Thursday, June 29, 2006

Are You Free?

Our Preamble to the our Constitution declares:
"We are all endowed with certain inalienable rights-the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
That is so and so it Is and We Are.
We are all endowed with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So are you free? Are you living? Are you pursuing happiness?
Do you support, encourage and facilitate life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for your loved ones?
Are you a believer in the rights of others?
More importantly, do you give yourself permission to be free in your thoughts, your behavior, your life?

What keeps us from freedom and discovering our happiness seems to be the jailer in our minds.
What limits our freedoms appears to be loyalty to others fear and judgments.
What hinders our pursuing a path of perfect happiness may be economics, need to fit or belong and fear.
Whatever binds, limits and restricts you belongs to your learned limiting mind.

Duty and obligation limits us.
Threats and demands limit us.
Trust sets us free.
We are free to choose which voice we listen to.

Do you follow the external voices of others?
Do you listen to the inner voice of forgiveness and gratitude?
Do you find comfort in the safety of conforming?
Do you find true joy in the freedom of individuality?

Exercise: (For your consideration)
If you gave yourself total freedom to be, do and have what your heart desires, what would you be, do and have with your life?
If you gave yourself total permission to pursue happiness, where would you go, what would you do and with whom?
If you allowed yourself your ideal life with no fear or worry, how would you live?
If you imagine living this life, what changes would occur in how you relate to others?

Loving you and celebrating our freedom to be,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Changes Anyone?

In shifting times, let it flow and stay grounded.
Don't push the river and don't try to hold it back.
Life provides the opportunities, challenges and choices we need to clarify our intention.
Support yourself with clarity of purpose.
Love yourself with right nourishment of mind, body and soul.
Give yourself affirmation and gratitude.
Be prepared to forgive and release what seems to stand in your way.
Know all is well, for so it will be as you have decreed.

Trusting in the Love we Are,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

All is Well

What we believe, we perceive.
What we perceive, we strengthen in ourselves.
What we strengthen, we encourage in others.
What we encourage in others, we build in our world.

All is well.
When I trust all is well, I free my judging mind.
When I release my judgments, I see what is.
When I see what is, I see only love and the call for Love.

All is well.
When I release my need to fix, I free myself to be.
When I know I am here to live in the Allness of Love.
I know that in me, all is well.

All is well.
No matter what my perception, all is well.
When I remember all is well, I listen within for where to begin.
When I remember Love is Real, I simply live in the Love that Is.

All is well.
Nothing to do,
Love really Love.
No where to be… here right here.

All is well brings peace to my soul.
When I am at peace, understanding comes to me.
When I am at peace, I am whole and I am free.
When I am at peace, life is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you with no agenda,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 26, 2006

No Secrets

With nothing to hide, there is no vulnerability.
With no secrets, there is no separation.
With no fear of being known, there is only authenticity.
With freedom to be, there is Love.

Judge nothing.
You fear no judgment.

Defend no position.
You cannot be attacked.

Be patient and persistent.
You will achieve your Good.

Be kind and forgiving.
You feel kind and forgiven.

Give gratitude to all.
You feel honored and loved.

Enjoy simple pleasures.
You stay young and alive.

Loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue

Be as a child.
Learn as a child.
Love as a child.
Live as a child.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trust, Commitment, Honesty, Respect

This was written for those who are having difficulty remembering trust, commitment, honesty and respect.
See if you can apply it to any of your relationships including those with friends, children, parents and work associates.

Remember that your love and respect for another is a reflection of your love and respect for yourself.
How you love others speaks volumes about how you love yourself.
How you speak to others demonstrates how you speak to yourself.
How you treat others belies the ways you treat yourself within.
Know that healing our relationship with ourselves heals our relationships with others.

Healing Affirmation:
I deeply and profoundly love, accept and respect myself.

All upset, fear, anger, hurt, judgment is lack of peace of mind or mental and emotional disturbances (hurt, guilt, anger, fear, confusion, distortion, etc.)
Each person must be responsible for his own feelings and thoughts and projecting blame onto another. Each of you must accept total responsibility for your part in this melodrama.
It only takes one to bring peace.
The power of Love, real Love, Unconditional Love is healing.

You must seek to understand one another.
You know you understand, when the other person feels heard, known, respected and valued.

You must clarify your own values and share with one another.
When you find mutual values, you commit to support one another in living true to the highest values you mutually hold.

You must remove yourself from others’ gossiping or complaining to friends, family or even trusted advisors who take sides.
Every time you complain to someone about your relationship, you are breaking their trust and confidence. It creates feelings of infidelity and separation (even if not confirmed.)
Continued loyalty to one’s family feels like lack of commitment to the partnership and will undermine the quality of honesty and trust between you.

And yes, you see in another what is in you, past or present.
Both people participate with similar mistakes or activities which separate rather than bond their union.
Both of you must take this time to become aware of how you created this “mess” and this “stress.”
Then both of you must confess what you are willing to do to heal and create on a new canvas a new creation of union with fidelity, honesty, commitment, responsibility and trust without all this emotional dumping. Dumping your garbage and pain onto a loved one makes everyone sick and serves no value.

I applaud your willingness to continue to love and repair the wounds.

It is time to trust your own choices, to learn to support one another no matter what and to believe in the sacredness of your marriage.

I know forgiveness erases the past.
Love heals and creates hope, faith and new possibilities.
I believe in your commitment to heal the past and create a life of Love."

Loving and blessing our healing relationships,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Healing is Forgiving the Past

Let go and let God.
With letting go of the past, only the Presence of God is left.
With the release of judgment, comparison, attack and fear, only Goodness is left.
With the relinquishment of all mis-creations, only the gifts of Love exist.

May we each forgive everyone and everything every day

Loving you in our universal request for healing.
Betty Lue

Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to Basics

When life gets full, takes a detour or becomes an obstacle course, go back to basics.

Slow down.
See where you are.
Give your body rest and nourishment.
Quiet your mental agitation.
Give your emotions a love break.
Feed your Spirit with uplifting stuff.
Forgive your errors.
Listen to affirming and positive messages.
Be grateful for who you are.
Appreciate those who are truly helpful.
Help someone in need in simple ways.
Have fun with a little laughter and play.
Be good to yourself in all ways.

You know when you are off path.
The more evolved spiritually, the more sensitive you become.
You have your own barometer (pain, getting sick, off balance, anxiety, money concerns, etc.) that tells you when you have forgotten your purpose and lost your way.
The more you know your spiritual path, the more easily you can tell when you step off course.

When lost, the work is not to find people to console, comfort and commiserate.
When lost, the work is to find guidance and a clear direction back where you belong.
When you miss the turn in the road, you know you erred by the bumpy terrain.
The work is to turn around and get your self on course.

During these light-filled days, we can see (feel) better what is right and true and loving.
When there is more awareness, there is more to do to clear the weeds, and tend our crop.
If we cannot see where we are going or what it is we are growing, stop, look and listen within.
Before we get up and go again, we need to clarify our direction, our function and our goal.

During these busy times with much to do, I am taking my time to stop, look and listen within.
All is well and on course and I am grateful.

Loving you and me faithfully,
Betty Lue

Current Changes:
Just returned from 5 days in NC with my Mom and dear friends (spiritual family).
My blessed Mother-in-law made her transition (birthed into her new life) last Friday.
Celebration of Life in Rossmoor on July 1 at 2PM. She planned it herself.
Supporting Robert in preparing her home for sale within the next month.
Joining a dear friend in business partnership of expanded office space, (same address, bigger suite) July 3.
Beginning again my favorite, our Living Ministry Training Program, here in Walnut Creek, this weekend.
Offering the Sunday Service at Home of Truth in Alameda July 1, as part of my application process.

