Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Clearing My Mind

When I am cloudy, my mind is calling for clearing.
When I am confused, my mind is calling for focus.
When I am upset, my mind is calling for peace.
When I am afraid, my mind is calling for trust.
When I am controlling, my mind is calling for freedom.
When I am stuck, my mind is calling for creativity.
When I am judgmental, my mind is calling for forgiveness.

The most valuable gift I have to give is a mind that is clear and filled with the Light of God and a delight in Goodness.

If I am having a cloudy day, I must blow away the clouds of fear and doubt, guilt and blame, sorrow and regret,
with forgiveness and release.
Wherever I am holding judgments of myself, of others or of the world, I am holding particles of dust in front of my eyes.
My judgments create what clouds my mind.
Forgiveness is the wind of purification that cleanses my mind.
Letting go releases me to see the Light and to be the Light I Am.
Today and everyday I choose to practice the art of letting go by forgiving everything and everyone.
I need not understand anything.
I need not analyze “Why” or ask “Who?”
I need only let go.

I forgive all judgments…yours, mind and ours.
I forgive the judging mind.
I forgive unloving perceptions.
I forgive regrets and guilts.
I forgive worry and fear.
I forgive negative thinking.
I forgive confusion and complexity.
I forgive disorder and chaos.
I forgive uncertainty and doubt.
I forgive war and violence.
I forgive sickness and death.
I forgive cruelty and harmfulness.
I forgive media and politics.
I forgive unfairness and prejudice.
I forgive compulsions and addictions.
I forgive forgetfulness.
I forgive hanging onto old painful stories.
I forgive darkness and despair.
I forgive disrespect and irreverence.
I forgive carelessness and laziness.
I forgive unwillingness and stuckness.
I forgive resistance and stubbornness.
I forgive separation and loneliness.
I forgive whatever troubles you and me and us.
I forgive all things and all people.
I forgive myself.
I forgive blaming and making wrong.
I forgive teaching unhappy songs.
I forgive the “reality” of insanity.
I forgive unnecessary drugs and surgery.
I forgive doing what is ordinary and homogenized.
I forgive taking and not giving.
I forgive not celebrating what is wonderful.
I forgive adulterations.
I forgive seriousness.
I forgive unconsciousness.
I forgive arguing.
I forgive pettiness.
I forgive disinterest and boredom.
I forgive everything we made up that is not of God and Good for All.
I forgive comparison.
I forgive trying to be better than others.
I forgive excuses and justifications.
I forgive hurting ourselves and each other.
I forgive scaring ourselves and others.
I forgive pushiness and impatience.
I forgive not asking clearly for what I want.
I forgive not being happy.
I forgive limiting myself and others.

This is a short list.
My 30 days to enlightenment program includes 30 forgivenesses written and/or spoken every morning. followed by 30 choices.
This is a way of clearing the mind so that God and Goodness can then fill an empty mind to allow the Son (Sun) to shine through you in all you do.
At the end of the day it is best to rest with 30 gratitudes expressed to the Source that lives and gives in you and through you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Confusion or Clarity

Recently I am noticing confusion and chaos, incompletion and incompetence.
Does this mean I am confused and chaotic, incomplete and incompetent?

Some would say, what you see is who you are.
I would say what you see is either a call for help or a gift of love and helpfulness.
I choose to be clear.
I choose to bring freedom and focus.
I choose to trust all will be well.
I choose to bring what I begin to completion in an orderly and respectful way.
I choose to give my very best and to invite the very best from those who are here to work with me.
I choose to work with those who are willing to give their very best.
I choose to let go with love when the best is not being served.
I choose to teach and give what I would learn and receive.

I must know what I want.
I must be able to imagine the highest outcome.
I must forgive and let go of all past limiting or negative experiences.
I must be clear in my communication.
I must ask for help from those who are willing and able to be helpful.
I must discern whether someone is capable and available to help me.
I must ask for and clarify the cost, the timing and the specifics both parties may be expecting to exchange.
I must be present and willing to tell the highest Truth I know.

To be clear and focused, I need to clear my mind, my body and my Spirit.
The colon is the physical place of hanging on to old guilt and resentment.
I need to clear my body. Water, pure food, lots of simple movement and fresh air to breathe.

I must clear my mind.
Wherever I have leftover guilt or resentment, I may be a victim of my sabotaging thoughts.
Wherever I am still telling old stories about past mistakes, I am likely to recreate the same mistake.
Wherever I am worrying, fearing or defending, I am living in the past and will invite more of the same.
I must forgive, erase and release what is not real and no longer present.
I must begin anew.

I must be focused spirituality.
I must be filled with joy and laughter, gratitude and love.
Wherever I reach out with love and trust, I will be met with love and trust…...unless the other individual is in need.
When I am interacting with someone who is not able to be present, in love and giving their best, I must reassess my request and serve rather than be served.
Often even after noticing a problem, we proceed or push ahead with our original plan rather than choosing again.
If I am clear about what it is I want to experience, I must be willing to give full attention to what is needed and wanted to receive the experience I have chosen.

I am learning how to stay clear in the midst of chaos and confusion.
I am clear that in relationship there is always more than one person’s clarity or confusion to consider.
I am clear that it is up to the most conscious one to choose again for the Highest Good.
Loving you in clarity and Truth.

Betty Lue

Sunday, June 27, 2004

What Really Matters

When you look at your life, what really matters to you?
Often the petty irritations and upsets distract us from what is important.

What really is important to you?
Highly effective people know to put first things first with the end in mind.

What really is the end you seek?
When we are busy just getting by, we will always just get by.

What is the quality of life you seek to have?
When we spend energy complaining about what you don’t have and trying to “fix it”, you will always see something more to fix in yourselves, your home, your job, your relationships.

What will your life look like and feel like and be like, when you have what you really want?
Begin by focusing on your ideal and your vision for your whole life.
Create a mission statement and goals to totally support that vision.
Begin today to focus your highest priorities.
#1 priority is remembering your vision and mission.

Look clearly and objectively at your priorities.
Is it what you have for dinner tonight or the quality of your relationships?
Is it what shoes you have to wear or whether you are being kind to yourself and others?
Is it the traffic going to work or remembering to live peacefully with your neighbors (every one of them)?

What are your values?
Where do you spend your time, energy, thoughts and money?
What you give to, reflects the values you are living.
Be honest about what you are living and what you are teaching by how you live.

My vision is a world where everyone is aware of their own potential and believes in the right to live their dreams.
My vision is a world where everyone feels loved and significant.
My vision is a world where everyone receives the inspiration, education, healthy resources and opportunities to fulfill their dreams. My mission is to be the space of trust and freedom, where love is remembered and wholeness is realized,.
I am the space where faith is remembered and fulfillment of dreams is restored.
I am a presence where individual and collective potential is recognized and the freedom to live, love, be fulfilled is restored.
My highest priorities are spiritual connection, loving and respectful relationships, inspiring communication, giving the best I have to those who are receptive and being grateful for this good life.

I would like to hear your vision and your mission.
Let me hear from you. I will say “YES”.
I join with you in the fulfillment of all goals that 100% support you in living your mission everyday.
I know you can, when you “know” you can.
I trust in the power of joining, in remembering what is true for each one of us.

Loving you this and everyday.
Betty Lue

P.S. See The Heart and Soul of America, a Disney documentary, coming out this Friday July 2.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Through You

Remember that it is God in you doing the good works.
Remember it is you that translates the words you read.
Remember it is you that interprets other’s behavior.
Remember it is you that makes up your way of perceiving.
Remember it is you that seeks to find the good or evil, the right or wrong.
Remember it is you that can stay or leave.
Remember it is you that can ask for what you want or take what you get.
Remember it is you that chooses to live where you do.
Remember it is you that chooses to smile or to frown.
Remember it is you that chooses what to eat and how to take care of your body.
Remember it is you that chooses what you read and watch on TV.
Remember it is you that chooses to give or to take.
Remember it is you that can learn to love or learn to hate.
Remember it is you that chooses to complain or to celebrate.
Remember it is you that can spread fear or encourage love.
Remember it is you who can resent or forgive.
Remember it is you who can change your world by changing your mind.
Remember it is you who chooses the path of peace or the path of conflict.
Remember it is you who goes to bed sad and disappointed or content and grateful. Remember it is you who give thanks for what you have or seeks for something more.
Remember it is you who can enjoy life day by day or wish you weren’t here.
Remember it is your choice what you believe and what you teach.

It is your willingness to listen and follow, to be happy, to be willing, to persist, to say YES.
It is your choice to look for the light and share your awareness with others.
It is your choice to share the love of God and the love of Goodness and Mercy .
It is through You that God can do great and good things .
I am grateful we are totally at choice.
Forgive and choose again.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 25, 2004

And a child shall lead them..

Gianina—With Grampa Robert and me for the week of June 18-25

When we see the world with wonder, we look at what is here now.
When we feel lonely, we simply need someone to reach out and gather us in their loving arms.
When we are unafraid, we can do almost anything.
When we hurt ourselves, we ask Love to take the pain away.
When we feel happy inside, we sing out with joy.
When we have something to say, we express without caution or cleverness.
When we are hungry, we eat what feels good in our mouth and our tummy.
When we are tired, we lay down easily to take a rest.
When there is a chore to be done, we do it with enthusiasm and play.
When there is something new, we explore with curiosity.
When there is someone calling for love, we reach out and invite them to love us back.
When there are tears or laughter, farts or shouts, we express ourselves without guile or guilt.
When we see something beautiful, we notice and “ahhhh”.
When we see something scary, we notice and “ohhh”.
When we see something awesome, we notice and “Wow”.
What we notice, we like to share with others who care.
We are open to hear about God and angels, ghost and unicorns.
We want to believe in good things and try not to believe in bad things.
We never run out of more energy for new adventures and loving possibilities.

Sitting on Grampa’s lap to read is the best!
Holding Grandma’s hand while falling asleep gives us rest.

And so it is.
Are we not all children inside?
Just wanting a safe and loving place to reside?

Let us build this place within.
This is how our world must begin again.

Loving you faithfully,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Betrayal of Trust

When you Love someone…..
When you trust someone….
When doing good for someone….
When depending on someone….
When giving your best to someone…..

What do you do when they are unfaithful to you?
(when they are unfaithful to their word?)
What do you do when they betray your trust?
(when they do not keep their agreements of loyalty and commitment?)
What do you do when they use you?
(when they take what you give and use it for their own gain?)
What do you do when they abandon you?
(when they leave the relationship in guilt and shame or in triumph and conquest?)
What do you do when they reject your gifts?
(when they say “no” to the good ant the love you have offered them?)

Love is freedom and trust.
Love is the freedom to choose whatever will bring you to enlightenment and faith.
Love is trusting in the process of awakening and returning to Love and wholeness.
Some follow a path of obedience and fidelity.
Some follow a path of arrogance and betrayal.
Some live a life of mastery and excellence in all things.
Some live a life of giving as little as they can and getting as much as they can.
Some are guided by fear, defensiveness and attack.
Some are guided by love, trusting and forgiveness.
Some do Good Works.
Some seek only to receive the good works of others.
Some use and abuse the kindness of the trusting and innocent.

We can take others. life choices personally….
A teacher can feel responsible for a student cheating.
A husband can take responsibility for a wife forsaking the vows of marriage.
A customer can feel hurt by the rude behavior of a store clerk.
A doctor can assume responsibility for the patient not taking good care of their health.
A friend can feel offended by their friend not showing up for their scheduled appointment.
A parent can feel guilty for their child using drugs.
We can allow others to be free to choose and experience the consequences of their choices.
We can trust others to learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.
We can give others feedback on our feelings, our preferences and state our values.
We can be a part of the authentic feedback system that enables others to wakeup.
We can honestly notice how we allow others behavior to offend or hurt us.
We can let these experience wake us up to be more responsible for our own thoughts and feelings.
We can be responsible to ourselves for staying happy, at peace and in love.
We can choose not to allow anyone to dim our light or shut down our life force.
We can make a commitment to ourselves to be faithful to and trust ourselves.
We can commit to not betray or forsake ourselves no matter what others do or don’t do.
We can conscientiously take care of our own attitude and well-being.
We can appreciate our own growth, flexibility, willingness and healing process.
There is much we can do for ourselves which promotes healing and awakening for others.

I am not responsible for what others choose. I am responsible for how I respond to their choices.
I am not responsible for how others feel. I am responsible for how I feel.
I am not responsible for how others judge. I am responsible for my own judgments.
I am not responsible for others life learning. I am responsible for my own.

The more I mind my own business, the more I will assume responsibility for my attitude.
The more I take responsibility for my thoughts and feelings, the more I am at peace.
The more I am at peace the more my light shines and my love flows.
The more I am in love, the more I give and the more I learn.
The more I am learning and sharing, the more others learn and share with me.
Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. We are free. We are free. We are free.
And in my freedom I can see what I am here to be.

Thank you for loving You,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

How to Respond

How can I respond with love?
How can I correct or change in my attitude?
How can I learn from this?

When life gives us lemons, we can make lemonade and drink it, serve it and enjoy it.
When life gives us lemons, we can exchange them, smell them, sell them or give them away.
When life gives us lemons, we can hate them, reject them, avoid them, or condemn them.
We are always choosing how we perceive and interpret each experience we encounter.
We can continue to react according to our historical pattern or choose a new way to respond.

When life is too good to be true, it probably is, but maybe not. …
I prefer to stay open for miracles and magic, for surprises and gifts.
I prefer to look for the good in all things.
I prefer to learn from everything.
I prefer to dance in joy rather than drown in tears.
I prefer to stay open and willing rather than become closed and resistant.
I prefer to remember my holiness even when experiencing my humanness.
I prefer to sing in the rain rather than wish it were a sunny day.

My attitude is my choice.
My attitude brings me down or lifts me up.
I can choose and change my attitude.
I can choose to let my judgments convince me of what is wrong.
Or I can let my curiosity and determination show my what I can do to make it ‘right’.

We are free to choose whether in prison, in poverty, or in pain.
We are free to choose how we respond to rejection, misunderstanding, deceit and attack.
We are free to choose how we live and to whom we give.
My attitude determines what I think and what I think determines the outcome I experience.

What do you do with lemons?
How do you respond to your own mistakes, what others may call “sin”?
How do you respond to other’s errors?
With Love and forgiveness or fear and condemnation?

Sin literally means “off the mark’ in Greek. It is an archery term.
React: To come from fear and protect, defend or attack back.
Respond: To come from kindness and seek to do good with what is.
Proact: To seek to do good and choose to Love in all circumstances by taking no offense.

I am loving you, proactively….
There is nothing you can do or say that would convince me to not “Love You”.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Too Good to Be True

Bad things happen to Good people.
Yes, I have been lied to, cheated, and stolen from.
Yes, I have been attacked, criticized, and hurt.
Yes, I have been used, betrayed and rejected.
Yes, I have been blind-sided and derailed.
Yes, I have experienced infidelity, abuse and disrespect.
Yes, I have known bankruptcy, divorce, and violence.
Yes, I have known guilt, fear, worry and depression.
Yes, I have made mistakes, and committed what some call sin.
(I do not linger in any of these experiences. Judgment gets us stuck and forgiveness sets us free.)

Yes, I am glad to have known these and other states of human experience.
It is not only possible but predictable that in this world of learning, we all will have an opportunity to experience life as a human experience.
There are negative and positive experiences in a duality.
Here we can learn from both the bad and the good.
My holy work is to forgive my judgments and perceive the gift of learning or unlearning.
Often my holy work has been to remove my judgment from the experience and simply perceive what is. When seen without judgment, life offers me opportunities to love no matter what or to fear and reject some things and some people and to embrace and attract some events and some people. I believe that what life gives us is a series of wakeup calls, choices of how we choose to live and give and express and create. I constantly am in process choosing not to lose my way, but rather to reaffirm the path of Love I have chosen. I constantly reaffirm that this is a learning lab in which I am not a victim of the world I see, but rather an interactive creator of my experience. I have the power to co-create my perceptions, my response and my ultimate learning. I am aware that how I choose to perceive and respond have a powerful effect on those who are within my paradigm. If I am blaming, others feel guilty and may withdraw or become blaming. If I forgive erase and release, I offer the opportunity for the other to do the same. We all are given a blank canvas on which to begin again to create the life we want or we can constantly paint over the old perspective with a new version of the old story.

When things seem to go wrong, I ask these questions of myself.
Am I willing to stop, look and listen within?
How can I be response-able?
How can I respond with love?
What can I correct or change?
What can I learn from this?

I use my own mind as a tool to interpret, to clarify, to understand.
I use my attitude to affirm, accept and appreciate the value in all things.
I use my Essence the Love that I am to contribute the Good I know at all times.
I give the best I have. I teach the love I know. I forgive so that I can love unconditionally.
This brings me happiness and peace. This is the foundation from which I live and give and be.
This is good for me.

Loving you is loving me and sets us both free to be the Love we are.
Betty Lue

Monday, June 21, 2004

More Light

The longest days of the year offer more light.
Metaphysically more light means seeing more of what we have created.
More light means seeing more of what we may not want to see.
More light means more awareness of long ago buried or hidden memories.
More light means looking at unconscious and conscious omissions and commissions.
More light means being able to clear our guilt and regret.
More light means seeing and forgiving others’ errors.
More light means more insight and understanding.
More light means opportunities to see what needs still to be done.
More light means staying awake.
More light means dispelling the ghosts of the past.
More light means disappearing the skeletons in our closets.
More light means seeing what really is.
More light is essential to clearing the obstacles to Perfect Love.

Here at the apex of the sun shining its warmth and light on us,
we are given the opportunity to see and clear more obstacles to the fullness of our own Unlimited Light and Love.

We may be finding ourselves haunted by some past event or unfinished business.
We may be remembering how we forgot to fully love someone who mattered to us.
We may see where we lost our direction and left our own path.
We may be awakened to how we could have handled a negative situation differently.
We may see what errors we have made in our communication or withholding communication.
We may see where we missed the boat and blamed someone else.
We may see a pattern of avoiding conflict or wimping out on our true values.
We may recognize that someone we dislike is just like us.
We may notice that the world needs our help when we thought this world was here to help us.
We may also see with delight how we have given so much love.
We may see how we have been blessed.
We may celebrate how far we have come.
We may appreciate how we have forgiven, healed and created a good life.
We may give thanks for those who have gone before us.
We may be grateful for our friends and family from whom we have learned.
We may enjoy the fullness of each day with it’s surprises and powerful learnings.

I am aware that when I am lost, confused, unclear or conflicted, I need only ask and receive more Light.
I will be filled with insight, awareness and clarity to make the highest and best choices for all concerned.

Let us dedicate this and every day to more light within ourselves and our lives.
We provide the warmth and light in which all can grow into the magnificent Beings we are meant to be.

Let your Whole and Holy Light shine,
Betty Lue

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Father’s Day

All of us have a father within us.
How we define our father creates how we see ourselves provided for and valued by our world.
How we see ourselves in relationship with our father generates how we unconsciously relate to ourselves.
If we were ignored, we may ignore ourselves.
If we were abused, we may abuse ourselves.
If we were admired, we may admire ourselves.
If our father always encouraged us to do better, we may push ourselves to do better.
(The same is true of our relationship with our mother.)

Are you similar to your father?
Are you rebelling against your father?
Do you identify with your physical father or your spiritual father?
Is there a male figure with whom you identify or use as your role model?
How have you chosen the men in your life as partners, friends and lovers?
What are your goals for yourself?
What do you need to do to be provided for well?
What is your real work in this world?
What are your work ethics?
How hard to you think you need to work to provide for your responsibilities?
Do you believe your father cares for you and looks out for you?
Do you believe it is possible to provide for yourself, easily and happily?
Can you see how our father’s beliefs about provision may unconsciously program us to feel the same about making money, earning a living, working hard, struggling and sacrifice?

What we think of our father and what he thought of us often determines our relationship with the world.
If we were admired and told we could do anything we wanted, it is very likely we have believed that prophecy. If we were negated, ignored and put down, it is likely we find ourselves in similar situations.

Our programming from our physical parents often is limiting, because our parents may have been limited.
We are now in need of new models and new programming. Before we can let go of what is not so, we must recognize what it is that we are releasing. To wash our minds clear of limiting beliefs, we must become aware of the content and author of those beliefs. To free ourselves and our parents is a life work. Recognizing and erasing what is merely a belief passed on through the generations frees everyone to be unlimited in choices and life scripts. We literally are forgiving and freeing past generations of misbelief.

When you identify with an unlimited Spiritual Father, Creator, Source and Provider, you can get the picture and model of Unlimited Presence, Unlimited Provision, Unlimited Creative Potential. If you believe you are unworthy, ignored and rejected by God, the ultimate Father, you will not accept your inheritance, being created in the likeness and image of the One you see as your true parent. This is one of the values of recognizing our parents are merely temporary guardians, not the Creative Force in our universe.

Bless all the fathers and mothers as the children of God we are.
Bless all the daughters and sons as the children of God we are.
Bless all the people of this earth as the unlimited creative potential we are.
All of us the same, created in the likeness and image of the Infinite, Abundant and all-loving presence, we are here name and claim our inheritance.
This is the day to undo what is not true.
This is the day to affirm what is, was and will be our Truth forever.
We can forgive and erase past false programming and limiting historical perspectives.
We can choose and affirm the Truth that is ours forever.

Thank you to the fathers and forefathers who set us free to fully be our whole and Holy selves.
Thank you to our fathers and forefathers who created nations and communities and homes in which each and everyone is free to create for ourselves the goodness, wholeness and beauty that is within us.
Thank you to our fathers and forefathers for living and giving the best they knew within their own belief.
Thanks to ourselves for being willing to be free and abundant, happy and creative.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Who Is Failing Here?

Is the world failing us?
Are we failing ourselves?
Are we here to succeed in the world?
Are we here to find and master our own life journey?
Are we here to win worldly prizes by identifying and living worldly values?
Are we here to enjoy lasting happiness by living in integrity with spiritual principle?
Is money, fame and power the ultimate goal or is peace, love and lasting happiness?
Are we here to achieve accolades and the approval of others?
Are we here to let go of external rewards and find fulfillment within?
Are we willing to do what the world teaches us because we believe in the world?
What is real? Is it what the majority believe in?
What is real? Is it what is lasting and True through time and eternity?
What matters? Growing up and finding our way in alignment with our True Identity?
What matters? Winning the race against time and beating others in wealth, youth and conquest?
Are we graded based on how much we learn or how we practice what we know?
Is there a grading system in spiritual mastery or only pass-fail?
Can we graduate without being the best? Can we do good without others noticing?

We seem to be at a crossroads in our evolution where we can grow up and take full responsibility or continue to blame someone else for our dilemma. Maybe our wars, bankruptcy and disease are not due to other’s attacking us, but rather our strategy of attack and defend, take and accumulate, strive without gratitude.

What would happen to each one of us, if we would choose to follow the path of our heart, to live happily doing, giving and creating what was most enjoyable and peaceful for us?
What would happen if we were willing to live within our means on less not more, simply rather than creating complexity, honoring ourselves rather than seeking what isn’t ours, helping and serving rather than conquering or selling?

Life seems to be a moment by moment choice to fear or to love, to take or to give, or die or to live.
Life seems to be the opportunity to destroy or create, to hang on or let go, to strive or to flow.
Life seems to be the chance to stay asleep or wake up, to blend in or stand out, to withhold or contribute.
Life seems to offer the possibility of acquiring knowledge or wisdom, failed dreams or fulfillment,
Bitterness and guilt or forgiveness and faith, prizes and toys or inner peace and lasting joy.

I know from counseling, teaching and helping thousands of unique beings from every walk of life that each one is on our own path of mastery, our own sacred journey home.
It seems we each are wherever we are not by chance but by Divine appointment, to learn and earn whatever experience can be best utilized by our Higher Self to help us wakeup and realize tour True nature and the reason for our being.
It seems that the more we surrender and unlearn our errant beliefs and undo our limited programming, the more we free our minds to remember what is true and good and whole within us.
The more we forgive our self judgment, the more we can perceive the limitless possibilities within ourselves as we contribute our lives to serve only the highest good for all.

Let us commit to succeed at living and giving our gifts of Love and Joy and Peace in all we do wherever we are.

Loving us all,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 18, 2004

Helping Others Succeed

They should know what I want.
They should know how to make me happy.
They should know what I like.
They should know how to be loving and kind.

When people succeed at meeting our needs and satisfying our wants, they are more likely to try again.
When students know how to pass the tests, they are more likely to study and do well again.
When spouses know exactly what we want for dinner and can prepare it, they are encouraged to do more.
When our children accomplish the chores we ask and receive our appreciation, they want to do more.

Likewise, when people fail at meeting the requirements, they are less likely to try again.
When students fail their exams, they are less likely to enjoy studying to pass.
When spouses try and fail to please us, they are more likely to stop trying.
When children are criticized for what they do, they are less likely to do more chores without pressure.

Our work is to give people as much responsibility as they can successfully handle.
We need to ascertain how much each individual can do and they make sure they experience a success.
We need to treat people as they want to be treated to succeed.
Often men need very specific directions for activities that women take for granted.
Often our partners need to know exactly what we want for our birthday and the store in which to shop.
Often children need us to be clear and specific, even writing out our rules and agreements until we are clear they understand and can succeed.

When we ask someone to do something for us and they fail, it is our responsibility.
Forgive and choose again. Forgive and look within. Forgive and ask them how to help them succeed. Forgive and seek spiritual direction. Forgive and remember how you prefer to be treated when you fail.
We must ensure success with out employees, our children and our partners by offering the best we know.

It may be difficult to know what to do in a world which is failing.

Success breeds success.
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Life is a university.
We are enrolled in daily classes supporting our freedom and fulfillment or our entrapment and depletion. We choose the lessons we learn.
We are here to remember.
We are here to return to Love.
We are not handed the answers to the tests and challenges we attract to ourselves.
We are here to learn.
We can use spiritual principle to understand and respond or we can rely on our learned judgments, defensiveness and fear .
We can re-create the same challenges again and again in different forms ,until we come to peace.
When we are at peace, we understand and are released from repeating what is complete.

Life offers opportunities to remember what is True.
Life offers opportunities to unlearn what is false.
Life offers choices in which we can celebrate and enjoy or condemn and dread.
Life is a school of our creation…to return to what is already written within us.
We all will wakeup and remember.
We all graduate.

When we learn how to forgive, undo, and perceive what is real, we graduate and celebrate.
When we give up our need to do it “right”, we give up the fight to perfection, wealth and security.
When we unlearn our desire to “win” and invite in the freedom of non-judgment, we create peace.
‘All things work together for Good’ doesn’t guarantee that all things in this world are good.
It does guarantee that when seen “rightly”, all things can be used for the Good of All.
Everything is either a call to wakeup and Love again or a gift of Love to be received with gratitude.

When we come from our heart, when we open our minds, when we listen within, we condemn nothing.
When we erase judgments, we perceive the lesson being learned, the miracle of forgiveness.
When we condemn nothing and forgive everything, love flows.
When love flows, happiness grows.
When happiness grows, we trust in Good.
When we trust in Good, we offer Goodness and mercy.
When we offer Goodness and mercy, we receive the blessing of our offering.
When we receive the Goodness we give, we are filled with Goodness.
When we are fulfilled with Abundant Goodness, we are rich in Spirit and in Joy.
When we are rich in Spirit and in Joy, we are at peace.
When we are at peace, we graduate.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Self Image

How we see ourselves is communicated to others.
How we see ourselves is how others learn to see us.
How we see ourselves is what we remind ourselves to be.
How we see ourselves sets the tone for how we are treated by our world.

The image we hold in our minds is communicated through our thoughts, our words and our actions.
The image we have for ourselves is relayed through our body, posture, tone of voice, and eye contact.
The image we hold of ourselves is broadcast through our dress, hairstyle, and way we communicate.
When we see ourselves as magnificent, whole and abundant we let the world know.
When we see ourselves a limited, lacking and needy, our world gets the message.

When we respect ourselves, we teach others to respect us.
When we love ourselves, we teach others to love us.
When we appreciate ourselves, we teach others how to be appreciative.
When we like who we are and how we look, we teach others to like us.

The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect me.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more I love, trust and respect others.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect myself.
The more I love, trust and respect myself, the more others love, trust and respect others.

How do you see yourself
In relationships?

Do you see yourself as successful or a failure, a creator or a victim, abundant or lacking?
How do you want others to see you?
What message are you sending to others?
Where are you in conflict, in self deception or giving mixed messages?
What do you need to forgive, heal or undo in your own self image?
When you forgive your past experiences, what is the Truth about you?
When you remember you are as God created you, whole and happy and free, how will others see y ou?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

What is Real?

We are created to be creative.
We are created to be free.
When we are creative and free, remembering the Love we are, we create only Love.
When we judge our creations as right or wrong, we create the possibility of mis-creation.
This world is an experience in which we have projected our belief in good and evil.
The worldly experience is a temporary experience of complexity, judgment, and duality.
This worldly experience represents our belief in “not God”.
When we believe in what is “not Good” we see “not good.
When we judge things, we make what we judge real.
When we believe we are betrayed, we see betrayal and the possibility thereof.
When we believe in error, we perceive and create error.
This worldly experience is a screen on which we project our beliefs and mis-beliefs.
The world we see is a world of “apparency” or illusion, in which we interpret everything.
When we value our beliefs, we hold them in place to be re-created and seen again.
When we forgive our beliefs, we release our judgments and allow Light and Love into our minds.
When we condemn, we make real that which we condemn, like holding a prisoner hostage.
When we let go of fear, we allow love to cleanse, to heal, to erase what is not real.

Forgiveness is a tool to erase all mis-creations.
Forgiveness allows the release of misperceptions.
Forgiveness opens our minds to our creative potential.
Forgiveness frees us from our own self-made pain and condemnation.
Forgiveness is a key to freedom and to happiness.
Forgiveness is the mental cleanser which clears the obstacles to love.
Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves to free ourselves to choose again.

Consider beginning each day writing and saying 30 forgivenesses daily to free your mind.
Consider then writing and speaking 30 choices to create with God for Good.
Consider ending your day with 30 gratitudes to celebrate the beauty and bounty of your co-creation.
Consider the possibility that this is all life is for---to remove all obstacles to the freedom to create.
Consider the magnificent and abundant joy that we will know when we only create for the Good of All.

Creating this day with the Love of God,
Betty Lue

Monday, June 14, 2004

Through the Eyes of a Child

The world is a place of adventure, love and happiness.
Everyone is kind is a safe place of comfort and peace.
Life is meant to be lived fully and freely.
Go until there is no more energy and you have to stop.
Play with anyone who will play with you.
Look for what makes things work.
“Princesses” and special people know us and will talk with us.
Be careful of places that are dark or sound “creepy”.
Laugh and giggle whenever you can.
Eat only cold things that are chocolate and things that are warm and chocolate
Make sure you win and the loser wants to play again.
Hug and kiss and tell your Dad you love him to get what you want.
Stand up really tall when you have to be tall to go on the ride.
Be really small and cuddley when you want to be carried.
Look for crayons to draw something when you are bored.
Ask for help only when you simply can’t do it yourself.
Know you are beautiful whether your hair is brushed or not.
Find a way to have fun and forget about the pain you felt two minutes ago.
Cry when you are sad or tired to make sure someone cares.
Run if you don’t have to walk or sit still.
Always find something to climb to as tall as the grownups.
Look for ways we can help to make someone smile.
Sing as loudly as you can and maybe you can get everyone to sing, too.

This sounds like something we all could do.
Maybe we can let go of our “adulterations”.
Let’s just be kids and know we are loved.

I love you Gia for being a profound teacher of innocence.
“And the little child shall lead us.”

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Last Day of School

(Taking Gia to Disneyland with Robert and her Dad this weekend)

Today 6/11 Gia’s last day of kindergarten.
She has had an awesome year due to wonderful Kid’s Care before and after her afternoon kindergarten. She has had three great classroom teachers. with adventures in art, science, music, drama, reading, writing, math, friendship and so much more. Her classroom is a glorious array of every child’s success displayed in every corner. We went to the Kindergarten kid’s musical concert two weeks ago.

What a special time for her to be learning and growing at a public school that actually believes and lives their own mission. From the principal on down they intend every child to leave sixth grade knowing that all things are possible. Whether the teacher’s requests of the administration or the kid’s requests of the teachers, everyone is heard and responded to with respect and support to make their dreams come true. The PTA raises money to keep the library open longer hours. When funding is short, they raise money to buy what is needed. Everyone is encouraged to make a difference. They are making a difference in children’s lives. They make a difference in the community. They make a difference to each family.

Every child deserves to be at a school where the teachers support the kids, the administration supports the teachers, the school board supports the administration and the community supports the school board. Everyone makes a difference, from the custodian and cafeteria worker to the principal and school secretary. You and I can do so much to raise our children in loving caring environments.

Give each child and every child the right to dream.
Give each child and every child the opportunity to live their dream.
Give each child and every child both freedom and responsibility.
Give each child and every child encouragement and nurturing.
Give each child and every child hope for the future of a better world.
Give each child and every child a cleaner environment and healthy food.
Give each child and every child better programming on TV and video games.
Give each child and every child relationships which are respectful and compassionate.
Give each child and every child your time, your consideration and your sincere caring.
Give each child and every child an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.
Give each child and every child the smiles, hugs and quiet time they so much need.
Give each child and every child a safe place to rest at night knowing their basic needs will be happily met.
Give each child and every child the love, understanding, forgiveness and consideration you would want.
Give each child and every child your very best..even if you have never met before.
Children live up to our expectations when they are loved.
Let us expect their best and love them with our best.
We will all win……

Loving each child and every child.
Betty Lue

Friday, June 11, 2004

Love No Matter What

Life is a gamble.
Love is a risk.
Faith restores the promise of Goodness.

Who do you trust?
How do you trust?
What have you let defeat you?
Who have you allowed to deplete you?
What can you do to be true to you?

Is your attitude the result of your worldly experiences?
Or do you create the happiness you seek from within?
Is your energy the result of how people treat you?
Or can you treat people with respect and kindness anyway?

Do you trust in the world’s idiosyncracies and uncertainty?
Do you trust that all people will give their best all the time?
Do you trust that everyone’s promises will be kept?
Do you assure yourself that you and others will never make a mistake?
Do you believe people will do what they say and know what they are doing?
Do you make up that leaders should always make good decisions?
Are you sure that life will be generous and helpful and forgiving?
Sounds good, but is it what you are here to trust?

I am a believer.
I am trusting and trustworthy.
I am generous and kind.
I am unselfish and helpful.
I am forgiving and committed to love no matter what.
And I have made mistakes.
I have been foolish and ignorant.
I have made choices without due consideration.
I have promised what I cannot give.
I have left when others wanted me to stay.
I have not always fulfilled my commitments.
I have expended money and time needlessly.

And I trust myself and I trust You.
I trust the Good in me and the Good in you.
I believe in the power of Love to heal all things.
I know there is a world beyond this world where all are equal in the eyes of God.
I feel how good it is to forgive all mistakes and love again.
I choose to give my best so I can encourage you to do your best.
I value speaking my heartfelt truth and listen to yours with my heart open to you.
I am learning to forgive ignorance, neediness, greediness, mistakes, unkindness and disrespect.
I am willing to forgive irresponsibility, irreverence, violent thoughts and actions.
I am trusting that like me, we are here to learn to forgive this insane world of separation and attack.
I believe that we are here together to remember what it is to let go and love again no matter what.
I know that as I forgive wrongdoing and ignorance and believe in goodness and mercy, I feel happy.
I find my wholeness and strength, my courage and generosity in achieving an inner state of wholeness by perceiving the wholeness and holiness in you and everyone everywhere.
Yes, It requires faith…but I am here to strengthen my faith.
Yes, it requires trust, but I am here to perfect my trust in God and that essential Goodness in which and for which we are all created.
Yes, it requires hope, lighting my path with the miracle of forgiveness, clearing all judgments, all regrets and all guilt, so I can return to LOVE.

I am here to Love You anyway.
After all is said and done.
It is only Love that heals me and you and our world.
And I am here to be a Healing Presence.
Therefore I choose to LOVE NO MATTER WHAT.

Loving us all anyway we are,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Communication Is Key

What do we communicate to ourselves?
What is communicated by how we think, how we interact and how we care for ourselves?
Do we smile at ourselves in the mirror?
Do we avoid making eye contact?
Do we appreciate the good job our whole body and mind does for us each day?
Do we honestly attend to our needs as they appear?
Do we listen to and acknowledge our feelings?
Are we reassuring and responsive to what is really important to us?
How can we expect others to treat us with respect and love, if we don’t love and respect ourselves?

How do we communicate with others?
Do we treat others with respect?
Do we make it safe for them to share honestly with us?
Are we really listening to what others say about their thoughts and feelings?
Are we open and honest in our communications without criticizing?
Are we appreciative of what others give to the best of their ability?
Do we really keep sacred quality time for those we love?
Do we smile and touch with kindness?
Are we giving in our relationships or needy and demanding?
Are we consistent in our responses rather than moody or changeable?
How can we teach others to treat us consciously with trust and respect when we offer others less than our best?

In everything we think and say and do, we are reminding ourselves and others how we want to love and be loved.
We can forgive ourselves for giving less than our best.
We can forgive ourselves for not knowing how to love and be loved.
We can look for role models and learn.
We can explore and experiment consciously with those who will support our healing and growth.
We can be courageous enough to admit that we are ignorant and want to learn.
We can each day give ourselves a little more attention, a little more respect, a little more support.

After all, this is life.
All of us are learning and growing in our willingness and ability to LOVE ourselves and all others.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Does One Life Matter?

Does your little life matter?
Are you just a drop in the bucket?
Do you ignore yourself and pay attention to others?
Are you feeling lost and alone?
Are you sure that you don’t count?
Have you noticed lately those who need you?
Can you see a world crying for love?
Have you heard a child screaming for comfort?
Can you see the face of the lonely?
Have you walked past the homeless man with his hand out?
Have you had someone knock on your door for a donation?
Have you heard people sigh in resignation?
Have you walked past someone who looked lost and afraid?
Have you noticed the elderly or infirm needing some help?

My life matters because I choose to make a difference.
My life matters because I look for how I can be helpful.
My life matters because I smile at those who look my way.
My life matters because I ask if I can help those who are lost.
My life matters because I care about you and you and you.
My life matters and yours does too!

Every call I get.
Every email that comes my way.
Everyone who needs my help.
Everyone who receives the love and wisdom I share.
Everyone who gives to others knowing we are one.
Everyone who leaves their world a better place.
Everyone who dries a tear.
Everyone who calms a fear.
Everyone who gives to someone in need.
Everyone who offers a better way.
Everyone who gives what is in their heart.
Everyone who joins me in giving.
Everyone who demonstrates forgiveness.
Everyone who is really living.
You, all of you and each one of you, matter to me.
No one left out… No child left behind.
No love not given.
No words of encouragement unshared.
No laughter held in.
No lights turned down in fear.
No locks on the doors to my home or my heart.
You are welcome here.

Let it be known and shown…We all matter here.
Betty Lue

Monday, June 07, 2004


What is mental and physical dis-ease?

What I have come to believe may not be what you believe.
This does not make me right and you wrong.
This does not mean anything, except that right now… this is what I have come to believe.
I may change in this lifetime and I may not.
I do not make any of your beliefs wrong.
It is important to me that I not impose my beliefs on you.
I am giving you an opportunity to look at what is “True for you right now.
Many of us get stuck in a belief we learned from our ancestors or the “authorities” in our life.
Some of us believe what is popular or fits within our culture.
Some choose to believe what “science” tells us, perhaps science too is shaped by our beliefs.
If you are uncertain about what to believe, study, explore, experiment and listen for what resonates.
Also be open to entertain what seems antithetical to your current beliefs.
I never try to make others change their beliefs.
I am not here to argue or convince.
I am here to share when and as I am called from within.
If what I say offends you or hurts you, know that it is yours to let go, to forgive and heal.
If what I say is not “right for you, for Goodness sake, please let it go.

This is in response to someone who felt I may believe in mental illness as described in the DSM diagnostic manual for psychologists and psychiatrists. However, this email may also be for you who have different beliefs than I do.
Respect yourself. Your thoughts, feelings, choices and beliefs are yours to choose.
My work here is to respectfully awaken us all to look again, to listen within, to honor what is “true for us and let go of what is no longer healthy or valuable.

Dis-ease is lack of peace and lack of flow.
Where there is fear and judgment, there is constriction and a block in the flow of life-giving energy.
Where there is lack of flow, there is the absence of health and therefore di-sease.
I believe that our physiology is strengthened with love and forgiveness.
I believe our immune system is weakened with hate and fear and defensiveness.
I believe where we are afraid, our thoughts become distorted, clouded with confusion and assumptions.
What we believe we see.
What we expect, we look for.
We are responsible for our thoughts and our words and our actions.
When we believe in external cause, we relinquish our ability to respond, to choose again and change our minds and our behavior.
When we put fear into our own minds so that we cannot think clearly and react to what appears to be, we are confused and feel victimized.
In reactivity, there is limitation of response.
In fear, there is a lack of options, limitation of response and feeling weak and unable.

I use affirmations and forgiveness to remind myself of the power and presence within to change my mind, to clear the fear, to unblock the flow. I personally only choose outside help that affirms my ability to choose again and supports me in making the changes and choices which are truly healthy and highest and best for me.
As coach, counselor and friend, I provide the same for those who come to me for assistance and support. My beliefs come from my personal experimentation and observing others reports of their experiences.
I have studied, experimented and explored many options, as I seek what works.
I encourage you to do the same.

Betty Lue

When I experienced natural child birth in 1965, I was so excited I wanted to sell the world on what I believed was the best for mother and child. I quickly learned (within a few months) how ignorant I was to believe that this was the best way for everyone.
I continue to respect each individual’s right and responsibility to choose for themselves.

If you want to continue your own course of study for conscious healing and empowerment, read and study:
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
Mastery by George Leonard
Illusions by Richard Bach
Dynamic Laws of Healing by Catherine Ponder

Saturday, June 05, 2004

When We Love

The more we notice how good life is, the “gooder” it gets.

Life is good and gets even better, when we love it.

Our friends are wonderful and become even more wonderful with our loving them.
Our partnerships are powerful and become even more potent, as we acknowledge them.
Our creativity is unlimited and we become ever more creative, as we appreciate it.
Our body’s are amazing and becomes even healthier, the more we enjoy them.
Our finances are good and get even more abundant, when we are grateful.
Our work is good and gets even more helpful, the more we appreciate it.
Our country is great and is enjoyed more fully, when we feel blessed to live here.
Our presence is healing and becomes ever more healing, as we value our intrinsic healing ability.

Our lives are our most creative project.
The more we affirm them, the more wondrous they become.
Our lives are our greatest contribution.
The more we value them, the more we contribute.
Our Presence is our most powerful asset.
The more we esteem our Being, the more magnificent we are.

Valuing the creativity and perfection of our whole lives,
Betty Lue

Friday, June 04, 2004

Nutrition or Indigestion?

I remember when I tried to feed people what I thought was best for them.
I remember when I thought I knew what was best.
I remember when I thought I was not judging.
I remember when I thought my thoughts were not judgments.
I remember when I believed I was trying to help and fix you for your own good.
I remember when I thought I knew.
I remember.

When we discover something wonderful, healing and freeing for ourselves, we want everyone to have a big helping. We believe we are loving them. “This is good for you, Dear.” If you love me, you will eat everything I have fixed for you.” When we go to an MD, a therapist, a consultant or counselor, we are paying for another’s expertise. We are asking for their help and more often their agreement. When they give us what we want, we take it and hope for a cure. When they give us what we don’t want, we may say “no thanks” and go find someone who gives us what we want to hear..
Remember when I have not asked for help, I may not want help.

I don’t try to feed people when they are not hungry.
I don’t try to teach people who are not willing to learn.
I don’t offer what is not requested.
I don’t go where I am not wanted.
I don’t give what is not gratefully received.

There may be a small group of people who are called into our lives to learn from us and with us.
There may be a few people who want to receive our gifts of life experience and worldly knowledge.
There may be some who seek our counsel and spiritual direction.

When you are called, ask for spiritual guidance to give what others can receive and digest.
(Every mother knows how frustrating it is to cook a big meal for those who don’t care or who will est what they want anyway.)

I love you and me as we see what works.
When we love, we want to give everything we have.
When we love, we can learn to trust others and free them to follow their own path to explore their own territory in their own time.
When we find someone in our territory seeking our wisdom, I simply share with respect.
Remember we can always teach others best by serving ourselves well.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Life is a Learning Laboratory

Each one of us is in this university of life seeking to graduate.
Each one of us has lessons to be learned.
Each one of us looks upon school with a totally different perspective.
Some are eager and excited.
Some dread the next lessons.
Some are trying to hide from anything new.
Some want to achieve and be the best.
Some want instant success without doing the work.
Some want to skip to the next level before their homework is done.
Some try to get done without helping anyone.
Some want to pass without any tests.
Some make it harder than it needs to be.
Some have fun with whatever comes.
Some just wish they could get out of here and graduate now.

I love to learn for the sake of learning.
I am happy about discovering each new message and possibility as they come.
When I am fearful or resistant to the learning, there seems to be pain or conflict.
When I am receptive and grateful for what comes, I learn with ease and grace.

Resistance to learning seems to cause pain, discomfort and suffering.
Acceptance of learning seems to bring happiness, gratitude and fulfillment.

Those who seek to leave life quickly often have not accepted what is their own game plan.
They may not want to learn the lessons they set before them.
They may discover that the lessons requested are more challenging than they hoped.
They may want to wait until later, when they have more courage or willingness to succeed.
And then there is graduation.
We graduate into realms of more loving, healing, learning, creating, contributing and full Beingness. Each one of us has our own developmental journey, all to be realized in our own timing and our own way.
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when we are happy willing learners. So be it.

I Am a happy willing learner.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The Meaning of Life

What is the purpose of your life?
What are the themes of your life?
When you look at your history, what might be the reason for your being?
Are you here to learn how to survive?
Are you here to find a place to belong?
Are you here to create a happy song?
Are you here to heal your past history?
Are you here to help others be what they can be?
Are you here to learn to take responsibility for you?
Are you here to stop being dependent?
Are you here to discover God?
Are you here to perform miracles?
Are you here to learn about the mind and how it works?
Are you here to be physically fit?
Are you here to live as long as you can?
Are you here to leave a legacy?
Are you here to challenge yourself and see how much you can overcome?
Are you here to become a Holy Man?
Are you here to live simply and with loving kindness?
Are you here to protect the environment?
Are you here to join a group and have fellowship?
Are you here to be a rebel and renegade?
Are you here to reform wrongs done against some part of society?
Are you here to look for mistakes and correct them?
Are you here to love, teach and nurture children?
Are you here to just get through it all as fast and easy as you can?

What are the themes in your life?
Sometimes we take on the script we were assigned by our parents.
Sometimes we learn a new script that seems popular and acceptable in our culture.
Sometimes we are inspired or admire someone who shapes our life focus.
Sometimes we come to believe that a power greater than ourselves leads the way.
Sometimes we quit on what we came for judging we have failed and cannot do it anyway.

What you want for your own life journey will shape how you spend your time, energy and money.
What you believe your own life will govern what you think and say and do.
What you choose for your own life will give you a north star, a compass, to guide you.

I have chosen a life of inspiration and inspiring others through my thoughts and words and deeds.
I am committed to be truly helpful and seek ways to help each one who comes my way.
The ways of serving others are unique to each individual and so my learning has been diverse.
I am called to first to learn the language and the beliefs (the faith ) of each one.
I am called to listen beneath the words to the calling of the heart.
I am called to honor the life journey of each one as unique and integral to the whole of humanity.
I see all as equally valuable.
I see each one as precious and beloved.
I see each path as important to be explored.
I see us all as significant to the whole.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Spiritual Assignments

Today I sat and asked Spirit, ”What are my assignments?”

To be healthy and happy everyday.
To love everyone in every way, as I am guided.
To know all I need is perfectly provided.
To care for each one who comes as a new babe.
To help everyone see how precious they are to Me.
To awaken the world with a happy song.
To enjoy everyday and what comes along.
To be strong in faith and fearless in expression.
To gather around me those who believe and build community together.
To forgive the errors in history, in myself and others.
]To be at peace with what is.
To know all is a playground for learning.
(See war and bullying as a path to learn how to join in the common good for all.
See Gossip and cruelty as learning how what we say comes back to bite us, so we may as well say what is good and helpful.
See all Negativity and depression as an opportunity to get stuck in muck or wash ourselves off to play in the sun.
See Disease and death as experiences of choosing peaceful release from our body when we graduate or fight to hang on because we fear the unknown of letting go.)
To honor my life journey with the courage of my values, the commitment to care deeply and the willingness to share freely.

I forgive myself for limiting myself in any way.
I forgive myself for withholding the spiritual gifts I am given from anyone.

I am free and trusting, willing to give all that is Good and Whole and True to All who would receive.
Loving you with what is True,
Betty Lue