Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Is Best for You?

What is in your best interest?
Do you know?
What will teach you that you need to learn?
Do you know?
What will heal you from your past?
Do you know?
Who will love you in the best way?
Do you know?
What are the best ways for you to give?
Do you know?
To whom do you need to give appreciation?
Do you know?
Why were you born at this time and place?
Do you know?
Where are you to live and work?
Do you know?
What is the best way for you to connect with Spirit?
Do you know?
What is the right set of beliefs for you to follow?
Do you know?
What books and movies are best for you?
Do you know?
How long will you be here?
Do you know?
What are you to do when someone is unloving to you?
Do you know?
How do you decide how to spend you days off?
Do you know?

How do you know what is best for you?
Do you resist what you know to be good for you?
Do you listen inside to what Love can provide?
Do you really know what you think you know?

Knowing that "I" know nothing, I am willing to listen and learn everything.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Parenting, Partnering, and Relating

Sitting in front of me is a brief article: Parent Smart: "Five Foolproof Rules of Parenting".

I want us all to realize, when we get it right, we get it right for everyone and all our relationships!
Apply these to everyone you know, everyone you meet, everyone you think of, including yourself.

Laugh a lot together.
Laughter dissolves, fear, reduces stress and sends happiness juice through you.
Laugh for silly simply reasons, never at one another or at the expense of another's feelings.

Get moving. Start doing things together.
Stop sitting in front of that screen, doing nothing.
Activities together build confidence, camaraderie, teamwork, responsibility and cooperation.

No labels or name-calling.
Don't pigeon hole one another…The "smart one", the "whiz kid", "tough guy", "cranky woman", the "clown". Respect that we are each ever-changing, growing and evolving.
Labels are projections we place on one another, expecting and helping to create that behavior.

Read together.
Read to one another.
Share what you are reading with one another.
Just be together, quietly reading.
Reading activates the imagination, encourages inner creativity and visioning. High skills.

Catch kids, partners, co-workers and even strangers doing good.
Compliments and positive attention increase helpful and kind behaviors.
It alleviates using fighting and negative behavior to get attention.


If you have other rules for creating better relationships in our world, send them my way.
I would love to share them with the 900+ recipients of these loving reminders.
I know there are thousands more who receive these practical spiritual (inspirational reminders) because you forward them onto your friends and family member.

I know we are all in this together creating a better world, one relationship at a time.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

These are two very happy children with whom I have the privilege to relate.
We practice the relationship rules above. They work for all of us.

They are Lila and Harper, our 21 month old grand daughters.

We have the privilege of spending 13 hours/week together.

We laugh, read, play, go to the park and say “Thank you” a lot!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Will

God's Will is always for our happiness and inner peace.
When we are not experiencing Love, we have stepped off our path.
When we are not happy, we have lost our way.
When we are in conflict or fear, we have separated from God and Good will.

When people drive off the freeway of life, some take a nap.
Some call for a tow truck. Some set up camp. Some sit and complain.
Some become depressed. Some are angry. Some simply get back on the freeway.

When we discover that we have driven off our own safe, fun and easy highway, we can choose.
How we respond determines the degree of our pain and our plight.
When we respond with easy forgiveness of our error, we can simply choose again.
When we react with fear, anger, judgment, guilt, blame, analysis, we get stuck.

Just like spinning our wheels in mud, we are aught in a rut of our own making.
The rut and emotional reactivity become habit and excuse and we are cannot see another way.
The moment we recognize our situation, we can stop, look and listen within.
We are called to forgive our judgments and emotional reactions and love ourselves well again.

In the response of Love, we enlighten our creative minds and see solutions.]
In our Loving response, we lift the blindness of judging ourselves, our Source and others.
In our Love, we can feel hope open doors of possibility.
In our Love we are filled with light, happiness and enlightenment and see a better way.

Let us forgive ourselves for forsaking our own happiness.
Let us forgive ourselves for blaming God or others.
Let us forgive ourselves for being unwilling to seek a better way.
Let us forgive ourselves for getting stuck in the habits of judging.

Forgiving our forgetting and choosing again,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Improving All Your Relationships

Today at 10:30AM at the Home of Truth spiritual Center where I am co-minister with two others, I will be speaking about Relationships That Work!

Definitions of "Relationships" often seem to imply only primary relationships with a significant other.
For me, the same ingredients must apply to ALL relationships, (children, elders, clerks, providers, etc.)

Definitions of what "works" vary with our history, expectations and personal needs.
For me, relationships that "work" are harmonious, respectful and cooperative. They are fun, safe and easy.

Life "works", when we are guided by Joy, the spirit of whole and holy life that lives within us.

When our ego, emotional learned little self runs the show, we victimize ourselves and others with manipulation, win/lose and endless comparison, complaints and criticism.

Relationships "work", when we are conscious and committed to heal our own pettiness and stop playing or perpetrating vicitimization. Stop finding fault and blaming ourselves or others.

The simply practical methods will vary for each one of us.
We all must be willing to Stay Awake. Stay Conscious and Conscientious. Pay Attention. Be respectful of yourself and the other.
Never point out the flaws of unconsciousness of another (unless you are sincerely asked.)
Take stock of how you created the situation through your own expectations, behavior, words or history.
Practice never-ending and constant forgiveness of everything that is not wholly true and totally loving.

In the end, with the undoing of everything that is not Love, only Love will remain.

Note: If you allow yourself to be or feel harmed by the situation, another's words or behavior, you are participating in that cycle of guilt/blame and perpetuating what does not work.
To remove yourself from harm is an important aspect of "Do no harm!." It harms others to be harmful.

If you are the conscious Presence of Peace, your conscious forgiveness and Love can heal the lack of Love in another. Be faithful to the gift of your Loving. Be the Love You Are in all relationships.

Loving you in your loving,
Betty Lue

Wow! Our baby Brother is 10 weeks old . He is better than our baby dolls!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Letting Go

PS = Usually means Postscript, but this is a pre script:
If you are missing these Loving Reminders (because my computer and I are not together in the early AM), know I am loving you, loving You, loving Source, loving All.
Betty Lue

You are invited and encouraged to consult with your own unique and personal inner guidance. Sitting down in you sacred place for a Divine appointment daily is a good spiritual habit to include in your early morning routine. The best time is before you are fully awake and thinking about your "to do" list for the day.
Sit with pen and paper and ask:
"How am I to live joyfully and give abundantly of the Love I AM today?"

or ask:
"What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say and to whom?"
or: Simply invite Holy Spirit (or whatever name you use) to tell you what you need to hear.
Be open and willing.
Write down everything.
Let go of trying to understand or figure out how to apply it.
Simply write it all down and trust.
When you read it, you may be touched deeply by how personally you are loved.

Ho'oponopono= "Erase the past. And fill me with Love."

Take 100% Responsibility.
"Divine Creator, if I (my family, relatives and ancestors) have offended you in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness. Let this cleanse, purify, release and cut all negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light. And it is done."

Source transmutes erroneous thoughts into LOVE
1) Connect with Divinity within on a moment to moment basis and
2) Ask that this moment and all it contains be cleansed and corrected.
The work is a reflection of what is happening inside of us.
We need to cleanse judgments, beliefs and attitudes.

"I am sorry. Please forgive me for whatever is going on inside of me that manifests as the problem."

Don't focus on the outcome.
Simply "petition".
Intellect stops the process.
You don't want to manage the problem, just let it go.

Letting go is safe, fun and easy.
Working at is tiring, difficult, serious.

Try it out. Just let go.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 25, 2007

When You Disagree

When you don't agree with a partner, teacher, coach, doctor, friend, boss, advisor or counselor,
what do you do?

Disagreement is natural and helpful to discern where there are blocks to listening, learning and Love.
Disagreement is the opportunity to look for similarity and find avenues for understanding.
Disagreement often discloses what is not working in our relationships.
Disagreement is an invitation to listen more, learn more, forgive more.

When we quit on ourselves or the other in disagreement, we are abandoning the peaceful way.
When we defend ourselves or try to win, we are creating more barriers to Love.
When we are afraid of losing and withdraw from the opportunity to learn, we are separating.
When we compromise just for a feigned harmony, we lose our integrity and strength.

There is a way to listen to both parties to find what the underlying Truth is for both.
There is a way to hear at a spiritual level where there is a need to protect our beliefs.
There is a way to believe that what in the best interest of both parties.
There is a way to let go and learn, a way to forgive and share, a way to find happiness for all.

When you disagree, ask yourself if you really know what the other wants.
When you disagree, ask yourself what is more important than the stuff of the disagreement.
When you disagree, listen to your heart for a better way to respond.
When you disagree, listen for the place of misunderstanding.

My experience has taught me…
There is only a need for forgiveness and trust in all disagreements.
There is always a desire for easy flow and peace.
There is a call for focus on safety, security, belonging for both.

When you disagree, instead of arguing to win……
Try listening within.
What is it that you are seeking to find, seeking to prove, seeking to defend, seeking to experience?
Ask within, what is it I can do to bring peace and easy agreement to both of us, so we can return to love.

Is it OKL to disagree?
Is it safe to disagree?
Is it loving to disagree?
Is it helpful to disagree?

When there is no righteous attachment and judgment of ourselves, the other and the positions being taken, it is easy to let it all go and move on.

We disagree…SO WHAT?…we still and always will LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST one another.

Loving you loving me loving you, Betty Lue

This makes me laugh with gladness in my heart!

Before we walk. We try another approach...

Yup. We already just love to shop like Mommy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is It Working?

When life works, we are happy.
When our communication works, we are in harmony.
When our right livelihood works, we always have plenty.
When our life balance works, we are healthy and at peace.

Do you know what to do when something isn't working?
Stop doing what no longer (or maybe never) works.
Stop believing, seeing and making up what isn't working.

Look at the whole situation thoroughly.
Look at your thoughts, words and activities.
Look at what really might be in your best interests.

Listen within.
Listen outside.
Listen for what might be a better way.
Listen and learn how you can make changes for improvement.

Our lessons and learnings come gently at first.
Our teachings and opportunities are subtle in the beginning.
To ignore what is obvious is foolish.
Take the time to stop, look and listen to find a better way.

When we get used to what has never worked, keeps us deaf, blind and ignorant.
When we avoid being honest with ourselves to avoid being wrong is a strategy for losing.
When we hope things will change, but are unwilling to consider changing, we are deluding ourselves.
It is important that life be a constant evaluation and reconsideration of what is effective and brings peace.

When we have conflicting egoic and learned goals, we can never win.
When we are wishing and hoping without action, we will be disappointed.
When we have constant anxiety and vulnerability, we are pretending to be OK.
When we acknowledge we do not know and cannot do it alone and need spiritual help, we are on our way.

Life is cleaning up and letting go of what doesn't work.
Forgive, erase and let it go.
Forgive yourself, your misinformed or ignorant teachers and choose again.
Seek the highest and best counsel.
Follow the path of peace and love.
Honor the spirit of true and lasting happiness within.
Be grateful for every step you take and smile.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Thought Principles of Prosperity

Notes from a Practical spirituality class Robert and I are offering on Monday nights.

Definitions of New Thought:
Taking responsibility for staying in connection with inner spiritual guidance.
Releasing with forgiveness, prayer and affirmation whatever false beliefs block full faith.
Knowing that God (Spirit) intends Abundance, Wholeness and Love for all creation.
Living by spiritual "truth" principles as taught and modeled by Jesus and other great Ones.

II Corinthians 9:8
…And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that you may always have enough of everything and may provide in abundance for every good work.

Seven Steps to Abundance


Awareness and Acknowledgment:
Ways I have denied myself are:
Ways I have limited my prosperity are:
Ways I have misused my resources of time, energy and money:
Ways I have blocked my abundance with resentment, guilt, fear and unconsciousness:

I forgive myself for denying myself:
I release thoughts of limitation and lack.
I forgive myself for misusing what I have.
Releasing all blocks to unlimited love and prosperity is safe, fun and easy for me.

Abundance is my natural state.
I am very rich in every way.
I accept and use everything I have for Good.
I am grateful this is so.

May you be happy and prosper,
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 20, 2007

You Are Leading

Whether you know it or not, you are leading.
Whether you want to or not, you are leading.
Whether you are lost or not, you are leading.
With your thoughts, your words and your activities, you are leading.

Humanity is all interconnected.
Minds are joined.
Our words and deeds are overheard, received and make a difference to everyone, everywhere.
Are we leading our world in the direction we really want to create for our posterity?

I can and do take responsibility for the world in which I live.'
I am here to be truly helpful.
I seek to create a world of freedom and trust where all are safe to learn, to love, to let go and be.
I create my life work, family interaction and casual encounters to serve this holy purpose.

There is no private place to act in ways which I would not teach my children or grandchildren.
There is no secret thought which does not reach other minds on a subliminal or telepathic level.
There is no judgment, hurt or faulty thinking which does not impact the world of knowledge.
There is no where to hide what I do not wish to be passed on to those I love.

Therefore, I give it all to God, Source, Higher Power, to undo everything that is not wholly true.
I release with blessing and gratitude those limiting beliefs and mistaken perceptions that cause fear.
I offer immediate forgiveness for all upsets, hurts, resentments and confusion to be confident in love.
I choose to live in love, give with joy, teach with kindness and lead with inspiration.

This is my way of leading from a place of inner inspiration and guidance.
I choose to live my life following the path that leads to love and peace, happiness and fulfillment for all.
Thank you for joining me in this holy mission to put our whole lives to work for the good of the Whole.

I am loving you and leading you, as I allow Spirit to lead me,
Betty Lue

Friday, January 19, 2007

Peace Works!

Peace is practical, positive and productive.

When we are peaceful, we can think clearly.
When we are peaceful, we can respond with our heart and head.
When we are peaceful, we have no need for defenses or pretenses.
When we are peaceful, our energy flows and good things grow.

Peace works.

Humanity tends to be reactive when afraid.
Humanity tends to act out anger as a defense.
Humanity tends to cover up their real needs when upset.
Humanity tends to be confused when agitated, angry or afraid.

The way peace works is to open the flow of breath, thinking and creative solutions.
The way peace works is to settle the dust to really see what is present.
The way peace works is to bring people together in willingness and openness.
The way peace works it to allow in new vision and inspiration and possibilities.

Peace is the way of gratitude.
Peace is the path of forgiveness.
Peace is an offering of perfect Love.
Peace is a celebration of pure joy.

Betty Lue

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trying to Understand?

If it is personal insanity, upset or judgment, just let it go.
What we focus on, analyze, we are usually enhancing, increasing and even making REAL.
Personality "stuff" is so filled with leftover grievances, resentment and history it is distorted.
About the only gifts we can give, is to not take it personally and listen with our heart to the feelings.

Under every upset, concern, judgment, criticism, suggestion, inter-fear-ance is a past similar.
So when we give advice, we do it from our own perspective.
When we past judgment, we come from our own experience.
When we have upset feelings, they are remembered from often ancient memories.

To heal our own lack of peace is the first step to being a peaceful listener and healing presence.
To come to inner peace through forgiveness and gratitude is the walk we must take to counsel another.
To awaken our connection with spirit within , the clouds of guilt and blame must be dissipated.
To bring Light to any one, we need a clear conscience, open mind and grateful heart.

When our buttons are being pushed in defense of another or ourselves, there are leftovers present.
When we are claiming we are right and another is wrong, we are feeling separate and defensive.
When we are judging we have been falsely accused, attacked or misunderstood, we need forgiveness.
Life is an opportunity daily to see what is calling for healing from our past.

I am responsible for the experiences I am having.
I can heal my own self judgment and guilt.
I can clear my own fear and defensiveness.
I can become an open and willing channel of love and gratitude.

My real work is always to save myself, to heal my pain, to remain peaceful and trusting daily.
When I am at peace, there is nothing to do but keep on loving you.

Let it go with Love.
Love always prevails.
Our only mistake is when we forget to Love.
Listening is one beautiful silent way to facilitate the healing process for yourself and others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How Did You Learn?

How did you learn to do the laundry?
Is there a better way?
How did you learn to always (or never) write thank you notes?
Is there a better way?

How did you learn to set the table (or even sit down to eat at a table)?
How did you learn to talk with salesmen or service providers?
How did you learn what to believe about doctors and medicine?
How did you learn to talk to the opposite sex?

Is there a better way?

How did you learn to keep house, make a bed, arrange your closet?
How did you learn to dress and polish shoes and do your hair?
How did you learn to eat, exercise, work and rest?
How did you learn to carry an interested conversation without interrupting?

