Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Conflict of Interest

When we seek help, counsel and advice from doctor, lawyer or therapist, we pay for the services.
When we need medical, legal or financial help, we benefit those professionals financially.
When we are offered services by the helping professions, they are paid by our being in need.
Unconsciously, helping professionals, who derive income from our neediness, may be in conflict of interest.
If the health care industry profits from the illness, problems and suffering of humanity, they may promote more of that from which they benefit financially.
Promote drugs.
Promote long term therapy.
Prolong treatment.
Believe professionals are needed.
Create and encourage dependence.
Don’t trust the patient to do the work themselves.
Let clients know they may need continuous care.
If health care professionals benefit financially from seeing patients over a long term,they may unconsciously encourage long term treatment.
If health care professionals benefit psychologically from long term therapeutic relationships, they may implicitly or explicitly encourage them.

This may not be a popular message.

I have been a proponent of self help and self-care personally.
I encourage short term counseling and coaching.
I see myself more as an educator than as a therapist.
I inspire people to let go of unhealthy mental, emotional, financial, relational and physical habits.
I see these Loving Reminders as my primary healing, helpful and healthy work.
I am not paid financially for these reminders.
I am benefited spiritually by following my heart and giving my best.
I am so grateful to those who contribute to these Loving Reminders which I began Jan. 1, 1999.
I believe these reminders may eliminate the need for therapy and counseling for some readers.
I believe in always giving all to all that all might have all from which to CHOOSE.

I encourage you to choose what is good for you.
I invite you to contribute to what benefits you.
I support you in giving your best to a world that needs our best.
I ask you to be selective about what you receive and from whom.

Listen within and choose what is highest and best for you and for all.
Betty Lue

In ancient china and other natural cultures, the shaman and healers were only paid when the people are well.
When there is illness or trouble, drought or famine, the spiritual leaders and healers stop being paid.
In this system, there is no conflict of interest. All promote wellness, security and peace for all.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Love is Not Agreement

Love loves anyway.
Just because we disagree does not mean we do not love one another.
Our natural state is Love.
Love is Who and What We Are.
Love is what we share as creations of Love.
Love is our Essence.
Love is our Spiritual connection.
When we forget our connection, we may forget we love one another.

Differing perceptions are a product of our learned differences.
Differences are experienced and expressed differently.
Our history is different.
Our beliefs are different.
Our thoughts are different.
Our roles are different.
Our preferences are different.
How we think and feel, see and hear, are different.
Our different personalities offer differing points of view.
When we listen to the differences, we can see from a broader perspective.
When we accept differences, we learn.
When we respect all differences, we become more peaceful.
When we honor all differences, we become more joyful.

When there is disagreement, there are simply different perspectives.
When there is disagreement, there are differing personalities with different experiences.
When there is disagreement, there is opportunity for learning, healing and growth.
When there is disagreement, there is an invitation to be appreciative and open-minded.
When there is disagreement, we can expand our viewpoint and forgive our judgments.
When there is disagreement, we can look for our points of agreement.
When there is disagreement, we can simply agree to disagree.

Love transcends differences.
When we trust in our transcendent Love, we are more than willing to share our disagreement.
Love shares freely the truth as we perceive it and believe it to be.
Fear withholds and covers our beliefs and perceptions in what we hope will be accepted and not rejected.
Be pleased that you love without needing others’ agreement.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Truth Sets Us Free

“Truth may hurt, but then it sets us free.”

Recently I was invited to tell the “truth”, even though I knew it would be painful.
Where there is resistance or denial in hearing another’s truth, there will be pain.
Resistance causes pain.

When I was focused on the pain, as a pain avoidant seven in the Enneagram, I resisted telling what is true.
When I focused on the “Truth” as a spiritual and inspiring being, I knew the Truth would be helpful.
When I shared the “Truth” freely and easily without judgment or emotion, I experienced release.

For me Truth is love.
When Truth is withheld, Love is withheld.
Keeping secrets or withholding what I see and hear and know is withholding the energy of Love.
Protecting others from pain is not my responsibility.
Keeping my energy flowing is my work.
If withholding what I know as “truth” slows or thwarts my flow, I am doing harm to myself.
If sharing with compassion and neutrality what is “truth” for me, sets me free, I am giving Love.

Often when I do not know when or how or if to share the truth I see, I ask within.
When I invite Spirit to use the Truth for good, I let go and trust that outcome.
Even when the initial experience is uncomfortable or disruptive, I am steadfast in my Love and Trust.
Even when others may resist, disagree or even be angry, I am steadfast in my love and assurance.
Even when I do not understand the purpose of my sharing, I know my Love is True.
Even when the truth hurt, I know it sets us all free.
Withholding what is Good and True and Beautiful is withholding the Divine.

I give all that I think and say and do to Spirit to be used for the Good of All.
I trust that as I have givin my life to Divine Will and Higher Purpose, so it will be used.
I know that my intention is Good and my heart is True.
In this and the power of Love within I trust.

Loving you and me in freely sharing what is Truth (the best we know.)
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Uncover Your Essence

Here we are in Asheville, NC with my Mom.
Offering 5 mini workshops on discovering your Authentic Self, similar to my offerings in CA this summer, beginning Wed Eve, June 8. “Undersanding Differences”
We love to travel to the mountains in the spring..so many azaleas and rhododendron. And helping Mom with chores and projects is good.
As you appreciate the beauty and perfection of nature, recognize that what you see is Who You Are.
Everything a reflection from the light within, your inner beauty and perfect Love made manifest.
As you love you totally (the blemishes too), you will love me and everyone you see. We are made perfectly in Love.
When we are loved the spots disappear and we behold the magnificent Love of God.
Loving you is loving me and loving everyone and everything we see so it can be All it truly is.
Betty Lue

Wherever I go, I am there.
Whatever I do, I am there.
However I act, I am there.
Whomever I love, I am there.

In a world of changing places, businesses, relationships, roles and responsibilities, we forget who we are.
In the cycles, seasons and changing fads of life, we forget we are not our beliefs, our behavior or attitudes.
In a time of changing science, politics, weather patterns and moves, we forget our True Purpose on Earth.
In a culture of focus on things and money, salaries and benefits, titles and applause, we forget our Spirit.
In our obsession with physical health, we forget the spiritual component of our whole life wellness.

You are a composite of all the experiences and learning in your lifetime.
You are filled with your ancestral wisdom and dysfunction patterns.
You carry the cellular memory of perhaps lifetimes of challenges with both successes and failures.
You have a repertoire of emotions, behaviors and masks to put on at will.
And You are none of these.

Within You is a Light so brilliant, greater than the sun, so nothing can put it out.
While the clouds of earthly living may hide your magnificence, creativity and power, the transformational winds of forgiveness, appreciation and open-mindedness will dispel the illusion of impotence.

You are greater than you can know.
You are more beautiful than you can see.
You are more powerful than you can feel.
You are all that you could ever seek to be and more.

Uncovering your Essence, the Truth within you is most easy and effective when you let go.
It is in letting go of the cover up and the defensiveness that you find the Goodness and Beauty within.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy when you trust that your True Nature is Awesome and of God.
Love is Who You Are.
Light and DeLight are your natural state.
Abundance is your Divine Right.

You will be surprised to find what lies inside when you cease to hide behind all the things the world teaches you to be and do and have.

Let go and let your True Essence show.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Energy As An Indicator

When your energy level is going down, you are going in the wrong direction.
When your energy is going up, you are going in the right direction.

Someone called to offer me encouragement for the changes I was making.
I responded with, "The moment I made the choice to change, my energy increased."
Notice the foods you eat and the energy you feel.
Notice the people you associate with and the energy you experience.
Notice the thoughts you think and the subsequent energy changes.
Notice the emotions you experience and the energy connected with those feelings.

Notice before, during and after.
Observe the energy shifts physically, mentally and spiritually.
If you are inspired, this is good.
If you are renewed in strength, this is good.
If you feel more expansive and creative in your thinking, this is the right direction.

Depletion of energy indicates blocks, restrictions and withholding of your energy.
Your natural state is fully alive, ecstatic and blissful, boundless with creativity and joy.
Your natural state is strong and resilient, with ability to move around obstacles and to change with ease.
Your natural state is loving and peaceful, giving and forgiving the highest good you know.
Your natural state is abundant and generous with everything good and whole and beautiful.
Your natural state is forgiving and trusting, respectful and accepting.
Your natural state creates good from what you already have.
Your natural state is dependent only on the power of the divine within.

When you are on path, you are happy and fulfilled and focused on your own purpose.
When you are off course, you may be depressed, judgmental and minding other's business.
When you are on path, you create goodness and utilize the resources within and around you.
When you are off course, you may experience upset, neediness, envy and try to get from others.

To be on path is to be free and fearless.
To be on purpose is to experience life as fun, safe and easy.
To be on course is to feel gratitude, joy and creativity within your relationships.
To be at home is to trust in your inner listening and follow the path of your heart.

You can use your energy as a barometer.
Release the brakes of fear, judgment, self doubt and lack of faith.
Put on the gas by expressing gratitude and open-mindedness as you listen within.
Let go of your control and telling God what to do.
Let Spirit show you a better way.

Knowing you can, even when you forget,
Betty Lue

Try out the Purpose Exercise below.

And Call me if you would a few coaching appointments.

Purpose Exercise

To bring your purpose to life,
Declare your values and describe the things, people, attitudes and objectives that are important to you.
This is a quick exercise to help you uncover your purpose.
List 5 answers under each set of questions.

What do I love to do?
What makes me the happiest?
What is my secret ambition?
What has given me the most satisfaction in the past?
What excites me about life?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What am I good at?
What have others told me I was good at?
In what areas of life have I excelled?
What are some of my strengths?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What is important to me?
What would I be willing to sacrifice for?
What do I stand for?
What would I commit myself for regardless of the obstacles?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

What was I born to do?
Where in life can I make a difference?
What unique opportunities have been placed in my path?
What specifically does God want me to do?
1 _________________________________________
2 _________________________________________
3 _________________________________________
4 _________________________________________
5 _________________________________________

Based on the answers above, develop a short paragraph outlining your purpose. Take the three top priorities from the four areas to which you just committed answers. Construct a statement that explains what you are beginning to sense in your purpose. This can be a work in progress. What is important is to commit to something in writing. Your purpose can be anything you want it to be and it can include anything that is important to you.

My Purpose Statement:

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Do It With Love

Whatever You do, do it with love.
If you want a successful outcome, create it with Love.
If you want life to be fun, safe and easy, live it with Love.
If you want a relationship that works, give your best with Love.
If you want finances that work, love both earning and spending with Love.
If you want high level wellness, practice healthy living with love for your body.
If you want to live your life purpose and follow your dream, live everyday with gratitude and love.

Love eases the way.
Love releases fear.
Love dissolves resistance.
Love forgives mistakes.
Love facilitates learning.
Love energizes our activities.
Love attracts goodness.
Love creates miracles.
Love unites relationships.
Love brings inner peace.
Love opens possibilities.
Love honors all differences.

When I get up so early at 2:30AM to go to be with Gia, I could think fatiguing thoughts.
I choose to think positive loving thoughts about how grateful I am to be able to love her.

When I am busy with the responsibilities of being provider, wife, mother, Grandma, community server, therapist, coach, spiritual teacher, I could forget my focus and lose my vision.
I choose to remember I am here to Love.

When there are roadblocks, losses, challenges, unconscious people, I could be angry, upset or afraid.
Instead, I choose to forgive my forgetfulness, my distrust, my criticisms and extend Love.

When there appears to be financial shortfall, health difficulties, professional limitations, I could be frustrated.
I choose to remember I am Abundant in Love, in health, in relationships, in real work.

Love works.
Remember, Love is our natural state.
When we forget to Love, we have forsaken our True Self.

I am a Loving reminder for me and you.
This is my real job, my true function and my whole Life.
Betty Lue

Special Note:
I am in Asheville, NC with my Mom and several special friends who will join us for some fun workshops while we are there.
I am going to Asheville to love, serve and remember.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Waking Up

This is a response to a letter from someone who felt victimized, belittled and ignored in her relationship.
"We are here to wake up and stay awake in a sleeping world.
Life is a journey of worldly forgetting and spiritual remembering.
Our ego learns victimization, because it believes weakness is the position of power.

You are powerful. Your True Self is powerful.
Your Essence is created by your Creator.
Our ego convinces us of our "less than" or "greater than" position in life and in our relationships.
Our learned impotence is not the Truth.
Our Power is not of this world.
Our Power is our Spiritual essence, Love.

You are not a victim.
You are a strong, capable and loving person.
You can choose the relationship you want.
You can choose who to love and how to love.
When you do not choose, you are giving the other person permission to make the decisions.

Most men do not want to decide on the form of the relationship. They fear criticism.
Most men do not have a relationship plan. They often stick with the comfort of the present.
Most men do not understand or honor feelings. They often feel with their thoughts.
Most men do not speak the language of woman. They speak the language of action. "What can I do?"
Most men want their woman to be happy...to have no problems or complaints.
Most men do not know what to do when the woman is unhappy. They want to make it go away.
Most men feel guilty and responsible for the woman's unhappiness. Rather than listen, they try to fix it.
The guilt causes them to want to withdrawn or blame the one about whom they feel guilty.

Male female relationships require a willingness to learn from and about the other person.
It is important to discover their expectations, their ideal picture, their usual way of communicating, their fears and their intention.
It is equally important to discover and share the same about yourself.
When you know, understand and accept the differences, you are open to learning how to create a relationship that works in everyway. Getting our own way will always create a declining relationship.
These are some tips to awaken and perhaps bring a new way of seeing and being together.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Changing Your Course

Life is a gift of freedom, a journey of choice.
Spirit, the Voice of Joy and Inspiration Within, guides us on a fun, safe and easy life journey.

When we are willing to listen to our inner voice rather than external demands, we experience ease.
When we have learned to respond to the distractions, dependency and directives of others, we will experience the pleasure and pain of an uneven and risky road.

Life can be fun, safe and easy, if we will listen and follow moment by moment our inner guidance.
Life seems serious, dangerous and difficult, when we are trying to heed the rules, limitations, warnings of our external world.

When I first began my spiritual journey of listening and faith in 1976, I believed "the vision I received was what I should achieve."
I stepped over, under and around obstacles and even ignored stop signs and caution indicators.
I found myself receiving harsh wakeup calls with potentially dangerous implications.
I had forgotten to ask again, "Is this path for the Highest Good of All?"

The journey of listening in faith requires a willingness to not know the outcome.
The spiritual journey encourages me to listen for each step along the way.
The journey of Spiritual faith asks that I let go of any attachment and trust in the Highest Good.
The spiritually guided journey requests that I put my faith into the care of an all-knowing and all-loving Presence who sees and knows far more than I can.

I have learned to recognize that life changes.
Finances change, health, weather, people all change.
Even the earth is changing, so I cannot possibly predict the nature of my journey tomorrow.
I must be present with the Divine Presence each step of the way.
The journey with inner guidance is without pain or harm when I trust and follow.
Life truly can be fun, safe and easy.

If I am trying to make my life happen my way, I will experience fatigue from efforting, disappointments from expecting, pain from falling into holes, criticism from running into another's joy or peace, guilt from causing hurt, and fear of future mistakes.
I may be stuck, blocked or thwarted by my feelings and failures in trying to do things "my way."

There is a better way.
It requires that I relinquish being right and be willing to be happy.
It requires that I give up relying on my own strength and knowledge and put my faith in a Higher Power.
It asks that I be still and come to know the God and Good within.
It asks me to learn to trust, to free my judgments and fears of a punitive or judging super parent.
I have learned to forgive all unwillingness and to be totally willing to be guided each step.
I have learned to be grateful for my choice to be a happy willing learner in life.
I have learned to let go with ease and gratitude always trusting what is Good for me will be.

I have learned and loved, and laughed and let go again and again with Gratitude,
Betty Lue

Spiritual Cinema Festival and Holistic Fair is coming up, Wednesday June 1 in Rossmoor.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Together…All Things Are Possible

I received many notes of acknowledgment for my Loving Reminder on Changes and Letting Go.
Your notes of appreciation made me smile.
I feel joined.
I feel blessed.
I feel seen and known and loved.
This is the value of our joining.

We are here together to see one another.
We are here to see each other's beauty and goodness.
We are here to know one another's precious uniqueness.
We are here to love one another's journey into the fullness of being All of who We Are.

We are not here to hide.
We are here to be seen and known.
We are not here to suffer or sacrifice.
We are here to enjoy and contribute.
We are not here to fear judgment or harm.
We are here to appreciate and do good.
We are not here to hide our light and our love.
We are here to shine our brilliance and to share our kindness.
We are not here to compete or compare.
We are here to encourage and support everyone's contributions.

Wherever we are, we are not alone.
Whatever we do, we are not alone.
Whoever we encounter, we are not alone.
Whatever we learn, we are not alone.
However we live, we are not alone.
To whomever we give, we are not alone.

Life is a co-creative, collaborative adventure, because we are interrelated, even when traveling solo.
Acknowledge your self and your choices, just as you appreciate the path your fellow travelers choose.
Know you too are making a difference with or without external acknowledgment.
See yourself as the wonderful, powerful and creative being you are.
Love everything you do. Value everything you say. Be everything you can be. And Know it is Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, May 20, 2005

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

I love to write.
I love to listen within.
I love to appreciate and celebrate.
I love to illuminate and educate.
I love to create what is Good and beautiful and Holy.
I love to bring the best of me to the best in You.

So why not do what I love to do?
Why not live my life giving me and you what I love?

What would it take for you to clarify what you love to do and be and have?
What would it take for you to let go of what distracts, delays and detours your journey?
What would it take for you to honor yourself, your gifts and trust in what you love?
Why not live your life your way, the only way to fly high and happy and free?

