Monday, October 02, 2023

Make A Decision!




I value my willingness to make my own decisions.

I trust myself to choose what is right for me.

I make decisions which will benefit all.

I listen to my heart and know I decide with Good intentions.

Just Decide!

There is so much we do not know.

There is so much we make up.

There is so much we do not want to know.

There is so much we seek from erroneous sources.

How do we decide?

What to do?

Where to go?

Who to listen to?

Gather information.

Find what is true.

Give yourself alternatives.

Recognize only you can choose.

What is right for you?

What is true and reasonable?

What is for the highest and best?

What is for long term benefit?

We decide wisely when we are at peace.

We make decisions best with knowledge.

We must consider all options and inner guidance.

We know what we want. when we are listening within.

Take time to consider the whole picture.

Take time to clear false information.

Take time to trust those who truly care.

Take time to believe in what you decide.

Decisions can be changed.

Decisions are based on what you know.

When you know better, you will do better.

Decide to do whatever it takes to make the best decision for you.

Always decide with your mind and heart.

Always decide with your highest and best interest.

Always decide in ways that bring peace and hope.

Always decide with an outcome that will bring happiness and gratitude.

You can always forgive and choose again.

So forgive past errors and choose again.

Forgive past avoidance and choose again.

Allow all to come together for greater purpose.

Loving you for making good decisions.

Betty Lue

Make a decision for goodness and mercy for all.

Just decisions are made when no one loses.

“Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.”

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Are You Willing?




I am open and willing to heal my mind and body.

I am open and willing to listen and follow my inner voice.

I am open and willing to forgive and erase my mistaken beliefs.

I am open and willing to be all I am created to be.

Are You Willing?

Where do you resist?

What stops you?

How do you sabotage yourself?

Where do you give up on you?

Are you willing to have courage?

Are you open to forgiving the past?

Do you allow only good in your life?

Do you take impeccable care of you?

It is time to be open and willing.

It is time to give up your fear.

If you really want it, you will be willing.

If you really care, you will forgive all fear.

Life is choice.

But we cannot even recognize the options.

Life is yours to choose.

But you may not see what can be.

Take a look at what you really want.

Then be honest about what prevents you.

Listen to your limiting thoughts.

Practice forgiving and erasing the blocks.

Be willing to admit your mistakes.

Then erase them and learn from them.

Be willing to say YES to yourself.

Stop saying NO and start believing.

Love your authentic self.

Stop hiding behind what gets in your way.

Give yourself your positive attention.

And listen to your highest intention.

The only thing stopping you is you.

Don’t deny yourself the Good you want.

Align your thoughts and words for Goodness sake.

Start actually behaving like you can and you will.

Life is created from your willingness.

When you are open and willing, you will see.

I am willing for us all to set ourselves free.

Be open and willing to really be You

Loving our authenticity.

Betty Lue

A simple song I wrote in 1996:

Give Love. And let it show.

Give Love. And let it grow.

Give Love. And you will know.

Doing what comes naturally.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

You Shall Prosper!




I prosper myself as I look forward to the future.

I believe healing occurs as we live with hope.

I have faith in the future.

I am grateful for all the Good in my life.

Have Faith in the Future.

What does it take to prosper?

Prosper with hope. 

Prosper with faith. 

Prosper with Love.

It seems so elementary.

We know we must be hopeful to succeed.

We know we must have faith in ourselves to benefit.

We know we must love ourselves and our gifts to do well.

But do we do what is necessary?

Are we grateful for what we have achieved?

Do we recognize how much we have imagined success?

Have we invested in our own goodness and wholeness?

Yes, we prosper because we believe in all that is Good.

We prosper when we envision our wholeness, abundance and gratitude for all.

We prosper because we focus on our prosperity with faith.

We prosper when we extend our gratitude, love and joy for all Good.

To focus on our good prospers us all.

To focus on our neediness diminishes what we have/

To enjoy the everyday goodness enriches our lives.

To criticize what is limited and lacking depletes our lives.

It is essential that we learn to be grateful for all that is given.

It is important that we share with others with pleasure.

It is our work to learn to value what is truly valuable.

It is our reward to see all things working together for Good.


When we expect miracles, we seek and find them.

When we despair of not finding, we tend to not look.

When we trust in a positive outcome, we know it is there.

The Good becomes our focus and we see it all clearly.

It is time to proper ourselves and our global family.

It is ours to focus with hope and gratitude on all Good.

We can be the ones to bring positive prayer and affirmation.

We can be grateful for believing and seeing the outcome we want.

Let us prosper one another.

Be hopeful and grateful .

Betty Lue

The word “Prosperity” comes from the Latin root which translates literally as “according to hope” or “to go forward hopefully”. 

Therefore we prosper ourselves with our hopeful attitude toward life.

There is no lack.

There is always plenty.

There is always enough for everyone.

Forgive the fear and everyone has enough.

When you believe it, you will see it!

Love is freedom to share and trust in Abundance.

Betty Lue

Friday, September 29, 2023

Enjoy Right Now




I pause and breathe and appreciate the beauty in life.

I forgive myself for missing all the Good there is.

I relinquish focus on what is needed and see all I have now.

I take time to take good care of what really matters.

Moving Too Fast?

Are you moving too fast to enjoy your life?

Did you miss the sunset?

Did you stop to listen?

Are you available to say “thanks”?

When did you stop to notice?

Are you observing the changes?

Do you wish you had stayed longer?

Have you hugged and smiled at your kids?

Do you stop to take a deep breath?

Are you willing to rest when you need?

Do you go to sleep early and wake up refreshed?

Do you value your time and energy and helpfulness?

Do you appreciate your surroundings?

Do you take good care of your environment?

Are you aware of those who appreciate you?

Do you honor your values and ethics everyday?

Are you a conscious caretaker of our earth?

Do you spend and save your money for good purposes?

Are you willing to stop and apologize when you make a mistake?

Do you ask for forgiveness for any unconscious interaction?

Do you take impeccable care of your body?

Are you quick to judge and slow to complement?

Do you honestly love and appreciate yourself?

Are you aware of the blessings in your everyday life?

Sometimes we move too fast to notice.

Sometimes our ‘to do’ list is too long.

Sometime we are focused on what isn’t done.

Sometimes we are too quick to criticize.

Maybe it is time to slow down.

Maybe we can take long deep breaths.

Maybe we can learn to say “Thank you.”

Maybe we can remember to love everyday.

It will save our lives to take our time to be our best.

Give yourself the gift of taking time today.

Loving all of us as we remember to love our selves.

You deserve to take some time for the best you know.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue