Monday, July 31, 2006

Who Are You?

What is your true identity?
If you do not know that which you are, how can you fully be?
Listen within to discover: You are a Gift of God's Love.
Your life has a healing and Holy purpose.
Only you can fulfill your purpose.

You are not your body.
You are not your emotions.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your history.
You are not your financial status.
You are not your educational degrees.
You are not your worldly accomplishments.
You are not what the world identifies you as being.

You are free.
You are as God, Creator and Source created you to be.
You are created in the likeness of One Who is unlimited.
You are as unlimited in Power and in Peace as your Creator.

In your freedom from identification with temporal things, you can trust in your True nature.
In your non-attachment to body, personality and finances, you know true freedom.
In your freedom, you can create Goodness, Wholeness and Beauty.
In your trust, you know Inner Peace and Joyous Love for All That Is.

Life is a process in which we find ourselves and lose ourselves.
On the journey we may get stuck in our attachments and fear of letting go.
In our stuckness, we feel insecure, dis-eased and fear of the unknown.
Only in forgiving our self-made limitations do we remember Love is Freedom and Trust.

In our attachment to financial security, societal goals and family expectations, we lose ourselves.
In our freedom to explore and discover, we find ourselves and the truth of WhoWe Are.
As we declare our freedom to be, to express, to create, to achieve, to believe, to heal, we find ourselves.
It is healing and freeing work that we give ourselves and others when we realize, we are not limited.

What do you allow to limit you?
Who do you listen to if not your inner self?
How do you seek to give the best of you?
When will you be free and trusting of your True Purpose here?

Loving us all in living our True Identity,
Betty Lue
We are all children acting out parts, trying out being what others seem to be.
If you are playing a part on the stage of life, who is the being behind the act?

You should see the great designer looks I create with anything I find!
Do you recognize my Dad’s boxer shorts? I got them out of the laundry!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Goals and Priorities

If you adrift in the sea of life without a direction, where will you go?
If you are floating in time without a rudder or sail, where will you go?
If you have no paddle and no wind, where will you go?
No where.

Life is a gift for us to use and choose.
Life is a laboratory for us to experiment and learn.
Life is a garden for us to plant, cultivate and harvest.
Life is a open sea for us to navigate and find our way home.

First, decide and declare your mission here.
To achieve..
To create…
To give…
To be….
You fill in the blanks.

How are you going to accomplish your mission?
What are you goals?
What is your step by step plan?
What are your contingency plans?
Who are your supporters?
How do you consistently support yourself?
What are the highest values or principles you choose to live by?
When you are ready and willing to choose and write down all of this, you are on your way!

The journey is the journey, a step by step process.
How you experience life is determined by your attitude.
With an attitude of gratitude, you will enjoy every step, including seeming mistakes and failures.
With an attitude of gratitude you will see it all as being perfect in learning, healing, growing, choosing.

To achieve what you believe, you must be willing to conceive of your vision and plan.
You must take time for visioning, faith-building, desiring, planning, committing, action and gratitude.
You mast take impeccable care of the visionary and builder, YOU.
You must make your relationships harmonious, supportive and helpful.
You must let your work be holy, healing and helpful to your fulfillment of your goals.

Life must be meaningful, everyday, every step of the way.
It is for you to see and say how that can be.
Wherever you doubt, question, distract, delay, you are interfering and letting fear enter in.
Wherever you are letting fear lead you, you are walking away from joy and peace and love.

You can set your direction by your north star (What really matters to you?).
Listen within for where your life is going.
Choose and use your life to get your there.
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Stuff about Me

Everything you never asked, but some stuff you might want to know?

My truths are simple and the facts are just stuff.
These loving reminders are for me….and for you, if you want them.
In late 1998 when we moved back to CA and I wondered what Spirit wanted me to do, I was invited to sit at the computer (I was then computer-phobic), listen , write and share with friends across the country.
Being a faithful inner listener and obedient follower of Spirit, I began. I have formally listened within, written and followed my inner guidance since November 1976.
For 15-30 minutes each morning, I sit at my computer with a quiet mind and write what I hear within.
Usually, I do not edit or correct the spelling. You get what I get. I am aware that the message is first for the messenger, so I receive the healing Goodness for my own life and relationships. I share these reminders with you as I am guided, because often you tell me how perfectly they fit, heal and awaken.

Spiritual Truth is very simple, plain and practical and highly useful and effective.
When I live the Truth I hear and know, my life is fun, safe and easy.
When I live the Truth of these Loving Reminders, there is gift in everything and flow is natural.

Your Truth may be different than mine, for we are in different places on our spiritual journey.
Your Truth may come in different forms than mine, because our radios are tuned in differently.
Your Truth may be directed towards problems, concerns or reminders that are part of your healing.
Your Truth may be very personal, and situation specific, as mine is usually impersonal and global.

My more personal stuff, for your information: Please delete if uninterested!
Currently, Robert and I, life partners for 21 years are with our granddaughters in Alameda or Petaluma, from 7AM-6PM three days/week. This is joyful, silly, entertaining and very loving family time. Spirit is at work in our grandchildren.
It is there with our children, we can so easily foster: Love or Fear? Yes or No? Good or Bad?

On July 2, I partnered with old friend (plus Robert, our silent partner and my intern) to open The Center for Conscious Living in a suite of offices, I had leased in the early 90's and left to to begin an attitudinal and holistic healing retreat center in Bloomington, IN.
My life is full, teaching two evening classes/week in Relationship Coaching and Naturally Healthy Living.
The Living Ministry Training Program has regenerated itself once again with seven active students and getting applications ready.
My phone coaching and counseling clients, family, spiritual friends and students continue to educate, enlighten and inspire me to continue growing, healing, learning and creating my own life to be fully conscious and responsible for the quality of my life of service.
My life mission is to be the space of trust and freedom (LOVE), where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.
My work is fun, safe and easy and play for me 24 hours/ 7 days/week.
I include everything, doing the wash or grocery shopping, or leading a group or creating a new workshop.
Everywhere I go, I am listening and following my inner guidance to live in Love and give with Joy.

