Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Beliefs

For those of you who care.
No, I do not make corrections in what I write.
These are written straight from my heart to you, as I listen inside and give your the highest I know and hear from within.

Before I share my current beliefs, know that I know these may not be your beliefs.
I totally and respectfully honor your beliefs.
I know that we each choose beliefs that work for us.
We hold beliefs that resonate with our best understanding of ourselves and our world.

I believe in the Essential Goodness in everyone and All One,
as the One Son, the Loving Creation of a Loving Creator.

I believe many have lost their innocence and "Inner sense", believing in evil, sin, violence, greed, suffering, lack, pain and punishment.

I believe that is it the Holy and healing work of the ones who remember, to awaken the rest from the dream, the mis-creation of good and evil through forgiveness, gratitude, and Love.

I believe forgiveness erases the past and leaves only the blessing of Love and Gratitude.
I believe that Love truly is trusting in the Holiness in everyone and freeing us all from the blocks to living Love.

I personally have inner relationship with Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Voice of God, with a deep abiding faith in the ability of everyone to listen and follow their messages of healing, trust and Love within themselves.

I believe every one of the Creator's children have their own unique path to follow and life experiences in which they can choose to awaken to their own intrinsic worth and natural God-given Gifts and purpose.

I believe that our true goal is the Peace of God, which we are all here to experience and extend to others.
I believe that our life purpose is to find and follow the path of joy, inner happiness and contentment.
I believe that our one function is to forgive, erase and undo everything that is not true and loving.

I believe I am here to be helpful when asked.
I respect all paths and persons, as each does their best to awaken and remember.
I speak, think and live the highest Truth I know.
I honor God, Source and Creator, by honoring the Creation.
I am grateful for my willingness to be happy and to continue living what is Good for All.

I believe I am perfectly provided with the Abundance I need for every Good and Godly work I do.
These are the Truths I am called to remember and share in this moment with you.

Loving you with a heart that is true.
Respectfully shared,
Betty Lue

I would love to hear your beliefs, if you care to share them with me, knowing I will hold them respectfully.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

True Prosperity Now

How Much Do You Give?

The ego asks only what will I get from this?
How much money?
How much love?
How much fame?
How much loyalty?
The learned egoic personality feel needy, limited, lacking and little and seeks to fill its own needs.

The Spirit asks only what can I give?
How much time, energy and money can I give?
How much can I love?
How much can I appreciate?
How much can I persist and be true?
The natural and essential Goodness within is full of freedom, abundance and magnificence knowing its Unlimited Source.

When we hesitate, we get lost.
When we doubt, we are conflicted.
When we fear, we withhold.
When we question, we wait.
When we deny, we separate.
When we evaluate, we judge.
When we compare, we feel unable.

When we respond, we are willing.
When we trust, we feel strong.
When we love, we contribute.
When we believe, we act.
When we affirm, we join.
When we see wholeness, we heal.
When we are helpful, we feel whole and holy.

Life is an opportunity to give the best we have and the Good we are.
What we give we strengthen, increase, affirm and enjoy.
When we withhold our best, we weaken, diminish, negate and feel depressed and discouraged.
Experiment by spending a day each way. One makes you sick. The other makes you Well.

Loving you as you give the very best and let go of the rest with appreciation and kindness.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

December Events

Dec. 1 Full Moon Drumming Circle, Miracles, Messages, Mindfulness, 7-8:30PM PH
Dec. 2 Blue’s Do-Be Team Renews Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 9-1PM Alameda
Dec. 3 Welcome Sunday, Spiritual Alchemy:"Transform Your Life into Gold"10:30 A
Dec. 8 Miracles, Messages and Mindfulness with Living Ministry Candidates, 7PM PH
Dec. 15 Miracles, Messages and Mindfulness: Meaning of the Season....7PM PH
Dec. 22 Winter Solstice Celebration: Bring inspirational gift to share. 7PM PH
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Service, Awaken: "The Light is In You Now" 10:30AM A
Dec. 24 Caroling in Alameda Nursing Homes: Your Loving Presence wanted! 12:30PM A
Dec. 25 Christmas Caroling in Pleasant Hill at local Nursing Home 1:30-3PM PH
Dec. 29 New Year’s Ritual : Release with Gratitude and Choose with Trust , 7PM PH
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Service: Let go with Gratitude, Create with Joy, 10:30AM A
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Workshop: Begin with Forgiveness and Spirit, 1-4PM, $15-25 A

A= Alameda at Home of Truth Spiritual Center, 1300 Grand St.
PH= Pleasant Hill at Center for Conscious Living, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

State of the Union

For Betty Lue and my Holy Work here,
through Reunion Ministries, Creative Solutions and the Home of Truth Spiritual Center

Finances: I live on faith, trusting in the provision of God the Good present in each one and everyone that I might continue to serve well those who come my way. My work is to forgive littleness, lack and limitation and be grateful for magnificence, abundance and freedom.
Our income comes solely from contributions for the work I do, so that I might continue to do the work! I am grateful everyday.

