Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dreaming BIG

What are the unlimited dreams and visions planted in your heart?
What are the pictures you have held of creating and living more?
What are the gifts and talents you have been withholding until later?
What is the secret calling of your Spirit which your fear has dismissed?

In each of us is a dream, a possibility of living our Highest and giving our Best.
In each of us is a possibility and a promise, which when we step out, will be fulfilled.
In each of us is a chance to begin again, even when we have been lost or failed.
In each of us is a hope of things to come when we reach our promised land.

Fear says, “No way!”
The ego says, “You Can’t Do It!”
Our history tells us to “Stop dreaming.”
Our rational mind thinks of all the practical reasons, “ No time. Not enough money or education.”

When you have a dream or vision, it is yours to fulfill.
When you hold a piece of the puzzle, it is yours to contribute.
When you have a song in your heart, you must sing it.
When you know what you are here for, it is yours to live.

Only you can fulfill your purpose.
Only you can release your fear.
Only you can live your life fully.
Only you can build your dream here.

Life loses its meaning when we quit on ourselves.
Life loses its joy when we let fear shut us down.
Life loses its freedom when we restrict ourselves with duty and obligation.
Life loses its hope when we fail to take action.

I would like to hear your dream.
I would like to mentor, coach, inspire and walk beside you in faith.
I would like to be your inspirational friend, loving reminder and conspirator.
I would like to say “Yes” to you with full confidence in what I know.

I am here because I dream big.
I am here because I know I do not walk alone.
I am here because I trust in the Goodness of God within me.
I am here because I have faith in the Voice Within.

Believing in you with a heart that is True,
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mistakes, Problems, Upsets

All difficulties are opportunities to learn.
All challenges are chances to be faith-filled and creative.
All negative experiences are wakeup calls to see things differently.

To answer your unasked questions…
Yes, I have experienced hurts, failings, unhappiness, pain and problems.
I do not talk about them, because that recreates what is past.
Every time I tell a negative story, I return to that mental and emotional state.
Each time I give you a painful picture (to which you may relate, I strengthen that experience in us both.
When I offer you the opportunity to read old news I plant a picture in your mind which is not best for you.
What I share with you needs to be what I want to experience, so that I can create a positive vision.
When I share what I want you to believe about me and my life, you believe it and co-create with me.

Upsets are wakeup calls, inviting me to see where I am off purpose and to choose again.
Difficulties are opportunities to strengthen my belief in goodness and harmony, forgiveness and love.
Problems are opportunities to come to peace and create with trust in the Highest Outcome.
Mistakes are invitations to see what works and let go of what no longer works.

My life is my teaching device.
My life represents what I am learning and what I am teaching.
My life is a loving reminder for myself and all I know.
My life is an open book for you to see the part of you that I AM/
My life is a gift to be given for the awakening and inspiration of All.

My Mom continues to express and live an effective philosophy.
“It is against my religion to worry or fear, to be angry or upset.
It is a waste of time and energy and accomplishes nothing.”
My Maternal grandmother said of her life, “There is a manure pile on our farm, but we would never put it in front of our picture window.”
And I would say, “Being present with gratitude and praise for the blessings that already are fuels my life with joy, peace and love.”

Difficulties, yes, but they are briefly experienced.
I usually wake up easily and without upset.
I set my intention to find and live in peace and happiness for the Good of All.
And so I do. And You can too.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, January 28, 2005

Our Greatest Mistake

If lack of love and lack of trust in God is our greatest mistake, then our biggest healing is a return to loving and believing in the Unlimited Power and Presence and Purpose of Goodness in our lives.

At a conference for Christian ministers and church leaders from all over the world, with great teachers and speakers acknowledging their failures and successes, it became clear that the greatest “sin” (meaning off the mark or error) is unbelief.

I have been reminded this week.
What we believe, we can achieve.
What we believe, we strengthen.
What we believe, is what we see.
What we believe, we come to realize.
What we believe, is how we co-create.
What we believe, is the ground of our being.
What we believe is how we live.
What we believe makes the difference.
What we believe is our guiding light.

What you believe in leads your choices.
Who you believe in fuels theirs.
How you believe gives faith substance.
How much you believe is your source of Power.