My current wonderful miracle is recently applying for the part-time ministry position at The Home of Truth.
Guided to this new thought and interfaith church in Alameda many times over the years, I was called to attend a service in April and ask if there was a ministry opening, and there was! Now the process is in place and Spirit's work is at hand as the ministry candidates and procurement committee gather in faith to find a better way to service God and all humanity with Higher Truth, in Love and Joy. It is unfolding!

Life with Robert is fabulous. He is most respectful, willing and appreciative of our life together and the healing and Holy work, we hold dear. His own path is to remember to use his body and mind with loving ease, rather than push to accomplish and achieve.
Robert continues to be my support, my able helper, best friend and spiritual partner. For this I thank God for our miraculous union in 1985.

Some have asked:
When my life seems chaotic, fatiguing, stressed or unbalanced, what do I do?
I stop (take a break), breathe deep (renew my Spirit), listen within and follow what I hear.
If I am way out of whack, I might take a short nap, lay down and belly breathe or take a walk focused on the beauty I see.
I have developed techniques in 64 years which keep me energized, focused, in love and positive.
I use what works and I let go of what doesn't serve me.
I still experiment occasionally with new foods or stuff that sounds good, but mostly I need to adhere to what I know from within.
I rarely read books from cover to cover, because all of us are writing for ourselves from our own perceptions.
When I trust my own inner knowing, the wisdom and direction I need are right here and now.
The other helpful truth to difficulty is to stay totally 100% focused on what is right in front of me—the person, or the task.
When I am present each moment, my life is miraculous and a work of great beauty, goodness and love.

While I have written a lot of personal stuff, my prayer is that it might be helpful for you, entertaining or encouraging, that you might find your own spirit-guided and happy way to live.
Trying to live my life by someone else's expectations or guidebook never worked for me, so I don't expect my life to work for you.
If, by chance, there is something here for you to learn, heal or grow from, have it with my blessing.

I am loving you,
True B'Lue, Betty Lue

Can I wear this on my nose?
Or maybe I can peek through it?

Are you experimenting with what life offers you?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

We Are Family

Everyone is my sister and brother.
Everyone is equal partner.
Everyone is my teacher and my student.
Everyone is my friend.

"How can that be?", you may say.
If we have one Father, one Creator and One Source, how can it not be?
Infinite Mind, All That Is, the Great Mystery, has given us one another to remember.
We find ourselves in relationships to find what is missing and to heal what is wounded.

There are those with whom we feel compassion, and those for whom we feel disdain.
All offer us opportunities to find and express the Love within ourselves.
There are those we fear and those we judge.
All offer us reminders to forgive our thinking and our past, to return to Love now.

There are times when we are challenged, conflicted and confused.
Those are times to be quiet, to reflect and listen within.
There are times when we are called to reach out, to nurture and provide.
Those are times when we let the Goodness within be our Guide.

No man is an island.
No man stands alone.
No one can play all the parts.
No life is above it all.

Life demonstrates that we need each other to thrive.
Life shows us we want each other to enjoy and celebrate.
Life gives us chances to change our mind and behavior.
Life invites us to forgive and love us All.

In love, we heal.
For love, we feel.
As love, we are real.
With Love, we appeal.

Love is the way to remember what is true.
Fear is the way to forget.
Love is the way to serve and heal us all.
Fear is the way to cause separation and build walls.

You can remember and never forget.
Look at the children and see the light within.
You can find the forgotten, neglected and lost child in the eyes of those you fear.
You can bring them comfort with your smile and with your tears.

Trust the love within you.
You will find the way.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Are You Ready?

What would you need before accepting a spiritual assignment?
What keeps you from being open to spiritual vision?
What stops you from freeing yourself to go for it?
What holds you back from doubting your worth?
What prevents you from knowing your life purpose?

Fear, doubt, lack of confidence, insecurity, distrust of God?

What can you do to be ready if and when you are called?
What encourages you to open to an expanded picture for you?
What draws you forth to really trust enough to go for it?
What supports you in believing in yourself?
What are you willing to do to know and value your Mission?

Are you ready, willing and able to follow your dream?
Are you ready, willing and able to take off the emergency brake?
Are you ready, willing and able to believe in yourself and let Spirit guide you?
Are you ready, willing and able to love enough to release all fear?
Are you ready, willing and able to let go and let God?

Life invites us to soar.
Life provides us with support.
Life loves us with freedom.
Life supports us with infinite possibilities.
Life challenges us with no lilmitation.

Life is our gift…
To be fully received and freely given.
Life is our playground…
To be explored and enjoyed.
Life is our classroom…
To be learned from and wisdom shared.
Life is our stage…..
To be try out our dramas, romances and heroic ventures.
Life is our wakeup call….
To be conscious and at choice.

Here we learn and grow.
Here we heal and are healed.
Here we let go and release.
Here we remember and remind.
Here we awaken and become the awakeners.
Such is the Truth.

Enjoy it All.
It is Yours to enjoy!
Betty Lue

This is my wide-eyed morning look!
Notice I have my silk blankie close at hand.
We all need something to hang on to when we are sleepy!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Know Nothing

The more I know nothing and am willing to learn everything, the more open I am to inner guidance.
The more I know nothing, the more I stay out of my head and listen to my heart.
The more I know nothing and am willing to learn, the more I observe, respect and reflect.
The more I know nothing and trust everyone and everything is my teacher, the more I learn.
The more I know nothing and stay away from opinions, certainties and plans, the more I am willing.
The more I know nothing and trust the Presence within me to guide me and teach me, the more I am free.
The more I know nothing and respect the subtle shifts and changes in life, the more I am happy.
The more I know nothing and am willing to listen within, the more I will be perfectly guided.

Letting go and trusting is fun, safe and easy.
Betty Lue

Monday, July 24, 2006


Have you found yourself in the Presence of someone who stays connected with Spirit?
Have you noticed that there are certain people or places that wake you up?
Are you aware of miraculous moments which inspire and create amazing good?
These are moments of "quickening" when Spirit is working through us without resistance.

When two or more come together with perfect Love, there everything is instantly possible.
In the absence of fear, there is no hesitation, doubt or questioning.
In totally trusting relationships, there is synergy, flow and easy letting go.
In those holy instants, everything and everyone says “YES”.

Quickening is a natural process, intrinsic in perfect Love.
Quickening is the seeming speeding up of decision-making, manifestation and true prosperity.
Quickening is the space of miracles where love flows and Goodness grows in the Light of Joy.
Quickening is natural where we are guided by Spirit in all We Are and say and do.
Quickening is the place where sacred dreams and Holy vision all come true.

When the quickening of Spirit touches you, listen, be grateful, and enjoy it all.

Life is good and getting better with our willingness, our appreciation and our Joy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Winning and Losing

In the end we will all win together.

Ego works hard to never lose.
Ego wants to always win.
Ego is willing to do whatever it takes.
Ego seeks to win its own way.

Spirit works for the Good of All.
Spirit seeks no losers.
Spirit guides us to be truly helpful.
Spirit offers to give All to All to have All.

Where we resist losing or seek to win, we are obeying ego.
Where we give our best and trust in the Highest Outcome, we are listening to Spirit.
Where anyone loses, we all lose.
Where all win, everyone is prospered.

Let us choose to within within.
Let us choose the path where all can win.
Let us choose to compete no more.
Giving our All is what we're here for.

So be it.

Betty Lue

Saturday, July 22, 2006

To Us or Through Us?

The world happens to us.
God works through us.

God does not make things happen to us.
God does not stop things from happening.

Our perceived world is a product of mass consciousness and unconsciousness.
How we respond to our perceived world is our choice.

When we live with fear, we limit our range of vision and possibility.
When we live in faith, we expand our vision and open to the Infinite.

By opening to All That Is, we invite and allow guidance from Spirit.
With trust in God, we listen with our hearts and let love lead the way.

God works through us, guiding us to flow around obstacles.
God works through us, giving us opportunities to strengthen our faith.
God works through us, to share spiritual messages as we receive them.
God works through us, to forgive, trust and choose again.

Life is ours to use.
Life is to heal our faulty thinking.
Life is to clear the blocks to Love.
Life is to enjoy and create Good.

Our prayer is for listening to the voice within.
Our prayer is to forgive our self made limitations.
Our prayer is for the courage to live our faith.
Our prayer is to praise the Goodness that is ours.

Our choice is to give our best for the Good of All.
Our choice is to give Voice to what God has given us.
Our choice is to honor God by living with joy and inner peace.
Our choice is to enjoy what is ours and give full appreciation.

May God and His messages live in our thoughts, our words and our everyday lives,
Betty Lue

Are you this happy being alive?
Lila is now 14 months.
She is a beautiful teacher of how to let Goodness work through us.
Find a way to be happy. Judge no one. Listen with your heart.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Let It Be

When you are caught in the troubles of the world, let it be.
When you are confused and conflicted, let it be.
When you are envy another's success, let it be.
When you want to fix or change someone, let it be.

We are not here to save another.
We are here to heal ourselves.
We are not here to make the world better.
We are here to be better in our world.

Our work is within, not changing what is without.
Our real power is inner Peace, not to make others be Peaceful.
Our real Joy is to be happy, not to make others be Happy.
Our real love is to love the One we are, not to make another feel loved.

It is in Being that which we Give that we are credible in how we live.
It is in receiving from our gifts that we are given.
It is in providing that we are offered provision.
When the messenger receives their messages, they are content.

To feel Peace and Joy and Love, there is no lack, no need, to obligation.
To be Peace and Joy and Love, there is no limit and no hesitation.
To give the best with sacrifice, teaches others not to receive.
To have the best with generosity, teaches other they can believe.

Learn what you are teaching.
Live what you are preaching.
Lead with joy and freedom.
Follow only what you totally trust.

Let the world be.
The salvation of One Self begins within me and Thee.

We are all in this together.
We are all learning to play our part with ease and joy.
We are all working together to honor and encourage one another.

Learning from everyone and everything.
Betty Lue

Thursday, July 20, 2006


How does creation work?
Wherever two or more of us are joined in Love, Freedom and Trust, all things are possible.

To create is to act like a creative being, think like a creative being and appreciate ones' creativity.
To heal is to act and think like a healed and holy beingness and to appreciate one's wholeness.

Healing, wholeness and holiness are all different levels of the same experience of our natural state.
Creativity is the natural function of Love, which is essentially freedom and trust.

Freedom has no limitation, lack or littleness.
Freedom is open to the infinite.
Trust has no doubt, fear, or judgment.
Trust is remembering We are One with our Creator.
We are all created by our Creator to create.
Our natural state in love is to create only wholeness, Goodness and Beauty.
When we are lost in the confusion of our fear and judgment, we may create defenses against the Truth.
When we are unconscious of our creative power or unwilling to take responsibility for our miss-creations, we may feel victimized, punished and judged by our world (a reflection of our inner self judgments).
When we blame ourselves, feel guilty or regret our miss-creations, we often block our creativity.
To create like God is to enjoy and increase our creativity with full appreciation.

Try out this exercise in choice:
I forgive myself for any and all mistakes.
I totally take responsibility for the quality of my life and my relationships.
I am a happy willing learner in life.
I freely release all fear, doubt and judgments of my choices.
Fill in the blanks honestly:
I want my life to be _________, ________, and _______.
I want my time to be_________, _________ and ______.
I want my relationships to be _________, ________ and ________.
I want my emotions to be ______. _____ and _____.
I want my thoughts to be _______, ______and _______.
I want my activities to be________, _____ and ________.
I want my work to be ________. _____ and _____.
I want my home to be ________. _______ and _________.
I want my health to be _______, ________and __________.
I want my finances to be _______, ______and __________.

I deserve to have what I want.
I am willing to have what I want.
What I want is best for myself and best for others.
I am willing to recognize and clear all blocks to the awareness of all Good in my life.
All is in divine order.
I now have what I want.
I appreciate all I have.
I give thanks that my life works.
I forgive myself for forgetting to do the work.
I am willing to take total responsibility for choosing my life.
God wants me whole, happy and free. And I am willing.
My vision for myself is the same as God's and I appreciate this is so.

Blessing your willingness to acknowledge and take responsibility for your creativity.
Betty Lue

Our creative work is simply:
Be crystal clear about what you want.
Be aware and clear all the blocks to having what you want.
(Let go of everything that does not support you in having what you want!)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No Failure. No Fault.

Life is a fail-safe Exploratorium.
Everyone will awaken.
All of us will recognize the ever Present Power of Love.
Each one of us will come home to the Truth of Who We Are.

We are One Self, United with our Creator,
At One with every aspect of Creation,
Unlimited in Power and in Peace. (ACIM)

There is no harm.
There is failure.
There is no sin.
There is no right way or wrong way.
There are errors in perception.
There is faulty beliefs and limited thinking.
There is unwillingness to see what no longer works.
There is forgetting to listen within for the highest Good.
There is attachment to what is comfortable and familiar.
There is choosing to suffer and sacrifice and despair.
There is made up limitation, lack and littleness.
There is unwillingness to forgive and undo what is not True.
There is the choice to worry, fear, judge, feel guilt and blame.
There is denial of what is.

There is learning to heal.
There is willingness to forgive our resistance to stop, look and listen.
There is only learning that Love is Real.
There is choosing only the highest and Best for ourselves and the same for others.

Love is healing.
Love is Freedom.
Love is omnipotent.
Love is creative.
Love is joyous.
Love is Good.
Love is God.
Love is Who and Whose we are.
Love created us creative.
Love is our natural state.
Love is.
With Love, all is well.

When we trust in the ego's fear, comparison and the balance sheet in life, we forget.
When we trust in the world, we get lost and become afraid of failure.
When we see the world as measuring our worth, we feel guilty or resentful.
When we believe that our success is of the world, we lose sight of Reality.

Life is for giving and we are the gift.
When we have not fully acknowledged the gift we are and received the gifts we give, our flow is diminished.
When life is not working, it is a call to stop, look and listen within.

Ask yourself these questions:
Listen within for the responses from your True Self!
(PS. It may be difficult to hear the Truth when you are invested in decisions in the past.)

Who am I really?
What is my calling?
What do I really want?
What can I do to have what I really want?
What is interfering with my easily and naturally living my ideal life?
How can I be awake, aware and enthusiastic?
What is my real work here?
What am I willing to do to clear the blocks to freedom and fulfillment?
How can I feel grateful and blessed everyday?
What is the message I have come here to receive and give?
What can I do to realize my life purpose now?

Yes, these are all the same question being asked in many ways!

Yes, You can have the life you want.
No, you cannot control others or your world.
You can change your mind, choose your emotions and commit to Love it All!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fun, Safe and Easy Relationships

Monday Night Relationships Coaching Circle is receiving a lesson each week to encourage practicing a helpful loving reminder in their relationships. I offer this one for your consideration.

Before understanding comes Peace.
Relationships will be fun, safe and easy, when you are peaceful.
To be peaceful, you must be true to yourself.
Sacrifice yields inner conflict with expected reciprocation and resentment.
True integrity, taking care One Self, yields inner peace.

When we are taking full responsibility for our own happiness,
When we are living on purpose and following our heart,
When we are in love and happy with our lives,
We are peaceful.
When we are peaceful, happy and true to ourselves,
What others are doing, is simply that, what they are doing.
There is no upset, no expectation, no demand or threat, no need to have others conform to our needs.

Every upset is simply a wakeup call, telling us we are off path, not on purpose and out of integrity.
Peace comes from living our own life according to our inner guidance, following our heart.
Only when we are at peace, not judging, blaming, hurting or afraid, can we fully understand another.
Only when we are really loving ourselves and true to our purpose, are we at peace with others.
Only when we let go of sacrifice, trying to get Love, and being dependent, can we fully unite.
Only when we are make peace inside, can we be peaceful outside with those in our lives.

All work in relationships is an inside job.
First find inner peace, be at one with yourself.
Then you will experience easy healing and freeing love for others.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yes, this means giving up specialness, neediness, dependency, comparison, assumptions and expectation.
Yes, this means honoring your own needs and filling them with the guidance and help of Spirit.

The new Relationships Coaching Circle will begin on Wednesday evening September 13 at 7:15 PM.
You are invited to attend for the whole 10 week series or drop in when you are available.
Your investment is $25/week or $200 paid in advance for the series.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Can You Care for Yourself?

Are you dependent on others?
Do you need others to entertain you?
Do you need others to approve of you?
Do you need others for company?
Do you need others to provide for you?
Do you need others to listen to you?
Do you need others to motivate you?

How do you need others to care for you?
Who do you need?
How much do you need them?
What do you need from them?
Do you ask or demand what you want?
Do they deliver what you need?
Do you accept their "No" as easily as their "YES"?
Do you let go of asking those who have nothing to give?
Do you give to those who have nothing?
Do you keep going to the dry well, expecting a flow?

Do you know how to give to others?
Do you let giving bring you joy?
Do you know how to receive from others?
Do you receive with genuine appreciation?
Do you feel grateful for all gifts of love?
Do you truly value whatever is given?
Do you give according to how you have received?

When we are dependent, others are aware and usually stay away.
When we are needy, usually others are cautious about their association.
When we are complaining, often others will leave to avoid our negativity.
When we are never satisfied, usually others quit trying to give to us.

Do you know how to care for yourself?
If you were not loved well or were deprived, you probably do not know how to love yourself.
If you were expected to satisfy others first, you may not feel safe in caring for yourself.
If your nurturing parent was needy and demanding, you may have learned to be needy and demanding.
If you have no model f appropriate self care, you may not have a picture of how to love yourself well.

Essentials for Balanced Self-Care
Quiet time for spiritual connection.
Time in nature for resonance with the Earth Mother.
Meaningful and productive work for a sense of value and fulfillment.
A healthy and healing relationship, (partner, friend or family member) with mutual respect and love.
Gratitude for everyday living.
Creating beauty and goodness for ourselves and others.
Respect for humanity and those with whom we connect daily.
Rest and recreation for renewal and enjoyment.
Education and inspiration from which to grow and develop a greater sense of life purpose.
Selfless service with joy for those who come for help.

I am encouraging those adults who are dependent to develop independence first.
From independence, healthy interdependent relationships will emerge, when we have discovered our own worth and self love.

Depending on God, Spirit within,
Betty Lue

Even at this age, they are actively developing independence.
To trust in the love and safety in your world supports being free.

With independence comes love, gratitude and mutual respect.

Age one and two are key for learning to believe in yourself.

Harper and Lila just before they were walking on their own.

The minute they could do it themselves they were happy and free!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Conscious Communication

Are you responsible?
Do you stay conscious?

If you knew every thought is transmitted to everyone everywhere, would your thoughts be more kind?
If you knew every word you speak is teaching children everywhere, would you speak with more respect?
If you knew every action, in private or in public, is known by all people, would you clean up your act?

Every thought, word and deed is teaching all the universe.
We are not alone in what we do. There are no secrets.
Our directed energies affect everyone everywhere.
We are a part of everything and all that is.

To be responsible, we must be able to respond to what comes our way.
To be responsible, we must be respectful and loving with what we do and say.
To be responsible, we must be full of care for what is given us to do.
To be responsible, we must listen to our hearts and be forever true.

This weekend I am offering a facilitation workshop in conscious communication.
The two primary teachings are:
1) Pay attention to what you pay attention to.
2) Bless everyone and everything.

To be awake requires that we take responsibility for our thoughts and heal our judgments.
To be aware requires that we be responsible for our words and how we communicate.
To be conscious requires that we spiritually choose those activities that serve the Good of All.

Being a conscious messenger is a higher calling requires being awake and aware and total responsibility.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Too Much or Too Little?

Do you recognize when too much is too much?
Is there effort, competition, push or striving?
Or is there ease, support, flow and willingness?

Do you realize when too little is being given?
Is there withhold, fear, judgment and conditionality?
Or is there generosity, forgiveness, appreciation and joyful giving?

With attention to our experience, we can know when we withhold the flow.
With consciousness of the moment, we can feel when we are trying to get our way.

To allow what is to be is key.
To free our energies to see what is asks only that we let go of needing to know the outcome.
To appreciate our willingness to be fully Present, in Love, empowers what is to heal and be.

Life asks that we be here now, celebrating each moment as it is.
Nothing to do…except see and free all the blocks to fully being here in Love, as we truly Are.

Loving you, loving me, as we all choose to Be,
Betty Lue

Miss So So (Sofia, Gia, 8 mo. old sister) loves her Grandpa Robert.
PS He is the one who takes most of these delightful photos.

Watch children at play and rest, simply being.

They take in what gives them pleasure.

They move away from what hurts or depletes their energy.
They love, laugh, learn and let go easily moving on to the next moment.

Be as a child, happy and free,expressive and authentic, giving and receiving Love.

Betty Lue

Friday, July 14, 2006

Rest, Create, Work and Play

There is a Be, Do Have Rest Abundant Cycle which I teach in my Conscious Communication work.

To have Inspiration and Vision, we must first be still and quiet the Mind and rest in the silence.
To effectively produce, achieve or manifest, we must first have inspired vision and direction.
To fully play, enjoy and be grateful, we must fulfill our chosen work and agreements in life.
To truly rest, we must support others and feels supported with our gratitude and full appreciation.

When there is judgment and fear blocking any aspects of our life, we limit our abundant living.

Balance in life is essential.
Awareness and forgiveness clear blocks.
Focusing on whatever our current stage is with full attention is vital.

Rest well.
Create with Joy.
Do what is yours to do.
Love and appreciate your self and others is what gets done.

Life will be abundant for you!******

Loving you well,
Betty Lue

Are you wide-eyed, open and curious about all the Goodness you will enjoy each day?
Are you ready and willing to love everyone who comes offering Love to you?
Are you ready to receive the very Best and forget the rest?
You will be happy, and healthy and free!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Healing Tools

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life

When the mind gets stuck on a belief a thought, belief or perception, our inner light (life force) shines through the belief and projects it onto our emotions, our body, our relationships, our job and finances. Literally, what we believe is out-pictured in what we experience.

When the mind is given (learns, hears, empathically takes on) a belief at birth, it begins to accumulate evidence that what it hears is true. False Evidence Appearing Real=FEAR. The mind gathers information to prove itself right, thus building a case to continue the limiting belief and limiting life experience.

When you look at your life, what do you see?
When you shine a clarifying light on your life patterns, what repeats itself and/or stays around is the faulty and limiting belief which you are here to forgive, clear and heal for all generations, past, present and future.

We are the conscious healers of our time,
here to be truly helpful in releasing humanity from the errors of our thinking, judging, misperceiving, and believing.

What do you use to do the work?
Are you too lazy, too afraid, hurt, angry or blind to know what to do?
Have you allowed what is untrue, unloving and unwise to take over for you?
Forgive and Choose again.
It is your mission, if you choose to accept it, to heal what is not real.
-To love, not leave your ego.
-To surrender to the power and presence of Love and Goodness in You.
-To be a happy willing learner in embrace and love fear into nothingness.
-To practice daily whatever spiritual tools are best for you.

Take your choice and add your own to this powerful healing and freeing list.

When you are stuck, limited, judging and fearful, what do you use?
Denial: Nothing and no one can limit or harm me. I am free.
Forgiveness: I forgive, erase, undo and relinquish all limitation, lack and littleness. I am free.
Declaration: I declare I am unlimited and free, as God created me. And this is all my mind obeys.
Affirmation: My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving, unlimited and true.
Inspired choice: I listen within and choose for the Highest Good.
Gratitude: Everything I appreciate increases the Good in my life.
Trust: I trust all is well and so it is.

There are many tools for healing, clearing, undoing and erasing past false learning and programming, patterns and beliefs.
The real work is to USE them consistently.
I invite you to take charge of your mind and your life.
What you believe you see and make so in your life.
Be wise in choosing only those beliefs which create more goodness, wholeness and Love in your life.

Together in Love,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Do You Want


You experience what you want (believe you deserve, think you can get or call it your karma), whether you accept it or not.

You can have a problems and see it as a valuable lesson or as a curse.
You can have financial downturn and see it as an opportunity to simplify your life.
You can have relational discord and see it as a wakeup call to trust and accept the differences.
You can have a sudden loss and see it as an invitation to appreciate what you have.

To take responsibility for what we have in our lives is a big leap for those who are used to seeing themselves as victims in life.
To blame circumstances or God or our parents or the weather or germs or authorities in our life is to relinquish choice, control, power and effectiveness.
To take full responsibility is to own I am at cause.
To take responsibility is to say I know what I want and I let go of everything that is not supportive.
To take responsibility is to take impeccable care of my mind, body and spirit, so I can choose consciously.
To live responsibly is to cultivate and trust my relationship with my inner Self, my creator Self.
To live responsibly is to let go of all the obstacles to freedom and trust within me.
To live responsibly is to simplify, clarify and embrace what is, receiving the gift in everything.
To live responsibly is to enjoy the life I have and to forgive what I do not enjoy, letting go with ease.
To live responsibly is to relinquish guilt and blame, shame and resentment.
To live responsibly is to make conscious choices for the highest good of All.
To live responsibly is to keep my word, to give my best and appreciate all beings equally.
To live responsibly is to seek nothing and give everything.
To live responsibly is to listen in the stillness for the Voice of Consistent Unconditional Love.

When I believe I have not chosen what I have, it is time to forgive my self and those I blame.
When I believe I have not chosen what I have, I can take responsibility for not knowing how.
When I believe I have erred in what I have, I can forgive my errors with gratitude for learning.

Everything can be undone, reversed and erased with forgiveness.
All things work together for Good.
It is in my willingness to be appreciative of my learning that I expand my consciousness.

Watch your thoughts.
Listen to your inner messages.
Notice how you talk with and treat others.
Pay attention to images you watch on your inner mental screen and your TV, video and computer screen.
Heed your affirmations to others.
Actively seek all the contrary messages you give to yourself.
And remember, whenever you have part of you saying YES and part saying NO, you go nowhere.

Wow, we really are responsible for the experiences in our lives.
We really can change our lives for Good.
We really are able to have what we want so we can share what we have.

We are the same, You and I. All of us are in this together to learn with and from one another.
Betty Lue

Call me for coaching and counseling and classes.
Take time to learn from everything and everyone.
Happy willing learners enjoy all life’s experiences.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


What is true for you may not be true for another.
The mind sees what it believes.
If you hold a belief that black cars are beautiful and white cars ugly, this will be your experience.
If you "know" that teens are rude, you will not only perceive rudeness, but will encourage their disrespect by how you think, speak and act toward them.

We generate our perceptions based on our judgments.
Our senses obey our mental control center.
Our minds screen out what does not agree with its programming.
When we are judging, we are not neutral and cannot see what is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Truth is in the mind of the perceiver.
When we see without prejudice, it is easier to see what really is.
Love, awareness with non judgment, heals our perceptions.

Our beliefs help create our perceptions.
Our perceptions and experiences we call our truth.

What I know, as the guiding principle in my life is:
A Creative Power that is All Good and Loving created Goodness and Love.
Therefore, my truth is that beneath all errant behavior is the potential for Goodness and Love.
My perception is that those who have forgotten their true Creator have gotten lost in false beliefs.
And as humanity fell into belief in evil, we literally and collectively built an "anti God Truth".
To make our mis-creation "right", we continue to gather evidence against the "evil" we created.
The solution for me is to trust in the innate Goodness and Love within All That Is and the rest, the made-up Truth, will dissolve into the nothingness from whence it came.

(Yes, I counsel, coach, affirm, pray, write, travel and teach to awaken humanity, so I am an active loving reminder!)

My Truth, as I choose it to be for me:
What is not Love is merely the call for remembering Love.
To Remember Love is to Return to Wholeness and Holiness.
This is the ReUnion of our selves with out True Self,
the ReUnion of the children with Our True Parent or Creator,
and our ReUnion with all Life.

In Reunion, All is One and One is All.

Remembering the Love We Are,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 10, 2006

Change Encourages Freedom

When we fear change, we try to control situations.
When we fear change, we resist and experience pain.
When we fear change, we may experience confusion.
When we fear change, we may get stuck and stagnant.

When we love change, we will create new experiences.
When we love change, we will be flexible and adaptable.
When we love change, we will be energized by the unknown.
When we love change, we let go with freedom and trust.

When we fear, we can forgive our fear.
Where we fear, we can heal unconscious patterns of the past.
When we fear, we can give ourselves reassurance and comfort.
When we fear, we can invite ourselves to open to trust.

Each one of us can resist the natural changes in life and feel stuck.
When we fear, we lose control.
When we fear, we reinforce our pain.
When we fear, we feel victimized.

When we love, we gain control.
When we love, we release our pain,
When we love, we feel part of the change.
Each one of us can accept the natural changes in life and feel free.

Loving the changes in you and me,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Our Real Work

To play at our work offers a light filled life.
To be serious, stuck and stressed is heavy.
We all have real work to do here, but it is far from the arduous routine of working for a living.
Our real work is to experience and inspire happiness, wholeness and meaning in our lives.

Our real work is to be happy and at peace.
Our real work is to be in love, a space of trust and freedom.
Our real work is to take responsibility for the life we have.
Our real work is to enjoy the life we choose.
Our real work is to blame no one including ourselves.
Our real work is to see what is without fear.
Our real work is to offer our conscious blessing of love.
Our real work is to clearly experience the Presence of Love.
Our real work is to forgive our misperceptions.
Our real work is to respond with Love to all calls for Love.
Our real work is to give and receive the best and bless the rest.
Our real work is to listen within and follow the guidance of spirit.
Our real work is to teach and live what we are learning.

Our real work is to Love Unconditionally, Serve from the Heart and Remember God.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Life Is a Playground

We are kids learning to play together.
Children making choices,
Children deciding what to do next.
Kids laughing and enjoying the experience…..
This is the life we will have, if we see ourselves free.

The inner adult demands, "How do I earn a living?
How do I feed my family and pay my bills?
What about my part to play and saving the world?
How do I stay safe and feel like I belong?"

We are all players in the exploration of our lives.
Look around and see what lies in your playground.
Are your favorite things in good repair?
And do you dare to take time off the adult duties?
What do you love to do?
Swing so high you can almost fly?
Slide down and around and run around to slide down again.
And do you go splat at the end or jump up and begin again?
Do you just love to climb and swing and hang from those monkey bars?
Just exercising your agility and flexibility and showing off, too?
How about the sand box…Digging for treasure in a never ending search.
Are you building castles that disappear when someone else comes along?
Or building roads and towns and caves and moving around trucks and cars and people, too?
How about just sitting on the edge and watching others play?
How do you do your playground day?

If you pay attention to your life, as you play it,
You will see the themes, the patterns and outcome too.
We are just kids all here playing…
Until we figure our what to do.
We love to explore and discover and know…
That is our calling, how we heal and how we grow.

The outcome is clear.
We choose the games we play.
We all go home after a hard day's play.

We can ask ourselves,
Am I playing my life as it feels best for me?
Do I like the way I am relating to others?
Do I enjoy the work and play that I do?
Am I living my life my way or yours?
Do I know what I want and enjoy what I do?
Am I happy with myself and to myself be ever true?
Do I like doing the same thing over and over?
Do I go splat when I fall and jump up and begin again with joy?
Am I learning and growing, discovering how to be true?
Am I enjoying the feeling of healing the hurts and losses?
Am I taking responsibility for the freedom to choose?
Am I mastering this playground so no one can lose?

Loving the play,
Betty Lue

Friday, July 07, 2006

What is Your Gift?

How do you know what is given until you unwrap the package?
How can you receive the Real gift until it is given?
How do you value what is kept in hiding?
How do you experience the gift that remains unopened?

Is it possible that you have failed to give the gift of yourself?
Are you giving to those who are unable or unwilling to receive what you give?
Have you so covered yourself in layers of camouflage that no one sees what is given?
Can you experience the joy of giving when you withhold the real thing?

Your love can only be shared by loving.
Love may not be received by those who fear Love.
Loving with conditions is not fully loving.
Love freely given will be received according to the willingness of the receiver.

Light that shines into the darkness may be feared.
Light that is shared with a need to be noticed may not be trusted.
Gifts given with the need to be appreciated or approved feels conditional.
Gift of great joy will be welcomed by the heart, if not the mind.

Yes, Life is for giving.
And you are the gift.
It is only through giving the gift of yourself that you realize the gift you are.

When you are empty, fill someone else and receive what you share.
When you are full, share from the overflow and enjoy the recycling.
When you are needy, open the flow to receive more by giving.
To have All, give All to All.

Your gift is hidden within you.
Give your whole and holy self to those who can and will receive and value You.
It is in giving that you receive.
Nothing is so valuable as giving to those who are willing to receive.

Receiving your gifts of Love,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Freedom Day

Are you free?
Are you free to be who you are?
Are you free to express your most loving feelings?
Are you free to create your fabulous creative ideas?
Are you free to go where spirit calls you?
Are you free to live as inspires and enlivens you?

The answer is YES!
No matter what your fearful ego may say,
No matter what society or your parents taught you,
You are free.

If your answer is "NO", you are being controlled by FEAR.
FEAR is "anti-life" and some would say, "Anti Christ or the Evil in the world.
EVIL is "Live" spelled backwards.
Evil is believing there is something outside you, that can limit your Love, your Joy and your Freedom.

You are free to think, say and do anything that calls to you.
Whenever you let your personality and self-made belief be in charge,
you may believe you are limited, lacking and little.
We tell ourselves a lie when we buy into the mass consciousness beliefs.
We deny ourselves our joy when we let others judgments ruin our choices.
We forget we are created by an Unlimited Creator, when we allow human thought to shut down our Love.
We make ourselves sick and sad when we let the past run our future.

What do you do when you feel you are constricted by fear?

What are your freeing agents?
When you are stuck, limited, judging and fearful, what do you use?
Denial: Nothing and no one can limit or harm me. I am free.
Forgiveness: I forgive, erase, undo and relinquish all limitation, lack and littleness. I am free.
Declaration: I declare I am unlimited and free, as God created me. And this is all my mind obeys.
Affirmation: My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving, unlimited and true.
Inspired choice: I listen within and choose for the Highest good.
Gratitude: Everything I appreciate increases the Good in my life.
Trust: I trust all is well and so it is.

Pick one and work with it for 30 days. Experience the change.

You are free!!! Freedom is a choice!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, July 03, 2006

Is It Fun?

Is it fun to forgive? Is it fun to clean house?
Is it fun to work? Is it fun to play at life?
Is it fun to heal? Is it fun to feel your True Love?

Life is fun, safe and easy for me.

To resist causes pain and displeasure.
To fear causes avoidance and anxiety.
To hate causes darkness and contraction.
To judge causes withhold and fear of attack.

Life can be fun, safe and easy for you.

If you are resisting, let go and allow.
If you are fearing, bless and love.
If you are hating, forgive and show kindness.
If you are judging, look beneath the personality and behavior.

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

Look for the light in the darkness.
Find some humor in the seriousness.
Sing to the sun on cloudy days.
Appreciate simple pleasures when in pain.

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

When you clean house, make it a blessing.
When you work, make it play.
When you heal, make it freeing.
When you forgive, make it your gift of love.

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

Give up your myths of struggle and sacrifice.
Let go of learned judgments of shopping or moving.
Release pictures of lifetime resentments and separation.
Undo all thoughts of fear, suffering and pain.

Life can be fun, safe and easy.

After all, life is really your game.
Life as you play it is yours to name the rules and the outcome.
So play it all, as you would have it be.
And you will agree, life can be fun, safe and easy.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Love is Freedom—Freedom is Love

Today is another auspicious day in my inspired life.
Today is the 85th birthday of Marian A. Fisher, my mother.
Today is our relationship birthday, the midpoint between our birthdays.
Today I am speaking on the principle of freedom at the home of Truth in nearby Alameda.
Today I am inaugurating a new place for others to join in, in collaboration with Kathleen Sims and others.
Today we are beginning to move from Creative Solutions offices into a larger suite of offices, Suite #200.

Today is the day which God has made.
I am here only to serve the highest Good with everything I think and say and do.
In my freedom and defenselessness, my safety lies.
When I think I know what is really going on I get attached and stuck.
When I try to make something happen, I can feel the resistance and contraction in my mind and body.
When I am afraid that I will do or say something wrong, I am not free to speak Divine Will.

My life is only about undoing what is not Love.
It is fear that binds me and Love that sets me free.
It is Love that frees me and brings my heart great Joy.

The root meaning of "to Love" is "to free".
When we say "I love you.", we are really saying "I free you."
Are you freeing those you Love?
Are you trusting them with your Love?

Yes, my mother and father nurtured me with freedom.
My Parents taught me with freedom and responsibility.
My mother reminded me often that I am a gift of God's Love.
She told me I am God's child on loan to them as parents, for a brief time of guidance, only when needed.
And I thank her for giving me the gift of conscious loving, the gift of trust and freedom.

And yes, God sent my partner Robert to join me over 21 years ago.
Robert also is the Gift of God's Love.
Robert trusts and frees me with his Love.
Robert honors my inner guidance with his whole being.
And I thank him for giving me such profound respectful and True Love.

How are we each to receive the gift of God's Love with all others?
It is through giving that we receive.
It is through loving others with perfect trust and freedom that we fully Love ourselves.
It is through freeing others and trusting in their learning process that they begin to trust themselves.
It is through trust and freedom that we all come to remember to Love one another as God loves us.

Trusting You, Freeing You , just as I am Loving You,
Betty Lue

This 14 month old, Harper, is just beginning to walk, but is always ready to climb.
Life is like this.

Let’s explore and see how high we can climb and how far we can go.

Love trusts the exploration process, with a little help, support and encouragement.

Fear sets limits, scares us with pain, and discourages adventure.

Look to see where you encourage your own adventure, inner guidance and joyous exploration.

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.

Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.

Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.

Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.

Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together.
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Grateful Completion and Happy Beginnings

The first half of 2006 is complete.
The second half is just beginning.
Everyday and every moment is fully of endings and beginning.
Good-bye and hello. Aloha and Namaste.
Opportunities for us to honor and celebrate.

When we are meticulous in our completion, we can begin on new wholesome ground.
When we are grateful for what has been, we will be hopeful about what can be.

Life is the school in which we learn that every action effects every other action.
Every word creates results with reverberate to everyone everywhere.
Nothing we think or say or do is done in a vacuum.
We are all an integral part of everyone everywhere.

“Happiness runs in a circular motion.
Love is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everyone is a part of everything anyway.
You can have it All if you let yourself be.”

Finish what you start.
Or…give it away to someone who will finish it with joy.
End everything with gratitude and blessing.
Value all experiences and they will expand and enrich your life.
Leave everything a little better.
We all can clean up our language, our thoughts, our activities and our environment.
Appreciate your whole life cycle…beginning, middle and end.
Every part of your life adds value to your whole life learning.
Be happy with who you are and what you do.
Prosperity is found in realizing and appreciating your true worth.
Life is for giving and you are the gift.
It is in freely giving the gift of yourself that you remember the Gift you are.

Loving you faithfully,
Betty Lue

Celebrating the life of Jackie Waldon today at 2PM in the Diablo Room of Hillside Clubhouse in Rossmoor.

Offering Sunday Services at the Home of Truth, 1300 Grand Ave. in Alameda on Sunday at 10:30AM.

Moving Creative Solution Offices to 140 Mayhew Way, Suite #200, Pleasant Hill this weekend.
We are joining Kathleen Sims in our new co-creation, Center for Conscious Living.
This suite is the former home of Shared Potential for 13 years.
It will offer more space for groups, classes, and fellowship.

Letting Go

Letting go of a loved one who made their transition or died physically?
Letting go of a job or a marriage?
Letting go of a dream or belief in some ideal?
Letting go of a home or place of business?
Letting go of an old image with hair or weight loss or gain?
Letting go of addiction or bad habits?

Letting go can be intense, difficult and painful.
When we try to let go of something we want to stay the same, it is hard.
When we try to hang on to what is comfortable, familiar and fills a void, the loss causes pain.
When we struggle with questioning why and how and doubting the value of the loss, we resist.

Resistance produces pain.
Gratitude produces blessing.
When we resist what is, we judge and suffer.
When we bless what is, we feel hope and new possibilities.

Helpful hints:
Affirm: ( Write and say 20 times daily.)
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I no longer need to fear change.
I now am wiling to trust everything works together for good.

Write down pages of all your feelings in the letting go process.
(Or tell everything to a neutral party who is willing to listen and let go without judging or fearing for you.)
Write everything that upsets you. Your fears, anger, hurt, resentment, confusion, and more.

Talk to the person, place or circumstance ( being let go) in your mind or aloud.
Then listen to the response as though they were present to respond to you.

Forgive yourself for all your judgment, doubt and distrust in what is.
Forgive yourself and others for what you see as not loving.
Forgive everyone and everything.
Make lists of every forgiveness that comes to mind, everyday until there is no more to forgive.

Choose how you want to feel, respond and experience what is happening.
Make a list of choices. I choose….I am…..I have…….

Bless it all.
Be grateful for everything you are learning and experiencing.

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy when you allow it all to work together for your Good.
Loving You,
Betty Lue

New Address for Creative Solutions, Reunion Ministries and Betty Lue
Mayhew Office Park, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200, Pleasant Hill. CA 94523
You may remember we were there 1990-’92. (In the front building)
Expanding from 400 sf to sharing 1500 sf.
Lots of room for groups and classes, and spiritual fellowship.