Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Seek DeLight!

I believe in You and Me!
I clear the fear with faith and trust.
I seek the Light and be enlightened.
I trust in only the Highest Good for all.

Seek The Light!

Stop blocking the Light!
Stop clouding your mind.
Relinquish insanity.
Choose for humanity.

Dump the trash.
Bury the deadness.
Cling to nothing.
Honor everything.

Behold the Light that guides your way.
Give life to what gives life energy to you.
Choose the mind that is meaningful and kind.
Seek only what brings joy and gratitude.

You are here to be clear.
You have love and wisdom in you.
Wipe away the tears and fears.
Choose for joy and gratitude.

Lift yourself up in faith.
Stop putting yourself down with doubt.
Remember who you are in truth.
Eliminate what is not true with forgiveness.

Dare to dream. 
Set your goals.
Believe in you.
Live the Best.

You can be what you can see within.
Feel the joy of what is in you.
Trust your highest vision.
Don’t buy into worldly limitation.

You can because you dare to do.
Choose what you want to be true.
Open your heart to everything good.
Bless and let go of what depletes you.

Expand your mind.
Trust your heart.
Listen to what’s possible.
Follow the highest Light.

Love is the Answer.
Whatever the question.
If it is yours to do, do it now.
With faith, all things are possible.

Let’s go for it!
Love works!
I say “YES!”
Betty Lue

Monday, December 30, 2019

Time to Let Go!

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I relinquish what is not mine to carry.
I lighten up and live with mindfulness.
I choose to free myself from all that holds me back. 

Letting Go!

Is it time for you to let go of the past?
Are you ready to finish what is done?
Are you open to a new beginning?
Can you see what you must do to be true?

Are you haunted by incompletion?
Do you stay in conflict with someone?
Are you open to resolving problems?
Do you withhold true forgiveness?

Letting go stops all wasted time and energy.
Undoing the past is the first step to a positive future.
Forgive yourself for blocking your way to creativity.
Open up to see what is before you to accept and enjoy.

There is only Good when we wash away the reminders of past pain.
There is learning and creating when we open our channel to wisdom and Love.
There is the joy of reviewing and renewing ourselves when we let go.
There is affirmation, acceptance and appreciation when we are ready to receive.

Open the space in your home with letting go.
Open the room in your heart to love even more.
Open the visions in your mind when you relinquish disappointment.
Open the joy of relationships when choose to love again no matter what.

You can have a new beginning everyday when you are willing to let go.
Erase the canvas and white out your mistakes and others. too.
You can be the healing presence when you stop the wounding.
You can learn from everything and everyone when you can fully see.

Let go of the weight and the hate.
Let go of the criticism and resentment.
Let go of what hurts and disappoints you.
Let go of negative pictures and projections.
Let go of what blinds and confounds you.
Let go of what blocks the light and love.

Everything you store, takes a piece of your energy.
You can be the one who sets you free to be.
We may not see all we carry, but letting for will lighten your load.
Lighten up to bring health and happiness, youth and wisdom.

You know what is too much so let it go.
You feel what is good for you, so choose it now.
You trust what is best, so live it everyday.
You want what you deserve, so relinquish what is not for you.

Make room in your life for the new year.  
Complete the year gone by.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Trust more good will always come.
Allow what is past to be past. 
Be present with the gifts that remain.

You are the gift of your gratitude and love.
Betty Lue