First clarify what you love.
Actually write down what you enjoy doing and giving, being and experiencing.
You may need help exploring the endless possibilities by someone who see objectively.
You may need to clear away your fears and worries, duties and obligations, expectation and judgments.
You may need a counselor, mentor or coach to encourage your honesty, integrity and authenticity.
You may have forgotten or forsaken yourself and your joy long, long ago, so mining for gold is the goal.
You may need to begin with just a little step in the self-love direction.
You may need to forgive years of self denial, sacrifice and ugly emotions.
You may need to dig out from the massive cover-up of toys and tools, books and bric brac.
You may need to turn off the TV, mental criticisms, and minding others' business.
You may need to stop running away from the True Love in you and face yourself with kind devotion.
You may need to have a conversation with the Universe, God and your Master Teachers asking for help.
You may need to believe you can have what you seek, so you will stop avoiding disappointment.

Now is the time.
This is your Life.
You can choose to create your life to celebrate the Best in You.
You can have what you really want, because you Deserve It All.
Your life is your opportunity to create what is Highest and Best for You.

This week Robert and I are spending the day with the twin baby girls...feeding and packing for their upcoming move to a bigger brighter one story house with a yard and nearby park and the best elementary school across the street! These babies are so peaceful and content, well-fed on breast milk and formula, loved and kissed and held with parents who are happy and fun. I am so joyful to be a helper and recipient of the gift of their love. I imagine it to be similar to the way I was loved as a baby, and I know it is Good. Happy and content.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Celebrating Loving Relationships

Our tendency is to take for granted that which is most important when too busy with life.
Our tendency is to forget to appreciate the little kindnesses when we are moving too fast.
Our tendency is to make unconscious assumptions about the essentials in everyday living.
Our tendency is to expect we will always have what we seem to have always had.

My 20 year life partner's birthday, May 18, is a wakeup call and time to remember what I so value.
Take personally my acknowledgment for any places that you have assumed, expected, forgotten or taken for granted your loved ones or yourself. Full schedules, work projects and worries tend to fill the mind with everything, but what is really significant and meaningful.

This is a tribute to you, Robert, and to all of you who choose to recognize the Gift You Are.

You are a gift of Love to me and to everyone who knows you.
You bring conscious Presence which says "Everyone matters."
You know how to laugh, to love and to listen in just the right way.
You give a new perspective on what may seem confusing or in conflict.
You help without being asked and give without expecting reciprocity.
You teach by how you live and give yourself without martyring or sacrifice.
You enjoy each aspect of nature and seek for the holy, the beautiful and the good.
You fill your life with good deeds, appreciation and respect.
You care for yourself in an unobtrusive way that frees your time and energy to serve.
You flow with life's challenges and changes, trusting in the intrinsic blessing.
You are a friend to everyone and a spiritual partner and steadfast support to me.
I see you. I know you. I love you.
I appreciate you. I honor you. I respect you.
I celebrate your life as it has been and as it is becoming.
And most of all, I am grateful you have chosen to spend your life with me.

I am loving you always,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Uh! Oh! Changes!

My gift to you is my gift to myself.
Time to simplify, clarify, prioritize and do what it of highest value for the Good of All.
My gift to you is authenticity, integrity and self renewal.

Wakeup calls come in many forms.
Being too busy, getting sick, having a "bad" day, looking at the scale, getting behind in bills and paperwork, having a sleepless night, bumping into a door jam and a host of other experiences.
All are wakeup calls. I choose to easily wakeup with enthusiasm and appreciation.

For me, having a time and place to write these reminders is very high on my list of spiritual health necessities.
When I am too busy to be with myself, my source and you, Dear Hearts, I must stop and look and listen within.
So as of 5/16, I began undoing many of the extras in my life.
I am letting go of many extracurricular activities, so I can focus on Self renewal and reaching into the Essence, the heart of what matters to me. I seek to complete what I have begun…web site, books, readings, simplification projects in my home and profession and more.
I seek to spend time daily on Self renewal (mind, body and Spirit) and letting go of what is too much.
I choose to have a positive impact on those I meet and serve professionally.
I seek to help with my family and spiritual family, when needed.
I seek to live a happy healthy and balanced life.
I seek to have some spaces to walk, sit, reflect and integrate the bountiful goodness I have received.

I am committed to a whole life makeover this summer.
While for some it may be a mighty task, we each start where we are and clean what is there.
When the Light in our life gets brighter, we can notice what Life challenges us to grow in faith and let go of attachment.
Grow in love and let go of fears.
Grow in confidence and let go of waiting for others' agreement.
Let go of needing to understand and trust what your inner voice tells you.
Let go of making excuses and do what you believe and trust and know.

Some immediate choices for change.
I apologize if my changes are disruptive to you, and bless them all as wakeup calls.

No trip to Africa to personally plant gardens-The heat and physical stressors present health challenges for us.
Creating daily time for personal listening, exercise, reading and studying, creating and enjoying life.
Will take time to simplify and beautify my home and office.
Will give away unused books, clothing and goods that might be a blessing to others.
I will discern how simply we can live and make choices to cut down expenses and distractions.
Will create a schedule which will support greater whole life health and success for myself and others.
Will commit to excellence in the creation and maintenance of all that is good and whole and beautiful.

Life presents opportunities to change.
Do it with grace and joy and we will increase our life energy.
Do it with guilt or resentment and we will grow tired.

I am learning, letting go, so I can love ever more purely,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 16, 2005

Who Needs You?

I used to believe that "my territory" of ministry and service is where I am.
I met the needs of those who asked, invited me and came into my presence with a request.
I used to believe if I cared for those who are right here with me now, that is enough.
I used to believe if I didn't see the need or hear the call, I need not do anything.

I am now seeing that for many this can be like putting the crying infant in the closet or shutting the elderly into a nursing home.
I am seeing that we sometimes give a pacifier, a temporary fix of candy or medicine, but continue to ignore the real need.
Our global family is dying silently of hunger, while my refrigerator is full.
My neighbors are in pain, while I know how to clear the pain and heal the wounds.
Our world needs not our sympathy or guilt.
The family of man needs a helping hand.

If I can do it, why not?
If I am able when others are not, why not give?
If I am here and happy and whole, can I not give up some of my comforts to contribute to greater Good?

When a brother is hungry, why not plant a garden?

When we feed others, they may never learn to grow their own food.
Giving medicine without education is a temporary salve on an open wound.
To respond, first I must hear the pain and answer the call.
How can I best feed the hungry children of the Earth?
Teach them to plant gardens by helping them plant their first garden/
Believe they can and will learn and feel the love that inspired the helping hands.
This I can do.

This challenges me, but how can I grow my own garden of love without expanding my territory?
Thank you for joining me in expanding your own world view and vision.
From isolation to inclusion, everyone is part of my family, whether I know them or not.

Loving and learning from the challenges in life,
Betty Lue

I have been attending the annual California Assn. For Marriage and Family Therapists conference in San Jose and teaching T’ai Chi Chih each morning at 6:30AM. While I thought the hotel internet would work for me, it did not allow group mailings, so alas they had to wait until now. Know that I am with you in Spirit wherever my road leads.
More Loving reminders this week and always.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

True Service

Give yourself with all your heart and soul to what calls you.
Give fully without expectation or condition.
Contribute without sacrifice or martyrdom.
Give joyfully with gratitude for the opportunity.
True service is always a gift to ourselves.
True service brings greater love, wisdom and inner peace.
Find your Essence by choosing to give what is within You.
Trusting your giving,
Betty Lue
Dear Friends & Family,

We have some exciting news to share with you---Robert and I are going to Africa in August! This is an amazing opportunity to be part of the answer to ending hunger among millions of people in Africa. Our trip is with Bruce Wilkinson’s faith based humanitarian organization called Dream for Africa.

If you would like more specifics on what we will be doing during our 10 day trip (August 15-24), please visit the Dream for Africa website at www.dreamforafrica.com .
Over 100,000 gardens were planted in 2004 providing immune-boosting vegetables for over 500,000 people in Africa. The goal for 2005 is an additional 1 million gardens, and it is happening!

We would love for you to be part of our “prayer and giving” team during this trip.
We would like you to consider partnering with us by both praying and giving.
The total cost of the trip is $3,000 for each of us ($6,000 total).
This covers everything…..plane fare, food, lodging, in country travel and gardening necessities.

Consider personally joining us.
There is still room on this particular trip (August 15-24)
We would love to partner with you in actively creating family gardens in this part of the world.

There are three ways in which you can financially contribute between now and June 24 (our 50% funding target date) and July 8 (our target date for full funding). (Note: You must include our “participant code” 2649283 with any form of donation to be certain it will credit our trip.)

On the web: Go to the website www.dreamforafrica.com and click on “Trip Donation” in the left hand menu bar. This will take you to a page to fill in your information, the amount you wish to donate, the credit card you will be using, and our participant code 2649283.
By phone: Call 1-800-901-7585 and talk to a member of the Dream for Africa team.
By mail: Make your check out to Dream for Africa with our participant code 2649283 in the notation section of your check (bottom left) and mail it directly to:
Dream for Africa, PO Box 470650, Tulsa, OK 74147-0650

All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

We look forward to hearing back from you within the next few weeks.
Thank you again for your prayers and any financial contributions you are called to make.
We look forward to sharing with you about our adventure when we return.

Dreaming for Africa,
Betty Lue & Robert

*****This is an awesome experience of Truth which I want to share.
Take a look at this wonderful movie: You Are The Light

Thank you for joining me on this spiritual journey.
Thank you for receiving my gifts with respect and gratitude.
Thank You for supporting us all with your prayers and your contribution.
Thank you for your love and for giving your positive energy to what you value.
Thank you for knowing that we are all in this together...
Thank you for healing, transforming and co-creating our experience of this world.
Thank you for enjoying what is given with joyful appreciation for the Good of all.

I appreciate YOU!
Betty Lue

Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Appreciation

Gaia, the Earth Mother, we are grateful for your bounty and your beauty.
Grandmothers, those wise ones who are no longer here with physical presence, we honor You.
To all those who nurture, shelter and give comfort to the little children, we bless your Holy work.
To the fathers who are truly mother and father, we value all you give that the world is loving.
To every mother through whom we cam we into this world, we thank you for the gift of life.
And to my Mom and Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers, I admire the generations of service to others which you modeled and taught so many of us, while caring well for your families and yourselves.

You see the sacred rite of mothering is one to be revered as a gift of holy responsibility for this Earth and her people. Each one of us who respects life in all form, every one who gives selflessly that others might live and prosper, all people who remember to serve with joy and gratitude are renewing our sacred covenant and life purpose.
Mothering, nurturing, providing, nourishing, teaching, making a home, loving little children into responsible adulthood, these are sacred acts of inspired service.

We must not take them for granted.
We must not forget to be forgiving.
We must remember the way is sometimes tiring.
We must value what is important.
We must appreciate all kind acts of mothering.

Thank you Mothers and those who give that others might live.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I have been off the internet for four days because of no access, out of town for renewal and re-creation.
Thank you always for your blessings in my life. Yes, I am mother to many without ever holding you or serving you a nutritious meal. My gifts to you of love and forgiveness, faith and confidence in who you are, come from the Divine Mother within. I am truly loving You, just as you are right Now.
Betty Lue

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Note: Gone since Thursday. No internet access...So sorry.....Back now, so know I am here and loving you. Betty Lue

Happy Mother’s Day to All

Can you take a vacation from worrying?
Are you willing to have a holiday from fear?
Are you open to going away from your busyness?
What would it take for you to have a retreat from thinking?

Whether meditating, doing what you truly love, being inspired or simply getting away from it all, you can give your self a renewal of mind, body and Spirit.
Just a little time, for me sometimes a deep breath of gratitude, is enough to begin anew.
Ten minutes of silence will relax the mind.
A short catnap of 20 minutes can refresh the body.
A change of scenery or routine can expand your awareness.
A focused work/play time doing what inspires you can bring new energy to your everyday life.
Renewal of your whole self is your sacred right and responsibility to be your best Self.

Vacations are meant to be a refreshing cleansing away of what is stuck, routine, complex and limiting.
Vacations are in invitation to truly revisit your life, to forgive and erase what was and to choose again.
Vacations are a gift we give ourselves in reward, but more for renewed energy to love, serve and remember.
Vacations need not be costly or extravagant in time, energy or money.

You can turn off your phones, computer and TV and simply be in your own sanctuary to enjoy.
You can curl up by a fireplace with a good book, or walk on a lonely beach.
You can prepare yourself your favorite meal with soft music and candlelight.
You can pause each day at a park on the way home, taking time to feel gratitude and love for your life.

This is your life. It is given to you to be enjoyed fully.
This is your life. It is meant to be a reflection of your own inner harmony.
This is your life. It is yours to have and to share as you are guided from within.
This is your life. It is truly your gift to be fully lived with joy and fully given with love.

I live in love. I allow my inner voice to guide me in how I give and live, work and play.
I live in trust. I know that my needs will be provided when I am at peace in the gifts I give.
I live in freedom. I believe I can easily change my direction when I am needed to serve and give.
I live in joy. I am grateful that I am aware of the perfection and natural abundance always present.

I am loving you, as I share love and trust, my freedom and joy.
Betty Lue

Thursday, May 05, 2005

You Are Loved

As we held those little six day old, 6# baby girls, Robert and I laughed and giggled.
As we bottle fed them breast milk and formula, we relaxed into the simplicity of Love.
As we swaddled them and cuddled and cooed, we felt warm and safe and loved.
As we watched their totally loving parents, kiss and show their total love, we were inspired.

