Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Masks and Fears

What masks do you wear?
What fears are you hiding?
How are you defending yourself?
In what ways are you deceptive?

When you know your heart, you can hear the Love and Goodness you are.
When you know your Creator, you will know and your Real Self.
When you remember your calling, you will be peaceful and content.
When you live what your heart knows, you will be trusting and free.

The masks we are wearing may be more subtle than this eves.
The roles we are playing may be seeking to please.
The lives we are living may just be cover-up.
The words we are speaking may explain why and because.

Who are you really is often messy, not neat.
With our heart's yearning, we can choose trick or treat.
The trick is to discover the real You under the mask.
The treat is to live everyday with Love as our task.

When you remember, there is only Love deep inside.
There is nothing to fear and nothing to hide.
You take off your enhancements and find what is Real.
You open your heart/mind to live what you feel.

The treat of remembering is freedom and fun.
Your fun, safe and easy has really just begun.
Life is as good, as you give of your true Self.
Life is forgiving as you find you're really God's Elf.

Written in 8 minutes without editing, it's true.
I just listen inside and write everything new.
There's really no trick, just not judging what I Say.
Listening and writing is God's Holy Play.

This is my Treat for You!
Betty Lue
Here is pretending to be Mommy or Dad.
We practice to play the parts that we see.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Thwarting Creativity?

Are you limiting the creativity of yourself and others?
Are you stopping true progress?
Are you getting in the way of the flow?
Are you blocking what is for the highest Good?
Do you resist change?
Are you fearing the unknown?
Are you doubting that what is new could be better?
Are you closing the door to never ending and constant improvement?

Life is about possibility.
Life is for living.
Life is a learning laboratory.
Life is the realm of infinite possibility.

Where there is life, there is change.
Where there is life, there is flow.
Where there is life, there is movement.
Where there is life, there is transformation.

Where humanity fears the unknown we slow or impede progress.
Where we judge the mistakes of the past, we question creative ideas.
Where we lack faith in God and Trust in good intentions, we doubt.
Where we are protecting ourselves and wanting to control, we say "No".

Explore today saying Yes to every new idea, yours and others.
Try to today to look on everything with appreciation and open-mindedness.
Enjoy today the Great Mystery that lies beyond what we can make happen.
And believe today that all life is moving toward a Greater Good through inner Vision.

Saying Yes, is a beautiful affirming habit.
Even when you have some after thoughts to share, say YES first.
Ponder the gift being given and be grateful.
Enjoy the possibility of something different, something better, before saying NO.

Give yourself to Love and Good will come.
Give yourself forgiving the fear, and life will flourish.
Give yourself to appreciating the creative human Spirit.
Give yourself to anticipating positive change for the Good of All.

Let Go and Let God.
Let Go and Let Good.
Betty Lue

Are you open to being creative with your fears?
Are you willing to dance with the spiders in your life?

Are you allowing fun to replace fear?

Sunday, October 29, 2006


What comes first in your life?
Is it you pets or your partner?
Is it your children or your career?
Is it you health or your happiness?
Is it your hair or your diet?
Is it being on time or answering the phone calls?
Is it how things look or the way you feel?

We often talk like we place a high priority on their whole life health and happiness, until we realize how much money and time are spent on more mundane desires . We can tell what are priorities are by how we spend our money and time. Keep a journal of your resource expenditures for three months and notice what categories consume the most time, money and energy.
Notice when you have a choice of taking a walk, taking a nap or going shopping what you do.
Notice when you can read to your child or talk on the phone what you do.
Notice when you can fix a salad for dinner or eat fast food what you do.
Notice when you can give a contribution to a cause you believe in or go to a movie what do you do.

Priorities show us our values.
What we value is what we want.
What we want is what we get.
What we get may be healthy or not.
What we get may not be what we really want.
To change what you have in your life, change your priorities.
Give to what you want.
Stop giving to what drains or depletes your health and happiness.
Give to what supports, nourishes and inspires you to be healthy, happy and fulfilled.

