Monday, October 03, 2022

Who Are You?


I Am what I Am.

I dare to be All That I AM.

I allow myself to be guided by Love within.

I give and receive Good for the sake of All Goodness.

Who Are You?

Do you know yourself?

Are you Self aware and Self reliant?

Do you like who you seem to Be?

How much do you pretend?

There are many ways we show up.

Assertive or Passive?

Weak or Strong?

Happy or Sad?

Helpful or Self Serving?

Right or Wrong?

Energetic or Lazy?

Educated or Ignorant?

Prosperous or Poor?

Do you notice you may not be so sure which is “true”?

Do you recognize the many ways of being You?

Are you able to discern what is actually and factually true?

We are eve- changing beings even in our own perception.

What we see and hear may not be what we get.

How we are seen may not actually be so.

Our emotional, physical and intellectual lives may be varied.

And the same is true of everyone we encounter.

Our descriptions seem to define us.

Perhaps our diagnoses and prognoses may be inaccurate.

Maybe we have been described to our detriment.

Is it time for you to free yourself from how you have believed yourself to be?

There is no limit to who you are.

There are no restrictions to your freedom.

You can see yourself differently.

Believe you are unlimited in creative power and in peace.

We can choose again.

We can make time our friend.

We can start all over again in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinion.

Take a chance and try out totally changing your mind.

Notice how revealing it is to walk in another’s shoes.

Think in ways that are totally unlike you.

Give yourself moments of open-mindedness.

You will perceive everything differently.

Set yourself and others free to fully be who you are called to be.

Let go of limitations and do as you feel guided to do.

Love and trust yourself to go where you are called to go.

Contribute your very best and enjoy the gifts you share.

Loving you as you truly are.

Betty Lue

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Telling the "Truth"


I tell the Highest Truths of which I am aware.

I believe that most people tell what they want others to believe.

I trust everyone has their own version of what seems “factual”.

I listen for the intention of myself and others, and this seems most “true”.

Telling the Truth

Are you telling your own truth?

Are you speaking what you have been taught?

Are you telling what will please others?

Are you saying what you feel is best?

Everyone is telling their own truth.

Some speak what is right.

Some say what feels good.

Some share what they believe.

Some just make it all up.

I have learned each person sees the world through their own eyes.

People actually see what they believe.

When we believe something to be true, we may deceive ourselves.

When we want to believe something, we may even change the facts.

No one ever sees the whole picture.

We have many versions of the truth.

There are as many views as there are people viewing.

We are swayed by our thoughts and feelings, beliefs and opinions.

Ask yourself if you lie, fib, omit or withhold consciously or unconsciously.

Children often simply say what they feel is right at the time.

Politicians often withhold pieces they believe need to be omitted.

Teachers may tell a censored version of the whole truth.

It is time to recognize no one knows the whole truth.

Information is shaped by the beliefs and emotions of the teller.

When we keep speaking the negative, the negative is more likely to occur.

Many well-informed leaders, preachers and teachers use the power of positive thought.

Affirming prayers and positive thoughts create.

When we choose words well, we can shape public opinion.

When we are conscious of the desired outcome, words can be used to create belief.

What we believe ourselves can influence others to believe what we believe.

Consider what you say, when you do not know.

Consider what you teach, when you have not learned or researched.

Consider how many you have believed who do not known the “truth”.

Consider what you can do to discern and learn what is “true” for you.

Perhaps it is time to stop calling other people “liars”.

Maybe we can be honest with ourselves and notice when we are not truthful.

Take care of what you say when you do not actually know.

Believe what you choose to believe, and know you may be wrong.

Life reminds us to “Do No Harm”.

Consider giving up attack and blame.

No need to feel guilt is you change your mind.

Speak the “truth” you believe is true.

Let others speak their “truth” too

Realize all the versions of the same story.

You can choose what you want to believe and tell.

Enjoy the conversations and differences.

Loving us all showing the way to freedom and trust in our differences.

Betty Lue

Life is for learning.

Education leads out of ignorance.

The more we learn, the more we know.

The more we know, the better our resources.

The more  resources, the more choice we have.

The more choices, the more enjoyable life can be.

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Your State of Being


I proclaim the past is gone.

I can step up to the Good Life.

I will prepare myself for the best life yet.

I am all that I choose to be.

Take A Look And Correct!

This is the last three months of 2022!

October is the month of letting go of all that is not right and good. 

This is your time to forgive, release and undo what is not true for you.

Take a look at your whole inner and outer self and correct your ways.

As I listen and observe, I see a world of hurt, anger and fear to clear.

It seems the garbage collector forgot to come around to dump the rubbish.

I am guessing many parents, employers and leaders have not lived or taught well.

“Take out your garbage everyday to keep yourself and your inner and outer house clean.”

No more arguing about whose job it is to take out the trash.

No more resenting people leaving their garbage.

No more leaving stuff around for others to clean up.

No more complaining about toxic and careless words and behaviors.

It is time we each take responsibility for all that is not “right.

Let us stop our habits of eating unhealthy, rude talk, and abusing ourselves and others.

We have an opportunity to clean up our own neighborhood and stop bad mouthing others.

Let us begin by listening to what we share and declare.

Somehow people forgot (or never learned) their manners.

Our children have heard their parents curse and be unkind to one another.

Our elders have often been neglected and abandoned instead of being respected.

People often openly lie, cheat and take whatever they can get away with.

We seem to watch more “trash” on TV and in movies.

We seem to buy the latest gadget or fad without paying the bills.

We seem to make a joke out of bullying and prejudice and belittling.

 We seem to enjoy violence and expose children to hatred, injustice and sexual images.

You and I can clean up our own lives.

We can set an example for others.

We each have our own healing to do.

Let us just do what we see that needs to be done.

Stop malingering and procrastinating.

Get up and change our destructive habits.

Stop trying to be right and start doing what is Best!

Give up stubborn egoic judgment and resistance.

This is our time to rise and shine.

Lift your mind out of the gutter of despair.

Pull your emotions up from the sewer of complaint.

Stand up for what inspires your desire to be happy.

No need to blame, shame or feel guilty.

We can always forgive and choose again.

We can claim true responsibility and get to work.

Flush the toilet of the past and create the joy you want.

I can. I will. I Am!  

This is our chosen reality.

Love you mightily.

Betty Lue

Friday, September 30, 2022

It's Your Choice!


I choose to live the highest values and ethics I know.

I live by the golden rule of treating others as I would like.

I listen to inner guidance for choices and direction.

I love, trust and respect myself in all I say and do.

What Do You Want?

Where are you going?

If you don’t have a clear goal, how can you achieve?

If you don’t have energy to move anywhere, how can you go  anywhere?

If you don’t have a vision, mission or purpose, life will take you wherever it goes.

Life is under your direction.

Life is yours to decide where, when, how and with whom you choose.

Life is the opportunity to achieve, create, survive or thrive.

Life is an ever-present opportunity to clarify, choose, change, correct and commit.

You choose the outcome you desire.

You choose to decide where and set your course.

You choose to steer your thoughts, words and actions.

You choose to support yourself every step of the way.

We are in the ocean of life.

If you use your time and mind well, you will know how to reach your destination.

If you expect others to get you where and how you get there, you may take many detours.

If you are adrift in the ocean of life, you may feel lost, afraid, disappointed. 

Involving others in your life journey, you will experience their Karma and yours.

Creating teamwork or partnership without a joined vision, you may find conflict.

Without mutual respect and open communication, you may be confused in direction.

When no one is ready, willing or able to be responsible, there will be major confusion.

Family planning, business plans, and life goals help gather people together to succeed.

Without adequate preparation for the life journey of marriage, it is difficult to cooperate.

With problems, failing, arguments and drama, there will be many bumps and rough sailing.

It is essential that people in families, businesses, politics and life begin to create common vision.

Be clear in your communication about your values, ethics and ideals.

Listen, accept and determine if you are going in the same direction.

If you are a solo traveler, respectfully accept that others may go their own way.

When you honor your own life path, you will navigate easily and smoothly.

Choose the way of loving kindness, respectful communication and conscious choice.

Live by your inner guidance to find the path of the heart.

Give always the very best you have and step away to renew yourself as needed.

Honor the life adventure you choose by correcting your path as needed.

Get clear, choose, communicate, commit and cooperate to succeed with others.

Know what you want and go for it!

Betty Lue

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Respectful Listening


I listen to differences with respect and learn more.

I listen without a need to blame or make others wrong.

I trust everyone has their own perception and opinion.

The more I respect and accept differences, the more I am respected.

Listen with Respect!

Listen without interrupting.

Listen without arguing.

Listen with consideration.

Listen without defensiveness.

When we learn to listen to one another with an open mind, we will learn to be kind.

When we learn to see what others see, we will broaden our reality.

When we open to find a way to agree, we begin to feel our unity.

When we stop to consider everyone see differently, we find our respect for humanity.

It is essential to begin a different way to communicate.

The word “communicate” is finding the unity within our way to listen and speak.

We are able to seek the agreement within our different perceptions.

We can understand and respect our differences, without blaming or shaming.

Communication in families and friendships is often unconsciously based on what we have learned.

Without changing our negative habits, we are doomed to repeat them.

When we do for others what we want them to do for us, we learn a better way.

When we become conscious in choosing respectful communication, we change fear to love.

All of us have unconscious and limiting habits, excuses and justifications, beliefs and rules.

We have adopted what we say and do from what we learned and used from past encounters.

Parents, authority figures, teachers, etc override children and those with lesser education or experience.

The seemingly powerful often fail to listen and learn from those who seem quiet or inexperienced.

It is essential to harmonize, to heal and grow, to create a better world with harmonious relationships.

We can stop fighting and harmful communication with the simple ‘pattern-interrupt' or “time out”.

Take time to take care of ourselves, step away and find the calm center within.

Ask yourself to really care enough to listen to what is needed to bring peace.

There is no need to win at another’s expense.

It is not helpful to override the other.

It will not be beneficial to either person to build resentment and fear.

It is problematic to continue behaviors which are disrespectful to both.

What is the helpful encouraging way to begin?

Listen first to understand.

Stop making up your mind “to be right.

Let go of the need to win and to fight.

Choose the goal of coming together with kindness and respect.

Seek to bring peace and consideration.

Give to the other the time and space to be heard.

Learn to love one another and give them your respect.

This is the way to bring peace to all relationships.

Communicate with respect.

I trust you to respect yourself and others.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Be Respectful.

Be Responsible.

Be Cooperative.

Create a Better World for All.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022



I love my life and my life loves me.

 I choose to treat my whole life with respect and appreciation.

The more I value and appreciate my life, the more meaning I experience.

 I  give meaning and value to everything I think, say and do.

Meaning in Life

What do you value?

What is important to you?

Where do you contribute?

How do you give?

Purpose gives meaning.

Meaning inspires life.

Life energy feels valuable.

What is valuable sustains us.

And so it is to live with meaning is essential to all life.

Do you live to survive or thrive?

Do you live to defend or feel safe?

Do you live to get by or prosper?

When we know what we value, we can find meaning.

We can give everything we do and say the meaning we give it.

We give meaning to what we value.

When we do not value ourselves and our lives, life is meaningless.

Connect with people who have found meaning in life.

Notice the compassion they have for those around them.

Feel the passion they feel for being helpful and caring.

Be aware of how they spend their rime, money and energy.

Take time to clarify what you value.

Pay attention to the people, places and things you value most.

Give more of yourself to what you value.

When you contribute, you find more meaning in life.

Give to your health, if you value health.

Give to your family, if you value family.

Invest in your financial future, if you value abundance.

Give to your environment, if you value the earth and its bounty.

Where you give, you will receive the benefit.

When you give, your life has meaning.

How you give, you feel the passion.

Contribution is how we find and receive meaning.

When life is meaningless, you feel empty, disconnected and alone.

When your life is meaningful, you feel fulfilled, connected and at one.

Bless yourself by contributing to a meaningful and purposeful life.

Value your life and you will know you are valuable.

Valuing you in all you are and do, 

Betty Lue