Friday, October 31, 2008

Wearing Masks

What are the masks you wear?
What are your roles in life?
How does the world see you?
Are you scary or benevolent to others?
Are you powerful or meek?
Are silly or a superhero?
Do you attract people or repel others?
What is the face you put on in public?

We all are in costume, playing dressup, in our daily lives.
Rarely do people display their authentic Love and Essential divinity.
Rarely do people wear their depp and abiding Love on their “sleeve” so all can see.
Rarely do folks take off their external identity and disclose their personal self to others.

First identify what masks you wear and with whom.
Acknowledge whether you provide tricks, treats or ignore others.
Letting go of defenses, masks and costume, roles and responsibilities, who are you really?
What are the real gifts you are here to bring to your family, community and world?

As we forgive ourselves for letting others project onto us and demand that we play their chosen part,
We come to realize that we can release and re-choose what it is we would be and do, say and give.
As we live with authenticity and genuine caring, we share from our hearts and give what we have.
As we give and live honestly, we recognize we are creating a safe place for others to share and give.

Life become a real Treat when we give up the tricky ways of covering, masking, and making up what others seems to want and/or expect us to be. Life then is a revelation of the underlying Goodness, Beauty and Loving Nature of All Creation. We live in appreciation and delight as we discover what lies under the gruff and scary appearances. We enjoy with amazement the inner wisdom of the childish act of those who have worn the costume of needy and dependent. We experience daily the opportunity to call out those who are willing to take off their cover-ups and disclose the True Beauty, Creativity and Grace of their inner soul.

Happy Halloween!
I see and speak to the Real You.
Loving you with all my heart and Soul,
Betty Lue

Halloween originated in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain, a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, regarded as "Celtic New Year” The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31 the boundary between the alive and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an atte
mpt to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.

History of name
The term Halloween is shortened from All Hallows' Even, as it is the eve of "All Hallows' Day” which is now also known as All Saints' Day. It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions until Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV moved the old Christian feast of All Saints' Day from May 13 to November 1. Although All Saints' Day is now considered to occur one day after Hallow
een, the two holidays were, at that time, celebrated on the same day.

From innocence to silliness!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Powerless Over Your Finances?

Are you spending more each month than you earn?
Have you “saved for a rainy day”? The rainy season is here?
Are you willing to be conservative, when times are difficult financially?
Have you spent others’ hard earned money without appropriate permission and appreciation?
Are you living from a state of “entitlement” and lack of respect for what you have and spend?
Are your taxes paid, your bills paid, your savings account full and investments for retirement untouched?
Are you prepared to be out of work and still keep your family fed and sheltered?
Do you live from day to day on credit cards and hope your paycheck will cover your minimum bills?
Are you counting on winning the lottery or an inheritance from your parents or other relatives?
Do you know how much you owe and have a plan on how you will pay it off in five years or less?
Do you keep an accurate accounting of every dollar you earn and every penny you spend?
Do you know exactly how interest you paid on your credit cards, home and cars in the last year?
Have you received and applied expert advice on handling your finances more successfully?
Are you willing to acknowledge you made mistakes and have wasted thousands of dollars?
Are you willing to face your fears and admit you are out of control or ignorant in handling money wisely?

Your self-esteem decreases every time you fail to keep your promises to yourself and others.
When you step out of integrity with your personal ethics and values you lessen trust in yourself.
When we steal from ourselves and deny that we have betrayed ourselves, the solution eludes us.
When we lie and deny there is a problem with money and spending, we cannot receive help.
When we cheat ourselves out of peace and contentment by causing financial anxiety, we must forgive.
When we lie, cheat and steal, caught in spending what we don’t have, we are out of integrity.

In our guilt and shame, we tend to spend more to cover our errors.
In our embarrassment and confusion, we tend to deny our ignorance.
In our ignorance and unconsciousness, we don’t see the problem is in lack of awareness.
If we admitted we had a problem and knew the solution, we would act on it.

Many in this culture have an addiction to buying and spending, to acquiring and hoarding.
Many spend as a way of handling emotional issues and upsets.
Many spend to try to build their self image.
Many spend to compete with others.

Now is the time to stop all non-essential spending.
Now is the time to stop all buying on credit.
Now is the time to live simply.
Now is the time to make a game out of living on less.

It is important that you start with total awareness….
Make a list of all expenditures for 90 days…every penny spent.
List what you bought and what you felt about the purchase.

List of all debts, ever
y penny, plus the monthly minimum payment and the interest on unpaid balance.
List all you assets, savings and investments.

Start with where you are.

Make a clear statement of where you want to be and when.
Simply knowing where you are and where you want to go is a fabulous affirmative statement.

We will be offering another financial seminar in the near future. Let us know if you are interested.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Let’s get ready for Halloween!!
Face and arm painting at the Halloween Party here in Trilogy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In a Mess or Distressed?

Too embarrassed to ask for help?
Too guilty to forgive yourself?
Too private to let anyone know?
To ashamed to be open to change?

So often in life we learn to keep our problems to ourselves.
We can’t handle it, so how could anyone else know how.
Or we don’t want to do the work to make the needed changes.
Or we just think it is none of anyone else’s business.

What will it take for you to realize that you deserve something better?
What do you need to know before you are willing to let go of your mistakes?
What is the right time and place to make a real and lasting difference in your life?
How much can you handle before your just want to quit on everything?

Problems, errors, tragedies, and distress are all opportunities for learning.
Every time we bypass the opportunity for healing and growth, we miss the mark.
Every time we wait to ask for help, we delay the learning.
Every time we cover up, defend and keep it all a secret, we create it over again.

Let’s be transparent.
Let’s learn and heal quickly.
Let’s practice instant forgiveness of ourselves and others.
Let’s move into constant appreciation of whatever is…trusting it all is for our Good.

Ask for help.
Look for someone who knows what you don’t know and lives what they teach.
Listen inside to your intuition for guidance about what to do to find your way.
Take time to reflect on the question: “What can I learn from this?” And “What can I do?”

Stop wallowing in self pity….It leads only to more self hatred , sorrow and impotence.
Stop blaming anyone, including yourself.....Life happens to show us how to improve our choices.
Stop waiting for someone to save you.....You are the one you seek, the one who can change it all.
Stop thinking you deserve bad things to happen……You only deserve happiness and fulfillment.

First give yourself a pep talk.
You got into this mess, so you can get out of it as well.
Being angry, afraid or hurt shuts down your creativity, so let it go.
Talk with yourself, with God or with someone whom you trust to help you move on.
The most important thing is to take action. Get clear about what you can do and begin.
Forgive your fears, judgments and self criticism and choose again for the Good.
Remember that with Goodness and Love in you, you have the power to change anything.

Also, I am here, so call on me. Email me. Or ask for an appointment.
Most of you know, I will be direct and affirmative in my coaching approach.
You can do what you need to do to clean up the mess and end the distress.
Start now and you feel better immediately.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, October 27, 2008

Live Life To the Fullest Right Now

What can you do to live more fully?
· More freely?
· More joyfully?

· More Abundantly?

What do I do to live fully? How do I stay energized and inspired?
The early morning holds many inspiring events.
· Making the bed with appreciation.
· Doing some wakeup energizing exercises.
· Getting dressed and going outside for T’ai Chi Chih with light breaking on the horizon.
· Reading A Course in Miracles daily lesson.
· Listening within for spiritual guidance for the day.
· Sitting at my computer keyboard and writing these loving reminders.
· Showering and dressing with the days activities in mind.
· Preparing my organic oatmeal, yogurt, berries and applesauce cereal.
· Emptying the dishwasher.
· Enjoying the sunrise.
· Watering plants, straightening the house, getting lunch ready, preparing for the whole day.
· Taking a walk for 30 + minutes, sometimes chanting affirmations or composing a song.
Lots to do in the quiet hours before dawn breaks.
My breakfast favorite is organic blueberries, applesauce, cinnamon and yogurt in my oatmeal.
A cup of coffee, some quiet classical music and maybe playing with the piano.
We have silence in our home until after breakfast, so each one of us can have our own inspirational practice. Most people simply sit in meditation, but I am more active or creative with my quiet time.

During the day, I often take a moment to breathe, appreciate, and give thanks for the beauty and goodness I see and have and give.
Today I am doing laundry, putting together a songbook for Unity on the Delta, handling money stuff and writing thank you notes to contributors. I recognize the importance of being thankful, creating Goodness and maintaining our stuff in a respectful and responsible way.
Today I will cook a vegetable soup and make some cornbread.
I will clear my desk of unfinished business and correspondence.
I may go for a couple of walks, sweep my patio, and read a book.
I will take a short nap before my clients and class this afternoon and evening.

You see everyday is a vacation. (when you choose to see yourself as the chooser.)
Everyday it’s my choice to be happy, inspired and fulfilled.
Everyday is an opportunity to love, serve and remember God and Goodness.
Everyday is my chance to Love.

To Love anyone from the fullness in my being, I must be fully loving me.
So living life the fullest comes from giving me the best.
Healthy happy and inspired living, without shopping or traveling anywhere!!!

I am loving you and I hope you are too!
Betty Lue
I look to the freedom trust and natural playfulness in children to remember what is important!!

Out on the dance floor at the Halloween party for grandkids and all the adults watching and taking pics.

Lila and Beckett getting ready to dance!

Twin sisters laughing and dancing.

Dancing together.

Pooped and happy!All together.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comfortable or Complacent?

When we get too comfortable, we may become complacent and lethargic.
When we find ourselves comfortable, we can go to sleep on life.
When we create ease for ourselves, we can forget our purpose.
When we make things nice for us, we may forget about service to others.

Everything we do and have is a gift to one and All, when we remember to Love.

When I care for my grandchildren, I am teaching the world to love and affirm every child.
When I empower them, teach them, listen to them, cuddle them, I am giving to every child.
When I enforce guidelines for safety and responsibility, I set the stage for respect and no harm.
When I play and sing and dance with them, I am building a world of enjoyment and laughter.

Each one of us is teaching (imprinting) humanity with our choices.

When I prepare a meal with organic produce and care for balanced nutrition, I teach conscious eating.
When I wash the dishes ensuring cleanliness and with appreciation for what has been eaten, I teach.
When I clean with joy and appreciate creating beauty and order, I am showing my world what can be.
When I see the birds and trees, smell the air and feel the breeze, I am creating conscious gratitude.

Each one of us is a living example of how to live abundantly and give joyously.

When I treat my elders with respect, I teach appreciation for those who have gone before us.
When I listen to those in need, I teach kindness to those who are lost and confused.
When I freely give wisdom and love to people who ask, I teach how to serve.
When I offer time, energy and resources to others, I receive the gift of joy in my heart.

To extend Love, to give freely, to care for what I have with appreciation…..all teach.

Expanding my territory by smiling at strangers shows me all are brothers.
Being challenged without resisting helps me grow.
Giving more than would be comfortable strengthens my faith.
Appreciating what I have in times of less helps me see more.

Moving out of comfort into challenge awakens me to live more consciously with purpose.

When we get comfortable and start to go to sleep on our REAL job, we make get a wakeup call.
You see, we are here for more than pleasure, protection and personal gain.
We each and all are here for the family of humanity, not just our own.
We are the teachers, the healers, the lovers and the servers of past and future generations.

There is much we can and will do to awaken our world to the bigger calling:
Teach only LOVE = TRUST + FREEDOM.
This is our calling, our function and our life.

Loving ALL,
Betty Lue

I was invited to take a pretend nap by 3 1/2 yr. old Lila.
Then giggling we invite Beckett, Harper and Grandpa to join us.
Mommy jumped up on the bed to take this picture.
We were not comfortable or complacent!!
But we were having lots of FUN.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life Is What You Make of It

Life shapes you, until you decide Who is creating and What will be created.
Life can be an interactive and co-creative experience, when you assume responsibility.
First Dependent on others and their agendas, we lack a sense of power or purpose.
Stepping into Independence, we find our determination and destination and power.

It is only in Interdependence that we fully experience trust and freedom.

Most people see life as having power over them.
They view themselves as either victimized or lucky.
They stand back and wait to see what will happen.
They are dependent on the weather, others’ agendas and moods and the politics of the world.

Without a destination, a navigation system and a captain at the helm, we are adrift in the sea of life.

When we have a view that we are going to challenge life and make it conform to us, we may be surprised.
When we affirm and demand, manipulate and connive, we can get our way some of the time.
There are many forces at play in this world of stuff and things, changing wills and ways.
Our best bet is to step forward with a clear goal, live our purpose and move around obstacles.

Growing in confidence with inner guidance system operational, we begin to hear and intuit what is.

With expanded awareness, correcting our errors, forgiving others, we begin to awaken to what can be.
In coming to know the terrain within ourselves and outside in the world, we have some understanding.
We realize that we cannot know everything and cannot effectively defend against others’ choices.
So we surrender our personal certainty to a greater understanding and guidance within.

It is in our dependence on God and Good within, that we come to realize our true power and purpose.
It is in this interdependence on ourselves and a Higher Power that we enjoy contentment and peace.
It is in our relinquishment of defenses and judgment that we recognize complete safety.
It is in this interactive and omnipresent relationship that we are truly trusting.

When we set our destination as Peace, and trust in our inner knowing of how to navigate around distracting conflicts, with total determination to follow the High Way, we find our path and purpose.
Life is lived best with interaction with the Guidance within.
When we actively co-create our experience, we come to realize our Power and our Peace.

Blessings of Joy to one and all,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 24, 2008

Here I Am

We are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.
When we can affirm and believe this truth, there is confidence and trust in ourselves.
When we are trusting in the rightness of our experience, we drop judgment and see gift.
When we believe in Goodness, we perceive Goodness in all things.

First comes trust in what is.
Then we drop away our fearful distortions and judgments.
We become aware of what is beneath what seems to be.
With right perception of the experience we have created for ourselves, we receive what is valuable.

Life is about relinquishing our attack on events, people and experiences we have.
With forgiveness of our fears, comparisons, evaluation and judgment, we begin to see the light.
The Truth dawns on us as we realize we have created, or generated that which we perceive.
In all things there is value in the creation.

To erase where we missed the mark (sin) is to see the bulls-eye and recognize the Light within.
To give Love is to receive love. To be grateful is to see what we appreciate shining through.
To find peace within is to undo the clouds of disillusionment.
To be the Light is to delight at where we are and what we give.
To enjoy giving and transforming our judgments into jewels is to reveal the power of healing.
To be a healing presence is to heal our own misperceptions or cloudy seeing with Love and Gratitude.
To see with Love is to reveal the intrinsic Love and Goodness in all things.

Try then to look on all things with Love, open-mindedness and appreciations.
Seek for the miracles in order to see them.
Be willing to give what you want to have.
Open your heart to speak only the High Truth to all you encounter.
Enjoy the blessings which you may take for granted.
Stop complaining and see what you are gaining.
Be delighted with what it and you will see what else there can be.
Know that you are painting on the blank canvas of life the pictures you are choosing to see.
Recognize we are all manifesting that which we believe will be.
Life is a creation of imagination, belief and will all combined to yield our experience.
Giving our mind, emotions, words and activities to the Highest Good yields that which is Good.

Once we discover the artistry of life, we turn our lives over to the Master Creator and enjoy the beauty.
Loving you in learning to undo fear and choose only Love,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rights, Responsibilities and Privileges

What are your rights?
You have a right to express yourself.
You have a right to be happy.
You have a right to make your own choices.
You have a right to love those you choose to love.
You have a right to travel play where you choose.
You have a right to live in a manner which offers you the experiences you want.
You have a right to sustain your life through the work you choose.

You have a responsibility to pay for what you have.
You have a responsibility to work for what you earn.
You have a responsibility to give to others what you want to receive.
You have a responsibility to be a law-abiding citizen of the country in which you live and travel.
You have a responsibility to take good care of your body, home, relationships and possessions.
You have a responsibility to make decisions which do no harm to anyone or to our environment.

You have the privilege of living in this country.
You have the privilege of free speech.
You have the privilege of voting.
You have the privilege of earning, saving, investing and spending.
You have the privilege of make the choices that work for you in diet, lifestyle, work and pleasure.
You have the privilege of traveling almost anywhere in the world.
You have the privilege of the internet and libraries and higher education.
You have the privilege of being alive at a time where we all choose for future generations.

It is awesome to consider the rights, responsibilities and privileges we all have everyday.
For some of us, we need to value more what we have inherited and created to be for ourselves.
We may need to exercise our rights and attend to our responsibilities and respect our privileges.

Let’s consider what we have with profound respect and appreciation.
Blessings to one and all,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What is limiting you?
How are you limiting others?
Beliefs, rules, opinions, fears, confusion, distraction, procrastination?
Defending your body and protecting your money seem to be what most of humanity focuses on.

The body used for healing and holy purposes is a vehicle to do Good in the world.
Caring for the body so that it can serve its purpose should provide freedom.
We can trust that the body is a temporary tool for communicating Love.
When we use the body for loving purposes it serves us well.

Money is a temporary tool for living and giving us access to opportunities to serve others.
Money in and of itself is nothing.
When it is used for doing Good, it is a source of freedom and creativity.
Money expands and flows when used to serve the Greater Good.

So what are the beliefs that limit us?
Most people were influenced by those who felt limited and afraid.
Most people carry on their own familial training within themselves and for their families.
Most people fear being free and trusting that God and Goodness will prevail and provide.

What if you set yourself free from all sense of limitation and lack?
What if you allowed yourself and your loved ones to be guided from within?
What if you let go of believing in being careful not to make a mistake?
What if you trusting that the highest and best way for you is empowering and inspiring?

Is there a life you can imagine that is totally alive, enthusiastic and truly enjoyable?
Is there a way of being you have curtailed because of trying to please others?
Is there a possibility that you have talents and natural resources that need to be utilized?
Are you a source of great untapped energy which awaits your discovery and ownership?

Some see humanity as the sleep walking of cases or suppressed happiness.
With full freedom and trust, we awaken and are filled with the joy of fully being.
Remembering a time when you were free will help you access the inner trust that comes from perfect Love.

I am encouraging us all to be whole and happy and free.
Letting go of limitations is fun, safe and easy.
Betty Lue
Give yourself the best and let the rest go with your blessing.
The faces of innocence.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caring is Sharing!

Sharing our Time, Energy and Money are ways to demonstrate we care.
Sharing our Wisdom, Joy and Inspiration are ways to enlighten our world.
Sharing our homes and hearths, our laughter and our tears are ways to invite others into our lives.
However we share, we demonstrate we care.
Caring and Sharing are acts of Love, conciliation and the remembrance of True Community.

How we share is the gift.
What is the intention of your caring?
When we intend to fix, change or make someone’s life better, we are judging they aren’t good enough.
When we have an attitude of celebration and appreciation, the other’s wellbeing is affirmed and blessed.
We are all becoming aware that we are all in this together.
Rich and poor, educated and ignorant, fearful and trusting: All are a part of the greater Good.
What we give is given to ourselves.
What we have is to be shared with all.

When we raise ourselves above others, we diminish both them and us.
When we judge some to be better or worse, we are comparing everyone.
When we give to others as we would want to be given to, we see that there is no separation.
The cycles and seasons of change tell us everyone is learning how to love everyone equally.

Mother Theresa expressed deep concern for the extreme poverty and hunger in our country.
Her concern was for our spiritual poverty and hunger.
Her desire was that we step into giving inspiration, faith, hope and love to one another.
She saw that we were serving the money God and not the God of Compassion and Peace.

Let us begin to prepare spiritual meals for our families and friends, our neighbors and our enemies.
May they be nourishment that feeds the aching heart seeking to return to safety and peace and joy.
May we remember that our brothers live in fear of violence, limitation and condemnation.
May we forgive any ways in which we have contributed to less respect, freedom and trust for all.

Our nation was founded on bringing the tired, the oppressed and the hungry to a land of opportunity.
Let us return to the simple gift of giving everyone an opportunity to rest in safety, express with freedom and to be fed hopeful and inspiring messages. Now is our time to step forward in faith with the founding fathers to be a nation of the people, by the people and for the people where all are given the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Now is our time. We are the Ones.
Begin in your own life and in your own home.
Ask yourself:
What can I do to create more safety and peace? What can I do to encourage freedom of expression? What can I do to offer messages of hope and inspiration?

Blessings you’re your willingness to be the One,
Betty Lue
Are you willing to share your frosting?

Monday, October 20, 2008

True and Lasting Happiness

When we are content, we are on purpose.
When we are loving, we are happy.
When we are fully present, we are at peace.
When we are joyfully living, we are truly happy.

It makes sense that a loving creator creates happiness, beauty and goodness.
It appears that this is not a random and chaotic universe: there is intrinsic order.
It feels right that Goodness creates Good and Love begets Love.
So when we are not happy, good, loving and beautiful, we must be off purpose.

A Course in Miracles says “God’s Will for you is perfect happiness.”
When we are unhappy, we have chosen a path of fear, judgment, sacrifice or harm.
When we have chosen a path of joy and love and generosity and trust, we are happy.
So why would we go away from what brings us simple natural ease and inner contentment?

Where we feel guilty for any reason, we often punish ourselves unconsciously.
Where we forget to Love, we feel separate and alone and fearful.
When we are confused and choosing to follow others who are lost, we feel uncertain.
When we follow the complex ways of the world, we often lose our sense of direction and inspiration.

Life at its best is simple.
Life at peace is lived in the present.
Life when lived with inspiration guiding us is enjoying what is and giving what is asked.
Life is fun, safe and easy when we are inner listening and following the way of Love.

Do we need more?
Do we forget to be kind?
Do we lose our way?
Do we try to figure our stuff?
Do we waste our talents and time?
Do we judge, compare and evaluate?
Do we defend, justify and make excuses?
Do we try to get life to meet our demands?
Do we stop, quiet our minds and listen within?

Most of us are so busy dealing with the external complexities, we forget what really matters?
Most of humanity is focused on media, technology and endless talking and forgetting to enjoy what is.

Consider a life of instant forgiveness and constant appreciation.
What we focus on becomes our world, our reality.
When we are forgiving the confusion and complexities and appreciating the Goodness, life is Good.
See the path of true and lasting happiness and enjoy life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Perfect love is simple, clear and true. It is peaceful, natural and innocent.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Miracles Are Natural

Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.
You come from Love. You are a child of Love.
Therefore you are a miracle.
Everything created from Love is a miracle of Love.

You are created to create.
You are here to create the Good, the beautiful and the Holy.
When we forget to create only Goodness, something has grown wrong.
A mistake, a temporary lack of Love, an illusion has been created.
Often we are misguided in our unloving creations which come solely from fear.

Cooking with Love.
Writing with Love.
Working with Love.
Relating with Love.
Driving with Love.
Playing with Love.
Living with Love.
Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.

To be considered…..
Is it possible that life is fun and safe and easy when we are creating with Love?
Is it conceivable that Love keeps us safe?
Is it plausible that when we are Loving we see and think, and feel and act only with Love?

In our miracle-mindedness, we literally transform what seems to be a mistake into a blessing and gift.
In our miracle-readiness, we are open and willing to receive the miracles of Love we deserve.
In our naturally innocent and trusting state, we trust Goodness and Wholeness and Beauty in all things.

Simple Miracle Reminder:
Miracles before me.
Miracles behind me.
Miracles above me.
Miracles below me.
Miracles within me.
For I am a miracle.

Loving you as the Miracle of Love You Are,
Betty Lue

Yes, you too are a child of Goodness and Light.
You too are beloved.

You too are here to create more wholeness, Goodness and Beaut
You too are a joy of natural innocence and Love.
You are a Miracle.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Happy Outcome to All Things is Sure (ACIM)

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will really be happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer

Tomorrow I am speaking at Unity on the Delta in Oakley at 10 AM. The title is “What Hides Miracles?”
You can hear the Sunday messages at any time on line at
Technology supports us in being with you all across the globe with our monthly seminars, Tuesday “Inspired Living classes” and our Sunday messages, plus these daily Loving Reminders. You can have access to it all. Just let me know and I will send you passwords and easy access directions. We believe it all comes from the Goodness of the Universe and is to be shared with everyone who is receptive. Yes, you can offer a contribution to Reunion Ministries. Ever little bit supports and serves the Greater Good.

Now my Loving Reminder….
How and when can there be a Happy Outcome to the mistakes and messes I see?
How we respond to the mistakes of ourselves and others is the key to getting stuck with a continuing mess or letting go and receiving the miracles and blessings. My key is “instant forgiveness and constant appreciation”.

The faster we can let go, the quicker we release anger, fear, resentment, upset, pain, illness and conflict.
The faster we forgive, the sooner we heal and trust and love and make amends and feel happy again.
The mental eraser of forgiveness is designed to undo whatever is not true.
The act of forgiving clears the clouds of judgment and criticism, conflict and accusation.

Choosing to offer peace brings healing and ease, laughter and letting go.
Choose what you want to see and believe.
Choose what you conceive and create.
Choose what you express and extend to others.

Constant appreciation encourages us to focus on the Good in our lives.
Constant appreciation increases what we love and value.
Giving gratitude is a blessing to both giver and receiver.
Sharing appreciation lifts the spirits and enlightens our world.

There is always more Good than bad.
There is always more right than wrong.
There is always more Love than fear.
There is always more healing than harm.

In truth…with instant forgiveness, there is only Goodness, Rightness, Love and Healing.
With constant appreciation the Good and Right, Loving and True shines through everything.
Try it for 30 days and create the world you really want and know can be..

Loving you and me mightily,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 17, 2008

Did You Know?

Life is what you make it.
You are always creating and recreating your life, your perceptions, your relationships and your attitude.
You can change any of these externally by changing your own mind internally.
Perception follows thought and emotion.
What we think and feel creates what we see and hear and experience.
When we are grouchy and critical, we see what is wrong and feel irritated.
When we are happy and appreciative, we see what is good and feel blessed.
It is simple! Life is what we make it……with our thoughts and emotions.

You can be and have what you really want.
By being all we want to be…everyday in every way, we experience what we really want.
Anything that is denied to us, we have denied ourselves.
Yes, there is the split focus and energy of “yes, but…” and “if only” and “not now”.
When we are not fully in alignment with our highest good and the good of all, we will deny ourselves.
When we have aligned ourselves with our values and what is right and good, we have what we want.

It is never too late to change our minds and change our ways and change our life.
I have often spoken of “doing the work”.
For me erasing my unhealthy habits of mind, forgiving past mistakes of others and myself, clarifying my own values and priorities and disciplining my self to remember and practice everyday is the key.
I can change everything in the moment in which I change my choices and my actions.
And when we change our choices, there is an immediate change in attitude, perception and experience.

We can learn from everyone and everything.
Life is a constant opportunity to heal our misperceptions, grow in love and become more consistent.
Life offers challenges as we call them forth to develop our own willingness to wake up and be responsible and accountable for our choices or lack thereof.
Life is an experience of crises designed to wake up even the most unconscious ones or an experience of innumerable opportunities to love unconditionally, serve Goodness from our hearts and to remember there is Good in all things. When we are sleeping on the job, the wakeup calls are dramatic. When we are paying attention, the wakeup calls are farm more subtle and simply gentle reminders, we are choosing.

You are the captain of your own destiny.
There is an inner navigation system which guides us on fun, safe and easy paths of joyful learning.
When we listen within, rather than to the popular voices outside, we discover how easy life can be.
When we obey external opinions and popular beliefs, we experience the ordinary challenges of life.
When we are defensive or confrontational, allowing fear to guide us, we experience resistance and pain.
There is an inner guidance system available to all of us which guides us to a happy and fulfilling life.
Listen and choose the guidance that leads you in the way you want to go.

You need to choose:” Would you rather be Happy or be Right?”
You will discover that when you go for being “right”, you are making others wrong.
It will not be happy or peaceful for either of you.
When you choose to be right, you take a position and stick with it.
You become resistant, defensive, demanding and rigid.
The best position to take is none. Express yourself one time with the thought, feelings and beliefs you hold and then fully let go. Drop your position and listen openly with compassion. When you are willing to be happy and have a happy relationship, life is easy and fun to navigate.

Shared with love and respect for us all in all of our life choices,
Betty Lue

Bouncing away all the cares of the world. Be free.
Yes you can let it all go and be happy too!
Do you dare to become as a child and simply enjoy being here and now with what is!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Can I Love When I Have Been Hurt?

We cannot afford not to love, because Love is Life.
Love is our natural state.
From Love comes healing.
From Love miracles emerge.
From Love we can see clearly.
From Love we reclaim our true identity.
In Love we remember Who and whose we are.
In Love we know we are safe.
In Love we are happy.
In Love we are free.
Remembering to Love is our salvation.

Message I shared with one who is hurting in her heart:
“Keep breathing love into and out from your heart.
Pain comes from withholding Love.
Love can be extended to our enemies because in their Essence...
EveryOne comes from the same Source and is worthy of being loved.
You can be angry and still love.
You can be hurt and still love.
You can be moving on with your life and still Love.
Heal yourself by loving....
Loving generates miracles.”

“Loving does not mean you need to make love or be nice.
It simply means that you need to bless and wish the best for the other.
Put them in God’s hands and let go.”

No matter what the situation….
When we forget to love, the light goes out.
When we forget to love, we cannot see clearly.
When we forget to love, we lost our way.
When we forget to love, we are consumed with fear and defensiveness.
When we forget to love, we block out all miracles and healing.
When we forget to love, we get stuck in our pain.
When we forget to love, we want to quit on everything.
When we forget to love, all we see is darkness and suffering.

No matter what the situation or who are the players…..
Love will heal it all.
When we love, we are powerful.
When we love, we are confident.
When we love, we are creative.
When we love, we are whole.
When we love, we are happy.
When we love, we receive Guidance.
When we love, we realize our Goodness.
When we love, we are healers, teachers and saviors.
When we love, Life works for us.

