Monday, May 31, 2004

“What exactly do you do, Betty Lue?”

Truth Cannot Be Explained.
It Must Be Experienced.
While words cannot explain what I do, I will try to give words to what is true for me.

My work with individuals-—whole life coaching and spiritual counseling— is extending Love and Healing.
Love is freedom and trust.
Healing is letting go of all beliefs in lack, littleness and limitation.
Healing is seeing what is healed and whole, good and true.
Healing is focusing on what you can do to make your own dreams come true.
This is my life work and my purpose here in everything I Am and do.

Vision- I see a world in which all are free to fully express and experience, consciously create and celebrate whatever they choose.
I see love and joy, peace and goodwill for all.
Mission- To inspire us all to our authentic Greatness, to be, do and have what is for the Highest Good.
Purpose- Live joyfully and give abundantly, spiritually guided and well-provided.
Principles- Take impeccable care of my whole Self with gratitude and joy.
Respect all equally.
Give only the Highest Good.
Learn from everything.
Erase (forgive, forget and let go of) what is not valuable.
Freely share the Gifts of Spirit. (Freedom from fear, faithfulness, trust, honesty, patience, generosity, open-mindedness, defenselessness, joy)

What is my work? How does it work?
As coach and counselor, I really step into your journey and your life.
I walk with you and listen to your beliefs and perceptions.
I see the limiting beliefs, the unconscious myths, the historical patterns.
I help you see your whole life and your possibilities differently, more expansively.
I facilitate choices and changes to be grateful, happy, effective and on purpose.
This may mean changing external circumstances , but usually it means changing how we perceive and judge our lives.
I ask about spiritual beliefs and where you place your faith. Who and what do you trust?
I ask what you want for your life.
I ask how you make decisions.
I ask about high points, moments of connection and fulfillment and how you can have more of those.
I listen deeply to your unspoken questions and discouragement and seek to help you find meaning and inspiration.
We work together to facilitate your path to focused choices for meaningful and effective living.
We walk together, as we work together.
I am here to facilitate your discovery of greater possibilities in the game of life.
I am here to encourage and support any choices and changes you decide to make to experience fulfillment and success.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 30, 2004

There Must Be a Better Way

Hating is not the way.
Killing is not the way.
War is not the way.
Wishing is not the way.

There must be a better way.

My Dad was in the infantry in WW II.
He was a pacifist and conscientious objector with two babies under 2.
He went to the front lines.
We knew he would never shoot another soldier “who could be a father, husband, brother and son.”
A truce halted the fighting before he arrived. Thank God.
He would never talk about the war.

There must be a better way.

My brother was a pacifist.
He was drafted and joined the signal corps.
He went to Vietnam.
He never had to use his gun.
He never talks about that war.
He has pictures of the beautiful Vietnamese people.

There must be a better way.

There is disease, both mental and physical, for soldiers who live through a war.
There is death of children and mothers, animals and livestock, old people and young.
There is destruction of homes and stores, jobs and lives.
There is suffering and grief, pain and anguish for both sides.
These are people, just like us, with hopes and dreams for the future.

There must be a better way.

We can pray.
We can march.
We can sing.
We can shout.
We can watch the news.
We can tune it out.

There must be a better way.

What can you do today to build a world with no war?
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Letting Go Is

Spring cleaning closets, drawers and garage,
Releasing what is no longer valuable,
Undoing what is not essential,
Clearing the clutter,
Emptying the garbage,
Exhaling the stale,
Setting down all burdens,
Laying aside all grievances,
Forgiving what no longer exists,
Giving away what is useable,
Throwing away what is un-useable.
Erasing fear, worry, regret and guilt,
Fasting, forgiving and forgoing.

Letting Go Enables……..
Being here now,
Starting over fresh,
Being a Good Steward,
Caring for what is valuable,
Setting the table of life with what is real,
Honoring the gift of this moment,
New beginnings,
Opening the space,
Creating on a blank canvas,
Healing the past,
Enjoying the present,
Smiling about a job well done.
New ideas and inspiration.
Much less to care for.

Letting go can b fun safe and easy if we choose to make it so.
Music, laughter, forgiveness as a mantra, affirming how good it feels, loving the release, blessing each clear space and clean closet, feeling lighter and healthier, celebrating the experience, anticipating the new inspiration that comes with every letting go, and feeling proud of myself. So far kitchen and bathrooms and linen closet is complete. Next come my clothes, drawers and closets, the laundry room and garage,

My key questions for letting go are:
Does this have value for us and our purpose here?
Have we used it or worn it within the last year?
Does this bring us joy and positive energy?
If not, is it useable (to be given away) or un-useable (in the garbage)?

As I release I give thanks and bless the willingness to let go and lighten us my life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 28, 2004

Spiritual Planning for Success

Did you know that most people who succeed have long term goals?
Did you know that people who end their day fulfilled begin their day with the desired end in mind?
Did you know that without a compass it is very difficult to reach your destination?
Did you know that without clear values or a guidance system in place you may get lost?
Did you know that every goal fully given your time energy and integrity will be achieved?
Did you know that where you persist you will succeed?
Did you know that letting go of the obstacles in your way makes success easier?
Did you know that complexity is a distraction to success?
Did you know that frustration and resentment distort your focus?
Did you know that feeling regret or guilt about past failings or quitting on yourself holds you back?
Did you know that new beginnings often require more energy and discipline to get going?
Did you know that we can always begin again with a fresh start from ground zero?
Did you know that total forgiveness erases the past and clears the way of obstacles?
Did you know that life is meant to be lived, not withheld or regretted?
Did you know that fulfillment comes from living fully and giving abundantly and being joyful?
Did you know that your joy and fulfillment open the way for global healing and peace on earth?
Did you know that your dreams matter to the Good of All?
Did you know that your inner vision is the guiding light for God’s plan for you?
Did you know that what you dare to dream, commit to achieve and celebrate with love is your Gift?
Did you know that each one of us is integral to the whole…all humanity?

This weekend Robert and I will be on our own self-created retreat.
Saturday - Letting go of everything not useful in the last year. Forgiving and fasting as well.
Sunday- Revisiting and Clarifying Vision, Individual and co-Mission, Purpose and Long Range Goals
Monday- Strategic Planning for the short and long range. Scheduling balance in our lifestyle.

What can you do to clarify your values?
What can you do to identify the principle by which you live?
What can you do to see the big picture?
What can you do to live your life successfully and joyfully?

What is success and Fulfillment for You?
Encouraging your Fulfillment,
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Called to Greatness

The world sees greatness as having prominence.
The power of prestige, possessions and position is worldly greatness.
Spirit sees greatness as significance.
The presence of a willing servant of Goodness and God is spiritual greatness.

A great person in the world terms is powerful, prominent, important, and wealthy.
A great person in spiritual terms is happy, willing, generous, and rich in fulfillment.

Great servants of Goodness, wholeness and love have some similar qualities.
They are available to love and serve.
They notice needs and respond to them with respect.
They do their best without needing to be the best.
There is no task too menial or too small. (or too large).
They are faithful to their task.
They don’t quit.
They are encouraging.
They keep a low profile. And often do what they do anonymously.
How great Thou Art!

