Saturday, February 29, 2020

It Takes So Little!

Nothing stops me from expressing my love and gratitude.
No one can keep me from giving my best.
I apologize and easily forgive all mistakes.
I am here to be Love, to share Love and receive Love with Gratitude. 

So Little Means So Much!

It takes a smile to feel welcome.  
It takes a “please” and “thanks” to feel safe.
It takes a moment to show you care.
It takes a little forgiveness to heal.

How much do you seek respect?
How much do you want peace?
How much do you desire happiness?
How much do you long for love?

When you have hurt someone, say I am sorry.
When you have offended someone, apologize.
When you have forgotten someone, let them know you are sorry.
When you have not been kind and considerate, apologize.

Being sorry is a way of showing you care.
Apologizing is your way of being considerate.
Letting folks know that you truly are well-meaning is a display of kindness.
Saying “I am sorry requires so little and gives so much.

When you are want anything from anyone, say “Please”.
Stop demanding, threatening, expecting and being inconsiderate of others.
With family members, partners and children, always say “PLEASE”.
This is the primary way we teach manners and show respect.

When you receive an answer, a meal, help or kindness, always say “Thank You!”
When you have been served by anyone on the phone or in person, remember to say “Thanks!”
When you share you gratitude with others, they feel valued and respected.
Teach everyone by your example how to be courteous and respectful.

When you know you have judged, Forgive to clear you limiting thoughts.
When you know you have criticized, Forgive to undo false expectations.
When you know you have hated, Forgive to heal your heart.
When you know you have avoided or neglected, Forgive to find inner peace.

Express your Love by saying and writing and thinking and showing, “I Love You!”
Get over the fears of freely using the words “I love you.”
Stop withholding your love and let it be said and shared and show.
You are created by Love for the purpose of Loving.

I Am Sorry.
Please Forgive me.
I Love You.
Thank You.

These four statements will heal you, your family and your world!
Betty Lue

Friday, February 28, 2020

On Time?

I appreciate being on time.
I use my time wisely and well.
My time is guided by what I value.
I learn from everyone and everything all the time.

Are You On Time?

Are you on time to keep your appointment?
Are you in time to do what is yours to do?
Are you willing to flow with what is needed?
Are you open to stay on purpose and in touch?

When we are open and willing to do what is ours to do, we feel purposeful.
When we do what is ours to do, we feel successful.
When we do what others want, we often get off purpose.
When we live according to others time, we often lose our own right action.

Our fulfillment and satisfaction depend on listening to our own drummer within.
When we feel rushed or pushed, we may lose connection with what is our own timing.
It is essential that we learn to allow ourselves to find the pace to be successful.
It is our responsibility to live our right action in our right timing.

Is it time to eat?
Is it our time to rest?
Is it our time to get away?
Is it our time to accomplish?

Life itself is a measured by time and right timing.
Or are we only accountable for how we use the time we have?
Are we aware of where we are going and when we will get there?
an we observe our own use of time, energy and resources?

Are you lazy with time?
Are we unaware of time?
Do we sabotage our use to time?
Are we clear about our goals and the value of achieving them in a timely way?

The habits we learn come from childhood beliefs and teachings.
When we are taught, we are often late, we are.
When see as someone who works until the last minute, we do.
When we are told we procrastinate, we do…….until we teach ourselves otherwise.

How easy it would be to start all over again with your own trust in your right timing!
We can prescribe and affirm: 
“I am always at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing”.
“I use my time wisely and well to experience what is best for me.”
“I know everything always works more exquisitely than I can plan.”

Explore your priorities.
Redefine what is your intended goal and timeline.
Stay away to changes in timing and direction.
Always communicate to others when there is a change.

You are always responsible for what is yours.
Enjoy your responsibilities.
It is from your life that you learn.
Appreciate your awareness and willingness.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Golden Rule

I listen to my heart and do what is right.
I trust my inner guidance to give what is fair and just.
I respect my fellow human beings and treat them well.
I forgive us all for being disrespectful to others. 

Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated.

Talk to others as you want to be talked with.
Teach others as you want to be taught.
Appreciate others as you want to be appreciated.
Give to others as you want to be given to.

Children need to be treated with love and respect.
Children need to be listened to and responded to kindness.
Children need to be taught with the same respect as adults.
Children need to be given to as you would want to be given to.

Our elders need the same respect as we do.
Elders need to be listened to and talked with the same as all else.
Sometimes we need to learn how to be respectful and kind.
If we have not learned as a child, we may not understand how to be our best.

All people, no matter what age, color, religion and background, need respect.
Prejudices show up in odd ways due to how we are taught, what we see and hear and how we feel.
It is essential that we learn the simple ethics of good will toward everyone, no matter what.
Yes, everyone is different and everyone deserves our very best in how we speak and behave.

