Thursday, March 31, 2022



Love created me to Love.

I choose to remember to Love myself and all creation.

Love works because it is the only Truth.

Love is the way I live and breathe and free myself to be happy.

How Much Love?

How much Love are you hiding?

How much Love are you withholding?

How much Love are you denying?

How much Love are you showing?

There is plenty of Love within us.

There is more than enough Love around us.

There is an abundance of Love creating us.

There is unlimited Love providing for us.

So, where is the Love?

What is the fear?

How have we limited Love?

Why are we hiding our Love?

It seems that fear has confused us?

It may be that darkness as deluded us?

Or perhaps we are fear Love?

Have we learned that Love is dangerous, difficult and serious?

Love is fun, safe and easy!

Loving is our natural state!

Giving Love is why we are here!

Love makes fear disappear!

Love is our natural state.

Why do we hesitate?

What makes us choose fear instead of Love?

How can we release Love to be Love all the time?

Love hurts some have said.

Love can cause pain and problems, some believe.

Love is only for a special few, egos believe.

Love is to be earned not freely given many believe.

If Love is conditional on what we get, how can it be love.

If Love will be taken away when we make a mistake, it must not be Love.

If Love is for the special few, we need to try very hard to be good enough to be loved.

And so it is, we learn falsely about what is natural and true within us.

Who we are is Love.

We are created by Love, as Love for the purpose of Loving.

Therefore, when we are anything other than Love, we have made a mistake about ourselves.

When we give ourselves anything other than Love, we are in error.

I choose today and every day to return to Love and remember Who I Am!

Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 30, 2022



I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.

My single function is to forgive.

The more I forgive, the more freedom and trust I have.

I am here to forgive all fear and return to live in Love.

Forgiveness Works

Forgiveness works for me.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.

Forgiveness clears the past.

Forgiveness clears all apparent blocks to Love.

Forgiveness deletes what is not here.

Forgiveness undoes what we no longer want.

Forgiveness clears our vision.

Forgiveness washes away imagined hurt, fear and lack.

Forgiveness is the gift of returning to Love.

Forgiveness is the way we remember Who We Are.

Forgiveness is our willingness to see things differently.

Forgiveness is learning to trust again.

When we block ourselves with judgment, we need to forgive.

When we remember what is hurtful, we need to forgive.

When we have stopped loving, we need to forgive our lack of love.

When we think we are not here to Love, we need to forgive.

Life may teach us to judge to be safe.

Experiences may convince us it is foolish to love.

History may show us that we must stop loving.

But our heart knows Love is safety, wisdom and purpose in living.

When we block love, we block happiness.

When we stop giving, we stop being healthy.

When we decide to condemn, we condemn ourselves.

When we will not forgive, we cannot forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness is a choice, and not an emotion.

Forgiveness is opening up, and not shutting down.

Forgiveness is returning to Love, not being lost in fear.

Forgiveness is a tool, we can use whenever we want.

Forgiveness heals us.

Forgiveness teaches us.

Forgiveness empowers us.

Forgiveness returns us to wholeness.

Forgiveness offers us everything we want.

Forgiveness is the key to perfect happiness.

Forgiveness opens the door to Truth and Understanding.

Forgiveness is our function, our purpose and our life.

Forgiving is the key to fully living!

Betty Lue

Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 29, 2022



I use time to do what I love.

I live in present moment and have plenty of time.

There is Divine timing for everything Divine.

Everything always happens in perfect timing.

No Time or Unlimited Time?

What is time but a measurement?

What are we measuring?

Are we using our time wisely?

Is there enough time?

When we measure what we have, we may find that we  have more or less time than we think.

When we lose track of time, we find we have not been paying attention to time.

When we think we don’t have enough time, we may feel rushed or anxious.

When we imagine that we are out of time, we may even feel panicky or desperate.

What if time is our imagined measure of what limits us.

What if we use time as a way to motivate or depress ourselves.

What if we see time as a power that we need to manage.

What if time is our own created adversary or friend.

It took no time at all.

I better hurry because I am running out of time.

I just wasted all that time.

What time is it anyway?

I didn’t know what time it was.

I need to take my time.

Time is money.

That was good timing.

There is never enough time.

I need to learn to be on time.

All of these expressions indicate that time is significant.

Whatever our attitude about time, it challenges us to pay attention.

What we think or say about time, we apparently need it .

However we use time, we seem to find it important to master.

When we measure time as being perfect, it is.

When we see time as running out, it does.

When we know there is enough time, we have enough.

When we are fear wasting time, we do.

What we think and say, we create.

Do we get it?

Are we learning?

Let’s practice using time for our learning how we create and master time

Thoughts create.

What we believe, we will see,

What we want to be, we will choose.

Choose to use the time in your life well.

Betty Lue

Monday, March 28, 2022

Begin Again


I am new again today and everyday.

Life inspires and renews me.

I offer forgiveness to begin again brand new.

The past is gone: I am free to choose again.

Ever-Renewing Life

Do first things first.

Start with the basics.

Do what works for you.

If it doesn’t work, stop.

Start each day with what feels Good and Right.

Begin each relationship with what works.

Live your life as if every moment matters.

Recognize that you are at choice and in charge.

When you make a mistake, correct it.

When you hurt someone, apologize.

When you are hurt or offended, forgive.

Erase the past and choose what is better.

Every day is a new day.

Every word is a new word.

Every deed is a new deed.

When we are new in each moment, we can choose again for what works.

People carry the past as though it was their best.

There is always constant and never-ending improvement.

We think, speak and behave in better and better ways.

To be conscious is to be conscientious and live with conscience.

When you are critical, you have failed to correct your own errors first.

When you are complaining, you have forgotten to take responsibility for yourself.

When you are minding others’ business, you have neglected to trust them.

When we are clear, clean and sober, we can offer our help with consideration.

In relationships, each interaction can hurtful and angry by rehashing yesterday’s mistakes.

Each day can be a new day by erasing, deleting, forgiving and seeing each other new again.

Respect is seeing things differently and allowing changes to be made by each individual.

Forcing change through criticism and complaint only yields resentment and resistance.

Consider how you can relinquish all attack and see others with love, trust and respect.

People change when they feel valued, appreciated, encouraged and forgiven.

Holding resentment and judgments keeps the pain and problem in place.

Putting out negative thoughts, feelings and actions, create pain and more of the same.

Beginning with hope, faith and love opens the way for transformational change.

Each day can be renewing with inspiring words of forgiveness and affirmation.

Our lives can be constantly seeking the best in ourselves and inspiring others.

We can always begin again with the best we know.

Loving the Best now and every now.

Betty Lue

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Face Your Problems


I seek and find the way that works for me.

I relinquish all need to complain, criticize and worry.

I allow myself the freedom to choose what I can do.

I trust the power of love with wisdom within me to easily solve all problems each day.

Stop Ignoring Your Problems

Stop pretending and see what is really there.

Stop covering up the holes and fill them up.

Stop numbing yourself and face what is missing.

Stop being lazy and get to work.

In a world of quick fixes, we often want a pill or pleasure.

In a world of experts, we often want someone else to give us the answer.

In a world of specialists, we may seek another to do the fixing.

In a world where we play victim, we often seek others to blame.

It is time we face our problems.

It is time we see what is wrong.

It is time we look for original cause.

It is time we start taking responsibility.

Most solutions for problems are based on what we can do ourselves.

Most problems have come from not taking care of the basics.

Most people have forgotten or never learned how to be responsible.

Most of life, liberty and happiness is available now.

Have you loved yourself today?

Have you appreciated where you live?

Have you shared the food you have?

Have you gone to work and helped someone else?

Do you know how to prepare a simple meal, wash your clothes and make your bed?

This is what an 8 yr old can easily do.

Do you pick up your clothes and put your stuff away every day?

This is what a one year old can easily learn to do.

Do you do your chores without a fuss, resistance or resentment?

This is what a 4 year old can easily do with encouragement and love.

Do you answer people with respectful words, saying “please” and ”thank you”?

This is what every little child learns from listening to respectful adults.

Have you learned how to love easily and well?

Have you learned to use your body with appreciation and kindness?

Have you done the work you need to do each day to feel good about your accomplishment?

Have you taken time to really value who you are, where you live and what you do?

When you look at your life, do you see what you can do?

Ask YourSelf each day how you can respond to each area of pain and/or problems.

Look at your life as a university to learn how to respond to life’s lessons.

Observe, study and practice what works to find your path to alleviate pain and problems.

Learn from everything and everyone, all the time.

Appreciating us all as we learn from one another and from ourselves,

Betty Lue

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Basic Needs


I respect my needs and the needs of others.

I love, trust and respect myself.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love trust and respect others.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.

What Do You Need?

What do our children need?

What do our families need?

What do our partners need?

What does our world need?

When we are giving ourselves what we need, we will be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Life can be simply fun, safe and easy when we honor our own needs and the needs of others.

What we “need” is totally different from our “wants”.

People are often taking care of what they want, but neglecting their basic needs.

It is time we return to basics.

It is time to learn to begin at the beginning.

It is time to listen to what is important.

It is time to honor ourselves and others.

Needs are not pleasures.

Needs are not whims.

Needs are not temporary happiness.

Needs are basic and primary to being and feeling safe, secure and strong.

We each need to be fed and sheltered and safe.

We each need to be educated and socialized.

We each need to be loved and to belong.

We each need to have something to do.

The priorities for children are not entertainment and toys.

The priorities in families are not chores and doing homework.

The priorities in partnerships are not partying and sexual intimacy.

When the media feeds us with what sells, we often forget and neglect the basics.

In a privileged and affluent nation, we have impoverished ourselves and our children.

When we work to provide temporary pleasures, spending time and money on nonessentials, we make ourselves poor in love, inspiration and healthy living.

We need Love, Love for ourselves, for others and for the beauty and bounty all around us.

We need gratitude for those we love and those who love us.

We need to know we are safe and secure, with a bed to sleep in and bills paid.

We need to eat regular meals prepared by someone who cares.

We need relationships that are respectful, reassuring and valuing who we are.

Good living comes from feeling grateful for the people in our lives and showing we love them.

Good living is taking care of our bodies, our clothing, our homes and what we have that serves us.

Good living is reading a book to our kids and tucking them in at night.

Good living is laughing at ourselves and enjoying the fun we have everyday.

Good living is breathing deep the fresh spring air and being grateful to be alive.

Good living is thanking Creator, Source, Universe for the unlimited life we have.

Good living is remembering Who We are and why we are here.

Good living is natural for those who see and trust in the Good that is theirs.

Let us remember to give ourselves and others the basics we need with full appreciation.

Life work when we take care of our needs.

Loving ourselves, 

Betty Lue

Friday, March 25, 2022

Right For You?


I listen within to the Highest Good.

I honor my inner wisdom and knowing.

I trust my inner guidance to know what is Right and Good for me.

I easily release all that is not best for me.

What Is Right For You?

How do you know what is right for you?

Do you follow what others do?

Do you listen to advice from experts?

Do you learn through trial and error?

All paths and possibilities offer information.

All ways lead to learning what is right and true.

All choices will eventually teach us what is right.

All experiences will give us evidence, proof and knowledge.

Some write down their observations along the way.

Some make notes about what they have learned.

Some share with friends, therapists and coaches.

Some just keep doing the same thing over and over.

We may be programmed by what we have heard again and again.

“Once you make your bed, you have to lie in it.”

“Once you start something, it may be too late to turn back.”

“There are crossroads and commitments in life you cannot undo”.

These untruths have carried many to depression, disease and death.

When we cannot find our way out of the traps, agreements and obligations, we may quit on life.

It takes open-mindedness, willingness and courage to undo and correct errors that we may.

We need to clear all limiting beliefs and false programming and so what is true for us at the time.

No justification or explanation is necessary when we know some decision is just not right for us.

We need to respect and honor our whole self and our own well-being and choose for what is right.

We must be responsible for and to ourselves in the choices we make.

Only we can choose the path that is highest and best for us.

How do we know what is right?

Learn to listen within to do what is true.

Learn to honor our inner listening and undo what is untrue.

Learn to love ourselves enough to correct our own mistakes.

What is right and true today may no longer be true tomorrow.

What is good for us may not be good when things change.

Everything changes moment to moment, so we must listen and respond moment to moment.

Life is an invitation to conscious choice, using our inner voice and conscience.

We all know what is right when we care enough to listen within.

We can do and undo, choose and change our minds, as we wish.

We are here to learn, life follows our script, when we can change along the way.

We are capable of learning from everything and everyone with ease and grace.

Loving our learning what is right and true for us.

Betty Lue