In my life I recognize and honor the greatness within me.
In your life, recognize and honor the greatness within you.
With full appreciation we all will be willing to be Great as we are meant to be.

Loving the intrinsic Goodness within everyone of us,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

History as an Indicator

(Second personal message.)
Our personal history and timeline gives us an indication of our life path and direction. When we look at the significant accomplishments, the miracles of healing and grace, the high points of celebration, the overcoming of struggles and crisis and the philosophical “aha’s” along the way, we can observe how uniquely our life journey has been defined.

Born to parents who saw me as a gift of Love, spiritually given to them for temporary guardianship, guided only as needed, given as much responsibility and freedom as I could handle and a little more to grow into, my life has been an experience of happiness and service from infancy. As far back as I can remember and hear stories about me, I have shared my happiness and loved all freely. I was encouraged, even as a young child, to share questions, insights and wisdom as well as my natural joy with those who gathered around me. I have known little fear and abundant faith. I have listened, loved and respected those from many cultures, faiths and walks of life. My journey has been one of learning to love all equally (no one special), baring none from my conscious trust and freedom. I take full responsibility for my life and respond to whatever comes with forgiveness and faith.

Having founded fourteen community non-profit, holistic counseling and healing centers in California, North Carolina, Montana, Indiana and Michigan, relying on my personal resources and spiritual guidance, I have known the power of joining, honest communication, equality in relationship, total commitment and responsibility with freedom for all. I have been privileged to facilitate building safety and freedom in groups and workshops, as a consultant to churches and other organizations. I have noticed what heals, what encourages authenticity, what supports full participation, where there is resistance and lack of commitment and how community building works and does not work. I have chosen non-interference in other’s process unless invited to participate, advise or counsel. I have allowed those in my awareness to choose their own path by minding my own. I have trusted that learning comes from mistakes made, as well as from finding the “high” way. I have valued my own life learning.

As a marriage and family therapist for 29 years, offering coaching, counseling and mentoring to thousands of precious beings, I see everyone as an integral member of my global family. Each one is to be given to and shared with, as though they are the only one. Every relationship is for healing, remembering to love and to return to our natural state of wholeness. Whether in the hundreds of workshops I have created and facilitated or the hundreds of support groups or gatherings in fellowship and worship, or weddings and memorials officiated or inspirational talks given, I am speaking and sharing with each One, the most precious One in that moment. I believe each moment is the only moment. In the holy instant we remember the Love we are and awaken to our intrinsic Holiness. This is what we are here for, the healing of each One, the awakening of everyOne.

My core strengths serve me well.
My challenges teach me well.
My mistakes awaken me well.
My never-ending learning stimulates me well.
My constant forgiveness cleanses me well.
My connection with Spirit directs me well.
My relationships encourage me well.
My inner peace heals me well.
My consciousness inspires me well.
I am well served by my whole life, as I serve the greater wellness of all.

What I give I receive.
What I learn, I teach.
What I have, I share.
What I Am, I extend.
All are One in the circle of Life.

Loving you, loving me is loving God in All.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Loving Reminders Clarified

(a personal message in response to some questions asked of me.)
In November 1998 I moved back to California with my husband and partner Robert.
I asked Spirit how I was to serve. I was encouraged to begin an email ministry and sharing of my daily inner guidance.
Since 1977 I have listened within and trusted Spirit in leading my life.
When I follow my inner guidance, my life is fun, safe and easy.
When I allow the external influences of expectation, authority, circumstance and personality choices to lead I often experience glitches on my path. While I was computer phobic in 1998, I soon overcame my resistance and began to totally enjoy the sharing of what I received every morning. It has been part of my daily practice now for over five years.

I send emails to well over 700 people directly and to many thousands with all those who send to their own lists. Those I send to have known Robert and me in many capacities for up to 25 years (primarily as teachers, mentors, coaches, relationship models, healing facilitators and motivational speakers.) You may feel as though you know us intimately, because we are rather transparent in our relationships. Ie. We live what we teach or else we don’t teach. We also learn from those we teach and are always learning.

It was Robert’s 56th Birthday on May 18. For the last almost two years Robert has been on an active healing journey, on long term disability, with what appears to be a degenerative neurological disease, not allowing him to work at his former job, financial planner and consultant. (1978-1985 and again 1998-2002) His role as spiritual teacher and minister, holistic health consultant and healing facilitator and motivational speaker (1989-1998) has been mostly on hold with his inner work and self-healing focus. I share rather personally to give people updates, basically encouraging non-worry and trust in his healing process. I don’t mean to be obtuse. My intention is always to be open and disclosive. No hidden messages here. I share what I know and think and feel freely and without guile.

The daily Loving Reminders are usually spiritual guidance which comes to me as I place my fingers on the keys.
Sometimes, they are for you, sometimes for our world and always for me.
I receive them personally as gentle reminders and integrate them into my life.
Everything we receive and everything we share with others is for always us first.
Sometimes as with all things, there may have been elements of my ego’s misperceptions or fears.
There may be a response to a question I have asked, something misunderstood.
Often there has been a question made to me which I am called to listen for a higher answer.
Sometimes they simply communicate what I know and am living as my spiritual journey.
In all cases I would have you look at them as you would anything.
Look for resonance and remember what you value.
When you feel dissonance with what is your Truth, simply lay them aside.
Look for insights and let them be noted. Listen for Truth and let it be exalted.

Special notes in response to some concerns.
In the last three months there have been transmission issues with and and maybe others. Spam blockers have not let through my emails sometimes, because I mail to lists of ( now less than 100 people each list) people. seems to have something going on where Comcast (my server) cannot be sent to folks. There has been intermittent interruption. I can intuit the lack of reception, but often those not receiving think I am not sending. The emails get through intermittently to some and just stop totally for others. Usually there is no way to tell what is happening. I have set up a web site with Robert’s help to accommodate those not receiving, but it is not as personal. Some use my loving reminders as their substitute for therapy, spiritual counseling, personal growth workshops and as a daily reminder. They may feel abandoned or bereft when they do not receive from me. Most take them like a daily inspirational vitamin. I trust that Spirit directs how they shall be used and who and when people respond.

People have communicated they withhold their responses to me, because they believe I am too busy and inundated with email.
This occasionally happens, but more often, people are respectful of my time and energy.
I do read and value every note that comes to me. I respond by email if and when I am called.
I always respond with a loving smile, and extension of my respect and gratitude.
I love you and welcome your caring and sharing always.
Betty Lue

Monday, May 24, 2004

Do I Remember You?

While I may not remember your name, I remember You.
While I may not remember your words, I remember You.
While I may not remember your face, I remember You.
While I may not remember your job, I remember You.
While I may not remember your birthday, I remember You.
While I may not remember your address, I remember You.

You remember your name and address.
You remember your words and some past memories.
You remember your face, your height and weight.
You remember your job and place of employment.
You remember your birthday and special occasions.
But do you remember You?

Do you know You?
Do you take time to remember your Essence?
Do you know what matters to you?
Do you listen to your heart’s longing?
Do you hear your inner voice?
Do you honor the precious being you are?
Do you remember to truly love you?
Do you trust you?
Do you set yourself free to be All you are meant to be?
Do you allow yourself to sing and dance, to create and play?
Do you give yourself some special time each day?
Do you remember you?

When we are together, let us remember more than our statistics, more than our history.
Let us remember more than our awards and more than our accomplishments.
Let us remember more than our surface social chatter and our easy conversation.
Let us remember more than our troubles, trials and tribulations.
Let us remember more that our politics, our preferences and peculiarities.

Let us remember we are one family.
Let us remember our humanity.
Let us remember the essence of love.
Let us acknowledge one moment of recognition.
Let us share one united breath of peace.
Let us touch that place of freedom to be with the Joy of Life.
Let us remember the Eternal Truth of who We Are now and always.

Loving you as I love me, remembering…..
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 23, 2004

It Takes Just One

Each one can touch every one.
Each one can teach everyone.
Each one can reach every one.
Why not be that one?

One smile can touch many hearts.
One kindness can teach many minds.
One prayer can reach many souls.
You do make a difference.

What if you are the missing piece.
What if your helpfulness is what is needed.
What if your “thank you’ opens the door to common courtesy.
What if your gentle hug heals the lonely heart.
What if your thoughtful blessing brings renewed hope.
What if your listening presence offers clarity and direction.
What if you are the one.

Life is for giving and You are the gift.
It is only in freely giving yourself that you fully realize the abundant gift you are.

Life is the opportunity to forgive ourselves for withholding the gift we are.
I forgive myself for being unforgiving.
I forgive myself for limiting myself.
I forgive myself for hiding my gifts.
I forgive myself for being afraid.
I forgive myself for thinking I am unworthy of giving and you are undeserving of receiving.
I forgive myself for thinking the world owes me.
I forgive myself for believing I am not capable.
I forgive myself for believing I cannot ever give enough.
I forgive myself for waiting for a return on my giving.
I forgive myself for not knowing what to give.
I forgive myself for thinking I will be depleted.
I forgive myself for thinking I must wait until a better time or place.
I forgive myself for dismissing or diminishing the gift I Am.
The world awaits the gift of YOU and me and each one.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with loved.
When we let go of our judging and limiting mind, abundant love and givingness takes its place.
When I practice forgiveness, I say and write 30 or more forgivenesses daily.
It is a life’s work and worthy of daily application.

I am willing to touch and teach and reach out to everyone equally,
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Creating a Better Future

Currently I am seeking to gather those who are inspired and called to co-vision and co-create neighborhood centers to fill a great need in many communities. If your community or church now has adequate support for those parents needing education and respite, those children needing after school care and help with homework, those families needing support in balancing their lifestyle, those seniors needing a place to belong and make a difference, those without families who need a friend and some fun, those in crisis needing a place to find help and support, then you do not need to consider a center in your community. For many, this is a time of crisis and concern for all people in how we can work and play, learn and teach, help and encourage, coach and mentor one another to create a better future for all.

If you are intrigued or have ideas and information which would be valuable, please connect with me. 800-919-2392 or by email.
I will begin interviews with individuals and group visioning and brainstorming this summer.
Thanks for joining me in visioning what is Good, and whole and Loving for All.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Vision: “Creating a Better Future for All”
Family Enrichment Centers

(or Family Reunion Centers or Good Neighbor Centers)
With Good Neighbor Policies
For all people…all ages, cultures, and faiths.

Facilitator/Co-Founder: (Seeking others)
Betty Lue Lieber, Ph.D., MFT
I am primarily a Community Builder and Inspirational Teacher

Mission: To offer a safe positive place for young and old to experience education, inspiration, fellowship and service in every neighborhood.
Non-profit, organic growth.
Prototypes developed so can be replicated and franchised throughout US and beyond.
Creating extended family naturally.
Neighborhood centers by the people of the people and for the people.

Function: To facilitate community, to encourage individuals and families to come together,
to better relate and create to a better world.
Primarily a volunteer service and educational organization.
Utilize church and other non-profit facilities for modest rent and easy access
Hours when kids, seniors and families need assistance and are available (1-9PM)
Advisory board members and consultants: Key representatives from: Family Stress center, County Social Services, Mental Health, Senior Services, Child Protective Services, Volunteer Bureau, Caring Hands, Family of Women, Wellness Center, other successful non-profit community service orgs and churches.
Open to all who are willing to participate and contribute (time, money, and/or energy)
Affordable for all…..utilize contributions like AA or Family of Women, senior centers
Share space in churches or other non-profits or given space for center by business people
Cooperative with all programs now functioning effectively and successfully
Programs to support, augment and complement current community services.
Non-competitive. Solicit donations as needed. Funding through grants.
Rely on the contributions of co-creators and participants.
Function independently of governmental agencies.
Open to being supported by all.

Primary Programs:
Self Improvement and Healthy Relationships,
Recreation and Renewal
Creative Expression and Contribution
Leadership from Participants. Everyone willing is trained

Fun, safe, easy and effective for all.
Safe for Seniors
Cool for Kids.
Positive for Parents
Hopeful for Handicapped

Provide classes, workshops and support groups: (childcare provided)
Steps to Effective Living, Parenting, Relationships, Families, Career,
Parent Education
Relationship Healing
Coaching and mentoring
Touch for Health
Mastermind principles
Good Neighbor Policies
Tools for Success
Common Sense finances
Effective Communication
Values Clarification
Homework Clubs for kids
Mentoring/Coaching and Counseling
Self Esteem and Confidence Building
Self Image and Appearance
Life Purpose and Career
Home Enhancement
Holistic Tools for Staying Healthy
Family Nutrition
Habits for Highly Effective People
Habits for Highly Effective Families
Principle Centered Leadership
Balanced Lifestyle
Potluck suppers and pancake breakfasts
Recitals and concerts by kids and adults
Creativity nights with arts and crafts projects
Game nights with board games and cards available daily
Small lending library (tapes, videos and books)
Volunteer help with discount shopping, housing and majoy purchases.
Food pantry and clothing access.
Help seeking employment.
Kids receive mentoring and help with homework by seniors
Peer mediation training and support
Outdoor playground
Sponsorship for Abusive parents.
Counseling and coaching
Music and singing
All-Faith fellowship

Seeking effective community models:
Family for Women
Alcoholics Anonymous
Create underlying principles and guidelines
Organic development and growth in each center.
Easy access to neighborhoods.
Enlist church cooperation and pay minimal rent.
Safe place for all to be

Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.
“Learning together to build a better world.”

Key Focus Areas:
Healing/Health Services
Holiday Celebrations

Focus on Education, Inspiration, support and Community
Child Care for Parent Education and Couples Enrichment

Friday, May 21, 2004

Building Community

Building a Community:
Forming a functioning Neighborhood, Partnership, Team or Extended Family

Building Community is like building a team, one person at a time.
If you want to play a game, you look for people who want to play a game with you.
If you want to play football, you look for people who want to play football.
If you just want to build community, you look for folks who want to create community.

In my life I have created alliances with many people for many purposes.
Healing, Learning, Co-creating, Fellowship, Celebration, Caring about each other, Contributing to a Cause, Building, Planning, Connecting with Spirit, sharing food, Family and fun and more…..all to build community.
Sometimes those many purposes were housed under one roof and one organization.
Sometimes there iwas no organization, but rather a spontaneous coming together.
Sometimes there was a call to join, an invitation and an initiation.
Almost always there was leadership, either overt or behind the scenes.
Always there was a vision, either expressed or implied.
Always there was trust in the process and freedom for folks to choose in or choose out.

This is the essence of building a community of love and respect for me.
To form alliance effectively many ingredients are essential and helpful:
Vision-Seeing what can be when we are all happy and free to choose.
Leadership-Taking responsibility for the Good of all concerned.
Planning-Bringing together the people, place and process needed to support the vision.
Honesty-Sharing fully the desired outcome in simple clear terms. No secrets or withholds.
Equality- Seeing everyone as equally valuable to the whole. Inviting everyone’s participation.
Commitment-Clearing doubts and fears. Giving participants the option to choose again.
Responsibility- Owning responsibility for the quality of the relationships without guilt or blame.

Alliances are built on trust and mutual respect.
When we are trying to convince or sell others, we often undermine the alliance.
When we hold differing thoughts, beliefs or agendas separate from one another, the differences are divisive.
When we share freely our differences and agree to differ, there will be mutual respect and trust.
When we agree on desired outcome or goal, we set aside differences to fulfill what is co-visioned.
When everyone is seeking a win/win solution, everyone will participate.
When seeking solutions where someone loses, all will fear loss and struggle to win.
When we are open and willing to allow inspiration to lead the way, the participants will seek Spirit.
When we seek for the results no matter what the cost, pain and problems often are the price we pay.

Where are you building community?
Where do you pay a price for what you seek?
Where can you build an alliance based on mutual respect, trust and freedom?
For what purpose do you seek joining with another?
Have you committed the outcome to the highest good for all concerned?

Loving you, as we build healing alliances, one at a time.
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Know Yourself

Know Who You Are
Know where You Are
Know Whose You Are

Know Yourself.
To Thine Own Self be true.
To know You is to Love You.

How can you be what you do not remember?
How can you love what you do not know?
How can you do what you have not named.
How can you have what you have not claimed?

Aimless meandering leads no where.
A mind left unfocused will collect useless thoughts.
A life left dormant creates nothing.

You will know your choices by your activities and accomplishments.
Have you looked at your life?
Have you viewed you whole life?
You can see who you are by what you have done.
You can see your values by how you spend your time, energy and money.
You can observe what matters to you by what your think and feel and do.

How do you believe you are seen by others who know you well.
How do you see yourself right now?
If you like, appreciate, enjoy and feel blessed, keep on going.
If you dislike, criticize and feel ashamed, stop and look deeply at the choices you have made.
Acknowledge the choices you have avoided, judged, feared and criticized.
Make a decision to make better choices.
Make a decision to look to those you trust.
Look to the spirituality or moral leadership you trust.
Make the choice to look to the wise people you trust.
Make a decision to go within to the spiritual guidance you trust.
Each of us must come to crossroads in our lives where we choose to live or lose our choice.
We are all to choose or not, to live or not, to be or not, to give or not, to learn or not.
We are responsible for our choices.

I am choosing never-ending and constant awareness, forgiveness, letting go, renewal of Spirit, being a Gift of Love, creating what is good and whole and beautiful, being happy and being truly helpful, building partnerships and teamwork, co-creating the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.

Join me, please.
Our world needs us to fully and freely choose to Be All We Are right Now and Now and Now and Now!

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Where Do You Place Your Faith?

“You will know them by their faith.”
Can you tell when someone is faith-filled?
Can you feel what you believe?
Do you trust what you “know” inside?
Do you live and think and act like someone who really believes?

Where we live in doubt, we experience the symptoms of confusion, indecision and anxiety.
Where we abide in faith, we experience the symptoms of clarity, decisiveness and trust.
We can tell those who lack in faith because they complain, criticize, withhold, deceive and are depressed.
We can tell those who have abundant faith because they are happy, fearless, honest, giving and forgiving.

Faith is demonstrated by our positive attitude, when we allow crisis to create opportunities.
Faith shows up when we forgive and bless those who may hurt us, rather than curse and avoid them.
Faith is present when we pray prayers of gratitude and praise rather than beseeching and requesting.
Faith is obvious when with disease, disappointment and disaster we can still smile and continue to live.

Faith is not a given. It is a gift to ourselves as a result of learning to look for miracles and see the gift.
Faith is learned not earned. It comes with a willingness to forgive our quick judgments, listen within and honor that still small voice that invites us to see the Love and be the Love in all circumstances.
Faith is both learned from those around us, but also learned from a positive attitude in life. Never quitting yields success. Making lemonade out of lemons gives us delight. Turning what we have into the blessing we envision is inspiring. Giving our very best and appreciating the outcome gives us fulfillment.

“Every time we see a new born baby cry or touch a leaf or see the sky, then I know why….I believe.”
Have you taken the time to look for the miracles in life?
Have you watched a leaf grow?
Have you pondered the life of an ant?
Have you lain on the beach at night and felt embrace by the stars?
Have you walked alone in the woods and let the trees talkl to you with Love?
Have you given all you had to the homeless man seeking shelter for the night?
Have you made someone sick and lonely feel very happy and very loved?
See the miracle and be the miracle of Love.
You will feel your faith grow inside.

A True Believer,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Are you Credible?

Do you keep your word?
Do you honor your agreements?
Have you remembered your vows?
Do you fulfill your promises?

What vows have you made?
“On my honor, I will try to do my duty to God and my country.”
“I promise to love and cherish you, ‘til death do us part.”
“So help me God.”

When we keep our promises, our self esteem and confidence are strengthened.
When we break our word, we feel guilty and fear others will not keep their agreements with us.
When we can trust and respect ourselves, we trust and respect others.
When we cannot trust ourselves to be honest and fair, we cannot trust God and others.

Keeping our word, fulfilling our promises and remembering our vows builds faith.
Being true to our commitments strengthens our trust in others and in life itself.

Remind yourself of what you have said and written.
Admit and make amends for broken agreements.
Forgive yourself for unfulfilled promises made to you.
Vow to only make agreements which you intend to keep no matter what.
Be honest with yourself and others when you have failed to keep your agreements.
Forgive yourself and others and choose again for what is true for you.

Over 19 years ago, Robert Waldon, my husband, spiritual partner and true friend came into my life by Divine appointment. He gave his sacred promise to wed with me in Christ, to love and support me on my spiritual path, serving the will of God and Good for all people. Robert has kept his agreement through difficult and trying times as well as adventuresome and creative time. Robert’s never-failing love and respect have fortified my own faith in God and trust in humanity. I know love never ends, when all is forgiven.

Keeping my agreements with you and my promise to God,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 17, 2004

Daring to Care

Are you willing to Love, really love?
Are you open to care about something or someone deeply?
Do you have the courage to say how you really feel?
Are you willing to commit without hesitation or doubt?
Can you trust in yourself enough to know what you want?
Can you give 100% to this moment now to really be present?
Have you forgiven the past so it is only a blessing?
Are you open to connect with the holiness within?
Can you really begin to live abundantly without wealth?
Have you fully enjoyed any meal, any sunset, and conversation?
Do you allow yourself to savor life in all its richness?
Are you truly happy being You?
Can you freely share your gifts with your friends and family?
Are you willing to dare to be fully alive and in love?

Life is the most amazing opportunity where we choose how much we invest in the lottery.
We can invest nothing and never win anything.
We can invest a fortune but never believe we could win.
We can fully invest ourselves and receive the gift of our self knowledge and appreciation.

We really are choosing to dare or withdraw.
We are choosing to fully give or withhold.
We are choosing to care or dismiss.
We are choosing to pay attention or to ignore.
We are choosing to enjoy or to complain.
We are choosing to learn or to know it all already.
How much are you really willing to care and to dare to be alive and invested in life?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 16, 2004

What Can You Do?

Nothing to do, but what is true for you.
How can you participate in this world?
Love it or leave it.
To have what we want, we must love what we have.
Show up. Pay attention. Tell the Truth. And Detach from the Outcome.

Where is my passion?
What is my calling?
To live life on purpose and in love, I must give my all to what gives to me.
I must be inspired by being inspiring.
Therefore, I must give my energy to that which uplifts me physically, mentally and spiritually.
What is the idea, the vision, the opportunity right now that gives me energy and joy in the fulfillment?
How can I leave the world a better place?
Where am I to share and contribute the many gifts I have been given?
What do all my life experiences lead me to do right now?
These are questions which can help shape your life and fulfill your destiny.
Each one of us has a calling, a special place in the circle of life.
Each spot is integral to the healing of the whole.
Each function your would fulfill is a gift of healing and grace to us all.
Each one has a holy place, where we would stand up for the Good within.
Each of us is an inspiration, when we give ourselves to the Good of all by playing our sacred part.
Some of us stand alone to serve.
Some of us work together.
All of us are important for the Good of All.
When we are lost and confused, wasting our energy on survival rather than service, we miss the boat.
We are distracted from noticing the place we are to be.
We must be still in the silence.
We must ask for inner guidance.
We must stand up, when we hear our name being called.
We must have the courage to step up and step out for what we believe.
We must notice the need and fill it.
We must feel our passion.
We must notice our motivation.
We must follow our intention.
We must listen to our dreams and our wishes.
We must do something about whatever we criticize or fear.
We must open doors rather than lock them.
We must lift ourselves up out of lethargy and into meaningful activity.

We must because we can.
We can because we are.
We are because we love.
This is our calling,
This is our choice.
Be here.
Really be here now.

Living and Loving You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Different Languages

We all speak different languages.
The language of love sounds very different than the language of fear.
The language of forgiveness is quite different than the language of judgment, conflict and hatred.
The language of the self confidence has different energy than the language of the meek.
The language of those who are responsible is the antithesis of those who are irresponsible.
When we are faith-filled we may have difficulty being understood by those who have no faith.
When we are honest, we may not understand those who believe in lying to keep from getting in trouble.
When we are intent on keeping the peace, we may resist those who value confrontation.
When we are strong in our opinions, we become upset with those who keep opinions to themselves.
When we are hopeful, we may be discouraged by those who are feeling hopeless.

In this world we seem to believe that others must be the same as us.
Or we believe that others need to learn to be like us.
Or we believe we have found the “right” way.
Or we may believe that perhaps others are right, and we need to change to be more like them.
If there are many languages, there are many different perceptions, attitudes, opinions and values.
What I believe, value, perceive and support may be totally incomprehensible to you.
My life work as therapist and spiritual teacher has been to be neutral to better understand your viewpoint. All my clients, students, friends and family are my teachers.
The dozens of self discovery tools I have learned and practiced, (numerology, symbology, astrology, enneagram, myers-briggs, color analysis, and many more) havehelped me to fully enjoy the differences.
I know the value of differences, when they are fully expressed in a safe and non judgmental environment.

We are here to become more aware, more conscious, more at choice and more loving.
We are here to let go of the blocks to accepting our differences and the uniqueness of others.
We are here to listen beneath the words and find the resonance.
We are here to undo our judgments and fears and open our ears and our hearts.
We are here to seek our unity in the diversity.
We are here to honor the integral and equal part each one plays.
There is a place for everyone in the circle of life.

Our choices, our perceptions, our problems are the perfect ones for each of us to experience to learn exactly what we are here for.
Our lives are unique because we are.
Our experiences are unique because our thoughts come from own learning.
Our interpretations are unique because our perceptual filters are different.
Give yourself an opportunity to accept your rightful place speaking the language you know.
Then listen with as much respect to those around you.
Step aside from your own viewpoint and see the world from another perspective.
There is much to be learned and much to be healed.

Loving you from my own perspective,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 14, 2004

Acceptance Is Healing

When we are at peace the natural flow of healing is present.
When we are in love, life is healing.
When we are living in joy and enjoying our lives. we are healing.

Healing is the return to our natural state of wholeness.
Healing is for me and you and us.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
We are created healed and whole.
In our judgment of what appears to be, we err and perceive lack of wholeness.
In our misperception and our judgment, we separate from what is.
In our separation, we deny the natural and intrinsic healing and wholeness.
Awareness with non-judgment is healing.

When I see what is with an open mind, I perceive the wholeness therein.
When I see the intrinsic holiness, I am healed.
My mind creates what I perceive by my beliefs, attitudes, judgments and comparisons.
The pictures I hold are projected onto the screen of life and I make up my mind that I am correct.

When I change my mind, I can see things differently.
When I choose to see the beauty, goodness and wholeness, there it is.
When I choose to see the terror, ugliness and sickness, there it is.
I can choose what I want to see.
All true healing is in my mind.

When I see the goodness and holiness, I accept and embrace what is.
I am at peace. I extend love. My life is fun, safe and easy.
Everywhere I go and everyone I engage is perceived through the filters of my mind.
I can choose to see with a forgiving mind, the call for love and extend the love I am.
Or I can choose to see the sin, problems and attack, and defend myself as I feel afraid, guilty and angry.

When we are connected with our selves and accept our lives, we are at peace.
We are healed and whole.
When we hate, judge ourselves and try to fix our lives, we may suffer with fear, confusion and dis-ease.
The body often is an indicator of our self acceptance and love.
Where we are at peace, our body serves our higher purpose.
Where we have rejected our life purpose and calling, our body and our problems may distract us.
The ego can use our detours, delays and difficulties as an excuses to not fulfill our mission here.
Everyone has a purpose here, opportunities to teach and learn, to love and be loved.
Our real work here is always to remember to love ourselves and others, and return to the perception of wholeness and holiness.

Wishing we were different will not bring us peace or heal our separation from Self
Hating our life will not encourage or bring us joy.
Trying to get another to fix us is only a temporary measure, while the real inner work waits for us.
Humans use their limited thinking to deny their greatness.
Humans use the excuse of lack of education, experience, intelligence, and strength to stifle their fulfillment.
Humans use their painful history to repeat the errors of the past and live in fear of the future.
Humans often fear taking responsibility for the infinite choices always available to us.
We truly are unlimited and free.

Ask yourself: What would I do if I truly knew I was unlimited and free?
Connect with your True Self and Greater Self, for therein lies your compassion, acceptance and understanding of you.
You are worthy of being wholly loved by You and All. Set yourself free by wholly loving You.