Take an honest look at where you are placing your attention.
If you feel happy about it, continue.
If there is something missing, simply choose again.
Life is for learning what we really value.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Mercury in retrograde is a great excuse to clean up our communications, our agreements and our consciousnes
s. It is a wonderful opportunity to be clear, concise and focused on our desired outcome rather than the picky details.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Missed Something?

Whenever we miss a learning, the lesson is repeated.
When we miss being with someone, we keep thinking of them.
When we miss an opportunity, it keeps coming to mind.
When we miss a communication, we are haunted in our thoughts.

Often in life we are presented with lessons and experiences, we need to heal and handle.
When we ignore, avoid or simply neglect what is before us, it repeats itself again and again.
Life is a failsafe classroom in which we are given infinite chances to pass the same exam.
Every situation, relationship and experience becomes a lesson in Love.

In our haste to judge, to fear, to excuse the upsets that come our way, we may bypass the gift.
The gift of dealing with, healing, being with, accepting, forgiving what is before us is Peace.
When we have appropriately forgiven our judgments and given our Love, we feel whole.
When we have spoken our Truth, offered our blessings, accepted what is, we are complete.

And we know it is done, because it is done.
We know it is finished, as we exhale our gratitude.
We know this is the end of the lesson, because we feel rewards.
We know because we are at peace and what was is gone to be replaced only by Love and Happiness.

There is no harm in missing the obvious.
It just takes time to do it over again.
There is no problem in re=experiencing the same issue.
It simply calls us to let go and let God.

Let Love and Goodness prevail.

Clear your mind and heart of all that is blocking your awareness of the Light and Love within
and you will see and know and shine Light and Love without.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Do you get stuck in life??
Have you ever gotten distracted in the middle of what you were doing?

This amazing moment was first a somersault and then Wow! Something to do!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Making New Friends

This last few weeks many new friends (spiritual family) have added their names to my email lists for Daily Loving Reminders.
I feel encouraged, connected and inspired by each one.
And I am grateful for each one who is called to move on, travel, stop using their computer, and asks to have their name removed.
You see, I trust Spirit in you.
I know what I do is a gift to be both given and received.
Its worth and my worth do not diminish with external changes.

I know all things of this world change.
People come and go.
Experiences shift as we grow.
Only Love remains the same.
I know it's True Love, when it stays the same no matter what happens in the world. I know it's Divine Love, when I am certain my commitment to Love will not falter.
I know it's Spiritual Love, when I see I am inspired in the loving.

I know it's Unconditional Love, when I realize nothing can change what is Real.

When we are new in a relationship, we must take time to get acquainted on many levels.
I want to know what you want me to know about you.
I want you to know me as well…..
So here is some bottom line stuff:
I am almost always happy and at peace.
I am a happy willing learner, meaning I learn from every experience and relationship.
I have listened to my inner Voice, (inner listening) for 30 years, for daily guidance.
I have been married to my God-Sent spiritual partner and friend for 21 years.
Together we have moved 15 times, founded 11 centers in five states, as we have been called.
We have created spiritual family and community many times and continue those loving relationships.
For the last eight years we have been in the SF Bay Area of California, serving enhanced holistic health, healthy relationships, life purpose, true prosperity and financial freedom through coaching, counseling, education, living ministry program, self-publishing our writings and being with our four grand daughters and grandson (coming in 11/8).
Robert and I respect our spiritual calling.
We feel honored to do the work Spirit brings to us. “On Call for God”
We are happy to play our part on the stage of life.
And we truly love, respect and honor one another through all our life changes.
We take ownership for nothing, knowing everything comes from Source and is returned to Source.
Our livelihood and financial security come from contributions from those who receive our work with gratitude.
We turn no one away due to financial limitation or lack.
Those who are sincere and committed to do the work, whom Spirit has sent to us, are always served with the Best we know.
While Robert's travel and teaching is limited now, he fully supports my calling, with his Presence as he is called, and contributes in more solitary ways, handling computer, legal, financial and worldly details.

