Monday, April 30, 2007

Help Needed!

And sometimes, Not Wanted!

Many folks, both young and old need someone to care enough to dare to be helpful.

If you have family members or find yourself, sick, troubled or simply angry or depressed, help is needed.
People often cannot verbally ask for help or express their needs. Their behavior speaks for them.

Observe what their behavior is telling you.

Are they depressed, tired or lethargic most of the time?
Are they tearful, easily frustrated, quitting before they try?
Are they alone, anti social, addicted to video, internet or TV?
Are they sullen, defiant, verbally abusive?
Are they using abusing drugs, prescription, over the counter, or illegal to cope?
Are they angry violent, doing harm to themselves, to animals or stuff?
Are they making threatening statements and suggesting ways to harm others?

Everyone is communicating to the best of their abilities.
We must be conscious and loving enough to listen and respond respectfully.

Human Needs:

More sleep
Most adults and teens are sleep deprived in our culture. 8-10 hours is the usual norm.
If you do not wake up naturally rested, you need more sleep.
Practice same bedtime and wakeup hours, except on special occasions. Your body loves regularity.

Better Nutrition
Three meals daily plus healthy snacks are important for all of us. The body and brain need fuel to function efficiently. You wouldn't put cheap gas in a Mercedes. Treat yourself with the best nutrition, especially, lots of purified water, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Protein and healthy fats are especially important for children and teens.

Physical Activity
Natural play and work, sports, daily chores and walking are the best. Physical movement that is enjoyable and non-stressful energize and produce a sense of well-being.

Loving Relationships
The deepest desire of all human beings is to love and be loved. When those around us are too busy, pre-occupied, stuck in their "need" to make money, or needy too, there is little or no love exchanged. Every loses and no one feels valued, respected and loved.

Meaningful Activities
Being creative, and productive, learning and teaching, caring for another are all meaningful activities. When we spend our time in front of a screen, use drugs to keep our emotions sublimated, spend our time worrying, feeling guilt or resentment, we are lost in a sea of despair, helplessness and hopelessness. Life becomes a trial, a prison, a living hell to endure until we can get out or get help.

Take a look today.
Is there someone needing you to help them help themselves?
If you don't know what to do, ask for help to effectively help.

Most people need someone to care, deeply and listen beyond their behavior.
Most people need someone who is willing to take the time and love enough to do what it takes.
Most people need someone to teach them how to love themselves well.

There are professionals who care.

If not you, then find someone who is loving, wise and willing.

Blessings of healing,
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 29, 2007

On Call for Good / On Call for God

My spiritual partner, best friend, husband of 22 years, soul mate and more committed our lives to be available for God's calling 22 years ago on April 10. Both of us were serving our communities and spiritual families individually. When we were brought together, a mutual respect, support and co-creative spirit emerged. Lifetime relationships are meant to be a Godsend for healing, co-creation and spiritual enlightenment.

When one makes a commitment, a spiritual promise, to join in holy union, the gift is to realize God and Goodness are present in whatever is presented. To love unconditionally, to serve from the heart and to always remember God and the Good are the key.

Yesterday Robert and I joined to officiate the wedding of dear friends…one long time friend and one new friend. In the vows they exchanged, everyone present was given the opportunity to look within, listen again to their commitment to love, really Love without excuse, without judgment, without end. So often in life, we fear loving and being loved because we believe it may end. Without that threat, there is no fear and the way is clear to heal, forgive, find peace, understand, offer acceptance, where we might have walked away.

It is key in our commitment to love one and all that we remember a Love that quits is not Love.
Love never quits.
Love never seeks excuses to bail out.
Love always looks for the healing.
Love is willing to go the extra mile.
Love finds spiritual peace with God.
Love seeks to accept the person.
Love is Good and lasting.
Love is pure and true.
Love is loyal and forgiving.
Love make life worthwhile.

Love is the best I Am,
Betty Lue

Let's share.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Teaching Love

What is love for you?
How and when did you learn what loving and being loved looked like and felt like and sounded like?
Children learn from the significant adults in their lives what love is.
Love is demonstrated with affection, with positive affirmations, with quality time together, with giving gifts and with acts of service for one another.
We all feel the underlying intention of love in different forms as very young children.
Each of us responds to one or more of these forms more strongly than the others.

As I watch my own attachment to doing loving things, I realize this is my deepest connection with Love.
However, It is only one of five very different ways to demonstrate Love.
It is imperative that I relinquish my attachment to acts of service and listen within for what will be best received by each one whom I intend to Love.

When we know we are being loved, some of us just trust that Love is extended to us.
When we are unsure we can be loved, we are discerning of every way we feel and don't feel loved.
When we believe we are unloveable, we look for all the proof that we are not really being loved.
It is up to the most conscious and loving one to give love in the ways it can and will be received.