Is there a better way?

How did you learn to get a job, balance your checkbook and save for your future?
How did you learn to be on time, keep your agreements and pay for services rendered?
How did you learn to speak with confidence, make up your mind and trust your decisions?
How did you learn to inspire, discipline and reward yourself?

Is there a better way?

Most of what we do everyday has been unconsciously learned from our original teachers.
Most of us have rarely, if ever, questioned the methods and values of our first teachings.
If we valued admired and respected our teachers, we honor them by doing it their way.
If we devalued and disliked our teachers (usually parents), we rebel and do the opposite.

To grow up and become our own individuated and actualized person, we must choose our own way.
To become whole and strong in our own lives, we must explore and find the best way for ourselves.
To teach our children we must become conscious and respectful of our modeling and be selective.
To model the highest values, we must admit mistakes, forgive ourselves and choose again.

This is the conscious way to live and give our best to everyone, including ourselves.

Let it be,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Off and Running in 2007!

Already this year has been full of renewal, creativity, loss and and trusting, loving and new learning, great new friends, changing my mind, and listening to God.
While the last few days have been what appeared to be fasting, resting and clearing my body, much of what seems to be is relinquishing the need to run.
I see how easy and effortless it is to move fast, getting so much fun from getting lots done.
I notice how difficult to stop and do nothing. Betty Lue

How attached and addicted are we to moving quickly?
How right have we made it to get a lot done?
How important has it been to finish our "to do" list?
How happy are we when we know we have made a difference?

How about the times of doing nothing?
Are they not of great value, too?
Is it possible that we miss our purpose when we forget to simply be?
Can we run right by the contribution and enlightenment we seek, when we are busy?

I am aware that everything…even illness…can be used for Good.
I am confirming that everything has a place of wisdom, when seen rightly.
I am willing to let go of my own thinking and list-making and trust God.
I am open to seeing how perfection comes in all packages, even ones which we may avoid.

I am blessing myself now with the Love of God.
I am committing my life to Good words and Good will.
I am choosing to use these words to awaken me to remember.
How Good life is when we trust in its intrinsic goodness, wholeness and Love.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King's Birthday

This could be a day of freedom for all of us.

Are we free from slavery?

Are we indentured servants of our jobs, of our financial obligations, of our beliefs?
Are we still imprisoned in prejudices which divide us as separate cultures and classes?
Are we claiming we are equal to everyone on the planet?
Have we given ourselves inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

While any one of us is limited, lacking and belittled, are we not all enslaved?
Have we allowed the media, advertising, authority figures to tell us what is true?
Are we believing it is better to conform than to make independent choices?
Is our debt to the past or to building a future for ourselves and our children?

This could be the day we speak out.
This could be a day we step up.
This could be a day we grow into the society of Trust in God and Divine Good.
This could be a day I personally wash myself clear of the illusions fear has made.

I am choosing to clear, cleanse, let go with forgiveness and gratitude.
I bless my right and freedom to forgive and choose again.
So it is given me as Divine Birthright and I claim it for us all.
Forgive and Choose Again. Today.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King and the many street saints who have gone before us.
I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Yes, I have had the flu for a few days and all is well.
Being gentle and respectful of my healing energy flow.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 Normal New Year

Every year, every day, every moment we have an opportunity to create a new normal for ourselves.

What is your new norm?
Are you choosing to get up with a positive attitude?
Are you setting aside a little outdoor exercise daily?
Are you creating a smile and friendly greeting for everyone you meet?
Are you honestly going to eat what is best for your body?
Are you open to managing your paperwork in an organized way?
Are you honoring your family by sitting down to eat with them daily?
Are you agreeing to read to your children daily?
Are you willing to pay your bills easily and on time?
Are you giving to a favorite charity monthly?
Are you forgiving the memories that seem to hurt you?

New years give us a chance to begin again.
Every sunset is an opportunity to let the past go and choose again.
All forgiveness recognizes the past is not here.
Every breath is a new infusion of life right now.

What is your new norm?
Create your new life right now.
Bring into the present, today how you want to live everyday.
Each time you step in the right direction, you are stepping into a new norm.

I am willing to let go of those choices which no longer work and choose again.

