Tuesday, July 31, 2018

See Where You Are Going!

I know Who I Am.
I know calling of my heart.
I living my purpose and mission.
Good is my life and I serve it well.
I live what I value in every aspect of my life.


Do you see where you are going?
Are you eyes open to possibilities?
Can you imagine the life you see to have?
Are you aware of the gifts you are here to give?

Do you know what your true purpose is?
Have you declared why you are here?
Do you understand what it is you are called to be?
Are you awake to the gifts in you?

What is it you are here to do?
Why you and why now?
What are you accomplishing in your life?
What inspires you to get up and contribute to life?

Are your goals clearly written and prioritized?
Have you committed yourself to accomplishing your goals?
Do you work on your goals daily?
Are you actively consciously living your purpose and mission daily?

What matters to you?
When you have a life that matters, you work on what matters daily.
When you matter to you, you will remove the obstacles and create support.
When you see your vision, live on purpose and accomplish your goals, your mission will be fulfilled.

Life is active engagement.
Life is an adventure in freedom and trust.
Life is a conscious exploration.
Life is the place where you learn how to live in Love, extend peace to all and find lasting Joy.

Imagine this is your life and and yours to do.
Imagine there is a loving guide inside of you.
Imagine that you can have what you really want.
Imagine that you can easily let go of what is not good for you.

This is fun.
This is safe.
This is easy.
This is true, when you listen and follow the guiding voice inside of you.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue


What do I really want in my life?
Make a list of at least 20 wants. Freely write down everything that comes to mind, with no censoring or limits.)
What does your heart want for you?
What is your simplest wish for yourself?
What do you really want to have?
What do you really want to be?
What do you really want to do?

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1      _________________________________________
2      _________________________________________
3      _________________________________________
4      _________________________________________
5      _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Monday, July 30, 2018

Peace First!

I let go and allow the highest truth to be so.
I quickly and easily forgive and release my opinions and quick judgment.
I trust there is a learning and reason in everything.
I see clearly first and then easily understand.

Peace First…… Understanding Follows.

Do you want to understand?
Do you need to know what happened?
Are you trying to figure our what went wrong?
Do you persist in asking “why?”

When we are not peaceful, we cannot understand.
When we are afraid or upset, our thoughts are distorted.
When we are hurt or angry, we think through our judgments.
Emotions confuse and come to faulty conclusions.

The understanding comes when our minds are open.
Understanding will unfold as we know more.
Being open and willing is key to real understanding.
Wisdom will not be available in closed minds.

Emotions, opinions and limiting beliefs do not allow us to see.
When our minds are filled with our limited thinking, we have no room to receive higher wisdom.
When we are consumed with our own need to be right, we cannot see anything more.
We need to get out of the way by clearing the mind with forgiveness and letting go.

Peace of mind heals us and helps us listen within.
Peace in our hearts allows us to listen to the voice of love within.
When we find peace first, we are more conscious of unlimited possibilities.
When we choose to stop judging, we see clarity and responsibility and higher truth.

The first requirement of understanding is our openness and willingness.
When we breathe and release what we are thinking, judging, analyzing, we learn to let it all go,
When we are clear and ready to receive without judging, the answers come easily.
When we receive understanding with gratitude and blessings, we feel even more at peace.

Are you open willing and able to be at peace?
Are you ready to receive understanding without judging?
Do you allow all possibilities to be there for you?
Are you willing to not know what you think you know?

Let’s try it right now:
Take this moment to breathe.
Ask for peace right now.
Allow yourself to be still.
Let go of thinking.

Simply Be for one breath at a time.
Keep choosing Peace.
Repeat the word over again.
Feel the Peace within you.

Trust Peace is healing you.
Trust Peace is releasing you.
Trust Peace is giving you what you really want.
Peace only Peace Now.

With you in the Peace in between all the thinking and doing,
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Place of Peace Within

I know I am connected with the Divine within me.
I trust in inner guidance and follow the way before me.
I relinquish my resistance, fear and doubt to what is for the Good of All.
I am grateful my life is fun, safe and easy as I follow the Guidance of Love.

Place of Peace Within You

There is a place within me that is safe and secure in God within.
While it may be called by many names or no name, we have a place of safety and security in us.
This place, this connection, is always present and available when we are open to connect.
This inner connection is loving and certain, consistent and unchanging.

