Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Change is Good

We will be in LA until Sunday for the California Marriage and Famiy Therapists Conference, where I will offer early morning T’ai Ch Chih and Holistic Renewal at 6:30AM. I do this annually and it is fun. Back to you with Loving Reminders on Monday morning. xxoo


All change works together for Good.
Trust everything is our own best interests.
Everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.
Life works when we believe it is working!

Faith is our willingness to let go of our fear.
Faith is the invitation to believe we deserve Good.
Faith is remembering Love creates Love.
Faith is the awareness that only our doubting inter-fears!

Why not trust?
How did you learn to fear change?
Did you experience negative changes?
Did you find that things in life were dangerous and difficult?

Difficulty is caused by the mental and emotional obstacles we place in our path.
Seriousness is created by our negative imaginings and worries.
Danger is caused by not listening to the voice of love and sanity within.
When we are following a fearful leader, we may get lost in other’s mistakes.

Prayers are answered when we truly trust that we are loved and deserve Good.
Our primary work is to forgive our mistakes so that we know we deserve Goodness.
Forgive anyplace where you feel guilty so that you don’t set up punishing yourself.
Give yourself opportunities to receive All Good by being and giving the Good you Are.

Life is for giving the Love and Good You Are.
When you live Goodness and give Goodness, you will believe you deserve Goodness.
When you believe you deserve Goodness, you will receive Goodness.
Trust. You are giving yourself the outcome you allow yourself to receive.
I am willing to receive All Good and only Good now and always.
I am willing to give All Good and receive Only Good now and always to everyone.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here We Go

Have you ever been on a roll where everything just seems to flow effortlessly?
Have you noticed that when you are happy and on purpose everything works?
Have you watched how things work our more exquisitely than you can plan?
When we are in alignment with our highest vision with no doubt or fear, it all works perfectly.

The keys here are “In alignment with our Highest Vision.” And with “no doubt or fear”.
Our Highest Vision is the one in which everyone benefits.
Doubt and fear are the brakes that interfere with easy flow and natural progression.
So when we can focus on what is Good for everyone, we are stepping into perfect alignment.

In life the obstacles or blocks are wakeup calls to show us where we are “off course” or “interfering.”
The wakeup calls invite us to Stop, Look and Listen within.
Am I off course?
Am I doing harm?
Am I making a Good choice for everyone?
Am I clearing the any doubts, fears and judgment from the past?

Sometimes I am asked, how do you do it all so effortlessly?
The simply answer is: “I do it All for Love.”
“I have no fear because Love is my guide.”
I also recognize that because I have given my life to doing Good.
Only Good serves what I do.

When apparent obstacles present themselves, they do not become the object of my attention.
They are my wakeup call and I refocus on the desired outcome of Good for All.
In the affirmation of my Highest Vision and intention, I am inspired to clear doubt and fear.
I trust Good will be the outcome with full appreciation of the Good that already is, Good is always the result.

Clear the fear.
Focus on what you desire for the Good of All.
Follow the flow of Love doing whatever it takes with joy and enthusiasm.
Know that only Good will be the Outcome.
And so it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 28, 2008

Do It All Well!

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”
Doing anything well requires focus, persistence and enthusiasm.
You must give 100% to achieve 100%.
When we are happy and clear about the desired outcome, everything can be fun, safe and easy.

Yes, life is WORK.
The work is to create our life fun, safe and easy.
The work is to create our relationships fun, safe and easy
The work is to create our work to be fun, safe and easy.

The Real Work is to let go of everything that is not fun, safe and easy.
Or perceive it all as fun, safe and easy.
This means the Real Work is mostly between our ears in our brain (computer).
The Real Work is to change our attitude, our beliefs and our perceptions.

Say and write these affirmations.
(Where there is resistance, keep doing those affirmations until it clears.)
I love to work.
Work is fun, safe and easy for me.
I easily let go of all resistance, doubt and fear.
I naturally enjoy everything I do.
I am happy and willing to do the work to experience my life as fun, safe and easy.

This is a school of learning for some and remembering for others.
Still others are here to be reminders and teachers to keep remembering.
All of us are in the practice of remembering we can have it all.
All of us are reclaiming our natural state of happiness, love, peace and creativity.

We are here to create what is beautiful, good, holy and healing for all.
We are here to undo what is not true.
We are here to forgive the mistakes of humanity.
We are here to awaken and remind others of unlimited possibilities.

Let’s keep on working with open-mindedness and full appreciation.
Our response-ability is to remember to respond with love and kindness.
Our response-ability is to teach by example.
Make sure you are living what you want others to learn and remember.

It is a joy and a blessing to be happily willing to do the work everyday in everyway with every one.
Loving you in all you are and do,
Betty Lue

Here is a fun, safe, easy and super effective way to do the work daily!
Warning: This will totally transform your life!

30 Days to Enlightenment or 30 Days to Waking Up
30 Days to Healing or 30 Days to Seeing things Differently!

This exercise was given to me from Spirit within over 15 years ago.
It has a profound impact on how we see and live our lives.
This daily practice will heal and transform our lives.
With continued practice, there will be a spiritual awakening.

Forgiveness heals our perception and gives us Response-Ability.
Choice empowers us to Create our Experience Consciously.
Gratitude expands what we Choose and increases our Joy.

Daily Practice:
Begin each morning with a pad of lined paper and a pen.
Write and say 30 forgivenesses as they come to mind.
Simply write “I forgive”…and let the rest just come from within.
(No need to understand or feel anything.)
I forgive you for being mean.
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive my body’s limitation.
I forgive myself for being late.
I forgive everything.
Make the sound “AAAH” for 1-2 minutes.
Imagine that you are opening your mind.

Now write and say 30 Choices.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to be free.
I choose to do what I love.
I choose to forgive….

In the Evening (before bed)
Write and say 30 Gratitudes
I appreciate the energy I have.
I love being happy.
I am grateful I have you in my life.
I thank God.
Make the sound “OM” the Universal sound for Love and God for 1-2 minutes.

Even a few of each is better than none.
Do what you can and trust it is working.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Willing Ones Really Know!
Willing Ones Respond Knowingly!
Willing Ones Repay Kindness!
Willing Ones Receive Kudos!

Life lived well is work!
Relationships that succeed are work!
Being happy and healthy is work!
And work is fun, safe and easy!

With the right attitude work is play.
With right thinking work is a game.
With no complaining, work feels great!
Work is the substance of physical life.

To do as little as possible and get as much as you can is selfish, lazy and irresponsible.
When we watch our leaders, parents and authority figures take for themselves, we learn.
When we watch our helpers and caregivers become bitter, critical and resentful, we learn.
When we see the greed and laziness of the adults in our world, we learn.

Let’s learn to enjoy the work we do.
Let’s teach how to work to be successful.
Let’s encourage our youth and even our peers to work for excellence.
Let’s believe in our selves and our nation by doig the work needed.

When we have too much, we get lazy.
When we care too little, we stop trying.
When we depend on others, we become incapable.
When we feel entitled, we demand for ourselves.

Work strengthens us physically.
Work challenges us mentally.
Work teaches us emotionally.
Work fulfills us spiritually.

Work is the ethic on which our country was built.
Work is the standard which gave us our confidence and power.
Work is the stuff that brought our creativity, achievements and service to others.
Work is the value that builds, sustains and supports excellence.

“Early to be and early to rise” makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Can you imagine what life would be if you really worked at it daily?
Can you imagine what your work could be if you really worked at it daily?
Can you imagine what your relationships would be if your really worked at them daily?

Your whole life health, happiness and fulfillment is worth working for!!

Doing the Work!
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Do You Do?

What do you do when people are sick?
What do you do when people are cranky
What do you do when people are mean?
What do you do when people act crazy?

Judge them?
Avoid them?
Criticize them?
Try to change them?

What if all acts of un-love are really a call for love?
What if people who act sick simply want us to love them?
What if people who act cranky want us to ignore their crankiness and appreciate them?
What if people who act mean are hurting and want someone to respect them?
What if people who act crazy are confused and want someone to listen to them?

If our natural state is Loving, then everything that is not Loving is a call for help and healing.
If we are created by Love for the purpose of remembering to Be Love, then those who have forgotten Love are inviting us to remind them.
If by remembering to be Love, we are Loving Reminders, then this is our mission and our calling.
Then our function is simply to be a Loving Reminder with those who are acting sick, cranky, mean or crazy.

Love doesn’t lecture.
Love does not make wrong.
Love does not criticize.
Love is not impatient.
Love does not get hurt.
Love does not avoid.
Love does not commiserate.
Love does not push or withhold.
Love does not evaluate or compare.

Love is truly helpful.
Love listens within.
Love is kind.
Love is steadfast.
Love is gentle.
Love trusts.
Love is tolerant.
Love is open-minded.
Love is patient.
Love is joyful.
Love is appreciative.
Love is who We really are.

Let every person who is not remembering to be Love, be a reminder for you to be Love.
Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 25, 2008

In Lean Times

When there is a slowdown in traffic, learn patience and trust.
Trust all things work together for Good.

When we lose a job, we need to remember there can be a Higher Purpose.
Everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.

When the gas prices go us, we can drive less and walk more.
We can choose to appreciate all the Abundance we have taken for granted.

When the economy goes down, we can undo wasteful habits.
With Trust and Freedom, we can see a blessing in All That Is.

Life works when we do the Work.
Let’s be grateful for the Riches we do have!

Freedom of choice.
Opportunities to move anywhere.
Free education and public libraries.
Fantastic open spaces, parks and recreation areas.
Beautiful land on which to walk and plant and enjoy.
Freedom to create in imagination and speech and activities.
Unlimited ways to serve, to volunteer and be truly helpful.
Communication systems that are truly open to all.
Running water, sewage systems, electricity and air to breathe.

We are rich I resources, rich in service, rich in freedoms.

Bless us all for the Good we share.
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Choosing A Helpmate

What are the ingredients you would choose when you want help?
When you are down in the dumps, who do you choose?
When you are afraid, who do you choose?
When you are in trouble, who do you choose?
When you feel sick, who do you choose?
When you are lonely, who do you choose?

Each one of us has our own unique way of choosing what works for us.
We need to honor what really is best for us.
Look at the outcome you want to achieve.
Give yourself the opportunity to choose wisely and well.

The ego and learned personality will choose someone who makes us more comfortable.
We will most likely choose someone to agree with our position and opinion.
We will often choose the way the world has taught us.
We will disregard opinions and influences which set us free to see things differently.

We get stuck when we choose for agreement.
Misery loves company.
The egoic mind wants to be right.
It is easy to play victim.

When our Higher Self and inner Spirit chooses for Help,
We choose to find a better way.
We seek learning and freedom.
We want the way to heal and grow.

Seek for the Highest and Best.
Look for someone who lives what they teach.
Find someone who is receiving what they are giving.
See the helpmate you respect, admire and trust.

Learn from wisdom.
Heal with Loving.
Grow with nourishment.
Change with renewal of your mind.

Remember that when we want help, we want the Best.
When we ask for advice, we want someone who is living what they know.
When we need more Love, we want someone who will not quit on loving.
When we need strength, we must seek out the strong and confident.

Friends and family give the best they know.
If their lives are not what you want to have.
Seek for someone whose life you admire.
If their lives are admirable, listen and modify for your uniqueness.

Respect yourself enough to be selective.
Trust yourself enough to listen intuitively.
Be patient with yourself enough to stay with it.
Be kind to yourself to value the healing and learning process.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
Polish your gift.
Give yourself with joy.
You will see and value the gift that you are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Upsets You?

When we are upset, we are off purpose.
We can complain, criticize, blame, feel hurt, discouraged, resentful and even guilt about our upsets.
We can even try to change, analyze, understand, fix and even forgive others behaviors.
But only when we recognize our own off purpose thoughts, words and actions, can we find peace.

All upsets are past similars.
They are replays on the stage of life with different characters similar circumstances that we have experienced again and still again.
These replays are our best attempt to understand, heal, change and respond differently.
We have an infinite number of times in life to heal and transform what formerly did not work.
Still the human ego (personality) keeps on doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

We are never upset for the reason we think.
Thoughts are shaped by our familial history, learned beliefs and inherited values.
We tend to think what we have been taught to think.
When encouraged to think “out of the box” or the see things differently, we will feel limited by what we believe or have been taught by our culture.

First thoughts (usually unconscious judgments) and then follow feelings.
When we think, “This is wrong.” We then experience a feeling about what we judge to be wrong.
When we believe our emotions and our thoughts, we are stuck with the same perceptions.
When we are stuck with what we perceive, we cannot access another viewpoint or perspective.

Forgiveness is the eraser that clears our own limited thoughts that we might see another way.
Until we are willing to relinquish our own righteous and judgmental view, we cannot affect change.
Until we can clear our own narrow-mindedness, we cannot see what may really be the need.
Until we can find enough neutrality or peace in us, we cannot know what might be effective.

The work is to clear our own opinions, judgments and fears, and be willing to open our mind.
When we are not upset or emotional, we step into our adult or neutral mind.
When we are not feeling intense anger, hurt or fear, we can access creative responses.
When we are not hurting ourselves with negative thinking, we can choose to seek creative solutions.

Stop letting your judgments, fears and emotional reactivity run your life and make your choices.
Upset feelings are a wakeup call, to remind us to stop what we are thinking, look objectively at what is and listen within to for the response which will be beneficial and healing for everyone.
Life can be a nightmare to which we are to respond with calming voice, healing actions and change our perspective. We are meant to live making conscious and consistent choices to be helpful and healing, with fairness and caring for all concerned.

Learn to find your “high way” of living, to be On Purpose and at peace and grateful to be YOU.
Remember that life is a place of learning to live and give your best.
When you are not being the BEST you know, you are “off purpose” and will easily be upset.

More later my friends,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do You Love Our Earth Home?

Do you look at the openness of the blue sky?
Do you enjoy the warmth and light of the sun?
Do you take your children /grandchildren to play on the land?
Do you watch with fascination how bugs take care of us?
Do you appreciate the balance of nature and how it serves us well?
Do you realize all life forms and species were here first?
Are you amazed by the weather?
Do you watch the clouds roll by?
Are you inspired by a sunrise?
Can you feel the trees bless our very existence?
Do you smile when you see the flowers bloom?
Are you grateful for the fresh foods you eat?
Are you uplifted by the sounds of the birds in the trees?
Do you ever watch the squirrels frolic or laze around in the trees?
Have you ever watched how diligent ants work?
Do you realize the intricacy of bees to make honey?
Are you fascinated by the communication among animals?
Do you admire the detail of imprinting that goes on from parents to offspring?
Do you watch how the sunlight flickers on the leaves?
Have you ever imagined how one drop of water takes its journey back to the ocean?
Can you smell the seasons change by sniffing the air?
Do you appreciate the life, death and birth cycle of all life?
Can you attune to the strength of the migration patterns of birds?
Do you really appreciate Mother Earth and her many roles in all life?

Now is the time to consider:
Stop wasting.
Stop being so greedy.
Stop dumping toxic material.
Stop using without gratitude.
Begin enjoying everyday.
Begin noticing what is given.
Begin honoring the nourishment.
Begin sharing rather than saving.
Begin trusting your natural instincts.
Begin treating your whole life as sacred.
Begin breathing your Love to all creatures.
Begin today to appreciate what has been given us to enjoy.
Just begin,
Betty Lue

At Old Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek. Bring Your kids to see pigs, goats, chickens and roosters, lots of birds and a working farm. Fun, safe and easy. The wild flowers are awesome right now. Plenty of hiking trails with great vistas for big people.
Lila and Harper will be 3 years old on April 27. Beckett, their baby brother, outweighs them at almost 18 months. Few pictures, because mostly we were interacting.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Living and Giving the Best

(These are the notes for my Sunday talk).

When are you the Best?
When you are happy.
When you are loving.
When you are peaceful.
When you are remembering God.

When are you not at your best?
When afraid, we create control dramas.
Intimidate: angry, impatient, frustrated, critical
Interrogate: explanations and justifications attempt to understand, analyze.
Poor me/victim: complaining, blaming externals, self pity
Withdrawn and aloof: Shut away, depressed, silent

How do you remember God?
How do you be happy and loving and peaceful?
Do you let go of unhappiness easily?
Do you resolve conflicts by choosing peace instead?
Do you step away from being afraid and seek out love?

What will remind you to be happy, peaceful and loving?
The stuff and relationships you have will be happy if you are happy with them.
The way you relate to what you have and your attitude gives you contentment.
Look for what you can do when you eat, when you sleep, when you talk.
Look for how you can honor yourself as you would honor a guest in your home.
Look for how every moment you are either remembering the best in you or less.
Look for when you give yourself true happiness and peace, others are blessed.
Look for the way you inspire, encourage and motivate others by your attitude.
Look for what you can do today to make yourself happy.

What can you do to live the best and let go of the rest?
Sometimes we need to eliminate and cut away those memories which deplete us.
Sometimes we need to stop ingesting toxic material or empty calories of inspiration.
Sometimes we need to offer ourselves experiences which lift us up to Spirit.
Sometimes we need to simply treat ourselves with love and respect every day.