Let us forgive our forgetfulness and withholds and choose the miracles that come from Love.
Let us remember Love today.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Am I Talking to You?

Everyone speaks a different language.
Each individual filters what they perceive through their own history and beliefs.
All of us have our own values, goals and priorities in life.
And each mind is listening for what it wants to hear.

When I speak with an individual I listen inside and out for the language they can receive.
Whether intense or gentle, I find I am called to speak to match their energy.
When I speak with a couple or family, each individual has their own agenda and I respond accordingly.
When I speak with a group as teacher or facilitator, I attune my energies with the needs of the group.

When I am writing these Loving Reminders, I tune into Spirit within and simply write what comes.
I am trusting that something will touch, teach or inspire each reader, including myself.
I know that the goodness and Love that created this universe is always loving all of us all the time.
I believe that I am called to share freely the Love I know without withholding or censoring.

When we listen to or read anything from anyone, there will always be filters in place.
When we hear words, we give them the meaning they have for us.
To try to discern exactly what the speaker meant is difficult if not impossible.
When we trust that the other is coming from Love, we interpret their words and actions differently.

The feelings we hold about the speaker, teacher and writer determine our perceived meaning.
When we know we are loved, we hear the words differently than if we feel judged.
When we know we are loved, we interpret the words and actions as gifts of love.
When we feel we are judged, we interpret the words and actions of others at judgments or criticism.

For me, this all means I must give whatever I am giving with Love and respect.
This means, no matter how the other might perceive me, I can remember to Love with every word.
I can forgive and erase any and all judgments of others before, during or after I speak.
I can clear all judgments simply by acknowledging “I am here only to Love.”

You see our judgments truly “Mean nothing”. None of us can see and know enough to judge anyone, for we do not see the entirety of the history of individuals or humanity. We can only play our part with happy willingness to fulfill our function. When we forgive, erase and undo what is not Love, we see only Love. We speak only Love. We give and receive only Love. Our world becomes a reflection of the Love we have and are within.

I am loving you and reporting what I know to be true.
Betty Lue

Come to the Effective Communication Workshop this Sat. 1-4PM or listen to it on line. Email me if interested.

Copying is a form of flattery and admiration.
3 1/2 yr. old Harper and her baby(???) brother Beckett who is almost 2 yrs. old.
Yes, he weighs more than his twin sisters and is within 2” of being as tall.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adjusting to Life’s Changes

Are we to change ourselves to harmonize with external circumstances?
Are we to continue doing what we have always done no matter what happens?
Are we to find a happy balance or bend to find the most harmonious outcome?

We are all dealing with changes in the economy.
Some are experiencing changes in family living situations.
Some are feeling the changes in the workplace with stress and income.
Some are experiencing the changes that occur with aging and illness.
Some are feeling the effects of environmental changes in air, water and food.
Some are simply noticing our planet and her people are in distress.

Change is natural in this world.
How we deal with change is the real work.
How we handle the stress and distress is our real job.
Here we are all in this time of needed and dramatic change together.
Now is our time to choose how we handle change to create a greater good.

Some suggestions for your consideration:
Let go of using the past to predict the future.
Forgive the mistakes made by ourselves and past generations.
Undo whatever we are doing that is dishonest or disrespectful.
Allow those who know more to have input, ideas and offer suggestions.
Release unhealthy or destructive habits.
Give ourselves the best balance we can each day with adequate rest, nutrition food, positive news, productive work, harmonious relationships and creative and inspirational enjoyment.
Recognize that “Awareness with Peace and Love is Healing!” (and reveals more to be healed.)
Give up the blaming and guilting games and look for creative solutions and positive outcomes.
Start where we are, letting go of the “if only’s”, “should have’s” and “wishes”.
Choose the most respectful and responsible and cooperative ways to live, love and give now.
Remember always that Goodness creates more Goodness and Love begets Love.
Loving does not mean suffering or sacrificing; Loving is creative and freeing for everyone.
Ask for spiritual guidance daily and listen within for the answers to be trusted and followed.

Spirit Within is leading us all to change with the changing circumstances.
Spirit Within is inviting us to let go and let God and Goodness prevail.
Spirit Within is encouraging us to choose the High Way of appreciation and open-mindedness.
Spirit Within is giving us the prescription for healing ourselves, our families and our world.

Thanks you for forgiving fearful ways and listening to the loving way.
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Be Fair to Your Self

Do you realize whenever you over give or under give, you are being unfair to you?
Do you realize that cheating yourself out of what is rightfully yours is unfair to others?
Do you know that when you deceive yourself into thinking you deserve more, your are being unfair?
Do you understand that when you give yourself what is highest and best, you will do the same for others?

You see, what you do for you, you teach others to do for you.
What you do for you, you teach others to do for themselves.
What you do for you, you teach others to do for others.
So when we lie, cheat or steal from ourselves, we teach lying and cheating and stealing.

If this sounds too strong, realize that your example sets the tone for all your relationships.
Your life balance describes to others what you may expect of them.
Your conscientious relationship with fairness is your guideline for how and what you share.
Your desire to give to yourself what is fair will lead you to a happy and fulfilled life.

Over giving can lead others to feel guilty.
When they feel guilty, they may stay away.
Over giving can lead others to feel inadequate.
When they feel inadequate, they may pull back.
Under giving can lead others to feel cheated.
When they feel cheated, they may try to get it all back.
Under giving can teach others to be careful with you.
Giving too much or too little, can lead others to be confused about their relationship with you.
They may feel resentful or cautious.

When we give fairly with no sacrifice or martyrdom, there is no comparison or measuring.
When we give fairly to ourselves and others, we seek nothing in return for we have given to ourselves.
When we give fairly to ourselves, we are happy and at peace with the giving.
When we give fairly to ourselves, we receive the blessing of the gifts we have given.

Love is freedom …freedom to give and to live.
Love is trust……trust that each one of us is learning and growing, healing and helping the best we know.

Life is for giving and YOU are the Gift!
It is in giving that you realize the REAL GIFT You Are!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Continue Flowing Trust and Freedom

No matter way, never quit on Love.
Breathe and seek the blessings.
Allow life’s challenges to strengthen you.
Don’t fall into the trap of contracting in fear or attacking in anger.