This is how each one and everyone is meant to be received into this world..
"We love You.
We are grateful for the blessing of You.
We are grateful You have come to us."

"You are a Gift of Love.
In loving You, we receive that Love.
In cherishing You, we know we are cherished.
In keeping You safe and warm, we feel safe and warm."

What we give with open-hearted consciousness, we receive to the core of our being.
As we give our very best, we fully receive the very best we give.

The Golden Rule of "doing unto others" works, not because it is right, but because it builds a safe and loving world for all of us.

When I give you forgiveness and Love, I know I am forgiven and loved.
When I offer you the warmth of my home and the food from my table, I realize I am provided for.
When I bless you with the fullness of my heart and wish you to prosper, I feel I am blessed.
What I give to others without condition or expectation, I know is truly mine.

Life is a circle.
Our children, with their simple presence, help us realize the richness of our lives and the fullness of our Love.
Love needs do nothing to create miracles.
When Love is recognized and received, it creates more Love.

In joy and Love for the miraculous opportunity to Love You,
Betty Lue

Even if you never experienced this kind of Love, give it to someone in your life and you will have it All for Your Self.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Joy of Giving

When we are sick, we seek to get well.
When we feel separate from ourselves and our Source, we want to get connected.
When we feel lost, we try to get home.
When we are suffering, we want to get comfort.
When we are lonely, we want to get friends.
When we are afraid, we what to get reassurance.
When we feel unappreciated, we want to get approval.
When we feel dark and despairing, we may seek to get enlightened.
When we are confused, we may try to get advice and clarity.
The personality is always seeking to get something that is missing.
When egos give, it is with the intention of getting something we feel is lacking.
Getting is tricky business, because "getting" from someone begets their wanting to "get" from us.

When we are well, we give.
When we are connected, we give.
When are at home, we give.
When we are happy, we give.
When we have true friends, we give.
When we are valued, we give.
When we are enlightened, we give.
When we are clear, we give.
When we are on purpose, we give.
When we are in love, we give.

When we remember our wholeness and holiness, we give.

In our giving, we receive from the joy of giving.
Sharing what we have and know and are, increases what we have and know and are.

Life is for giving. We are the gifts.
It is in unconditional giving, without expectation, that we recognize that we already have it all.

The only forgiveness we really need, is to forgive ourselves for withholding our givingness.
I forgive myself for thinking I need to get something.
I forgive myself for thinking is need to get.
I forgive myself for thinking I need.
I forgive myself for thinking.
I forgive myself.
I forgive.
I give myself abundant joy by giving All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, May 02, 2005

Take Care of Your Own

I am responsible for all who comes to me for Love.
I am responsible to Love those I am given to Love.
I am responsible to be fully present with each child.
I am responsible for all children of the Earth.

This is Your Child, just as I Am.
This is Your Miracle of Love, just as I Am.
This is Your Precious Soul, just as I Am.
This is Your Sacred Creation, just as I AM.

Whose is mine and what is Yours?
Where does "Mine" begin and "Yours" start?
Who belongs to my family and whose to yours?
How can I ignore what is here, given to me to Love?

Being "responsible" means I cannot ignore anyone who is in my arms.
Being "responsible" means I cannot neglect anyone who is in my home.
Being "responsible" means I answer every call for healing and help.
Being "responsible" means I am on call for God and for Good.

Being in Love is a sacred covenant of responsibility.
Opening your heart to Life requires a commitment to Give.
Devoting ourselves to the Creation of Good requires even more.
When I see hunger, disease and suffering, what can I do?

We each have many parts to play in the circle of life.
We each have many functions to fill.
We can contribute the best that we have to better life for All.
We can wholeheartedly support and encourage one another to give joyfully.

The more I have the more grateful I am.
The more I am grateful I am, the more I have to give.
The more I have to give, the more I benefit from giving.
And the more fulfilled I am to be abundant, happy and grateful.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue

I am aware children everywhere are part of my family.
I care for those nearby and then those far away.
I give what and when and how I am called from Spirit within.
Yes, we care for our mothers (one here 2 minutes away and one in NC)
Yes, we care for our grandchildren, Gia in Petaluma 1 hr. away and two babies in SF 45 min. from us.
Yes, we will care and give as we are called from within.
Yes, we will be going to Africa in August to plant gardens for the end to hunger there. More later.
Yes, you can join us in giving to those who come into your life.
Giving is the source of true joy.