Specific Suggestions:
Swing on a swing.
Fly a kite.
Get out your best china to eat dinner.
Drink a cup of tea and watch the sun rise.
Dress to please yourself.
Pray for your enemies and send them blessings. ”I love you and release you.”
Do things that make you feel good everyday.
Find a way to be grateful for every actitivty of the day.
And when you give yourself the joy and peace and love your deserve, you will be the blessing you seek.
You will see that your joy is contagious.
Your light shines away all darkness.
Your love dissolves others’ fear.
Your joy lifts the clouds of despair and brings hope.
Your light and Love display the Power and Presence of God in you.

To live the best and give the Best, you become a messenger of God’s Goodness.
You are a teacher of Love, here to extend God’s Peace and Joy to all people.
Bless us all everyone.
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Moon and Earth Day

Full Moon today is an intensification of the energies at hand, our own personal high tide within.
Earth Day on Tuesday is the opportunity to celebrate and remember the Presence and Power of the Earth.
She sustains almost 7 billion people and countless other species with her air, water and soil. She gives us life.
Her mountains, oceans, deserts and plains provide us with amazing beauty, miracles of Goodness and Love.
And still we take her resources for granted.

When “two-leggeds” first lived on her belly, we were willing to move with the weather, the available game and the changing seasons.
We only used what was needed and wasted nothing.
When we, humanity, began to ascribe ownership to what has always belonged to the Good Mother, we became attached to what we owned.
We sat and built and stayed even when conditions bid us to go. To own what is not ours in Truth, requires laws, fences and defenses.
People were measured and empowered by how much land was owned.
People stayed even when the conditions were of drought, plague, pestilence and famine.
People began to war, pillage and plunder.
People became covetous of other land and wanted more.
We lost our freedom of movement, our trust in provision, our acceptance of change and our willingness to flow with the cycles of nature.
As we began to defend against nature, we judged, feared, built fortresses and set ourselves apart from what was formerly our ally.

We began innocently by accepting trusting and respecting what was given by the good mother Earth.
And when we took for ourselves, we learned to defend our greed and fear the Earth herself.
When humanity attacks, steals and hoards, it fears being attacked, stolen from and violated.
Thus began our separation from our natural state of Goodness, sharing and Love.

What would it take to be friends with nature?
What would it take to simply be grateful for supply?
What would it take to treat all life with respect?
What would it take to honor the weather and the season?

How can we reclaim our natural state of love, respect and trust?
How can we remember to honor, appreciate and be good stewards?
How can we trust that with instinct and intuition we will be nurtured and nourished?
How can we know that we already have everything we need and simply share the Good?

Let us forgive our mistakes of disrespect and greed.
Let us forgive our errors of fear, guilt, vengeance and lack of appreciation.
Let us forgive our unkindness to the Earth and her resources.
Let us step up and begin to treat all that is with respect and gratitude.

When we remember our heritage and who provides with true appreciation and love, we will know peace.
When we give honor to Mother Earth for her provision, shelter and great beauty, we will know joy.
When we treat what we have with a willingness to replenish what we have corrupted, we will know Love.

Let us Give All to our beautiful and bountiful Earth Mother,
Always remembering and reminding myself and everyone to Love with trust, gratitude and freedom to be our best,
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Live Your Best

Live Your Best.
Forgive the Rest.

What is your best?
First take impeccable care of your body, mind and Spirit.
Then you will begin to see what the best might be.
To give your best is to treat everyone as our honored guest.

Make every moment count.
When we are living our best, we are alive, on purpose and awake to our journey home.
When we are giving leftovers or empty of resources, we are dying, off purpose and asleep at the wheel. Life is meant to be lived, or it is nothing.
NO matter what our physical state, we can each be a giver of the best we have.
We can each appreciate the Good that we are.
We can each celebrate our journey back to Source.
Live one day, one breath at a time and enjoy each moment.

Some quick tips as wakeup calls:
Love not fear.
Have faith. Don’t worry.
Be positive, not negative.
Be smiling, not frowning.
Be present, not living in the past.
Do what makes a difference, rather than wish things were different.
Live today fully rather than wait for tomorrow.
Appreciate what you have, rather than look for more to have.
Give your best. Don’t wait to get the best.
Teach by example, not by lecturing or nagging.
Stop complaining. Start changing your life.
Learn to reach out rather than sit back.
Extend peace to all, rather than fight for peace for some.
Honor each one as your holy guest, rather than treat only the saintly ones with respect.

The power of your life is in your openness and full appreciation.
In Joy,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 18, 2008

Living and Giving the Best

When we are not living the best, we cannot give the best.
When we are living the best, we only give the best.
What we have, we give.
What we lack, we seek or complain about.

When we expect others to give us what we have denied ourselves, we are mistaken.
When we ask others to fill the cup we have emptied, we are in error.
When we ask God to give us what we have squandered, we feel guilty.
When we want to be the best, we must live the best we know.

So what is living our best?
Be loving, not fearful.
Be happy, not worried.
Give freely, not conditionally.
Forgive mistakes, not hold grudges.
Honor all people, not just special ones.
Seek Good in all things, not the problems.
Be grateful, not complaining.
Be creative, not destructive.

To focus on what you want is active and creative.
To focus on what you don’t want keeps you walking backwards.
To be negative in speech and countenance, attracts negativity and pain.
To be positive in words, thoughts and deeds attracts Goodness and Happiness.

When we wait for someone to provide health, happiness and fulfillment, we set ourselves up for failure.
When we wait for them to give us what we want to get, we set them up for obligation and guilt.
When we give ourselves health, happiness and fulfillment, we give ourselves the Best.
When we give ourselves health, happiness and gratitude, we create the Best in our relationships.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love, trust and respect others.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love trust and respect themselves.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect others.

