Wednesday, October 06, 2004

When I Need Help

Yesterday I twisted my ankle, as I was about to go for a walk.
It hurt enough that I came inside immediately and put ice on it.
First I hurt my body and later I hurt myself with my fear thoughts.
Then I healed myself by asking and receiving the help I needed.

I first asked how I had created the experience and immediately identified five precipitating factors.
-I had carefully watched a woman on crutches with a temporary leg cast on the way home.
-I had a fleeting thought about not really wanting to take a walk.
-I was preoccupied with my own timing and did not stop to say hello to a passing neighbor.
-I had questioned spending two weeks away on retreat starting Friday.
-I remembered wondering what if something happened and we could not go.
I needed to acknowledge and accept responsibility.
I then needed to forgive myself for hurting myself.
When we are in conflict or questioning, interference shows up.
When we are not “watching where we are going” consciously, problems may appear.
When we are too busy and focused on schedule or timing to live our mission, we stop ourselves.
This was a self-created wakeup call.

My initial physiological response was a desire to stay quiet and at home.
Even with little discomfort, my whole Being was in healing crisis.
I asked what holistic remedies I had available to me.
I asked Robert for an energetic balancing and for Reiki healing.
I put ice on it and kept it up.
I rubbed on Traumeel a homeopathic cream.
While I thought it was OK (no pain with easy walking), eight hours later I had great pain and aching.
I started thinking disaster thoughts and scared myself, further causing trauma.
“Broken bones? How will I get to sleep ? What if the pain doesn’t go away? How can I take a trip on crutches? I don’t want to go get an x-ray. I cannot take any pain meds.” Etc. etc.
We scare ourselves with out thoughts.
The body was out of balance.
The mind was out of balance.
In fear there was a spiritual disconnection.

So I asked for help, first from my spiritual partner. “Please help me. Reassure me. Tell me I am OK.”
Please send me Reiki while we sleep. Is there any other help you can give?” Robert offered ‘Pain tapping’ to ease the discomfort and arnica for trauma and Rescue Remedy, a Bach Flower essence. He reminded me of the body’s natural response to trauma…first endorphins to numb the pain and then later the pain reminds us to allow the healing without further injury. I put an ace bandage on my ankle to remind me to keep it still during the night, and used two magnets which always helps me with healing and clearing pain.

While I lay awake I began to pray and use attitudinal healing and prayer treatment.
I asked God for help, as I affirmed “God is the healing Presence and Power”.
“I am requesting healing from all Spiritual Power and Presence that is Whole and Good and Loving.
I love my whole self.
I appreciate my body and its natural healing ability.
I forgive myself for being afraid.
I trust in the natural healing process of the body.
I know all things can be healed with faith.
I am alone in nothing.
As I am healed, my world is healed.
I recommit my mind, body and Spirit to Divine Will, knowing that God will provide my every need to do my Real Work here.
I am grateful this is so.”

With belly breathing to relax and release negative or limited thinking, I eventually fell asleep and awoke to find a new ankle…stiff and strong and calling for respectful use. No pain and greater awareness and appreciation of my faith and willingness to ask for the help I need to remember what is true.

I am grateful to be open and willing to ask for the help I need.
Perfectly Healed with Faith,
Betty Lue