Thursday, October 30, 2003

I am loving you and all is well.
Time to remember to love no matter what.
Time to be grateful for what is no matter what.
Time to extend peace to all no matter what.
Yes, it is time!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

What Is My Calling?

I was asked yesterday, "What is my dream? What is my calling?" 
In the midst of all my doingness and service, where am I going? What inner direction am I choosing?"

I recognized before I could answer, I once again needed to wash away all past history to see clearly, for in the past is both disappointment and triumph, sorrow and ecstasy. In order to see clearly the sun shining goal in my heart, I must forgive the clouds of disillusionment and be willing to see and be the Light and live in deLight. The last five years in California I have been on sabatical, taking a vacation from full Self-realization. I have been living a more ordinary life in an extraordinary way. I have supported Robert for four years in his financial consulting business and ministry, and now am supporting him in fully embracing and coming to peace with major health challenges. I am supporting my grand daughter and my son-in-law, as my daughter went through medical school and now has entered surgical residency living near the hospitals where she works long hours and is on call through the night. I have been supporting the ordained ministers of Reunion and those whom I have mentored over the years by traveling to MI, IN and NC for workshops and retreats. I am supporting you and hundreds around the globe with these daily Loving Reminders. I am supporting the Reunion Centers in Pleasant Hill and Michigan with my consciousness and participation as I am invited. I am supporting the many clients whom I coach and counsel as well as the students whom I inspire, educate and encourage to be their best self. I am supporting Partners in Health, a holistic team of professionals who seek to serve their community with education, inspiration and alternative resources for optimal health. I am supporting our mothers, both of whom are very independent and contribute mightily to their communities through volunteer service, ministry and leadership. Everyday I am supportive with prayer, home visits, phone calls, email and correspondence, as well as invitations to help. It is my great joy to help my daughter, Hilarie , clean her first new home in readiness for moving in this week. I am supportive with hugs, with loans, with advice, with listening, with smiles, with humor, with total faith in God and Good. And throughout this supporting role, I am supporting me, Betty Lue, by loving, affirming, enjoying and valuing everything I am and do, including baking, cleaning house, doing laundry and paying bills and all the other beautiful ordinary activities of daily life.

Yes, I am supporting you. I am loving you. I believe in each one and everyone, one by one.

Who am I? I am a community builder. I build community within and without. I believe we must respect ourselves and one another. I believe we must be able to respond to the call at any time by taking exquisite care of ourselves. I belive we are here to learn to cooperate as we live and work together, play and serve together, create and celebrate together. I am teaching and demonstrating, inspiring and educating, modeling and co-creating sustainable loving successful relationships in which the best in everyone is respected, honored and blessed by all. Love is trust and freedom for me. I am a loving reminder, living trust and living freedom. I celebrate my life. I celebrate the part I play. I am honored and appreciative of being me.

Loving you with total support for the Gift You Are in my global community,
Betty Lue

I want you to know that You support me by learning and teaching, by giving and receiving, by contributing and creating, by being whole and happy and free. I am respecting you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Fun, Safe and Easy Choices

When I am deciding which house to buy, I take a couple of hours to look at what is available in the time frame I have with the specs that fit our lifestyle. I make my choice in a few minutes (this time it was 10 minutes of looking and “feeling” the condo and seeing about 10 other choices. I deliberated with Robert and inner guidance for less that 15 minutes. And when done, it was done. With my new office space, it took less that five minutes to know.

The important decisions in life are not about where I live, but how I live. It is not important about how much money, but how much I trust what I need is provided. It is not so important about where I work, but how much Light I bring to the work I do.

The real choices I make everyday are:
How do I choose to relate to my world?
How am I living each moment?
How do I stay focused on what is present?
Am I willing to be happy and at peace?
How do I consistently remember Love?

When I forget, I move quickly through worldly stuff to get on to what “matters” to me. I may miss the opportunity to Love now.

I am loving you right now and every Now.
Betty Lue

“Enlightenment is living each moment as the only moment of Love.”

Monday, October 27, 2003

Feminine and Masculine Within

Are you noticing the call to balance your life? 
Are you feeling the need to simplify? 
Are you being called to bless, not condemn?
Will you try less and allow more?
Is there a need to be quiet and listen within?
Can you let go of making things happen?
Can you release doing so much?
Is it time to let go of the limits and be free? 
Is there a way for you to love all of You!

The historic separation of feeling and thinking, being and doing, receptive and assertive energies is calling for healing and union. Now we are learning to listen and respond rather than react. It is time to be quiet, rather than advise or fix. This is a call for unconditional forgiveness and love with all parts of ourselves. The Universe is urging the union or marriage of the male/female energies within each one of us. 

Rather than competition, we are to cooperate. 
Rather than fixing what appears to be in error, we are being called to respect and look deeper for the blessing within the problem. 
In integration, there is healing. 
In Union, there is love. 
In the merging, there is Light. 
In the Oneness, there is All That Is. 
God lives within us in trust and freedom of the One we are. 
To make nothing wrong is to recognize how truly perfect All is. 

Trust will settle every problem now. 
In you lies everything, perfect and waiting for you to embrace and celebrate the Goodness within.
When in doubt, Trust. 
When in fear, Love. 
When in conflict, extend Peace. 
When in sorrow, offer Joy. 
You are the gift. 
As you give you will have what you want. 
Seek no more. Share all with all.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Letting Go is Letting In Good

For many, letting go and moving on is merely getting away from what we don’t like. We then take it with us in our fears it may happen again. Letting go and transformation is really about forgiving and releasing the fears and tears of the past to begin again with a fresh vision, a renewed inspiration, a deepening faith and a real commitment to the Highest Good for All. Right now I am choosing change, which I acknowledge stirs the pot of insecurity, judgment and history of abandonment for some. My choice to change for the Good, following my inner direction, can be inspiring or terrifying, clarifying or confusing for others. When I am guided, I act quickly and with trust in the Highest Good for all concerned. 

What I know is that I cannot and do not leave anyone. I am forever a part of everyone. When there is a move, a change of course, a transformative process, the Essential Me is always and forever Present with You and All That Is. Life is not about where we live or work, nor about our bodies or personalities. Life is about the journey of the Soul. Wherever we go, there we are. Those we have loved, we shall always Love. The blessings we have given and received are forever complete. The rest is merely grist for our refinement, the learning laboratory of our conscious choice. Each one of us follows the path of our highest dreams or our greatest fears, depending on what direction we face. We each have a sacred calling which can be heard and supported or feared and denied. The words we use, the choices we make and the vision we hold in our minds all shape the outcome. I trust that when I am called to move, I am supporting the Highest Good for all. If I and my partners are going in two different directions, we go no where. If I and my coworkers are functioning with differing philosophies, we are holding one another back by dividing our energies. If I am going in many different directions, I am confusing my self and splitting my energies. I know the more focused, committed and faith-filled I am, the more fun, safe and easy the outcome. Life is a wonderful adventure. To fully enjoy it, I must fully be present where I am with open mindedness and full appreciation. 
Choosing my direction and focus consciously, Betty Lue

PS I am moving my home close to my offices in Walnut Creek around Dec. 10 . We will be very close to Robert’s Mother and closer to the airport for travel. I am moving my offices to more light, expansiveness and freedom in Suite #1000 at same address 140 Mayhew Way in Pleasant Hill on December 1. Robert has moved my communication on email to a new Eudora system which has an expanded capacity and support for my ever-growing Loving Reminders list. My permanent email address is: bettylue

Always with you wherever I appear to be,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Deep Autumn Cleaning

Darkness calls us to seek the Light. 
Condemnation calls forth our Forgiveness.
Malingering calls us to promote Health.
Gossip invites us to communicate directly.
Bad feelings encourage expression of gratitude.
Blaming asks for being Response-able.
Self -Pity invites us to care for ourselves.

