Sunday, April 30, 2023

Reveal an Heal

Life Is For Healing.

Learn To Let Go.


Life offers revelations of learning.

Explore the learning and discover your truth.

Practice your truth to see which way to go.

Healing reveals what you have learned.

Reveal and Heal

When we feel unsafe, we cannot tell.

When we feel judged, we are afraid.

When we tell lies, we hide from truth.

When we feel ashamed, we duck and cover..

It is when we show that we can let go.

Hiding our truth makes us more vulnerable.

Blaming our past leaves us insecure.

We need to reveal in order to heal.

Find the safest person to share.

Ask that they forgive and erase.

Find the simplest process to write and release.

Wipe the slate clean by realizing the past is gone.

When we are free of fear, we can clear.

Listen to your own judgment and forgive.

We need not relive or review in order to learn.

We can undo what no longer is true.

Our work here is to clean the slate.

Never repeat what is not healthy and good.

Stop remembering what not helpful to anyone

You can finally release never to repeat.

Some see the past as haunting them.

Some believe you must remember to never repeat.

Some trust that what you hold onto is likely to be repeated.

Feel your energy when you remember and when you forgive and forget.

Left over layers of waste sink to the bottom.

When they are stirred up, they come to the surface.

Filter them off and throw them away to be fertilizer another day.

If left to ferment and become toxic, they may pollute your life energy.

Reveal and let go.

Reveal and you’ll know.

Reveal and you will heal.

Celebrate your healing with courage and joy.

Trusting you in loving, respecting and honoring you.

Betty Lue

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Are We Aware?





I am open and willing to know and respond with kindness.

I trust I can always do something to be truly helpful.

My awareness and attention will benefit others.

I choose to teach, model and inspire a better way to live.

Are We Aware?

Are we teaching our children well?

Do we know what they need to learn?

Is anyone listening to what is missing?

How do we show we really care?

If we are unaware, we do not know.

If we isolate ourselves, how can we help?

When we are in our own world, we may be unaware.

When we care, we show up, pay attention and teach the truth.

Every real interaction shows me what I need to know.

When I am aware, I seek to know what is needed to be taught.

As we listen with real caring, we begin to understand the needs.

When we stop assuming, we realize we must listen and respond.

It seems every week I am made aware of the needs even more.

I watch our next generation reach out with little helpful response.

It seems adults may be too busy, too distracted or simply too overwhelmed to do what is needed.

Or maybe our world is too complicated with problems to know where to start and what to do?

I ask myself and invite you to ask yourself too.

What are we leaving for the next generations.?

Are we not responsible for cleaning up the mistakes we have made?

Are we the ones who need to set the example, forgive our mistakes and make amends?

Sex, drugs, violence, cruelty……now in high school, middle school and grade school.

Who is paying attention to our children and those who “parent” them?

Are we helping our world to clear the mistakes, temptations and lack of education?

Is anyone aware of the problems under the problems which seem to be neglected?

When we don’t want to see, we close our eyes and simply assume it is “their” problem.

When we are too busy handling our own issues, we make up the kids will manage on their own.

When we watch at a distance, we detach from those in our schools and neighborhoods needing help.

The problems are almost too shocking to see, hear and believe.

Our children and families belong to us.

Everyone is our responsibility.

What our children do and learn and experience comes from us.

We are influencers of what is our future.

Children copy what they see at home, on TV and internet, as well as from their peers.

Children and youth experiment with the language and behavior of the adults they see.

Our future generations watch what adults think and create, do and say and try it out.

We are watching what we need to correct and heal, forgive and help, and care.

Be aware and care. 

Each one can help One. 

Trusting those who know a better way to step up and show up.

Love in action benefits us all.

Betty Lue

Let us be responsible for the change we need at home and work.

Let us think, do and say what is right and good and helpful.

Let us wake up and be responsible for how we live.


Friday, April 28, 2023

Is It Time?





All things work together for good.

I trust myself to choose what is right for me.

I am always in the right place at the right time.

I am on time and in time to flow with my life.

Is It Time?

Is it time to forgive?

Is it time to let go?

Is it time to learn?

Is it time to know?

How can you tell when it is time?

People often procrastinate.

Some wait until its too late.

Other just claim to be “not ready”.

If you have thought about it, it is time.

If it comes up in conversation, it is time.

If you are resisting it, it is time.

If it “haunts” you, it is time.

There are signs when it is time.

There are hints that it must be done.

There are questions or cues that it is calling you.

When will you just do it?

Life often is reaching out for a response.

People often call for help.

Situations ask for our completion.

Why hesitate and let it wait?

There are so many leftovers waiting for our attention.

They weigh us down and keep us from moving on.

Time keeps dragging on rather than inviting freedom.

Consider what is simply asking for your closure.

No point on carrying the wait (weight) of unfinished business with us.

No need to drag around our resentments and grievances.

Heavy past history muddles our minds and  becomes physically toxic.

It is best to simply let go and know you are free and unfettered.

Are you ready?

Are you willing?

Are you able?

If not, what is keeping you in waiting and hesitating?

Sometimes just asking the question frees up your response.

Some times you simply need a good “reason” to say “Yes”.

Sometimes we can forgive ourselves for hanging on.

Whatever you do, it is your choice to respond with courage, wisdom and love.

Trusting you to do what is the right time for you.

Betty Lue

Thursday, April 27, 2023

What Controls You or Guides You?

Choose Wisely.

Live Well.


I listen to the love and spirit that lives within me.

I trust myself and free myself to choose with wisdom and courage.

I know myself and honor what is right for me.

I guide my own life and learn from my experiences.

Are You Controlled or Guided?

Are you listening to others or to yourself?

Are you controlled by addictions or attachments?

Are you trying to please or fix or get approval?

Who or what seems to make the decisions for you?

Do you get opinions and feedback from others?

Are you trusting someone else more than yourself?

Do you listen to others and get confused?

Do you feel pushed, and demanded by others?

Sometimes we need to learn to listen to our own voice.

Sometimes we get confused and conflicted by others.

Sometimes we become dependent on parents and partners.

Sometimes we don’t know how to trust ourselves.

What controls you?

What do you fear most?

What is the condition you must always consider?

Addictions and attachments often become the master of our choices.

Does money or fear or lack of security control you?

Do your addictions to smoking, drugs, social media or games run your life?

Are you attached to what will happen or who will care if you make the “wrong” choice?

Do you feel controlled by limiting habits or past choices?

Are you free to make your own choices?

Do you inquire within to ascertain what is best for you?

Are you open and willing to seek what is truly right for you?

Are you guided by your purpose, principles and process?

People may offer suggestions, advice or guidance.

You may listen to others' opinions. 

You may admire others’ life choices.

Your question should always be: “What Works for Me?”

So listen to what guides and provides for your life.

Turn your life over to what you trust.

Give your choices to what is good for you.

Notice what you allow to distract, delay and detour you.

Be aware of what inspires and sustains your consciousness and life energy.

You have the right and responsibility to choose what guides and provides for your life.

You can choose to listen within to what is in your own heart and mind.

What has heart and meaning for you?

Are you living true to your authentic self?

Find your own path of health, happiness, integrity and fulfillment.

Betty Lue