“Inventory of our diapers is not easy (17, 18, 19......)
But we sure have fun!
Grandma can even make it a game to put it all back sometimes!”

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life Expanded or Ended?

Blessings or Condolences?

Where there is no sorrow or grief, there are no condolences needed.
Life is a journey both here and beyond.
When we graduate, we do simply move on to our next adventure, school or place of service.

Everyone believes, sees and treats "death" differently.
Because "death" is a sensitive and often feared experience, it is rarely discussed openly.
For Robert and me, Jackie's journey is her next adventure, her spiritual quest answered.
Jackie and her family discussed her passing openly. There were no secrets, no unfinished business.

Jackie spent the last several months clearing out her things, setting aside what needed to go and where.
Her home was filled with 80+ years of family memorabilia, which will be totally cleared this week by her family all working together. They are honoring her love, her generosity, her sentimentality with consideration handling every piece with respect, gratitude and humor.

We took her to see movie An Inconvenient Truth (an awesome and beautiful film) on Saturday afternoon. She went to bed, skipped church on Sunday, and hospice was formally called in on Tuesday. I said my good-byes with gratitude and gentle touch on Tuesday afternoon, since I traveled Wed.AM to visit my Mom in Asheville, NC. Jackie and I loved, admired and enjoyed one another and our mutual bond, our ministry of service. We are complete with no regret and no sorrow. Jackie looked forward to her journey, and with many on the other side to greet her. She is more even present to me now, as the veil is very thin, and I feel her Christ Spirit radiating Love to us.

Her family also gathered for hugs, healing touch and respect her last four days. All her needs were and are being met. Her specific requests are all being honored. Her love is still being given and received by all of us. Jackie is happy and we are too. We know she is in good hands, at peace and in Love.

Many miracles….the stamps used on her celebration of life invitations (which Jackie wrote and made sure everyone was on the mailing list) are wedding stamps, symbolizing for us her wedding again with Marsh as they come together again. I am making note of just a little of the beautiful healing, much the same as at a birth, for this is her time, after many years of tireless service to others and total faith in God.

"I love you and bless your journey. Until we meet again, know I am honored to have know and loved you for the last 21 years. Until we meet again, Sister in Spirit, Peace of God abounds for us all."

For those who mourn, give comfort.
For those who celebrate, give enthusiasm.
For those who respect, offer honor.
For those who regret, offer forgiveness.
For those who are silent, offer prayer.
To each their own.

Jackie was moved by the few lines, "Do not stand at my grave and weep, for I have promises to keep."
And so she does. Bless her journey and let your own view of "death" consider the release from our temporary physical assignment a natural and welcomed process. Truly there is no death.
Love never ends, it merely changes form. And so energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

Loving you always,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 19, 2006


My wise and compassionate mother-in-law Jackie has graduated.
She completed her earthly physical life and has moved on.
Her celebration of life, almost entirely planned and prepared by Jackie,
Will be Saturday, July 1, 2PM In the Diablo Room of Hillside Clubhouse in Rossmoor,
Walnut Creek, CA. Everyone is invited to the celebration and reception.
Robert, my husband and Jackie's oldest son, wrote to family:
"Mom did an excellent job of both living and dying. We (all of you receiving this and many, many more) did an excellent job of both loving her and receiving her love. Our job now is to remember that, while she is no longer physically present, she is always with us. She would not have us grieve, but celebrate."

How can it be that someone we love can leave us?
What is there to grieve if we have both given and received their love fully?
What is there to fear when we know they are always near and dear?
Where is there regret when we see they have completed their mission here?

There are many ways to view death and life.
Each one of us has our beliefs, our faith or doubt, our worries and our joys.
It is in every one of us to find our inner wisdom, the peace that is beyond understanding.
It is in every one of us to listen to the still small voice within, to receive the answers we seek.
It is in every one of us to be willing to set aside our opinions and judgments, to quiet the mind.
It is in every one of us to freely explore the vast fields of the unknown and mysterious.

