Thursday, May 31, 2012

Negativity Creates Too!

Do you know complaining actually increases what you are complaining about?
Do you understand how the mind works and creates its thoughts over and over?
Do you get that forgiveness and affirmation work to undo what you no longer want?
Do you realize that your worries and fears, doubts and tears are just as creative?

It seems our minds think they are here to perceive what is true.
It seems we are taught to believe what we see rather than believe first.
It seems that we concur, justify and explain the “effects”, but rarely look at the cause.
It seems that it is easier to blame and fight external persecution, demons and dragons.

What if we are simply recreating and intensifying the stuff we are trying to end.
What if we really “no not what we do”, in our attempt to go to war with the enemy.
What if when we argue with someone, we are adding fuel to the fire and making it worse.
What if when we seek agreement from an “authority”, we are making sure our assessment is true.

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real
What we fear is our own “stinking” and erroneous thinking.
What we must question is the source of our problems.
What we need to forgive and erase is our own erroneous thoughts.

Forgiveness erases the faulty perceptions.
Affirmation clears the mind of limiting beliefs.
I can have what I want.
I listen only to my positive mind.
I know what I want and I go for it.
My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly true and loving.
I now receive all Good and only Good.
I listen with my heart-mind and choose what is highest and best for all.
I now choose to live in peace and with true joy.
I release my fear and trust my brothers who are One with me.
I am open and willing to take impeccable care of my mind, body and spirit everyday in every way.
I practice daily what I know is truly best for me.
I forgive the negative thinking and choose to think with the mind of God.
All is well and I trust it is so.

When we are stuck in “stinking thinking” and have difficulty finding inner peace, we need to forgive all.
When we are resisting what we fear, we need to assure ourselves with kindness and love.
When we are facing a challenge and cannot find a safe haven, we need to go within.
When we are lost in our own unconscious old beliefs and pictures, we need to replace them with All Good.

Life moves us to clean up what has been swept under the rug.
Love is the answer whatever the question.
Trust will settle every problem now.
Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

And so it is, I practice each day for myself and all of us,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Are Creative

You are creating each day as you would have it be.
You are creating your perception of everything you see.
You are creating the relationships you have.
You are your creations as your responsibility.

What would it take to understand your inner power.
What would you do if you know your path hour by hour?
How do you be and love and give?
Do you recognize what it takes to do and have and live?

Everything we think creates.
Every word we speak creates.
Everything we do creates.
When we take full responsibility for direction from our Source, we create only what is true.

There is the key….to take responsibility!
When we are able to respond without judgment, we easily change our creations.
When we are willing to respond with gratitude, we can forgive and do them again.

Life works when we change our minds.
Love works when we change our words.
Peace works when we change our activities.
We are happy when we know we are free to change quickly and easily.

In just one moment we can change our perceptions and our projections.
With just one stroke of genius we can do our life all over again.
With our willingness to be free of stuckness, opinions, resentment and guilt, we can change easily.

How awesome to erase what was and make life new again.
How wonderful to forgive and find love within every relationship.
How amazing to stop diagnosing the problem and begin creating solutions.
How powerful to listen within and choose what is good for all hour by hour.

When we live with freedom and responsibility, we see our life is ours to be created as we go.
When we trust in the voice within, we realize and know it is ours to be envisioned and fulfilled.
When we respect and honor ourselves, we live with acceptance for each man’s right to choose.
When we set everyone free to learn in their own way and time, we are truly free to be ourselves.

We have created our lives to learn how to create.
We are living our lives to learn how powerful we are.
We are forgiving ourselves to be free of past errors.
We are remembering the Source and inner resource with each creation.

Loving us all as we create anew.
Betty Lue
“True B’lue”

Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Day to Enjoy

Enjoy=To fill with Joy.

How do we fill our days with Joy?
By Loving.
With forgiveness.
By releasing all that is not Joy.
By blessing what is.

How do we release fatigue?
By resting.
By not pushing.
By trusting.
Be enjoying.

How do we undo grief?
By remembering the Good.
By trusting the Desired Outcome.
By knowing everything works together for Good?
By forgiving our judgments and resistance.

How do we stop complaining?
By actively looking for what is working.
By just doing what needs to be done.
By taking full response ability.
By remembering to appreciate.

How do we change our attitude?
By changing our minds.
By seeking to see and be what we want.
By being open and willing.
By forgiving ourselves and choosing again.

How do we heal what we feel?
By loving ourselves well?
By trusting in what is best for us.
By visualizing our ideal.
By erasing our fears.

How do we let go of doubt and fear?
By listening within.
By releasing the past.
By trusting what we know.
By not questioning and second-guessing ourselves.

Everyday we can forgive (erase) and choose again.
Today we can give ourselves to Love and let Love give to us.
This moment we can choose to Love ourselves, Love one another and Love All Good, God.
Wherever we put our energy, words, resources and vision, we will grow the Good in us.

And so it is…all Good for All of us,

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do You Remember?

Do you remember to Love?
Are you willing to be kind no matter what?
Do you remember to Let Go?
Are you willing to release what no longer serves you?

Do you remember to be grateful?
Are you willing to say please and thank you, to those around you?
Do you remember to be respectful to your elders, to your children and everyone?
Are you willing to treat others as you ideally want to be treated?

Do you remember to live your highest principles?
Are you willing to say No, to turn away from associations and activities that are not “true for you?
Do you remember to take impeccable care of you, spiritually, mentally and physically?
Are you willing to love you well with your inspiring thoughts, affirming words and honorable activities?

Do you remember to give your life always and only to what is Good for All?
Are you conscious of choosing for what is highest and best for others as well as yourself?
Do you remember to contribute to the Source of your Good?
Are you willing to give to what inspires and contributes to your best life?

Do you remember to treat the environment with conscientious respect?
Are you willing to clean up trash, to give away excess, to have less and use all you have well?
Do you remember every child is precious and must be taught with kindness and respect?
Are you willing to think, speak and behave in exemplary ways, knowing you are teaching?
Do you remember to heal the past with your forgiveness and your blessing?
Are you willing to do your part in healing every misunderstanding and harsh words?
Do you remember that your Presence is enough to being Love into your world?
Are you willing to give your loving kindness and respect wherever there is lack?
Do you remember to all who serve silently and often invisibly?
Are you willing to thank those who do the “thankless” and necessary services?
Do you remember to take the time to fully appreciate all that is done for you?
Are you willing to notice when you receive a gift or service or complement with your blessing?

Do you remember to appreciate the obvious blessings of living in this country?
Are you willing to say prayers of gratitude, to choose consciously to vote, to write respectful letters?
Do you remember to forgive your anger, insensitivity and blame, and take action for Good? 
Are you willing to affirm our freedom and safety, our education  and health care?

Do you remember to do what is needed to make positive changes rather than complain?
Are you willing to take affirmative and peaceful action, clearly living what you believe everyday?
Do you remember to always give to what is needed with your prayer, words and activities?
Are you willing to stop condemning, criticizing, and ignoring and do what makes a difference?

Today is a day to give thanks for those who serve us…..our ancestors, parents, government servants, leaders, service men and women, housekeepers, garbage collectors, street cleaners, health care workers, teachers, homeless folks, politicians, elderly and disabled, youth and survivalists,….everyone is a teacher to us.
Everyone is on their own journey to awakening to actualize their full potential.
Everyone deserves to see and feel and know they are respected and not rejected.
Let us remember everyone today, but especially those who are closest to  us.
Be thankful. Be listening. Be giving. Be authentic.
Loving us all, every one.
Betty Lue
You are  my spiritual partners as we conspire to co-create a better world.
My heart smiles and my spirit rejoices.  
Your gifts of love and appreciation inspire me and feed my soul.  
Celebrate the gifts we share and grow in abundance and beauty.  
Offering all I am given in Love,  supports, strengthens and affirms this Love. 

I love you, as you live the life you consciously desire. 
I am supported and sustained by your kindness and generosity.  
May you  honor your Holy Self as you walk in Goodness, Beauty and Love.
Loving You,  
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Are You Learning?

Are you learning to forgive or resent?
Are you learning to accept or reject?
Are you learning to trust or to fear?
Are you learning to assure or to doubt?

Are you learning to express or withhold?
Are you learning to reach out or step back?
Are you learning to give or to get?
Are you learning to free or to limit?

Each one has their own journey and their own teachings.
You can learn positive or negative lessons.
You can become and contribute more or contract and give less.
You can believe what others say and do or to look for what is really true for you.

The teacher is only teaching the “truth” they know.
When the teacher is lost, the student can get lost, too.
When the teacher is wrong, the student may learn incorrectly.
When the teacher is unconscious, the student may fall asleep.

It is our responsibility to awaken ourselves.
It is our responsibility to choose the wisest teachings.
It is our responsibility to learn through trial and error.
It is our responsibility to enlighten those who are sleeping, incorrect and ignorant.

Choose wisely what you would learn.
Practice what seems practical to you.
Let go of loyalty to teachings that seem unhealthy, destructive or ineffective for you.
Forgive yourself for following another’s path without honoring your own.

In this world there are unlimited teachings, teachers, possibility and choices for change.
We are here to take full responsibility for our associations, lessons and experiences.
When we know what is right for us, we must claim it until it no longer serves us.
When we choose what is for the Highest Good of all, we need only honor our path for Good.

I prefer to listen within.
I prefer to experience for myself.
I prefer to live only and always with Love.
I prefer to forgive my judgments, opinions, attachments and freely choose what is Best for me.

I totally support you in giving your mind, body and Spirit what is best for you.
When we are all free and trusting the voice within, we will play this life with gratitude and Joy.

May you discover your inner teacher and walk on your own spiritual path, living your “truth”.
I love you and encourage your to fully and freely be YOU!  I AM.
Trusting you,  

Life Lessons
Life here on this Earthly plane is about lessons that our souls decided that they need to learn - long before we incarnated. If we can look to each emotionally charged event and ask "What is the lesson here for me" then we grow in spirit. If we don't get the lessons, then the emotions and similar events will keep coming to us via universal grace until we do learn them in the way that our soul needs to learn. - Anonymous

Friday, May 25, 2012

Think Positive, Negative or Neutral

It is our choice what we think.
Some believe that their mind is already made up.
Our programming or imprinting is in place from our earliest unconscious connections and relationships with parents, birthing doctor, family members and the world.
We can change the way we think and choose what to think.

Negative thoughts attract negative experiences.
Positive thoughts attract positive experiences.
Neutral thoughts simply see what is as fact.
We can choose to hold a positive, negative or neutral mind.

Remember, what you believe is what you will see.
What you fear will come to you to clear.
What you resist will persist in your thoughts.
What you affirm will confirm that it is so.

The most powerful tool is to practice affirmation, designed to clear the mind of prior programs.
When you find yourself thinking negatively, “ I now affirm all Good and only Good is in my mind.”
When you experience what you don’t want, simply erase with “I release all this to the Highest Good.”
When you experience the positives, “ I am grateful for the mind that thinks for Goodness sake.”

Forgiveness is a mental cleanser filled with Love.
When we learn to practice forgiveness. we can heal and clear the past and leave only the gifts.
When we are willing to forgive, we set ourselves to live with gratitude and inner peace.
When we step into a forgiving way of thinking, we open the door to full creative responsibility.

Everything that is not Love is a call for Love.
Everything that appears to hurt is a call for healing.
Everything that seems to be toxic is a call for release.
Everything that we call crucial is a crossroad for choice.

We can always choose again.
We can undo what we do not cling to.
We can change our minds and transform our life.
Everything can be reversed, undone and recreated by changing our thoughts.

Your thoughts create.
Your judgment is a stuck place in your mind.
Your forgiveness is affirming you can let go and choose again.
Your open mind can be given a new way of thinking and living and experiencing.

If you don’t like what you have, choose again now.
If you regret past choices, choose again.  
If you want something different, choose again.
If you are willing to always give and receive the Good, give your mind to All Good.

We are responsible for what we experience.
We are responsible for forgiving or confirming what we experience.
We are responsible for our thoughts, feeling, words and choices.
We are able to respond to all things with Love when we remember to give our minds to Good.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Good=God and 
God=Love and 
Love is the Goodness of God.

Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance, while positive emotion is your indicator of allowance. And they are on the same meter: allowance; resistance. Allowance; resistance. 
--- Abraham

            Man is lost and is wandering in a jungle
           where  real values have no meaning. 
Real  values can have meaning to man
           only when he steps on the spiritual path,  
A  path where negative emotions have no use.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Is Best for You?

What is best for you is best for others.
When you care for yourself, you can happily support others in taking care of themselves.
When you take impeccable care of you, you inspire, and encourage others in caring for themselves.
When you are aware and self-sufficient in caring for you, you feel confident, capable and empowered.

In our culture, we are so preoccupied in taking care of others, we neglect ourselves.
In our family system, we learn you take care of others first and then maybe they will care for you.
In our society, we are taught that it is bad to be “selfish, to listen to outside authorities.
We literally have learned that others no what is best for us and we need to cater to their needs.
How can we meet another’s needs with sensitivity, respect and kindness while neglecting our own?
How can we recognize the basic needs of our infants and children, while denying or ignoring our own?
How can we claim to know what someone wants, if we do not know what we want?
We are so busy meeting the needs of family, institutions and employers, we have lost ourselves.

Do you know when you are hungry?
Do you eat what and when and how much you need? 
Do you stop when you are satisfied?
Do you listen to your own appetite signals or eat when you have time and whatever is available?

Do you go to bed or take a nap when you are tired and get up when you are rested?
Or have you learned to live on whatever sleep you can get and wake up with an alarm clock?
Most of us in our sophisticated culture no longer have an awareness of how to sleep naturally.
You may use alcohol, exhaustion, and/or pills to put you to sleep and an alarm and coffee to wake up.

If we do not know and honor our own needs, how can we assume we know what others need?
If we do not listen to ourselves and respond to what is right for us, how can we listen to others?
If we neglect, ignore, deny, delay giving to ourselves, how can we be truly responsive to others?
If we use compensations, quick fixes and distractions, do we use substitutes for others needs?

When we know what we need to be our best, we must honor ourselves in the best way possible.
When we know we are hungry, we need to eat.
When we know we are tired, we need to rest.
When we know we need love, we need to love ourselves. 

In natural cultures, people learn to be self sufficient quickly, because they are self aware.
Animals are self sufficient because they instinctively honor their basic needs.
Children can be self sufficient when parents listen and trust them to honor their needs.
We all can do a better job in listening and loving ourselves well.

***Consider the possibility that when we are hungry, tired or feel neglected, ignored, denied or not heard, we feel unloved and behave with crying, whining, tantrums and emotional upset, sickness, defiance, rebellion, aggression, addiction, self destructive behaviors and other cries for positive attention and loving help. All lack of love is a call for love from ourselves to ourselves.

Let’s wake up and love ourselves by listening within to our own needs, and responding with compassion and willingness to satisfy and love ourselves well.

Let us forgive ourselves for believing others know best.
Let us forgive ourselves for expecting others to care for us, because we care for them.
Let us give ourselves the best, because it is best for others.
Let us remember Our whole life is our soul responsibility.

Loving me and you, 
Betty Lue

Parenting Reminders

Self Awareness is the key.
If you ignore your child’s expressed needs, you diminish his/her self awareness.
If you respond with acceptance of your child’s needs, you increase his/her self sufficiency and growth.
Parents who neglect their needs are inadequate in recognizing and understanding their child’s needs.

When parents are unaware of their own basic needs, they are unaware of their child’s needs.
When parents are responsive to their own needs, they are supporting and respond to their child’s needs.

Do you know when you are hungry?
Do you meet your own hunger needs with full enjoyment and self love?
Do you know when you need rest and/or sleep?
Do you meet your own sleep needs with fully enjoyment and gratitude?

When you know yourself, you become more aware of others as well.
When you trust yourself, you trust others as well.
When you respond to yourself with kindness, you will respond to others with kindness as well.
When you are honestly loving and caring well for yourself, you will be able and willing to love all well.

Where we are in denial, sacrifice, deprivation, we will deny, ignore or deprive others.
It is essential that parents honestly acknowledge and handle their own needs first.
When you are not treating yourself with loving kindness, you are unaware of how to treat others well.
It calls for personal time out (we usually give time out or discipline children) to clarify our unmet needs. 

When an child knows they are hungry, they will eat what satisfies their hunger with enjoyment.
If it is unavailable or denied, they learn to deny their awareness of hunger.
When a child knows they are tired, they will sleep or rest with pleasure.
If quiet time is denies or unavailable to them, they learn to resist or deny their own need to rest.

When we have live with self denial, we develop habits of compensation or simply ignore well-being.
When we deny our basic needs, we learn to cope with acting out, complaining, sickness, addiction, etc.
We forget how to listen within, respect and trust ourselves.
We use external authorities to get advice, help, support, information, opinions and quick fixes.

There is no quick fix to being unaware.
There is no advice from another about what is true for us.
There is no support another can give us, except to  not resist our personal awareness.
There is no information that will give us the understanding to what we resist.

Let the infant tell us what they need with their self expression with body language and vocalization.
Allow the toddlers and preschoolers to clarify their own needs through trial and error. ( yes and no)
Give every child the opportunity to be heard and respond with kindness and respect.
Be aware that when they do not know what they need, because they have been denied or ignored, they will look for compensations or coping skills.

When kids are crying or whining, they do not have the self awareness or words to express what they need.
When adults are upset, angry, complaining, worrying, they do not have the self awareness to know what is needed.
When we have been denied or ignored, given quick solutions or punished, it results in self ignorance.
When we lack self awareness and the ability to satisfy our own needs, we learn temporary compensations.

Parents, listen to yourself and satisfy your own needs without delay.
Parents, step away from the habit of meeting other’s needs before your own.
Get enough sleep every day.( Each individual has their own sleep needs.)
Give yourself the nutrition you need as you need it. ( Rarely does the same schedule work for everyone.)

Parents need to learn to be self aware.
Parents must satisfy their own requirements, before they can respect children’s needs.
This is not about spoiling or selfishness or making anyone more important than another.
This is about learning to be self aware and self sufficient to be a happy, healthy and helpful person.

I care because I want what is good for all of us.
Betty Lue 

Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance, while positive emotion is your indicator of allowance. And they are on the same meter: allowance; resistance. Allowance; resistance. 
--- Abraham

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inner Listening?

One of my longtime readers wrote: “… how do you start the inspiration to flow each day. Do you read something and then write from the message read or you just write. You obviously have your own style and I find them as beautiful and inspiring as the first time I read the first message I read many years ago.  I have been connecting in lately and using the tool of writing as a vehicle and I do feel at times there is a struggle and other times it just flows. What's your secret?

(See below how I began inner listening in 1976-77.)

I have been doing this so long, there is total ease in flow.  
Even in the beginning of my inner listening, I simply sat in the silence for 5 minutes/day.  
Inner vision and words came to mind.  
I wrote them down, because they seemed important.  
Perhaps different than most, I rarely have thoughts floating around in my head.  
I am empty, open and willing.  
I judge nothing and am not trying.  
I am at ease and peaceful.  
Sometimes I laugh or delight in what comes out.  
I do not see it as separate from me, but rather a piece of my unique calling, what I am here to express. There may be a forethought of a certain person or dilemma that I see in our world. 
I simply am open and willing to answer the call.  
Hope this helps. 
When leading a group in inner listening, I often have people write a the top of their page a scripture or verse from a song to tune in to the Highest Good (or God Self).
Ask for connection with the Highest  and that it be used for All Good and only Good.
Make sure you simply sit and and willing.  

We all have an inner voice.  
We have simply ignored it or blocked it out with outer noise. 
We may call it our Higher Self or Intuition.
We may believe we are channeling some entity or person.
And it is true we can tune in to a person and make a connection with their energies.
To hear more, we need to be willing to honor what we hear.
The less receptive you are to receiving and using inner guidance, the less you receive. 
The more you judge (ego) the less you can hear inspiration. 
An inner listening practice requires a daily spiritual appointment, same place and same time.  
Finally the personality and ego will surrender and allow your inner connection and reception.  

We all have within us the connection with our Divine Higher Self.
We all have the ability to tune out the world and listen within.
We all have to develop inner listening, because we have become so used to obeying the outer guidance.
We all can make it a practice to love our true Self enough to honor the Voice of Love within.

This is where to begin.
Remember to practice everyday to the words of Love you hear and feel and know.
Loving us all as we learn to let go and listen only and always to Love.
Betty Lue

Origin of Inner Listening
In 1976 it was suggested I sit and do nothing for just five minutes daily by a spiritual mentor/teacher.  I chose 5AM in the morning and immediately saw/felt and heard a vision of a Home of Infinite Love available to all people.   Over the years,  I have co-created many such Centers and Homes with the guidance of Spirit within. The next morning I brought a pad of paper and a pen to sit, and as I was simply breathing, I knew words were coming into my mind and I wrote them down.  When I later read them, I saw they had great spiritual meaning.  As an innocent, trusting and ‘True Believer’, I then quieted myself every morning and began to follow what I heard within.  My life became fun, safe, easy and miraculous in so many ways.  I learned, forgave and grew spiritually daily from every relationships.  This is was the origin of what I call “inner listening” and have taught to hundreds of willing learners over the last 30 years.
The Origin of emailed Loving Reminders
In the winter of 1998, having just moved back to the Bay Area in California, I asked Spirit within what was my purpose and calling.  I was invited to sit at the computer and write down my daily inner listening and send it to those who requested it of me.  Since Dec, 1998 I have  sat at my keyboard, everyday to write exactly what Spirit within guides.  I do not edit, correct spelling and embellish what I hear.  I simply send what is given to me to share with the now thousands around the world.
This is my inner listening given to all who choose to receive them.  Often it gives people what they need, practical spiritual and inspiring reminders, so they need not spend money on  hours of therapy or endless seeking for spiritual answers.  They seem to awaken and remind individuals who are willing and ready to change their lives for the Good of All.  I also have put many of the reminders into three little books, Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders and Relationship Reminders.  There are two other books waiting to be published, Healing and Healthy Reminders.  It is my joy to contribute to the healing and awakening of my spiritual family, all humanity.
May be all be benefited and blessed by every good and kind intention of everyone everywhere.
Blessed be. Betty Lue  “True B’Lue”
Remember: The blessings already are and we are now awakening to enjoy them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Still Learning and Growing

Life is a learning laboratory.
Every relationship is a lesson in love.
Every “failure” or “mistake” is a lesson in seeing things differently.
Every judgment and condemnation, all blame and guilt, are lessons in forgiveness.

Life is filled with experiences.
We have volunteered to come into this world to learn, to experience, to grow, to awaken.
We have chosen to be here to see and realize, to name and claim, to imagine and create.
We have come into this grand classroom to explore and experiment, to observe and realize.

We are here to be truly helpful to ourselves and others.
We are here to realize fully the One we are.
We are here to understand we are responsible for what we create.
We are here to live abundantly, as the creative beings we truly are.

When we are growing in joy and gratitude, we are confident and trusting.
When we are learning to be cautious and fearful, we diminish our trust and belief in ourselves.
Life offers the opportunity to choose the garden we grow and the qualities we harvest.
We have a choice everyday in what we seek to be our lessons to learn and how we grow.

You are choosing your teachers and the teachings.
You are choosing the lessons you prefer and the grades you give yourself.
You are choosing how you approach life each and every day.
You are choosing the attitude with which the student (you) approaches the learning.

Opportunities and choices are bountiful.
Listen to your ego or to your spirit.
Learn for the happy teacher or the angry one.
Be willing to study and observe or react spontaneously.
Have an attitude of gratitude and respect or one of condemnation and disdain.

What do you choose to be the way you approach life?
Are you defensive and always believing others are judging you?
Are you forgetful or careless about how you speak and treat others?
Do you make everything about you and what you want and need?
Are you constantly leaning over to please others even providing what is not good for them?
Do you follow blindly teachings that are faulty or prejudiced or exclusive to the chosen?
Are you discerning the teachers who live their truths from those who give lip service?
Do you judge others learning ability and neglect your own?
Are you busy minding others’ business, without being invited to participate?

When we appreciate our learning and growth process and path, we trust others.
When we give up the need to meddle, interfere and control others, we free others.
When we tend our own life with care and consideration the best we know, we believe in others.
When we are happy with our own choices, forgiving our mistakes and judgments, we are at peace.

Learn to let go and live with trust and freedom for all the unique ways everyone grows.
Betty Lue

¤      I love you      ¤
and I know you love me too.
The freedom for you and I to be who we are.
The freedom to live life as we do.
The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
The freedom to express our own truth as we see it.

The trust that there is a constant flow of love, 
no matter what.
The trust that, in spite of life’s problems, 
we believe in and support each other’s right 
to live as we choose.
The trust that in adversity, 
there is healing and learning and gifts of love.
The trust that under conflict and emotional expression,
there is love

I love you and I trust you.
I free you to be all you are.

Betty Lue 1978

Monday, May 21, 2012

Love, Learn and Let Go

We never know what tomorrow will bring.  
It is essential that we live our best today and everyday.  
What we learn today will always be useful tomorrow.
Whom we love with kindness and respect today will bless both of us forever.

Love, Learn and Let Go

These three qualities create the Freedom to be.
When we live our lives with a focus solely on what matters to us, we are free to choose for what is Good.
When we give ourselves to what is Good for us, we are blessing others with the freedom to choose.
When we accept each person’s call to love, learn and let go as they choose, we affirm their right to Live.

What would it take to let go of past regrets and future anxieties?
What is needed to undo the beliefs that are not true?
How can we be convinced that remembering the past recreates itself in the future?
How can we learn that to build something new, we must let go of the old?

We learn and benefit from everything where we do not condemn.
We are blessed with the love that comes from every encounter, when we judge nothing.
We profit from all mistakes, and so-called failures when we do not let our thoughts condemn us.
We only become cautious, self-doubting and self-punishing when we judge what we have done.

It is imperative that we realize each moment is a creation of now.
It is essential that we focus on today and let the tomorrows be what comes after.
It is true that last year’s news have no validity in today’s perceptions.
It is helpful to realize the innocent ones living for today have the most joy and gratitude for what is.

The gifts that are received are valued fully with no comparison. 
The encounters we have with others mean most when we are fully present.
The stories told are most potent when we listen with full awareness to the experience of the teller.
Our lives our richer when we cherish each moment as the gift of Spirit today….just for us.

Many try to make tomorrow better than yesterday and in the effort lost sight of today.
Some learn to remember the past so they can avoid future mistakes and problems.
Others are filled with anxieties and regrets that cloud the present wonder and goodness in now.
And life’s riches seem to miss our recognition, when we are still in the past or already in the future.

What will it take for you and I to love, enjoy, trust and fully receive today?
How can we receive all the lessons and blessings of today, when we are busy defending against the past?
How do we let go of what no longer is, recognizing that in reality only the blessings are real and lasting?
What can we do to make now the precious present it is and to realize the Gift We Are One to Another?

