Saturday, May 31, 2008

Failure or Opportunity?

This morning I was invited to look at how I weathered the “mistakes or failures" in my life.
I realize that I look at nothing as a failure.
Every “mistake” is a missed take on what is a missed “take” on something where I have not yet see the God surprise, the blessing and gift.

When I listen inside, I learn.
When I learn, I love.
When I love, I let go.
When I let go, I trust.
When I trust, I am free.
When I am free, I can see the High Truth.

When faced with apparent mistaken choices, expenditures of time, energy and money, I Listen within.
I Learn. I Love. I Let Go.
And I always return to trust and freedom.

My life is my response-abiity.
Indeed, it is my ability to respond with open-mindedness and appreciation that allows me to see.
My real question about my life is am I able and willing to respond with non-judgment.
Am I open and willing to listen within, to learn, to love and to let go?

I am at choice.
My choices determine my memories, my feelings and the outcome of every experience.
I recently asked someone, “Are you joyfully proactive or depressingly reactive?
Are you in a state of waiting or are you actively creating?”

It appears that those who judge their “failures” and “mistakes” wait to react and judge others.
It appears also those who learn from their apparent mistakes go on to learn and create with joy.
It seems that we are always choosing our emotional state, no matter the outer circumstances.
To choose to be a victim, at the effect, of others choices is a reactive choice of fear and waiting.

We can we make everything a gift by seeing the intrinsic goodness and God within it all.
There is no place where Good is not available upon our request.
There is no opportunity that can not enhance our healing and growth.
There is no relationship that does not invite seeing everyone with the eyes of forgiveness and love.

Life is a failsafe laboratory where we will all day take responsibility and be willing to learn.
Our willingness, open-mindedness and appreciation will yield unlimited power and peace.
Every lesson learned is an invitation to return to Love.
Every time we remember Love, we return to our natural state of Wholeness and Holiness.

Peace to us all,
Let us remember to erase and release all judgment and be free to Love.
Betty Lue

Friday, May 30, 2008

Listen. Listen. Listen.

So how do you do these loving reminders everyday?
Do you write them everyday?
Do you get them from someone else?
How long does it take?

They take from 15-30 minutes to write each morning and send out to 10-11 email lists to over 1000 people direct.
I sit at the computer with an empty and open mind and let the words come to mind.
You read them exactly as they have come into my consciousness.
I do no editing or correcting (as some of you may notice.)

I have a busy life, usually full of scheduled appointments, office work, family and community service about 12 -14 hours daily, seven days a week. All my activities are inspiring and fulfilling to me.
We have a daily routine where the house is always peaceful, orderly and in the condition to receive company.
We value quiet sanctuary where we live simply and easily with inner and outer peace, goodness and love.
Usually there is no conversation, and never complaints or criticisms, since that is a waste of time/energy.
Communication is in the form of appreciation, acknowledgment, information and request for assistance.
We spend our relaxation time with reading, music and some positive entertainment. We seek inspiration.

When we have additional activities, like preparing for our August move and Mom’s move later this summer, there is always room for what is needed. Our grandchildren and commitments to be with them and their parents take priority one or two full days weekly.

Both Robert and I prefer no distraction when connecting and communicating with anyone.
Thus we choose scheduled time with privacy, eye contact, no outside distractions and no interruptions.
Communication and real loving connection is far more effective when you can give each individual your very best.
(PS, This is why I do not engage in social events and parties or idle social chatter.)
I even cook in silence, so I can focus with appreciation and mindfulness. It then becomes a moving and creative meditation.

Our lifestyle lends itself to our mission of ReUnion: Loving and Respectful Connection with Self, with Spirit and with others.
These Loving Reminders are the reunion and conection with my Self, my Source and with You.
My counseling and coaching time is dedicated to this Reunion.
Our groups, classes and retreats are all for the same healing and Holy purpose—that we might remember “We Are One in Love”.
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Routine, Regularity and Ritual

If you want more time, order and ease, develop a daily routine for the basics.
When you want to be organized with your stuff and efficient with your time, set a routine.
Begin and end you day at the same time and in the same way.
Handle all the basic stuff easily and without thought.

Up before 6AM with personal and spiritual care.
Set an intention or visualize the day you desire with your morning tea or in the shower.
Make your bed and straighten your home, so you can return to order and ease.
What you see effects your energy level and mood, so make sure it looks happy and complete.

If you want your body to be happy, take care of it with regularity.
When you want to be healthy, give your body the daily basic care it needs.
Bodies love regularity with same time sleeping hours, eating hours and elimination.
Our physiology like our car will function most efficiently on high energy fuel.

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Those who practice this “Truth” will find themselves healthier and happier.
Feed yourself natural, home-cooked food at regular times and eliminate early AM.
Sleep enough hours to wake up naturally and have enough fresh air and sunshine.

If you want your relationships to feel respected, provide some ritual.
Give your loved ones daily care and feeding of love and positive attention.
Everyone benefits from adequate and regular communication and affirmation.
Speak respectfully and with an acknowledgment of your love and caring.

Make a daily ritual of good morning and goodnight kisses, hugs or “I love you.”
Make it a ritual to say please and thank you to everyone in your life, especially your family.
Make it a ritual to have some quiet time daily with no TV, music or conversation.
Make it a loving habit to have meals with only positive conversation.
Treat your family members like you would a guest and they will learn respect and consideration.

There are many ways to clean up our lives.
It only takes one conscious willing person.
You are the One.
With your happy, confident willingness, all things will change for Good.

Blessings of love for you and all of us,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


How do you show your appreciation?
Do you appreciate yourself?
How well do you give and receive appreciation?
Appreciation increases whatever you appreciate.

So pay attention to what you give your energy, power and attention.
If you are rewarding negative behaviors by giving them negative attention, you will increase them.
When you respond to a critical comment with upset, anger, defensiveness, you are giving it power.
When you “react” to something/someone that upsets or offends you, you increase it with your reactivity.

Whether you give positive attention or negative attention, you are feeding the behavior or experience.
Using your energy is a powerful way to manipulate, teach and expand what you want to be.
To be effective in changing behaviors of family members, reward behavior you want.
To be effective in eliminating negative behaviors, ignore the behavior or turn it in a positive direction.

To Appreciate is to increase.
Begin by appreciating in yourself the behaviors you want to increase.
Encourage others by appreciating the behaviors you want more of.
Learn to bypass the learned often unconscious limiting or negative defensive behaviors of others.
Support yourself and others by staying awake to affirming, accepting and appreciating the Good.

Appreciate others in the ways they can and will receive your appreciation.
Sometimes you need to experiment and see what makes them smile.
Sometimes you need to ask how they would like to be appreciated.
Sometimes you need to be intuitive because their requirements change with a whim.

Appreciation is abundant when people are happy with themselves.
Appreciation flows easily when we are living on purpose.
Appreciation is natural when we see and find the Good.
Appreciation is a precious gift, given and received.

Let’s appreciate today.
Let’s appreciate one another.
Let’s appreciate being free.
Let’s appreciate what we value.

Appreciation is a useful tool to create the world and relationships we really want.
Appreciating you and me,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are You Moving?

Life moves us whether we know it or not to the next level of love, trust and creative contribution.

Yes, life is a moving ride in a universal adventure park.
Some of our rides have themes or underlying lessons, ie to overcome fear, to heal the past, to learn to love, to receive from others, to handle crises, to awaken ourselves and others, to be truly helpful, etc.

When we listen and respond immediately, life just keeps right on flowing.
When we are afraid and hesitate, stop the ride or push the emergency button, things get off center.
We need to learn flowing with the current keeps us safe and having a fun, safe and easy life.
And when we get in trouble (afraid, lost, rocking the boat or out of control), we need to ask for help.

There is no way to predict the outcome of any choice.
There is no way to have all options reviewed and figured out.
There is no way to be absolutely certain it will all work perfectly.
There is no way to count on all the variables lining up in our direction.

So can we trust?
Are we willing to take risks?
Do you listen to our intuition and inner guidance?
Are we willing to experience what life offers with appreciation?
When we are free of attachments, we can let go and move on as called.
When we are attached to our creations and relationships we may cling to what no longer is needed.

We may not understand why or when or where or with whom, but we can know Spirit (God) will use us.
We may not see what lies ahead, but we can be assured all is made ready for us.
We may not be personally excited about the move, but when given to God, it will be used for Good.
We may not have chosen the change, but with a Good intention in our hearts, we know all is well.

Be happy and willing and open to what is for the Highest Good and it will be so.
Blessing us all as we move and flow through life,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 26, 2008

Simply, The Best!

I Simply Want The Best for You!

You are my friend, my partner, my spiritual pen pal.
You are my Self, my student, my guide, my inspiration.
You are my Savior, my Seeker, my Server, my Helpmate.
You are a part of the One, for whom I want Simply The Best.

I Want Simply and Only the Best.
And I don’t mean the best car or boat or house.
I don’t mean the best income or awards or vacation.
I do mean what really is the True and Lasting Best.

I want you to know Love, True and Real Loving both given and received.
I want you to have Peace, the deep and restful Peace of each breath of Gratitude.
I want you to experience Joy, the Happiness that lives within every moment of enjoyment.
I want you to feel the Power, the Higher Power of creative vision, revealing what is Good for All.

I want you to sing in the shower and laugh in the rain.
I want you to have beautiful thoughts and express kind words.
I want you to live in a world that values your beauty and grace.
I want you to give kindness and respect and receive always the same.

You see, you are me and every child, sister and brother.
You are a gift waiting to be revealed, given and received with joy.
You are a treasure of unlimited potential, precious in His Sight.
You are to me the most magnificent and beautiful Gift in All Creation.

I want you to Simply Be and Have and Do and Receive and Give The Best!
Loving you with the Best I know,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Middle Man

Who is the middle man in your life?
Who benefits from your good work?
Who takes the credit for your successes?
Who takes the blame for your mistakes?

Who stands between you and God?
Who do you go to when you want spiritual counsel?
Who is it that you believe has answers for you?
Who do you run to when you are lost or afraid?

What keeps you from connecting directly with Source?
What do you believe is your rightful place with God?
How do you find your way home to the One Who Loves You?
How do you stop separating from your True Parent?

What I call Holy spirit is available to you right now.
Who you are is worthy of the One Who is our Source.
Only your self judgment keeps you afraid and separate.
So forgive all your mistakes and continued separation.

Trust that the communication line is always open.
Trust that you can receive direct and immediate answers.
Trust that within you is everything true and Good and Loving.
Trust that the guidance you seek is waiting for your reception.

Where you have a reliable middle man, use it with gratitude.
Continually seek the direct line yourself.
Remember you hold the key to a fun safe and easy life.
Remember that your Creator, God and True Parent wants you happy and free.

No matter what the spiritual answer to any question you have, you can always do it your own way.
When you listen within, you will be guided to the path that is best for you and all.
When you follow what you hear, your life will be fun, safe and easy…around the obstacles.
When you don’t follow what you hear within, your ego will hear less or distort what you hear.

You can begin to sit and listen within.
You can remember to honor your Inner Voice rather than please outer authorities or special people.
You can choose to allow your whole life to be spiritually guided in order to live in freedom and trust.
You can be all that your are here to be by giving your life to the Highest Good, the most High God.

Remember, God can be translated at Goodness, Creator, Higher Power, Essential Truth, Great Mystery, the Source of All That Is, Allah, Yahweh, Love It Self and by any name or no name for the unseen and essential source of what appears to be.

Loving you on this Memorial Sunday, as we all wake up to remember the Essential Goodness in Everyone.
Blessings of Joy and Gratitude.
Betty Lue

Off to my Living Ministry weekend with our 13 ministry students, several of whom are about to be ordained.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What’s Happening?

Opportunities to learn and grow?
Challenges to strengthen us?
Choices to confirm or change?
Places to serve with trust and peace?

What’s happening in your home and your body?
What’s happening to your finances and your gas tank?
What’s happening with your family and your friends?
What’s happening on the planet and with your politics?

Where there is strife, there is a call for peace.
Where there is hurt, there is a call for healing.
Where there are tears, there is a call for comfort.
Where there is fear, there is a call for safety and security.

There are opportunities around us in every moment to bring the best we know.
There are challenges begging for creative solutions of healing for all.
There are choices and commitments to remember or release (forgive) and choose again.
There are many places to serve with ourselves, in our families, work place and abroad.

To respond to the imbalances, conflicts, dis-eases and violence in the world (whether personal or planetary), we need to be centered and grounded in peace and love within.

The greater the need, the stronger the call.
The more sincere our response, the greater the healing.
Where we see there is need, it is ours to fill.
With prayer and spiritual presence, with love and kindness, with laughter and letting go, with listening and reassurance, with taking action without reaction, with sincere interaction and creative solutions.
Whatever our way, we can respond to the happening with the love we are and the peace we know.

Life is for giving.
We are the gifts.
When we give ourselves fully, we realize the gift we are.
Life is a gift to us, to be given with gratitude and Joy.

Loving you and me for our happy and faithful willingness,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 23, 2008

Life is a Play

What is your act?
Drama, tragedy, comedy, monologue, pantomime or vaudeville?
How do you show up on the stage of your life?
Victim, perpetrator, villain, supporting character, nice guy, or all of the above.

Imagine for a moment that your life is merely a play with different costumes, settings, characters and acts.
Imagine that your body is merely the costume that you put on this time around to play your chosen roles.
Imagine that behind the scenes you are writing your own script and directing the drama.
Imagine that you can step off the stage and remove your costume at any time.

If you can step back and see your life from the perspective of the audience, what do you see?
Are you the character you want to be playing the part you prefer?
Are you someone who has been cast and scripted in a role which doesn’t inspire you?
Or are you playing a part rather poorly because it does not suit your intention or personality?

The play of life is much more our choice that we are willing to admit.
We have often adopted the makeup (mask), costumes and dialogue of others to fit in their play.
We may be so compliant that we would rather go along to fit in their life rather than choose for ourselves.
Or we may not realize that we can quit that part and choose again for the one we create for ourselves.

Life is a stage on which we can create what we want to experience with the players of our choice.
Life offers an infinite number of diverse roles to play from which we can choose our own preferences.
Life gives little structure and limitation, but offers much support and confirmation for our choosing.
Life is the opportunity to be totally responsible and creative for who we are, what we do and how we live.

So what is the part you want to play?
No need for envy when we can forgive and choose again.
Write your own script and assign your own cast of characters.
Enjoy being the audience along with director, producer, script writer and actor.

Loving you with delight,
Betty Lue

Are you over acting or over-reacting?
The following might help you to choose again!

Purpose Exercise

To bring your purpose to life, you need to make a declaration of your values and describe the things, people, attitudes and objectives that are important to you. This is a quick exercise to help you uncover your purpose.
List 5 answers under each set of questions.

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remember the Good!

What good does it do to remember the bad?
What feeling arise when we think about what might have been?
How does it help to keep revisiting the pain and hurt again and again?
Why hurt ourselves over and over by remembering what we want to forget?

Pain in the moment is inevitable on occasion in this physical world.
Suffering, the restimulation of what was, is optional.
True forgiveness is forgetting.
Real Love is beginning again each moment.

When we say “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”, we are buying into a classic myth.
Some are stimulated and empowered with defending against what might come again.
Some are frightened and dependent by thinking the tragedy that might strike again.
Some are rendered paralyzed and helpless with fear.

However, where we judge, defend and fear attack, we are designing our vulnerability.
When we defend ourselves, we are attacked. ACIM
Even in our imagination, defense is recreating the attack to defend against.
So bad memories attack our peace, happiness and creativity.

To continually give credit to the bad guys builds their strength and identity.
To focus attention on what we fear increase the fear.
To build fortresses against the “enemy” sucks the energy we might use for building good.
To give energy to the wrongs done against us, gives them more power and credibility.

No matter what the experience, seek to find the good and positive components.
No matter what the difficulty, see the blessing and opportunities to love and to heal.
No matter what the problem or pain, seek to amplify the solutions and the joy.
No matter what the history, give your attention and appreciation to the highest outcome.

Memorial Cay is the time to remember those we love who are no longer in body.
Memorial Day is the opportunity to celebrate humanity’s learning war is futile.
Memorial Day is a chance to celebrate freedom and trust, respect and sovereignty for all people.
The Holy Day is our chance to give to those who have given so much to us.

Our ancestors, soldiers, statesmen, pioneers, leaders, teachers, parents and role models, these are our heroes. No matter what side someone is on, when they are doing and giving, teaching and living, the very best they know, they are to be appreciated.
Let us learn to remember the good times, that we might recreate them.
Let us dwell on our blessings and freedoms that we might give them to others.
Let us seek to contribute our Highest Truths to those who follow that we might lead the way to Peace on Earth and Good Will toward all Humanity.

Blessings of Faith in the Goodness in All
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Highest Good

What does it mean to serve the Highest Good?
What does it mean to do what is Best for All?
What does it mean to teach only Love?
What does it mean to extend Peace to EveryOne?

The ego, our separate personality and little self, seeks to save and serve itself.
Our ego, born into the human condition and living a limited life, seeks to win.
The learned beliefs of our humanity create a world of duality and win/lose conditioning.
Our believed littleness, lack and limitations cause the ego to take care of itself at all costs.

Our Higher Self, our Spiritual Essence, sees beyond itself.
This place of Being wants only to give and receive natural Goodness.
In this awareness we remember Love is our Natural State.
In this remembering we realize we are here to create Beauty, Goodness and Wholeness for All.

When we remember or wake up to this spiritual knowledge, we see only to give the best.
When we remember, we know we are giving to ourselves, the Unified One.
When we realize the gift of life, we recognize we are here to reclaim our Natural State.
When we commit to awakening, we utilize every experience for the Good of All.

Life is a learning laboratory with many “mad” scientists experimenting and exploring possibilities.
In our exploration, we destroy, manipulate, create and manifest many things.
Some we judge valuable and appreciate them. Some we deem harmful and we fear them.
Our work here is to learn from our exploration and acknowledge our creative power.
In appreciation for the ability to choose, to manifest, to achieve, we reclaim our purpose to give Love.
Our willingness to learn from mistakes and forgive our judgment of mis-creations, sets us free to choose the Best.

Now is the time to realize where we have chosen mistakenly.
Now is the place to undo what is not true and not loving.
Now is the opportunity to forgive, erase and undo and choose again.
Now is the moment to reclaim our identity and listen to the Highest Plan.

Give Love and Love will return to you.
Give Peace and Peace will be yours.
Be joyful and appreciative, and your happiness will grow.
Honor you True Self and you will know what is meaningful and on purpose for You.

Life is Good, when we remember and give the Goodness within.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Do It!

Time is of the Essence.
Use it well and for Good.
Life is precious.
Use it well and for Good.
Love is for Healing.
Use it Well and for Good.
Words are for Caring.
Use them well and for Good.
Actions are for teaching.
Use them well and for Good.
You are important.
Use yourself well and for Good.

When in doubt, Love.
When in fear, Love.
When angry, Love.
When sad, Love.

Love is the way to reveal what is true and always for Good.

I am loving You,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 19, 2008

What’s New?

Is anything really new?
Are you having the same problems you always had?
Do you worry about the same things that always bring concern?
Are you focused on what you always focus on?

Are you here to learn, remember and practice in a new way?
Are you here to live life in a way that is unfamiliar to you?
Or are you simply learning to live the life in a healthier and more forgiving way?
Are you called into relationships which are familiar, but needing your resourcefulness?

Let’s say there are many life times? (No need to believe this.)
We come here to learn how to love unconditionally and find inner peace.
We come to forgive and heal the past and seek to Love in the present.
We revisit ancient unhealed stuff in current experiences.

Some believe there is nothing new under the sun.
Some believe we are reconnecting with those we have known before.
Some believe that we are here to clear past mistakes and wounds.
Some believe that our real work is to do the spiritual work to return to Love.

If there is nothing new, maybe it is time to assess where we are in the learning process.
If this is the same old stuff, maybe we can look at it differently.
If this is an old story, maybe we must look at how we might write the script in a new way.
If this is a place and people I am revisiting, maybe I need to ask myself how to complete with honor.

I notice in all of this is the central figure in our lives is ourselves.
I notice the one who can change everything is me.
I notice that the way I think (Judge) automatically (unconsciously) leads to where I have been.
I notice that with freedom (forgiveness) and trust (accepting) I can choose different responses.

+Visualization (imagination and creativity)
+ Affirmations (positive and assertive words)
+Enthusiasm (happy giving and effective living)
= Peace (meaningful fulfillment and true prosperity)

This is something New!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Conscious Giving and Receiving

We have received much….more than we realize.
We have given much…more than we know.
With every thought, word and deed we are giving what we have received.
To be a conscious receiver and giver is to choose with wisdom and gratitude.

Let us be willing to receive that which is for the Highest Good for All.
Let us be happy to give that which is for the Highest Good of All.

To be conscious is to be awake and aware.
To be a conscious giver is to be selective about what we receive.
To be a conscious receiver is to commit to giving only what is best for All.
When we receive Good, let us be grateful.
When we give Goodness, let us be joyful.

The wisdom that comes from both receiving and giving is the spiritual recycling in life.
Receive what inspires and uplifts.
Receive what brings life energy and joy.
Receive what offers hope and healing.

Giving increases what we receive.
Give consciously what inspires and encourages.
Give joyfully what offers life energy and hope.
Give abundantly what you want your world to give to one another.

For it is in giving that we receive.

Blessing your for your giving and receiving only Goodness, mercy and Love,
Betty Lue

Tribute to a healing and Holy man on this May 18th, 2008, Robert’s 60th birthday.

Born to parents who taught him to respect all, help whenever he is able and to love God always, Robert always gives his best to everyone he meets. On this his 60th birthday, I wish to acknowledge my spiritual partner, true friend and wedded husband of over 23 years. His coming into my life was a Godsent gift of encouragement, wisdom and support. Robert, your goodness, kindness and intention for excellence in all things inspires and reminds me of who I am and how unlimited we truly are. Thank you for always giving back. B’Lue

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Earning Trust

Once a trust is betrayed, we must earn back being trusted.
Once a trust is forsaken, we must make amends and make changes.
Once a trust is forgotten, we must forgive ourselves and choose again.
Once a trust is broken, we must humbly clear the pain and heal the wounds.

Trusting relationships are based on keeping our promises.
Trust is built on keeping our word.
Trust is strengthened each time we honor our agreements.
Trust is based on a safe place to be Who We Are.

A safe place is one in which we are loved and accepted.
A safe relationship is one in which we can fully express ourselves.
A safe communication is one where all parties are listened to and respected.
True and lasting trust is where we know we will be loved no matter what.

Trust in the safety of a loving relationship is founded on:
No criticism or complaints.
No badgering, nagging or threatening.
No violent or abusive language or behavior.
No interrogation, manipulation or control.
To quitting or threatening to end the relationship.

To build trust:
  • Become aware of your own trust issues.
  • Confess your own mistakes and limiting beliefs.
  • Realize doubts, suspicions and worries undermine the relationship.
  • Undo petty complaints and judgments.
  • Fill your own needs so that you are not demanding from the other.
  • Forgive and release your errors and those of the other.
  • Choose to release the past and never bring it up again.
  • Express your highest and best feelings of love.
  • Honor and appreciate the other for all the good you see.
  • Believe in and build confidence in the other.
  • Take any upsets or worries first to God in prayer.
  • Be willing to listen in your heart/mind for the loving way to respond.
Trust is earned.
Trust is based on consistency and commitment.
Trust is more precious than venting emotional upset.
Trust is the foundation for all truly loving relationships.

Choosing to live in trust.
Committed to live in love.
No matter what I choose to LOVE,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 16, 2008


How much time do you spend on asking “why?”
Why did this happen?
Why did someone get hurt or sick or die?
Why do I feel sad or bad or mad?

Asking “why” invites us to enter into the experience in order to discover its origin.
Asking “why” encourages thinking, evaluating, comparing and judging.
Asking “why” produces endless possible answers to even the simplest questions.
Asking “why” gets us stuck in focusing on what we often would rather let go.

Why do people act the way they do?
Why does my body have problems?
Why is there illness and death?
Why do we have trouble loving, me and you?

Energy spent on asking “Why?” could be spent on asking “How?”
Therapies and research may find some answers in the why, but it is the How that bring us to NOW!
When we look where we want to go rather than where we have been, we move forward effortlessly.
When we get directions, we don’t ask how we got so lost, we ask how we can be found.

To be reactive is to judge what is and then to seek something or someone to blame.
To be responsive is to see the current state and then to seek the best way to respond to it.
To be proactive is to choose the experience we want to have and to seek how to have it.
To be truly helpful to ourselves and others, let’s ask how we can live the best we know.

Reactions are based on fear.
Responses are based on Love.
Proactivity is based on creativity.

Being truly helpful requires forgiving our fears, judgments and limited thinking.
Being truly helpful invites seeking the most loving, kind and respectful way.
Being truly helpful encourages creating what is good and healthy and loving for all.

So let’s ask:
How can I speak in a helpful way?
How can I let go of the past?
How can I choose positive thoughts?
How can I live with gratitude and trust?

How can I love you and me and all of us more?
My creative spirit-guided mind will fill me with inspiration and hope and possibilities.
My soul self will respond to the question “HOW?” with infinite possibilities.
Freedom and Trust opens the door to so much more than limitation and doubt.

Loving you with the best I know,
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What Are You Thinking?

Thoughts create.
Thoughts are like a paint brush in our minds.
What we see is an out-picturing of our creative mind.
When we are unaware, we create our programmed, habitual and learned thoughts.
The world we see is our thoughts painted on the canvas of the world we see.

When we are thinking positive thoughts, we see positive things.
When we are thinking negative thoughts, we see negative things.
When we are thinking happy thoughts, we see happy things.
When we are thinking unhappy thoughts, we feel unhappy feelings.

Changing our minds will change our lives.
What we seek, we find.
The seeds you plant will grow.
What you focus on, grows.
Appreciation increases what you appreciate.
What we perceive, we strengthen in ourselves.

All of these truths are telling us the same Truth.
Think what you want to be in your world.
Think without judgment, doubt or fear.
Visualize and imagine the life you want.

See the wholeness and Holiness in all things.
Seek the gift and blessing in all experiences.
Recognize the choice to perceive with love or with fear.
Allow forgiveness=(”Giving our blessing” to All that appears to be) to change your perceptions.

You see in the end, we are creating our experience.
In the beginning, we were given “free will” and choice.
In the middle, we felt guilt and went to sleep on choosing.
And Now, we are awakening to forgive and choose again.

This is Good.
Betty Lue

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Settle or Strive?

Is life a compromise or a challenge?
Are we to be comfortable or truly happy?
Do we suffer and sacrifice or live and learn?
Are we to be our best or make others better?

There are many questions in life about how we are to live.
To each his own means we must uniquely honor our path.
The ignorant and unconscious do not know there is a path.
For those still sleeping there is only to find a niche and fill it.

We can ask ourselves how awake are we really?
We can look at our lives and ask, are we living our best?
We can assess our mental, emotional, physical and relationship health to measure our consciousness.
We can spend time daily cultivating our inner garden and the quality of our everyday lives.

How do you communicate when you are stressed?
What do you give when you are tired and depleted?
How much do you learn when you meet a challenging situation?
How resistant and antagonistic or accepting and forgiving are you?

Life gives us lessons, learning opportunities and challenges to grow.
Relationships offer opportunities to help, to heal and to forgive the past.
Each new day begins with choices to start brand new or carry over yesterday.
Even our physiology is renewing itself moment by moment unless we resist.

How often do we settle for familiarity and comfort because we are afraid of change?
How much do we blame our family of origin or our current situation for what we judge is wrong?
How long do we stay when the signs inner and outer tell us to move on with forgiveness and faith?
How many outside authorities, books, people, research, etc. do we allow to direct out lives?

In life, we are the choosers.
We can choose to settle or to strive.
We can choose to stagnate or thrive.
We can choose to die slowly or live abundantly.

Freedom and trust will lift your spirits.
Freedom and trust will guide your way.
Freedom and trust with bring joy and direction.
Freedom and trust are gifts of conscious choosing.

Love is the way.
We were created in Love as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Love chooses to be free and to trust spiritual guidance within.
Love is the gift we are here to give one another.

In Freedom with Trust, I share with you my inner guidance day by day, never knowing what I will say.
Betty Lue

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What’s New?

So what’s new with you, Betty Lue?
We’re moving our home again.
Within the last 30 days, many things have changed.
All change works together for Good.

I trust with happy willingness following the De Light, there is only Good for all.
Our Creator and Source wants us all to be whole, happy and free.
Our inner child wants to be whole and happy and free.
The natural co-creation when we are trusting and open will be always for what is Good for all.

We are buying a new home tin Trilogy in Rio Vista.
My mother is moving from Asheville, NC to live with us.
We are letting go of the Center of Light in Alameda.
We are placing our focus on following inner guidance with trust and gratitude.

Some spiritual guidelines or principles we are living:

1) Take impeccable care of our selves physically, mentally, spiritually, financially.
2) Be responsible and respectful of our (personal and spiritual) family’s needs and requests.
3) Create what will inspire, support and ensure fun, safety and easy living and joyful giving.
4) Live life making a positive difference with openness to the direction of Spirit within.
5) Appreciate everything we have and enjoy all that we give, each and every day.

Life is an opportunity to choose consciously.
  • Flow with what is or resist.
  • Remember the best or fear the worst.
  • Trust in right outcome or worry about disaster.
  • Love all equally or make some special.( bad and good.)
  • Create what is good or let others create for you.
  • Let go with ease or fight to hold tight.
  • Honor everyday lived in the highest way or hate and despair when things don’t go your way.

Life is an intense schooling and reviewing of what creates happiness and inner peace.
I am loving me and you, as we allow life to inspire and strengthen our faith and freedom.

Blessings to everyone as we live and let live,
Betty Lue

Root meaning: To love is to free. So let’s let is all be.
Did you know the name Lieber is German for “To Love”?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother’s Day Postscript

Yes, I am Mother to many beautiful ones.
Yes, I bring confidence and courage.
Yes, I model forgiveness and compassion.
Yes, I nurture with Love and nourish with affirmation.
Yes, I am guided by Spirit and seek only Good for All.
Yes, I am willing to learn and to share the best I know.
Yes, I am healing and growing in faith and freedom.
Yes, I am Mother to many.

Perhaps I have mothered you in some way that was needed.
Perhaps I shared some words you needed to hear.
Perhaps I looked at you with eyes of compassion.
Perhaps I held you in my arms reassuring you were safe.
Perhaps I loved you just at the time you forgot to love you.
Perhaps I spoke strong and direct in a way you respected.
Perhaps we both knew this Love could change everything.
Perhaps we healed ourselves and our world.

I know that everyone is “Mother”.
I know we all have children to love.
I know in life we are all creating within.
I know that in listening within we receive the grace to give.
I know we are kin.
I know the world needs us all.
I know each one can begin.
To listen and answer Love’s call.

This is our time to bring the warmth and light of Love.
This is our time to offer forgiveness and peace to one and all
This is our time to remind ourselves with kindness and respect.
This is the time to bring the best we know everywhere we go.

So Mothers be willing and happy and true.
So mothers, male and female, young and old.
Let us give our promise to listen within.
Let us unite to respect and answer Love’s call.

Our world needs us NOW!

I am loving us all as One to remember we are One,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Confessions of One Mother

I did the best I knew.
I learned from watching other mothers, from baby-sitting and the way I was mothered.
I never intended to hurt or offend or upset my children.
I always and only wanted the best for them.

I did the best I knew.
When I saw that drinking even a little changed my behavior, I quit.
When I saw that being around them too much made me cranky and critical, I went to work.
When I realized they felt bad about me being sad or mad, I learned to make myself happy.

I did the best I knew.
When I was a single parent (for ten years), I became more the provider and less nurturer.
When I was a single parent, I counted on others to take care of the home front and their feelings.
When I was a single parent, I loved them by being both an understanding mother and permissive father.

I did the best I knew.
When I learned that they wanted independence, I gave them my trust.
When I heard they wanted to conform to their peers, I gave them freedom.
When I realized they wanted to buy their own clothes, I gave an allowance.

I did the best I knew.
I assumed they were like me.
I hoped the world was the same.
I believed their values were similar.

I did the best I knew.
If I could change it all, I would probably do it very differently.
However, I was naïve, inexperienced and not awake to what was best.
I was as aware as I knew how to be.

I did the best I knew and so did You!

So to all of us mothers:
Let’s give ourselves credit and appreciation for doing our best.
Even when it is not enough or maybe is later seen to be a mistake,
Let’s forgive us all for not knowing any better.
Let us trust we always have been doing our best!

Love grows with age.
Wisdom grows with experience.
Appreciation grows over time.
Relationships grow when we forgive ourselves.

Loving you and me and all of us as we grow in forgiveness and faith.
Betty Lue

“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart,
I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.
I will not be afraid for you.
I will not give up on you.
I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.
I will remember first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.
I will be patient with you.
I will have confidence in you.
I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.
I have only good feelings in my heart about you.
I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.
Your way may not be my way, but I will trust the Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love you!
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!
(author unknown)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother’s Day Idealism

What is the ideal mother?

When you are all that you seek in another, you will find it in yourself.
There is no need that cannot be filled by our willingness to be that which we seek.

Loving you as you love yourself into Being!

The blessings already are,
Betty Lue
“Be the change that you want to see in your world.”

If Children Live With……….

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.
If children live with fear, they learn to be apprehensive.
If children live with pity, they learn to feel sorry for themselves.
If children live with ridicule, they learn to feel shy.
If children live with jealousy, they learn to feel envy.
If children live with: criticism, hostility, fear, pity, ridicule or jealousy,
They will learn to: condemn, fight, be apprehensive, feel sorry for themselves, feel shy and feel envy.
If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance, they learn patience.
If children live with praise, they learn appreciation.
If children live with acceptance, they learn to love.
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves.
If children live with recognition, they learn it is good to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn generosity.
If children live with honesty, they learn truthfulness.
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.
If children live with kindness and consideration, they learn respect.
If children live with security, they learn to have faith in themselves and those around them.
If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Helping Others

When we love others, we sometimes have believed it is our job to change them.
When we love others, we have learned that their journey is our responsibility.
When we love others, we think we can tell them what is best for them.
When we love others, we act like we can save them from making mistakes.

Often I am asked about how to help an adolescent or a partner who is in trouble.
I offer the poem and prayer below as the highest Truth I know. (Read and save!)
And recently I sent this succinct response to someone who as asking for guidance.
“We cannot change others.
We can only change ourselves.
Life is what it is.
Learning to simply Love without attachment is the key.
Show up.
Pay attention.
Tell your most loving Truth and then Let go.
Love simply Love.
That’s It!”

Everyone is on their own journey learning their own lessons.
Each person has a path to follow.
It is not up to us to fix them, change them, or interfere with their learning process.
I have seen children diagnosed and tested and given drugs because they learn differently.
I have seen adults diagnosed, therapized and heavily medicated because they behave differently.

Simple clues to circumstances which you want to fix or change or express your opinion.
  • If you are concerned for the sanity and safety of yourself or another, seek counsel.
  • Get the help and opinion of other’s more qualified and objective about what to do.
  • Get a second or third opinion if you don’t like the answer you get.
  • Keep yourself out of harm’s way. Do not let others hurt you physically or emotionally.

If you are worried about someone you care for,
  • Wait until you are asked for your opinion or help.
  • Express yourself once only clearly and directly about what you are feeling, what you want and your underlying motivation. (i.e. How their behavior impacts you) Don’t nag.
  • Give advice or counsel succinctly and directly.
  • Make sure you are living what you are saying to another.
  • Gather information from all angles, as a consultant would and leave it up to the other about what to do.
  • Live by the Serenity Prayer: God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. (Or “the wisdom to perceive options where I thought there were none.”)

Remember Love is patient and kind, respectful and trusting, freeing and accepting. Love them anyway.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

“Prayer For A Loved One”

Dear Heart,
I will not worry, fret or be unhappy over you.
I will not be anxious concerning you.
I will not be afraid for you.
I will not give up on you.
I will not blame, criticize or condemn you.
I will remember first, last and always that you are God’s child, that you have His Spirit in you.
I will trust this Spirit to take care of you, to be a light to your path, to provide for your needs.
I will think of you as always being surrounded by God’s loving Presence, enfolded in His protecting care, as kept safe and secure in Him.
I will be patient with you.
I will have confidence in you.
I will stand by you in faith, and bless you in my prayers, knowing that you are growing, knowing that you are finding the help you need, the love you need, the healing you need, the financial freedom you need.
I have only good feelings in my heart about you.
I am willing to let you live your life as you see fit.
Your way may not be my way, but I will trust the Spirit of God in you to show you the way of your highest Good.
God loves you and I love you!
I have confidence in you and I believe in you!!
(author unknown)

Flower Poem

If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer.

(Given to me anonymously in the mid 70”2 when I first began psychotherapy. It is my motto.)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Is your life on purpose?
Do you find meaning in everything you do?
Are you able to experience gratitude everyday?
Do you see what is working even in what is called “Bad”?
Are you at peace wit all your relationships?
Do you take good care of your body, mind and Spiritual needs?
Are you willing to take risks that delight and excite you?
Do you follow the happy and loving voice inside you?
Are you conscious of how your thoughts, words and activities effect others?
Do you listen daily and allow yourself to honor what you know is best?
Are you willing to let go of those activities and habits that distract or delay you?
Do you give yourself time and space to be alone in quiet to listen and fill up spiritually?

So often we get caught in the world of doing, controlling, fixing, changing, working and effort.
We forget the inner experience of happily being, allowing, accepting, appreciating, playing and ease.
Often we listen and learn from friends, family, experts, authorities, books and research.
We forget to love, trust and respect our own inner awareness and knowing in our heart/mind.
Often we try to fit in, to belong, to go along, to win, to get approval and love for conforming.
We forget we are here to play our own unique part which sets us apart from all others.
Often we want invisibility and normalcy so we don’t get criticized or blamed.
We forget we are to lead by example and show the happy purposeful way to live.

Remember, you can choose today to give your very best.
You can choose today to honor what is true for you.
You can choose today to stand away from the crowd.
You can choose today to live your life on purpose.

This is your gift, your path and your way to True and lasting happiness and inner peace.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No Complaints Please!

I had a question about the "complaint" bracelets.
"Can you define what it means to complaint?
Does it count if you say "I'm so tired" or "why is it so hot" or "maybe you can learn how to do that?"
I'm just trying to figure it out. When you state something that is true, is it complaining?"

A complaint is judging something is wrong and making a comment about it.
A complaint is wishing things would be different.
A complaint is using language to get people to change.
A complaint may be whining, nagging, demanding or expressing something you don’t like.

When we complain, it wastes our energy.
When we complain, it gives attention to what is wrong.
When we complain, it feeds others with guilt or resentment.
When we complain, it drains and fatigues us.

When we complain, we shut down communication.
When we complain, we limit our creative abilities.
When we complain, we are perceived negatively.
When we complain, we are acting like victims.

When we complain, family members stop listening.
When we complain, people often want to stay away.
When we complain, people often feel confused and helpless.
When we complain, we feel dependent on others.

Complaining is a weakened state of lack of respect and responsibility for ourselves.
Complaining reinforces our belief that externals control our lives and we are powerless.
Complaining leads to unhealthy dysfunctional control using guilt, dependency and neediness.

Complaining can be a signal ( to a conscious inspired teacher, coach and friend) you are asking for support, education and inspiration to learn tools to change the quality of your life through positive thinking, genuine appreciation and gratitude and respectful behavior and interaction with others.

When you are willing to let go of complaining:
(Have you seen the no complaint bracelets from
Start looking for what you appreciate.
Be grateful for what is good.
Acknowledge when someone does a good, respectful job.
If you see something that needs to be done, do it yourself.
Teach others by giving them always and only what you want to receive.
Correct any disrespectful or irresponsible behavior immediately.
Remember the critic (complainer) is always talking about themselves in someway.
Everyone learns better from someone who walks their talk and lives what they teach.
If you have too much to manage well, simplify your life.
Stop expecting others to same the same values as you do.
Give us the need to control others’ lives.
Don’t martyr or sacrifice and expect others to do the same.

You are teaching the world by what you think, say and do and the positive energy with which you do it.
If you complain about what you “have” to do, you will find others complain to you. ( or resent and resist!)

Life is a learning/teaching laboratory.
The best teachers are observers, are patient, persistent and happy willing learners.

Loving our learning journey to create the fun, safe and easy world we want!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Full and Over Flowing

Dear God, Infinite Intelligence, Chi, almighty Creator of the heavens and the Earth,
Beloved Oneness, Divine Mystery, Master Teacher, Angelic Presence and All That Is:
I behold the blessing of today and I rejoice.
There is no Greater moment than to be in the Now.
All is filled with the Light and Love of my own conscious appreciation and gratitude.
I behold the blessings because I am blessing what is.
I feel the healing Presence because I extend the Presence I Am.
I celebrate All Life because I acknowledge the flow of All Life in Me As Me.
Life is Good because I have so ordained and so it is.
I am blessed and a blessing as I receive and give the Blessing I AM.
And this is wondrous and miraculous and natural and so Sweet!
I am grateful to be me, to be free, to be happy and to remember that which I AM.
Loving Thee, the One We Are in Unity and Love.

Energy flows where our attention goes.
Have you noticed that when you focus on what is Good, it lights up on the movie screen of life?
And when you focus on what you judge to be “bad”, it also lights up on the movie screen of life?
Appreciate what you value and it will increase with your attention.

Miracles are the natural expression and outcome of loving (trusting and freeing).
When we trust there is Good in whatever appears to be, the Goodness appears.
When we let go and free ourselves of attachment to what we want, what is loving for all appears.
Love all things with trust and freedom and you will see what is whole and good.

Where there is no resistance, no attachment and no neediness, energy flows and love creates.
Waste no energy on the negativity of complaining, avoiding, judging or blaming.
Fatigue and disease come from blocking the natural flow of life.
Forgive all blocks to Love. Free yourself from fear. Extend only Peace.

Life is what I make of it with my attitude, my choices and my appreciation.
Loving you in your remembering to Love,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 05, 2008


Indeed, to whom and for what are we responsible?
Are we solely responsible for our own individual health and happiness?
Are we responsible for the quality of our relationships?
Are we responsible for the degree of mastery and excellence in our work?
Are we responsible for the care of our home and work environment?
Are we responsible for the condition of the traffic and ease in driving?
Are we responsible for our future and that of future generations?
Are we responsible for our health and way of life?
Are we responsible for care of our children and our parents when they are unable to care for themselves?
Are we responsible for how we handle the diverse experiences and relationships in life?
Are we responsible for the choices and decisions we make and their consequences?
Some would say a resounding YES.
Others would say only when we are conscious>
What do you say?

I am hearing within, we are responsible for being able to respond.
When we are willing and happy to be responsible, we will be ready and able.
Taking impeccable care of ourselves gives us the center, the strength and awareness to be responsible.
How we respond to life is a product of our training, our beliefs, our experiences and our choices.

To begin, I must assume responsibility for my own life choices and experiences.
Even when influenced by others, I can see how I chose to be influenced or open.
Even when I have allowed others to take responsibility, I can acknowledge my choice to be dependent.
Even when I choose to let the legal system, body, holy scripture to guide me, I am responsible.

Look at the roles you play: parent, adult child, community member, teacher, therapist, human being.
What are your responsibilities therein?
To be the best role model?
To take good care of yourself?
To learn from your choices and their consequences?
To teach others the highest and best you know?
To give what you want to receive?
To be happy with what is?
To appreciate and take impeccable care of what you have?
To honor your elders, the planet and your life?

I am willing to be responsible, are you?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

My Mom and Grandma believed in giving children as much responsibility as they could handle and a little more to grow into. So at a very young age, I had many adult responsibilities. There can be no blame when we take full responsibility for the quality of our lives and our relationships.

Are we not all responsible for the children of the earth and what we are teaching them by our example?

This is the twins third birthday party at Fairyland. (Lila and Harper and their 18 month old BIG brother Beckett)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Stewardship of Resources

“To whom much is given, much is expected!”
We have each been given the many freedoms of our country. We have health care, education, technology, jobs and provision, recreation in national and local parks and open space, cars and freeways, access to travel and so much more. Individually we have the advantages of being aware of each moment, every relationship, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings, opportunities to explore and experiment with beliefs and causes, with politics and campaigns, with creating and communication, with achievement and production, with vision and manifestation. We have been given so very much.
Are we using what we have for the good of All?
Are we taking for granted our rights and privileges?
Are we taking our responsibilities seriously?
Are we giving what we have been given?
Certainly when we feel entitled or expect to get much and even more, we may not appreciate what we have.
When we have many talents, resources, opportunities and much approval, we may get lazy with the gifts.
And when we are lazy (spoiled) we may expect more without giving more.

Questions to ask yourself:
Are you pleased with your accomplishments?
Have you expressed gratitude to those who supported and mentored you?
Do you give consistently to those people and causes that inspire you?
Do you take care of your home and car by keeping them clean and in good condition?
Do you have things boxed and in storage which might be better used by those who lack?
Are you willing to extend help and volunteerism to people in need of your services?
Do you spend money only on those things which are positive and beneficial to you and others?
Can you say that you give good eight hours work for eight hours pay?
Do you really tell the truth and keep yourself clear of lying, cheating and stealing even a little?
Do you give for the sake of contributing or simply to get something in return?
Are you willing to step back and encourage yourself to demonstrate your gratitude by giving more?

Remember, your life is a gift of resources and opportunities.
You can squander them or give them as an investment in trust.
The rewards of giving and the full utilization of what we have yields unlimited abundance of happiness and fulfillment. Giving abundantly is receiving abundantly.

Love fully.
Laugh freely.
Let go easily.
Enjoy always.
Betty Lue