Friday, May 31, 2013

Kindness and Consideration

I choose the gentle path of kindness and consideration.
I am blessed with well-being, as I extend kindness to everyone.
Life is sweet, when I choose to consider the well-being of others.
All is well, when I remember the kindness within me.

When in doubt, choose to be kind.
When uncertain, always be considerate of others.
When you do not know, ask what you can do?
When you are ignorant, learn by watching and listening to what the kind and considerate people do.

Life is not difficult when you are willing to learn.
Life is always leading us toward success, when we are willing to be considerate.
Life is a delightful adventure when we actively forgive and choose again.
Life is meant to be kind, considerate and gentle.

When we are numb, we may not understand.
When we are selfish, we may think only of our needs.
When we are afraid, we may not be helpful.
When we are confused, we may make mistakes.

We can always be kind.
We can be kind to everyone, no matter what their behavior or words.
We can be kind in treating others with the kindness we want to receive.
We can be kind to teach everyone to find a better way to live and love and give.

We can be learn to be considerate.
As we take time to ponder what is good, we will know how and when to give goodness.
As we consider what is needed and wanted, we can notice what would be truly helpful.
As we reflect on what has been, we can see errors in our thinking, speaking and interactions.

We can choose again and find a better way.
We can forgive our selves for our ignorance.
We can stop using guilt as an excuse and take responsibility.
We can step up and give our best to everyone all the time.

Our neighbors deserve kindness and consideration.
Our parents and children deserve consideration and kindness.
Our partners and friends deserve kindness and consideration.
Our world and everyone in it will benefit from our kindness.

Think kind and you will feel kind and whole.
Speak with consideration, and you give your blessing.
Behave kindly toward others, no matter what.
Those lacking in kindness, need us to teach them to be kind and considerate.

Kindness is the “religion” of the Dalai Lama.
May your choice be to think, speak and treat others in the ways you value most highly.
May you live your philosophy of life in all your think and say and do.
May you remember your are teaching your world and everyone around you by your example.

You are my kin, my family whom I love and choose to treat with consideration and kindness.

Betty Lue

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Afraid to Love?

The more I Love, the healthier and happier I am.
Extending Love, loves me back.  
Love is the way I live in freedom and trust.
I forgive my fear and let Love lead the way.
I love everyone the way I want to be loved.
Love is freeing and trusting. (Fear is restricting and doubting.)

Why are you so afraid to Love?
Do you fear Love?
Are you afraid to allow yourself to totally love and cherish and delight in the one you love?
Do you fear losing what is most important to you?

Are you willing to invest everything in being in love?
Are you willing to love without conditions?
Are you willing to give your life to love, only love?
Are you willing to be the Love you are, all the time?

What is so dangerous about loving?
What is so scary about giving your all?
What is so taxing about never quitting on love?
What is so threatening about never ever quitting on Love?

The ecstasy of love is freeing.
The bliss of loving is peaceful.
The joy of love is delightful.
The love of love is attractive.

Love is the Power.
Love is the Healer.
Love is the Redeemer.
Love is the Inspiration.

All Life is benefitted when we return to our natural state.
When we do not, will not and cannot love, something has gone wrong.
When we have lost our way. We forget the Love in us.
When we live in a loveless world, we may believe there is no Love.

Love is the Truth of our Being.
We are born to Love.
Love created us as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Love is our natural State.

Some are taught to love to get Love back.
Some may believe Love is giving away the Love you have.
Some may think that Love is weak or losing your Identity or dependent or sacrificial.
Some may believe Love endangers you to be open to harm.

Love creates more life energy and flow.
Love teaches how to trust and let go.
Love opens the door to awaken and know.
Love inspires wisdom and Good to grow.

Love for the sake of Loving.
Set your heart free to see you Being.
Open your eyes and let your Light shine.
Be all you can be by Loving You and everyone.

Loving now and always.
Betty Lue
¤      I love you      ¤
and I know you love me too.

The freedom for you and I to be who we are.
The freedom to live life as we do.
The freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.
The freedom to express our own truth as we see it.

The trust that there is a constant flow of love, 
no matter what.
The trust that, in spite of life’s problems, 
we believe in and support each other’s right 
to live as we choose.
The trust that in adversity, 
there is healing and learning and gifts of love.
The trust that under conflict and emotional expression,
there is love

I love you and I trust you.
I free you to be all you are.

Betty Lue 1978

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Happens!

Everything is in my own best interests.
I easily and quickly learn from everything.
I forgive and see things differently.
I am at peace because I live in trust with the Good that always is.

Life happens……So what?
We all experience life as it is.
The determining factor is how we deal with the happening.
The crucible is the choice we make in how we respond or react.

We are the choosers.
We can choose to respond with love or react with fear.
Fear leads to pain, suffering, problems and repeating experiences.
Love offers healing with compassion and wisdom with grace.

My life is blessed because I have blessed my life.
My life is rich, because I have loved and learned and given abundantly.
My life is healthy because I have perceived and imbued every unhealthy experience with blessings.
My life is awakened and inspired because I have chosen to learn from everyone and everything.

You can live as a victim of fear and trauma, defensiveness and damnation.
You can see your life as damaged and cursed, unlucky and disastrous.
Or you can live as sovereign and extending love and peace, with trust in the Goodness in All.
You can see your life as a blessed gift, fortunate and transformative in your inspired remembering.

Life is not traumatic or dramatic, when you look for the goodness and gifts in what appears to be.
Life is not difficult or dangerous, unless we see ourselves as unfairly treated by circumstances.
When we awaken to our response-ability in all things, we begin to see we can change our perception.
When we live with the highest consciousness, we treat everyone and everything with forgiveness and love.

It is only when we judge that we begin to victimize ourselves.
It is only when we criticize, hate and resist that we get stuck doing the same thing again and again
It is only when we fear and avoid that we defend ourselves and deny the wisdom and blessings.
It is only when we feel guilt or blame, resentment or shame that we forget to see with forgiving eyes.

It is our perception that we choose.
It is our perception that creates our experience.
It is our perception in which we decide what to claim.
It is our perception that sets us free or gets us stuck.

Judgment (fear) gets us stuck with the same stuff.
Guilt creates blaming externals or withholding our love and life energy.
Criticism, resistance and defensiveness  cause more of the same.
We must wake up to our responsibility in the healing, undoing, forgiving and release!
Rejoice in learning to let go and love again,
Betty Lue

Clearing Upsets of every kind.

Every upset is a past similar.
Every upset is triggered by some ancient unhealed memory.
Every upset is revealing a wound left unattended and misunderstood.
When we do not see what is real, we cannot heal what is false.

Every fear, concern, worry, hurt, judgment, resentment, guilt has a cause in our minds.
We make up the reasons for it all, when there really is no cause other than our choice.
To perceive is to conceive and believe and receive what we have chosen unconsciously.
We see what we believe and want to see.  

To expose our mis-creations and misperceptions and misinterpretations is not what the ego wants.
We must acknowledge the resistance and do it anyway to clear the emotional/physical upset.
Our lives are projections of the unfinished business of history and humanity, yours, mine and ours.
We have the freedom and responsibility to clear it all with our willingness and spiritual work.

What we believe, we will see.
What we conceive and believe, we will achieve.
What we imagine, think and speak is being created.
What we forgive, erase, release and undo we clear and complete.

The Healing Work is to calm emotional reactions and listen to the peace in your heart.
Awareness with non-judgment is healing.
First, Reveal what you want to heal.
Observe your emotional reactivity and you will see what you have imagined to be.
Observe with neutrality and you will see what you want to be.
Here is a process that works beautifully to see what needs our attention!

Write a page or more of:
The real reason I am upset (concerned, fearful, confused, hurting, etc) is:
Continue writing responses until you are empty inside, until there are not more.

Read them slowly back to yourself, crossing off whatever you know is not true.
Whatever responses are left are calling for clearing, healing, forgiving and undoing.

Look for common beliefs that infuse them all.
Ie. I am not enough.  Life is hard.  I am not capable or lovable.
Rewrite the script with a new affirmation of the Highest Truth.
I am overflowing with Goodness. 
Life is fun, safe and Easy. 
I am lovable and capable.

Write the new affirmation 20 times daily for 14 days or more, until there are no opposing thoughts.
If you have trouble finding the resisting belief or writing affirmations, email me and I will help.

You know you are clear when you no longer, judge, resent, blame, fear or get upset.
You know when you have healed the obstacle to peace, because you are at peace.
You know when you can easily take responsibility, forgive yourself and choose again.
This is the beginning of the end of emotional reactivity and the beginning of loving response ability.

Life is good and all is well.
Loving you,  Betty Lue

The healing Work is to calm the emotional reactions and listen to the peace and love in your heart.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Addictions and Self Discipline

I easily and quickly let go of the limiting and distracting habits and addictions in my life.
I love and respect myself and my healthy choices.
I now choose what is best for me.

Self Discipline is committing to always and only what is highest and best for You.
Addictions may numb or hide your regret for not living true to what is best for YOU!
You may use to escape from the guilt and sorrow you feel for not living your best.
You will find what is true, when you stop using, hiding, avoiding and denying the Good in you.

When you seek to Love yourself, you may not know how.
When you seek to value You, you may never have known your worth.
When you seek to give your Best to you, you may not know what is your best.
When you seek to be true to yourself, you may not have a clue about what that is.

When we observe our parents and ancestors, we may see they also were ignorant.
When we remember how we were treated, we may have copied their treatment of us.
When we look around at our associations and circumstances, we may have succumbed to the norm.
When we forgive what was and choose again for what can be, we begin the journey Home to Self.

It may be hard to give up chocolate or stop working all the time.
It may be scary to stop talking on the phone or texting 24/7.
It may be difficult to stop using substances or food to numb the pain. 
It may feel crazy to give up habits that distract, detour, deny or dismiss our real needs. 

When you are stuck in a rut, you may just want to get comfortable.
When you are afraid of stopping the habit, you may prefer to do it anyway.
When you are consumed with the distraction and despair of life’s demands, you may use the quick fix.
With discipline, you stop, breathe, feel and leave the bad habit and choose again for what is good.
Easier said than done….for some.
Easy to do for those who choose to be true to their Highest Self.
When you know better, you can choose to do better.
When you feel guilty, bad, afraid, ignorant or stuck, you may simply let the addiction win.

Choose to be free.
Choose to make the right choice.
Choose to have a Good Life.
Choose to set the highest example.
Choose to give up whatever is holding you back.
Choose to seek and find a higher way to live and love and give.
Choose to let go with forgiveness and appreciate your new choices.
Choose to feel what is real and make it your life to live abundantly.

You can choose a life that works.
You can learn and follow a better way.
You can be the One you are meant to be.
You can live trusting and respecting and loving your self.

You can start a recovery program.
You can be accountable.
You can change your life.
You can when you believe you can.

I see you.
I know you.
I love you.
I believe in you.

Betty Lue

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Do you know?

As I love, I am One with Love in everyone.
As I love everyone, I am loved by everyone.
I welcome Love in my life, both given and received.

Do you know right now, in this very moment, you are the One in my life?
Did you know that there is no time, no distance that interferes with our connection?
Do you realize, when we are in communication, this is all there really is?
Have you recognized that when we are 100% focused on connection, this is the only moment?

In each moment, when we are awake, we are connected.
Our thoughts are heard.
There are no secrets.
Therefore, let us keep our connections healthy and holy.

In each moment, awakened souls are united in our intention.
Our words are inspiring us to remember together.
We are co-creating the Good we seek.
Therefore, let us remember to create all Good and only Good.

In every instant, we are united in Power and in Peace.
Our hearts are joined in our desire to live in harmony.
Our minds are joined in seeing only wholeness.
When we remember Love, we return to the One.

This sounds “airy fairy” or “wu wu” as I read it.
The best I can tell you is that we really are all in communion all the time.
When we are disturbed, angry or afraid, we are disconnected.
When we are happy, loving and at peace, we are united.

When you think of me, I know.
When I think of you, you know.
When we share the same knowing simultaneously, we feel peace.
When we are busy or distracted, we miss the holy and healing instant.

Take time to remember love.
Extend your peace to everyone.
Those who receive your love, will know your peace.
This is an omnipresent and powerful gift we share.

Know I am loving you now and now and now.
Love is my natural state and yours as well.
When we remember, we are united by Love.
When you forget, I am remembering,

And so it is, we give to one another.
This is Good.
Love prevails and all is well.
Betty Lue

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
No disease that enough love will not heal;
No door that enough love will not open;
No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
No wall that enough love will not throw down;
No sin that enough love will not redeem.

 It makes no difference 
  how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How hopeless the outlook,
How muddled the tangle,
How great the mistake. 
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.

 If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest 
and most powerful being in the world.

Emmet Fox

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Self- Remembering

We are facilitating a Self Remembering Retreat this Memorial Day weekend at our Reunion Lake House and Hermitage Retreat. 
See pics at 

Our next retreat is July 5-6, Meditation, Mindfulness and Miracles: Forgiveness, Freedom and Trust.  
Step away for some special sacred time of renewal!

I love, trust and respect my Self.
I see and know my True and Authentic Self.
I am free and unlimited.

Usually we believe what our culture, family, friends, teachers and parents have told us.
Usually we name and claim what others believe about us.
Usually we think we are what we judge to be around us and in others we know.
Usually we buy into the same human package of living and learning what is the cultural norm.

Who Are You Really?
How do you “name” your self?
What is your identity?
How do you respond to “Who are you? What do you Do?”

Let’s learn together Who We Really Are, the Real You.
I have spent more than half my life exploring the multifaceted diamond we are.
There is no one single tool to use and no one way to find the Real You.
As soon as we discover more, we are changed and changing.

With trust and curiosity, we continually ask ourselves: Who Am I?
In the inquiry, we are allow ourselves to be free and open to the natural changes.
When we judge what is, we block the flow of transformation and get stuck.
Life is changing us and we are growing in the ever-changing acceptance and freedom of life.

Are you defined by what you do everyday?
Are you identified with your name or associations you have?
Do you see yourself as your gender, education, experiences, disasters and difficulties?
How do you respond to what is your life and how you see yourself today?

Have you been telling the same story to get agreement or sympathy?
Do you continually complain and criticize, but never do anything to change it?
Are you still believing the labels and diagnoses of your past?
Can you imagine freeing yourself to be unlimited and creative and whole?

Where we deny the Good in us, we are forgetting our Essence.
When we see the problems in our lives, we are forgetting the power of change.
When we are judging, complaining and criticizing, we are holding the same in place.
When we are willing to forgive, undo, erase and choose again, we realize the Truth.

No one is holding us hostage.
Nothing can prevail against Love.
We owe nothing and can give everything.
This is the life we have to learn to give All to All.

The Self is able and good, loving and whole, open and creative.
The Self is the gift of limitless trust and freedom to be and to see.
The Self lives and has its being in You and me.
The Self is yours to name and claim as You.

Loving us all in freeing the Truth of our Being,
Betty Lue

Rules of Remembering

No complaining.
No stories of past pain, problems or mistakes.
No criticizing, aloud or silently.
No need to justify, explain or seek approval.
Stop every harmful thought, word or deed.
Focus on giving your best right now.
Clean up after yourself and keep life in order. 
Hurt no one with your thoughts, words or deeds.
Forgive yourself and apologize immediately.
If you see something that is needed, simply do it.
Respect your body and mind with only good. 
Appreciate everything you have and do and are.
Choose to be happy, content and grateful.
Speak with clarity and intention to give only Love.
Let go of what no longer works for you.
Live every moment, as if God (Love) in all Life matters….because it does.
Betty Lue, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Keep It Simple!

I do what is mine to do with gratitude.
I give always and only the best I know.
I live simply and give abundantly.

Do you want to be happy?
Do you want to feel whole?
Do you want to see Good?
Wherever you go?

The world is complex.
So much to do.
So much to learn.
So many places to go.
So many people to serve.

What if you are exactly where you need to be?
What if inspired life is simple?
What we see in the world is tempting…
To have More and do More and be More may seem like achieving success!

Robert and I seem to do and have and serve many!
Indeed when we look at the big picture, that may seem true to you!
What if our life is simple, when we just do what is in front of us to do.
We keep it simple by stepping away from trying to do more or have more.

We have no employees.
We do our own work.
We answer every call and email and request.
We do our best to serve you as we want to be served.

With every request, we respond quickly in the way we are guided.
Our work is to serve our true selves first.
We keep our lives balanced and centered and grounded.
Our bed is made and our dishes washed and laundry folded and put away at all times.

We see ourselves and our lives as fulfilled and blessed.
We share our blessings with those for whom it is a blessing.
We share what we have and know we will have more, when it is needed.
We respond with Yes to all requests unless it might limit or hurt ourselves or others.

We treat bodies and minds and Spirit with great care, choosing only to give the Best we have.
We understand our lives of service and realize this is our passion, our purpose and our joy.
We know worldly success can be a mess and distract us from our true and happy purpose.
We let go easily and quickly of what no longer works and we affirm and encourage what works!

Keep it simple! (Basics of Feng Shui and many spiritual teachings.)
1)    Clear the clutter.  (Clean your mind, your home, your office and closets of stuff no longer useful!
             Clear all judgments self doubt, denial, past history and fear.)

2)   Increase the Light. (Fill yoru mind and home and work with more light, joy and gratitude.)

3)   Surround yourself with what you Love. (Home d├ęcor, people and associations, places and viewpoints.) What you love will love you back.

It is the basic simple truth that counts.
Love your whole Self and your Life Well today.
This is the way to enjoy life and play.
Betty Lue

A Time Of Transformation

The Piscean Age
The Piscean Age was a time filled with victimization consciousness, a time of being at the effect of outer authority, learning to accept the way it was, expressing no preferences, being docile, submissive and humbly suffering in silence, self-martyrdom, giving all for the sake of others, believing that to have less was holy, and allowing the concept of God to be one in which we suffer, pay for our sinfulness and serve others to make penance.
The age past:  Have less, suffer more, ask for nothing, wait for heaven.  The age of atonement for sins, crucifixion, suffering and sacrifice in order to reap the rewards of the Kingdom of Heaven after death.

The Aquarian Age
The coming Aquarian Age is a time where all will know they are “at cause” in their domain, co-creators with Divine Will, manifesting only that which is good, beautiful and holy.  All mankind will awaken to their Inner Authority, the Voice of Divine Consciousness and will follow only that which is for the greatest Good.  Happiness, harmony and health will reign as each individual recognizes and expresses their full potential and reaps the abundance of their natural heritage.  It will be a time of no guilt, no fear, of choosing what is valuable, expressing the Truth, giving with joy, having everything we want, and of praising God for the perfection of His creation where all live in Love and Peace and Joy:  Heaven on Earth NOW.

Transition Period
This in-between time is a period of testing and sorting through.  Man is awakening to his divinity, to his inherited right and capacity for choice.  As man awakens, great surges of guilt and fear of punishment will flow through humankind calling for forgiveness and light-filled blessing.  As man chooses to see his mis-creations without guilt, he will acknowledge the learning value, the needed undoing, and open to the opportunity to choose again for his Highest Vision.  Praise God.  We are learning to judge nothing, to wholly love and honor ourselves, to give ourselves the highest we know.

Betty Lue, 1978

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep Your Vision in Mind

I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reason.
Life works for me, because I am grateful for the Life I have.
Everything works together for Good, because everything is in my best interests.
I now gratefully seek and find the gift and blessing in everything I experience.

If you use someone or something for inspiration, use it and appreciate those who inspire you.
Thanks for the inspiring tele-ministry of Joel Osteen in Texas.
Thanks for all the inspiration from Robert H. Schuller and Hour of Power
Thanks to my parents who always served their community in every way.
Thanks to the inner guidance that encourages and fills me with vision to use my life wisely and well.

Admire and allow those you respect and are inspired by to encourage you.
Envision the way you can imagine yourself sharing the Love you have and the gifts you share.
Enjoy what you give to everyone everyday wherever you are and whomever you encounter.
Appreciate the blessings and joy you receive from the abundant life you have.

Are you giving your best?
Are you living your truth?
Are you learning only Goodness?
Are you teaching inspired wisdom?
Do you encourage others to dream?
Do you believe what we conceive can be achieved?
Do you say YES, rather than share doubts and fears?
Do you give what you value and live what you believe?
Do you have a vision for your life?
Are you willing to trust and believe and know it will be?
Are you committed to never giving up?
Do you remember everyday in every way to be grateful for all that is coming to you and through you?
Are you aware that you life is always in your own best interest?
Do you consciously forgive, erase and belief all doubts to believe you deserve your true vision?

It is time to stop doubting and discouraging positive and affirming inner dialogue.
It is time to judge no one and admire those who are achieving their dreams.
It is time to let go of fear, resistance and self denial.
It is time to trust in Higher Power within you to guide you in allowing your vision to come true.

Most do not know how they block and withhold the Good in their lives.
Most carry the pictures and words of their parents in their unconscious minds.
Most wish for the lottery or prince charming or worldly treasures.
Most do not understand the power of having a faith-filled heart and God-inspired Vision.

Your vision will be for what inspires you to do good and be good and share God-given gifts.
Your vision will not be needy or greedy, but more a gently calling to love, serve and remember.
Your vision will be for what serves the greater Good and inspires you to prepare yourself for success.
Your vision will make you happy and energized to see and think of and be grateful for everyday.

When we give thanks for what we know is coming our way, we are willing to wait with patience.
When we appreciate the Good we have, we trust that only Good and always more Good is coming.
When we celebrate the vision we have with our faith in the future, we are co-creating what we see.
When we are respectful and kind with ourselves and our vision, we enjoy the life we have.

Keep your heartfelt vision in front of you.
Stop looking back at what might have been.
Begin to be grateful for everyday and every way your life is working right now.
Be grateful that your needs are always met and trust your goals will be achieved.

Loving with trust and freedom that we all will achieve what we hold in mind with faith in our heart.
Betty Lue

Steps to Fulfillment
Vision…………See it.
Faith…………..Believe it.
Passion………..Desire it.
Commitment….Choose it.
Strategy………..Prepare for it.
Action………….Do it.
Gratitude………Appreciate it.

Clear all the fear, doubt, limiting beliefs and believers with forgiveness. 
Forgive all limitations daily until you are 100% believing and grateful for the good that is coming to you.
All doubts and fears block the realization and manifestation of our vision.
Choose for a no limit life!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Wise Decisions

Affirmation: Love is letting go of fear.
I easily let go and love again.
I gently forgive and release all fear.
I trust that all things work together for Good.

Full Moon on May 24 at 9.24PM PDT

There are cycles and seasons in life.
Pay attention to the changes in all things.
Be aware of your changing thoughts and attitudes.
Understand your moods and emotions.

Accept that everyone is changing all the time.
Nothing stays the same.
When we make decisions based on permanence, we are mistaken.
When we decide based on accepting and allowing change, we flow,

Are you flowing with what is?
Do you allow for your own dynamics?
Are you accepting or others exploration?
Do you notice how easily people move on?

When we are attached, we may feel hurt, angry, betrayed.
When we are allowing, we may feel curious, accepting and freeing.
When we demand explanation, it may not be forthcoming.
When we disagree with the changes, we may never understand.

Wise decisions come when we stay present in the moment.
Wisdom is best experienced when we listen within for answers.
Trust is realized, when we release with forgiveness and judge nothing.
Freedom is given and received when we know what is best for all is Love.

The tides change as the moon changes.
Moods changes with the changing seasons and cycles.
Life energy changes as we travel through time.
Love’s expression changes as we understand the value of relationship.

The choice can be made doing what seems to feel right.
The decision can be made by going with the flow.
The choice we make can come from within, inspired Guidance.
The decision can be to do what is Highest and Best for all concerned.

Everyday in everyway we can choose with Wisdom and Love.
In all relationships we can ask:, what am I to give and receive?
We can seek to live by what we value and the principles we hold?
Even in this, through life we change what we think and feel and know.

When we are aware of how our choices affect others, we can communicate with respect.
When we acknowledge our mistakes, we can forgive ourselves and choose again for what is “right”.
When we are uncertain, we can wait until we are secure in the knowledge of the Good.
When we are trusting in God, wisdom within, Higher Power, we can listen and follow, inner guidance.

Take time to step back and wait.
Give yourself time to reflect, envision and seek the Highest goal.
Keep your agreements and change them consciously with respect for all concerned.
Depend on the enduring Love of the Eternal Creator and Source of Goodness for all.

I listen within for the Guidance I know to be true leading me always to be loving to you,
Betty Lue

I simply ask: 
Who Am I right now?
How can I give what is truly helpful?
What is working? 
And What is not working?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What Do You Remember?

Affirmations:  (Does anyone want to learn how to use affirmations effectively? See below!)
I now give and receive all Good and only Good.
Everything works more exquisitely than I can plan.
I love life and life loves me.
I forgive myself for limiting myself.

What Do You Remember?
What Do You Forget?

Do you choose to remember the hardships and difficulties in life?
Do you choose to forget the good times, blessing and sacred moments?
Or do you choose to forget the negative experiences and remember only the good?
Some believe we need to remember our mistakes and the dangers in life.

What do you believe?
What do you focus on?
What do you tell stories about?
What keeps you protected and safe?

When we are in a survival mode, it would be logical to remember what we need to survive.
When we are in the socialization mode, it would be helpful to remember what to do and not to do.
When we are in the achievement mode, it is practical to remember how to create success.
When we are in the Self-Actualization mode, it is helpful to inspire ourselves to fully be.

It makes sense to learn and use the material that fits for you.
It seems logical to take in what is in alignment with your beliefs and values.
It would be beneficial to collect evidence to support your choices and lifestyle.
It is understandable to remember what gives you a sense of sanity, empowerment and success.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love, at its best.
Forgiveness allows us to forget what no longer has value.
Forgiveness cleans the closet of our consciousness.
Forgiveness opens inner doors to learn and remember more of what is ‘True” for us.

When we forgive, we no longer focus on the past failures and misfortune.
When we forgive, we no longer tell stories of the painful past.
When we forgive, we are released from the limitations of our fear-based thinking.
When we forgive, we look forward to creating and experiencing the Good we deserve.

When we have learned what is needed, it is integrated.
When we have come to peace with our past, we can let go.
When we have a new canvas, unlimited possibilities and a renewed faith in the future, we can choose again.
When we are complete with what was, we need no longer focus on our past, but simply bless it all.

Is it time for you to move on?
Are you stuck with the old, because you are afraid?
Can you honestly bless and release what was?
Is it time to forgive and forget, because it is complete?

Waste no energy on hanging on.
Complete what was with gratitude.
Linger not in the past.
Look forward to what will be in the furure.
Forgive your fear.
Open to a renewed faith.
Judge not and learn from everything.
Bless your whole life with forgiveness now.

Loving you in loving you,
Betty Lue

My favorite way to do affirmations is to divide the lined page down the middle.  The affirmation is written on the left side and your mind chatter or contradictory thought is written on the right side.  Then cross off the negative.  Write the affirmation again on the left and listen to your mind chatter and write on the right.  Cross the mind chatter off.  Continue writing the affirmation 20 time and listen for the resistant thought after each one. 
  I would do it all by hand, so I could cross it off with my pen!!  20 times daily for 14 days or until there is no resistance.  Do no more than three different affirmations at a time.  Things may change dramatically, so be prepared to notice big difference.  Life works when we are willing to do the work.  Ask me for help if you have trouble finding the affirmations that are most effective for you. Always choose an affirmation that you resist, because it will help clear away what is blocking your Good.
They will always feel like a lie in the beginning and you may find great resistance to doing them!!

Affirmations for Conscious Healing  
by Betty Lue Lieber, MFT, Ph.D.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I now easily bless and release all that no longer serves me.
I forgive with ease and let go with gratitude.
Everyone and everything is either giving love or calling for Love.
I am a Love giver.
The more I give Love, the more I have the Love I want.
Light, light, I want more light.
I choose to live with joy and give with gratitude.
I love my life and it loves me.
I have what I want and share the best I have.
Life works for me.
I am the chooser, never a loser.
Everything always works more exquisitely than I can plan.
I am clear, focused and committed.
I consciously communicate exactly what I want.
I trust in my inner knowing, always gentle, loving and true.
I let go of expectations, evaluations and disappointments.
I am creating a world of healing and love one person at a time.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect me.
The more I love and respect myself, the more I love and respect others.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect themselves.
I give myself the very best and all are blessed.
I am present, peaceful, awake and aware.
I share only the highest Truth I know and then I let go.
My happiness is contagious.
I replace all worry, fear and doubt with trust, freedom and blessing.
Peace and love and joy heal us All.
My body is a vehicle for learning only Love is Real. 

Useful suggestions for applying the technique of Autosuggestion to the Affirmations
Write each affirmation 10 to 20 times. 
Writing is an extremely powerful technique of autosuggestion.
Work with one or more every day. Good times are just before sleeping, before starting the day and especially whenever you feel at effect.  
They can also be recorded on cassette tape and played back to yourself. 
The best way to do that is by recording each affirmation 5 or 10 times so that you have time to think about them when they are playing.
Make a list of the affirmations that are most meaningful to you.
Put specific names and situations into the affirmations.
Play with the vocabulary in the affirmation--make it personal and meaningful to  yourself.
Say the affirmations to yourself in the first, second and third persons as follows:  
I,  (name), now like myself.  You, (name), now like yourself.   Name, now likes him/herself. 
Feel free to invent new ones.
Continue working with them daily until they become totally integrated into your consciousness.
To dissolve negative mental patterns and free maximum aliveness in your consciousness, write each affirmation in order 10 or 20 times.  
Note the ones that are most meaningful or produce the greatest charge.  
Continue working with these until they go flat.  
When they go flat, you are at total cause and master of the results implied by the affirmations.