As a Grandma have been well educated by my five grandchildren. I have learned to listen for their individual needs no matter what I am doing. I stop and give them the hug, verbal response, sit and read, take a walk, give help and simply respond with an affirmation of their preciousness. Each child is different and each moment calls for something different. When I was a mother, I was focused on all the stuff I needed to do for the family and home and work and community. My focus as a Grandma is on being wholly present for and with them in Love, while doing some simple things to help out Mom and Dad to free up a little time for them to just be with the children and relax. I have learned to put the children first. I am so grateful Love teaches us how to Love.

My work is to let go of any attachment I have to getting things done for everyone, the community, Center, congregation, to be really present with each individual as they come into my presence. I love to serve the whole, the greater Good, and sometimes forget to value serving the individual this is not really true, because I also am aware that I give abundant quality time to individuals! It looks like I would rather do each with total focus and no interruption. Ah! Maybe that is it! I really want to be 100% present for whatever ways I am called to give Love in each moment. Voila! There is my Love discernment process for you to see.

Loving you, Loving each One and All as One,
Betty Lue

Friday, April 27, 2007


Forgive everyone and everything, including yourself.
This mental eraser filled with Love is intended to wash all the dark smears off our inner mirrors.
I want to reflect the Light and Love within each one.
When I carry a history of the wrong-doings of another or myself, I smear mud on my relationships.
To judge you hurts me.
To judge myself hurts you.
Whenever I participate in making the world darker, I block out the awareness of the Light within.

Forgiveness need not be "felt".
It simply needs to be practiced.
Forgiveness is a choice.
It is a choice to clear my mind of history, of negativity, of harm and error.
Forgiveness is a great healer.
Forgiveness brings light to every mind.

When I begin and end my day with forgiveness, I give everyone an opportunity to choose again.
When I am willing to forgive the apparent error, conscious or unconscious, I awaken myself.
When I believe everyone of us has Love and good intentions in our core, I support that realization.
When I am willing to trust and free each one to improve the quality of their relationships, I love myself.

Forgiveness heals.
Forgiveness releases pain and anxiety.
Forgiveness makes us happy.
Forgiveness sets us free.

Forgiving and loving you and me and All,
Betty Lue

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other."
- Mother Teresa

Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Is For the Highest Good?

I have encouraged you to listen within.
Forgive your conflicting thoughts, your learned beliefs, your false limitions and your need to blame and feel guilt.
Quiet your mind and listen within.
Write what your hear and feel and know.
Read it back when you are complete with asking questions and receiving answers.

How do I know?
The inner voice is quiet and assuring.
Your inner teacher is loving and kind.
Your spiritual guidance will be gentle and comforting.
There is no conflict in God.

When you receive spiritual guidance, you feel at peace.
There is relief and a sense of knowing all is well.
You are somehow quieted and given reassurance.
There is a feeling of being profoundly loved.

When yoy practice inner listening daily, you know.
Make an appointment for your highest good
Keep your agreement with your higher Self and spirit.
Give yourself to God and God will give to you.

When you keep your promise to trust in a Higher Power, your egoic mind chatter will learn to sit still and quiet itself. When you take the time daily to listen without distraction, your whole being comes to support this activity and spiritual practice. When you follow the Loving way you hear and feel, you become confident, peaceful and happy. This is how you know!

Loving you in loving You!
Betty Lue

Cousins at the Zoo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Relationship Suggestions

Five Keys to Successful Relationships include: joining, honesty, equality, commitment and responsibility.
I have some specific and practical suggestions to add which will be shared with our relationships coaching circle to which you are all invited on Wednesday nights. Also I have written a Relationships Reminders little book (180 pgs of helpful guidelines) which is available to you.

The first key is a common vision or goal for every partnership.
It is best that this goal be expressed and be true for both parties.
(Peace, healing, having fun, mutual support, living a dream together, raising children well, etc.)
It works well if the vision or goal is revisited periodically. (Robert and I check in on our mission, purpose and goal priorities every few months and from that recreate and renew our shared mission, purpose and goals.) Make the goal big enough to include what each person wants. (In a family the goal may be that we listen to, respect and support each other's happiness.)

Second key is open honest communication with no secrets or withholds.
Secrets are a form of deception. When we keep a secret there is a block in our openness to give and receive. Gossiping or talking about our relationship with a friend, parent or even therapist without our partner's agreement is a form of betrayal or creating a more significant alliance with someone else. Keep your relationship matters within your relationship or recognize and communicate the truth…that the relationship interests are not confidential or primary. Gossip in any form is still gossip, talking about someone who is not present and without their consent. Recognize that all words, thoughts and deeds affect the other whether or not they are present. PS. With a spiritual therapist, all that is said is offered up in prayer for healing, clearing and the highest Good.

Third key is equality in giving and receiving, teaching and learning.
Where there is a willingness to give and receive the best from one another, there is equality even if with a guru and a new student, a child and a wise elder. Equality is in the agreement to give one's best in each moment, no matter what the current state of either. Recognize that we are not all at the same level of ability. When we are sick or hurried, in stress or fearful, we are limited in consciousness. However, if we are giving our best we are giving equally. There is no comparison needed when we are in a conscious and committed relationship or partnership. It is always up to the most conscious one at the time to take the spiritual lead. Be willing to listen before responding. Be willing to step back from your opinion and attachments, before demanding. Be willing to really accept and understand where another is coming from before you think you know what is best.

Fourth key is commitment to whatever is for the highest and best for both.
If best to have more space and take quiet time, choose it.
If best to share all monies in the household, do it.
If best to live apart, do it.
If best to set aside time daily to offer appreciation, do it.
If best to stop all criticism and complaining, do it.
If best to share all household chores, do it.
If best to stop talking with others about your relationship, do it.
If best to let go of your past history, choose it;
If best to take separate vacations and retreats, do it.
You see your commitment must be to what is best for both!

Fifth key is the willingness to be totally responsible for the quality of the relationship.
If both people are giving 100% and taking full responsibility there is always enough.
When even one person stops fighting and arguing to be right, the fights stop.
When even one person decides to extend only love and appreciation, everything changes.
When even one person becomes a genuine unconditional giver, both parties are blessed.
When even one person is happy and at peace, the relationship blossoms with warmth and light.

Remember, you are choosing the character and quality of your relationships with everyone, strangers, salesclerks, neighbors, family members and those you live with everyday.
Loving you totally, Betty Lue
Joined in mutual respect and love.
Honest and open
Holding the highest regard for you and learning from you and everyone.
Committed to only the highest Good
Taking full responsibility for the quality of our relationship.

Betty Lue
For those of you who like perfection in print.....I write these reminders in 10-20 minutes with no outline, no editing and no correction except what my computer does automatically. They come from the wisdom and Love that lives in me as spirit. I trust them implicitly and am so grateful they are given to and received by me daily for thirty years and sent out on email to thousands since January 1, 1999.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Live Today with Joy

Set an Intention each morning when you awaken. (For Joy, Love, Healing, Peace, Creativity, etc.)
Invite total support from your whole self, including your personality, body, inner child and ego.
Give yourself the time, quiet, inner listening, inspiration, movement and nutrition you need.
Pay attention throughout the day to what works and does not work.
Be appreciative for what is working to support and manifest your intention.
Bless, forgive and release what does not work.
Watch your thoughts and speck and activities to see how they invite more of what you intend.
Take total responsibility for giving yourself success, the fulfillment of your daily intention.
Prune from your life those relationships , substances and foods, activities and experiences that interfere.

Your life is your garden.
You plant and tend the seeds until they come to fullness and harvest.
You are responsible for the abundance.
Learning is our path.

Blessings of joy for today.
Betty Lue

Some of our joyful and full morning at the zoo....
A little taste of 4 God beings under the age of 2.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Big mistakes or little mistakes, all are simply mistakes.
When we allow mistakes to hurt us, create resentment, fear and guilt., they become bigger.
"Mis-take" simply means to look again for another "take" on the same experience.
When we judge, make bad and wrong, evil and sinful, we attack and create guilt and fear.

When we accept and trust, respect and look again beneath the apparent error, we can perceive Good.
We see what we believe.
We look for proof that our expectations are correct.
We seek and find what we asked to find.

When our mind is focused on finding someone or something to blame, we look until we make it real.
When we focus on being someone to love, heal and make happy, we bless and appreciate.

I guarantee if we are looking for a problem, we will find one, create one, or make one happen.
If we are looking for peace, we will trust, open our minds, let go of judgments and see the blessing.

Our minds work like magnets and attract…..
Or our minds are like spotlights only lighting up what we want to see.
Or our minds are like creative lasers only manifesting that which proves us right.

Katie Couric mentioned that historically, last week has beget the Waco massacre, Columbine shooting, Oklahoma City bombing and now the Virginia Tech tragedy. She also said a writer described April as the cruelest month.

Whatever we may think about how these things happen in clusters or during special times:
We can choose to forgive, undo, heal and make peace.
We can choose to see cruelty as a desperate cry for help and Love.
We can make a tragedy become a blessing by changing out own responses and relationships.
We can stop judging and start giving and living our best.
We can make each relationship significant, even with "strangers".
We can stop making others feel guilty as a way to stop their bad behavior.
We can trust that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.
We can make a commitment to apologize when we see we may have offended someone.
We can forgive ourselves for our own mistakes and choose again for a better way.
We can listen within for how to respond to those we see as victims.
We can look for ways everyday to create a better world for our children.
We can appreciate more and judge less.
We can make peace with the past.
We can choose to be truly helpful.

What can you do that will make your world a better place, today and every day?

Loving you with the best I know, the Love I am, and the good I have,
Betty Lue

And here are some Love pictures to remind you!
All the toddlers take care of Baby Beckett and love one another!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Loving Our Planet Earth

Taking our Source of Good and Plenty for granted is a mistake.
Using up all our resources is an error.
Forgetting to give to that which gives to us is immature and selfish.
Getting lazy and being unkind to what is Good for us denies our worth.

How do you love your mother?
How do you care for the one who nourishes and nurtures you?
How do you take care of your home?
How do you show respect and gratitude for the bounty and beauty you receive?

Do we believe we are entitled to get everything we can?
Have we become so self-centered we don't care about the future generations?
Are we teaching humanity to just keep on taking without replenishing?
Where is the gratitude and the Love for what we have?

Are we responsible for treating Mother Earth with the appreciation that is her due?
Are we responsible for recycling the goods we receive from her Being?
Are we responsible for taking care of the essential resources for physical life?
Are we responsible for expressing appreciation and treating her gifts with respect?

If we recognize all life is alive, maybe we could remember to give thanks.
If we realize we cannot live in bodies without fresh air and clean water, maybe we would take better care.
If we saw the Earth as our mother, nourisher and provider, maybe we would treat her differently.
If we stop being selfish consumers, users and abusers, of what is given to us, we will respect ourselves.

Life is a gift.
Physical life is meant to be a safe and wonderful playground and universal school.
We are here to learn, to heal and to remember the Good Love we are and from which we are created.
Today is the celebration of our remembering to love the One who sustains all life, the Earth Mother.

Bless her today.
Celebrate her beauty.
Appreciate her bounty.
Give her your respect.

Loving her Earth home,
Betty Lue

Bless her as a child does...with curiosity, wonder and great Love.
Natural mutual blessing.

Giving is receiving.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Avoiding Pain

Pain is a wakeup call.
Pain lets know we have missed the more subtle cues.
Pain is an invitation to heal.
Pain is healed with forgiveness and joy.

Attachment yields pain.
Conflict yields pain.
Resistance causes pain.
Fear creates pain.

There is emotional pain, financial pain, relationship pain, physical pain, financial pain, and spiritual pain.
Wherever there is pain, there is lack of joy.
Wherever there is pain, there is stuckness.
Wherever there is pain, there is lack of Love.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness and inner joy.
Wherever we are withholding Love, we are denying our True Selves.
When we stop loving, we stop being fully alive and authentic.
When we are attached to being right or winning, we hurt ourselves and others.

Pain is an opportunity to forgive and choose again.
Pain is an invitation to let go of the past and be fully present.
Pain is a gift that says choose a another healthier direction.
Pain is a reminder to be conscious and take impeccable care of ourselves.

Pain is a great distraction.
Pain is a call for love.
Pain invites freedom to choose.
Pain awakens our need to trust in God and Goodness within.

Rather than avoid pain.
Let us remember to use it to remind us to Love.
Love God, Creator and Source.
Love Life and live with joy and gratitude.
Love Self with respect and responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions.
Love Others as our family, the One Self , in order to heal our differences.

Loving you with a heart and hope that is True,
Betty Lue

Such adoration and love.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Little Loving Kindnesses

It is the little things that count.
Bless the food you eat.
Smile at strangers.
Forgive others mistakes immediately.
Breathe deeply with gratitude.
Say please and thank you genuinely.
Give yourself permission to love yourself well.
Take time to enjoy life.
Make your home warm and beautiful for you.
Keep your finances impeccable.
Owe no one as quickly as you are able.
Be on time for appointments and engagements.
Value what you value by giving it your fully attention and appreciation.
Easily and quickly release what does not serve your happiness and peace of mind.
Trust all things are working together for your Good.
Pledge to give your best to those with whom you live and relate daily.
Give all little children your full attention for they deserve the best of you.
Do no harm with your thoughts, your words or your actions and fear will dissove.
Forgive your unconscious and conscious mistakes and unloving attitudes.
Trust that life is a school of remembering to Love and you cannot fail.
Open the door to your heart a little more each day, knowing that Love is the way.
Appreciate obviously what you want to grow and increase in the garden of your life.

This is our life. We can write the script and experience the rewards.
Give it your best and your yield will be plenty of happiness and inner peace.

Watching our garden of Love grow,
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Go Direct

Whenever you have a question, go to the Source.
Whenever you have a complaint, go to the one whose responsibility it is.
Whenever you have a complement, go directly to the one you appreciate.
Direct all communication to the one who knows and cares.

Share only what will benefit all.
Speak only about what will uplift and improve.
Tell only those stories with illuminate, heal and inspire.
Communicate only the desires which you know will be affirmed.

Common conversation often includes comments, criticism and gossip about others.
When we don’t have anything meaningful to say, why not say nothing?
When we cannot think of something loving and inspiring to share, how about silence?
When in doubt about relaying a message, why not keep it to yourself.

When asked to pass on a message, encourage the deliverer to do it themselves.
When someone tells a story, tattles or blames, ask them to keep it to themselves.
We do not need to be the recipient of bad news or hurtful feelings.
If we experience consistent negativity in a relationship, we can let them know it doesn't work for us.

As a therapist, coach, spiritual counselor and healing facilitator, I will hear the "story" one time.
I clear it with forgiveness, flushing the cosmic toilet, and invite the teller to do the work to heal and bless.
Puke and poop from the past do not belong in the present and only come with us if we choose.
The stink of toxic waste pollutes our consciousness and our relationships.

So flush. Tell your story once, if you must.
Tell it to someone or in someway which will facilitate its release.
To continue to carry past garbage endangers your physical and emotional health.
Let go and choose to place in yur mind and heart, and history book only what you value.

Blessings, gifts, happy learning, and appreciation belong with you as support and encouragement.
What depresses you, must be released.
What inspires you, you can share again and again.
Choosing the highest and best to share builds a life experience of wholeness, goodness and Love.

Give Love a chance,
Betty Lue
See prayer below that was sent to me to share with you all.

May You Always Feel Loved

May you find serenity and tranquility
in a world you may not always

May the pain you have known
and the conflict you have experienced
give you the strength to walk through life
facing each new situation
with optimism and courage.

Always know that there are those
whose love and understanding will always
be there, even when you feel most alone.

May you discover enough goodness in others
to believe in a world of peace.
May a kind word, a reassuring touch,
a warm smile be yours every day of your life,
and may you give these gifts as well as receive them.

Remember the sunshine when the storm seems unending.
Teach love to those who know hate, and let that love
embrace you as you go into the world.

May the teaching of those you admire
become part of you, so that you may
call upon them.

Remember, those whose lives you have touched
and who have touched yours are always a part of you,
even if the encounters were less than
you would have wished.

May you not become too concerned
with material matters, but instead place
immeasurable value on the goodness in your heart.

Find time in each day to see the beauty
and love in the world around you.

Realize that each person has limitless abilities,
but each of us is
different in our own way.

What you may feel you lack in one regard
may be more than compensated for
in another.

What you feel you lack in the present
may become one of your strengths in
the future.

May you see your future
as one filled with promise and possibility.

Learn to view everything
as a worthwhile experience.

May you find enough inner strength
to determine your own worth by yourself,
and not be dependent on another's judgements
of your accomplishments.

May you always feel loved.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Conflict and Confusion

Whenever confused, seek clarity.
Whenever conflicted, seek peace.

When we are caught in the maelstrom of human emotion, seeking the right and wrong, we look for back and white judgments, finding fault and feeling guilt. Time to take some time to find peace inside, before casting our opinion on others.

Understanding follows peace.
First, we must forgive our fears, judgments and opinions.
First, we must let go of our separate needs and desires.
First, we must trust in a Higher Good for All concerned.

Only when we are calm, trusting and at peace can we perceive the good and the blessing in all things.

Yes, we make mistakes.
Yes, there are errors in consciousness and unconsciousness.
Yes, we sometimes do things that seem to hurt others.
Yes, we may get caught in our own projections of fear and pain.

All can be forgiven and healed.
All can be returned to love and gratitude.
All can find their way to the light of Good.
All can realize the Love in us together.

Fighting, blaming, feeling guilty, holding resentment, all are a waste of energy.
Peace is the opening of the flow to heal all things and behold the Love of God.

Let us begin with ourselves,
Betty Lue

Monday, April 16, 2007

Having Rest on Giving

What you have depends on what you give.
Giving is our reason for living.

It is through what we give that we receive the gift of purpose and well being.
It is by our gifts that our essence is made clear to us.
It is through the ways we reach out in Love and faith and generosity that our abundance is experienced.
It is in expressions of inner Truth and outer words and deeds that our Goodness and Godliness is realized.

When you see yourself as lacking, you withhold giving and try to get.
When you see yourself as limited, you give with conditions and envy others freedom.
When you see yourself as unworthy, you seek worth through achievements and seeking approval.
When you see yourself as guilty or sinful, you may seek to deny and purify yourself through penance.

Forgiveness comes from a willingness to begin again.
Forgiveness seeks to remove all barriers to extending the Truth of our Divine heritage.
Forgiveness longs to give itself with compassion and loving kindness.
Forgiveness finds courage and confidence in the generous and joyous abundant giving of ItSelf.

What would it take for you to forgive all stinginess, all hoarding, all worry and all selfness?
What would it take for you to bring yourself to each relationship with a quest to give only your best?
What would it take for you to recognize that your loving Essence is still shining within?
What would it take for you to love yourself enough to bless the world with your Love?

When we have forgotten the rich and fertile flow of love within, prime the pump by spiritual receptivity.
Trying to get from others to fill ourselves will continue to yield an experience of a never enough.
Still your judging and comparative mind. Calm your fears of not having enough.
Give yourself time to listen within to the Loving Spirit that guides your life when you are open.
Receive the unlimited and unconditional Love that comes from the Infinite Source and ReSource.
Honor the One Who loves you without question or condition.
Give yourself the opportunity to receive that you might give fully and freely.

Asking nothing and giving everything bring abundant joy in your generosity of Spirit.
To have All that is whole and Good and Loving, Give All that is whole and Good and Loving.

Your Loving Reminder…
Giving All to All that we All might remember how deeply and proufoundly we are all loved,
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 15, 2007

What If…..