Look at right now.
Listen to the voice of Love within you.
Honor your opportunity to Love, beginning with yourself.
Use this time to breathe deep and fully receive the miracle of Now.

Loving you and me right now!!
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Only God Can Make a Tree

What is your plan for making a good life for yourself?
Do you have any idea what it takes to think well, live well and do well?
Are you paying attention to what works for you and what doesn’t work?
Do you have any idea of where to live, how to give and what makes you smile?

Are you giving yourself the time you need to be alone or maybe to be with others?
Have you ever paid attention to how your body responds to the fuel you put into it?
Are you sensitive to the effect of chemicals and fragrances and detergents and medicines?
Do you even care about what you read or the TV you watch or the songs you sing?

My grandma said, “You wouldn’t put a pile of manure in front of your living room picture window’
Do you spend your life watching bad news and listening to the garbage or do you plant flowers?
Can you cultivate better manners and health and associations by hanging out where they don’t exist?
Let us stop and look at bringing forth Goodness and Mercy, Peace and Happiness in our own lives.

This is a special day…..Everyday can be special for you.
Every moment can change the course of our destiny….Let’s make it now!
Every relationship can teach us to heal and reveal our true path to happiness…Use every relationship.
And yes, you are chooser or else you allow the people, places, weather, and finances to choose for you!

The Way to grow the garden of your soul, the Spiritual Tree within is to being by giving your Good.
Give yourself the good you deserve and relinquish the rest.
Surrender guilt and resentment.
Give up worry and complaints.
Undo the limiting beliefs of “ you are not worthy and not enough.”
Stick with the environment and people who support and respect you.
Let go of everything that is not wholly good for you and let it be.

Can you begin to see that what you take in, is what you receive?
It is your choice to live in Love, giving and receiving only loving kindness and respectful appreciation.
It is your choice to give voice to only that which is affirming, not negating the Good that grows in you.
It is your choice to ingest the best and forget the rest!

Why wait to plant and cultivate beauty and goodness, health and happiness in you.
You are a blessing and a gift only when you reveal the gift you are to you yourself.
Take care and dare to be blessed by the life you can choose for yourself today in every way.
Be willing to love the one you are this day and everyday with only the best you know. 

No leftovers.
No hangovers.
No unhealed wounds.
No regrets and guilt.
No unforgiven relationships.
No history of mistakes made.
No laundry list of unclean thoughts.
No useless stuff collecting dust and sucking energy.
No association with bad manner and neglectful addictions.
It is time to give you the Best, the very Best you know beginning today.

When the Sun shines and the moon rises, you will see the halo of light around the One you are.
Loving us all as One,  
Betty Lue 

Hope you are using your whole life always and only for your Good.
Rules For Being Human
(from an old Ann Landers syndicated newspaper column)

  • You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for as long as you live. How you take care of it or fail to take care of it can make an enormous difference in the quality of your life.
  • You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time school called Life. Each day, you will be presented with opportunities to learn what you need to know. The lessons presented are often completely different from those you THINK you need.
  • There are no mistakes—only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error and experimentation. You can learn as much from failure as you can from success.
  • A lesson is repeated until it is learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it (as evidenced by a change in your attitude and behavior), then you can go on to the next lesson.
  • Learning lessons does not end. There is no stage of life that does not contain some lessons. As long as you live, there will be something more to learn.
  • “There” is no better than “here”. When your “there” has become a “here”, you will obtain another “there” that will again look better than your “here”. Don’t be fooled by believing that the unattainable is better than what you have.
  • Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself. When tempted to criticize others, ask yourself why you feel so strongly.
  • What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. Remember that through desire, goal-setting and unflagging effort, you can have anything you want. Persistence is the key to success.
  • The answers lie within you. The solutions to all of life’s problems lie within your grasp. All you need to do is ask, look, listen and trust.
  • You will forget all this. Unless you consistently stay focused on the goals you have set for yourself, everything you’ve just read won’t mean a thing.