Are you willing to be still and listen?
Are you open to connect to this Presence?
Are you allowing yourself to be trusting?
Are you giving yourself to return to Love?

We cannot learn if we do not ask.
We cannot hear if we do not listen.
We will not trust if we do not surrender.
We will not be peaceful if we are trusting in ourselves.

Finding even a moment of peace will lead us to that inner connection.
Taking time to listen and write down what we hear and feel will help us connect.
Asking for help and answers to our question opens us to be the willing student.
Following our inner guidance gives us the opportunity to check out its validity.

Often humanity is disappointed, disheartened and disconnected from Self and Source.
People have been discouraged by seeking for help from those who are needing help.
We seem to ask for answers from the ones who are lacking in inner wisdom and knowledge.
People seek direction from the ones who are lost and searching themselves.

Find your own GPS system within you to give your life direction..
Some use the Holy Book, pendulum, guided imagery, meditation, spiritual teachers.
Some walk in nature and listen to the trees and the wind.
Some sit quietly and allow them to be taught and guided by the holy ones within.

Experiment with your own search for that safe place of everlasting love and guidance.
Listen and write down the answers to your own questions.
Allow yourself to explore the visions and inner direction.
Support yourself and learn to trust that your own path is yours to fulfill.

Begin a daily practice that guides you to inspired living, loving and giving.
Turn your life over to the place, purpose and path you can trust.
Be willing to give yourself to what love and inspires you.
Learn what works through conscious exploration and observation.

Many say, “God works in mysterious ways.”
Some see that there is a Great Universal Mystery.
Many believe in “Everything is a Lesson for us to learn.”
“Seek your own Truth and Abide in it.”
 to see what is Real for You.

Suggestions for Listening Within:
·     Be still in a quiet place.
·     Be open and willing.
·     Desire to listen within.
·     Request answers from the Highest Source.
·     Write down what you want to receive or ask.
·     Imagine the “channel” you want to hear.
·     Be willing to listen
·     Fine tune to clear your mental static.
·     Relax into what comes.
·     Write down what feels good and true.
·     Be grateful for the quality time.
·     Return to this place anytime you wish.
·     Practice regularly in the same place and time.
·     Stay open for guidance.
·     Be willing to follow what you hear.
·     Always know you are safe and loved.

Live your life knowing there is the perfect place for you to hear and feel and know you are loved.
Always Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 28, 2018


I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.
Forgiveness is the key to perfect Happiness.
I choose to use what works to free Me to fully be Me.
I use forgiveness everyday to clear the way to All I Am here to be.

Forgiveness Heals

Are you willing to forgive?
Do you want to heal?
Do you understand holding hurt is unhealthy?
Are you ready to free yourself from withholding your love?

When we free ourselves to love again, the sun shines within.
When we stop holding on to the anger, hurt and fear, we heal.
When we let go of blocking the flow of life energy, we feel free.
When we cease hurting ourselves with past memories, we are happy.

Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves.
It opens the door to see things differently.
Forgiveness releases the blocks to Love.
It lets go of hurt, pain, fear and resentment.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness and health
It opens the way to clear and creative thinking.
Forgiveness allows us to breathe effortlessly.
It allows us to play and pray with freedom and trust.

Forgiveness shines a light within to see clearly.
It gives us the gift of full free living and loving.
Forgiveness is far more than just letting go.
It really is the key to our happiness and inner peace.

When we forgive ourselves for withholding Love, we realize how essential it is to return to Love.
When we let go of the belief that defenses keep us safe, we recognize how safe we are in Love.
Using our energy to block, avoid, judge, defend, attack and hold back, only hurts us.
When we free our energy to heal, reach out, allow, teach and share, we heal ourselves.

Time teaches us the past is not here.
Love shows us it must be given to be received.
Forgiveness dissolves all darkness.
Life is the free flowing energy of learning to love no matter what.

Love heals and reveals the call for love.
When we respond with Love, we are safe in what we think and say and do.
When we react with fear, we feel unsafe who and how and where we are.
When we forgive our fear, hatred, distrust and remember to love, we feel free, happy and whole.

Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow.
Give Love and your will know.
Doing what comes naturally.

Loving you and me to set us free to be the Love We Are.
Betty Lue