When we treat everyone well, they learn to think well of themselves and of others.
When we talk to one another with kindness, everyone feels and hears our love and respect.
When we behave in ways that are respectful of ourselves and others, we heal and grow in self respect.
When we unlearn our prejudices, we unlearn our fears and become clear expressions of Love.

This is how everyone learns from one another.
It is not natural to fear or hate or judge.
It is natural to love and let go of the past.
It is healing and healthy to treat others as we want to be treated.

Fear begets more fear.
Respect creates more respect.
Kindness and generosity create more of the same.
If we want more good, why not simply give more Good!!

We can end the fear, prejudice and ignorance, simply by always being our best.
We can educate ourselves, forgive ourselves and free ourselves from fear and hatred.
We each can do our part to love our neighbors as ourselves.
Let us learn from history to unlearn and undo what causes us to hurt one another.

It is time to begin again to clear the fear and remember to Love.
Highly RecommendedLove Is Letting Go of Fear by Jerry Jampolsky.

I am Loving you and all,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Trust in What?

I trust in the Good within all creation.
I trust in the Love that lives within you.
I trust in the Power of Hope, Faith and Love.
I trust in what fills me with courage, confidence and creativity.


There is a Power and a Presence that lives.
It lives in you.
It lives in us.
It lives in all.

In this we can trust.
When we trust in nothing, we cannot feel safe.
When we do not feel safe, we live in fear.
When we cannot trust ourselves, we live in doubt.

When we cannot trust, we live with defensiveness.
We hide inside and lose our courage and our voice.
We see and hear the distortion of fear and reaction.
We feel disappointment, despair and distrust.

We must begin at the beginning with ourselves.
We must value what we have and where we are.
We must go within to seek what we know.
We can find the courage within to find what we seek.

Yes, sometimes illness, poverty, betrayal and loneliness cause doubt. 
Where do we find the truth? In what do we trust?
What is our saving grace?
It is important to remind ourselves of what we trust.

Create your own affirmations, writing, songs to remind you.
Find a place in which you can feel safe and good.
Seek out someone or some memory to restore you trust.
There is a place in you where there is light and love to remember.

What do you believe in?
“In God We Trust.”
Some choose Higher Power, the Universe, the Ancient Ones, Love Itself or many other names.
If you do not have a faith, a practice, a path in which to trust, now is the time to develop one.

To feel safe, we must know LOVE.
To trust, we must experience LOVE.
To sustain our Love, we must express Love.
To create safety, faith and peace within, we must be safe and peaceful and faithful.

Our work in this ever-changing world is to trust in the Power and Presence that lives within us.
Let it be so, for our world depends on us, individually and all together as One.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Be Here Now!

Forgiveness is a gift to myself.
I choose to release the past to live in the present.
I now forgive everything and everyone, for all time, including myself.
My mind now automatically erases everything that is now wholly true and loving.

Be Present!

Let’s get past the Past.
Let’s start being here now.
Let’s stop getting stuck in pain.
Let’s not keep doing it all over again.

The fastest way to complete the past is to be in the present.
The most effective way to let go of the past is to delete it from our memory.
The easiest way to delete is simple to forgive and erase what no longer has value.
The very best way to be at peace and in love is to be here now with love and gratitude.

There is a myth about forgetting and remembering.
What you remember you will tend to repeat.
What you forget will cleared from you automatic habits.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love and light.

What you truly forgive, will not come up again.
What you are willing to erase, does not show up again.
What you throw away, will not return on another day.
When you are done, you are done.

The habit of guilt and regret is sure to come up undigested.
When we are truly willing to stop “guilting” ourselves and others, the pain stops.
When we are fully done with what was, it is all undone.
What remains is only the blessing.

Life offers us an unlimited smorgasbord of experiences.
To retain them all undigested makes us sick in body, mind and spirit.
To digest what we experienced is to benefit and grow from the Good.
To leave the toxic material in our memories is toe repeat it again and let it poison our lives.

Often we are taught falsely and think we must protect ourselves by never forgetting.
What we remember and think about, we will re-experience until we forgive and heal.
If it keeps coming up, there is something more we must to be complete with gratitude.
We experience to learn and learn to fully live.

Is it time to forgive and forget?
Is it time to stop the pain and regret?
Is it time to let go, so you can live what you know?
Isn’t it time to be fully here and now with gratitude and love? 

What seems difficult may be the best gift you have every given yourself.
Forgive the past…..all of it.
What will be left are the blessings.
Be the present and you will know the Gift of Life.

Loving you in remember always and only to Love what is NOW!
Betty Lue