Friday, April 19, 2024

Don't Be Fooled!




I am alive, alert and enthusiastic for life.

I trust myself and choose wisely.

I listen within for the highest Good for all.

I quickly forgive all mistakes, yours and mine, and learn a better way.

Don’t Be Fooled!

Don’t be fooled into trusting your emotions!

They change constantly, like the weather.

Don’t be fooled into believing and trusting gossip!

It changes with those tattling on others.

Don’t be fooled into counting on decisions based on emotional/irrational communication.

Without clear thinking, people often say what they don’t mean.

Don’t be fooled into believing promises made by someone who is not dependable.

Habits are hard to break and people take time to change.

When we want to believe, we can make up our minds that others have changed.

When we want to depend on others, we can forget about depending on our ourselves.

In a culture of sales, seduction and cons, we need to be wise in what we believe.

In a life where we have been disappointed counting on others, don’t be foolish.

Be positive and proactive.

Gather information and do research.

Buy what you believe is what it says.

Make sure you get a money-back guarantee.

In relationships, there is no money-back policy in place.

Even with the most trusted friends, things can change.

Even with the family you love, they may play out dishonest and disloyal behaviors.

Your primary person to trust and count on is you!

When you are let down, learn something.

When disappointed by someone, learn to let go.

When you feel betrayed or blindsided, learn to pay attention.

When you feel hurt or humiliated, forgive quickly and see things differently.

Life offers wake-up calls in many forms. 

Life teaches us to learn in many ways.

Life shows us the character defects in human behavior. 

Life gives us opportunities to gain wisdom and courage.

Believe in forgiveness and love.

Believe in dependence on your own inner guidance.

Believe you will not allow anything or anyone to limit you.

Believe in yourself and your ability to begin again…better and wiser and stronger.

There is a Sufi saying: “Trust God and tie your camel.”

I realize how spiritual people are often not practical.

Also, worldly people may not include the unseen powers of faith and hope and love.

Trust in good intentions, which may get detoured or disregarded in temptation and ignorance.

In the world be practical and realistic with the ways of human behavior.

And in yourself, be aligned with the power of thought and live in integrity for only the highest Good.

Don’t be foolish and let others mistaken behavior stop you or shut down your dreams.

Get up and be stronger, wiser and always true to the Highest and Best in You!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Are You Wise?




I choose to be wise in the choices I make.

I listen to my inner wisdom for what is Good.

Wisdom with Love guides me to inner peace.

I know what is true for me and I live it consistently.

Are You Wise?

Are you listening within?

Do you honor your intuition?

Do you follow the calling of your heart?

Are you willing to speak the truth you know?

When we share our most loving intentions, we must listen to what we say.

When we give our sage advice, we must pay attention to the advice we give.

When we know better, we must do better.

Inspirational wisdom is diluted when we do not live what we know.

A spiritual life is one which is inspired to be and do and share only what is for the Highest Good.

Love is the fuel that keeps us going and growing to share what is good and wise for everyone.

There is no criticism or complaining in wisdom.

There is only guidance and goodness in what is wise.

When we listen to and follow our inner guidance, life is fun, safe and easy.

When we neglect to follow our inner knowing, life can feel serious, dangerous and difficult.

When we learn to relinquish our own petty learned reactions, we can hear loving responses.

When we forgive ourselves for immature neglect, we can gain the maturity of acceptance.

All things work together for good.

Everything can teach us lessons.

Acceptance comes when we trust.

Confidence is strengthened when we respect our inner wisdom.

Do you listen for the learning in everything?

Do you follow your intuition and guidance?

Do you respond to all things with loving intention?

Do you open your mind to see things differently?

Our experiences show us what we have chosen.

Our experiences allow us to see what we attract.

Our experiences give us alternative opportunities.

Our experiences teach us to be responsible for what we have.

When we are wise, we know we do not know everything.

When we are wise, we ask for the highest perspective.

When we are confused or conflicted, we ask for clarity.

When we seek wisdom, we wait for what is beneficial for all.

To know we do not know it all is wise.

To trust we all are learning and doing our best is wise.

To be kind and gentle with ourselves, mistakes and all, is wise.

To be forgiving of others as they learn is wise.

To rely on our inner wisdom is a gift to ourselves and others.

Pay attention to what brings you joy.

Notice what gives you inner peace.

Listen for answers that feel right and good and true.

Love yourself for being open and willing to learn from everyone and everything.

Life is our university, so learn what is right and true for you.

Love with wisdom is our gift to ourselves.

Appreciate the wisdom as it comes to you.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more resources, the more choices we have.

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

You Can Change!




I choose what is good and loving.

I change what no longer works.

I choose the best thoughts, words and experiences.

Love is the way I choose to live.

You Can Change!

You can change yourself.

You can change your emotions.

You can change your lifestyle.

You can change your self-image.

You can change your home.

You can change your family.

You can change your relationships.

You can change your interactions.

You can change your mind.

You can change your attitude.

You can change your experiences.

You can change your perceptions.

You can change your thoughts.

You can change your beliefs.

You can change your words.

You can change your response.

Every single change you make affects everything.

Every thought, word and interaction creates something.

When we change one single thought, feeling, activity, we affect everything.

Everything is touched by what we do.

When we get well, those around us and beyond are made better.

When we speak kindly, those who feel and hear us feel the kindness.

When we change a belief and accept differences, everyone becomes more accepting.

When we open our heart to Love, all will feel the opening and allow in more Love.

Love is the constant in all we are and do.

Love is the freedom that invites us to change.

Love is the way we demonstrate our gratitude.

Love is the answer to whatever feels unfair. 

Love is the flow that allows us to grow.

Love is the certainty that comes from trust.

Love is the constant that keeps life evolving.

Love is the healing for all that is hurting.

When we allow the past to slip away, we open the door to love.

When we let go of what we fear and see more clearly, love sees the way.

When we help ourselves and others with generosity, love provides.

When we step away from misery and pain into gratitude again, Love celebrates.

Everything we do makes a difference.

We choose the difference we want to make.

Loving our transformation,

Betty Lue



God, grant me the Serenity

To accept the things I cannot change...

Courage to change the things I can,

And Wisdom to know the difference.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Look Forward!





I listen to my heart and know what is true for me.

I see and feel and know the good I am here to do.

I live the vision that I seek with all I teach and share.

I love myself as I reach out to all humanity.

Imagine What You Want To Be!

Use your imagination to envision the world you want to see.

Allow yourself to envision the way you want to be.

Listen inside to know what you are here to do.

Trust yourself enough to be willing to free You.

Life is your playground for you to be free to play.

There is plenty of space and time to enjoy every day.

You can write your life script and sing your own song.

You have the choice to paint your dreams or just go along.

Life tempts us to do what others say.

Parents and teachers guide us to learn others’ way.

To see ourselves and free ourselves is what we are here to do.

It takes a willingness to let go and learn to discover the truth inside of you.

Sit and write and learn to be still.

Let the trees talk to you because nature always will.

You may be here to simply appreciate the beauty all around.

You will know in your heart what you really want to do.

It takes practice to be quiet.

It takes patience to be still.

It takes time to listen and hear.

It takes open-mindedness to see within.

There is a path and a purpose, specifically for you.

There are signs every day about you to love and enjoy.

There are people that you admire and respect.

There are places you want to go and like to be.

Each piece of the puzzle is waiting there for you.

Begin to live the Highest Truth.

Learn to let go of what is not for you.

Undo quickly what is not right and good.

Step away from those who criticize and block your vision.

Move around the obstacles, excuses and delays.

Step forward in faith and trust in your insights.

Believe you can do anything you put your whole mind to.

Our wisdom comes from within.

Our clarity comes over time.

Our truth lives in our heart.

We know because we are happy.

Live your vision.

Know your Truth.

Love yourself.

Follow your dreams.

Loving the world we create individually and together.

Betty Lue