Easily with gratitude, I choose again,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back to Basics

Do you know how to balance a checkbook?
Can you save more than you spend?
Are you able to make a cake from scratch?
Do you know how to fill out a resume?
Can you forgive someone's ignorance?
Are you able to sleep on the ground under the stars?
Can you climb a tree, catch a fish or plant a vegetable garden?

Are our children being taught that work is good?
Can they iron a shirt or blouse?
Do they know how to play a game and feel good when losing?
Can they have a meaningful conversation for an hour?
Are they able to sit through a concert or play and enjoy it?
Do they reach out in love and gratitude to their elders?
Can they let their mistakes go with easy learning and letting go?

Many have forgotten (or maybe never knew) how to live without struggle.
Many have no memories of families laughing together and enjoying the company of one another.
Many have never been taught how to handle money wisely with respect and gratitude.
Many have learned unnecessary fears of nature, people, government, rules and work.
Many are ignorant and do not know so do not trust what are the basics of easy living.

Where you are ignorant, gather information and education.
Where you do not know, find a mentor or coach who does.
Where you are scared, create a safe place to bring you reassurance and comfort.
Where you are resistant, be patient, kind and gentle with little learning one step at a time.
Where you want to learn, be open and willing.

Where you are ready to learn, find a teacher with whom you resonate.
Where you are aware of mistakes, forgive them all with Trust in God.
Where you are teaching your children, go slow and easy matching their pace.
Where you are leading others, give appreciation, love and inspiring Guidance.

I found many years ago that where and when I forgave myself for my mistakes, they were erased from my past and the past of those with whom I was mistaken. Forgiveness erases all past mistakes.

I am forgiving us all,
Betty Lue

It takes conscious willing loving beings to raise an angel to live on Earth.
Let us live our best and give the rest we all need to feel safe, happy and loved.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


What we value increases.
When we value our fears, our fears increase.
When we value our needs, our needs increase.
When we value our friends, our friendship increases.
When we value our money, our money increases.

This is the universal law of attention, attraction and increase.
Where we spend, time, energy and money defines what we value.
When we spend time on see ing doctors, our time in medical care is valued.
When we spend energy worrying about a problem, the problem increases with our valuing.
When we spend energy focused on how our bank account won't balance, it s value is increased.

For those who want fun, safe and easy living, my simple suggesting is value what you value.
Turn away your attention and expenditure of time energy and money on that which you wish to decrease.
Give attention, gratitude and delight to your joy, to how you make a difference, to working relationships. Where you place value and give attention, you will experience an increase.

I value the opportunity to share with you these loving reminders.
I value every experience that leads to greater inner peace and happiness.
I value spending time, energy and resources on building spiritual community and activities.
I value staying connected with the Good and the God within.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 08, 2007

What to Do?

When you don't know what to do,
When the questions are bigger than the answers,
When what you thought was working, fails,
What can you do?

Love You.
Trust God.
And choose to Love Again.

Never quit on loving.
Never quit on trusting.
Never quit on forgiving.

Life has twists and turns we cnnot understand.
We cannot rescue those who resist.
We can only give what is asked and received.
We must learn to love and let go.

Move on with forgiveness.
Move on with compassion.
Move on with blessing.
Move on with gratitude.

Love is an action on non attachment.

Let go and keep on loving,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Are You Prepared?

Are you living an spiritual and inspired life?
Are you prepared for enjoying the experience?

Some of the keys to a safe and enjoyable spiritual journey:
Lighten up.
Simplify your life. Let go of whatever no longer serves you.
Stuff requires energy and space to maintain and store.
Know where you want to go.
"I want the peace of God." "I want to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life."
"I seek to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember God." Or choose your own goal.
Leaving it open-ended is like being adrift in the sea with no paddle or rudder. You will be at the effect.
Take impeccable care of your mind, body, emotional and relationships.
You want to be in good shape to be ready for the next step. When the Universe (God) calls you or offers the opportunity, you want to be ready to say YES.
Know you don't know.
Be happy and willing to learn.
Our mental and spiritual ignorance and denial may come from thinking we know how it is all supposed to unfold and we may judge or bypass the very step that is ours.
Love and affirm yourself and your worth.
To judge or diminish your worth is arrogantly believing that you know better than God, Creator and source. An all-loving and unlimited Creator would not create limitation, lack and littleness.
Forgive all mistakes you believe you have made.
To hold yourself separate by feeling lacking or unholy or wrong keeps you from hearing knowing and believing that there is a perfect place for you in our collective spiritual awakening.