How can we know what seems unknowable?
Listen closely to the wind.
Watch the stars and moon and sun move in the sky.
Be with the animals in their life cycle.
See the bird, butterfly or bee come at your calling.
Love everything with the love of its Creator.
And you will know.

God and Good is all there is.
Our interpretation that there is not seems meaningless.
Our inner sight that God is in everything, beneath the apparency, gives certainty, purpose and faith.

There are Holy (healed and awakened) ones, those who remember what is forever true, who complete this world with dignity and grace.
As they release their body, they bid us a loving "good-bye for now", for they know there is more.
As we complete our Holy work here:
there is forgiveness and peace,
there is understanding and quiet,
there is joy in the journey,
there is love for everyone and everything.
To graduate from this university, we have the opportunity in the final moment or over our lifetime to awaken our remembering.
This is our life in which to create our experience as it is.
This is our world to heal and transform with our Divine Mind.
This is our opportunity to bless what it with our Holy sight.

Loving All,
Betty Lue

My five days in Asheville North Carolina with my Mom and many friends was a great joy and peace.
All is well with us all.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What is Your Job?

Gone to my Mother's in North Carolina June 14-18.
Happy Father's Day on Sunday! Back on Monday!
Don’t hesitate to call me if you want some time.
Loving you, Betty Lue

What is your job here?
What have you committed to do in this lifetime?
What is your holy work?
What is your life purpose?

Where you are unsure or complacent, you are at the effect of life circumstances.
Where you sit and wait for external signs, you are like a man adrift in the sea.
Where you have lost your compass or forsaken your path, you have left your True Identity.
Where you exist and survive in this time of uncertain changes, you have lost meaning and value.

Life is a complexity of possibilities, so keep it simple.
Life is a maze of unknown twists and turns, so set your goal.
Life is a kaleidoscope of colors so marvel at the patterns.
Life is a roller coaster ride through peaks and valleys, so celebrate the journey.

Find a simple mission, a north star for your compass, a passion, a purpose or goal.
Set your course and support yourself in living each day with an inspirational direction.
Whatever lifts your spirit and keeps you happy will drive your ship to its rightful destination.
Where you are joyful and living with purpose, you will inspire, motivate and better your world.

I am here to be a loving reminder.
What I do and say,
What I write and share,
How I live and give demonstrate my Real Job, my holy work.

While I may have said it differently, or described my life in other ways, it always comes back to Love.
Teaching Love to those who are love is really reminding those who forgot.
Living Love is really remembering the Love that already is.
Giving Love is simply Being the Love I Am.

I trust you are living your Purpose as well.
If you need help in remembering, listen within.
Search for what has meaning and value to you.
Ask yourself what would make your heart sing and your mind create.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is It Time?

Is there time to waste?
Is there time to spend?
Is there time to play?
Is there time to mend?

Have we learned enough?
Have we given our all?
Have we gotten stuff?
Have we had a ball?

It is time to go?
Is it time to stay?
Is it time to wait?
Is it time to play?

Have we earned our wings?
Have we tried to fly?
Have we asked to be free?
Are we ready to die?

Death is the dropping of our body.
Death is the freedom from form.
Death is a spiritual choice, not yours or mine.
Death is the freedom to be, the end of time.

My dear mother-in-law is in her transition process,
Birthing into a new and old familiar way of Being.
She is relaxed and at peace.
She has faithfully served all.
She has completed her work and cleared her space.
She has planned her celebration of life, including invitations, music and place.
Jackie Waldon is a gift of dignity and grace.
She has given the world her kindness and generous heart.
She has reminded us all there is nothing to fear.
She has given her life teaching God is always near.

I am honored and privileged to know her, love her and share this time with her.
All is well with her now, then and in eternity where there is no time and all time.

Are we conscious of our choice?
Have we chosen our contributions?
Do we listen to our inner voice?
Have we given our all?
Are we satisfied everyday with a life well done?
When we know we are whole, the life game is won.

Remembering Love,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 12, 2006

Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth (A new well done documentary, at our local theater)

Yes, you probably already know and have your own beliefs about the environment and global warming.
Yes, you probably care about our planet and what we leave for our grandchildren and their future.
Yes, you probably have heard doomsday theories and have become complacent in your comfort.
But please, don't miss this documentary film.

It is absolutely clear, beautiful, inspiring, awful, scary and amazing.
I highly recommend that you buy the DVD (available in a month) and share it with friends and others.

Yes, we recycle.
Yes, we have a hybrid (part electric car with 45+ mpg.) and another high efficiency Toyota.
And yes, we need to keep looking for the best place to live with the least commute.
Yes, we can do more, just by being conscious and respectful of the earth changes.

Purpose for our Youth (Another current topic observed and requested)
Have you noticed for many youth and young adults, there seems to be a lethargy and lack of purpose?
Have you perceived the glazed or unconscious look in some of their eyes?
Are you amazed by the lack of respect and responsibility they seem to demonstrate?
Could it be we are giving them a sick world with confusing messages and values?

How are we inspiring those who watch our depression, anxiety, alcoholism and TV consumption?
How are we teaching those who perceive our obesity, unhealthy habits and materialism?
How are we modeling enthusiasm, creativity, possibility thinking with our worries and fears?
How does media portray the good life of glamour, youthfulness at all costs and obsession with money?

The days of family meals seem gone, prescription drugs ads are common and legal drugs are the cure for unhappiness.
Getting drunk is acceptable on the weekends, having a daily pastry and latte is essential and fast food is the only way to please everyone in the family. This sounds awful, wasteful, not fun, unhealthy and potentially endangers our culture.
What can we do?

Find a cause…any cause that we really believe in and live it fully.

If our cause is family, support the family in every moment. Make it a passion and a purpose.
If health is our cause, demonstrate and model healthy living on weekends and when no one is looking.
If our cause is spirituality, make it obvious that we are committed to lead an inspired and positive life.
If our cause is to be more giving, then give fully and freely where it will be most helpful and beneficial.

To teach living with purpose, we need to individually and collectively live with passion and purpose…
without abandoning our responsibilities and commitments to ourselves and our loved ones.
To support others living on purpose, we need to feel free to ask others their goals, their preferences,their hopes and their dreams,
their beliefs and ideals and then support others in being true to themselves.
We can only support others’ self realization without sacrifice (making them feel guilty), if we are actualizing are own dreams.

Give the best you know to those you love.
Live the best you know to love yourself.
Life is for giving.
It is in giving that you fully realize the gift you are.
Betty Lue

Let’s teach our children skills.
Let’s teach them to save money.

t’s teach them to love themselves.

et’s teach them to value the earth’s resources.

Let’s teach them to have good manners.

Let’s teach our children by being a good example.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

When Not Right

What do you do when something is just not right for you?
What do you do when you eat a food that doesn't taste right?
What do you do when a medication or supplement causes a bad reaction?
What do you do when massage or bodywork hurts?
What do you do when charged incorrectly at the store?
What do you do when someone speaks to you with disrespect?

Acknowledge yourself for noticing.
Ask within what is the appropriate response.
Respect yourself for needing to care for yourself.
Take responsibility for responding with respect and gratitude.
Treat the other as you would want to be treated.
Be honest with commitment to what s best for all concerned.
Place no blame on anyone. Simply state what is true for you.
Offer appreciation for the other's willingness to hear you.

I ask myself, if there is value in speaking up.
I always spit out food that does not taste right. (Discreetly of course.)
I don't take meds that cause odd sensations in my body. ( I take no medications.)
I let the practitioner know if I am uncomfortable. ( This helps them be more aware,)
Whether I am over or under charged, I let the sales clerk know. (Ethical business benefits everyone.)
I listen within to see if I can facilitate greater respect. ( I always speak respectfully in return.)
I may say aloud, "I really appreciate conscious and respectful service."

In our culture, often aggressive, angry or unconscious people are powerful and get heard.
To teach the patient, kind and gentle person how to be assertive is a fine art.
When we are wanting to develop more respect, responsibility and cooperation, we need to learn.
The assertive person is willing to listen and to speak without condemnation.
Said once with clear intention and focus, our message is powerful and will resonate.
Sometimes there will be a defensive response.
It is important to simply acknowledge, "Thank you for hearing me."
To be defensive, to explain or justify in response leads to argument or disharmony.
To simply acknowledge gratitude for the opportunity to share is helpful.

The outcome we want is for people to be sensitive, caring, fair and respectful.
Therefore, it is important for each of us to demonstrate our sensitivity, caring, fairness and respect.

Blessing our journey together,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 09, 2006

Being Truly Helpful

Respect differences.
Understand all of us earth travelers are at differing levels of consciousness.
Know that what you see may not be perceived by others.
Be willing to suspend your judgments.
Seek and see the wholeness, goodness and love within everyone.
Answer when questioned with clarity about awareness of what will be received.
Wait with patience and kindness for others to experience their life consequences.

Speak out only when asked or there appears to be potential harm to someone.
Recognize values differences.
Give what will be welcomed.
Take time to listen and really understand.
Be willing to give without sacrifice or expectation.

Listen within and follow what is guided by love and genuine joy.
Everyone is learning.
Everyone is teaching.
Everyone is doing the best they are able and willing in each moment.
Everyone is following their own learning opportunities, beliefs and emotional willingness.
All are exploring and experimenting in life.

There is no right way to be, to behave, to live: each individual is choosing their own way.
We recognize that some genuinely want education and to be offered creative possibilities.
We learn that some want inspiration, to be inspired and motivated to heal and change.
We get that a few are choosing a similar path as ours and will benefit from our help.
We realize that no one is the same as we are, nor can anyone take our place.

Therefore, the work of one being truly helpful with healing, counseling, teaching, etc. is to wait to be invited, asked, appointed to share our knowledge, inspiration and guidance with others.
And when we are asked, we wait again to clarify exactly what, how and when our help is needed.
When we know, we know and proceed with respect for ourselves and for those to whom we give.

Being truly helpful is a fine art.
Proceed with respect, care and gratitude…and you will be asked again for help when the time is right.
Betty Lue

With our children, there are some other implicit assignments. More tomorrow.
Grandpa’s little helper, Lila.

Every child is filled with joy when they are given the opportunity to be truly helpful.

Let us make sure we encourage, value and truly appreciate everyone’s willingness to be of service!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

No Conscious Commitment

If you have no mission, no life purpose, no inspired direction, how can you be successful?
If you are in the sea of life with no paddle, no compass and no rudder, where can you go?
If you are adrift, at the effect, purposeless, a survivor in life, how can you be confident?
To be successful, you must commit to something.

Commitment yields success.
Partial or periodic commitment yields periodic and partial success.
Total commitment yields total success.

In a culture of commitment phobia, there is a tendency to hesitate, to doubt and withhold.
With a history of hurt, humiliation and dependency, there is motivation to wait and do little.
Without giving, there is little chance of receiving.
Without committing there is less likelihood of true success at anything.

Consider committing to the highest Good in all things.
Commitment to God is the same as your commitment to yourself.
If one is lacking, the other will be as well.
Commitment to one's partner cannot be anymore authentic than one's commitment to oneself.

When our commitments to our physical well-being, finances, marriage, job, parents are in conflict,
our energy is dissipated and no one gets our best.
When we are living and giving with limitation and lack in one area, all areas lose.

Being committed truly means giving your all all the time.
Being committed means to put your whole self into your commitment.
Being committed means to choose to recognize and release all blocks and limitation.
Being committed means never quitting.
Being committed is a gift we give our selves and our creator of a life well lived.

If you want to really commit, put your commitments in all areas down on paper.
Clear and correct anyplace where your commitments are oppositional or not in alignment.
Declare the one overriding commitment that covers them all.
Name and claim, daring to challenge yourself by living your commitment totally at all times.

If you find resistance, you might want to ask what benefit do you get from being limited?
What benefit do you get from not being successful?
What is the gift to you in not wholeheartedly committing?
You may be surprised are the answer.

Loving you,
Committed to our awakening and inspired living,
Betty Lue

Gia had a school play and held her baby sister for Grandpa

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Standing Up or Lying down in Life?

Do you take life standing up or lying down?
Are you bending over backwards or moving on?

How we approach our life determines how we experience everything?

Victims find victimization.
Heroes find people to save.
Caretakers find needy people.
Lovers find lots to love.
Fighters see opposition.
Happy people enjoy what comes along.
Achievers get a lot done.
Athletes challenge themselves.
Needy people always see limitation.
Babies look for mothers.
Complainers seek caring listeners.
And more.

If you stand up for yourself, do you push others down?
If you stand up for yourself, by yourself, do you help others stand up too?
If you stand up for yourself, do you value others standing up for themselves?

If you lie down and surrender, do you feel wounded, hurt and humiliated?
If you lie down, do you trust in the learning and blessing that comes?
If you lie down, do you enjoy the rest and demonstrate true forgiveness?

If you bend over and take it, do you play victim and seek vengeance?
If you bend over, do you martyr and sacrifice hoping they will change?
If you bend over, do you realize that co-dependency weakens both parties?

If you move on, do you walk away in triumph and not caring?
If you move on, do you value the gifts of healing and blessing along the way?
If you move on, do you appreciate your demonstration of trust and freedom?

Just a little to ponder, while you choose your approach to life.
Remember, it is your life. You are the chooser. Your attitude determines your perspective.
See life from a higher viewpoint and you will experience life as fun, safe and easy.

It is always our own choice, when we trust life the life journey enough to set ourselves free.
There are no limits except in our limited thinking.

Enjoy the freeway.
Travel at your own speed.
Go in the direction that calls to you.

Goodness and Love Be With You,
Betty Lue

Can you imagine what it means to be supported by those who encourage, trust and free you?
Can you imagine how fun, safe and easy life can be with support when needed and freedom when requested?
Can you imagine how happy, capable and confident you will be with real love in your life everyday?
Why not begin today to give all this to those you love?
What you give you will receive for yourself!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Telling the Truth Sets Us Free

Wowie! Zowie! What an experience I had last evening!
For two hours, I was interviewed by God, disguised as four beautiful human beings!
I was in the Presence of those seeking to select a half time minister for a small local new thought church.
Their intention was pure. Their commitment was sincere. Their willingness to be present was inspiring.

While I went to the interview as a faithful servant of Spirit within, I came out of the interview with a passion and excitement for keeping the flame of Truth alive in this community Home of Truth.
Needless to say, I was moved, inspired and strengthened by our time together.
Rarely have I been interviewed and never with as much desire for sincerity, clarity and total truth.
Thank you God!

Much could be said about what transpired among us, but the bottom line is: I felt seen, met and heard…..
While I know our egoic minds were and are evaluating, comparing and perhaps doubting.
I have no doubt that Spirit will guide the direction and outcome of this time well spent.
I see where my life has led me . I know what I am to do.
And I recognize how rich we are when we live and give in Truth.

I was asked: "What is your Truth, Betty Lue?"
This is my favorite question and is rarely invited response in everyday encounters.
"How do you handle conflict?
How do you respond to someone judging you have erred?
How can you commit to a project, place or purpose, when you so frequently have moved on?
What would keep you from performing your functions as a minister of Truth?
How do you see yourself as a follower?
What are the new thought principles you live by?
How do you see yourself living prosperity principles?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
How can you ensure the messages of the new thought pioneers, the Rix sisters, live on?
How will you encourage the active leadership and participation within the church?"
And more.

I noticed in the afterglow, I wondered whether I had fully disclosed the commitment I have to listening and following my inner Voice, living as I am guided day by day. And then I gave it all to God.

I affirm that God and Goodness are the Presence, Purpose and Power in my life.
I know I am being schooled, healed and undone wherever I am mistaken.
I trust that every place in which I find myself is the right place for my highest growth and contribution.
I seek only to serve the Highest Good for All in everything I Am and All I do and all those I serve.
I celebrate being here now and know it is All Good.

Encouraging the thousands who read these reminders to follow your inner voice, even where it seems impossible, irrelevant or unexplainable.
Just show up, pay attention and tell the Highest Truth you know without attaching to the outcome.
This is the Gift of Abundant Living.
Give life your All.

Betty Lue

Friday, June 02, 2006

True Communication

Judgment separates people.
We attach to our perceptions and cannot afford to be mistaken.
We make the mistake of holding our judgmental opinion or position.
We see, believe and defend the judgment we have made.

True communication invites intimacy and union.
We open fully to seeing from the other's viewpoint.
We listen first without defenses, assumptions or opinions.
Communication facilitates coming together with the intention of respect, understanding and love.

True communication requires respect.
Respect is the willingness to look again.
Respect gives us another's perspective.
Respect opens the door to mutual understanding.

True communication asks us to be able to respond.
True communication is the coming together of both parties to respond to the needs of both.
True communication is the willingness to listen within to the deeper calling of all concerned.
True communication is responding with what is for the highest good of both.

True communication comes from Spirit within.
True communication comes from the forgiving heart.
True communication seeks to extend peace.
True communication is a gift of loving kindness.

True communication dissolves all separation.
True communication sees the wholeness and goodness.
True communication brings a union of souls.
True communication comes from God.

When I have not forgiven, I forget what is true.
When I have forgotten the truth, I have forsaken my Self.
When I have forsaken my Self, I am lost my faith.
When I have lost my faith, I must first seek God within.

I seek, serve, sponsor and support true communication.
Please forgive any errors in my judging mind.
Forgiveness is our gift to one another and to ourselves.
Forgiving myself for forgetting what is forever True.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Inviting you to join Robert and I for wonderful classes and gatherings this summer.
It promises to be a time of healing, transformation and renewed vision.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

MisPerception Yields MisUnderstanding

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Judgment gets us in trouble with ourselves and with others.
When I judge, compare, expect, wish you were different, I am getting us both in trouble.
When I judge anyone for anything, everyone realizes I may be judging them, too.
When I am judging, I am implying that I know what is best and right for you.

My judgments mean nothing.
I do not know what anything is for.
I cannot know your perspective, your past, your position, your process.
It is impossible for me to know what is true for you.

I forgive myself for judging strangers, friends, nations, leaders, doctors, anyone and everyone.
I forgive myself for judging us as one people and one humanity.
I forgive myself for judging ( a form of attack) on myself and others.
I know that each one and everyone is doing the best they know in the moment.

I see more clearly, when I love more purely.
I love more purely, when I free my mind from my misperceptions.
I cannot see, because I am blinded by my own fears and defenses.
When I free myself from self-judgment and forgive all my mistakes, I can easily forgive all.

It is possible that the errors in my mind are simply guilt projected onto others.
It is possible that the mistakes I see are my own reflected back to me.
It is possible that the world is a constant reflection of my own mistaken projections.
It is possible that with true forgiveness I can erase all errors in my mind and see truly.

What would I see if I were totally forgiving and forgiven within myself?
I would see a heaven of love and joy and peace.
I would see relationships filled with ease and harmony and kindness.
I would see lives of goodness and giving, wholeness and healing.
I would see laughter instead of tears.
I would see adventure and creation instead of fears.
I would see me in every you.
I would see the way we really are when we remember only LOVE.

Respecting our journey into awakening together in perfect Love,
Betty Lue

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