Seeing, Knowing and Loving the Real and Whole You,
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Give to the Givers

Now is the time for our unconsciously chosen paradigm to shift and we are the ones.
We need:
Hope within ourselves to heal our separation and fear.
Faith within our hearts to believe we can achieve miracles with Love.
Charity within our lives that freely gives not just to the needy, but to the giving and forgiving.

We must remember to offer our gifts of gratitude and support to those who give.
We often take for granted the agencies and individuals that selflessly give everyday.
Mothers are remembered when we are reminded to be grateful for those who nurture children everyday. Teachers are sometimes remembered when our children do well in school.
Ministers and spiritual teachers are honored for giving the best they know to keep us all on track.
Fathers and providers are remembered for working in difficult and stressful circumstances to keep their families, fed and clothed, insured and educated.
Soldiers and heroes are remembered when they are seen saving lives.
Fireman and policemen are remembered when they do something kind and helpful.
Doctors and health providers are remembered when they offer relief or a medical cure.

Sometimes we do give to those who have given to us, but often we neglect the givers.
We have learned to sensationalize life, to look at the world seeking for the grim and gory story.
We have learned to give our attention, time and money to the poor, misfortunate and suffering.
Because we fear what we could be, our guilt causes us to focus there on despair.
Where we focus, we increase. Where we give, we receive. What we perceive, we strengthen.

It is time to give to the givers.
Pay attention to the miracles.
Feed the ones who have fed us.
Contribute to those who are selfless givers.
Honor the volunteers, the ministers, the teachers, the parents, those individuals who serve everyday.
Give credit to those who honor us and our values.
Pay attention to those who are happy and helpful.
Remember with cards and calls, smiles and hugs those who have loved and served us well.
We could start an epidemic of gratitude.
We could increase those who love unconditionally.
We could create a new wave of serving from the heart.
We could experience a natural movement of remembering God and Good.

Give to the giver in you.
Feed the hope in you.
Love the one who loves easily in you.
Remember the You who is joyful and hopeful and faith-filled.

Forgive those who know not the value of giving.
Encourage those who know how to give by your appreciation and support.

Join the happy giving club today.
Loving You,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

We Are Making It Up

As I watch the media and the unfolding of the current horror story and the images of our greatest fears emerge,
I see how we are making up a world of terror, suffering and insanity.

What we focus on we are creating.
The best inventor of stories, beliefs and experiences is the mind.
When our mind is filled with light, we will see only light.
When our mind is filled with terror, we will see and imagine terror everywhere.
We are either creating our world or we are victims of it.
What shall it be?
How can we create differently?

Here I am teaching, writing and encouraging forgiving everyone and everything and returning to love. Why? Because what you focus on, you create more of the same.
What we defend against, we are confirming is real and must be feared and avoided.
We are giving energy and attention, as well as our finest and best young men to that which we fear.
What we spend time and money and energy on, we are feeding.

What are we feeding now? A war on what we fear….
So we have more war and we have more fear.
How can we undo this incredible mis-creation?
Look at it as we might a movie.
If you like the movie and it gives you what you want to have in your life, watch it again and again.
Study it and learn from it. Be fascinated by it. Look into the minds of the actors on our stage.
And if this is not what you want more of in your world, you must let it go.
Deny it, undo it with a mental eraser filled with love.
Let it go with forgiveness and bless the letting go.

God did not make war, therefore war is not real.
God did not make terrorists; therefore, they are not real.
I refuse to use my creative power to empower and mis-create.
I now choose to bless, encourage and enjoy that which God wills for me.
I now choose to embrace and appreciate the goodness, beauty and love in me and all God’s creation.
I now choose to be the safe space in which everyone chooses to be their full and true Self.
I now choose to fill my mind with what is true and loving.
I know the world I choose is God’s creation and a world of Goodness, Wholeness and Love.

To loose the world I see is to relinquish attack.
To let go of attack thoughts is to live in love.
To live in love is to freely give the Highest I know everywhere I go.
I am willing to be the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.

Loving and blessing your willingness too. Betty Lue


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Are Emotions Based on Assumptions?

May 11, 2004 Loving Reminders

Are Emotions Based on Truth or False Assumptions?

We project mistaken beliefs and make incorrect assumptions about what we perceive.
We see the world and everyone in it, according to our learned beliefs and judgments of past experiences.
We perceive through filters of our own making rather than seeing what really is.
In order to know, I must be willing to listen deeply and look beneath the apparency.
Even then, another cannot share with me what they themselves have not uncovered within.
Motivations, intentions, unexpressed thoughts and camouflaged feelings are not known, unless revealed with safety and respect. To freely share we must feel respected, accepted and safe.
Our feelings about our misperceptions are distorted by our assumptions and beliefs.
We often accommodate what we see or experience to fit with our current mindset, so we don’t find ourselves wrong or confused or reconsidering our position.

Feelings are often based on mistaken beliefs and faulty assumptions.
Tears can be due to grief and sorrow, anger and frustration, admiration and love, joy and delight, fear and pain, or just something burning in our eyes. We project onto the one we see “crying” our own reasons for their tears, based on our limited thinking, experiences, assumptions and beliefs.

Consider that your negative or painful emotions may be entirely due to a fearful, sad and judged perception of what you perceive. Imagine that the thoughts you hold in your own mind determine how you feel about and experience your life.

“This is awful and I hate it.” yields totally different emotions than “This is healing and I respect it.”
When you have judged and feel the negative feelings, consider forgiving your judgment and see what you feel. When you make someone wrong, notice how you feel about them.
When you have forgiven your judgment and returned to love and respect, notice how your then feel.
Most of us are not seeing what is, but rather relying on our interpretation of what we see.
Consider seeing everything with the eyes of love and notice the surprises and miracles that seem to come.

If our emotions are the result of our assumptions and beliefs, then our emotions witll change with different assumptions and beliefs. Thus we are at choice about how we feel.

What is real? What is projection?
What is true? What is the result of mistaken assumptions?

Loving you, Betty Lue

Experiment, explore and discover for yourself.
Share with me your experiences.
Notice what changes your emotions.
Energy in motion is meant to be flowing.
The moment we label, judge, name or make wrong, we get stuck with our emotional experience. When we simply allow what is to flow through, as we breathe fully and freely, we notice that the emotions change faster than the weather, depending on our thoughts or thought-free state.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Connection Begets Success

It is the quality of our Alliance that creates successful relationships.
It is our joining that generates success in teamwork.
It is the union with ourselves that allows healing and wholeness.
It is our Oneness with God that lifts us to unconditional Love.

In our total connection we have become that which we seek to join.
In our unity we personally experience humanity.
In our pretending, visualizing or imagination, we can experience True Empathy and Oneness.

When we are joined, there is no separation.
When we are One, there is no loneliness or lack.
When we are united, nothing can divide or conquer.
When we are saying “Yes”, there is no possibility of “No”.
It is only in our doubts, fears, analysis, judgment that we seek for failure, loss and lack.
It is only in our separation from source that we perceive ourselves as less than another.
It is only in our mistaken belief “We cannot” that we create the opportunity to fail.
It is only in our doubts that we put into motion a self-fulfilling prophecy to achieve what we believe.

In alliance with oneSelf, there is nothing we cannot do.
In alliance with another, there is nothing we cannot heal.
In alliance with source, there is nothing we cannot be.
In alliance, all things are not only possible, there are certain.

The quality of our alliance with what we seek is the measure of our success.
The quality of our connection with that which we seek healing determines the power of our leadership.
The quality of our peaceful union determines the depth of our love and understanding.
The unconditionality of our love begets healing separation, trust and union.

What we avoid, resist and seek to separate from, we cannot know.
What we choose not to know and understand, we cannot love and join.
Where there is no joining there will be fear and judgment, pain and conflict.
What we welcome, embrace and seek to unify, we will come to know.
What we choose to know, we will heal, forgive and remember our Oneness.
Where there are common goals, alliance and connection, there lies the Peace and Joy and Love.

Now there is Peace on Earth because it has begun within Me.
Peaceful beginnings as we unite in Love,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 09, 2004

All Are Mothers

Blessed Mother’s Day.
Time to Love and time to pray, “Thank God for Mother’s!”
Without mothers, know or unknown, loving or not, we would not be here.

What is a Mother?
Someone willing to receive the seed of creation within the womb of their soul .
Someone willing to hold the space within, where new life can grow.
Someone open to new possibilities, miracles of faith.
Someone believing enough in the unseen to allow it to unfold.
Someone for whom all life matters.
Someone willing to experience the labor of creation and manifestation.
Someone willing to give time to nurture and provide from their own being.
Someone who is present in body, mind and Spirit to attend to what is unseen.

Where we have imagined and have given our energy to fulfilling our dream, we have been a mother.
Where we have nurtured and believed in another’s potential, we have been a mother.
Where we have provided for others by giving warmth and light, we have been a mother.
Where we have healed with our loving touch and soothing words, we have been a mother.
Where we have provided from the bounty of wisdom and resources within, we have mothered.
Where we have patiently waited and watched with faith and trust in the process, we have been a mother.
Where we have prayed silently and affirmed aloud, we have been a mother.
Where we have loved another and given to the other without regard for ourselves, we have mothered.

So often we see MOTHER, as a female human who gives birth through her body.
Yet, being a Holy Mother is a product of Spirit, giving life to another through our Faith and our Love.

I see You.
I know You.
I love You.
I am seen.
I am known.
I am loved by You.
As I love You, I can love Me, being Loved by You.
As one We come to God. (Song lyrics written by Robert)

Within each one of us is the Mother and the Child.
Within each one of us is the spark of Divinity, the Seed of Infinite Possibility of All That Is Good and Whole and Beautiful. Our work, both within and without, is to provide warmth and light, nurturance and faith, to bring this Seed of Love into Fullness of Expression.

Holy Mother reminds you: “Love your Whole and Holy Self into Being.”

I Am Loving You as Holy Mother and as Holy Child,
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 08, 2004

The Many Faces of Love

Love comes in many flavors, functions and forms.
Love has a multitude of faces and phases.
Love seems to be most often described and yet is beyond description.
Love is inconstant and yet, the one Eternal Truth in the Universe.
How can this be?

Love can be threatening and demanding.
Love can be punitive and critical.
Love can be duty-bound and obligatory.
Love can be pretentious and jealous.
Love can be strong and blatant or meek and mild.
Love can cling and hang on for dear life.
Love can let go and seem to not care.
Love can be daring and bold or surrendered and letting go.
Love can say “Yes” and Love can say ”No”.
Love can create dependency and do everything for you.
Love can foster independence and make you do for yourself.
Love can be angry and confrontational.
Love can be forgiving and kind.
Love can be gentle as a mother’s caress or tough as a coach’s demands.
Love can be expressing both fears and tears.
Love often shares joy and laughter.

How can it be that love in our culture shows up so many ways?
We learn to love by how we are imprinted with Love.
When we know our “loving” parents, we believe their way is love’s way.
When we hear other’s tell us they “love” us, we often buy their way of loving.
When we see the movies and read the books of lasting love and “happily ever after”, we imagine Love.
If we come to relationship with a “loving” God, we believe what the stories tell us of His Love.
So what is Love? What is the True Love of a mother for a child?
What is the lasting love of one person for another?
What is the Love of two friends, two lovers, to people who are committed to Love?

As we grow through life’s experiences, we begin to shape our own values and truths about Love.
Our Loving becomes a product of our present choice rather than our past imprinting and experiences.
We cannot be surprised with the variety of expressions of Love, because we all are in different phases of learning to Love, to choose Love, to become Love, to be Love.
Perhaps Love is truly letting go of everything that is no Love.
Perhaps Love is learning to trust and be free.
Perhaps Love is a gift of conscious will for the best for All.
Perhaps Love is a willingness to Love ourselves as we want to be loved.
Perhaps Love is an openness to loving others as we have learned to love ourselves.
Perhaps we are all simply students of Love, learning to Love by letting go of the blocks to loving. Perhaps we are all forgiving what is false and reclaiming what is Real, the Love within, the Love We Are.
Perhaps Love is the reason we came, the reason we relate, the reason we Live and Give.

I am Loving YOU,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 07, 2004

Guilt Exposed

Guilt is often taught and used as a motivation.
Guilt is often used to keep people dependent.
Guilt is a learned response to making a mistake.
Guilt often leads us to more of the same behavior.
Guilt may motivate us to keep trying harder.

When people feel guilty, they usually try to get rid of the person or situation that caused the guilt.
People who feel guilty try to avoid the relationship or get rid of the person with whom they feel guilt.
Or when they see no way to avoid the person, they create justification for casting the blame on them.
The perpetrator blames the victim.
The persecutor annihilates their victim.
Guilt may be the cause of violence, death and war.

When treated unfairly, have we first been unfair?
Have we expected someone else to change, to fix us, to make us happy?
Have we given responsibility for our lives, our finances, our oil, our peace of mind to someone else?
Have we believed that we are dependent on another for our shoes, our meals, our paycheck?
If they come through for us, we are happy and they feel good.
If they fail us, we are unhappy and they feel bad.
To make another responsible for our happiness and wellbeing is to create guilt-ridden relationships.
To be responsible for our own happiness and well-being is to be free of guilt and blame.
Where there is no guilt or blame, there is no fear.
Where there is no guilt or blame, there is love and peace.
Where there is no guilt or blame, there is kindness and understanding.
Where there is no guilt or blame, there is compassion and gratitude.

To expect another to be our savior is to set them up for guilt and blame.
To expect another to always be what we want, is to create pressure for their performance.
To expect another to be take care of us is to make them dependent on our judgments of their care.
When they do it right, We are content and they are happy.
When they do it wrong, we are upset and they are guilt-ridden.
Relationships based on dependence are filled with fear.

Because we are all inter-connected, my happiness and well-being effects others.
It is my intention to be free of guilt and blame, to clear all judgment, so that I can fully Love.
I am responsible for my life. I am responsible for what I experience. I am responsible.
No “makes” me feel or think or behave in any way.
I choose consciously and unconsciously.
I am responsible for my thoughts, my words and my actions.
I am responsible for forgiving my guilt.
I am responsible for forgiving my judgments.
I am responsible.