What if we already have heaven here now.
What if we have been given everything we need…
What if the garden of Eden still exists…
What if our Creator and Spiritual parent has provided for our every need…
What if we are blind with fear and guilt….
What if we are ignorant of our own mistakes……
What if we are being given the free will to see and correct our own errors….
What if the parenting style of our Creator is to let us learn from the natural consequences....
What if all our complaining and blaming God is really our unwillingness to take responsibility….
What if our cries for help are really just our immature resistance to growing up….
What if we need to clean up the mess we have made of the perfection that was given….
What if humankind is here to learn how to be responsible and respectful of the gifts given in love…
What if honoring our ancestors, the nature spirits and mother earth is true maturity ….
What if Self knowledge, Self respect and Self Expression is realizing we are as God created us….
What if we are free to learn in our own pace and from our own mistakes, because we are loved…..
What if now is the time for us to take total responsibility for the attempt to out source God…
What if now is the time for us to stop thinking we can do it better that the Infinite Creator….
What if now is the time to step back and let Love, not guilty or blame, lead the way…
What if we can begin today to clean up our own paradise and Garden of plenty…
What if we enjoy and appreciate the fruits of our labor and the privilege of living on planet Earth..
What if we take the time everyday to bless all that is given and share if freely in gratitude and Love..
What if we really stop hoarding, getting more that we need, and start sharing all we have……
What if we give thanks for all the beauty, goodness, wholeness and Love that is everywhere present..
What if we fully value what we value and let the rest go with forgiveness and blessing…..

Life is a gift, given to us by One whose only purpose is our Good.
Life is a gift from which we can learn to value what is of Love.
Life is a gift meant to be blessed, enjoy and appreciated as the wonder it is.

Loving you,
True B'Lue

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring Into Action

When spring comes, depending on the weather, your life energy cycles, and the inspired consciousness that brings you spiritual vision,
we must step forward in faith to commit, affirm and activate that vision.

As children we are taught to "wish" on a star, birthday candles and a dandelion seed pod.
As adults we are encouraged to hope and pray to some external force who w designate as the script writer, producer and director of our life's movie.
As Spirit guided visionaries, we come to know we are given glimpses of prophecy, spiritual guidance and insights by the composite overview, Infinite Intelligence or Higher Power.
However, in our ignorance and enthusiasm, we may set course without asking for daily direction to accommodate the myriad of moment by moment changes that occur on our planet.
Or in our spiritual laziness, we may believe the law of attraction and affirmation simply does all the work.

There are seven steps to fulfillment which I encourage we strengthen in ourselves.
Vision is to see the outcome for the Highest good of All. (Spiritual vision includes all creation.)
Faith is believing in things unseen. Believe Goodness and Love are the Source of all that Is.
Desire is allowing your heart to feel fully the power of enthusiasm for what is of the Father
Commitment is making the choice to follow only God's Will and the Will of Good in all things.
Strategy is listening to the spiritual guidance of the Voice of God in you, relinquishing planning.
Action is the willingness to step by step do what is asked of you each day in every relationship.
Gratitude comes from giving thanks for the blessings as they occur. Appreciation increases.

Keys for us to remember.
God's Will blesses everyone and is not special for a few.
We are the eyes and ears, the hands and feet and Voice of God.
Our holy work inspired by the Spirit of Infinite Love that lives in us is what is healing ourselves and our earthly home.
To be truly dependent on God is to forgive our defensiveness and protecting our own special domain.
Prayer is the "praise" and giving thanks for the blessings and the spiritual power that already is.
Salvation comes from forgiving and relinquishing all that is not of God.
We will see the whole and healed creation when we have forgiven and erased our miscreation.

Loving me and you into full remembering and recognition of the Goodness of God,
Betty Lue

Life is for Giving. We are the gifts.
It is in giving ourselves that we remember the Gift we are.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Happiness is a Choice

Whenever we are choosing to be unhappy, we are stepping away from Truth.
Whenever we are believing in suffering and pain, we are following the world.
Whenever we think of God as punishing or leading us into unhappiness, we are making up a false God.
Whenever we imagine the God of Love is setting us up for difficulty, disaster or death, we are assigning Him with false characteristic.

God being Love is also Happiness.
God wants for all creation peace, joy and ease.
God leads us to avoid pain and problems.
God is a constant guide when we would listen and follow.

If I have chosen a path of unhappiness, I am choosing to follow my own Will.
Fearful thinking, terror, defensiveness and separation fro Source are signs of the ego being in charge.
The ego while appearing to have our best interests at heart leads us to never be satisfied with our quest for external happiness.
The egos needs are never satisfied leading us from pain to pleasure to pain.

Seeking for Truth is the quest for spirit's guidance moment to moment.
Seeking for Truth is the request for the fun, safe and easy path.
Seeking for Truth is the choice to be happy and in Love.
Seeking for Truth is letting go of everything that is not Love and Peace and Joy.

Love the process and the path,
Betty Lue

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Let Go and Let in the Good

When we hold clouds of ill will, fear or self doubt, the Sun of Goodness is not experienced.
The Light of our essential Love is always shining without fail, but our perception may be clouded with shadows in our mind. It is through our forgiveness, our willingness to let go of fear, guilt and blame, that we come to see the Light.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Letting go is natural to those who trust.
Letting go of fear is essential to fully realize Love.
Letting go is the forgiving of everything that is not of God.

The fastest way to the Light and Love of God is through forgiveness here.
The most effective way to heal our feelings is through the release of unhappy emotions.
The easiest way to listen within to the heart of God is through turning off the amplifier to the world's ills.
The greatest Love we can give is the unconditional love of God for all His Creation.

However you may believe, you will find great peace, happiness and inner direction through forgiving all the clouds of unforgiveness and unconsciousness within your mind.

Loving you and all, as I let go and let God and goodness direct or lives,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Perfect Happiness

God's Will for us is perfect happiness.
If a loving creator created us, then our Creator's will must be for us to be happy.

Happiness encourages allowing Love to flow through us to all creation.
Happiness is like the sunshine that heals and vitalizes and awakens our beauty.
Happiness is a gift we can give and receive with no cost and only benefit.
Happiness is a effective aid to healing, growth, learning and creativity.

Only our judging and fearing minds can make us unhappy with guilt and shame.
Only our thoughts of punishment and retribution can withhold all Good from others.
Only false beliefs in the motivational power of pain and suffering can set up hell on earth.
Only separating ourselves from the essential Love we are can validate war, disease and pain.

Whatever is not Love cannot come from the source of Love.
Whatever is anti Love must come from temporary insanity.
Whatever is opposing Love must generate from a fear of Love.
Whatever is withholding Love must be a source of punishment and pain.

Choosing to be happy is fun, safe and easy.
Choosing for happiness is letting go of fear, judgment and punishment.
Choosing for happiness is a gift of love for ourselves and those around us.
Choosing for happiness is healthy, inspiring and creating Goodness.

Let us forgive ourselves for making ourselves and others unhappy.
Let us forgive ourselves for thinking sorrow, fear, anger and guilg will benefit anyone.
Let us forgive ourselves for taking on other's pain, criticism or faulty thinking.
Let us forgive ourselves for letting worldly defensive teachings ruin our happiness.

May Thy Will be my will, that I might always choose for happiness,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Keys to Twenty-Two Year Loving Relationship

Keys to Twenty-Two Year Loving Relationship, Spiritual Partnership and Marriage with Robert and Betty Lue

So much could be shared with you about what has created a continued deepening of our mutual love and respect for one another.
I will give you the primary elements.


God brought us together 22 years ago with an intention of being an "on call" team for God.
We are here to support one another in all we do everyday in everyway.
Because this relationship is a gift from God, we both treat it with utmost respect.

I know that I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings and activities, and so is my partner for his thoughts, words and deeds.
Therefore there can be no blame or guilt when we take total and absolute responsibility for our imaginings, our words and our behavior. Since both of us are committed to live a Good and Godly life, we accept full responsibility for dedicating every moment to loving and serving the highest and best.

When there is joining for the Good, all things are possible and perfectly supported by Spirit.
Both of us are aware that any conflict is a flagrant waste of energy and creative power.
We choose to use everything we have, everything we are and all that we are called to do for the Good of All.
So we cooperate and work together with our inner guidance at the Center of our lives.

How could this union not be eternally growing and a blessing to us and our world!

Totally grateful for it All,
Betty Lue

Consider joining us for our relationship coaching circle or any of our other programs!
Especially this Saturday, all day exploration of self Discovery. Fun and inspiring.
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Could It Be Simple?

"Undo what is not true and enjoy what is."

Life is for undoing all our mis-creations.
Forgiveness of all our illusions is the key to happiness.
We really are here to let go of everything that is not IT!
Humanity has been judging, fixing up and trying to improve on perfection.

When we become aware of the Real creation of Love, we can simply enjoy and appreciate life.

Forgiving, erasing and undoing is fun, safe and easy.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Renewal of Body, Mind and Spirit

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Easter is the time to remember….
"Hu-man" means "God-man".

What I see are Spirit beings wearing suits of skin, appearing as physical animals.
Our mistake was to forget our spiritual nature and acting like animals rather than the holy beings we are.
In forgetting we fell asleep and succumbed to the prevalent theories of limitation, lack, littleness.
We appear to grow old, suffer and die like the animal kingdom, allowing our fears to direct our life path. When we are unconscious, we imagine ourselves to be victims and at the effect of a fallen world.

Easter is the time to remember and renew our Spirits.
We are here to represent Love, the all powerful, all-inclusive and creative energy of the Universe.
We are here to awaken our sleeping family to remember our true nature.

Here we are as the dawn comes, ready to renew our Spirits and recommit our lives.
Here we are, committed to reclaim our Loving Purpose.
Here we are, honoring One who showed the way by living everyday faithfully loving everyone.
Here we are, open and willing to forgive and heal, to choose again to give our best to our world.

The garden of Goodness is at hand.
It requires warmth and light in which to be nourished.
We are each the garden and the gardener.
What we give to one another we also receive for ourselves.

Let us release what is mistaken.
Let us forgive what is judged.
Let us remember what was forgotten.
Let us renew what seeks to be restored.

Praise God for the Light within Us.
Praise God, let Love abide.

Blessed Easter Time and Spring Renewal.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

A Butterfly experience is for every child.
Just remember we are ever renewable beings!
The story here:

Lila found this beautiful cr
eature lying upside down on the stone path.
Grandma gently carried her to the sun to let her wings dry and warm.

While she was dazed and not in great shape, we admired and enjoyed her beauty for over 90 minutes.

With the miracle of warmth and light, along with our love and appreciation, she flew away
..first circling overhead in her salute of gratitude, while we cheered and clapped for her.

And our buddy, Beckett just enjoyed the show!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

As I drink my freshly juiced beet, carrot, celery and parsley (thanks to Robert), I am renewing my commitment to let go of the little worldly-made, ego self that believes in things of the body. This Easter season is exactly about release of what is insubstantial and temporal.
Here is my guidance for today.

From ACIM Lesson #96 "Salvation come from my one Self."

It is silly to imagine I have stepped away from the Self I Am…knowing it is strong and true and B'Lue.
It is easily forgiven when I remember it is Easter-time and this too shall be relinquished with no attack on my Self. I have often asked, "How could anyone leave their Source when they know there is a choice?"
So here am I living my question.

In the world of distraction, how easily one can be carried away by the frivolous and fickle nature of the ego, the made up little limited and lacking self. The more defenses, protections, justifications, explanations and classes are taught to protect its faulty reasoning, the more it believes its own mythology. How can there be these errors so obvious and still so believed and proved? We keep improving on the reality and justification of what is in error.

Forgive this and set yourself free. Freedom is the call to choose the high way, the fun, safe and easy path to fulfillment of your vision of heaven on earth….. Each one choosing to reveal the True Self and its own thoughts, perceptions and words. Forgive all that has come before. Give your Being to clear the way to Light. Rest in the consciousness of all-encompassing and Eternal Love. Know God is with you, now and always.

To this I say, Thank you, and blessed be.

Then later I read from the Charles Fillmore's Keep a True Lent for this Friday.
"The word crucifixion means the crossing out in consciousness of certain errors that have become fixed states of mind: it is the enactment by a master of the final extinction of carnal (ego) mind, the giving up of the whole personality in order that the Christ Mind may be expressed in all its fullness. This is represented by the crucifixion of Jesus.

The three days Jesus was in the tomb represent the three steps in overcoming error. First, nonresistance: the second, the taking on of divine activity, or receiving the will of God: third, the assimilation and fulfillment of the Divine will.

I deny the self that I may unite with the self less. I give up the mortal that I may attain the immortal. I dissolve the thought of the physical body that I may realize the spiritual body. This is a mental process with a physical effect."

Final note:
Yes, there is a physical, mental and spiritual transformation happening within me now.
Each day, a little more clarity and spiritual energy.
Know I am always and in all ways Loving All. For such is the Truth of who I AM.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fearless, Foolish or Fortunate?

April Fool's Day (Palm Sunday)

Was the Jesus Easter story about someone who foolishly set himself up to be crucified?
Was Jesus fearless in seeking the path to awaken humanity to Spirit within?
Are we fortunate to realize in death we are resurrected in the Love of God and His Son?

We have bodies, but we are not our bodies.
We have minds, but are not our minds.
We have emotions, but we are not our emotions.
We are Spirit, a Divine expression of our Creator, unlimited in power and in peace.

The world teaches us we are limited in time and space.
The world trains us to believe we suffer and die.
The world demonstrates we do harm and must be punished.
This great teacher, Jesus, teaches with thought, word and deed we are unlimited and free with forgiveness and Love.

What is the Truth for you?
Some listen to others.
Some listen to their minds.
Some listen to their bodies.
Some listen to their Spirit or Higher Self.
Where do you listen for Truth?

We can listen to external teachers and authorities for research and information.
We can listen to our emotions based on our history and past learning.
We can listen to our minds for learned beliefs, judgments and opinions.
We can listen to the changing fads and theories of society and our culture.

And in all this what we hear will change with passing time, translation and current perceptions.
Confusion, distraction and inner conflicts may grow with the ever-changing nature of Truth.
Appearances change. Facts change. Information is filtered. Perceptions vary.
What can you trust to be the Truth?

Consider listening within to the steadfast and certain Truth of Love.
Consider being still long enough to hear the Highest Truth, the deepest Knowing.
Consider taking time daily to ask questions and receive answers.
Consider seeking what really matters to you, rather than listening to what others want to share.

Listen within for direction.
Listen within for guidance.
Listen within for support.
Listen within for healing.
Listen within for Truth.

Like any renewed skill, it takes practice to remember to calm our external seeking and trust in inner knowing.
Let this spring be a time of visioning and renewal.
Let this spring be a clearing to all the cobwebs in consciousness that have cluttered your mind.
Let this Easter bring a resurrection of your attention to Spirit and celebration of renewed life in You.

Blessing us all on this Holy Day,
Betty Lue