In this amazing time of deep cleansing of old festering wounds, we must respectfully clean our consciousness. To clean house we must acknowledge what has been lying hidden and covered. With kindness and blessing, acknowledge and release with relief. Remove the dead wood. Enlighten the dark corners. Clear the debris and litter of the past. Simplify, so that all, that is left of what was, is a blessing. 

In times of projection, where we castoff our outworn clothes of unconsciousness on those who are most forgiving and light-filled, take responsibility for all leftover fear and judgment. Take responsibility for the quality of all relationships by acknowledging that the past is recreated until we heal it. Freedom comes from forgiving all things and seeing the intrinsic essence within all beings and circumstances. 

I am willing to forgive myself where I have allowed others' fear, judgments and rejection to cause me pain. I need not take on the darkness of these changing times to heal them. I need only trust in Good and remember the Light within.

Loving the Light in You and Me,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 23, 2003

What is Life Saying?

If life is too hard, it is asking us to ease up.
If life is too painful, it is asking for gentleness.
If life is too fast, it is asking for us to slow down. 
If life is too uncertain, it is calling for steadiness. 
If life is too rough, it is asking to be smoothes out. 
If life is too conflicted, it is asking for more peace. 
If life is too messy, it is calling for order. 
If your life is not the way you want it, it is time to choose again.

Look and see what your life is calling for from you and for you. 
Give it to yourself today. (not next year or on vacation) 
Your life has many messages for you, but if you don't listen and respond, you shut down the communication line. 
Listen and respond immediately.

Never too busy to listen within,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Challenging Times Invite Our Best!

They say, “ this is the best of times and the worst of times.”  
In truth this time is an invitation to clear out of our consciousness and our lives all the clutter and useless memories of the past as we allow ourselves to be renewed menttally, inspired emotionally,  energized physically and reminded spiritually of our REAL Purpose here.

We are here to wake up.
We are here to awaken.  
We are here to Love one another.  
We are here to celebrate Life.  
We are here to enjoy.  
We are here to create consciously.  
We are here to cease all fear and worry, judgment and criticism,  guilt and punishment,.  
We are here to free  ourselves to fully be ourselves, the powerful  creative loving Presence we are.  
We are here to present the Gift of Love and Light and Life to ourselves and to our global family.

It is time for true teamwork………
everyone working together.

To work together we must:
be conscious,
be responsible,
be respectful,
be honest,
be committed,
be gentle,
be joyful,
be  open,
be generous,
be patient,  
be faithful,
be trusting,
be grateful,
be willing,
be present.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

How To Begin

In late December 1998 I was guided to begin putting my morning inner guidance on computer to share with all those who were called to receive.  They are my gift to you, just as they are a gift to me.  Early every morning since 1976 I have taken time to listen to the still small and loving voice within.  Some call this Voice Holy spirit, Higher Power, God, the Higher Self, our master teachers.  Some have called them conversations with God or notes from the Universe or the Voice Within. The name matters not to me, as I am willing to hear only the Highest Truth for the Good of all.  They are practical guidelines for everyday living and offer gentle reminders of how to stay in remembrance in a world of forgetting.  These are written in 10-15 minutes with a little time to spell check and put in form, but no other editing.

I know that everyone one of you can listen within as well as I to receive personal guidance and spiritual direction for your lives.  I invite you to make an appointment with Spirit daily at the same time and same place as one would set aside time for an honored guest. Sit an be still for 5-15 minutes, offering gratitude, a prayer of forgiveness, singing a song of joy or sharing your deepest concerns and questions on paper.  Then be still and listen to sensations, ideas, pictures in your mind and write down whatever seems to come to you.  With practice you will discover that your urges, intuitions, visions and even imaginings have some meaning and purpose.  Our work is to heighten our inner awareness and set aside our need to follow outer convention.