With responsibility and freedom,
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Neglected Hope

Where is the hope for the future?
Where is hope for our children?
Where is hope for a brighter day?
Where is hope for peace?
Where is hope for a better job?
Where is hope for a miracle?
Where is hope?

You and I are a resource of hope.
Our attitude and our outlook demonstrate hope or discouragement.
We teach hope to our world with our thoughts, words and activities.

Where were you in life, when you were most filled with hope?
How have you allowed it to diminish?
What could you do today that would begin to restore your hope?
Are you afraid to hope?
Are you just going along with the crowd (mass consciousness)?
Are you standing out with your hopeful attitude?
Are you weathering the storm of a depressed society?
Are you resilient enough to go through struggles and still retain your hope?

The most successful people are hope-filled.
They are resilient, flexible and creative problem-solvers.
Hopeful people always look for the open door, the positive solution.

We appear to be culturally depressed.
When we live and work and learn in a depressed community, we will see and feel anger, addiction, mental illness, divorce and dissolution of relationships, stagnation and boredom, disease and death of body, mind and Spirit.

The search for meaning is the search for hope.
The search for belonging is the search for safety.
The search for purposeful work is the search for fulfillment.
The search for a lifetime partner is the search for commitment.
The search for happiness is the search for God.

Where do we find hope, safety, fulfillment, commitment and God?
Where do we go for light, when our world seems darkened?
Where can we find what is missing, when we are depressed, lost and discouraged?

Make room in your life for hope.
Give time in your life to clear the past.
Let go of faulty thinking and limiting beliefs.
Forgive those thoughts which are not wholly loving.
Open to see what is created in Love.
Extend warmth and light to those around you.
Be prepared to feel hope with each act of kindness.
Be grateful everyday for the willingness to choose again.

In hope and love,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Forgiving Mothers

It is about time that we forgave all mothers for all time for forgetting their real job.
It is time for us to heal our relationship with our feminine, the receptive energy within.
It is time for us to extend love to those who forget love.
It is time for us to forgive ourselves for forgetting to feel and be real.
It is time to be gentle and non-punitive.
It is time for us to smile on ourselves and be pleased with our lives.
It is time for us to forgive our mother’s mistakes.

When we judge, we repeat what we judge within ourselves and with others.

Our mothers did what their mothers did.
Our mothers tried to do better, just as we do.
Our mothers wanted for us to be happy and have a good safe life.
Our mothers gave us life and wanted a life for themselves.
Our mothers knew how to mother by how they were mothered.
Our mothers always carried the intention of loving.
Our mothers made mistakes and so do we.
Our mothers forgot their essence and ours at times.
So what? Now is the time to choose again.

In our judgment, grief and resentment we carry on the same behavior for ourselves.
In our habitual mind, we ignore ourselves the same way we were ignored.
We love ourselves the ways we were loved and for the reasons we were loved.
We hate ourselves and make ourselves feel guilty the same as we were shown.
Often our mother’s thoughts and feelings become ours, as we tried to understand them.
We subconsciously become that which we judge, avoid and resist.
We carry their voice and behavior with us in our subconscious mind.

To be free ourselves, we must forgive, erase, undo and let go.
To free our mothers we must forgive, erase, release and let go.
To be conscious, happy and fully at choice we must let go.
This will allow us to forgive our own mothering.

Mothers….set yourselves free.
Daughters and sons….set yourself free.
Where we believe we have sinned, we teach our children they are victims of our mistakes.
Where be believe we have erred, we send a message to our children that they are flawed.
All errors are easily undone with true forgiveness.
No one is harmed except when we believe are harmed.
Changing our minds will change our lives immediately.

All mistakes are erased with genuine letting go.
The past is not here.
Forgiveness is erasing what no longer is and leaving only the blessing.

Let it be…. Let it be…..
Loving you and loving me,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

What Is Life?

What is life but an opportunity to learn and grow, to come to know Who I Am and Why I Am!
The university of Life is the embodied experience of seeing where we belong and recognizing our song.
When we are engaged in living, we can be forgiving of all those moments when we forget.
When we are here to remember, we attend to every little ember of light and love and life.

The curious say, “What is this?”
The bored say, “When will it be over?”
The fearful say, “How can I be safe?”
The competitive say, “How can I win?”
The romantic say, “Where will I find true love?”
The spiritual say, “ Aah, this is amazing.”
The hurting say, “How can I handle the pain?”
The helpful say, “ Who can I care for?
The seekers say, “Where can I find the Truth?”
The judges say, “How can we get rid of evil?”
And what do you say about your life?

Life brings limitless opportunities to find our purpose.
Life gives us instant reflection of our beliefs, attitudes and values.
Life offers endless feedback in how we are engaging with everything that is.
Life is the journey, the process and the outcome.

Around the full moon often there is an intensification of feelings, experiences and life.
If you notice something, give attention to it and you will discover the gift, the learning, the blessing.
If you find yourself pondering and reflecting on a relationship or happening, seek its intrinsic value.
Life is the gift we give ourselves for greater healing, awareness, evolution and growth.
Life is the precious present in which we can find ourselves or lose ourselves.
Life is what I receive from the Good and return to the Good with my gratitude and blessing.
When I fully receive what is given, I expand the gift. All are benefited.

Enjoying this moment and the gift of YOU!
Betty Lue

Monday, May 03, 2004

Good To Be With You Again

The last five days I have been participating and teaching at the CAMFT (CA Assn. of Marriage and Family Therapists) Conference in Los Angeles. I always look forward to returning to Spirit and you and Loving Reminders. It is good to be with you. I look forward to seeing who has responded with even a word or two. I am filled with gratitude when a life has been touched, a relationship healed, an insight shared, a goal achieved, a new direction embarked upon, a path made smoother by something I have the privilege of writing from inspirational wisdom. If I tell you, you will know how interconnected our lives really are.

When the world is happier, it happens one person at a time.
When the world becomes more peaceful, it occurs one relationship at a time.
All of us benefit whenever anyone is more whole.

Have you told yourself lately how much you appreciate your life?
Have you looked around and given thanks for the goodness you experience?
Have you honored those relationships in which you feel safe and loved and valued?
Have you given your very best to those places which receive your gifts most appreciatively?
Have you been grateful for this country in which you were born?
Have you remembered the blessings of your childhood and education?
Have you supported your parents old age with gratitude for what they gave rather than what was missing?
Have you fully enjoyed the food on your table rather than wished for steak or caviar?
Have you taken impeccable care of your home and your car because it is a privilege to have them?
Have you protected the earth and treated her beauty and bounty with respect?
Have you fully given credit to your ancestors: the inventors, pioneers, soldiers and even politicians?

Our influence and creative potential increases exponentially with gratitude.
The blessings we give are multiplied.
Within our love and warmth, Good grows.
My prayer is that everyone knows they matter to someone.
Your presence matters.
Your emotions and thoughts and words matter.
You are the sunshine in life.
With gratitude and loving attention freely given all of us would feel loved.’
When we feel loved, we tend to share the Love we feel.
Love grows and the world blossoms into a song of gratitude and joy.

I love YOU! You matter to me personally …and collectively.
These Loving Reminders are a personal gift to you….and to me….and to everyone.

Share your gratitude today with those around you.
Remind them how precious life is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue