Thursday, July 31, 2003

Taking Care of Others

It is futile and frustrating to try to fix, correct, or change others who have not asked for our help. This is a form of judgment or attack on them and they will resist, resent, be offended or hurt. They may withdraw, act out, blame you or feel defensive. It is always best to help only when requested. Be sure about exactly the kind of help being sought before you open your mouth or your pocketbook. We often jump to our own conclusions and step in where and when our help is not helpful.

Being truly helpful requires:
See the other person as whole and Holy.
Give only what is being asked for.
Give only if it it given with gratitude and love.
There must be no sacrifice in the giving. Martyrdom causes guilt.
Guilt perpetuates the pain and the problem.
Listen within to see the Highest and best Loving Reminder that is being called forth. Ask if you are unsure.
Your Love and your listening are enough.
If the other asks for advice or input, share.
When in doubt, give what you would want to receive.
Listen inside for your inner guidance.
Respond always with respect and compassion.
Never feel sorry or pity the other.
Never get angry for your over-giving.
If you find yourself over-extended, forgive yourself and take care of yourself first.

A drowning person cannot be saved by someone who is drowning.

Loving you and always receiving the Good that is freely given to All,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

How to Achieve True Happiness

Choose to be happy everyday.
Know God’s wills Your Happiness.
Love yourself impeccably.
Love others unconditionally.
Keep yourself full and fulfilled.
Do Good works and live a Godly life.
Give up being right and making others wrong.
Stop fixing or correcting yourself and others.
Give up listening to media negatives.
Let go of telling and believing human drama.
Give what is asked for with gratitude.
Teach with every thought, word and activity.
Model what you want your world to be.
Be true to your highest spiritual principles.
Explore your values and give them priority.
Trust all is well and all you need is given.
Be free.
Be true.
Be you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Being Present and Grateful

When we are not present and grateful for what is, when we are not clear and committed to a future of Goodness, we return to the past. When a horse is not contentedly grazing or is not directed toward a distant goal, it will often run back to the barn. We know the past and tend to return, no matter how painful or unrewarding, rather than set out for an unknown future.

Direct your mind to the Good that is your Divine right.
Direct your thoughts and actions toward your Highest vision.
Direct your words to affirm and promote what is Highest and Best for you.
Direct your attention to possibilities and opportunities and creative solutions.
Direct your resources to outcomes you desire rather than avoiding or defending against disasters and drama.

Setting inspired goals leads us to be possibility thinkers and committed doers.
Use your mind, your words and your body as tools for spirit.
Inspire yourself for living your Highest Potential. Set your course and then choose to move only in that direct.
If you find yourself being distracted, delayed and detoured by errant, thoughts, words or deeds, merely forgive your forgetfulness and choose again.

Seek first the Kingdom or God.
Seek first for what is Good and wholesome.
Seek first to move in the direction you seek.

Seeking the Highest for us all,

Life is For Giving....... You Are the Gift.
In giving yourself fully, you recognize the Gift You Are.

Monday, July 28, 2003

What Does It Take?

What does it take to be fully present?
What does it take to be in Love with All?
What does it take to do no harm?
What does it take to be truly helpful?
What does it take to have no arguments?
What does it take to not be upset and hurt?
What does it take to be perfectly happy?

You are called to be conscious.
You are called to take responsibility.
You are called to be totally respectful.
You are called to listen within.
You are called to forgive all the time.
You are called to claim your Holiness.
You are called to see only wholeness.
You are called to seek the Highest Good.
You are called to choose win/win solutions.
You are called to take impeccable self care.
You are called to be peaceful and happy.
You are called to serve the Highest you know.
You are called to live what you teach.
You are called to make no one guilty.
You are called to make no one wrong.
You are called to love all equally.
You are called be totally honest.
You are called to be authentic.
You are called to teach with every thought, word and deed.
You are called to appreciate the gift in everything.
You are called.
You are the One.
You can choose to be this One asking daily for the help of Higher Power.
Give yourself to Love and Love will give to YOU!
Betty Lue

Your gratitude and prayers, your financial donations and everyday practice,
Are all precious gifts of love and inspiration for me.
You remind me of my real work here.
No matter what, know I am always loving, honoring and blessing you.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Difficult Situations & People

What do you need to remember in difficult situations with difficult people?

You are the most conscious One. It is up to you to choose the Best for all.

The cost of giving is receiving. Give what you would want to receive always, respect, understanding, acceptance, love, forgiveness peace, listening…whatever you would want.

Everyone is seeking Love, peace and joy. Underneath the negative habits of mind and speech, everyone want a good life. So when others have forgotten or are ignorant, it is yours to remind them be how you live, how you think and how you act.

Your are teaching with your thoughts as much as your words. Clear your negative or judgmental thoughts with eraser filled with love. Make sure you are matching your behavior with your words and thoughts.

Life is forgiving and you are the gift. It is only in giving the Highest and Best that you recognize the gift of Love you are. When you give criticism, you define yourself as critic. When you give wisdom, you see yourself as wise. When you give understanding, you see yourself as caring. Give the gift you truly are.

When you have forgotten how to Love, stop, look inside and listen to your Spirit. Always give the best you know. And let go and trust.