My usual and very flexible schedule: (There is always room for You!)
Loving Reminders, receiving spiritual guidance, every morning between 5-7AM.
Eating daily organic whole grains, some pasta, vegetables and fruits and lots of water.
Lots of fresh air, walking and physical work three + days/week (with the children.)
Monday mornings, and Fridays 7-6PM in Alameda with 18 month old twins and new baby soon.
Thursdays in Petaluma with 8 yr. old Gia and 1 year old Sofia (now often only twice/month)
Counseling, Coaching and Classes at Center for Conscious Living, 1/2 mile from our home, on Mon. eve, Tues., Wed., Fri. eve and some weekends.
Phone coaching by appointment, often before or after hours, or while traveling.
Interfaith and New thought Ministry, serving in Alameda at the Home of Truth with a ministry team of 3.
My favorite loves are: A Course in Miracles and Inner Listening,
Creating Beauty, Wholeness and Goodness.
Appreciating and Enjoying the Garden of Life, (all people) grow in Wonder and Grace.
Inspiring others to Awaken to the Infinite Possibilities in their Lives.
Co-creating more opportunities and invitations for people to find Lasting Happiness and Inner Peace.

Mission: I am the space of freedom and trust where Love is remembered and wholeness restored.
Purpose: To awaken All to recognize our Holiness and Live our Essential Truth.

I never quit on Love.
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Make No Assumptions!

We never really know what another is thinking, feeling, or saying.
We can confirm what we believe with our verbal feedback and request for verification.
Even then the other's filters, life experience, beliefs and state of their inner world is different than ours.
We can assume in our Essence that all humanity want something similar: survival, safety, belonging, accomplishment and self actualization. But we never really know until we ask and understand.

To live our highest potential follows after all the other hierarchy of needs are satisfied.
When we listen deeper than the words or temporary feelings, we can find a more essential truth.
When we listen without our own projection of feelings, attitude, beliefs and state, we can see more.
When we listen to see how we can be helpful, we can hear the calling to receive and give Love.

With the basics of survival and safety needs being met, each will to look for where they belong.
To find where we belong, we seek to know it is safe to be.
To be safe to be requires that we be valued even with our differences, our neediness and our defenses.
To begin to feel safe allows us to dare to dream to create and accomplish.

When we step out to do, to be, to express, we want to be seen and known and loved.
When we give our best, we want to be received, not criticized or rejected.
When we give our best, we want to be appreciated.
However, in our socialization, where we are not received, we will notice and make other choices.

I cannot assume what your needs are.
I cannot know where you are in your life learning path.
I cannot see what needs to be healed.
I cannot understand what it is like to be you.

The best I can do is to be me.
The best I can do is to express with the love and respect I have for myself.
The best I can do is to be open and willing to be a safe place where you will let me know who you are.
The best I can do is to make no judgments, allow trust and freedom to prevail in our relationship.

The best I can do is to forgive whatever seems to inter-fear.
The best I can do is to ask for clarification, and make it safe for you to tell me your truth.
The best I can do is to not take your thoughts and feelings personally.
The best I can do is to keep my agreements and make no assumptions.

The best I can do is to always keep loving both me and you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Remember, I am available for counseling, coaching or just plain straight talk! 800-919-2392. You contribute what is fair for my time and help. Insurance may cover as well.

Is she from the old country or just a cutie?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Truth May Hurt

Where we resist, truth sometimes hurts.
Where we are attached to our beliefs, it may hurt to hear the truth.
Where we believe our perception is correct, another viewpoint may cause discomfort.
However, all truth can set us free.

Remember where we are attached, we are vulnerable.
Where we must be right, we are resisting being wrong.
Where we hold only one perspective, we are unable to see the whole picture.
Where we want agreement, we will avoid differences of opinion.

Whenever you hear what is contrary to your perspective, consider for a moment another viewpoint.
When you are confronted with a "truth" different than your own, stand in the other's shoes.
When you are given another way to see things, consider it as a gift of expanded possibilities.
When you are open to seeing things differently, forgive your limiting beliefs and be willing.

Life is meant to free us from our microscopic view and clouded vista.
Life offers us the freedom to choose how we want to view every situation, communication and option.
Life is an experimental lab in which to discover and reflect on the infinite possibilities.
Life is an Exploratorium in which to experience, enjoy and let go of all judgment and fear.

Truth can be freeing or scary, depending on our judgment of it.
Truth can open us to challenge and growth, or discourage us into withhold and shut down.
Let your truth be told and may it be hears.
Let others truth be told and may we hear it.

Let us celebrate the sharing of divergent viewpoints and know it is all Good.

Loving you, no matter what.
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Letting Go

October is often experienced as the month of letting go.
As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, it reminds us to let go of our perceptions to be willing to see things differently.
As leaves drop away leaving the trees bare and visible, it is a reminder to let our limiting beliefs and cover-up drop away so we can see the essential Truth.

To let go of our beliefs, requires a trust in something invisible, something unseen, the Great Mystery.
To let go asks only that we be willing to see what really Is, beneath what appears to be.
To let go invites us to be fully Present for this moment and each moment, knowing there is Love.
To let go is the easiest and most natural thing in the world. It is the flow of all life.

It is important to know that letting go creates a void, an experience of momentary openness, a void.
Because most of us have learned to never let there be silence, emptiness, quiet, we avoid the void.
Yet, it is in the void, the stillness, the empty mind, that we know God and hear God's word.
It is in the nothingness that we find everything that is Real and Whole and Eternal.

Can you remember to breathe and let go?
Are you willing to trust and to know?
Can you live and let God?
Is there room in your life for quiet?

Breathe gently and simply sit, open and willing.
Stop and simply observe what is within and without.
Be present and pay attention to what speaks to you.
Allow yourself to listen within trusting God lives in You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Free workshops with Betty Lue: (Love offerings always appreciated for these two non-profit centers.)
Today, Sunday 10/22, 12:30-4PM , Find Purpose, Passion and Spiritual Plan , Home of Truth, 1300 Grand St. Alameda
Sunday 10/29 , 12:30-4PM, Define and Design Success in Living Spiritual Vision, Home of Truth
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Sunday, 11/18, 12:30-4PM, Putting It Into Action, Home of Truth, 1300 Grand St. Alameda
Sunday, 12/3, 1:30-4PM, Coping with Stress, Center for Conscious Living, 140 Mayhew Way #200, Pleasant Hill

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Say "YES!"

Saying "Yes" to life, increases your joy, energy and enthusiasm.
Saying "Yes" affirms that life works for you and those around you.
Saying "Yes" is a decree that you are on the side of God.
Saying "Yes" is a declaration of our unity with everyone and Al That Is.

We need to say "No" only when what is asked and invited may do harm.
We need to say "No" when others may be hurt, offended, contracted with fear.
We need to say "No" when there is martyrdom which engenders guilt or hostility.
We need to say "No" when we may incur negative payback for ourselves or others.

Saying "Yes" to what is asked or offered is an acknowledgment that the blessings already are.
Saying "Yes" to Love in all its forms is receiving and expanding the blessings of others.
Saying "Yes" to possibilities opens the door to what is highest and best to all concerned.
Saying "Yes" invites participation and collaboration from those around you.

Some of us have learned to first say "No" or " I don't know" and then evaluate its worth.
This tends to shut down the contributor and the generosity that is flowing.
Some of us have learned to question the motives of those who give and share.
Our doubt inter-fears with what is being given, often polluting their consciousness.

When we say "Yes" to the innocent child who offers to help, we are encouraging helpfulness.
When we say "Yes" to the request to help us, we are encouraging the world to be thoughtful.
When we say "Yes" to the salesperson who is earning their way, we are affirming their success.
When we say "Yes" to our own inner ideas, we are inviting increased creativity and expansive thinking.

(We don't need to buy, do, eat and wear what is offered.
We do need to be grateful for the giver's desire to give.)

In our YES we are receiving the gift of the One who is offering .
In our Yes we are affirming the Abundance of the Universe.
In our Yes, we are erasing, doubt, fear and distrust.
In our Yes, we are joining with the higher purpose of giving.

Can you gracefully value and acknowledge what is being invited, without claiming the gift being shared?
Right now I need your help to ……….
Right now I would love you to help me by giving me ………..
Right now your best way to support me is….
Thank you for being so kind as to …………

When we can truly respond with what is highest and best for us, knowing and affirming it is best for the other, everyone wins.
Everyone is happy.
Everyone feels blessed.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 20, 2006

True Friendship

For some, friendship is the highest form of committed relationship.
Ask yourself what does it mean to you to be a true friend.
Look closely at the qualities of those you consider true friends.
Notice how friendship seems to vary with different personalities.

When friendship is tested with illness, distance, time or life changes, what is your experience?
Do you have many friends or just one true friend?
Are your friends your primary focus during the week?
Do you give your friends what you receive from your friends?

For me………

True friends are those who see me, know me and love me as I Am.
True friends are those who would take me in and give me rest, if I have need.
True friends are those who speak honestly and trust in my loving intention.
True friends are those who stand by me, knowing we are always connected.
True friends respect themselves and treat me with respect.
True friends listen beneath the words to the heart of the matter.
True friends are committed to relating with love, not to what they get.
True friends experience both teaching and learning, giving and receiving.
True friends respond always in the best way they are aware and trust.
True friends know they are loved, even with time, distance and differences.
True friends forgive and choose to love no matter what.

We are true friends,
Betty Lue

Choose to be a true friend and you will have true friends.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Letting Go

Did you know when you let go of what you no longer need, it makes room for what is to come?
Did you know when you let go, you relax, release and allow more good to flow into your life?
Did ou know when you let go, life seems to flow with more fun, safety and ease?
Did you know when you let go, you feel an expanded capacity to love, learn, listen and create?

Letting go is not only fun, safe and easy, it is what is really true for health, happiness and abundance.
Letting go is the path of true creation which is the realization of what is good, beautiful and whole.
When a sculpture creates, he visions and lets go of everything unlike that which he sees within.
When you sculpt your life, look and listen within for your desired experience and let go of everything unlike and unsupportive of your desire.

Less is more.
In a culture of acquisition, cover-up and sugar-coating, we sell by appearance and appealing to our senses.
In a culture of simplicity, disclosure and reality, we encourage letting go of limited options and freedom of choice for the highest Good.
In a simple life, we are grateful for what we have and let go of greed, envy and desire for more.

When our attention turns to respecting and valuing what we have, we can observe our appreciate increase in value.
When we care for what are our true values, we watch our emptiness and neediness disappear.
When we bless the bounty in our lives, we experience the richness of our relationships, our work and play.
When we are willing to undo what is not true and loving for us, we uncover and discover what is true and loving.

Life is Good, when we see it with grateful eyes.

Blessings of gratitude for you and to you,
Betty Lue

Letting go is a blessing. Choose what is true and loving for you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Giving is Everything!

"To Spirit, Getting is Meaningless and Giving is All." ACIM

When we are getting, we are acknowledging that we are poor, limited and lacking.
When we are needy, we are teaching our world that we are inadequate and dependent.
When we feel lacking, we are listening to our ego and false messages that contract our energy.
When we feel helpless, we may seek to manipulate and control others to get love, approval and support.

Giving to get is conditional on getting what we want.
Being needy separates us from the natural abundance in our world.
Feeling little, lacking and limited guarantees lack of confidence, creativity and commitment.
Acting helpless and complaining controls others with feelings of pity, sympathy and guilt.

"Giving All to All to Have All" is True Giving with no conditions.
Giving All is having no expectation on return.
Giving All is with no withholds.
Giving All is without specialness.
Giving All is knowing we are giving to the One.
Giving All is a gift to ourselves.
Giving All is priming the pump.
Giving All is opening the flow.
Giving All is trusting in natural Abundance.
Giving All is affirming prosperity.
Giving All is receiving and giving All Good.
Giving All is pure Joy.
Giving All is a condition of innocence.
Giving All is knowing Source is Infinite.

Give at least 10% to the Source of your Good as an affirmation of your gratitude.
Give Gratitude daily to the Source and reSource of your Good to increase the flow.
Give abundantly to people and places who receive, honor and utilize your gifts for the Good of All.
Give freely to your Source of inspiration, enlightenment and fulfillment.

Give to what inspires you and you will be more inspired.
Give to what enlightens you and you will be more enlightened.
Give to what encourages you and you will feel more encouraged.
Give to what reminds you and you will be more remembering.

Give to what you are increasing, affirming, acknowledging and creating your world to be.
Give steadfastly of your time, energy, resources, gratitude and finances.
And know you are creating a world of Goodness, Gratitude, Prosperity and Joy!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

You Are Love

Think Love
Feel Love
Be Love
Do Love
Have Love
Give Love
Receive Love

You are Love.

Let go of the thoughts words and activities that are not Love.
You will see and feel and be Who You really are

Anything that is not Love is not real.
Anything that is not Love you can heal.
Anything that is not Love is not true.
Anything that is not Love is not You.

Can you imagine what your life would be if you could always see and feel and know the Love You Are?
Can you imagine what others would experience in your Presence if you only gave them the Truth?
Can you imagine how glorious everything would see if you could always see the love within?
Can you imagine how fun, safe and easy life would flow is you only let go of everything unlike Love?

Love is Who You Are.
I know it.
We are Love.
United in Love there is nothing we cannot do.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Glad to be back at my computer keyboard.
Had a wonderful time in Asheville, living and loving.
Spent quality time with my Mom, helping, playing games, eranding and more.
Great time with a few friends doing workshop stuff, envisioning our ideal life.
Went to Unity Center with Chad and Lyte O'Shea for spiritual infusion.
Walked the glorious land of Spirit Rock Sanctuary, outside Sylva, NC being co-created by our spiritual sisters, Melissa and Jacquie Skye, site of future Reunion retreats with Betty Lue, Robert and many others.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Always Together

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we are always together in Love.

Only judgment and fear, doubt and mis-belief separate us.
In spite of the time and space appearance, there is no distance in the experience of Love.
Even with what seems like loss of physical connection, there is only Union in Love.

When you want to feel at One, connected and in communication, simply radiate Love.
When you want to feel received, listen in your heart for the loving response.

While bodies appear separate, energy, Love cannot be individuated.
All are interconnected.
All is Love.
We are here to remind one another of our true connection and ReUnion in Love.

Experiment with your own willingness to connect to the Love You Are the Love I AM, the Love We are.

Together there is nothing Love cannot do.
Only Love prevails.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Do you interrupt yourself?
Do you interrupt others?
Do you allow interruptions to your natural flow?
Do you stop others from flowing with what is true for them?

In many traditions, there is such respect for one another that there is a traditional way you create conscious connection. When speaking with an elder, you always ask permission before entering their space. Gratitude is given before anything is asked. Gratitude is given when the answer is received.

In many cultures, there is no noise, no conversation unless the words have great import and meaning.
Silence is preferred because it allows each individual to listen to their own inner voice and really hear.
Silence is the gift of the universe because it grants us creative freedom in which to express our love song.
Silence is the gift of respect people given to the Creator. Unless we have blessing to add, words are a meaningless distraction.

Stories are told by conscious beings to create a lesson, to offer a truth.
Stories are filled with messages designed to create an outcome or new awareness of the listener.
Stories are ways of inspiring and uplifting ourselves and others.
Stories are methods of entertaining and engendering laughter and a sense of community.

In our culture phones, media, text messaging, written words are often created as a distraction.
We seem to fill our minds with meaningless and often painful stories of victimization, pain and pleasure.
Interruptions are expected and sometimes desired to take us away from our negative inner dialogue.
Distraction, detour and delay are encouraged so we cannot take responsibility for the result of our unconscious choices.

We interrupt ourselves with infinite details, conflicting possibilities, stories of guilt and blame, and acting out the endless list of inconsequential tasks. The natural flow of chi, the life force and energy of creation is interrupted with doubts, questions, "yes, but's", creating confusion and uncertainty.
Interruptions are a habit of mind.
Interruptions come from our own doubting and interrupting mental habits.
Interruptions interfere with connection, communication, consciousness, choice and clarity of focus.

Today, Make is a new practice to stop interrupting yourself. When you are eating, eat with gratitude, focused on fully ingesting and enjoying the food. No phones, no distracting thoughts or words.

When you are conversing, make it a new practice to really listen to the other without assuming you know, second guessing, questioning or making up what you want to say in response. When there is a pause, it is appropriate to take a breath, a moment of reflection to listen within to what is the highest and best response.

All communication is for the goal of connecting and coming to Love. All communication is for the purpose of joining as one. The calling of all communication is to join in the co-creation of wholeness, goodness and beauty. When our communication leads us to create dis-ease, un-peace, yucky stuff and ugly thoughts and feelings, we are disconnecting from Self and from Source.

May I always respect my time and yours as we together and individually create with out thoughts and words a better more happy and loving world,
Betty Lue

Available by phone, even when I am travelling.
Gone from my computer from 10/11-10/16.
Call me at 800-919-2392!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Those Who Listen

Those who listen to the Voice for God know great peace.
Those who listen within know all is well.
Those who listen within know there is a gift in every experience.
Those who listen within know they are blessed.

Those who listen within trust they are loved.
Those who listen within feel safe and ease.
Those who listen within know God is real.
Those who listen within have what they need.

Those who listen within know they are not alone.
Those who listen within experience the joy of being.
Those who listen within are confident and trusting.
Those who listen within let go and let God.

To listen within is a daily practice.
To listen within is a gift of the Spirit.
To listen within is your Divine Appointment.
To listen within asks only your time and your willingness.

Set aside a sacred place (special chair somewhere).
Set aside an appointed hour.( with no interruptions or distractions.)
Make it a daily ritual to sit quietly with an empty pad and pen and wait.
If you have questions, requests or concerns, write them down first.

Make a choice to tune in the channel with the Highest Truth.
Decide to be patient and peaceful until you feel and know the Voice Within.
All have the ability to hear and few have the willingness and openness.
Write down everything you think and hear and feel (one word at a time.)

Your ego tends to erase the Truth you hear, the guidance you feel.
Your ego may over talk or convince you, you cannot hear anything.
Trust there is a quiet, peaceful and loving Voice in you, waiting for you.
"I am here, waiting for you, God of my Being, I am here."

The more you demonstrate your willingness to take the time.
The more you happily follow the guidance you hear.
The more you trust the Holy Spirit,
The more your ego will sit back and relax.

Listen within and all the Abundance of the Universe will be yours.
Peace, Joy, Love and the Creative Power of Spirit is your gift.

Enjoy, and Give thanks,
Betty Lue

I am off to NC on Wednesday with Robert.
Will return next Monday, October 16.
Tonight+ Awaken Your Authentic Self
Wednesday=no relationships class

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Letting Go

Forgiveness and Gratitude are the two greatest spiritual gifts we have.

When we are forgiving, we are letting go of what is no for the highest Good.
When we are forgiving, we are remembering the gift, the blessing and the spiritual lesson.
When we are forgiving, we are seeing the past from our judging and comparative mind.
When we are forgiving, we are asking to return to giving our unconditional love.

When we are grateful, we can see the blessing and the Goodness in all things.
When we are appreciative, we can hear from Spirit the message that is our gift.
When we are grateful, we can feel the peace that comes before we can fully understand.
When we are thankful, we know and trust everything always works more exquisitely than we can plan.

When we forgive the past, we are grateful for being here now.
When we let go of what has been, what is left is the blessing.
When we are thankful, we fully enjoy life as it is.
When we are forgiving and grateful, letting go is fun, safe and easy.

Loving you with forgiveness and gratitude,
Betty Lue

Do you know the peace that comes from accepting all things work together for Good?

Friday, October 06, 2006

Spiritual Business Plan

Sometimes called an inspirational business plan……..
Be advised that our Creator, Source and parent, in spite of common belief,
is totally in favor of His/Her children being happy and having fun everyday in every way.

If you have not considered that possibility for yourself and those around you, I suggest you consider that:
Those who love you wish for you only happiness, health and Good fortune.
Love never desires sorrow, dis ease and bad karma.possibility

If you find yourself wishing upon yourself and others, the opposite of Love, it must be from past programming and faulty thinking.

Time to change our minds.

Be happy.
Don't worry.
Love everyone.
Create a fun, safe and easy life.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Simplify Your Life

Update: We are moved into our brand new rental home, just 3 minutes from the Center for Conscious Living, where I see coaching and counseling clients, offering inspiration, education and holistic solutions.
We are closer to the Home of Truth, a metaphysica
l Center in Alameda , where I am part of the triumverate ministerial team offering , Sunday services, classes and spiritual support and direction.
Our life purpose includes spending creati
ve, supportive and happy times with our four (soon 5) grandchildren each week.
While I allowed "stressville" to get my body this week, I am now catching up, as I easily let go of everything that is not wholly loving and true. Whatever, we are not
actively using and enjoying will be released from our belonsings in the next few weeks. We are using this move to reevaluate our schedule, our habits of body and mind, our purpose and focus and choose to begin anew, living in Truth.
Simplicity yields true prosperity in all things.

Is it possible you have too much stuff?
Whatever we own,,owns a piece of us.
If we cannot care for it with love and positive attention, it is distracting us from our Good.

Is it possible you have too much to do?
Whatever we do, must be done with joy to add to our aliveness and abundance.
If we cannot do it with joy, we can find someone else who might do it with ease and joy.

Is it possible you have too many to care for?
Whenever we feel guilt because we have not responded with Love, we have over-committed.
We can renegotiate relationship agreements to honestly offer support without sacrifice or withhold.

Is it possible you want too much?
When we feel our worth is based on what we own, what we do, or what we give, we are mistaken.
Our worth is established by the Love within us, our Creator and Source. Nothing we can do can change Eternal Love.

Is it possible we are already, rich, abundant and blessed?
We are here to be abundant in happiness, inner peace and the joy of being.
Letting go of whatever is not safe, fun and easy is a choice for true prosperity.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Just like mommy...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sacred Cow

If you buy a sacred cow to give milk and the cow did not produce enough for you and your family, what do you do?
Do you blame the cow, beat it, or get rid of it?
Do you try to figure out what is wrong, take it to a therapist or vet for treatment?
Do you love it the best you can and appreciate whatever you receive?
Do you pray for a miracle, give it everything, hoping for a change and building disappointment?

Who is responsible for the lack of milk?
Is there anyone to blame?
Is there anything to fix?
Is there something to learn?

When we make a choice to love, what are the expressed expectations and conditions we have made?
When we make a choice to get married or have a child, what are the unconscious expectations we have?
When we have chosen a teacher, therapist or mentor, what are the conditions of that implied agreement?

Most seem to choose with unconscious and unexpressed assumptions that we will get what we expect.
When our expectations are not met, we fall into blame, regret, threat, negotiation and disappointment.
Where is our responsibility, our ability to respond with resentment or with appreciation?
Where is our ability to respond with fear or with love?
Where is our conscious choice to learn and to teach, to give and to receive, to commit to Love?

What would happen if we expressed all our unconscious expectations?

For example,
I expect you to love me this way…..
I expect you to give me this much time, attention and money.
I expect you to listen to my demands and accommodate.
I expect you to take my criticism and love me anyway.

Or I expect you to never to make me happy.
I expect you to leave me feeling rejected.
I expect you to behave in immature and unfaithful ways.
I expect you to lie and disappoint me.

Or with unconditional love…
I expect us to explore, discover, experience and heal in our relationship.
I expect us to forgive our mistakes and return to love.
I expect us to take responsibility for taking impeccable care of ourselves.
I expect us to own and clear our projections, limiting beliefs and errant judgments of one another.
I expect myself to commit to do the work of clearing all obstacles to my awareness of the presence of Love.

Consider that our sacred cows are all perfect, chosen to teach us how to love unconditionally.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue