Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just Do It!!

I respond with love and respect to what is needed.
When I see a need, it is mine to do.
I am blessed with my responsiveness and response ability.
I am willing to do what is being called forth with gratitude.

Do It Now!

Is there a need?
Respond to it now.
Is there a complaint?
Handle it now.

Is there a conflict?
Resolve it now.
Is there a vision?
Begin it now.

Is there a pain?
Listen to it now.
Is there a request?
Answer it now.

Is something broken?
Fix it now.
Is there a missing piece?
Replace it now.

Is there appreciation?
Say “ Thank you” now.
Is there a hunger?
Feed it now.

Why wait?
You need no approval.
Why hesitate?
Stop doubting yourself.

Why question?
Listen to the inner response.
Why be afraid?
Follow the loving way.

Why ignore?
Give positive attention.
Why hold back?
Step forward in faith.

Why make excuses?
Go with the flow.
Waiting for what?
Listen, trust and free YourSelf.

 Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Back from wonderful retreat with granddaughters.
Full of love for One and All. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Having a Good Time?

I celebrate the goodness in my life.
I listen, learn and release all that is not good for me.
I easily change my focus from what depressed to what inspires me.
I set the best example I know for others.

Are You Having a Good Time?

Wherever you are……. You can have a good time or a bad time.
Even in Hawaii, you can have a bad time.
You can find something to complain about.
You can focus on what is not working for you.

You can change your mind simply by changing your focus.
You can pay attention to one insect bite.
You can wish you have your own bed.
You can imagine it should have been different.

We are coming home from a week here on Kauai with our granddaughter and her best friend.
They are both 18 years old and making many life changes with schooling, boy friends and life choices.
They are living in a world of great worries and pressures and infinite distractions.
They are mostly innocent girls trying to be adults, easily hurt and with minimal support.

This was a gift of love, an opportunity to share in their world and them to share in ours.
This time has been an educational and inspirational experience for us all to join together.
We are the elders in an unusual circumstance more than just vacationing in paradise.
The return to the mainland offers them many challenges and unknowns which cause anxiety.

This is the time to have the feeling of excitement, looking forward to their future lives.
These are the years to learn to have a good time with lessons to be learned and gifts to be shared.
Youth is meant to be filled with fun, excitement, freedom and new responsibilities.
However even with smart, beautiful, good adolescents, life feels serious and overwhelming.

I ask is all,: How can we teach our children and young adults to find joy in living?
How can their elders and better yet their parents and teachers, show them  a good life?
Is there a way we can change their experience and have a life of wonder, possibility and opportunity?
How can we undo the mistakes of past generations, so life can be fresh and filled with enjoyment?

While it may seem they lack experience, they see and hear everything on TV and media.
They hear everything that is bad and dangerous from their parents and schooling.
They have plenty of experience learning the dangers of environment, drugs, politics and war.
And very often they see no safe people or places in which to rest and enjoy their lives.

Relationship issues show up with little respectful connections with caring adults.
The best resource if to go on the internet for advice and answers to unending questions.
Parents and teachers seem to busy and caught up in their own complex and difficult lives.
Our youth tend to go to each other or the internet for entertainment and informational outlets.

What can we do to help?
How can you and I teach, model and offer a safer world where people simply listen and care?
Are we not responsible for the legacy which we give our children and future generations?
How can we have sober and sane good times with our families and friends and young people?

I am inviting us to take a look at what are the good times for us.
Do we know how to create our own good times?
Do we understand how to choose again and refocus our attention on gratitude?
Are we showing the younger generations how to deal with what we have created?

Let us choose again to bring back an era of good times for everyone.
Let us remember to be grateful for all the goodness in our lives.
Let us especially value ourselves and what we have and do and share.
Let us enjoy our relationships, our homes, our work and ourselves.

Celebrating the good times I experience caring and sharing with you.
Blessings abound in how blessed I know I Am.
Betty Lue

Monday, August 29, 2016


I choose to listen and know more.
What I see that calls for attention, is mine to respond to with kindness.
The more I know, the more I can do to be truly helpful.
I give the best I know to all calls for help and healing.

What Do You Do with Negativity?

You can ignore what seems negative.
You can listen and try to understand.
You can join the negative with your own.
You can try to fix it or change it.
You can forgive what seems negative.
You can listen and let it go and move on.
You can avoid negative experiences.
You can resist and be negative about what is negative.
You can embrace, accept and transform.

Negative thoughts and feelings are all around us.
Thought forms exist even when not expressed.
Thoughts tempt us even if not acted on.
We all see, hear and feel negative influences.

We are all invited to choose how to react or respond.
We can react with fear and try to get rid or agree.
We can respond with forgiveness and compassion.
We can educate with love and helpfulness.

Perhaps it is time to stop sublimating and learn to listen.
It may be time to acknowledge what seems to be.
It may be your time to step forward and offer help.
For some it is a time to translate with a new perception.

I hear a call for help in negativity.
I feel a desire to look and listen deeper.
I see a need for a new way of seeing.
I listen outside and within to what is the deeper need.

Usually people, children and infants cry out for help.
They may be complaining, moaning or acting out.
Adolescents often rebel or talk back or break rules.
Adults may just disperse hatred, threats and violence.

How we respond determines the outcome I experience.
We can react with our own resistance and threats.
We can respond with an openness to listen for what is really there.
We can demonstrate safety and caring and dare to be helpful.

There are many requests for help right now in our lives!
How we respond or react is our choice.
We have a right to explore and experiment.
When we have the way that is ours, we have what is right for us.

Doing nothing is always an option.
We will continue to be confronted or disturbed until we find our own right way to respond.
When we discover and choose what is ours to do, we have our mission and purpose.
When we live and give what is ours to give, we find serenity and inner peace.

Be grateful to do, pray, teach, forgive and respond in your own right way to what is negative.
Loving us in our unique calling and journey to inner peace.
Betty Lue 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Always Learning!

I thoroughly enjoy a life of freedom and trust.
I see everyone as living the best that they know.
I trust, respect and appreciate our differences.
I see everyone as here to learn and grow, heal and know.

Always Learning!

I am learning how much I do not know.
I am learning about humanity and how much we all do not know.
I am learning how to share with those who want to know.
I am learning I cannot make assumptions and take anything personally.

I am learning because I want to learn.
I am learning because I am open and willing.
I am learning because I listen and care.
I am learning because to learn is to become all I am here to be.

I am learning how different we all are from one another.
I am learning how similar we are to one another.
I am learning how much wiser we become when we learn.
I am learning how little the younger generation has learned from their elders.

What are you learning today?
How do we know what to believe and disbelieve?
How can we tell what is right and what is wrong?
How do we undo what is no longer true for us?
Why is there no teacher that professes ever changing learning?
How do we keep up with the ongoing learning and unlearning?
How do we know what is real and what is made up?

Learning more is the key to fearing less and loving more.
It also seems helpful to delete any falsehoods we have learned.
We are encouraged to change our beliefs as we discover more truth.
Perhaps we are simply being invited to listen within to what know is true at the time.

When I interact with different people, young and old, educated and not, I hear different truths.
It seems the best I can do is learn what each generation and gender, culture and ideology believes.
I can come to know my own heart and make up my mind to what is true for me at the time.
I enjoy life more and have more meaningful relationships when I allow others to believe what they will.

As I am called to share my way of believing and living, I respect and appreciate who is listening.
My intention is not to offend, preach or change another, but rather to share another perception.
I feel strongly about my own path and practice and share what is mine to share with others.
I trust and free others to believe and practice what is their path to learn and grow, heal and know more.

Life is for giving ourselves with Love and respect.
May it always be received as gift, for so it is.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Do They Know?

For greater effectiveness, affirmations must be said, written and heard at least 20 times daily for 14+ days in the most receptive times (fter waking and before bed is best) to be fully clearing the blocks or resistance.
I teach by my example.
I learn who, where, when and what I am to teach and learn.
First I learn and live what I am learning.
I trust others are always doing what the best they know.

Do They Know?

What if they don’t know how to make their bed?
What if they don’t know to say please and thank you?
What if they don’t know how to make a friend?
What if they don’t know how to enjoy learning?

So often we judge others.
More often we expect others to know!
So often we criticize and complain.
More often we believe others know what we know.

What if they just do not have the life experience.
What if they only do what they are taught.
What if we never taught them.
What if we never learned how to teach.

Is it possible we live in a world of limited teaching?
Is it possible people never learned to be helpful and kind?
Perhaps people think vulgar language and addictive behavior are normal?
Maybe we have much to teach them about how life works better for all?

Have you considered that we don’t know something important?
Maybe we judge because we truly don’t know about them?
Maybe we have made up that everyone is like us?
Maybe we are ignorant about all the people we judge?

This may be the time to ask and listen, observe and consider.
We can always open our mind and trust in our heart.
Is it possible we have overlooked and assumed we know about what they know?
What we don’t know can hurt us all by assuming or guessing what we believe “Everyone Must Know”.

Do not assume anyone knows.
Do not take for granted what you know.
Do not believe they are just lazy.
Do not criticize what you truly don’t know.

My first question is always to ask myself,  “What I am teaching?”
Do I live a life of helpfulness and kindness?
Am I doing what needs to be done with enjoyment and no complaint?
Do I look forward to managing my home, my work, my whole life with full appreciation?

I begin with my own life the best I know.
I allow my Love to lead me to teach others who ask.
I surrender to love, trust and respect for all.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, August 26, 2016

Paradise Within

I choose to be happy.
I change the channel of my mind to access what inspires me.
I delete complaining and worrying.
I am blessed with positive thoughts of helpfulness.

Paradise Is In Your Mind!

Bliss is found in no worries.
Paradise is feeling really good.
Love is an attitude of gratitude.
Heaven is here now with Inner Peace.

Here we are on the island of Kauai, the Garden Island; Often called “paradise”.
When everything is just the way you expect it to be, it feels like paradise.
When all is just the way you wanted it to be, you feel blissful.
When everything goes just “right” for you, you will feel blessed.

Blessed or cursed is matter of consciousness.
Heaven or hell is created by how we judge.
Good or bad comes from what we think.
So let us be mindful of the thoughts we have.

How we think determines how we feel.
How we think and feel determines what we say.
What we say determines what others think about us.
What we do determines how others think and feel about us.

It is so much better to choose happy thoughts.
It feels so much better to feel grateful thoughts.
Life seems so much more fulfilling when we feel blessed and blissed.
So why not start by choosing the outcome you want to experience.

When we feel down or discouraged, we can change our mind.
When feeling unappreciated or neglected, we can value ourselves with positive attention.
When fearful or full of doubt, we can declare we know what the good life is about.
When lost and alone, we can go within to find our true and rightful home.

We have the power to change the direction we are going.
We have the power to choose what we think and do.
We have the power to commit to something of value.
We have the power to get clear when uncertain and afraid.

We do have the ability to see peace within.
We can practice mindfulness to have joy.
We can clean up the past and enjoy the present.
We can live in love with true gratitude.

Loving and celebrating the joy I choose daily.
Betty Lue 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Caring Is Essential!

It is safe, fun and easy to always care.
Life feels really important when I care.
I care about what really matters.
I forgive myself for withholding how much I care.

Caring Is Essential!

Time to care more and share more.
Withholding our compassion diminishes our passion.
Holding in what we feel, is blocking our life energy.
When we know what is right for us, we will do what is right for all.

Let’s remember our innocence, when we did what we felt was right!
Let’s live from our inner sense and and get what our conscience shows us.
Let’s act like all life and all people matters, because they do!
Even if they don’t matter to you, they matter to someone.

When you want others to care for you, remember to care for them.
When you want others to care for those you love, always care for those they love.
When you want others to care for others, make sure you are caring for all.
Caring requires the best in us to feel and give blessings of gratitude and peace.

Giving more is always the key to caring.
Give more of what is real and lasts over time.
Give more of what matters to you and makes you life just fine.
Give more understanding, acceptance and grace.

Life can be challenging, frustrating and downright harsh.
If not one cares to give, it will get worse.
If everyone cares and gives, it will totally get better….quick.
If you and I give, it will improve daily right where we are!!

So let’s pick up the slack and give all we’ve got.
Let’s do what feels good to us and care for what matters.
Let’s remember our will and open our heart to care.
Let’s be daring with our caring and choose no matter what.

Let no one and nothing stop us from feeling we care.
Let nothing prevent us from saying: Good Day!
Let the world begin to change as we change our mind.
Let’s look for the light and celebrate the sunny days.

Caring is Essential.
Caring gives reason for being.
Caring is what gives our life meaning.
Caring is our natural state of learning and Love.

I care about you and your family.
I care about me and all humanity.
I care about listening and learning to live with love.
I care about always remembering to respond with the Love in me.

Caring is essential to feel and fuel our lives.
Let’s remember to care about each other.
I will always care and share.
Betty Lue 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Celebrate the Good

Life is Good and Getting Better.
I smile at myself and others with easy Blessings.
I lift others spirits by remaining positive.
I rejoice in sharing the Goodness I feel.

Celebration of Goodness

What do we do to celebrate the Good in our lives?
How do you express your Gratitude and Joy?
What do you say to others?
How does it show?

Is there a smile wherever you go?
Do you sing out for joy?
Are you willing to really feel appreciation?
Is there a sense of awesome wonder?

I am noticing there is less joy for folks as they age.
Even a withholding of happiness seems to be the norm.
People seem cautious about letting others see how good they feel.
Maybe there is the belief “Whatever goes up, must come down.”

When traveling to Hawaii for retreats and sabbatical, the airline is usually filled with happy folks.
Yesterday, people seemed down, quiet, depressed and even arguing at the rental car line.
It was not the customary experience waiting for the plane, in the air or on the ground.
So I ask myself, why not celebrate the Goodness in life?

These may see dark and difficult times.
The good news of Olympic good seemed overshadowed by the bad new of misbehavior.
The good news of a pregnancy may be over dramatized fears of responsibility or possible defects.
The good news of essential good health may be overtaken by fear of some potential future problem.

Children are often overlooked for all the good they do, by focusing on one bad grade or mistake.
Adults may be criticized for the one exaggerated error rather than praised for their positive efforts.
Family members may have their helpfulness be taken for granted and forgotten without appreciation.
Seems like early training was often to focus on what wasn’t right instead of acknowledging the Good.

Turn toward the Light.
Look for what is right.
Seek out what you value.
Clear out what you devalue.

What we focus on, we create more.
Where we turn to, we reveal more.
How we give appreciation, we have more.
When we live with forgiveness and love, we inspire more.

This is our time to simply choose our future experience.
We can personally return to the ways of innocence and gratitude.
I can choose to quickly clear the negative and choose to be positive.
Let us each seek to de Light and step out of the Dark.

Love is the way I live in Gratitude….Celebrating the Goodness.
Loving us all,
Betty Lue