When we are tested and tempted by fear-mongers, we can fall victim into fear-based thinking.
How do I protect myself? Will my life be ruined?
Are you going to lose it all?
We can rise up and remember to Love.
Trust and free ourselves from the contracting energy of fear and blame.
Say, We can and We will.
Think, “All is well.”
Imagine, Everyone benefitting by a return to simplicity and gratitude.

Life gives us lemons so we remember how to make REAL lemonade.
We are meant to be strengthened in faith…no weakened in fear.
We are called to keep on living joyfully and giving generously.
We are encouraged to quiet our minds and open our hearts.

Life is this beautiful gift that shows us natural cycles of breath…..Breathing out and breathing in.
Flowing out and flowing in…much like the ocean’s waves.
There is rhythm and energy in the cycles and seasons.
When we mess with what is natural and try to make it all our favorite way, we interfere. (fear)
And the correction feels as strong as is needed gto undo what is unhealthy and unnatural.
So here we go, riding the wave of the return to real values and celebration and contribution.

Blessed be to all who are willing and open to allow the Goodness to express in us and through us.
Life is Good and getting better, day by day.
Betty Lue

Friday, October 10, 2008

Blessings Already Are Abundant

Want a change in attitude?
Want more energy?

Want to feel alive with creativity?

Want to have more confidence?

Want to feel loved all the time?

Want to enjoy life more everyday?

Want to feel emotionally healthy?

Want to get up feeling good?

Want to celebrate each day and every One?

Want to feel like you are healed and Holy?

Want to really experience the fullness of Life?

Be grateful…profoundly and deeply grateful for each breath.
Be grateful for every little thing.
Appreciate each tree and flower, the sun and clouds, the wind and rain, the storms and clear weather.
Be like a little child drawn to movement and color and sound and taste.
Savor it all with the wonder of an innocent one who no longer takes for granted life’s simple pleasures.
Wake up and look around and you will be profoundly amazed…unless you sit in the realm of the entitled.

The “entitled ones” seem to think the Good life is one where everything is given to them their way?
It might even seem like the “Good stuff” is what you “get” when you want it?
Or perhaps the “deprived ones” think that God gives out the good stuff just to certain ones?
Or maybe the “suffering ones” are feeling punished by what seems to be lacking or withheld?

The true blessings are all around us.
Spiritual guidance is present for all of us.
A fun, safe easy life in skin on the planet is available for everyone.
And if we are listening to those who feel entitled, deprived or suffer, we cannot see the blessings.

Abundant blessings are experienced by those who have forgiven the mistakes.
Abundant blessings are seen and felt by those who are trusting and receptive.
Abundant blessings are enjoyed by those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.
Abundant blessings are most often noticed in the Great and profound Beauty of the Mystery of Life.

Breath is profoundly healing.
Beauty is recognized in simplicity.
Love is always all around us.
Joy is found whenever we are grateful.
Real gifts are best experienced when we give them.
Lasting pleasure comes when we take time to savor what is always with us.
Life is a gift to be given, but can only be received fully by the appreciative giver.

Stop looking for temporal pleasure and find the blessings in eternal treasures.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yom Kippur = Day of Atonement

When we have forgiven there is only unity and “oneness” and inner peace.
Today is the High Holy Day in Jewish tradition, a day to forgive and be forgiven. Atonement is often interpreted as the act of making amends or atoning for our wrong-doings. When we have done our holy and healing work of giving our love and blessings to those we may have harmed or may have harmed us, we realize we at one again “at one”. Thus with forgiveness this is the day of “at-one-ment”.

During any and every crisis, there are thoughts of who and what to blame.
During any crisis we look for a way out or around, rather than through.
During our experience of crisis, we may judge, resist, suffer, and act irrationally.
During this apparent global economic crisis, we may get caught in the reactivity and fear around us.

This is all on purpose.
Weather crises, economic crises, family crises, job crises, health crises--- all to get our attention.
We need to wakeup form our lethargy or complacency and actively choose our highest way.
We each need to deal with our own personal crisis with honesty, clarity, commitment and choice.

The real work is always to find and hold steady to our chosen course.
During any storm in life (health, money, relationship, emotional healing) we must find the high way.
We must act on what we know to keep our head above water and choose sane and simple solutions.
Whatever confronts or confuses us is a call for calm and returning to principle-centered living.

Why bother?
Why not just play victim?
Why not sit back and wait for someone else to decide?
Why not spend energy asking “why me?”

If you are reading this remember, you have been chosen.
If you are in crisis, you are a chosen one.
If you are wondering what to do, you are being called.
If you are paying attention, it is time to choose.

Let’s use mercury in retrograde, full moon, yom kippur, hurricanes, job loss, stock market crash, health problems, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, …..everything as an opportunity to forgive and choose again.
What are we forgiving?
Our ignorance, our fears, our impotence, our willingness to go along with the crowd, our judgments and everything that appears to be disturbing our inner peace.
Let’s forgive all the negative and limiting qualities we see in others, because they are also in all of us.
Let’s forgive a world that has been making up it is OK, when it has been functioning on make believe.
And when we are clear of our fear and judgment, what is it we will choose?

Choose once again to be at peace.
Choose to treat yourself and others with respect.
Choose to wake up and stay awake.
Choose what is really best for yourself and those around you.
Choose for laughter and simple pleasures.
Choose for the High way and the Good for all.
Choose and you will begin to feel strong and capable, active and willing.
Choose and you will see that you can do and create a world that you want to be true.
Choose and you will enjoy what you have instead of seeking for more.
Choose and you will be grateful for all that you give as well as what you receive.
Choose and you will return to love, love for Self and for humanity.

I am choosing to Love you and All as One on this High and Holy Day.
Betty Lue
Choose the high way for our children. The innocence and preciousness you see in them is in everyone, simply covered over by the masks that we learn to wear.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Feeling Good!

It is so Good to feel Good!
Seems like the “gazoobies” got me when I wasn’t looking this year.
Even good stress is stress to the immune system and there you go……..
I was giving attention to all the Good stuff in my life and didn’t take adequate care of my physical self.

