Sunday, October 17, 2004

Creating Your Day

No need to let life happen to you, when you can actively participate.
Imagine that you are preparing a simple meal for a holy guest.
You would not wait until the guest was hungry to go seeking food in the kitchen.
There are steps you would take to create what the meal (the day) would be.
Every day is your opportunity to prepare the meal of your life for your own holiness.

Awareness- Notice your thoughts and feelings. Be conscious and open to possibilities.
Intention- Visualize what up seek to create and offer your guest. What do you want?
Willingness- Acknowledge your willingness to do whatever it takes to fulfillment.
Clearing- Actively release fears and doubts, judgments and limiting beliefs about your abilities.
Preparation- Prepare yourself and your creative space. Gather the tools and materials needed.
Focus- Place your attention on your desired outcome. Not on the product, but on the experience.
Direction- Allow your inner confidence and the voice within you to guide your process.
Attention- Pay attention to what you want. Undo what is not the Truth you seek.
Trust- Have confidence knowing the Presence of Goodness and Love within you will create.
Desire- Allow the dynamic tension between your desired outcome and current state to energize you.
Commitment- Be prepared to persist with faith until you have the experience you envision.
Planning- Let your strategy to use whatever comes for the Good of All.
Activity-Do what you are called to do with joy and confidence,
Appreciation- Be grateful for the opportunity to envision, to trust in the process, to be free to create,

There are other sacred qualities which enhance the “meal” preparation as we create each day.
Seek balance in inner and outer direction, using intuition and being practical, knowing when to work and when to rest, being quiet and being active, and many other choices throughout our day.
Find a harmony of flavors in life, so notice when there is too much bitterness or sweetness in life.
Cooperate with your whole life experience. Rather than making something happen, be with what is happening and use it all for Good. Resist nothing.
Forgiveness- Remember to undo what is not true, rather than hurt or block your joy with your judgment.
Choose again- Know there are unlimited opportunities to choose again for what is highest and best.

The Universe supports us in how we are supporting ourselves.
Our work is to prepare ourselves for the whole and holy experience we desire.
It is our thoughts and feelings and physical well-being that we offer each day.
We are stewards of our own energies. It is these for which we are responsible.

To create your day with love, know you are worthy of being happy and fulfilled.
If happiness and fulfillment are the “meal” you seek, let this be your vision.
Give your mind, your heart and your commitment to creating happiness and fulfillment for you.
Practice every day. Stay conscious and you will learn to let go of blocks to your happiness.
Create your day with Joy and Love.

I Am,
Betty Lue