So you see, it does begin with us giving ourselves the very best.
Developing new healthy habits may take a little time.
What is really required is that you be happy and willing to make the changes of attitude and action.

The Happy willing ones are changing the world for The Good of All, one person at a time.
Loving you in Loving!
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are You Fulfilled?

Are you full?
What are you full of?
How are you filled?
How do you fill others?

Everyday is an opportunity to fill yourself or drain yourself.
To be fulfilled is to receive what you are giving.
To be fulfilled is to give to others what you want to have yourself.
To be filled is to appreciate and increase what you value.

So often we have draining habits.
Thoughts of “not enough’ deplete us.
Thoughts of worry shut down our flow.
Thoughts of judgment diminish our confidence and esteem.

To eliminate what fatigues, empties and drains your energy, try a few of these new habits.
Eliminate all gossip.
Speak no words you would not enjoy hearing.
Give no advice unless invited.
Take impeccable care of what you own, beginning with your self.
Express your love for beauty, goodness and kindness.
Give the very best to everyone you encounter.
Enjoy the life you have with profound gratitude daily.
Take time to smile, breathe deep and value what you have created.
Tell the people in your life how you appreciate them.
Give yourself some music, art or nature experiences daily.
Read and watch what inspires and uplifts your spirit.
Laugh often at what amuses and pleases you.
Take time for yourself to be alone, to reflect and contemplate.
Pray that your mind, body and spirit serve only the highest Good.
Love, respect and trust yourself.
Forgive all mistakes instantly and admire your willingness to learn.
Keep adding to the list of what fills and fulfills you.

Know you are fully loved and appreciated,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Life is choice.
We are the choosers.
When we are conscious choosers, we take responsibility for our choices.
When we are unconscious choosers, we claim to be victims of others’ choices.

To choose in a worldly way, we assess the benefits and the liabilities.
We ask concerned questions and question our concerns.
We consider our values, our priorities and our desired outcome.
We respect the advice of authorities and those who have other viewpoints.

To choose in a spiritual way, we give our choices to the Highest Good, to God.
We listen within to our inner voice, the place of peace and true happiness.
We ask that our choices be purposeful and helpful to all concerned.
We trust that what is decided with serve the Greater Good with no one losing.

To make choices in life is the gift of free will.
To make choices in life gives us the opportunities to learn.
To make choices in life strengthens and inspires our willingness to serve.
To make choices in life gives us the physical feedback we need to get we are the choosers.

When in doubt, stop, look and listen within.
When in doubt about choices, take time to gather information.
When uncertain about what to choose, recognize the signals of lack of integrity.
When uncertain, we are in conflict and must seek to find a coherent focus.

Life is about setting the highest goal.
If the goal is happiness, make choices based on serving true and lasting happiness.
“Does this choice support my sustained inner contentment and happiness?”
If the goal is peace, choose only where there is no conflict within you.
“Does this choice bring peace to my mind that I might extend peace to others?”

When we are clear, focused, committed, communicative and certain of our desired outcome, the universe aligns to support our goal.
When we are cloudy, conflicted, withholding and uncertain , the world of apparency shows us our split focus and conflicted desire.

Choose to make clear and focused choices serving only the highest good for All.
Remember, choices made with Spirit will be where no one loses.

Choosing wisely always to Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Learn to Say, “Yes”

“Yes” says I affirm.
“Yes” says I agree.
“Yes” says I hear you.
“Yes” says I receive.

“Yes” says I thank You.
“Yes” says I am willing.
“Yes” says I believe you.
“Yes” says I am with you.

When we are asked, we need to listen for the real question.
When we are invited, we hear the true intention.
When we are given to, we need to receive the real gift.
When we are demanded we need to hear the true calling.

Often in defensiveness and self protection, we jump to the wrong conclusion.
We are saying “No” to our past experiences.
We are saying “No “ to what we fear.
We are saying “No” because we are not able to comply.

For the “pleaser” it is valuable to learn to say “No” in an honest way.
“I hear you asking for ……… “
“Is that what you really want?”
“I hear and appreciate your request.
“I am able to do this or give you this at another time.”

For the martyr, it is important that we teach by acknowledging that we must take care of our needs first.
For the super-giver, it is important that we teach the self-centered taker or user how to give to themselves.
For the “too busy to be bothered”, it is important that we are honest about how we are over-committed.
For the one who is willing and able it is valuable to acknowledge: “Thanks for asking. That would give me joy.”

Some statements of “Yesness”:
“Yes, I appreciate your invitation. I cannot participate at this time.”
“Yes, I hear you want to sell something. I would like you take me off your call list.”
“Yes, I thank you for thinking of me. This is not something that serves or inspires me at this time.”
“Yes, I hear you are hungry. You can have either carrot sticks or an apple before dinner.”
“Yes I get you want my attention. I would prefer that you ask me softly with a smile, Mommy please give me a hug.”
“Yes, I hear you need my help. I will be able to give your 10 minutes of my full attention after dinner.”

And when someone, says “I love you.” Or “I really appreciate you.”, our gift to them is to receive it with “YES, that feels so wonderful. I really appreciate and value your love and gratitude.”

Saying “YES” is fun, safe, easy and very effective in all communication.
Saying “NO” closes communication, so find something to respond with “YES”.

“Yes, to you my dear friends and spiritual family.”
Yes, Betty Lue

Monday, April 14, 2008


When we start from a stop, it takes a lot of energy to get going.
When we are already in motion and simply make a turn, it requires paying attention.
When the masses are all going in one direction and we are going against the crowd, it takes both concentration, focus and persistence.

Remember that those who are ordinary follow the ordinary path.
What is common is often the easiest to continue.
What is extraordinary or eccentric, will set you apart.

When the world is moving in a direction that does not fit with your values, it requires extraordinary measures.
The consistent attention to ones values, choices, relationships and activities is essential.
To fit in requires that we take on the prevalent fads and beliefs.
To step outside the box requires that we set aside the norm and take the higher ground.

Where there is family or societal momentum moving against what you believe or value, you will be called to strengthen your faith, your trust and your courage to move in your own direction.
To speak out, to make independent choices, to find and live your life true to yourself is freedom and trust.
Love is freedom and trust made manifest in everyday life.

Love yourself enough to set yourself free to see and be You.
Love yourself enough to value what is meaningful to you.
Love yourself enough to honor the Highest and Best you know.

Claim the behavior that you admire.
Speak the words you believe.
Think (pray) the thoughts that affirm what is Good, Whole and Beautiful.
Give what is true to all who appreciate what they receive from you.

You are changing the world one thought, one word, one action at a time.
You are making a difference.
We together can change the direction of human consciousness with our awareness and focus.

Blessing us all in our willingness to do what it takes to raise the consciousness and healthy choices for all humanity.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Be Happy!

The best gift you can give is to be happy.
When you are happy, you shine your light on a world which seeks to remember.
When you are happy, the people around you are uplifted and encouraged.
When you are happy, you enjoy, appreciate and increase the goodness in life .
When you are happy, you are more generous and responsive to other’s needs.
When you are happy, your mind is open for creating positive solutions and opportunities.
When you are happy, your health is better and life style habits are improved.
When you are happy, you care for yourself and others with appreciation and high energy.
When you are happy, you communicate in a respectful, responsible and positive way.

Be Happy!
Happiness is a choice we can make each day.
Being happy is a way to say, “Thanks for being alive.”
“Thanks for being in my life.”
“Thanks for doing good things for others and yourself.”
“Thanks for all I Am, All I have, and All I give.”

Happiness is contagious.
When we are happy, others benefit from being around our energy.
When we are happy, others can see what they can be as well.
When we are happy, others are receptive to our messages of how to be happy.

Being responsible for our own happiness means we do not blame others.
Being responsible for our happiness means we do not hold resentment.
Being responsible for our happiness means we can change our attitudes.
Being responsible for our happiness means we are able to choose our thoughts and feelings.

We can be happy, right now without waiting for anyone else to change anything.
When we are happy, we free others from feeling responsible for us.
When we are happy, they can choose to be happy too!

Loving you and very happy, too!
Betty Lue

Friday, April 11, 2008

Share the Good!

To grow goodness, we must share it.
To increase Goodness, we must value it.
To expand Goodness, we must be it.
To have Goodness, we must live it.

To grow fear, darkness and yucky stuff, we simply need to keep on talking about it.
To increase what we say we don’t want, we need to emphasize it on TV and in media.
To expand the limitation, lack and negativity we hear, we need to believe it.
To have more of what is creating depression, violence and war, we must fight it.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but the real work it to forgive it all.
What really is under everything is the deepest yearning for Love, to give and receive Love.
We are in a position of creating opportunities to Love one another.
We are here to create beauty, goodness and Love everywhere in everything with Every One.

So let us celebrate each small act of kindness and expand it into a world phenomenon.
Let us seek to find all the good in the world one person at a time.
Let us bless and extend our deepest gratitude to those who choose to give unconditionally.
Let us enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life in our own home and community.

Believe it or not, the kinder and gentler world comes from kind and gentle words.
Believe it or not, the love we seek is the Love we give.
Believe it or not, the way to peace is through forgiveness here and now.
Believe it or not, the path to true and lasting happiness is simply a choice to be happy.

We can choose Good.
We can see Goodness.
We can live in Godly and Good ways.
We can give with Goodness in our hearts.

Each one of us does and is making a difference.
Someone is watching you and your choices.
You are a role model for our young people.
You are teaching with how you drive, smile, pay bills and treat others.

You can change the world one person at a time.
Give only Goodness and Love and you will build a world of Goodness and Love.
You can erase all past mistakes and wrong-doings by yourself and others.
Simply forgive the past and choose to create a new future of happy choices and right action.

Share the Good by being Good and seeing Good,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What is Our Real Job?

Our real job is to forgive our mistakes.
To learn from mistakes is to recognize what is an error.
To forgive is to erase what is not what we want to be.
To undo what is not true for us is to erase it with Love.

Our real vocation is to be willing to let go of the behaviors, words and thoughts which do not create goodness, healing and Love. While we learned from the generations before us to condemn, punish, criticize, worry, blame and cause guilt wrong-doing, this has only increased the problem. The more guilt, the more fear, the more fear, the less consciousness. In other words, the guilty tend to commit the same mistakes again and still again.

It is not true that feeling guilty produces a positive change in behavior.
It is true that the beginning of healing unhealthy, destructive patterns is forgiveness of self and others.
It is true that we all seek to belong with love, respect and trust.
It is true that letting go of mistakes and rewarding positive behaviors strengthens them.

What we did not understand that attention (even negative attention) can be read by the ego as reward.
So whatever gets attention feels like reward to those who are hungry for Love.
Our real job in this world is to ignore those people and circumstances that we want to eliminate.
Feed the behaviors and relationships that you desire to increase.
Ignore the behaviors and relationships that you desire to extinguish.

Forgiveness at its best is remembering only the gifts of goodness and the blessings.
Forgiveness is being willing to give our best at teachers and role models.
Forgiveness is the Love that strengthens conscious, respectful and harmonious living.
Forgiveness is the opportunity to begin again with a fresh start and new choices.
Forgiveness is a gift to ourselves to let go of the pain, the fears, the judgments and the tears.
Forgiveness is giving the love we all want to ourselves and to others.
Forgiveness lays the foundation for making new choices, choosing again.

In the Presence of authentic unconditional love (not manipulative, seductive or conditional Love),
we are more open, creative and willing to give our best.
In the Presence of Real Love, we make healthy choices, based on our desire to love and be loved.
In the Presence of Divine Love, we feel healed and happy, confident and capable of doing our best.
In the Presence of True Love, we feel we will be loved no matter what.

This is the Love that heals.
This is the Love that binds.
This is the Love that creates.
This is the Love that grows.

Our real job is to never quit on Love.
Never withhold our Love.
Never forget to Love.

Loving you because I AM She Who Remembers,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

When Is It Time to Quit?

Truth: Never quit on Loving You!
Love is freedom and trust.
To love is to free yourself and the other from attachment, fixing, taking responsibility for another.
To love is to trust yourself and the other is to allot people to find and follow their own path .

Remember, we each are responsible for our own life learning and healing, discovery and creations.
To take responsibility for another distracts you from your journey.
To take responsibility for another distracts them from learning they are responsible for themselves.
To take responsibility for another interferes with natural consequences and learning.

To respond to another’s criticism of us leads them to believe they are right and we are defensive.
To respond to another’s criticism distracts them from hearing the message they are delivering.
To respond to another’s criticism makes us believe they might be right and doubt ourselves.
To respond to another’s criticism focuses on us and not on seeing they are talking to themselves.

“Thanks for sharing” is an appropriate response.
Or simply be silent while stepping aside.
Or “That’s an interesting perception.”
Or “How would you like me to respond?”

When one is used, abused and confused in our relationships, we can fight, run, agree or be quiet.
When one is getting double message, we must trust that what is being said is what they want to be heard.
The actions or behavior of someone is what we need to trust.
To trust the ego, fear-based decisions, negative or limiting emotions of someone is a mistake.

Ego, learned personality defenses and patterns, are rarely helpful and they are not the Essence.
How people live tells about what they believe.
How people think is often what they speak.
How people treat us is a product of how they were treated and treat themselves inside.

We can love, trust and respect the Essence of everyone, including ourselves.
However, very few people live, love, speak and act from their Essence.
Often in the initial stages of relationship, people show their very Best…who they want to be.
As people become comfortable, their learned patterns of fear, distrust and lack of respect emerge.

Until one is ready, willing and able to change their patterns, they will be repeated.
We are responsible for changing our responses to others.
We are not responsible for changing their behaviors or responses to us.
To continue trying to affect change in another is our own insanity in believing we can.

Quit taking responsibility for another’s behaviors and beliefs.
Quit letting others’ behavior and beliefs hurt you.
Quit trusting what others say when they continue to break their agreements.
Never quit on loving, extending the energy of trust and freedom to yourself and others.

Loving you as I love me in loving All,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 07, 2008

Why Are You Here?

To know what our purpose is gives life direction.
To follow in the direction that is true for us gives us inspiration.
To have inspiration gives us energy to live true to what is best.
To live life in integrity with our purpose is fulfilling.

When we are fulfilled, we are happy and healthy.
When we are unfulfilled, we are hungry and searching.
When we are hungry and searching, we keep seeking and trying.
When we are seeking and trying, we are not satisfied with the choices we make.

Looking for peace and happiness in the wrong places leaves us disappointed and discouraged.
Making choices that are inadequate or only temporary, leaves us confused and uncertain.
When we are confused or conflicted, we make try other’s methods and prescriptions.
When following others, we may neglect, deny or dismiss our own inner knowing and guidance.

We are each here uniquely to listen within and follow “God’s Plan” which some call Call God’s will.
Our first function is to forgive all the ways we have negated the Love and Goodness within.
Our purpose is to find inner peace and lasting happiness.
Our Goal is to complete our mission with Oneness, Union with God, perfect Trust, knowing God within.

The Peace of God is our single goal, the aim of all our living here. ACIM
Fulfilling our piece of God is our Goal that we might live life in alignment with what is Good for the greater whole.

Just like each cell in the body has its own unique unction, so we have ours.
When we are fulfilling our part perfectly we are creating the health and wholeness of the whole body.
This is our work.
We must let go of trying to be like others or be distracted by worldly temptations to be other than what we are created to be.

Be true to the Essential and Real You by listening within.
In this you will find health, happiness and inner peace.
Betty Lue is loving you and me!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spontaneous or Scheduled?

“Spontaneous, Free and in the Flow” or “Structured, Scheduled and on the Go”?

Planning, preparing and requiring exactness can prevent being open to inner guidance.
Intuitive responses can happen only where there is room for them.
Taking a moment to listen within requires a moment of quiet without thought or movement.
A structured and scheduled life can create the requirement for external perfection.

What if true freedom and essential perfection comes from the ease with which we respond to whatever is.
Freedom invites us to be willing to be flexible, be spontaneous, be structured and be open as called.
The perfection of our Essential Being is found in trusting we are what is “perfect” in each moment.
When we have no judgment, no requirement or regimen we can be truly response-able to life.

My life is full.
But then again it is empty in each moment, until it fills with what is in that moment.
I am highly scheduled and organized, but in the structure there is total flexibility to whatever is called for.
I create the opportunity for total freedom within the confines of this time and space paradigm.

Wow! Let’s look at how we get in trouble.
If we begin thinking, we must be on time…..
Or it is stressful to schedule too much.
We are inviting trouble (distress) with our judgments.

If we appreciate how rich life is with wonderful healing relationships and creative opportunities, we increase our joy and energy.
If we forgive all judgments on how we choose to use time, energy and resources, we see the perfection of sharing the abundance we have.
If we trap ourselves in trying to be “right” or trying “not to be wrong”, we get stuck in evaluating.
If we engage in the mental play of trying to be “spiritual” or be “loving” or be “helpful”, we get caught in the self conscious absorption of constant evaluation and lose flexibility, spontaneity and freedom of choice.

It is so much easier to live joyfully with freedom and trust.
It is so much more fun to play innocently with all that life is and has for you and me.
It is so much safer to free myself simply to listen, love, learn and let go with laughter and appreciation.
It is living abundantly to give all we have and receive the joy of realizing we are unlimited in power and in peace.

Joy, Joy, and more Joy,
Be free to live as you are called.
Choose again when you may be called.
And let go of all those self-critical and comparative thoughts that the world has taught.
You are perfectly fine, just as you are.

Loving you and me so we can be free to see the Truth of our Being,
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Love Begins at Home

If you cannot love yourself well, how can you really love another?
What is your definition for love?
Usually we define love by how we were loved as a child.
So we give the love we received or some substitute thereof.

If the love we received was faulty, limited or conditional, we don’t know real, unlimited and unconditional love.
Often we are trying to give what we got or never give what we got, but we still don’t know how to love.
If you do not know how to love, you cannot judge what love is or is not.
Start by looking at how you love yourself.

The signs of loving oneself well are being happy, confident, conscious, and at peace.
When we love our selves we consistently experience these conditions, no matter what others say or do.
The signs of loving oneself in a limited way is that we are moody, anxious and periodically depressed.
We tend to seek for love outside ourselves by getting approval, affection, attention or even pain.

Love is Freedom and Trust.

Human or conditional love is restrictive and doubting.
It is fear based and ego driven.
It looks for signs of being unloved.
It rests on getting the love you need.
It is dependent on the behaviors and words of others.
It holds grievances for past mistakes.
It plans the future with caution, defensiveness and resentment.
It withholds love to protect itself from future hurting.
It measures, compares and evaluates acts of Love.

Spiritual or unconditional love is freeing and trusting.
It is based on Real Love and is guided by Spirit within.
It sees on the love and call for Love in others.
It is fulfilled and amplified by giving the Love you are.
It responds solely to the call for love when another’s behavior is unloving.
It immediately forgives the past and gives the gift of love and blessings in its place.
It sees life as the teaching opportunity to give love and joy and peace to All.
It does not display of lack of love personally and responds with openness, appreciation and love.
It seeks and celebrates all signs of loving from anyone, increasing the field of love around themselves.

Love is patient. Love is kind.
Love is healing. Love is inspiring.
Love is gentle, humble and natural.

Fear (hate) is impatient. Fear is unjust.
Fear is hurtful. Fear is depressing and depleting.
Fear is rude, arrogant and conjured up.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Body

Yes, My Body Got My Attention.

Went to bed for a few days, said my affirmations, drank water and the flu had its way with me.
What do you do with the body stuff?
It seems to get my attention periodically by having its own form of temper tantrum.

Mind over matter works really well when it works.
And there are times when there is a compromise.
My job is to be quiet, breathe and rest and the body’s job is to clear the “stuff”.
So I don’t resist, don’t attach, and don’t judge.

Yes, there is much power in affirmation and prayerful denial.
And there is sometimes an apparent need to just be still.
With no judgment on what appears to be so, it seems to let itself go.
With no attachment to what I want to be, I find a flow that sets me free.

Today (Thursday afternoon) I am listening more to body, mind and Spirit to settle the score.
Just take time and let yourself be.
Finish up projects and you will see.
What’s next comes when this moment’s done.

So onto tomorrow is where I often go,
Urging myself forward ahead of the flow.
And in the effort I find I lose my Self.
I cannot hear or know the Goodness in this moment NOW.

So today, I am here.
Enjoying this time now.
Not casting wishes or needs about,
But rather appreciating the ease and Goodness in me and my life.

Maybe there is some asking “Why did this happen?” I need to erase.
Maybe there are apologies for missing something important that need to be made?
But really why not simply be glad to the day as it is, leaving behaind my questions, explanations, justifications and apologies.

It is what it is.
What could be is not.
What I wished might be is not here.
So I accept, enjoy and even let be what might have been.

Loving you, loving me and you and all as one,
Betty Lue

Hope you are reading Eckhart Tolle’s new book, The New Earth and taking the class with Oprah on Monday Nights.
It is all about these reminders and more as all of humanity’s willing ones awaken together.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back Home Again

Getting a new perspective on life allows for appreciating what is working and changing what isn’t.
To go away is to release the pictures we have held about our relationship with what we have created.
To “respect: is to look again and see things differently.
To be “responsible” (able to respond) is to be ready and willing to respond effectively.

When we are not stuck with our prior viewpoint, when we are willing to look with forgiving eyes, we can see the intrinsic goodness beauty and wholeness .
Humanity may use tragedy, illness or fear as catalyst to be willing to see what really is valued.
A much more joyous way is to take time off from evaluating and comparing. Simply look with new eyes and see the Good that already is.
Be willing to appreciate rather than criticize.
Give your best to see and celebrate the best.
Trust all things are in your best interests.
See the Good and it expands.

“Yes” vacations have value to realize the Good life we have.
When they are used to compare with our daily life, they can cause judgment and depression.
When they are used to appreciate and upgrade what we have chosen, they create inspiration.
Fine-tuning our lives is simply a choice we make once we are responsible for our experiences.

How can you fine tune your life?
How can you see and appreciate the Good you have created?
How can you become responsible for the quality of your whole life?
How can you live joyously and give abundantly to yourself and others?

Every moment is a creation, a work of art.
Every word is a prayer or affirmation of what you are teaching your world.
Every thought you think is a reminder of the pictures you choose to hold.
Every action you take is an opportunity to build a better world and life for yourself.

Coming home is returning to the strength of who we are.
Coming home is reminding ourselves of our Holy and healing purpose here.
Coming home is the opportunity to be totally responsible for our experiences.
Coming home is a gift of appreciation and celebration for the Abundance we have.

Coming home for me is always a joy.
And in relationship with Source, Self and others, I am at home wherever I Am/
Loving you,
Betty Lue