So with lots of breathing, resting, forgiving and affirmation, I am feeling much better.
I noticed it is important not to be impatient (low level anger) with myself and my body.
I noticed it was essential that I stay home even when I wanted to push to be with the people I love.
I noticed it has been a long time since I have experienced such fatigue and need to slow down.
I noticed how much I push myself to keep going and not tend to my own needs.

So what is there to learn?
Everything is a learning opportunity.
I can give kindness and love to myself as I would to everyone else.
I can realize that breaks (illness, etc) may be opportunities for spiritual renewal.
I can allow myself the gift of time and space with nothing to do without getting sick.
I can be present for and with Spirit much better in quiet and alone.
I can remember what kind of diet and daily habits are truly best for my overall health and well-being.
I can reinstitute what works for me immediately and reap the rewards immediately.
(It is almost like the body needs to hear the promise of impeccable care and respond instantly.)

What do you notice when you are under the weather, sick or in emotional crisis?
What can you learn from what is happening in your life and the lives of those around you today?
What can be changed, chosen or committed to that will have the most profound positive impact?
How can you use what is to inspire you to create a better sense of well-being and contribution?

I know that what each one of us learns impacts the greater Good of All.
I know that when anyone heals, we are all healed.
I know that consciousness is raised when even one of us sees the world a little more clearly.
I believe that just a little forgiveness and loving kindness ripples out as a blessing to everyone.

I feel blessed that we are together in this world at this time.
Know I am here for you and with you during these critical times.
Know that you can call on Spirit (God, Higher Power) for the help you need.
Know that in our joining everyone’s needs can and will be met.

I am trusting that all is Good when we live and give from the Goodness within.
Blessings abundant for you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 03, 2008

Help Wanted and Received Helps Everyone

Robert and I are off to a Unity Retreat at Asilomar for the weekend.
“The Mystic’s Path” is the theme. And we will walk along the beach to be fully present.
No written Loving Reminders for two days, but always sending you Love, wherever I am.xxoo Betty Lue

When we want help, we must ask to be open to fully receive what is given.
Help given with judgment and opinions is no help at all.
Help given with compassion and respect helps receiver and giver alike.
Help given unsolicited is viewed as interference and judgmental.
Help given anonymously sometimes is a blessing and may feel like the game of “Who loves me?”
Help given with sacrifice may offer as much guilt as blessing.
Help given as requested and when requested registers as a Godsend.

All this being realized causes some to nt ask for help.
Help may be wanted but we fell guilt because we recognize our errors.
Help may be wanted but we are afraid of what we might be expected to give in return.
Help may be wanted but we know it will bring on the judgments of others.
Help may be wanted but we don’t want people to know we are in need.
Help may be wanted but we are unsure of who is capable and willing to respond.
Help may be wanted but we are frightened by admitting to ourselves of our need.

How do we come to know that help given and receive is a blessing to everyone?
All that we give is given to ourselves.
There is only the greater One that we benefit when we give to one another.
Giving and receiving are One and the same.
What we give identifies what we have within. We realize our gift when we give.
We are our brother’s keeper.
When we realize we are all part of the same spiritual family, all creations of Love, we give to others.
Whatever a brother asks, give it….unless it does harm to him or to you.
When we withhold love from anyone, we are denying ourselves and limiting our capacity to love.
Life is for giving. You are the gift.
It is in giving All of yourself that you realize your limitlessness.
Give All to All to have All.
When we give all that is real and eternal, we recognize what is of God and Good for All.

There are so many ways to help while respecting the dignity of those we give to.
Life challenges us during stressful times of contraction to give of ourselves.
It is in giving that we keep the flow of hope, love, generosity and prosperity flowing.
Giving may entail money and things, but most often comes with kindness and consideration.

Give with encouragement, not condescension.
Give with joy, not with pity.
Give with laughter, not with sorrow.
Give with freedom, not with restriction.
Give with trust, not expectation and demand.
Give with love and affirmation, now with fear and judgment.
Give with gratitude, not with impatience.

Life is for giving.
We are here to help one another.
And what we give is given to ourselves and all humanity.
Be bold and generous when you give and feel how full and fulfilled you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tough Times

“Tough Times Never Last. Tough People Do.” Robert Schuller

Whether economic hardship, health issues, family crises or political ineptitude, times will change.
Sooner or later we cycle back into prosperity, health, family harmony and political wisdom.
Humanity has the knack of healing itself when it trusts in a better outcome.
The trick is to let go of the mistakes quickly. Learn and move on.

Fear is healed with loving assurance.
Poverty is healed with education and jobs.
Illness is healed with inner peace and helpful care.
Discord is healed with forgiveness and understanding.
Ignorance and greed are healed with enlightenment and generosity.

Life strives to move to the highest state of wholeness.
People seek simply to love and be loved.
Bodies are always seeking to be well.
Human beings long for respect, harmony and cooperation.
Crazy and immature behavior requires the infusion of sanity and mature wisdom.

Now is the time when each one of us can make a BIG difference.
Vote, yes vote for the people and propositions that make sense to you for the Good of All.
If you do not know what is Good, ask those who live what they teach.
Ask people you admire.
Ask those who live serving others.
Educate yourself, so you are not ignorant.
Vote for the principle not the personality.

Yes, now we can make a difference.
Speak reassuringly.
Give generously where you can make the most difference.
Teach Love, not fear.
Act with peace, not with anger.
Treat others with kindness, not with ill will.
Speak with affirmation not defamation.

The ripple effect is that your negative and fearful thoughts, words and behavior create more of the same.
Your positive and kind thoughts, words and behavior create more of the same.
If you want a world that is terrified, paralyzed and stuck in struggle and pain, give more of the same.
If you want a world that is hope, creative and changing toward healing and peace, speak about it.

Your imagination is building the world you envision.
Use your imagination and your will and your words to create what you want for us and future generations.
Use your actions to express hope and faith in a better future to come.
Use your will to move toward better times.

You are making a difference in my life.
You are making a difference in your life.
You are making a difference in all life.
Thanks for choosing wisely and well.
Betty Lue