If my greatest error is unbelief, then I choose to let unbelief go.
If my unbelief is interfering with the Highest Good, I forgive myself.
If my unbelief is withholding miracles, I choose to believe.
If my unbelief is a false teaching, I erase what I have mistakenly portrayed.

I believe in the Power of Faith.
I believe that what we hold in our hearts leads us.
I believe that with Love leading us, we are invincible.
I believe that all people can receive abundantly by changing their beliefs.
I believe in you and me and everyone on the plan.
I believe there is a plan and a purpose for every person.
I believe we can each achieve what we conceive.
I believe in affirmative prayer and positive thought.
I believe there is no mistake that cannot be undone with faith, love and forgiveness.

Your true believer,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Spiritual Family

I have just written a Spiritual State of Our Union and Reunion message to those in our proclaimed spiritual family.

As I made the mailing list, I realized that you may want to be included as well,.
There are no limits to our family. We are all created by the same Love for the same purpose of loving.
We are one Family and everyone is equally important to the Good of the whole.
So I am inviting you to speak up, and let me know as you are guided.

The rights, privileges and responsibilities of being part of a spiritual or inspirational family are many.
To be part of a true family is to be joined in purpose, to be focused on the same vision or ultimate goal.
To be part of a spiritual family is to be honest, expressing oneself authentically without withhold or blame.
To be part of a spiritual family is to give and receive equally by always contributing the best you have.
To be part of an inspirational family is to commit to what is highest and best for each and every one.
To be part of a true family is to take full responsibility for your part in creating good in your relationships with guilt or blame, recognizing your thoughts, words and interactions make a difference to everyone.
To be a part of a spiritual family that is healthy happy and fulfilling requires a conscious consistent commitment to the highest Truth, living a faith-based life following spiritual guidance. and direction.

You cannot give your best if you are not living your best.
You do not know what is best for you, if you are sleeping on the job of living abundantly.
You cannot keep your agreements with others if you are not keeping your promises to yourself.
You cannot stay awake, if you are not taking impeccable care of your self and getting enough spiritual rest.
It is difficult to contribute to healthy relationships if you are not in a healing relationship with yourself.

I invite you to join our spiritual family to encourage and inspire you to live your life abundantly and faithfully. We are here to support one another to live joyfully and give our very best.

Currently I am renewing my spirit by returning to a fully committed faith-based and Spirit-guided life.
I am excited and delighted and open to the everyday miracles that come from the Source of All Good.

I am loving you and smiling on you and your life.
May you be fulfilled,
Betty Lue

Remember that these loving reminders are given to me as reminders for my life. If they have value to you, use them well. If they are not applicable simply let them go with ease and gratitude. I share them for the love of God and all that is Good in you and me and All.

Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Our Calling

To live your Best and give Your Best is your call.
In order to be your best self, you must free yourself from all criticism, judgment, fear and limiting beliefs.
To free yourself, you must erase and forgive, release and undo what is not and never was true.
To the degree to which you have blamed yourself, felt guilty, or judged your lack, littleness and limitation, you have separated from God.
You have denied your potential.
You have shut down your confidence, your faith and your Vision.
You have excommunicated yourself from your inner Voice, the Voice of Holy Spirit.

Deep within you is everything perfect and waiting to be given to your world.
When you have come to see the light inYou, you will weep with Joy at the Beauty of the Gift You Are.
When you believe that you are beloved of your Creator, you will wash away all fear of failure.
When you know that the past is not real because it is not here, you will laugh at your protecting yourself.
When you recognize the abundance that lives in your creative Spirit, you will create only Goodness.
When you trust in the Power and Presence of the Living God working through your life, you will give only your Best freely.

Life is for giving.
You are the glorious gift of God’s Love given to you and to All through You.
Your life is a Lighthouse and a beacon of Truth for all generations.
Give freely of that which you are and you shall know fully the abundance of God.
I am grateful this is so.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What Does It Mean?

“I am loving you.”
What does it mean when I may not know you?
What does it mean when I may not have seen you secret places of shame or guilt?
What does it mean when I may have displayed impatience or upset regarding your behavior?
What does it mean when I may have moved away or misunderstood your communication?

