Friday, August 12, 2022

"Grand" Children


I extend my best to all, especially our children.

I spend quality time, give encouragement, offer hugs and respectful affection to all children.

I offer inspiring gifts and helpful acts of service to my grandchildren and all I encounter.

I know that every child deserves my best and I feel blessed.

Do you have a child inside you still longing to feel safe and special!

How To Love All Children

If you love who they are, they will feel loved.

If you dislike how they behave, they may feel unloved.

If you show them love and respect them, you will have little people who love and respect you.

Children want to be loved and want to learn how to love you.

Children can be “GRAND” when they feel safe and loved.

Children can be “respectful” when feel they are respected.

Children can be “helpful” when they see others being helpful.

Children will be happy when they feel safe and know how to love, respect and help others.

Children learn primarily through experiences, not words.

Children copy what they see that works and what doesn’t work.

Children get confused by changing rules, different teachers, and ever-changing punishments and rewards.

Children want to feel safe, happy, loved and valued.

Every child is totally unique.

Every child is curious and open to learn.

Every child responds to words, behaviors and people differently.

As parenting adults, we must be open and willing to love each child in the unique way that works.

When parents, grandparents and caregivers are tired, hungry or frustrated, we don’t respond well.

Our primary focus must be to love, respect and be helpful to ourselves first.

When we have taken impeccable care of us, we can more easily respond with love to others.

We only pick on children, because they do not have the ability to speak up for themselves.

Adults need to recognize that children copy the adults that “bully” them.

Children learn to play victim or"Bully-er" from the grownups who threaten, demean or shame them.

Adults need to learn how to treat all children with respect and kindness.

We need to learn how to teach and learn, appreciate not criticize and demonstrate the values we want.

Love the children in your care and those you see or interact with.

  1. Some children like positive words of kindness and appreciation.
  2. Some prefer quality time and being listened to and encouraged.
  3. Some children want hugs and affection and gentle interaction.
  4. Some kids really want acts of service and helpfulness.
  5. Some children prefer presents, gifts…even small ones.

 It is important that we observe and listen to what each child needs and wants.

It is valuable to give them our very best and keep our promises.

It is essential that we make no assumptions and do not take their misbehavior personally.

Everything is communicating their love or their need for a loving response.

We are always called to be the most conscious one and teach with our very best words and actions.

Loving us all to create a better world.

Betty Lue

When I see and hear cries for help with misbehavior, resistance, and self harm, 

I listen, observe and learn how best to show love and respect to each child and adult.

Thank you for being willing to respond with sensitivity to yourself and others.

Dr. Betty Lue. (Offering teleheath via FaceTime and zoom)

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Responsible For Your Choices


I choose to have a good life everyday.

I choose to use my words and actions to create more happiness.

I choose to create a life which is good and getting better.

I am free to choose how I spend each day.

Summertime Choices

Is it hot and volatile or warm and fun?

How do you do your days?

Are you creating them?

Or are you tolerating what you get?

As I sit at my computer, I have a choice.

I can listen for the world around me, wildfires, floods, wars, warnings and drama.

Or I can see the greenery and the calm lake thru the window and hear the birds.

Or I can be with you and share the love shining through the words write.

I have the choice to be present with the Love in me or be attracted by what I see.

I can hear my inner voice of gratitude and peace or listen to cartoon sounds or workman outside.

I can pay attention to what I want to see and hear and feel so it becomes real for me.

How much do we allow our body senses direct our focus, reaction and response?

I choose what I prefer.

I can be directed by gratitude or grief.

I can be seduced by pleasure or pain.

I can be a creator of my reality or a victim of circumstances.

What shall it be?

Am I the world I see?

It appears I am either be at effect or the cause of what seems to be. 

I can watch outer drama and trauma or enjoy inner peace and harmony.

Be at choice.

Learn how to create your reality by what you think (imagine), say and do and see.

Take the opportunity to change the channel of your mind.

Choose summer time to do what you love…..even a few minutes today.

Choose this moment to think about what pleases you and brings a little happiness.

When too hot, choose to cool down.

Remember getting wet under the sprinkler or take a shower with your clothes on.

When too anxious, choose to find and create more peace.

Breathe slow and deep through your nose, take a nap or enjoy a really fun book or movie.

When busy with kids home from school, take a few precious moments to say or do something kind.

Each person in your life deserves a little something special.

When you are driving here and there for errands and/or work, use the time to imagine something good.

When you are going to bed, breathe deep with gratitude for the day and events gone by.

Your life depends on your choices.

You are literally choosing whether to laugh or cry.

Your health depends on the choices you make to be happy or mad.

Your relationships depend on your choice to give a little special kindness to each one……Smile!!

Its simple.

Say "Yes please.” when good for you.

Say “No thanks.” when not good for you.

You can choose for yourself.

I choose to listen, learn and love,

 Betty Lue

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bored or Focused?


 I value my time and use it for Good.

I spend time on what I value.

I use my time daily to create more Love in my world.

I experience time as an invaluable commodity.

Waste No Time.

There is no time to be bored.

There is no time to waste.

There is no time to be discouraged.

There is no time to be lazy.

Life is filled with opportunity and challenge.

Our family and friends need us. 

The environment needs us to be awake.

Politics call us to be conscious and creative.

Nothing is fixed or stuck unless we so choose.

Everything can be changed with a change of choice.

We each have a responsibility to do something!

Are you willing to get up and be the change?

What are you doing to make the world a better place for you?

How are you influencing those around you? 

How are you using your time to do good?

Are you claiming ignorance, innocence or unwillingness?

Have you become dependent on being entertained?

Are you a passive observer in the audience of life?

Do you choose to live in the fantasy of unreality?

Have you stepped away from the needs in your world?

We may see adolescents and young adults as wasting time.

Is it that they copy the adults in their life being unfocused and living without purpose? 

Do our youth perceive the value of caring, sharing and goals to be accomplished?

Are we aware that our thoughts, words and activities are being copied by our youth? 

When we use our time wisely, we feel fulfilled and confident.

When we use our time for meaningful activities, we feel purposeful and focused.

When we use our time for expressing love, we feel kind and helpful.

When we use our time to inspire ourselves and others, we feel energized and enthusiastic.

This seems obvious, but many don’t understand how to use their time for their desired outcome.

Set your intentions and then use your time to create and appreciate what you intend.

Recognize what you really want and focus your mind and time on experiencing what you want.

Be grateful that you are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

What can you do to fill your time wisely?

Everyday there are so many meaningful and purposeful choices we can make.

Enjoy yourself every moment.

Life is filled with beautiful healthy and creative options.

Love yourself well.

Betty Lue

Dear full moon friends,

Our full moon thought for August 11

What eventful times! It goes back and forth, up and down, and haywire. And yet, some of us had secretly harbored the wish that it could calm down a little – quite the opposite is the case. It is unsurprising that many are feeling pressure or tension and are looking for ways to find inner balance, amidst the turbulence. So where to start? The distinction alone, between what is around us and what is within us gives rise to many possibilities. Because even if it doesn’t appear easy at times, we can change what lies within us. A small first step can move a universe …

The exact time of the next full moon is:

Moon sign: Aquarius 19° 21'

Thursday * 11 August 2022 * 6:35:48 pm (PDT)

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Do What Can You Do


With Good in my heart, I can do all things.

I intend always to bring Love into my world.

My life is devoted to make this world a better place.

I use everything as a wakeup call to do good wherever I can.

What Can You Do?

What about the people who are suffering and afraid?

What about the people who are under someone else’s authority?

What can we do to be helpful to the sick and impoverished?

What can we do to change our world and its people for the better?

We can do more than feel sorry.

We can do more than send prayer.

We can do more than give money.

We can do more.

Everyday we can make our world better.

In every way we can be more respectful.

With everyone we can listen more to their real need.

In all circumstances we can fully give our very best.

This will mean different thoughts, words and behavior to each one of us.

It means we must see who is on our path and in our hearts and minds.

It means we must be able to respond with genuine caring and sharing.

It means we must be open and willing to listen to what they request.

For some it means, listen and understand your crying child.

It may mean greeting the one who comes home from work with a clean house and good meal.

It may mean loving yourself well with a long hot bath or extra sleep at night.

It may mean you stop cursing the drivers who are crazy and raging on the highway.

We each have many things we can do.

Volunteer in your neighborhood school.

Clean up garbage wherever you see it.

Stop swearing and watching violent TV.

Give to the Red Cross or local YMCA.

Loan money to for small businesses around the world.

Keep your own home and yard clean.

Show everyone respect and good manners.

Stop drinking/smoking so much and start living healthy.

Talk to your local politicians about what you want.

Stop listening to propaganda and do the research for yourself.

Vote this November for whom your conscience tells you.

For some it means going on a mission to build homes or wells in other countries.

For others it means sending an AFS student abroad.  

For many it means being the voice of Peace and supporting peace projects.

For me it means all of these things and more.

I am here to Love through every thought, word and action I take my whole life.

Trusting we can our do our part with wisdom and Love,

Betty Lue

Monday, August 08, 2022

Greatest Gift For Me


I trust you to do what is right for you.

I believe we all learn best from the choices we make and their outcome.

I free everyone to fully actualize their potential their own way.

I trust us to learn from our own mistakes and find a better way to live. 

The Greatest Gift I Have Received.

I was trusted.

I was given freedom.

By parents, family, friends and everyone I remember.

I was loved with trust and freedom.

I experienced respect for my thoughts, feelings and choices.

I was trusted and believed in, given encouragement to make my own choices.

I was not praised or criticized: I was simply loved and trusted.

In every meaningful relationship, I was given the freedom to be and do, as I was born to do.


I do the same for others.

This is my gift for myself and for you.

I trust you to be as you are called to be.

I do not expect you to do or be anything other than what is true for you.

I can remember a few times when I have tried to get someone to do what I wanted.

At 3 years old, I wanted my baby brother to let me push him in the baby carriage.

At 14 years, I tried to get my parents to pray more as a family, like I learned at a youth conference. 

At 23, I can remember trying to tell other pregnant women to have natural child birth.

I learned quickly it made others feel judged, pushed and expected to do things my way.

It made me unhappy that I caused others to feel judged and criticized by me.

It felt foolish to expect others to follow my path to happiness and freedom.

Over the years I have recognized again and again that everyone needs to trust and free themselves.

What is it that you need to trust in you?

How do you need to free yourself?

Where have you withheld your own calling?

How can you believe in yourself?

Life has opportunities to come and go, to do or not do.

How do you choose what sets you free?

Are you living what others want, expect or encourage?

Are you doing what is yours to do without needing approval?

Consider what you can do today to believe in your own choices.

How can you best honor your own inner voice and your heart’s desire?

Are you willing to trust and free yourself to fully experience your own good life?

Trust in you and believe in you. 

Free yourself to live your life in the way that is good and true for you.

Trust yourself to follow your own path, purpose and destiny.

Determine what works best for you.

Free your Self to listen and follow your heart.

You will have no regrets when you trust what is right and true for you.

I love you, free you and trust you to fully be YOU!

Betty Lue

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Born To Love


We are created to create.

We are loved into being so we remember to Love.

We are here to be truly helpful and happy.

I am open and willing to always do what I do with Love.

You Are Born to Love.

When you love, you are happier.

When you love, you are more open.

When you love, you feel more accepting.

When you love, you feel more connected.

When you withhold Love, you are more afraid.

When you withhold Love, you are closed.

When you withhold love, you feel judgmental.

When you hold back love, you feel disconnected.

What if every child is born to love.

What if at birth (or in utero) we begin to feel safe or afraid.

What if each being becomes aware of what is expected to thrive and/or survive.

What if we take our cues from the sounds and sights and experiences we have.

Consider the possibility that Creator, Higher Power, Universal Force intends Good & Love.

Consider that Love ItSelf Created you and created you to be loving.

Consider that when you Love or Create Good, that you are in alignment and connected with Love.

Consider that when you choose what is not Love or Good, that you feel out of integrity and “guilty”.

If we are born to Love, why not simply Love?

If we are born to do good, why not simply do Good? 

There are many who see themselves as born to love……..

How about Loving??

Loving cooking? 

Loving art? 

Loving sports? 

Loving winning? 

Loving meditation?

How about Loving?

Loving teaching, 

Loving learning?

Loving nature?

Loving listening?

Loving Helping?

Loving cleaning?

Were you born to love …







Are you willing to Love You enough to do what you Love to do and be?

I Am always Loving you,

Betty Lue