Thursday, January 26, 2023

Listen To Your Self


I love and accept myself the way I am.

I easily forgive my mistakes and quickly learn.

I follow my inner guidance and intuition.

I take time daily to appreciate my life choices.

Listen to Your Self

Is anyone listening to you?

It is solely your job to do.

To be true to you is your need.

To follow your heart is your choice.


You may be frustrated, angry or afraid.

You may be blaming or crying out for someone to save you.

You may be denying, doubting or feeling victimized.

Somewhere within you know, it is all about you saving you.

To blame others will misguide you.

To avoid yourself is to deny you.

To correct others will divide you.

To forgive yourself will bring you home to you.

There is so much to learn and know.

There is often a long way to go.

But the first step is the most important.

Listen to you by beginning within.

Write down your thoughts and feelings daily.

Journal your questions and fears.

Listen to your ideas with laughter and tears.

Learn to respect all that comes from within you.

You are here to really know YOU!

Within you is everything you seek.

Take some time to find what is true.

You are here to love and cherish you.

When you write the words you hear inside, you begin to find what is really interfering.

When you read what you have written, you can see what is good and truly helping you.

Some feelings and thoughts can be misguiding with their distortion and fear.

But some true loving helpful guidance will show up honest and clear.

Your job is to discern the truth that leads to safety and calm.

Your listening will see beneath what is angry and wrong.

The ideas and help will show you what voice is coming through you.

You are looking for only what is healing and loving and helpful to you.

So listen to what is right and good and true.

This comes from the real love within you.

Be willing to follow what is kind and good to you.

Love shows the way to follow every day.

Always beside you, Love will always guide you.

And I am with you.

Betty Lue

I am loving us all.  

It is love that prevails in all things, large and small.

Above all, let us simply remember to love. 

Betty Lue

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Make Wise Choices!


I choose fun, safe and easy healing and learning.

I give up the need to fight to be right.

I seek peace and happiness for everyone.

I choose to respond with love.

Choose with Respect!

Some stay too long.

Some quit too soon.

Some duck and avoid.

Some finish what they start.

Every encounter is for healing.

Every relationship is to heal oneself.

Every action creates a reaction.

Everything is for learning.

If you are avoiding, you may not have healed.

If you are quitting, you may not have learned.

If you are blaming, you may not have finished.

Consider wisely when you have calmed your emotional reactivity.

When we are afraid, we tend to blame or criticize.

When we are sorry, we tend to feel guilty and remorseful.

When we are forgiving, we begin to heal.

When we have compassion, we begin to learn.

Our life experiences show us what works and doesn’t work.

Our relationships push our unhealed buttons, until we react or respond.

Our emotions demonstrate our sensitivity to unconscious unhealed past woundedness.

When we seek to learn, heal and find peace, we respond to our own need.


Whether we step away or stay can determine what is the most safe and easy place to begin.

When in fear, it is difficult to heal and learn.

When upset, we cannot see what is a good place to be.

Give yourself the best place to do your healing and learning work.

We heal when we feel safe.

We learn most when at peace.

We trust more when we are open and honest.

We forgive others when we can forgive ourselves.

Step away and calm yourself.

Choose what works for all, when you want to learn.

Value yourself in the process of healing and learning.

Recognize the key is  always do what does no harm.

No guilt, no harm.

No fear, no harm.

No blame, no harm.

Choose to do no harm.

When you do not understand yourself or another, listen more deeply.

I am loving us all as we let go of fear and seek only love.

Betty Lue


I forgive myself for hurting others in anyway.

I no longer allow others to hurt me.

I always choose what is best for me.


Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you, Betty Lue

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Be Open and Willing!

Tolerance begins with You!

Listen and Learn with an Open Mind!


I learn quickly and easily.

I trust the Love within me.

I follow the path of peace.

I see and do what is mine.

Look and See!

Look and see.

Listen and learn.

Speak and act.

Don’t hide from the truth!

Your truth is Your perception of what is.

Another’s truth is their perception of what is.

Our perceptions are all unique.

We see through our own viewpoint, emotions, experiences, prejudices and opinions.

Be willing to see things differently.

Be open to see what is needed.

Be curious about other’s beliefs and judgments.

Our hopes and fears, our responses and reactions, judgments and criticism all distort our perception.

Our desire and courage help us look more deeply.

Let us stop, look and listen more openly before we react.

Let us ask, inquire, learn, and listen within before we judge.

This is a time for trust and tolerance as we move forward.

When you are moved to act, trust yourself.

As you are called to speak up, share your position.

When you want to know more, research and learn. 

We are here together to each and all play our parts,.

It is together that we come to see more of what is.

The eight blind men each had their own perspective on the elephant.

We each have our own view of the many diverse pieces of the whole.

Only as we discover and share can we recognize what we seem to perceive.

In our acceptance of personal truth and perspective, we can begin to recognize what seems to be.

Arguing to be right gets us fixed on our personal position to “WIN”.

We each have something to share and some way to care.

Let us begin to understand we all will WIN or LOSE together.

When we are complaining and fighting, no one benefits.

When we are at war with the need to be right, we make others “wrong”.

When we think about an outcome that feels “safe” for everyone, we being to see things differently.

Choose to be courageous and think with and open mind.

What can I learn?

How can I serve the greater Good?

What can I do?

Listen to your heart and do as you are inspired to do.

Betty Lue

“Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.”

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.”

Monday, January 23, 2023

Stay Inspired!


Life is ours to use for inspiration.

I remember I am here to be inspired to inspire others.

I know who I am matters.

I trust my life is my gift to use for expanded giving.

Stay Inspired!

You are here for a Purpose.

How do you inspire yourself?

Are you learning and growing?

Are you healing and living healthy?

Are you loving and feeling loved?

Are you living and fully enjoying?

Are you giving and valuing your gifts?

Are you connecting and trusting the connections?

Are you receiving wisdom and awakening to all Good?

Everything is available to you.

All of life is yours to have and use and live.

When we share what we are learning, we stay inspired.

When we give what we are receiving, we stay inspired.

All that inspires us will inspire others.

Our life is flow and flow is both letting go and receiving.

The flow of life energy in us and through us is enlivening.

The opportunity to share what we have is an unlimited gift.

Every breath we take is breathing with all that is.

Every walk we take is enlivening us and all.

Every song we sing is singing with everyone.

When we learn we are part of everything, we are inspired.

When you are inspired, your life is an inspiration for others.

When you are learning, you are inspiring everyone to learn.

When you are healing, your healing is healing for all.

When you are giving, you inspire others to give.

It is in our realization of who we are that we are inspired.

It is in awakening to the desire to make a difference that we are inspired.

It is in our discovery that we have unlimited value that we are our inspired.

We stay inspired by being fully alive and realizing the gift we are.

Without you, we would be incomplete.

You matter…. your works, your imagining, your actions all make a difference.

When you live with inspired consciousness, you are the inspiration you seek.

When you allow love in, you know you are the One You Seek.

Let us all stay inspired to inspire one another.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue


“Give yourself to Love.

And Love will give to you.

Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.”

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Let Love In!

Celebrate Lunar New Year: 2023 Year of the Rabbit

See Roberts’s Writing at 

Affirmations: (Written for you to Use!)

I let Love in and realize the Love within.

I receive all gifts of Love with gratitude and grace.

I give and receive Love fully and freely from everyone.

I forgive myself for ever resisting the Love that comes to me and thru me.

Let Love In!

Receive Love and you always win.

When we give, we do receive.

What we give, we will receive.

How we love, will return to us.

Givers have control over what and how they give.

Receivers are simply open and allow love in.

Some givers do not receive their own gifts.

Some givers resist what and how much they receive.

When we are managing what and how we receive, we may ignore receiving Love.

When we are resisting and distrusting what is received, we ignore or dismiss the gifts.

When we distrust the giver's intentions, we may not allow or deny receiving Love.

Consider seeing and receiving the Love within all giving.

We tend to project onto others our own intentions.

We tend to deny our own worth and willingness to receive.

We tend to question or deflect others' Love for us.

When we diminish what is given, we are cheating ourselves and the other.

Learn to feel gratitude and encourage all giving.

Learn to enjoy all the Love that is given to encourage more giving.

Learn to celebrate the love of a child, and allow their love to be received.

Learn to receive complements with gratitude and grace.

If you see what is lacking, give it more consistently.

If you feel what is needed, share it more generously.

If you hear what is wanted, honor it with your love.

If you know what is valued, express it with all your heart.

We must learn to give and feel good in the giving.

We must allow what is given to us and enjoy the richness in the receiving.

We must care enough to receive Love to encourage everyone to give Love.

We must understand the balance of giving and receiving.

Giving is receiving.

All that we give is given to ourselves.

There is no lack, when we understand what the meaning of giving Love really is.

Receiving Love is giving Love! 

When we fully allow the balance of giving and receiving Love, there is no lack.

When we openly flow what is ours, we aways know and experience Love.

When we clear the blocks to Love's presence, we live in the state of Love.

We are Love expressing It Self in us.

Loving us all in our Loving, 

Betty Lue

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Allow. Allow. Allow.


I release and I let go.

Love is freedom and trust.

Love is letting go of fear.

I allow everything to be as it is.

Let It Be.

Breathe and Count to calm yourself!

Letting go can be difficult, if you at attached.

Letting go can be scary, if you feel disconnected.

Letting go can freeing, if you feel limited.

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy if you trust.

Life flows.

Changes come and go.

Everything is changing all the time.

Change is the only constant in the physical world.

When we get stuck or attached, we may feel like we are dying.

When we set ourselves free, we may feel like we can live again.

When we are trying to make things stay the same, we may feel frustrated.

When we are encouraging change to happen, we may feel delighted.

We can make the choice.

Are you attached and frustrated or trusting change and feeling delight?

We can encourage or resist the process of change.

We can choose to make life hard or easy.

Flow with what is.

Let go and let Good.

Stay in the present moment and be peaceful.

Try to be in the past and feel pressure to change.

What do you cling to?

Where are you limiting yourself?

What keeps you stuck?

Where are you attached to someone or something?

Life is changing exponentially.

If we flow with changes, we can allow and enjoy the ride.

If we hang on the roller coaster of change, we may feel scared, hurt, angry and in danger.

When we join the flow, we can actually direct its course in our lives.

Subtle redirection of our energies can shift the flow our way.

Simple affirmations can guide our course for ease and grace.

Willingness to let go can enable the path to be gentle and natural.

Trusting in the highest outcome can inspire us to enjoy the change.

Be with what it.

Appreciate where you are.

Enjoy those who are going along with you.

Stop fighting the tide and enjoy the ride.

Loving you by allowing us all to be as we are,

Betty Lue

Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.