Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Creations

Robert and I leave for San Jose, the Calif. Assn. of Marriage and Family Therapists Annual Conference until Sunday Service at Unity on the Delta. I will be offering Daily Renewal with T’ai Chi Chih and Energizing Wakeups 6:30AM every morning. This is an annual opportunity to give some etra holistic support to my professional community. So no loving reminders for the next few days. Loving you.

“YOU asked and so I will share.”

How do they happen? What does it take? What makes them work?

Creation comes from the intention of creating what is Good, beautiful and wholesome for all.
True creation arises from finding Joy and Love within.
The creative force is the Voice that says YES to the Highest Vision.
Fun, safe and easy creation comes from heartfelt and trusted joining with others.

The new Unity Center for Inspired Living was co-created in about 40 days.
“Look on Craigs List for a space, Betty Lue.” Is what I heard the second week in February.
And there it was, one space, affordable, in the right location with 4 little rooms and large meeting room!
Ground floor, 1200 sf, in office building, room for library/bookstore, counseling room, children’s Sunday school and our fellowship room for kitchen stuff and potlucks. Seating for 60 in the main room. Everyone jumped in to paint in rich pinks and teal. Found stacking chairs from hotel for $10 each. Moved in piano, podium, paintings, floor lamps, bookcases, folding tables, etc. and made it our new home within 30 days of signing the lease. Right next door is a much larger room,( could seat 100) for our new sanctuary when we outgrow where we are for Sunday service. We are creating a Center for Inspired Living, with a youth and young adult spiritual programs, family fun nights with movies, potluck, talent show, game nights, etc. plus classes and groups and a mid week healing service. We are so grateful to be in our new space and watch new folks join us each week. It is far more beautiful than I can describe in words. Come to visit and you will be amazed with what you can do on a limited budget with lots of help

New Village Preschool or Alameda Village Preschool sprang forth from my daughter in Alameda saying casually, “Mom, why don’t you start a preschool in Alameda?” because we couldn’t seem to find a really conscious preschool in this little family-oriented community or nearby. So I listened and allowed my inner voice to urge me to contact three people who I knew were excellent with little ones as teacher, childcare director and nanny. They all said a resounding YES, and there too was the perfect place advertised on “Craig’s List” just when I looked at an affordable price and easy access. It is now a community center with other activities and a large space open for a preschool. Lots to be done to get state licensure and the playground fenced and more, but it already has a little bathroom with five small toilets and sinks, plus room for an office upstairs and kitchen use and a fabulous new K-12 school in front who would love to partner with us. Hold this ideal in your vision with us, so that the landlord, city and state can all get in alliance and compliance with us. We intend to open mid august and already have about 8 children excited about attending. The focus is on relationships and we intend to utilize lots of volunteers for gardening, cooking, art, dance, drumming, yoga, crafts and much more. We really believe children blossom with lots of folks loving and interacting with them. Joy and Gratitude.

Yes, It is Reunion Ministries, Robert and Betty Lue and all of you who contribute time, money and love who have helped with these creations. There are others too who have joined in these creations…Unity on the Delta and all the congregation have been the guiding light along with the Unity Church Board. And our preschool teacher friends and those who love little children, Sharalyn, Lorelei, Adriana (my grandchildren’s Nanny, Lila and other elementary teachers have co-inspired the Preschool. We know that others will join us in Presence as volunteers, contributors and cheerleaders. It takes a spiritual family and community to create a Church Center and it takes a village to raise a child.
We are soo grateful have this much fun!

Loving you in all your creations as well.
Soon I will be finishing my three books and beginning the song writing and art play that is so meditative and fun for me.

Loving you all,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Self Renewal

Spring is a time of cleansing and rejuvenation.
Some see it as clearing and fasting.
Some take a spring sabbatical for visioning.
Some just get away in nature to have fun and clear their schedule.

As I let go of my attachment to much of my scheduled activity, I feel empty and vulnerable.
As I undo everything to be seen in a new light, it appears amorphous and unclear.
As I transform my diet, my body weight and energy changes.

I feel the shift with the sun and increasing light everyday.
I watch the wind play in the trees and the birds delight and sing with the new birdfeeders.
I rejoice in the changes when I know all is in Divine order, an integral part of the renewal of Self.

The work is to let go.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
In order to freely choose again, I need to release it all to Good and to God.
To allow the spiritual Truth arise in me anew, I am called to be free.

With this renewal of Self is the renewal of my body vehicle.
Returning to the most healthy diet for me is brown rice and vegetables, mostly raw and lightly cooked.
Lots of water, fruit and brown rice cereal for breakfast, home-cooked meal at lunch and salad for supper.
Eat to live”, not live to eat.