Work: I joyfully live giving and receiving, teaching and learning with everyone, in every activity, always remembering Love is my Natural State, the reason for my being. My work is my spirit guided play, 12-16 hours each day, for which I receive fulfillment, inspiration and contributions for about 20% of my time.

Relationships: My Relationship with Robert is one of respect, love, trust, co-operation and true partnership united in our willingness to serve God, the Good with everyone. This relationship is healed and holy. All other relationships are filled with the extension of our Love for God and serving the Highest Good. We are at peace as we practice forgiveness and gratitude every moment.

Home: Our home is beautiful and simple, clean and orderly, healing and peaceful. It is our sanctuary of remembering.

Diet: Our diet is healthy and simple, with organic foods prepared ourselves from scratch.

Exercise: Our exercise is natural, working on the Home of Truth Spiritual Center's renovation, maintenance and our own home, as well as walking and playing with our five grandchildren three days/week.

Health: Using the body as a communication device, we are here to Love, serve and remember, trusting God is the healer. The body responds to spiritual direction and serves healing and holy purposes.

Spirituality: Remembering Spirit (Joy) in all things is the way we continue to teach and learn, giving and receiving the unconditional Love of our Source. Remembering requires us to utilize prayed, affirmation, inspirational reading and observing, practicing the power of now and always forgiveness and gratitude.

Service: I continue to serve everyone who comes seeking guidance, counsel, reminders or inspiration. My life is living in loving service everyday in every way, giving the Highest and Best I know. I seek only to give abundantly and live joyfully, fulfilling my heart's longing to experience inner and outer peace, happiness and love for all creation. I am happy and free fulfilling my given function and purpose.

Your Part in the Plan:
A spiritual process for you.
What is the state of your Union with Self, with Source, with those who are with you through life?
I encourage you to write out your current state now.
Take a deep breath of forgiveness and then write out your ideal state.
If you choose to share with me, I will join you in affirmative prayer that you might easily live the life you seek now.

I am loving you as I love myself with these Loving Reminders.
May you remember what your purpose is.
Never quit on yourself and you will succeed.

Betty Lue

Yes, I am holding you now with the Love of God in me and You!
This is baby Beckett and all of God’s children in Grandma’s arms...(only 19 days old).

Monday, November 27, 2006

I am Here to be Truly Helpful

What does it mean to be helpful?

It may mean forgiving my judgments that someone needs help.
It may mean giving everything I have without condition.
It may mean forgetting my own self interests.
It may mean giving when anyone asks for anything, if it does no harm.
It may mean loving someone without receiving their love in return.
It may mean getting tired, dirty and even discouraged.
It may mean listening to my inner guidance daily.
It may mean driving giving inspiration and joy to those who are sleeping.
It may mean holding my affirmative prayer in my heart even with negative outward appearance.
It may mean speaking up and stopping what may be harmful to others.
It may mean offering to give or do what I have no experience in giving or doing.

Being truly helpful is the willingness, open-mindedness and faith that allows forgiveness of all judgments.
Being truly helpful is a gift of trust, honesty, gentleness and patience that is beyond reason.
Being truly helpful is remembering only Love prevail, Love heals, Love is Real.
Being truly helpful is extending God's Peace with the knowing that All is Well!

I am willing to be truly helpful.
I am willing to be the Love I AM.
I am willing to be content knowing Love is always within me.
I am willing to see only wholeness and holiness and remember I am healed, whole and holy.

I am loving you NOW and always,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gratitude Lifts our Consciousness

The gift of Gratitude lifts both giver and receiver into Love.
The gift of thanks speaks volumes about the one giving thanks.
The opportunity to fully appreciate opens the way to appreciate oneself.

I am soooooooo grateful for you, the recipients of these Loving Reminders.
You are the reason I keep on remembering Love.
You are the excuse I use daily to listen within to the Spirit of All that is Good and whole and beautiful.
You are the blessing of willingness, open-mindedness and Love in my life.

The wise giver gives to those who receive.
I bless you for receiving what I am called to give.

When you partake of Thanksgiving dinner, know all humanity is blessed with your sincere thanks.
When we look in another's eyes and consciously acknowledge our gratitude, we offer healing.
When we take another's hand and extend our appreciation, we bless their life with our love.
When we bow our heads with respect for those who have gone before to awaken us, we are reminded.

It is with thee mind of Goodness and Gratitude that we change our relationships.
It is with the thoughts of forgiveness and Love that we change our world.
It is with the heart of compassion and kindness that be heal ourselves.
All states and strategies of love and appreciation make a difference.

Love someone today.
Give appreciation to those you serve and the one who serve you.

Know that your life is made better with your gratitude.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Off to Portland, OR for two days with family.
Saturday Painting the HOT cottage and other renewal.
Sunday- Sunday Services at the Stockton Unity, "When in Doubt, Be Grateful".

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Time to Say Thanks!