Life is meant to be fun, safe and easy.
We are love here to give and receive Love without condition.
When it seems not to be happening, something has gone wrong in our perceptions and beliefs.
Choose to reconnect with your source and unlimited resource within.
That is the optimum place to begin.

Loving you in each new beginning,
Betty Lue

See our 20 month old Lila below.
She loves to be truly helpful.

Taking care of my babies.

Cleaning after myself.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Back to Basics

I have been a student/Teacher of A Course in Miracles since 1976.
Having practiced the workbook lessons one each day over 15 times during the last 30 years, I still see myself as a beginner.
I prefer holding an image of a happy willing learner. "I know nothing and am willing to learn everything."
When I write or speak what I hear/know within, I am remembering, reminding myself and "learning".

2007 is dedicated to keeping it simple, practical and inspiring.
We are in this together as this is on purpose to heal and remember.
We are created by Love as Love for the Purpose of Loving.
Peace is our goal.
Happiness is our purpose.
Forgiving all obstacles is our function.
We are here to undo everything that is not peaceful and loving so we can experience true happiness.
We have a mind, body and emotions, but we are not our mind, body and emotions.
Our body is a temporary communication device to extend and express Love.
Our mind is to be used to create more beauty, goodness and Love.
Our feelings are to flow with encouragement, support, kindness and healing.

We have two voices.
The ego voice is learned, fear-based with doubts and limitations. The ego copes, defends and projects.
The Spirit voice is essential, natural and love-centered. The Spirit. trust, frees, explores and extends.
Ego believes it is a physical body, its feelings and its past experiences, genetics and knowledge.
Its worth is based on getting approval, money, power and valued achievements.
Spirit knows it is whole and complete, needs nothing and knows know harm.
It is and innocent and holy expression of Goodness and perfect Trust and love.

This year I will simplify what I know, living faithfully the Truth I Am and giving the best I know.

Loving you as you let go of the blocks to Love.
Betty Lue

Friday, January 05, 2007

All Together Now

Are you all together?

Self assessment:
Are your thoughts conscious, consistent and inspiring?
Are your emotions smooth, kind and loving?
Is your physical energy open, natural and flowing?
Are you guided, directed and focused by your inner calling?

You can live a fun, safe and easy life when you are inspired, inner guided, focused, flowing and loving.
You can be healthy, happy and fulfilled with your life, when you are at peace within yourself.
You can feel complete and whole, confident and directed, connected and loved now.

Life is not meant to be an obstacle course.
We are meant to flow around all obstacles.
Life is not meant to be suffering and pain.
We are meant to learn to let go and love again.
Life is not meant to be loss and lack.
We are meant to be prospered and give back.

To get our lives together, we must stop pursuing just one more way of separating from our our selves.
We are called to find and follow the path that deeply moves us to true and lasting happiness.
Our path may working in the garden, walking in nature, creating beauty and goodness, gathering people in friendship, offering help and support, enjoying the blessings of God, teaching little children, preparing healthy meals, writing kind notes, laughing at silly jokes, or just offering hope. Our paths often seem to have little with our profession or education, but rather are the calling of spirit in our heart.

When we live and give what is True for us, it may seem effortless or even selfish, for so it is that we are called to be truly happy, content and at peace.
Every loving parent and Creator wants their children to be happy and loved.

Know when we are in our place just right, all is right in our world for those around us.
Life is good when we are.

Loving you, loving you!
Betty Lue

Call me if you need help in finding your way back home to You! 800-919-2392.
Here is a simple day of just being HAPPY and at peace!
look at how they are mirroring one another.

My mother of 85 years and Baby Beckett of 6 weeks old.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

What is Meaningful in Your Life?

What inspires and delights you?
What moves and touches your heart?
What teaches and motivates you?
What encourages and supports you?

These are the things that make life worthwhile.

Take time to notice what creates more life energy for you.
Take time to note that which discourages and depletes your energy.
Our work here is to do the work of sorting out what works and what doesn't.
When we give ourselves the highest and the best, the rest of life is fun, safe and easy.

Let me hear from you.
I want to know what makes your heart sing and rings your bells.
I want to celebrate how you are making a difference in your own life.
I want to support you in being the best you can be effortlessly.

You see, when you are your best, the world is blessed.

Loving you, loving me, loving you.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Inner Guidance this Full Moon

I am loving You--all you saints gathering to remember.
Let us ascend in peace together because we have ascendance in our minds.

"I love you little ones.
I love you old and mighty ones.
I love you all Ones.
You are gentle beautiful souls.

Specialness is a ploy of the ego to divide and separate, exalt and denigrate.
It serves no one to put down, be little, or push away.
May you all and everyone recognize,
You together are One Son.

Give yourself the time and space to erase what is not—
until you behold the face of God.
In what is real there is no doubt or comparison,
for here in God we all are One.

Be free of the mystery that hides the One we Are.
Show up. Shine Out.
Be that Glorious Star of Love.
High above the lowly plains
Yet still remains in the hearts and minds of all mankind.

Be free.
Trust me and You will see
What you can be.
Without fetter or loss,
You are the boss of your whole and holy life.

Teach Love.
See Love.
Be Love
And Trust.

Freedom is the call
To respond to All
With love.

Gently goes your way.
Love be the guide
To this and each new day.

Loving you,
Loving me.
Sets us all free to be."

To this I say. Amen.
Let it Be!
Thanks you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Equality and Appreciation

All of us are equal, when we are living our Truth and giving our best.

When we are withholding or giving less than our best, we feel unequal.
When we feel unequal, we often try too hard to impress or prove our selves.
When we feel less than the other, we may criticize, compare, judge or fear the other.

The fastest way to equalize your relationships, especially when you feel guilty, envious or resentful,
is to fully appreciate the other and your self.

The fastest way to dis-empower and diminish yourself is by criticizing, comparing, being envious or resentful and giving less than your best.
When you withhold love and appreciation you feel separate.
When you see others with full appreciation and open-mindedness, you feel happy, free and fulfilled.

What you give, you receive from within.
What you feel within, comes from what you believe and think, say and do.

Where you give what you have, you have given from fullness without losing anything.
Where you give based on duty, obligation, expectation or threat, you experience loss and lack.
It is valuable to consistently give your best to everyone equally to experience the best in you consistently.
It is helpful to validate and appreciate what others give in order to demonstrate how you value yourself.

Equality and Full appreciation go hand in hand.
Give your full appreciation to everyone wholeheartedly with your thoughts, words and deeds.
Let go, delete, undo and forgive judgments, comparisons, criticisms and give your appreciation.
Where we can appreciate those in our world, we are encouraging them to give their best.
Where we are appreciative of others, we will experience appreciation for ourselves.

Loving You with full appreciation,
Betty Lue

Classes begin tonight in Pleasant Hill. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday eve groups
Classed begin in Alameda on Mondays and most Sundays this coming week.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Today begins my ninth year of offering my daily inspirational inner guidance for you and those who wish to receive them, daily or weekly via email.
I thank You, me and Spirit for letting me know how they make a difference both personally and globally.

Today' reminder will include a pot pourri of possibility.
My Peaceful and Relationship Reminders little books are still available for $10 plus mailing costs.
You are invited to stop receiving my reminders at any time, with my unconditional trust and blessing.
You are invited to add people to my list who request that you do so.
You can join Robert and I in Hawaii on Retreat both in March and in July, and in Asheville, NC in May.
You can join my Living Ministry Program long distance if you are called.
You can invest in audio and/or DVD tapes of my Sunday services at The Home of Truth spiritual Center.

Key Questions and New Year Processes which may be helpful:
What are five accomplishments you achieved in 2006?
What supported you in those accomplishments?
How can you ensure that you maintain those supports in 2007?
What disappointments, disillusionment and denial did you experience in 2006?
How were you responsible for allowing it to happen and what did you learn?
What can you do to ensure that you will not deny or disappoint yourself this year?

For those who are interested, read the Numerological Update (see menu bar on the left):
2007—The Hermit Year

Betty Lue