Enjoying nature, being inspired by the little things in life, slowing down and appreciating everything.
Renewal comes with being happy and content as well as physically healthy.
And while there is a letting go of many familiar activities, like spring cleaning one’s closet, I am noticing what needs to be replaced and finding the value in completing what has been begun.

Where there is decreased interest and energy, it is easier to let go, except for the desire to not disappoint.
Where there is new energy in our new Unity Center for Inspired Living, there is ease in watching it unfold organically rather than making it happen quickly.
And now there is a new Alameda Village Preschool which has been easily moved into motion.

Life just keeps renewing itself.
Undoing, letting go and death, all a part of the renewal of Life.
If we name nothing bad or wrong, we begin to see and feel everything is simpy life unfolding.
We must die to the old Self to be reborn in Spirit.

And so it is, that Spring is a time of letting go and undoing what is not serving the Best in us.
Everyday there is an opportunity to renew the Spirit as we let go of distractions and disappointments.
We can each choose our path and purpose anew with the break of dawn by relinquishing our fears.
Let go and allow the Good in you to shine through today and everyday.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 27, 2009

What Inspires You?

Give to the Source of Your Good.
Give to the Place of Your Joy.
Give to the Song of Your Heart.
Give to the Life that is Abundant.

Tithing, contribution and true service is giving to that which is a gift to you.
To keep on giving, you must always be filled by the giving.
No loss, no sacrifice, no martyrdom, always and in all ways being fully blessed with giving.
When true and lasting gifts are given, there will be a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude.

What inspires one may not inspire another.
Sources of inspiration change over time.
Make sure you are not continuing to do what you have always done simply because it is expected.
Ask yourself what is giving you energy and joy right now in your life.

God’s will for us is perfect happiness.
When we share God’s Will, we recognize only what fully inspires us can we freely serve.
When we learn we are here to forgive what depletes, disappoints and distracts us, we can choose again.
When we are grateful for the Goodness, Beauty and Wholeness in our lives, we will set ourselves free.

Life is the opportunity to choose consciously.
Life is the realm of infinite possibility where what serves our happiness and inner peace, serves all.
Life is the joy of releasing anything that is not wholly true and loving and giving ourselves what is.
Life is the place of abundance, perfect happiness and inner fulfillment when we give ourselves the Best.

What is Best for you?
What inspires you?
What brings you to a place of clarity and inner peace?
What is your path of the heart?

Is it possible that you have been denying yourself what is right for you?
Is it possible that you have been following your own expectations?
Is it possible that it is time for a change?
Can you let go of what has momentum and choose for the Highest Good of all?

I am loving myself and all of us when I choose for the Happiness that is my inheritance and Good.
Blessings of great Goodness for one and all,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 24, 2009

Communication Glitches

If you are communicating effectively, both you and the other party will feel heard and respected.
If you are not communicating effectively, both may argue, feel hurt, offended, angry or dismissed.
If you not experiencing respect and acceptance, it is your responsibility to communicate a better way.
If you are not trusting, respecting and accepting of the outcome, do not blame anyone.

Blame interferes with undoing what doesn’t work and finding a better way.
Guilt causes either withdrawal or attack and blame.
Anger sets up both parties to feel threatened and defensive.
Hurt creates guilt for the other and perpetuates ineffective communication or future attack.

Most people come from family systems with dysfunctional communication patterns.
Most people don’t know how to communicate effectively but expect the other to make it work.
Most people give up before they start by expecting the unsatisfactory result they get.
Most people are so busy explaining, justifying and defending their position, they do not listen.

The most conscious and willing person is responsible for the outcome.
When desiring to communicate effectively, there are some simple guidelines.
· Choose a time that is acceptable and optimum for both parties.
· Private, no interruptions, set beginning and ending time.
· State desired goal for the interaction.
“I would like to have 30 minutes this evening to discuss how we handle our finances.
What time is best for you?”
(Your tone of voice, eye contact and request will signal whether the conversation will be adversarial or helpful.)

Come to the meeting with a willingness to be open, positive, respectful of both parties and helpful.
State how you are feeling, what you really want, and what you are willing to do to achieve that outcome.
If your communication is only about the small stuff (doing chores, homework, or some conflict), you may be setting the meeting up to be criticizing one or the other.
If your request is about the quality of your relationship, (finding a way to appreciate one other, and work together for a win/win solution), you will experience more cooperation than resistance.
I am feeling disconnected and want us to work together harmoniously, so I am willing to talk together.
When would be the best time for you?

If you have not built a respectful and appreciative relationship, even initiating a conversation may bring up fear and defensiveness. Most relationships have a history or pattern of communication which impacts the quality of your interaction. It is important to build an emotional bank account of trust aqnd respect in order to experience authentic sharing and a desire to find a mutually beneficial outcome.
If the relationship is already on shaky ground with threats, criticism and negativity, any conversation may lead to pain for both parties.
To begin to build relationship, one must start by forgiving (erasing the past history from your mind).
Then begin to build the relationship with a display of positive interaction, appreciation and respect.
When you feel that there is more positive possibilities than negative history, invite a conversation with at least two times as much appreciation as negative comments.

Make sure that the other person is fully heard when they are speaking.
Write down what they say to demonstrate that you are listening and that you care.
Teach by example by being patient, calm, listening honestly, dropping your own opinions and opening to understand the other before being understood.
It is a process that requires forgiveness and consistent positive attention.
Thanks for beginning to transform what doesn’t work.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Balance Your Life

It is in imbalance that we come to know the need for balance.
It is in over-giving that we find we need to receive.
It is in over-taking that we learn we must always give.
It is moderation and balance in all things that is natural and healthy.

As an abundant giver of All I have, I find great joy and fulfillment in giving.
As a grateful and happy willing servant of all that is Good for All, I am at peace.
As an inspired co-creator of beauty and goodness, wholeness and love, I feel attuned.
When I find myself tired, depleted, sick or confused, I recognize there is imbalance.

Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons….
Continuing to do what I have always done…
Giving because I made a commitment…
Being the one who is responsible……
All opportunities for lack of consciousness and imbalance.

What am I to do, to give, to say today?
What is highest and best for me now?
Not because it is in my schedule or because others depend on me.
I am choosing this because I am called today to love in this way.

I have been given a life in the country…….
In an environmentally conscious and holistic community.
I have co-created with Spirit and Robert a sanctuary of beauty and peace.
I have been offered a sacred space of renewal and creativity.
I have a place of renewal and openness where I can play music..piano, harp, omnichord, drums, flute…..
I have a creative room where I can paint, draw, create collages and and other creative expressions.
I have a place to write and complete books for publishing and write more that are coming through.
I have paths to walk and sit, to watch rabbits and birds of all kinds as the clouds go by.
I have flowers to plant and nurture, inspired by their beauty.
And everywhere I have God, the Goodness That Is.

We live in the country with sheep wind generators in the nearby fields.
We live near a small town of 8.000 people with a fabulous little library and hometown grocery store.
On our drive to the Pleasant Hill Center for Conscious Living and our Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood, we drive along the Sacramento River and see the fishing boat, all kinds of birds, cattle, goats, orchards, delta levees and wetlands. We enjoy the beauty, the diversity, the farms and those who work to bring food to our tables. We appreciate our little new Trilogy community which builds everything ‘green” and even has a naturopath on staff in our large clubhouse and fitness center. We feel supported and renewed here.

My recent changes in schedule and those that will come are my spirit’s response to fully receive what I have been given here in my new home and community. I am called to renew my energy, my creativity, to fill my spiritual gas tank, but giving myself more time simply to BE AT HOME.

Life changes everyday.
The work is to stay connected, communicating within and in balance with what is.
I am willing,
Betty Lue

Questions for You?
Where are you out of Balance?
What is Spirit calling you to choose or change anew?

Love is letting go of everything that is not loving You!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate the Earth

Tomorrow is Earth Day.
I intend to see the new movie Earth this week with Robert.
A donation of $1 extra will plant a tree.
We are also planting another tree in our backyard plus lots more flowers this week.

What are you doing to celebrate this day like a Birth Day, a day of appreciation?
We humans often take the Good Mother for granted.
We assume she will continue to provide abundantly for our every need.
Or we don’t even notice what she is giving us every minute of every day.

The air we breathe comes from her.
The water we drink comes from her.
The food we eat comes from her.
The ground we walk on is hers.
The gas in our cars, the metal and wood in our buildings all are her resources.
Our temporary home, planet Earth, is a source of our physical sustenance.

The beauty we see, the sounds that we hear, the smells of nature are all her gifts to us.
What on this Earth Day can we return to her?
What on Earth can we give to that which gives us everything we know as life?
How do we demonstrate love and appreciation for that which is good and whole and beautiful?

Perhaps it is being a good steward and care taker of this Planet and her resources?
Perhaps it is remembering to conserve and not waste water and food?
Perhaps it is in recycling and stopping the pollution?
Perhaps it is in enjoying and honoring the beauty we behold all around us?

We can take a shorter shower and not run water needlessly.
We can use cloth bags when we go shopping.
We can stop using and dumping so much plastic stuff.
We can stop being consumption junkees and use what we have.

World War II conservation slogan:
Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make it do.
Or do without.

Let’s take some time to walk on the earth with respect.
Let’s see with forgiving eyes the beauty all around us.
Let’s give our best to offer our love and blessings for all we have.
Let’s receive with gratitude the food, the water, the air, the glory of nature.
Let’s appreciate and give thanks for her everyday!

Bless you Good Mother Earth for the bounty and beauty you so freely share with all creation.
We love you and thank you and commit to give our best to be mindful of all you share with us.

With gratitude and profound respect,
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are You In Love?

Love is our natural state.
Love is clear and focused.
Love is open and appreciative.
Love is enjoying and pure happiness.

Are you in Love?

No object of love to attach to.
No need for another’s reciprocation.
No loss of identity, but gaining fulfillment.
No regret or guilt when Love is forgotten.

Are you in love?

Can you see the sky and merge with its “blueness”
Can you feel the wind and sun on your skin?
Can you breathe in unlimited energy and inspiration?
Can you taste the richness of life’s feast with your senses?

Are you in Love?

Can you give yourself everything your ever wanted?
Can you love yourself for all that you are?
Can you laugh at your mistakes and enjoy what you are learning?
Can you comfort yourself with a reassuring word of kindness and love?

Are you in Love?

You are the One you seek, when you remember to Love You.
Love all of you.
Love your entire history, mistakes and all.
Love the aging and changing, rearranging and undoing.
Love the best and the worst, the last and the first.

Being in Love is a choice.
Now is your reminder.
Loving You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

When you cannot find the music in your heart,
When you do not hear the birds singing in the trees,
When you are not aware of how much you are loved,
When you are consumed with the business of life……….
Make up your own personal prescription list of how to heal.

When in doubt, Bless
When in fear, Love.
When angry, Breathe.
When critical, Forgive.
When alone, Listen.
When hurt, Comfort.
When lost, Pray.
When unhappy, Appreciate.
When confused, Open.

Life is filled with healing tools.

You are the Healer and the wounded.
You are the Reminder and the forgetful.
You are the Way Finder and the lost.
You are the Chosen One and the dismissed.

Each of us has the power and the purpose to find what is missing.
Each one of us has the inner knowing and the key to the door.
Each one of us has within us the strength and the opportunity.
Each one of us has been where we are before.

We know.
We have.
We are.
We can.

Let us take the time today to stretch our wings and fly.
Stretch our faith, open our heart, soar with joy and bless our lives.
Birds can fly, so why oh why can’t I?” (Somewhere over the Rainbow)
Yes, I can.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Update: Spent the last two days with grandchildren in Alameda and Petaluma.
Feeling better as I clear the last remnants of the “creeping crud” in my body.
Lots of water and an old diet that always worked for me…org. whole grains, veggies + fruits only.
Birds in our new birdfeeders and a new nest with Mama robin has my happy attention this morning.

Two new creations coming soon: (Out of the B’Lue)
Preschool in Alameda (Relationships are the focus (Reggio Emilia) (It takes a village to raise a child!)

Center for Creative Consciousness including Creative Visualization and imagination, Creative Self Discovery, Creative Expression, Creative Prosperity, Creative Healing, Creative Environment, Creative Therapy (We are created to create..the Good, the Beautiful and the Holy!)
(Arts and Crafts, Treasure maps, Writing, Poetry, Dance and Movement, Sounds, Drums and chants, Design, Music, Foods, Gardening, Decorating, Everything can be a form of Conscious creation with the intention to Love and be happy.)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Use It All

Life is our teacher, our student, our canvas, our grading system, our sounding board and our feedback.
Yes, your life and mine give us the opportunity daily to choose love or fear, gratitude or regret.
Life brings us what we imagine, so we can refine our inner creations.
Life reminds us we are not alone in the undoing of everything that is not true and not loving.

What we know is what we are taught, believe, experience and remember.
Is it possible that when we forgive, we know nothing?
Is it valuable to let it all go, to be open and willing to learn everything that is truly helpful?
When we clear the defenses, limiting beliefs, false perceptions and doubts, we are free.

So here is my inner world projected back to me in the world I see.
Rather than learn everything outside is real, how about seeing what appears to be as a choice.
Where I want to continue experiencing what I perceive, I appreciate and enjoy.
When I experience what I prefer to be erased, I forgive and choose again the vision I prefer.

Life can be fun, safe and easy when I believe it is possible.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when I am fun, safe and easy with myself and others.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when I invite images in my mind that represent fun, safety and ease.
Life can be fun, safe and easy when I forgive and release everything that is not..

How fun, safe and easy can it be?
In this world serious, dangerous and difficult stuff sells and attracts attention.
What If we simply step away from drama and tragic thoughts.
What if we send blessings of comfort and love where there is need.
What if we create inner and outer experiences that are peaceful and happy and loving.

Can it be that we are so victimized by the miscreations of our fearful minds that we actually fear what we made up?
Can it be that only by forgiving ourselves can we be free of the nightmares of our fears?
Can it be that we have hypnotized ourselves into believing the crazy constructs of our collective myths and memories are in charge?
Its like making a monster and then believing we are now victims of our mistaken miscreation.

Time to undo.
Time to remember what’s true.
Time to love ourselves into conscious creation.
Time to offer forgiveness for our foolishness.
Time to recognize we are responsible and free to choose a better way.
Time to give it all to Goodness and God.

Letting go and trusting in the Highest Vision of our heart and mind.
Blessed be all that is Good and Beautiful and Holy,
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Personal Process

I am sharing my personal process with you because it is simple and clear ad provides a safe, fun and easy map to the life I am creating.
What are you creating?
Are you stuck in your history and the expectations of your world?
Can you trust you inner guidance system and free yourself from your comfort zone?
Are you willing to create your life anew?
Loving us all in freeing ourselves to listen and trust.
Betty Lue

This is a time for wakeup calls, for letting go of what no longer serves, forgiving the past, undoing everything to recreate life anew. Spring (Easter time) is especially key in cleaning up what is done.

I have been using this time off to review and revision my whole life. Whenever there is a wakeup call, it is imperative that we take stock and reconsider the purpose, direction and focus of the contents of our lives. This includes, attitudes, beliefs, relationships, commitments, projects and schedules.

I am sharing my internal process so that it might be of assistance and inspiration to others.

I requested clarity and vision for the year 2009.

I itemized the guidelines or conditions for making choices.
I want everything I do to offer 1) more spiritual connection and faith, 2) more real connection and communication with Robert, my life Partner of 24 years, today, 3) more personal fulfillment and happiness and 4) more fun and enjoyment.

Key questions:
Am I doing this for others or for me?
Is this a good idea or will it work?
Will I enjoy this?

I listed Key Projects for the year.
· My (our) physical health
· Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood
· Completions of Mom’s Celebration of Life and Sharing Memorabilia with her family.
· Our Home, Yard and Patio (Garden Plantings) and Places to Enjoy
· Create the Creative Play Room for Creative and Expressive Projects
· Development and Experiences for our five Grandchildren
· Create Positive Preschool Opportunity in Alameda (if fun, safe and easy)
· Continue inspiring and serving our communities of Ministry, clients, students in both Centers.

Proposed Schedule Changes
In consideration of our planned travels in May and July, as well as personal needs for my own time.
we will be ending the Miracles Group in Rio Vista on Sunday April 26.
We will complete the Tuesday Evening Inspired Living Group on April 14.
We will complete the Wednesday Relationship Coaching Circle on April 15.

I will be using this time to edit and publish three Reminders books (which have waited almost 3 years.)
I am committed to have scheduled time 6 days/week for exercise (long walks) and preparing good food.
I am committed to quality inspirational and educational time for Robert and myself.
I am committed to honoring my inner voice in all new choices.
I am inspired to co-create a “village” preschool in Alameda :“It takes a village to raise a child.”
I am called to create an Institute of Creative Consciousness.
Yes, there are new opportunities for creating everyday miracles and acts of Love.

Trusting our relationship with Source and listening withing for inspired guidance…..
Freeing ourselves to live with abundant Joy knowing we are unlimited.
This is the Call of Love, the Call to Love, the Call to remember Love.
Love is the Way.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Faith and Fear

The Spiritual Self lives and knows, trusts and is at Peace.
The Ego self survives and doubts, questions and is “ill at ease”.
Where we have faith, we are secure, confident and connected.
Where we have fear, we are uncertain, confused and feel alone.

As we look at our lives, we find areas of faith and areas of fear.
Ask yourself what creates faith and confidence.
What is missing in the areas of fear and uncertainty?
For me. the answer is as simple as “contingency plans”. (This won’t be the answer for everyone.)

Where I have contingency plans, I can let my human fears dissolve in assurance there is a backup plan.
Where I have neglected, avoided, even resisted paying attention, there is underlying fear or anxiety.
The human personality has been taught to be afraid through painful experiences and learned beliefs.
How we deal with our fears of bankruptcy, victimization, illness, divorce, loss calls us to find what works.

Life gives up opportunities to find and follow the path of peace and joy and love.
Some like drama and choose the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
Some believe in suffering and sacrifice and follow the way of martydom and pain.
Some are attached to conformity and give up their uniqueness to blend in and belong.

If we really knew that our Creator created us to be perfectly happy, would we choose the happy way?
If we believed our life was meant to be a happy creative experience, would we stop following the crowd?
If we honored and trusted our inner vision, would we go for it without waiting for others’ approval?
If we relinquished the worldly attachments to fame and fortune, would we live our own way?

How much of our distractions, detours and delays come from following the expectations of our world?
How many times do we neglect what is obvious in its value, simply to serve the common good?
How often have we relinquished our own joy to take care of someone’s sorrow?
Is there anytime left to teach ourselves and others how to be truly happy?

What if we’ve been so caught in healing the fear, the pain and past sorrow that we forget to enjoy life?
What if our culture and economy is so dependent on fixing, healing and making better that we have shut down our creative potential?
What if we are so consumed with the need to make things better that we lost our creative freedom?
What if we are busy looking at our lives in the rear view mirror, so we keep running into what was?

Consider starting right now as beginners, as innocents, as believers and creating what we really want.
No limits, no judgments, no cynicism, no regrets, no comparison…..Let’s begin NOW!

Loving you as we create anew!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay True to You

When we are upset, we are have forgotten ourselves.
When we are afraid, we have separated from the Love we know.
When we are hurt or angry, we have believed in our victimization.
When we are true to ourselves, we trust and live what we know.

In this world of multiple influences (people, job, beliefs, dependencies), we are easily confused.
In our humanity and neediness, we seek approval, security, belonging, external worthiness.
In our desires for physical and emotional comfort and satisfaction, we are distracted by soothing.
In our deeper awareness for a life of lasting fulfillment and abundant happiness, we seek for more.

Each of us has a path of varying nature.
Our unique path offers healing of the past through our relationships.
Our unique path guides us to creativity or service, wisdom or mastery, power or quietude and more.
Each path, Self chosen and not remembered, moves us to expanded awareness and enlightenment.

In endless circles of interaction and self containment, we find ourselves consumed with time and space.
Caught in the sea of physical pleasures and pain, acquisitions and losses, we grow attached to more.
There are interruptions, challenges, dramas and stillness to invite us to stop and listen within.
Here in our secret place of the most high, we find peace, wisdom, guidance and home-coming.

Thus we allow life to teach us both what to relinquish and what to ingest.
Life itself conspires with us to learn and heal, to grow and contribute what is Good for All.
It is in the greater understanding that our completion benefits the Whole, not just we ourselves.
Our spiritual mastery is a gift for all to benefit humanity’s awakening for we are not separate.

Take time to step away.
Be comfortable in the silence.
Know the Self You Really Are.
Trust the place that guides from within.

And so the journey begins again.
Today and yesterday, all the same.

Living, loving, learning and letting go, as I move along this path of creative consciousness,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 13, 2009

Be Happy and Enjoy Today!

What will it take for you to be happy today?
What do you need to do or undo to enjoy this day?
What can you eliminate to take away stressful thoughts, words and activities?
What do you need to remember to fully enjoy all that is good and loving for you?

Is it possible that what was good yesterday or last year is no longer top priority?
Is it conceivable that you have gotten caught in the media fray about the economy?
Have you been pressuring yourself to have the same body, energy and lifestyle as before?
Are confused or overwhelmed by the complexity of life and the many demands for your time?

It seems like what I was doing did bring happiness and lots of energy.
But maybe riding on the fumes of yesterday’s pleasure deceived me into choosing again.
I am wondering if when life needs to take a sharp turn, I may have been caught off guard.
When I am committed to schedules, I don’t give myself permission to choose each day anew.

I am willing to use this moment as a wakeup call.
When there is upset, judgment, lack of joy, fatigue, there is a call for undoing and new choices.
In this time of renewal, I am choosing for transformation, change of diet, schedule, focus and energy.
Letting go of everything that is not Highest and Best with gratitude and forgiveness is the key.

Many times in life, even everyday, we are asked to choose again based on listening within right now.
When we have committed to others our availability, we may neglect to ask ourselves what works for us. When we have taken on the responsibilities of parenting and partnership, at home and work, we forget.
When we have been lost in the expectations and needs of others, we may ignore ourselves.

What is Best for You is Best for others.
When we are giving ourselves the very best, we teach others to do the same.
When we are honoring our own needs first, we give others a chance to honor themselves.
When we are treating ourselves with love, trust and respect, we demonstrate impeccable Self care.

A word about egoic selfishness and the “me first” attitude, so you can eliminate that inner conflict.
Egoic selfishness is about filling one’s petty needs at the expense or sacrifice of others.
The ego’s selfishness is for those who are only aware of themselves and see no one outside.
The “me first” generation comes from the position that everyone is out for themselves, so “get what you can any way that you can.”

True Self Service recognizes that only those who “Save” themselves and take “impeccable care of themselves” are in condition to help, to serve and to save others.
Choose a lifestyle that brings you inner happiness and fulfillment.
Let your light shine bright in your faithful gratitude and enjoyment.
Teach by example that Abundant Living is the Gift of Joyful Giving to yourself and all others.

Enough for now, as I remind myself and all others of the Happy Truth,
Blessed Be for so we are Blessed,
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What does this day mean to you?
We are giving everything we experience the meaning that is has for us.
Today I am here, alive, reawakening the Truth of my purpose.
And I am continuing to clear and cleanse, undo and renew physically, mentally and spiritually.

Today, the Easter of this year represents vision, new beginnings, the sunrise to a new day.
Easter is seen as the resurrection of the Christ within.
The Light has come.
We have forgiven the world. ACIM

And if Easter has no meaning for you, how about giving it a new and inspiring meaning?
How about giving each day something of value and purpose for you?
How about living each day to be truly happy?

What changes would that mean for you?

In this time off, I have used it as a “time out” , a form of sabbatical “Day of Rest”.
Instead of my usual rush to get back to my very full life of service, I have chosen to serve my Self.
The call is obvious and essential.
What Betty Lue have you been putting off until there is time?

What have you been putting off doing?

Wakeup calls come in many forms….
Financial, health, relationship, environmental changes all can wake us up.
When we stop to take stock of what is right and true and loving and good, we can see.
When we give to ourselves and others equally, we will know.

Each one of us has our areas of vulnerability or sensitivity.
It is in this area that we are called to learn, to let go.
It is when we are awake that we come to know what is real and meaningful.

It is in our Happy Being that we will shine all the time.

This Easter I am choosing to find my own happiness in simply Being.
This Easter I am awakening in me the knowledge that I am free.
This Easter I am claiming my natural inheritance of Abundant Happiness and Perfect Love.
This Easter I am remembering there is nothing to do, except Love simply Love, me and you.

And so it is.
Loving You and Me as One,
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Public Life for a Private Person

Prayer: “May All that I share serve as an inspiration for your awakening and inspired living”.

It is interesting that I AM (Spirit within me) has chosen such an open life expressing thoughts, feelings projects, inspirations, truths, beliefs, opinions and concerns, as they come through Betty Lue each morning as I sit to at my computer. There are the blessings and benefits of teaching and learning, reaching out and touching, daring and caring beyond my personal capacity because it is the All-Loving Spirit within me that leads the way. There are the occasional personal concerns and projections, offenses and explanations needed to answer the questions of those who receive these Loving Reminders which ask me to go deep within to the place of greater compassion, connection and inner wisdom. It seems that what God calls me to do fills me with the Goodness (what I call God), that sustains and abides with me no matter what seems to be. So here I will disclose a little of my process and maybe more later as I am called. (I could probably write a book on what I have learned in just the past 24 hours.)

Life gives us lemons to make lemonade. Stopping what we are doing (no matter what the excuse) gives us the opportunity to reinvent our lives. Whatever we use to get off the merry-go-round is the chance to decide what ride we will get on next. I am in the process of relooking (the root meaning of ‘re-spect’) at my whole life as I often do during this time of year.

So let me share with you some specific awarenesses:
1) Robert went on a five day sabbatical last week, arriving home on Friday. Sabbaticals are like the symbolic seventh day of rest on Sunday, except they are usually taken as a time off from work to rest, study or travel. I apparently found my own way to take a sabbatical myself, by getting sick. I handled the activities we share until he came home to take over the last few days.
2) It is Easter week with the most profound meaning to those who admire the life of Jesus. This is often a time to die to my old self to be reborn “resurrected” into a new more awakened and renewed Self in Service to the Love and Joy I am here to remember and share. The awareness and acknowledgement of our own crucifixion and the resurrection of abundant life for all as we are reminded to forgive all mistakes, ours as well as others.
3) It is the beginning of Spring, the sign of Aries, the visionary, pioneer, builder and doer. It is the first fire sign month and the time when I with Leo Sun, Aries Rising and Libra Moon annually take time to vision the coming year, the fields to which I am called to plant, the crops as I am guided and the energy, resources and timing I am inspired to contribute.
4) It is a full moon day , April 9, where everything is intensified so that we don’[t fail to notice what is calling for celebration or attention. We can’t miss what stops us so that we can really look around at our lives and listen to our heartsong. Always a call to take impeccable care of our whole Self.
5) April 10th is our 24th anniversary, a beautiful invitation to share our hopes, dreams and vision, as well as gratitude, delightful memories and special times with one another. We have set aside two days to relook at our joined mission and purpose and how best to serve in being “on call for God”.
We are using this time to clear the calendar and start by seeing who we serve and how best to serve others as well as ourselves in honoring our holy purpose.

As you can see there are multiple learning’s, opportunities and places where this special time to rest, renew and remind myself all are serving a High and Happy Purpose! Loving myself Well!

Dear Spiritual sisters and brothers,
Your Love and well wishes are a healing balm.
Your support for the work we are doing together is a guiding light.
Your prayers of gratitude and contribution give me rest.
Your awakening and willingness to join me in abundant service gives me wings.

Thank you.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Time Off

Have been ill and taking the week off.
Always loving you and remembering you love me too.
Betty Lue

This is a good one for me as well. :) xxoo
“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart,
I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.
I will not be afraid for you.
I will not give up on you.
I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.
I will remember first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.
I will be patient with you.
I will have confidence in you.
I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.
I have only good feelings in my heart about you.
I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.
Your way may not be my way, but I will trust the Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love you!
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!
(author unknown)

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Loving Reminders

The gift of writing Loving Reminders is for me to practice constant inner connection with Spirit.
It is through sitting and writing everyday that I remember the Highest Truth, the inspiring Truth.
It is being faithful in a practice that supports an open and positive attitude, a loving giving heart and life of service for the Good of All that sustains me.
It is a blessing to have established the habit of inner listening over 30 years ago.
Even more gratitude to have been inspired to write them on computer every morning to be sent around the planet to now thousands of people who have requested receiving them.

Whatever you do well in life requires focus.
To be successful there must be purpose and direction.
To feel fulfilled asks only that we be consistent and constant.
And so it is that inner connection with your Authentic Self is essential.

Invite yourself to listen carefully in quiet times to what matters to you.
Ask yourself to discover and support what encourages and sustains you.
Look for what gives your energy and then give energy to that Source.
Remember that your life matters and your happiness and peace are a blessing.

Life is a gift that we give ourselves when we are awake.
So receive the gift of life and give it meaning in your choices everyday.
Honor yourself in every way.
Begin today.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool’s Day

NO joke. You really are responsible for the quality of your life.
Your relationships, your finances, your emotions, your memories, your stories, even your health.
When you feel like you are besieged or bogged down with yucky stuff, get out the shovel.
The healing and clearing is all up to You.

There are layers of healing. It began with an experience and/or decision we made usually very early in life. Often we merely took on the beliefs, fears and experiences of those who were caring for us.
In our attempt to love and be secure we adopted what they believed and felt and lived.
The healing is to clear our selves of other’s stuff, forgive and choose again what is best for us.
The healing is to stop blaming anyone and clean out our own stall.

Life offers us lots of fodder and fuel to ingest, digest and release what is left.
Some believe we need to eat and buy into whatever is offered and then be fed the same stuff of those around us. Some become picky and selective and attempt to choose what works for us, even though the world may seem to make us wrong and set us apart. What we believe and choose to live based on life experiences is our stuff to heal and transform into what works for us.

What if we happily become responsible for whatever our lives show us?
What if we remember we can choose to change and rearrange the furniture and the future at any time.? What if we can almost immediately extract the gifts and blessings present in everything?
What if simply with a little willingness and an open mind we can choose to see it all differently?
What if a change in perception will alter our experience forever?
What if there is no harm unless we choose to victimize ourselves and take on the wound as real?
What if we can easily release all negativity simply with a breath of forgiveness and renewal of Spirit?
What if our process in life is to learn to let go quickly and easily of all that seems not Good for us?
What if we can have the life we want, because we already do have the life we believe?
What if we can change our minds, our vision, our words and our actions and change everything?
What if this is really our laboratory, our canvas on which we can experiment with the power of creation?

April fools Day can be about be fooled or feeling foolish.
It can also be our awakening to what we have chosen to allow to “fool” us.
Maybe today is the day we wake up and choose again to see what is and take response-abiliy.
Maybe today we can simply respond with forgiveness and Love when we want to do a makeover, and respond with appreciation and Love when we want it all to be our never-ending story.

I am loving you and me in all I think and say and do,
Betty Lue