respect.
I can see my world slowing down, making excuses and forgetting to love and serve impeccably.

What can I do to return to the level of respect for my Self and others and my world that teaches?
I can transform my lifestyle with conscious freedom of choice.
I can begin to re-establish my right place in my world with how I see, treat and believe in myself.
I can choose to live the sacred life that is highest and best for me.
When I love myself well, I naturally know how to love others well.
I can surround myself with those who encourage the very best in me.
I can live and give impeccably to everyone.
I can stop softening my conscious awareness and speak the truth I see.
I can give myself permission to love and live impeccably, even though I am very different.
I can ingest the best and forget the rest.
I can love honor and obey only the Highest calling and voice of Spirit within.
I can take time daily to listen for the high quality of messages we are all given (if we would but listen.)
I can give gratitude for every opportunity to remember and live with respect.

As I write this reminder, I am reminded that respect means "to look again, to see things differently."
I am taking another closer look at my life and choosing to do my spiritual Spring cleaning.
I am choosing to love, honor and obey the highest Truth within me.
I am choosing to love, respect and lead myself impeccably.

I am loving you, as I love me.
Let us expect greatness from ourselves.
Betty Lue

Friday, June 24, 2005

Good to be Home

(And back to the computer where I can share with YOU!)

Just returned from a trip through the southwest, beginning in Salt Lake City and ending in Albuquerque, NM. I am so very happy to be home to my inspirational life of creativity and service. While enjoying the time with Robert and my mother-in-law Jackie and making brief fun connections with fellow travelers, I was away from the life that fulfills and inspires me. While I loved our beautiful country filled with open spaces and awesome natural wonders on our motor coach ride with 38 mostly retired seniors, it was like a time out of time.

Both Robert and I encouraged laughter when there was critical fatigue.
We celebrated beauty, when there were apparent barren plains.
We fostered playfulness rather than serious conversation about impossible problems.
We invited into the group those who were apparent misfits.
The group bonded, enjoyed, supported and mostly appreciated each other and our journey in spite of the unexpected surprises which required forgiveness and flexibility. It was one big family trip with all the usual dysfunctions to be overcome with Love.
My favorite interactions and memories were of mentoring and coaching and encouraging people along the way. This is what I do and why I am here. I am this wherever I go, whatever I do.

Now about home.
Home is the place where the pieces of my life are woven into a tapestry of wholeness, goodness and love.
Home is where I create simplicity with the basics, so I have energy for creating and contributing.
Home is the space where I am most at peace because I have created a life of support rather than challenge.
Home is filled with Loving Reminders to keep me on path and on purpose.
Home is a reflection of the beauty and goodness and love within me.
Home is time to be with you, and a computer that works easily to send out messages of consciousness.
Home is where I have the conveniences arranged so I can carry on my inspirational lifestyle.

So last night after arriving home at 7 PM, we unpacked, washed and put away our clothes, watered plants, restarted fountains and computer, went grocery shopping and prepared food for today, going to see our twin grand babies, Harper and Lila. We lit candles and turned on our favorite music, read a little and were in bed by 10 PM. We like to be at home when we are "at home".

All in all, I want to say, "This is Our country."
We may be the grandest on earth.
We are certainly fortunate to live in a beautiful spacious land where there is much freedom to be, to choose, to move, to begin again, to live however we like.
Let us each be grateful for what we have been given.
Let us treat our home with respect and love.
Let us care for what is ours for the time in which we are here to enjoy it all.
This is our country, our home and our right place to be.
Appreciate and take impeccable care of what you value.

Loving you, Betty Lue

Sorry I have not had communication with you.
Please call or email now if you want some time with me.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Keeping My Agreements

We are leaving on an 8 day excursion through the Southwest with Robert’s Mom and tour group.

My intention is to write to you everyday a Loving Reminder ....however, some hotel internet providers will not allow my group messages to be sent, so please check my website for the daily blog and archived reminders. Know I am loving you always, there is no separation or lack except in our thoughts. Will return on 6/24 with delight. I can and will pick up email as often as I have access.
Please call 800-919-2392 voicemail or 925-324-2409 to leave important messages. I will be able to do consulting from the road in the evening or early morning from our hotel rooms. The Power of Love is in the quality of your natural Joy and inner Peace.
Betty Lue

Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation
If I am not experiencing others keeping their agreements with me, I must look at my willingness to continue keeping my agreements with myself and others.
To break a promise to myself is to disrespect myself and my own needs.
To forsake my own agreements with me to honor agreements with another is to diminish my self.
To set myself aside for the sake of others is to lose faith and confidence with myself.
My self esteem is diminished both in my own eyes and on a subtle level with others, as well.

Therefore to raise other's respect, responsibility and cooperation, I must become impeccable in keeping my agreements with myself.

The more I love, honor and respect myself, the more others love, honor and respect me.
The more I love, honor and respect myself, the more I Love honor and respect others.
The more I love, honor and respect myself, the more others love honor and respect themselves.
The more I love, honor and respect myself, the more others love, honor and respect others.

And so it is….All good things begin within me.

So as I see the world and its people lose faith and act with disrespect, irresponsibility and conflict, I must go within to my own integrity. And it is there I can see and acknowledge, forgive and allow, receive insight and affirm, accept and appreciate my own healing.

Yes, we all are being influenced everyday by our culture, our leaders, our childhood and our historical perspective.
The values and mores of a culture are passed on unconsciously without conscious ill intention, regardless of their intrinsic value for society.

There is only one place we can actively heal what is sick.
There is only one place we can control what has gone awry.
There is only one place we can correct what is in error.
Within myself, I find the source of disintegration and disease.
Within myself I find the solution for creating renewed integrity and wellness.

Today I take full responsibility for honoring what I know within me to be in integrity.
Today I choose to see and undo all that is not true.
Today I will accept my part in the plan for salvation.
Today I choose to respect my whole and holy self.
Today I will be responsible for keeping my agreement to love me and you well.
Today I am cooperation with all parts of my being for the Greater Good.
Within me is all the Universe.
Within me I can find my Self or lose my Self.
I can strengthen myself of weaken myself.
I can enlighten myself or endarken myself.
I can heal myself or cause dis-ease in myself.
I am willing to love, honor and respect myself.

I am willing to love me perfectly that I might teach my world to Love perfectly,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Attachment and Specialness

Much of my life has been with non-attachment and willingness to love everyone equally.
"Love the one you are with" has been an effective spiritual principle for my life work.
I have an extensive spiritual family in many states and countries on the planet
And I freely love, serve and remember God and the Goodness in each One.

Spiritual Family and Global Community have been my life work both personally and professionally, starting as a volunteer in my neighborhood being a summer helper for a young mother of a 2 yr old cerebral palsied child and newborn, when I was 10 years old, volunteering with the aged, the mentally retarded children and adults as well as physically disabled in nursing homes, community hospitals and state institutions. Everywhere I loved and learned. I laughed and encouraged. I brought hope and happiness naturally and easily. I looked, even as a child and teen, beyond the suffering and always asked, "What can I do?" I gave freely of everything I knew and all I had. I loved the joy I received from the happiness and comfort given.
To love another is to love oneself.
What is given with the heart is multiplied when received by Spirit.

It was easy to let go, when I knew I had given my all.
I completed "my mission."
I loved with abundance, gratitude, respect and joy.
I loved each one fully and freely.
I withheld nothing.
I did not avoid the stench, the pain, the sorrow, the shame.
I walked fearlessly and innocently into difficult situations even for trained adults.
And when I was done, I knew it was Holy work being done through my hands and my words, my eyes and my heart.
Even though I could not understand, I was at peace.

And now in my life, I have more personal opportunities to do the Holy work for the Good of All.
When I try to make someone special, I get stuck.
When I get attached to the right outcome, I feel worried about someone making a mistake.
When I see myself (Ego) as the cause or creator, I feel fearful and tight.
When I believe the world does harm through faulty legal or medical systems, I am stressed and intense.

I forgive myself for buying into the worldly drama.
I forgive my mind for attaching to fear.
I forgive my self for believing there is something wrong with my loving.
I forgive us all for getting attached to "our way".
I forgive myself for making anyone special 'bad' or special 'good'.
I forgive all judgments, fears, worries, criticisms and hurts.
I forgive, let go, trust Good and let live, so all that is Holy within me and you and All will flourish.
I forgive any withholding of inspired wisdom, kindness, helpful doing and support.
I release and let go. I let go and let God.
Trusting all is in Divine Order, knowing I can and do give my very best in each circumstance with everyone who comes my way.
I know beneath all worldly apparency, all is well.

And so I Am, Loving You,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Making the Best Decision

Have you ever had a difficult decision to make?
Have you ever been caught in choosing where it seems someone will feel hurt?
Have you ever procrastinated hoping someone else would do the 'right" thing so you didn't have to do it?
Have you ever gotten stuck with the job of judging the best way for everyone?

Alone I can do nothing.
Every decision I make must be given to the Source of All Good.

I cannot know what to do or say.
I cannot alone choose what is highest and best for all concerned.
I cannot see through your eyes and mine.
I cannot understand all the past and predict the future.
I cannot keep the world from hurting.
I cannot understand what is "true" for you.

I can only give myself to Love and Loving.
I can only listen within and follow my heart.
I can only honor my inner voice of Spirit.
I can only offer the best that I have.
I can only be right here right now.
I can only trust Truth will prevail.
I can only pray for the highest outcome.
I can only express my part in the Divine Plan.
I can only give all I have for the Good of All.
I can only stay peaceful and present.
I can only keep my self in integrity with my spiritual values.
I can only follow my intuition and trust.
I can only be my authentic self.
I can only create a safe place in which healing can occur.
I can only remember to never quit on Love.

I see there is so very much I can do to stay in Love with you and all.
That is the decision I can and will make over and over.
To love is telling the truth as I see it.
To love is to not only speak Love but to be it.
To love is to laugh at what’s funny and cry when it is sad.
To love is to give my best now and whenever I have what is needed and wanted.
To love is to fill my life with joy and let myself sing.
To love is to forgive everyone and everything.
To love is to let go of control, believing that I can really see and know all.
To love is to offer the goodness in me with all the faith that I have.

I am loving you, when I choose without choosing and let go without losing,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 13, 2005

Trusting in Transformation

Some say spiritual crisis is our opportunity to let go of attachments and clinging to our humanness,
Some say many emotional breakdowns are really our call to trust in our mental undoing.
Some say we are experiencing psychological and spiritual emergencies.
We are emerging from the cocoon of our disillusionment, ignorance and unconsciousness.
The darkness we may feel is often an essential part of the journey, we are birthed into a new reality.
As we awaken to our true unlimited potential, it may be experienced like waking up from a heavy sleep.
We may feel groggy, lethargic, irritable or even confused.
There may be many symptoms both physiological and psychological which we cannot explain.

Let's wake up anyway.
Let us let go and allow the transformational process to occur.
Let us trust in the higher outcome of freedom and happiness.
Let us enjoy the beauty of new beginnings with an opportunity to create a new identity and new world.
Let us reassure ourselves and others that change is not only OK, but desirable and inviting.
Let us be gentle in our process and accepting of our awkwardness as we find our wings to fly.
Let us love those who fear and encourage those who resist, as we set the example of courage with delight.
Let us celebrate our reunion by coming together with others in love, appreciation and openmindedness.
Let us begin.

The following email attached may not be "right" for you…..If so, delete and let go.
Waste no time trying to understand, argue against, or make work for you.

Life provides us innumerable opportunities to learn what and why and how.
You will know when something presented is "your cup of tea".

I Am loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Return to Innocence

Do you remember innocence?

Have you trusted in basic Goodness?
Have you believed in love?
Have you allowed yourself to forgive others' mistakes?
Have you been as unconditional as a happy dog?
Have you trusted in being happy?
Have you played like a child?
Have you delighted in the natural miracles of nature?
Have you breathed in the joy of being alive?
Have you looked at yourself with a grin and said, "I just Love You!"?
Have you laughed out loud at some silly thought or behavior?
Have you taken your blunders lightly?
Have you released past misery and suffering?
Have you focused on the next "fun" thing to do?
Have you made plans to take an awesome vacation?
Have you eaten your favorite food without guilt?
Have you just laid back and fully enjoyed doing nothing?
Have you woken up happy as a clam about being right where you are?
Have you reached out and just hugged someone for no reason?
Have you skipped when you could walk?
Have you danced alone to music you love?
Have you pampered yourself by treating yourself to whatever is your favorite?
Have you saved your change for a special treat?
Have you worn the old clothes you love just because they feel good?
Have you stayed in your PJ's all day?
Have you watched all those G rated movies that have happy endings?
Have you been touched when you see people loving each other?
Have you written a poem or a song, just because you felt like it?
Have you remembered your innocence?

I am always loving you and everyone.
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Love Begets Love

Love created You.
Love creates like ItSelf.

While you came through bodies who believed themselves to be imperfect, they were not your creators.
Perfection created you perfectly.
Perfection begets Perfection.

What you believe is wrong with you has been taught to you by those who believe there are "sins" in them.
"Sin" means "off the mark".
Thus, our "sins" could be translated as being off the mark about our imperfection.
Our sin could be the error in our minds which has led us to believe and behave imperfectly.

If we believe we are Love, we will act in loving ways.
If we believe we are flawed, we will behave in erroneous ways.

To love your children is to see them as Love expressing itself.
To love yourself is to encourage your full expression of Love.
To love others is to forgive and release any withholding of your Love.
To love your Source and Loving Creator is to appreciate and trust in Love.

You want proof?
Extend love consciously to those you encounter or think of for a day and notice how you feel.
Withhold love consciously to those you encounter or think of for a day and notice your energy.

Withholding Love is denying your Authentic Self.
Withholding Love is shutting down your natural expression.
Withholding Love is depressing your life energy.
Withholding Love is limiting your fun, freedom and creativity.

Try this.
Even when angry, choose to love anyway.
Even when hurt, choose to love anyway.
Even when afraid, choose to love anyway.
Even when stuck, choose to love anyway.
Even when leaving, choose to love anyway.

Love is a choice, not an emotion.
Love is a natural expression of fully being present.
Love is a statement of freedom to explore and trust in the process of learning.
Love is letting go without fear and trusting in Goodness and God.

"If only we could love enough, we would be the happiest and most powerful beings in the world."
Emmet Fox

Loving You,
True B'Lue

Friday, June 10, 2005

Do It Now!

Why wait? Do it now.
Is there something you have been putting off?
Why not do it now?
Is there a special event you have been waiting for?
Why not do it now?
Is there someone you need to forgive?
For sure, do it now.
Is there a wish to have something which really pleases you?
Why not get it now?
Is there a longing for a trip or vacation or spa treatment?
Why not do it now?
Is there someone who needs your help and comfort?
Why not today?

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?
I am not encouraging frivolous spontaneity that puts you in stress.
I am encouraging taking care of business, so that you don't waste energy wanting and procrastinating.
Often when we are hungry for a certain food and try to make do with what we have, we are never content.
When we know what we truly want, it is better to go to the trouble and time to get exactly that.

We can make many excuses for working first and then pleasing ourselves later.
However, that little walk or reading a favorite book or making a pleasant phone call can make all the difference.
Give yourself the very best.
Take time to listen to your heart.
Know what really pleases you and then give it to yourself.

What would happen, if you treated your self like an honored and revered guest?
What would happen, if you took impeccable care of your wholeness and holiness everyday?
What would happen, if you made yourself happy just because it is your job to be happy?
What would happen, if you loved yourself as much as you ever have loved anyone?

What is it that you really want?
Why not, do it now?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wakeup Calls

Every illness is a wakeup call.
Every upset is a wakeup call.
Every disaster is a wakeup call.
Whatever is not wholly loving, peaceful and happy is a wakeup call.

To get rid of the apparent problem with a short term quick fix will not hear the call.
To take a pill or numb oneself with sleep, analgesics or avoidance will not heed the call.
To find a temporary solutions for the upset to reoccur will not be a healing response.
It is essential that we remember all upsets are "past similars" to be recognized and healed.

Past similars are experiences we have had before and have stored in our cellular memory.
Past similars are emotions that have gotten stuck because of being denied, feared and not expressed.
Past similars are physiological feelings that were not respected and responded to with compassion.
Past similars are unhappy moments from childhood covered with layers of repression and compensation.

To respond to our past with healing is to stop, look and listen within.
To respond to our past with respect is to listen with our most compassionate heart to the child within.
To respond to our past with forgiveness is to forgive ourselves for shutting down our light and lovingness.
To respond to our past with love is to see what was and no it no longer is.
To respond to our past with light is to be with what is now with peace and love and gratitude.

To look on all things with love, appreciation and open-mindedness opens the door to a return to wholeness.
In our defenselessness our safety lies.
The more we defend, the more we are attacked.
Our self protection yields worldly reflection of all we defend against.

When can I let go and totally love no matter what?
When I am defenseless and vulnerable and open to only Love, no matter what.
When can I be assured that my love will be returned?
When I know I am both giver and receiver of the Love I Am.
When can I trust that I will not be abandoned, rejected or excluded?
When I cease abandoning, rejecting or excluding anyone for any reason, including myself.
When am I healed?
When I see only wholeness, goodness, beauty and Love.

Yes there is work for each one of us to do, to bring the enlightenment of all humanity.
Yes, the work you do today heals countless beings everywhere, because you have chosen to heal you.
Wherever any one of us chooses to heal fear and remember Love, we have give all beings a great gift.
You are a healer, one who is bringing all to greater realization of Love, through your good works now.

Loving you and me endlessly,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Children Are Important

Can you imagine how to hold two babies at the same time?
Can you see how to feed two infants at the same time?
Can you see moving to a new home with two one month olds?
This is why Robert and I have been helping with it all.
So we have packed and unpacked, laundered, organized and prepared some meals.
Yes, of course, there is holding and feeding, burping and changing diapers while Mom showers.
There is laughing and cooing, shopping and setting up baby stuff.
There is walking and rocking, and figuring out easier ways to do things.
There are many more projects to come, but also lots of fun.
And yes, our 6 1/2 year old granddaughter Gia will be spending time this summer with us and her nieces.

My Dad often said, "Being a mother is the most important job in the world."
I would agree that whoever is doing the primary nurturing and teaching holds that "most important" title.
Likewise, teachers hold the second most important and often most difficult job in our culture.
For this reason, my career often focuses on those who give care, guidance and love to the development of our children.

Whether you have your own children or "teach" in a professional way, how about giving time and respite to mothers, schools, and even encouragement to those parents you meet casually in the store or a park. Our world has become super-stressful with fears of harm, economic pressures and multiple diversions.

Both our children and our elders have often become secondary to getting the urgent things done. In order to get the attention they deserve, sometimes our kids get in trouble to get their share of that "urgent" attention.

Look at the possibility of offering to help even one hour/week a parent or a teacher.
Consider giving positive regard to someone who is fulfilling those jobs.
Look at how you can make life a little easier for anyone who is struggling with a family.
Give appreciation, smiles and friendliness to children to encourage their learning respect and responsibility.
Take time to ask how you can be helpful to family members with families starting college funds, giving help with projects, spending time with the kids or simply listening to the parent's difficulties and stress.

Your caring matters. The world has changed. Families have often lost their way.
There is often little community and extended family support for the basics.
Give what you can to our little ones.
You can and do make a difference--often more than you realize.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

For those of you who missed, there is a Day 1 picture of the twin girls, Harper and Lila using the "Some Pictures" button on the left hand menu.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Time for You

Is there enough time in your day to get everything done?
Is there enough time to take care of the important things?
Is there enough time to take impeccable care of the ones you love?
Is there enough time to give yourself the very best?

Are you loving you?
Are you remembering to be grateful?
Are you honoring your life?
Are you aware of the blessing you are?

Do you remember to enjoy the small things>
Do you watch the sun rise and set?
Do you see the flowers bloom and hear the birds sing?
Do you allow the wind to caress y our face?
Do you say "Thank you" for each gift of kindness?
Do you speak with presence to those you meet?
Do you value what really matters to you?

Have you sung a song with joy lately?
Have you eaten your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Have you laughed until your belly hurts?
Have you said "I love you" to someone special?

Do you have regrets? Make amends.
Do you have incompletions? Finish what you started.
Do you have unfinished projects? Get to work or let them go.
Do you have unexpressed communication? Write it down or make a call.

You will be surprised at all the time you have when you let go of what is undone and nagging.
Everything being held in your mind and your space takes up energy. Finish it or let it go.
Free yourself and give your renewed attention to what calls you now.

Time for no regrets and loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Wednesday Evening class starting this week.
Fun, freeing and fulfilling from 7-9PM in my office.
Finding your Path, Passion and Purpose:
Understanding the Uniqueness in Ourselves and Others

Friday, June 03, 2005

Come and Play

We give our lives meaning and purpose.
We create the life we want (or think we must have.)
Life is to be lived fully and freely.
Live with gusto, passion, joy and purpose.
Find and follow the path of your heart.
The real and lasting riches come from the joy and love we share.

I am alive with Spirit because I choose to be.
I give myself to Love and Loving: in this, I never lose.

I honor the Light which lives in me.
Because it leads my way.
I offer the Love that gives through me.
Because it inspires my day.

My work is my play.
My creations are inspirations of my heart.
The time I spend with you and each one who comes is inspiration and food for my soul.
The wisdom I share is a reminder for me of what we all know sometime and somewhere.

I need do nothing and still am free to do everything.
Every breath, a rebirth and renewal of my free will.
Choose again to lift, to love, to laugh.
Give yourself to Love today and Love will give to you.
Live in the present and forget the past,
The beauty of your life will always shine through.
Seek Goodness and Kindness in everyone and you will find it there.
Or if they are bereft of some, give it with gratitude to remind their heart.
That you always have some spare.

This loving reminder was written after a very full and fulfilling week.
Off to spend the morning with Gia and later with the twins, each one a blessing in a child's disguise.
Opportunities to unpack their moving boxes and create a beautiful and orderly home for their nursing Mama.
Then to the city and a coaching conference all day Sunday.
And still time for spiritual friends, called clients, who offer me the joy of blossoming, so that I might behold their beauty and experience their love.

Come and play with me this summer….

Finding Your Authentic Self on Wednesday eves or two Saturdays.

Servant Leadership: Learning to Empower Your People at Unity on Monday eves.

Always available to counsel and consult with those who call. Spirit always gives me more than enough to freely share with you all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Need Help?

Do you know when you need help?
Do you ask for the help you need?
Are you clear about who and what to ask for?

Because we have historical family helping patterns which may have yielded conflicting results, we may unconsciously choose the same from our helping professionals.
Our past unhealed patterns are repeated unconsciously for the purpose of choosing differently to heal.

Ask for what you want.
Find a helping profession who resonates with your energy. Trust yourself to know!
Move on and let go, if not "right". Don't waste time and money establishing "trust" for months.
One phone call or brief free interview meeting should confirm what is right for you.
Choose what is best for you. Don't compromise. There are thousands of helpers via phone and nearby.
Say "No" without making any excuses or justifying your choice.
Be picky about who and how you receive help.
State clearly what you expect to receive.
Ask directly for what they can give.
If credentials and training is important, ask for it all.
If insurance is important, get their agreement.
Know the financial arrangement ahead of time.
Choose someone who helps first and receives financial support to continue in their profession.

What I want:
Someone who lives what they profess. Practices what they teach.
Someone who inspires, educates and encourages me.
Someone who has had life experiences experiencing the key areas in which they are helping.
Much more than theoretical knowledge about relationships, children, finances, health issues, etc.
Listening to me, as well as offering possibilities, education, inspiration and support.
Believes in me and trust I can do what I need to do.
Respects my wisdom and my knowledge.

What do you want?
Do you choose the best?
Do you settle for what seems to be available?
Are you clear and committed to getting what you really want?
Are you willing to speak up and express your thoughts, feelings, goals and expectations?
Are you willing to say "no" when it isn't "right" for you?

Ask for help when you need it.
Ask the one whom you know will love, support and believe in you and your wholeness.
Ask for exactly what you want to receive and give exactly what is right for you to give.
Treat you needs with respect.
You are learning to love the child within into wholeness, wellness, confidence and courage.

Loving you,
Betty Lue