Thanks to the electricity, even the inventor of light bulbs.
Thanks for our shelter, our home with heat and light.
Thanks for our shoes. so many have none.
Thanks for our grocery stores and cars and bikes.
Thanks for the gas and the builders of cars.
Thanks for the air we breathe and a sky without bombs.
Thanks for the earth, the trees, the birds and the ants.
Thanks for our stoves and dishes, the food we eat.
Thanks for the churches and spiritual books and time to pray.
Thanks for our schools and libraries and internet to explore.
Thanks for the voices that speak with free will.
Thanks for the voting, the picketing, the chance to say "No".
Thanks for so many little things everyday that are miracles and gifts.

Have we brought on our unhappiness and fear with lack of gratitude and unforgiveness?
Isn't it time to forgive our errors of ignorance (ignoring the good in our lives)?
Wouldn't it be uplifting, energizing and inspiring to truly be grateful for what we have?
We are the richest people in the world. Complaining seems silly and ignorant.

Have we been stuck in thinking others should change, when we need to clean up our own thinking?
Perhaps it is truly time to lift ourselves up in gratitude for who we are, what we have and how we give..
This week and every week, we need to remind ourselves to forgive our complaining and be grateful.

I thank God for Us, all together, as One.
I believe in the Good in me and You.
I am so grateful to live my purpose on this Earth.
I am happy and I am free.
I know and own I am responsible for remembering this is so.
I love us to remind one another of how really Good life is.'
My prayer and my purpose is to simply offer the opportunity for others to know there is a choice.

Loving you with a heart that is True B'Lue,
Betty Lue

Free online self help course until Jan 3 for those who feel depressed. FeedBlitz
And come to join me in the best gift of service and fellowship this month.

Holiday Special Events
Dec. 3 Welcoming Sunday, Spiritual Alchemy:"Transform Your Life into Gold"10:30
Dec. 24 Christmas Eve Service, Awaken: "The Light is In You Now" 10:30AM
Dec. 24 Caroling in Alameda Nursing Homes, 12:30PM (Wanted: Your Loving Presence)
Dec. 25 Christmas Caroling in Pleasant Hill at local Nursing Home 1:30-3PM, Call me.
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Service Letting go with Gratitude, Creating with Joy, 10:30
Dec. 31 New Year's Eve Workshop Begin with Forgiveness and Spirit, 1-4PM, $15-25

If you want to give service this year, the Home of Truth Spiritual Center can use helping hands for our projects to paint and floor, renewing both cottage and sanctuary. Clearing dirt away from foundation and creating a drain pool, adding lighting to the walkway, and putting in a donated gas stove in the kitchen.
Our wish list includes:
Beautiful Christmas decorations, (or money to purchase)
Gas stove in good condition.
Tape duplication
Flooring Laminate (price I have now is $1.30 sq ft.)
New windos where needed
Grant written for handicapped accessibility for both buildings/bathrooms.
Larger refrigerator with large freezer.
Renewing the building ,(upstairs walls and floors)

And much more.
Let me hear from you on email or phone 800-919-2392

Monday, November 20, 2006

Who is Responsible for Your Life?

When you insist that someone else is responsible for your health, finances, home, work and happiness, you are stuck in dependence, searching for the "right" person or situation.
When you acknowledge and even enjoy being totally responsible for your whole life experience, you are free and happy, knowing you are in the right place with the right person doing the right thing.

You have been falsely taught, if you think being dependent on anyone will make you safe, secure and happy. Totally dependence on God within, the Voice of Love, reason and wisdom, always available and reliable, kind and encouraging will lead you to know trust and freedom are the gifts of our Creator's Love.
Yes, so many have been disappointed, discouraged, dismissed, denied and disempowered by the voices of a fearful humanity in their childish search for what and whom can lead to a good life. Not health gurus, or healing books or loving partners can take the place of what is in you now.

How do you find that place of safety and security, love and trust, freedom and responsibility within you?
Take time to listen within.
Take time to care.
Take time to ask.
Take time to explore.
Take time to love.
Take time to enjoy.
Take time to be grateful.

How do you let go of a lifetime of habits leading to sorrow, resentment, guilt and fear?
Forgive disappointing yourself.
Forgive discouraging yourself.
Forgive blaming yourself.
Forgive denying yourself.
Forgive not loving yourself.
Forgive delaying yourself.
Forgive distracting yourself.
Forgive distrusting yourself.

I am responsible for the world I see.
I am responsible for taking care of me.
I am responsible for my thoughts.
I am responsible for my words.
I am responsible for my actions.
I am responsible for fulfilling my dreams.
I am responsible for my selfish schemes.
I am responsible for the ones I love.
I am responsible for my gratitude and prayer.

Because I live with total dependence on my relationship with God, the Good, within me.
I take time to listen and share with You.
When I allow myself to be distracted, delayed, detoured, denied and dismissed by the world around me, I am responsible for the experience I have. When I remember to listen within to the voice of Love, I am encouraged, focused, inspired, and appreciated by my inner call and am responsible for my holy experience of fun, safety and ease.

Loving you and me as I am reminded,
Betty Lue

Plans just confirmed! so mark your calendars. Sign up now. Ask for more info!
Kona, Hawaii Retreats March 25-28, 2007 and
July 17-21
Asheville, NC Retreat May 26-28

You get the picture as we are getting ready to go out for a walk and play at the playground.
Beckett’s first trip to the playground with his sisters.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

In a Hurry?

That's me. …. Addicted to getting a lot done in a short time.
I prefer moving quickly.
I prefer not to linger.
I prefer bottom line communication.
I prefer getting to the point.
I prefer working together rather than talking about it.

I could judge myself and make it wrong.
Or I can love myself and trust my natural speed.
I vibrate fast. I move quickly, think and act quickly.

I have learned that "He who hesitates is lost." is true for me.
I enjoy envisioning and manifesting the vision with the least effort..sometimes none at all.
I enjoy just "doing it".
I appreciate the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment at the end of each day.
I value the way Spirit works, when "I" get out of the way.
I am grateful that I can listen within, act with faith and receive instant positive results without thinking.
I love the way life flows easily, when I am not damming or damning my energy.
I breathe, move and have my Being in Spirit, the Unlimited and Infinite Creative Power.
I live in Joy in serving the Highest good for all without worry about my own needs.
I sing praise and glorify the Good that is in us All, as we fully and freely express our own God-given part.

And when You honor yourself and your natural flow, I say "Yes", Please do.
I know, when we all live true to our own being, we win and never lose.
We find ourselves thinking and speaking and doing Good works, because we are happy and in love.
I trust and honor your rhythms, just as I trust and honor mine.

Letting go and letting God means that I let go of all that blocks the natural flow of God's Good in me.
Letting go and letting God means no comparison, judgment or fears about living true to the Good in me.
Letting go and letting God means listening within and honoring the Truth I hear for the Highest Good.

I am loving you as I freely live the Good I hear within,
Betty Lue
Love is Freedom and Trust

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saying "No" with Love

Are you permissive or restrictive?
Do you say "No" first and then consider the alternative?
Or do you say "Yes" first and then dread what may be the outcome?
Or do you say "Yes" and let the chips fall where they may?
Or say "No" just because it is easier?

In these reminders I encourage trust and freedom.
I encourage learning from experience.
I encourage taking impeccable care of oneself.
I encourage treating the other as you want to be treated.

To respond based on the past or some external rule may not always be the best choice.

As I look around, I see permissiveness based on fear of resistance, tantrums and threats.
I see letting things go just because it seems easier that fighting the system.
I see allowing wrong-doing and harm simply because it doesn't win friends.
I see "going along to get along."

I also see restriction, setting rules and restraint coming from fear.
I see laws that attempt to keep bad guys in jail without rehabilitation.
I see rules in institutions to keep large numbers of people conforming to the status quo.
I see restraint of children, not just for safety, but for the convenience of the care givers.

Saying "Yes" and saying "No" can both come from fear.
The experience is the same with constriction of energy and limitation of Spirit.

Let us listen to the Voice of Love.
Whatever your spiritual or religious background, there is Love in You waiting to be set free.
There is a Loving Presence, God, Higher Power, Holy spirit, or whatever you name, guiding you.
There is a place in you where you can ask and receive answers for the Highest Good of All.

The Loving way always is worthy of your trust.
The Loving way will always encourage more freedom of choice.
The Loving way listens and responds authentically.
The Loving way is the voice of reason, the voice of no harm, the Voice of Highest Truth.

Take the path least traveled.
Stop and listen within before you answer automatically.
Stop and feel your love and trust within, before quickly going along or saying "No".
Give yourself to the Loving Way, and know great peace in freedom and trust to choose.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, November 17, 2006

Are you mature?

How grown up do you act?

If you were raised by immature adults, you may not know how a mature adult thinks, speaks and acts.
If you live in an immature world, you may not see how to grow up and be responsible and caring.
If you are on a job which encourages immature behavior, you may be uncertain of how to be responsible.
If your role models, TV shows, celebrities and media heroes, act immaturely, you may emulate them.

And if you who are reading these reminders are struggling with those who are immature, it is valuable to think, speak and act like the most responsible, caring, and respectful person you know. Recently I have noticed that the examples are few. Gossip runs rambunt. Competition for status is high. People in positions of authority rarely apologizing. And threats and demands are commonplace. Adults criticize, intimidate, play victim and poor-me or excape into drugs, internet, and other unhealthy behaviors to zone out.

The best course of action is to act ever more consciously and respectfully.
To be fully able to respond (responsible) is to take impeccable care of oneself.
Show up, pay attention, tell the high truth and detach from the outcome.
Live the Serenity Prayer:
God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference (and the Inspiration to see possibilities when I thought there were none.)
Give your best Self.
Keep your agreements.
Take nothing personally.
Respect all beings and honor all life.
Know your brother as yourself.
Be grateful for what you have and who you are.
Love Goodness and see only for living in Goodness.

To grow up is to recognize how we are each responsible for the world we see.
Forgive and choose again to give your very best and let go of the rest.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

This was last Friday, but a joy to remember!
What a radiant Mommy with her love and joy for her children..
This is their first moment with their baby brother....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Communication Glitches

Have you noticed what you do when what you say isn't coming through?
Have you realized when others are not receiving what you are giving?
Have you understood how to handle another's resistance, resentment and competition?
Just keep noticing with peace in your heart.

When there is a problem, upset, disagreement or glitch in the flow of love, it is a wakeup call.
Awareness with non-judgment is healing.
Love is the healer.
Forgiveness is the solvent.

Forgive all judgments and fears you may have.
Choose to love no matter what may be the obstacle.
Keep on noticing what is being seen, felt, and heard.
No that under every pile of poop is a pony.

Within every circumstance is a seed of Love waiting to be nurtured with Love and Light.
Under every outburst of resentment and unkindness is a call to love and be loved.
All want to be seen and heard, known and loved.
Everyone wants to feel safe and valued, acknowledged and free to actualize.

Take the time, after the fact or even during, to watch, awaken and be inspired to Love more.
While Love is feared, distrusted and often refused, the deepest nature of all beings is a longing to be loved.

Do not quit on loving, simply because another's ego resists or judges, negates or ignores.
Do not quit on giving, simply because another is fearful of trusting in the unconditionality of the giver.
Do not quit on communication, simply because the other walks away or over-talks your desire to share.

Simply gently with ease and confidence move around the obstacles and continue to love in a new way.
Explore and experiment with loving, giving, creating and communicating.
Look for the openings, the common place to meet, the opportunities to be fully and freely received.
In a world where people often experience disappointment and more blocks, it is vital that we support one another in giving Love no matter what.

Loving you in your loving,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Being Present

Practicing the Presence means recognizing the presents that are always present.
Being present means remember the gift you are wherever you are by giving the gift of your True Self.
Being fully present means letting go of the past and not seeking the future.
Mindfulness, meditation and miracles are all gifts and requirements of being here now.

Whenever I am lost in regrets about the past, even what I just said or did, I am not here.
Whenever I am wondering, worrying or planning for the future, I am not here.
When I am not home, I miss all that is Good, Beautiful and Abundant right now.
So I forgive my mind for wandering, leading me away, and invite it to return.

Give the mind the assignment of gratitude, seeing the Good in the Now, and it obeys.
Give the mind the job of noticing and it obeys.
Give the mind permission to be still and it obeys.
Give the mind the holy work of blessing all that is, and it is compliant.

Our mind is meant to serve our holy purposes.
Our emotions are meant to fuel with love and joy our holy work.
Our body is meant to activate our holy activities and givingness.
Our life is meant to be a living example of loving, giving and being truly helpful to All.

When we are following in the way that is highest and best, we are happy.
When we are living in the ways that are generous and giving, we are at peace.
When we are forgiving our fears and judgments, we are in love.
When we are expressing gratitude for all that is, we are the Presence with our gifts of appreciation.

Loving you and me in being the Gift we are,
Bless us all in our true healing and holy work,
Betty Lue

Call for a phone or in person appt, if you have need. 800-919-2392.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


dis-ease = lack of peace = separation = illness

All disease is Spiritual.
It comes from our belief in separation from Source.
It comes from thinking we are not united and at One with God.

All disease is mental.
Illness comes from our thoughts of limitation, lack and littleness.
It generates from generations of false teaching and learning.

All disease is emotional.
It is born in our fear-based reactivity.
It comes from forgetting only Love is Real.

All disease is physical.
Where we believe in separation, in false teaching and fear, we engender fear-based physical experiences.
We give ourselves proof of not God and not Good in our bodies, finances, relationships and our world.

To remember our wholeness, we must connect with source.
To remember our wholeness, we must forgive our unloving thoughts.
To remember our wholeness, we must clear our fears.
To remember our wholeness, we must forgive our errors and extend our love to everything and everyone.

We must know, speak and live the Truth.
We must realize our magnificence, abundance and freedom.
The infinite created us creative.
We are here to remember and realize our essential nature.

We must remember,
Love is the answer.
Love is the response.
Love is the Truth.

There is nothing else to think, to say, to do.
I love you. This is True.
Betty Lue

Monday, November 13, 2006

Giving Thanks

This is the month of Thanksgiving.

Use everything as loving reminders to be conscious and willing.

I am willing to be conscious.

Use all encounters as healing reminders to be aware and responsive.

I am willing to see the wholeness and holiness in everyone.

Use upsets or irritations as purposeful reminders to get back on purpose.

I am willing to live my purpose and give my life purposefully.

Use spiritual laziness and forgetfulness to wakeup to the inspiration in life.

I am willing to wakeup to remember the healing Presence of Love I AM.

Use every unconscious omission of gratitude as a request to give full appreciation.

I am willing to be open-minded, grateful and blessed by everyone and everything.

Use every apparent lack of time, energy or money to fill yourself with the abundance.

I take responsibility for choosing my experience with my thoughts, words and actions.

Use all apparent dis-ease to remind you all illness is mental.

I forgive myself for separating from the Good and God that is always present and healing.

Life is the gift we give ourselves to awaken to the limitless truth of our Being.

I am loving you as I remind the me I AM,
Betty Lue

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


What are you choosing for today?
What have you chosen to be your life experience?

Only when we take full and total responsibility can we truly heal, change and transform.
Only when we are response able are we truly free to choose.
Only when we own our holy part in co-creation, mis creation can we experience our creative power.
Only when we acknowledge our faulty perceptions and limiting beliefs can we choose to undo them.

I now choose to undo what is not wholly true.
I now seek to realize that everything is in my own best interests.
I now choose to recognize that I of myself can do nothing.
I now know that those things I have mistakenly done alone really are nothing.

Only what is created with God is real.
Only what is of God is loving.
Only what is filled with the Goodness of Love is Eternal.
Only what is good and beautiful and Holy is the right use of creation.

We are created creative by our Creator.
We are created to create what is Good and Beautiful and Holy.
We are created to create like the Source that created us.

Our work is to forgive all mis-creations and misperceptions.
Our work is to undo what is not truly loving.
Our work is to release with our blessing (never a curse) all that is not good and beautiful and holy.
Our work is to participate only in those experiences which create Goodness for all life.

My mind automatically erases everything that is not true and loving.
My mind thinks only with the mind of Good for Alll.
My life is committed to healing (forgiving) what is not truly loving and blessing.
I am the space of Trust and Freedom where Love is remembered and Wholeness is restored.

When I remember we are all One and I love the One we are, I love my Self.
When I realize that loving All creation is loving Source, I am at peace.
When I know that loving You is loving me, I hole no one separately.
When I see and know that Love is All, I am happy, whole and free.

Loving you is loving me,
Betty Lue

I facilitate a Living Ministry Training Program which is available long distance.
Please let me know if you are interested. Each one of us is a minister to many.
This Program offers experiential teaching in spiritual counseling, healing, teaching, leading, business and speaking/ceremonies and rituals.
It is designed to honor all spiritual paths and to support the ministers in facilitating themselves and others in finding their own unique way to Oneness, wholeness and Inner Peace. All are welcome and affirmed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Window of Opportunity

Remember: There is no time like the present to be right where you are!
What we perceive comes forth from what we believe. Choose!

How often do you get an opportunity to witness Love at first sight?
How much do you share with those you love your deepest feelings?
How willing are you to reach out to those in need, calling for care?
How available are you to see the miracles that are before you?

Everywhere our world is offering us the openings to see Love and be Love.
Each relationship is reminding us to renew our holy vows to Love All as our brother.
Every moment is a holy moment with seen with forgiveness and gratitude.
Each encounter is a gift of healing our perceptions of separation and fear.

There is so little to do when we simply remember to Love.
There is so little to think when we know we are Love here to give Love and be Love.
There is nothing to get when we are aware of the loving gifts we give from our Essence.
There is only the extension of what is and what will be when we forgive our forgetting.

I see You healed and whole.
I know you are a gift of God's Love.
I love and appreciate the gift of Love you are.

May we all simply awaken to the Love we are.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Baby brother Beckett Mason Atkisson.
You are a beautiful strong and expressive new Being!

We welcome you and celebrate the gifts of Love you bring.

What a privilege to witness such total love.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Tough on Yourself and Others

Are you gentle with yourself?
Are you kind to others?
Do you treat yourself with care?
Do you make yourself tough?

In this world of powerful, frightening and often violent images, it s appears we need to be strong.
I see parents treat their children with violent words and phrases.
I note that even cartoons are full of fighting to the end.
On the highways, in stores, even our phone and text messages are often demanding, rude and crude.

Where is the gentility of Mr Rogers?
Where is the kindness of an angel?
Where is the forgiveness of Jesus?
Where is the gentleness of a special blanket?

Now we need to soften our approach to everyone, beginning first with ourselves.
Now we must speak with respect to our children and everyone we meet.
Now we need to stop saying negative and critical remarks behind someone's back.
Now we must remember who we treat others is how they will treat us and our families.

We are teaching the world.
We are setting the tone of the future for our children.
We are needing to heal what is frightening for us all.
We are calling for a spiritual revolution.

Turn off the violence inside and out.
Stop the words of hatred and anger.
Choose to only watch what is positive, creative and hopeful.
Give our children the ease and safety they deserve.

Time for gentleness, kindness and ease.
Betty Lue

Call me for an appt. if you are called from within, 800-919-2392.

How can anyone be unhappy with this much JOY IN YOUR LIFE?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Baby Brother of Lila and Harper

Baby Boy was born at 8:35AM on Nov. 8, 2006.
He weighs 8# 20z., almost 20 inches long.
Good coloring and suckling with the first hour.
All are well and very happy.

Lila and Harper will understand more when he gets home.
Right now it is books and stories from family they see and hear.