I am loving you means I know you as I know myself.
I am loving you means I am forgiving my judgments of you as I forgive myself.
I am loving you means I am trusting our healing and our growth.
I am loving you means I freely give the best I have and trust you are doing the same.
I am loving you means I recognize our differences and accept us as we are.
I am loving you means I am in process and know you are too.
I am loving you acknowledges that we are all in this world together to realize our unity.
I am loving you means I see your innocence and your holiness: I see the Goodness in you.
I am loving you attests to my willingness to see beyond the personality, the body and the worldly errors.
I am loving you demonstrates that what is Eternal cannot e changed or undone.
I am loving you shows that God love us all and love through each one of us.

I am loving you. Because I cannot do otherwise.
As I am loving you,, I am loving me.
As I am loving me, I am loving you.
As I am loving God, I acknowledge the Godly creation that We Are.

The bonus is that as I am loving You, I know that you are loving me.
In our love for one another, we both are happy and free.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 24, 2005

Back on Line

“Always in Love, even when not in worldly communication.”

Can you imagine that anyone who ever left you for any reason, always is loving you?
Can you make up that those who have said unkind things, have merely lost touch?
Can you believe that everyone is a loving Spirit who sometimes forgets themselves?

Even in death, divorce, breakup and separation, there is Eternal Love.
Our work here is to remember our True Identity and to live by giving the Love We Are.
Those who have forsaken and betrayed you are lost souls who have forgotten.
Those who have abandoned you are those who have abandoned themselves and their Source.
Those who criticize you are those who are critical of themselves.
How we see ourselves is what we believe is true about others.
How we relate to ourselves is how we learn to relate with others.
Our self hatred is projected onto our children and those we love.
Our self forgetting is the root of our ignorance and blindness to the holiness in others.

So when others judge and condemn you, take nothing personally.
When others persecute you, know they feel persecuted.
Respond with Love for yourself.
Respond with forgiveness of any place where you take on others’ judgments.
Respond with a willingness to remember what is true about Love.
Respond with the joy of giving what you want to receive.
Respond with extending peace to those who are not peaceful.

To lift others to their highest potential is my work and my function and my life.
I model, teach and encourage everyone to :
Forgive yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Listen deeply within to what is highest and best in You.

As parent and partner, as therapist and teacher, as coach and counselor,
we can only give what we have given and received for ourselves.
So awaken yourself to the awareness that you are loved.
Remember that all mistakes are forgiven.
Believe that you are created to be happy and free.
Give yourself the opportunity to live your Best and give your Best.
The world will be blessed by You.

I am loving you,
I am here for you as coach, counselor, friend and mentor.
I am here for you to awaken and inspire you to remember.
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Creating Unconsciously or Consciously

The beginning of this year was letting go of the reins, living out of time and space, being out of touch and allowing circumstances to lead my life. We went on a cruise as guests of my 80 year old mother-in-law. While I didn’t feel in alignment, I had made prior commitment to support her sincere desire and gift. (There were many hints of being “off purpose”. Cruise line Booked us on separate flights , seated us at different times and tables for meals, cabins on different floors and opposite ends of the QE2.) All trip details were corrected with focus and sincere gratitude.

Two days prior to leaving, my email server blocked me from sending out group emails, so I had no way to communicate with you.
We worked diligently to no avail. And still no group email. Ugh!
When I arrived home I discovered all #800 calls had been erased by the voicemail/pager system.
My web site had been erased and said “Under construction”. Was put back together two days ago.

No blame and no guilt and full responsibility.
I rely on my ability to forgive all things and respond with trust, creativity and love.
I bless my learning and letting go.
I bless you for loving, laughing and remembering with me.
I bless my conscious choices and trust this is the year to take the reins of my vehicle.

2005 is a “7” year.
The 7 year is about exploring, experimenting and letting go of whatever distracts, detours and delays us living our purpose fully and freely.
I am a happy willing learner.

There always are ways Spirit uses our Presence and our apparent “miss-takes”.
I now know I am not a “cruiser”. No alcohol, no partying, no longer dancing for Robert, no communication access and no desk to write.
I prefer space, freedom, quiet and focused conversation. We brought our Light and Delight to our exceptional tablemates and our fantastic serving staff. That was fun. Also I went to an Indian Village in Panama up a river in a dugout canoe with the chief and felt spiritually connected and very appreciative of their simple connected lifestyle.
In other words, I have returned with a renewed commitment to listen within for all things, to appreciate my conscious connection with you and to give myself to my life purpose with inspired appreciation for All I have to share.

