Saturday, March 31, 2018

Is it Love?

I Love without condition or limit.
Love fills me and sets me free.
When all is forgiven, there is only Love.
I welcome Love, trust and freedom into my life.

(Written in response to someone suffering in the pain of special Love.)

What Is Love?

Does Love worry?
Is Love afraid?
Does Love limit?
Is Love jealous?

Seems to me that FEAR worries and distrusts.
It seems contradictory that love would restrict or be jealous.
Love is trust and freedom.
Love is safe and happy and free.

Love may feel like a dream, an illusion.
When we fully love, it feels so good and just right.
Love is our natural state.
Innocent love is fun, safe and easy.

However, most people are in fear.
In fear, there is no room for love.
In fear, there is often a fear of drowning or disappearing in love.
In fear, there is a pervasive fear of becoming weak and vulnerable in love.

We all desire (under the fear) the place of joy and peace to rest in endless love.
Yet fear can hold its grip on us, while we are in the world of temporary relationships.
With intermittent love from others, we develop a fear of what is not lasting.
We yearn for something real and eternal, a safe place to trust and be free.

When we seek Love from personalities, we may be disappointed.
When we look for Love from those who are in fear, we will receive their fear.
When we find others lacking in Love, we will come to realize our own conditional love.
Just know when there is fear or lack in another, it is always a call for love.

Everything in this world changes over time……even human Love.
Relationships, commitments, feelings, personalities, bodies…..everything changes.
When we demand that human Love stays the same, we are setting up for disappointment.
To Love another is to give Love, respect, patience, forgiveness to another.

I choose to stay in Love.
I forgive myself for being hurt by another’s lack of Love.
I trust that Love is always enough.
I choose to never quit on Love.
I choose to Love, no matter what!

Love is our natural state.
We were created in Love, by Love, as Love, for the purpose of Loving.
When not in Love, something is mistaken.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, March 30, 2018

Call to Joy!

I choose to be happy and free.
I choose to see all things differently.
I choose to go the way of Love.
I choose to follow the path of delight.

What Path Do You Follow?

This morning in my writing, my inner guidance, I was reminded to follow the path of joy.

“Go where you experience joy and light.
Enter into the house of love and peace,
Lift up your voice to laughter and singing.
When life takes you down, look up.

Life is your calling—Live well and prosper.
Take time to celebrate and innovate.
Be free in Spirit and full of Gratitude.
Allow grace to guide you as you look into the face of God.

Your holy work is healing work.
To be healing, you must make happy and bring peace.

Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and you will know,
Doing what comes naturally.”
(A song I wrote years ago. Substitute Joy and peace.)

It takes so little to give ourselves the love and light we really want.
When we are aware, we can step away from fear and darkness.
As we consciously choose the joyful ways to live, we remember.
As we consistently choose loving ways to give, we enjoy our lives.

We each and all deserve a life of all good and only good.
We need not stay in the dark and hope for the light to come.
We need not try to change others ways to be happy and free.
We can come to our own choice and raise our own voice.

Life choices are made individually.
We can choose our own path to follow.
We can sing our own song and happy way.
We can live our own lives following the light within us.

When we contemplate staying where we are, ask what is our highest calling?
When we listen within to the inner child, the innocent one, what does he or she really want?
When we long for love and light, a peaceful and restful night, where do we go?
When we set ourselves free, how can we see things differently and live our own truth?

Life is our choice everyday.
We can choose the happy way of love or the unhappy ways of fear.
We can choose to free ourselves to move or get mired in fear and dependence.
We can let go and allow only Goodness or hang on and wait for winning the lottery.

Be free.
Be happy.
Choose wisely.
Live in Love.
Betty Lue

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Conscious Relationships

I give what I want to have.
I share the best I know.
I choose to love myself and others.
I contribute to all with respect and responsibility, honest communication and commitment

What Do You Really Want in Your Ideal Relationships

Relationships include partnerships, friendships, roommates and family.
Relationships include marriage and romance, employers and co-workers.
When we learn to relate by giving what we ideally want, we experience it more consistently.
When we learn to relate to everyone consciously and consistently, we have what we want.

Giving is receiving.
As we give the best, we feel our best.
As we feel our best, we give our best.
And so it is, we receive what we give.

Respect for all relationships is being open and willing to see everything as healing.
 means to look again, to see things differently, to perceive with new eyes.
We see through the filters of past history and experiences and project it onto present relationships.
We can only respect another as much as we know how to respect ourselves.

Be honest and open to create safety within the relationship.
When we fear we will be judged, rejected or punished, we withhold.
When we become a safe place for everything to be shared, we receive others honesty easily.
When we are open and honest ourselves, we create more openness and honesty from others.

Share ideals, values, and principles to live by, making all relationships more accepting.
Learning what we want and how we prefer to communicate is key to connecting with others.
Being willing to share with others what we believe and truly desire allows others to do the same.
When there is joining with common goals, all relationships function more effectively.

Contribute fully and freely your best to all relationships, giving a feeling of equanimity.
Understand that everyone is doing their best and appreciate the good you receive and give.
Relinquish demanding more and better to allow others to feel capable and valuable.
When there is no comparison or evaluation of others giving, everyone feels free to be their best.

Commit to be responsible for the quality in all relationships.
This requires us to be awake and aware, truly conscious.
Be willing to communicate feelings, wants and willingness without demanding of others.
Commit to take care of our selves first without depending on others egos to take care of us.

Be responsible for the quality of our relationships without guilt or blame.
Attend to the ways in which people need to be valued and appreciated.
Honor our own needs first so we can be available to others.
Be open and willing to make amends for mistakes, conscious and unconscious.

Appreciate all relationships as the gifts of learning and healing they are.
Love everyone exactly as they are, including ourselves.
Honor the examples of kindness and love in our lives.
Be present to see and be conscious, open and willing.

Enjoy life as opportunities for wisdom, gratitude and true prosperity.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I love to feel the peace of Trusting.
I forgive myself and others for distrust and fear.
I relinquish all need to justify and explain my trust.
I free myself to live in my total Trust in Love.

Trust Will Settle Every Problem Now!

If I step back and Let Love lead the way, I trust in Love.
If I relinquish all attack, gossip and criticism, I trust problems will resolve.
If I let go of my need to please others, I trust my inner guide is true.
If I allow all things to be as they truly are, I trust life teaches and gives what is Good for me and you.

There is a BIG “If”.
Most people have learned to distrust Life.
Most people are afraid to let go and allow natural change.
Most people hang on, hold up and stop what is to be fun, safe and easy.

I have experimented and know with Spirit, life can be fun, safe and easy.
I have noticed, when life is flowing with inner guidance, everyone is happy.
I have observed, when people listen within, everything works together for good.
I have known and been shown conscience is a guide for a guilt-free life.

Trust allows change.
Trust is flexible, open and willing.
Trust is flowing with inspiration and joy.
Trust is fun, safe and easy living and giving.

Being Willing to let go of control and trust is key to true prosperity.
Being Open to the power and presence of Love is essential.
Being Grateful for all things knowing they teach us is inspiring.
Being Happy with the blessings that come our way creates builds Trust.

Trust gives us rest.
Trust gives us peace.
Trust gives us defenselessness.
Trust gives us open-mindedness.

Trust frees us from worry.
Trust stops all fear.
Trust begets freedom.
Trust allows creativity.

Trust empowers us to be fully available.
Trust creates mental silence and inner listening.
Trust values all loving responses.
Trust expands infinite possibilities.

Why not trust when all else fails!
Why not allow when nothing else feels good!
Why not forgive judgment and fear to be truly happy!
Why not breathe with gratitude to enjoy exactly what we have!

Enjoying the health and happiness, peace and prosperity that Trust gives,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Life is a Gift!

Giving thanks always yields more.
Being awake is my continuing reward.
Living fully and freely is truly a gift.
Creating comes easily with enthusiasm and awareness.

Life Is A Gift!

Life is a gift of beauty.
Life is a gift of grace.
Life is a gift of creativity.
Life is a gift to seek our true place.

What we do with life is our choice.
We can squander the time or we can rise with the climb.
We can choose to play or just work hard everyday.
We can fake it or make it all good.

How we play the game of life is only our choice.
How we listen within or to others is always our choice.
How we dance in the wind or sit in the mud is ours for sure.
Whether rich or poor, we can unwrap the beautiful gift of life.

What will you do with this very day?
Who will you teach and how will you play?
You can change your mind any ole time.
Ask what you want this gift to be!

Every day is brand new.
Every word can be true.
Every thought can be kind.
Every deed can change a mind.

Believe it or not, this life is designed just for you.
You can make it or break and start over again.
You can shape it or take it as it comes from beginning to end.
Life is flexible and malleable and adapts to what we think.

You life responds to every tiny thought you think.
You can change your tune and change your words.
You can listen to others or wait to be heard.
You can be grateful for all you have learned.

You create your life by how you respond.
You create your life by what you focus on.
You create your life by where you go.
You create your life by what you know.

Believe what you want to be.
Watch it occur almost magically.
Reward yourself with how you love.
Notice everyone is blessed by you.

Life is a gift that keeps on giving.
Life is a gift of awakened living.
Life is our dessert work well done.
Life demonstrates how we are all One.

Loving Life with gratitude and blessings,
Betty Lue