Monday, February 28, 2022

It Takes So Little!


Nothing stops me from expressing my love and gratitude.

No one can keep me from giving my best.

I apologize and easily forgive all mistakes.

I am here to be Love, to share Love and receive Love with Gratitude.

So Little Means So Much!

It takes a smile to feel welcome.  

It takes a “please” and “thanks” to feel safe.

It takes a moment to show you care.

It takes a little forgiveness to heal.


How much do you seek respect?

How much do you want peace?

How much do you desire happiness?

How much do you long for love?

When you have hurt someone, say "I am sorry".

When you have offended someone, apologize.

When you have forgotten someone, let them know you are sorry.

When you have not been kind and considerate, apologize.

Being sorry is a way of showing you care.

Apologizing is your way of being considerate.

Letting folks know that you truly are well-meaning is a display of kindness.

Saying “I am sorry. requires so little and gives so much.

When you want anything from anyone, say “Please”.

Stop demanding, threatening, expecting and being inconsiderate of others.

With family members, partners and children, always say “PLEASE”.

This is the primary way we teach manners and show respect.

When you receive an answer, a meal, help or kindness, always say “Thank You!”

When you have been served by anyone on the phone or in person, remember to say “Thanks!”

When you share you gratitude with others, they feel valued and respected.

Teach everyone by your example how to be courteous and respectful.

When you know you have judged, Forgive to clear your limiting thoughts.

When you know you have criticized, Forgive to undo false expectations.

When you know you have hated, Forgive to heal your heart.

When you know you have avoided or neglected, Forgive to find inner peace.

Express your Love by saying and writing and thinking and showing,I Love You!”

Get over the fears of freely using the words “I love you.”

Stop withholding your love and let it be said and shared and shown.

You are created by Love for the purpose of Loving.

I Am Sorry.

Please Forgive me.

I Love You.

Thank You.

These four statements will heal you, your family and your world!

I am loving you.

And I am truly sorry for withholding love and respect from anyone at anytime.

Betty Lue

Sunday, February 27, 2022

History of Reminders


I am a loving reminder.

I listen for loving reminders in every encounter.

I remember to seek and find love in all things.

I appreciate all the loving reminders I write, share and live.

History of Loving Reminders

Loving Reminders are created by Love for you and for me.

Loving Reminders are emailed to thousands of people around the world.

Loving Reminders are written new each morning by me to be shared with everyone who want them.

Loving Reminders are a gift of love to all humanity who will benefit from receiving them.

Since January 1999, Loving Reminders are my spiritual practice.

There are now over 8500 reminders and five Reminders books published.

Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders, Relationship Reminders, Healing Reminders, plus Pocketbook of Affirmations now published and available at

Healthy Reminders and Family Reminders are almost ready for publishing, awaiting my final editing.

The last six years of reminders are archived at for easy access.

My intention is to share Love with everyone everyday in every way.

My purpose is to be happy and to share happiness with everyone.

My function is to forgive, erase and delete all that blocks our essential peace and joy.

My goal is to give all good, whole and beautiful for all who are open to receive.

There is nothing that limits me from having this experience with everyone I encounter.

Everyone deserves love.

I choose to give everyone the best I know.

I am willing to bless everyone with what I know and have.

Life is for giving and we are the Gift.

Each one of us is here to remember we are the gift of Love.

Everyone of us is a blessing to all of us when we remember.

We can together heal our world as we remember our intrinsic wholeness.

Our life journey transports us to places and people we are called to touch and teach.

We are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.

When we know and live this affirmation, it is so for us.

As we think and believe, we will experience what we believe to be so.

Loving Reminders give us an infinite opportunity to wakeup and remember.

Loving Reminders are a blessing even when they teach only one each day.

Loving Reminders are a give of remembering what is true beneath the appearance.

Loving Reminders awaken, inspire, support and encourage growth, healing, and Love.

Whatever is written, however they are read, their intention is always Love.

Whenever they reach via email, book or sharing, they are created to be healing.

Whoever finds them in whatever state of mind, they are a call to feel loved.

Loving Reminders are truly a gift to all humanity for all time.

I am loving you always and all ways.

Betty Lue

Saturday, February 26, 2022



Learning is fun, safe and easy.

Learning is helpful and healing.

I love to learn from everyone and everything.

I appreciate learning new ways to learn and live better.

How Do You Learn?

Do you learn from listening?

Do you learn from reading?

Do you learn from observing?

Do you learn from doing?

Everyone learns differently!

Do you learn from repetition?

Do you learn from being reprimanded?

Do you learn from being rewarded?

Do you learn from being reminded?

Learning can be structured.

Learning can be informal.

Learning can be experiential.

Learning can be rote.

Everyone attunes to different ways to learn.

Brains are wired differently.

Environments can be detrimental to learning.

Teaching style can effect learning positively or negatively.

Everyone loves to learn successfully!

It is our responsibility as parents and teachers to see how ourselves and our children learn best.

It is for those teaching to observe, learn and accommodate the learning style of others.

It is the responsibility of the partner in relationship to notice what helps our families learn.

It is up to the most conscious one to become aware of what creates positive relationships.

Everyone wants to learn and grow.

Everyone wants to do their best.

Everyone would rather be capable and valued.

So we must learn how to motivate, inspire and encourage.

Some need praise.

Some need constructive criticism.

Some need rewards.

Some need appreciation.

Some need to be observed.

Some need privacy.

Some need stimulation.

Some need quiet.

Some need a desk.

Some need to work on the floor.

Some need organization.

Some need stuff everywhere.

What do you need to learn best?

There is no right way.

Look only for the way that works.

What works is what is successful for the learner.

Loving to learn from everyone and everything!

Betty Lue

Friday, February 25, 2022

Be Here Now!


Forgiveness is a gift to myself.

I choose to release the past to live in the present.

I now forgive everything and everyone, for all time, including myself.

My mind now automatically erases everything that is now wholly true and loving.

Be Present!

Let’s get past the Past.

Let’s start being here now.

Let’s stop getting stuck in pain.

Let’s not keep doing it all over again.

The fastest way to complete the past is to be in the present.

The most effective way to let go of the past is to delete it from our memory.

The easiest way to delete is simple to forgive and erase what no longer has value.

The very best way to be at peace and in love is to be here now with love and gratitude.

There is a myth about forgetting and remembering.

What you remember you will tend to repeat.

What you forget will be cleared from you automatic habits.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love and light.

What you truly forgive, will not come up again.

What you are willing to erase, does not show up again.

What you throw away, will not return on another day.

When you are done, you are done.

The habit of guilt and regret is sure to come up undigested.

When we are truly willing to stop “guilting” ourselves and others, the pain stops.

When we are fully done with what was, it is all undone.

What remains is only the blessing.

Life offers us an unlimited smorgasbord of experiences.

To retain them all undigested makes us sick in body, mind and spirit.

To digest what we experienced is to benefit and grow from the Good.

To leave the toxic material in our memories is toe repeat it again and let it poison our lives.

Often, we are taught falsely and think we must protect ourselves by never forgetting.

What we remember and think about, we will re-experience until we forgive and heal.

If it keeps coming up, there is something more we must to be complete with gratitude.

We experience to learn and learn to fully live.

Is it time to forgive and forget?

Is it time to stop the pain and regret?

Is it time to let go, so you can live what you know?

Isn’t it time to be fully here and now with gratitude and love? 

What seems difficult may be the best gift you have every given yourself.

Forgive the past…..all of it.

What will be left are the blessings.

Be the present and you will know the Gift of Life.

Loving you in remember always and only to Love what is NOW!

Betty Lue

Life is for giving.

Love is the Gift.

Thursday, February 24, 2022



What I believe, I will perceive.

I forgive my misperceptions and change my point of view.

I allow myself to learn by doing the best I know at the time.

I pay attention to what works and easily delete what doesn’t work.


We all make mistakes.

It is what we do with our mistakes that matters.

It is how we see our mistakes that makes the difference.

It is our willingness to learn from our mistakes that gives value.

Mistakes have value.

Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Mistakes give us the experience of forgiving.

Mistakes are course corrections in an imperfect world.

When we judge mistakes, we get stuck with them.

When we avoid mistakes, we may slow our progress.

When we demean or diminish ourselves, we may lose confidence.

When we see ourselves as wrong, inept, incapable, we make deny our own growth.

It is time to free ourselves from the heaviness of guilt, shame and punishment.

It is time to stop deny ourselves the opportunity to apologize, forgive and learn.

It is time to enjoy the freedom of experimenting and exploring how to wake up .

It is time to interrupt the patterns of always being safe and comfortable in the “no grow” zone.

When we trust in our choices, we can always learn.

When we forgive our mistakes, we can always choose again.

When we free ourselves to change our minds, we can always make new choices.

When we are willing to trust, forgive and free ourselves, we can take full responsibility for our lives.

Life is an experimental laboratory or Exploratorium.

Life offers unlimited opportunities to learn and grow.

Life gives us endless chances to find our “right” way.

Life teaches us there is no ultimate “right” and “perfect” way to be and believe.

Each one of us is here to learn.

When we learn to judge and condemn, the learning is slow.

When we learn to observe, forgive and make amends, our learning can be swift.

When we learn “all things work together for good, mistakes are alternative choices from which to learn.

The only mistake we every make is when we forget to Love.

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love your mistakes and they transform into gifts of Goodness, Wholeness and Love.

Give up getting stuck in condemnation, criticism and negative judgment.

Free yourself to see the beauty and blessing in all things.

Give yourself to Love.

Betty Lue

  • Do No Harm. 
  • Learn.
  • Choose to Be Helpful.

Let us forgive our judgments of mistakes we make and choose again for a better way!

Wednesday, February 23, 2022



I choose love today.

I live in faith all things work together for Good.

I delete and forgive all fear in my mind.

I choose thoughts, words and activities of Love.

False Expectation Appearing Real.

What is there to Fear, but Fear Itself?

It is our fear of fear that distorts and deceives us.

It is our misunderstanding of what it that betrays us.

It is our doubting mind that confuses us.

When we listen for the Truth we find it within.

When we learn our co-creative power, we use it wisely.

When we experiment with belief, we realize how it works.

When we understand the “enemy” of faith is fear, we forgive.

There is a time for gathering information and education.

There is a time for understanding what appears to be.

There is a place for learning how to surrender.

There is a way we can see things differently.

All fear is a call for Love.

All fear is a message we have forgotten the Truth.

All fear is claiming we are victims of the world we see.

All fear is false expectations appearing real.

It is time to take back our creative power.

It is time to be the healers of our mind.

It is time to use denial and affirmations.

It is time to be willing to step out in faith.

How can we end this reign of terror by those who are terrified.

How can we stop the injustice when we are unjust to ourselves.

How can we convince ourselves to live with love and forgiveness.

How can we step away from letting doubt and despair lead the way.

It is our work to say “No” to fear.

It is our path to walk away from darkness.

It is our mission to lead us all into the Light.

It is our choice to show the way to forgiveness and Love.

Love heals.

Love inspires.

Love enlightens.

Love delights us to remember always the Good in all things.

Let’s believe in Love.

Love is what we are after.

Love offers harmony, happiness and laughter.

Love is our way Home.

Loving us and all as One,

Betty Lue