Current state today:
*Working on creating a new way to connect via internet so I have email access for Loving Reminders when I travel.
*Building two other websites to ensure continuation of my work-one for marketing and one for Reunion Ministries.
*Off to Successful Church Leadership at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA this week. 1/24-27.
Will use for visioning and development of my life action plan. I Intend a very focused coming two weeks.
*Next Week Feb. 2-4 Lead Like Jesus Facilitation Training in Sad Diego to be certified to offer training workshops and retreats for business and church leadership in leadership effectiveness by empowering those we serve.

Most of my programs begin early February.
I will be traveling to Michigan and Indiana for workshops March 10-13.
Call or email if you want a current copy of my schedule.

Know I am always with you in Spirit , beyond time and space and words.
Nothing can interfere with my love and respect for you and your whole and holy life.
We are gifts to one another. This cannot fade or be undone.

Always and forever loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Creating Good or Creating Bad?

How do you get what you want or what you fear?
How can you be proud of yourself for creating what you desire and blame God for creating what hurts?
How can you call yourself lucky with some events and feel blessed by others?
How can you take credit for some experiences and cast blame for others?

I have noticed egos have a knack of blaming someone else for what goes wrong?
I have noticed that humanity loves to take credit for the good, the beautiful and loving events.
I have noticed that taking no responsibility for one’s life assures taking no blame.
Blaming parents, luck, the stars, God, one’s genes is far easier that assuming some cause in the matter.

What if God is the power that says ”Yes” to our will and our word.
What if the Universe supports us according to our internal alignment.
What if, when we are 100% committed, with full faith, we naturally achieve our envisioned outcome.
What if our doubts are like the brakes being applied simultaneously with the gas.
What if life is a co-creative experience, being master minded from within.

To be a victim is to imagine that we are puppets and pawns being played like a giant chess game.

War is not without consequence.
Every action generates an opposite and equal reaction.
After a year or two without tasting sugar, a spoonful burns in your mouth.
After a month or so of total peace of mind, feeling anger makes you physically sick.
After a day with no inner conflict, thinking opposing thoughts creates pain.
What we think, eat, feel and do creates a reaction in the body and the Being.

When we take responsibility for everything we experience, we are empowered.
When we take responsibility, we observe and learn.
When we take responsibility, we are at choice.
When we take responsibility, we stay awake and aware, ready to give our best.
When we take responsibility, we listen within and honor the voice for the Highest Good.
When we take responsibility, we take impeccable care of our mind, our body and our Spirit.
When we take responsibility, we relinquish anger against others and ourselves.
When we take responsibility, we acknowledge that is no harm.
When we take responsibility, we are willing to forgive our judgments and our fears.
When we take responsibility, we grow up.
When we take responsibility, life truly is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is Perception Illusion or Reality?

Are we the artist, the critic, the canvas or the fair witness?
What if it is all made up?
What if what you believe is what you see?
What if the world we call “reality” exists, because two or more agree it is and name it so.
What if we experience everything as we believe it will be.
What if we are simply projecting onto the screen of life what we know in our minds.
What if we can change the nature of reality by changing our minds.
What if substance is really the sum of our thoughts.
What if our judgments create that which we judge.
What if we can free ourselves from any experience simply by forgiving our belief.
What if belief is our faith.
What if our faith in what we dread, creates what we dread.
What if our faith in healing generates our healing.
What if the world as we “know it is an out-picturing of what we believe it will be.
What if we can experiment on changing our experience.
What if we all are co-creating our experience of reality.
What if there is no common experience see through the unique filters of our learned past.
What if what we call “crazy” or insane is simply judging those with unique perceptions are sick.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Seven Principles of Kwanzaa

There are seven fundamental spiritual principles in this religion: unity, faith, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, purpose, creativity and cooperative economics. With easy and open-minded translation you find the underlying spirituality of all major religions the same, because all peoples are fundamentally the same. Yes, there are variations in interpretation depending on the current economic, political and educational state of the people. And most peoples develop and depend on their faith, especially in times of crisis and struggle.

Unity or Oneness of all humanity recognizes we are all created in the likeness and image of our creator. While some might argue that their God holds them as special, most would agree that the singular Creative Power has created us all equally. Peoples simply choose to acknowledge, worship, conceptualize and honor that Power differently.

In our Unity we can respond to our commonality.
In our Unity, we can see our brother as ourselves.
In our Unity we can give to those in Sri Lanka or Indonesia as members of our global family.
In our Unity we can know that we have more in common than we have differences.
In our Unity we can experience compassion and loving kindness for everyone.
In our Unity we can share freely both ourselves and our resources to those in need.
In our Unity, we can feel the connection with all beings and extend our love to everyone..
In our Unity we can find the magnificence of God.

It is in Unity that we recognize we are not alone, for we are all one.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Beginnings

We are leaving late tonight for a 12 day cruise around the Panama Canal as a gift from Robert’s Mom.
We will return late on January 17th. Please find new Loving Reminders posted on the web site: I am with you in spirit and in Love always in all ways.
Loving you, Betty Lue

Success is found in never quitting.
Success is reaching for the moon.
Success is in believing you can achieve.
Success is living your dreams.
Success is being happy with your best.
Success is giving your all and appreciating all you give.
Success is living your life fully and freely.
Success is respecting and loving yourself.
Success is feeling grateful for your life.
Success is learning something valuable daily.
Success is being willing to reach out with Love.
Success is shining your Light on your world.
Success is sharing your creations with those you love.
Success is being at peace with those you love.
Success is handling what life brings with equanimity and grace.
Success is remembering what is good and whole and beautiful.
Success is healing the past and appreciating your Present.
Success is envisioning a better world because you are here.
Success is knowing you make a difference to those around you.
Success is honoring your path and trusting in God and good.

What is success for you?
Define your whole life in terms that support your success.
You can, when you believe you can.
You are, because you choose to be.
You have, because you were willing to receive.
You do what you do, because you said “Yes”.

See yourself as successful.
If you don’t like the form of success you have created, forgive your judgments and choose again.
It is your life.
You can choose whatever you want it to be for you.
Success is recognizing your have a choice.
Loving your success,
Betty Lue

Monday, January 03, 2005

Ordinary or Extraordinary?

Mediocrity or Excellence?
Are you satisfied with the quality of your life?
Have you given the very best you have?
Have you traveled to your envisioned destinations?
Have you fulfilled the dreams in your heart?
Have you known profound and enduring love?
Have you shared your spiritual awareness with those who understand?
Have you created the environment in which you really want to live?
Do you experience the support of a safe and respectful spiritual community?
Have you lived in a world which encourages everyone to give their gifts?

Many extraordinary beings live what appear to be ‘ordinary’ lives and still yearn to create and participate in something more.
One elementary principal fosters the guiding principle that each child graduating from sixth grade knows “Everything is possible”.
“We have choice and a voice.”
In my family of origin, I experienced, “If you who really want something, there is always a way to achieve it.”
In our world, whatever we conceive and believe, we can achieve. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Do you long to live an inspired and inspiring life?
Do you need to rekindle the Spirit in your Soul?
Are you called to remember what you really want?
Are there gifts you are here to offer your world?
Is there an experience that calls to you?
Do you need to undo what “limits” you?
Are you longing to create something you have envisioned?
Are you giving yourself and your world your very Best?
Do you want to live where you are respected and valued?
Have you heard within where you are to go and what you are to do?
Are you willing to make true what is yours to be and do?

Excellence is sharing your very best.
Extraordinary people do not quit on their dreams.
To live abundantly we are called to step out in faith.
To create our lives anew, we must relinquish regret, fear, resentment and hurt.

The time is now.
Our world needs your best.
Seek support from those who believe you can achieve.
Loving You,
Betty Lue

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Wish You Were Here

As we gathered in our home for our annual New Year’s workshop, I remembered the many communities in which we have lived and shared.
I smiled at Friday Family Fun Nights and potlucks from the 1970’s. I blessed past gatherings in Bloomington, IN (1993), Asheville, NC (1987), Bozeman MT (1988)and Kalamazoo, MI(1994-98). I reminisced about coming together with safety and respect, gratitude and celebration. There are so many with whom I have had the privilege of sharing my home, my hearth and my heart…all for the Love of God.

I am so very grateful for each gathering, each dear spiritual friend, each opportunity to remember and rekindle the flame of Spirit.
I value the present all the more because I have known you and loved you and joined with you for a moment of recognition of the Light within.
The Love we share with one another lifts us up.
The Light we shine awakens our spirits.
The Joy we give reminds us of what is possible.
The Peace we bring stills the busy mind.

I want to share with you, so that you too cab enjoy the safety, respect and willingness to give which we offered to one another and our world. While we missed you, your Spirit has no boundaries of time or space, so you too can be present with us now. My this New Year bring you unlimited opportunities to experience the safety, respect and willingness to learn and teach, give and receive freely to one another for the Love of God. What I offer you is a gift to myself.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Your New Year 2005 Dance Card

“We are all dancing through life together.
There are no accidents. We are here in this holy place on purpose.
Our responsibility is to keep the dance safe and respectful for all.”

We are each being invited to wakeup and be aware, to show up and share our Best.
Life is for giving and You are the gift.
Share the glorious Gift You Are with love, appreciation and open-mindedness.

Know you make a difference here and everywhere.
Your thoughts are transmitted and remind All.
Your words are heard and teach All.
Your activities are seen and believed by All.
You are a living loving reminder for Every One everywhere.
Be conscious, respectful and responsible, as you choose wisely.

Letting Go
“To empty ourselves opens the way to envision and create a new beginning.”
Write down what you are willing to forgive, bless and release from the past.
Place the paper in the fire. Exhale the old and breathe in the new.

“We create with vision, faith and passion, as we commit to contribute and value what is being given. This is our co-creative intention. “
Remember life is for giving and you are both the giver and the gift.

What do you intend to give to Your Self this new year 2005?

What do you intend to give to your significant relationships this year 2005?

What do you intend to give to planet Earth and your global family this year 2005?

Meditation with Singing Crystal Bowls

Be still and know.
Open your mind to the precious Present.
Herein lie the messages of God, the good that is yours to share for the Good of All.

Leave Your Mark
Write a blessing, your sacred graffiti, on the wall in our hall closet.
Write a blessing on everyone’s New Year’s Dance Cards.
Leave a gift or blessing you wish for them in this coming year.
Remember All you give is given to yourself.

Festive Food Feasting
Come into the kitchen and help yourself.
Choose what is best for you with full appreciation and your blessing.

Gift Exchange
All gifts are symbolic of the energy of the giver.
Where there is Love, there Love is given in all forms and no form.
Allow yourself to both give and receive the Love and Joy You Are.
Feel free to take a gift from the wrapped presents or take a gift from someone else.
Know everything is gift, both giving and receiving when seen rightly.

Honoring You and Your Holiness: Gifts from Us
Tao of Robert
Read aloud to the group.
Personal Affirmation Card
Use Affirmations to remind you of what you choose to be True for you.

Honorable Closure
To experience completion and no regrets, share fully with those you are called to.
Share your blessing of appreciation and love, before you leave.

We are blessed and honored by your presence in our home.
Thank you for All You Are.

May this year bring opportunities to contribute for the Good of All.
And remember it is in giving that you receive, so give your best.

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

I appreciate YOU!
Betty Lue

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Come Alive in 2005

Happy New Year 2005

Live to thrive, not just survive.
Live to give, not to get.
Live to be you, not just do do.
Live for win-win, not trying to compete.
Live to give love, letting go of all fear.
Live to bring peace, withdraw from all conflict.
Live to forgive, clearing regret.
Live to sing songs, not focused on wrongs.
Live to contribute, not simply complain.
Live to be true to the best in You.

Remember you are the seeker.
And you find what you seek.
Remember you are the chooser.
Choose for the Highest for All.
Remember you are the healer.
You heal with your forgiveness and love.
Remember you are the peacemaker.
You bring Peace with kindness and no harm.
Remember you are the Teacher.
Teach with respect for all differences.
Remember you are the Lover.
Love each one as the only One.
Remember you are the Miracle-worker.
With every loving act miracles are born.
You are the One.
Your time has just begun.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
Give the gift of your Self and recognize the gift you are.

May this year begin and end with the best you have to give and have and be.
You see, it is always about You fully and freely loving and giving You.
The gifts of life come from All we give, not from what we get.

Giving you the Best I have always,
Betty Lue