Just as in our lives, we really don't get what miracles are possible until we experience them.

Look for the miracles in life.
Be open to see with eyes of forgiveness and love.
Give appreciation and open-mindedness to everyone.
See the best and consider the rest a call for healing.

Life is a spiritual emergency.
These physical lives are the emergence of spirit in humanity.
Our walk on this earth is the opportunity to inspire and be inspired.
We must learn to walk toward the light, rather than focusing on the darkness.

Give yourself to Love and Love with come to you.
Life is forgiving and you are the gift from which you Give and receive Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Yesterday was with Lila and Harper ( 18 month twin girls) in Alameda from 5:30AM until 6PM.
Off to Petaluma to be with Gia and Sofia (8 yrs. And 1 yr old) and their Mommy and Dad all day.
Friday to be with Lila and Harper and prepare for their Baby Brother and Mommy coming home.

This weekend our Living Ministry Programs plus all those who see live life a more spiritual life!
What an awesome and wonderful life.
Give Love wherever you are called and your life will be filled with unlimited Joy!

“First time to play in our backyard on this structure. It was inside before. Grandpa cleaned up all the debris from the remodeing guys. Yeah Grandpa. Now we have a yard to play in . Wow! And he still takes us to the BIG playground every day.......”

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Looking Forward

Expecting our Grandson today.
With the grandchildren while Mom and Dad are birth
ing with ease.
Remember , best way to reach me easily and quickly is always 800-919-2392 #.
Only at my computer early AM and late in evening.

If you are living, look at where you are going.
If you are dying you can look back at where you have been.

The living must look ahead to see where there are going and growing.
To walk backwards watching your back, will make it must more likely to fall in a hole.

To create your future is more proactive than trying to heal your past.
Some believe if you have not healed your past, you will reapeat it.
I have experienced where you are fearing your past, you will most likely repeat it.

We do give our lives the meaning and the messages they have for us.

Some prefer the familiarity of the old comfortable past problems and pain.
Some prefer to walk into the unknown with hope, curiosity and enthusiasm.

I take my chances that tomorrow will be better than today.
I walk forward into the future rather than backwards remembering the past.
I create with my gratitude and forgive along the way.
I enjoy what I am teaching and learning, giving and receiving.
I laugh at the fears and applaud the spontaneity.
I ask for the help I need and feel blessed by the help that is given.
Life works because I trust it is working.

Loving you, Betty Lue
We are waiting for our baby brother to be born today.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Right Place

Wherever you are……..
You are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

As we think, so speak.
As we say, so we do.
As we do, so we teach.
As we teach, so we learn.
As we learn, so we treat others.
As we treat others, so we demonstrate the world we choose.

What we think, say and do is our teaching.
Our teaching demonstrates our life purpose.
Our life purpose is our spiritual and inspirational path.
Our spiritual path is our way home to happiness, health and fulfillment.

Life is fun, safe and easy, when we are living on purpose.
We are honest and living with integrity when we live and give on purpose.
There is no sacrifice, fatigue or martyrdom when we are living on purpose.
Life works when we do the work to clear away what is not "right" for us.

"You are in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing with the right people."
This affirmation and vision and activity will create a simple highway to live.
When you are living on your own high and free way, all is well.

Loving you and doing my work!
Betty Lue

This coming weekend is a powerful opportunity to find and follow your path and live your purpose.
Don’t let the cost hold you back. Talk to me!
If you are sincerely being called, Spirit in me always says “YES!”

Reunion Ministries Weekend Workshop
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Whole Life Integration Facilitation Training Program:
"Spiritualizing Your Whole Life"

Experience a synthesis of creative wellness, abundant living and spiritual awareness tools
for personal and professional lifestyle integration of whole life components.

· Get a holistic overview of your life.
· Assess your current lifestyle balance.
· Clarify personal values.
· Expand Self awareness and affirm personal choices.
· Gain increased support for integrated living.
· Recognize Self responsibility.
· Visualize your ideal life and peak performance.
· Realize and commit to live your dream.
· Envision and design a supportive lifestyle plan to initiate positive change.

Balanced experiences of inner, one-on-one and group interactions. Brainstorming. Discussion. Personal sharing. Dialogue. Role play. Observation. Learn by teaching.

"Programs are presented in a light-hearted and intensive format suited to the individual participants. While practical information and new approaches are offered as alternatives for exploration and personal effectiveness, the emphasis is on experiential learning, group interaction and supportive verbal feedback. Learning can be fun, safe and easy." Betty Lue

Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12, 9-5 PM
$250 investment. (Included in the Reunion Living Ministry Tuition)
Location: Center for Conscious Living, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite #200, Pleasant Hill
Facilitator: Dr. Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D. MFT, Reunion Minister, Director of Living Ministry Program, Coach, Consultant, Therapist and Teacher

Saturday, November 04, 2006

True Giving is an Expression of Gratitude

When we feel blessed by life, we seek to bless others.
When we have Goodness, we seek to give Goodness.
When we are grateful, we give ourselves with Joy.
When we feel loved, we are effortlessly loving.

True giving seeks nothing in return.
True giving comes from the wellspring of Good inside.
True giving is a gift of thanksgiving.
True giving is like surfing a wave.

When we give from the goodness within, we reclaim our own true God nature.
When we give from the fullness of Love we are, we remember how great the Gift.
When we give from the appreciation for life itself, we increase the value of the life we have.
Our worth is increased with each act and word and thought of appreciation.

When we are full of it, our Love bubbles over.
When we are connected with Source within, there is no limit.
When we remember our Essence, we are inspired to bring it forth.
When we consciously and consistently love ourselves, we love everyone of us.

A good theme this month of November is Thanksgiving, so why not?
A happy way to live is with open-mindedness and appreciation, so why not?
A healing mindset to hold is an attitude of gratitude.
A transformational way to relate is with full appreciation of every blessing everywhere.

Let's do it and change our world.
Give thanks and watch Goodness grow.
Betty Lue

Wow! Scary girl!
Mommy and Daddy knew starting next year they will want to be princesses!

Grandma let me play with her phone purse....

The best part...Candy...Except I don’t know what it is yet!
So only wrapped pieces get played with.

Readjusting my bolts. Bolts are uncomfortable, you know.

Sitting on the steps waiting for all the trick or treaters!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sleep or no Sleep?

Full Moon on Sunday early AM.
Sometimes full moon leaves us restless sometimes tired, sometimes, cranky, sometimes happy.
Pick your experience and the full moon intensifies whatever is present.
So deal with whatever comes up.
Life is not about avoiding what is, but by embracing it with acceptance, compassion, gratitude and healing.

Someone asked how to balance their live recently , perhaps because we are so out of nature, living opposite what is natural for human beings that we have forgotten.
Our human needs are survival, safety, socialization, achievement, and actualization.

Handle first things first.
Take care of your own life first.
Then take care of your own home and family, before you start caring for others.
Often I see people leaving their home or family a mess and then going out to save the world.

My bed is made every early AM.
Meals are prepared from scratch and the dishes are done before we leave home.
Bills are paid early and thank you's given.
Phone calls and correspondence are answered within 24 hours.
We work with those who choose to work with us.
We do not solicit, but rather trust in the spiritual law of attraction.
We give to what supports healing, growth and Goodness on the planet.
Our lives are full, content and inspired by everything we choose to do.
The glitches which appear on the screen of living and loving abundantly are “Wake up” calls to inspire us to forgive, choose again.

Do only what you love.
And if you are going to do it anyway, find a way to love it.

Pick a purpose statement: (For example: I am here to live and give love, honesty and joy.)
Then note all your activities, your words, ideas, agreements, both public and private.
Make sure every word, activity and agreement support your life purpose.
Review regularly to ensure you are being true to what is true for you.

Life works when you do the Work!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is It Time?

Where are you giving?
How are you living?

Do you live and give with an abundance of spirit?
Do you live and give to live gratitude, helpfulness, a joy of being alive?
Do you value and bless all the goodness exchanged everywhere by everyone?
Are you involved in volunteering actively where you really dare to care?

Where you are withholding your love, your gifts and your joy you are impoverishing yourself.
Where you dare not contribute because of your own neediness, you are creating your own emptiness.
Where you have chosen to be sparing in your kindness and gratitude, you darken and deplete your life.
Where you are afraid to love, you are choosing to diminish the natural abundance of love, joy and Goodness that is yours to have.

We cannot have without giving.
We cannot feel loved without loving.
We cannot live without living.
We cannot be fulfilled without filling our own life full of the Goodness we have within.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
It is in giving the gift of yourself that you realize the Abundant gift you are.

Remember to live by giving and you will be blessed with abundant happiness and peace.
Betty Lue

Yes we were there to share in the FUN!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Time for Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks!

Did you know that gratitude will shine a light on your spiritual path?
Did you know that judgment puts you in the dark?

Did you know that what you appreciate expands?
Did you know that what you criticize expands with your negative attention?

Did you know that when you want to see and know, it helps to look with Love?
Did you know that when look with fear, what is there is distorted, confusing and often not true?

Did you know that when you are thankful, you are healthier, happier and life works better?
Did you know that when you are doubtful, you are more worried, afraid and pessimistic?

Did you know that where you are filled with praise you enjoy life more?
Did you know that where you are filled with concern, you will be more anxious, tired and in pain?

Did you know that when you Give thanks, you are more likely to see the miracles in life?
Did you know that when you are judging, you are more likely to see problems?

Did you know that Love heals?
Did you know that appreciation builds trust?
Did you know that forgiveness erases?
Did you know that Freedom opens creativity?
Did you know there are always ways around the obstacles?
Did you know that life is always healing itself?
Did you know that Goodness and Love are real?
Did you know that you are creating with every thought, word and deed?
Did you know that your Love matters and so do YOU!

Loving you,
Betty Lue