Even when I travel, I now share my Loving reminders at the web site
If you wish to receive to receive only weekly, let me know and I will place you on my weekly list.  If you wish to receive one of my little books of Loving Reminders, Peaceful Reminders or Relationship Reminders to keep by your bedside or share with a friend , I will send them your way.  If you wish to no longer receive from me, I will respectfully remove your name from my list.  I trust that each one of us is called to follow the path that leads us to greater health, happiness and fulfillment.  I honor your path and mine.

I am loving you,  
Betty Lue

Monday, October 20, 2003

Traveling to Awaken

Traveling always puts one’s life in perspective.
As we let go of our daily life, we have the opportunity to experience any attachments and fears. As we step into the unknown of travel with nothing planned, except perhaps scheduled time with friends, we experience unlimited possibilities and the curiosity of what will be. As we re-enter old relationships with friends and family, we can expect changes and delight in the reconnection.

How we respect and respond is our choice.
How we respect and respond determines the outcome.
How we respect and respond creates our experience.
How we respect what is and respond to what comes our way offers us fulfillment and joy or concern and anxiety depending on our receptivity or resistance.

I am grateful for the ways and means to travel.
I am grateful for my spirit of adventure.
I am grateful to delight in the unknown.
I am grateful to be Spirit-guided.
I am grateful to choose well.
I am grateful for my respect for All That Is.
I am grateful to trust in Divine Outcome.
I am grateful for my ability to respond with Love.
I am grateful to know the Love in me.
I am grateful to be Joy-filled and at Peace.
I am grateful to be in this world at this time.
I am grateful to be calling for You to awaken.
I am grateful to offer these Loving Reminders that I might always remind myself of the Love We Are.
I am so grateful we are awakening in Joy together.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Are You Willing?

Are you willing to be happy?
Are you willing to see things differently?
Are you willing to choose again?

Are you willing to be loved?
Are you willing to let go of fear?
Are you willing to forgive the past?
Are you willing to extend your Love?

Are you willing to be peaceful?
Are you willing to end all conflict?
Are you willing to seek for the Highest Good?

Are you willing to be free?
Are you willing to listen within?
Are you willing to follow your heart?
Are you willing to welcome miracles?

Just a little willingness opens the door for so much more! Use this as your little checklist.
Why not try a little willingness today?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Power From Within or Without?

Most worldly power comes from egoic effort, achieving fame or fortune, physical prowess or intellectual achievement. The personality seeks to gain its power or diminish its power through associations, acquisition or acclimation to empowering or disempowering circumstances. Egoic power fluctuates according to our place and situation in life. Egos or personalities, our learned ways of being, usually believe about themselves what was taught, demonstrated and exemplified by those instrumental in our rearing and nurturing. If we were seen to be smart, capable and able to achieve, we usually believe the same about ourselves. If we were treated like we were insufficient, inadequate and in error, we usually grow to believe and behave in ways which support that projection.

Egoic power is temporary and based on belief. Essential empowerment comes from Source, from our Essence. True power is not of ourselves nor our accomplishments. True or Essential Power comes through us as an expression of us. Our real work is to let go of all the blocks we have believed which interfere with the natural flow of what is powerful and Loving.

Keys to live in a natural state of empowerment:
Connect with Source, the Goodness within You. Stay connected by maintaining a consistent pattern of remembering through prayer, meditation, nature, etc.
Take impeccable care of your Self.
This may mean that you care for your body, mind, emotions, finances or relationships with care and consciousness. Clear whatever you see is distracting you by handling it with impeccability.
Flow with what comes your way.
Let nothing distract, detour, delay, drain or cause dams. No condemnation of yourself or others. Stay in a state of release and constant forgiveness.
Align with the Highest Good for All.
Make choices and decisions always based on an outcome where no one loses. Give your life to what is honest and fair, beneficial to all.

True power comes from living your life in the Highest and Best way you know.
Let go and trust enough to allow you inner essence to shine through you.

Trusting in your Essential Power,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 17, 2003

Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life

The way to clear doubt and fear, the two primary saboteurs in our lives, is to recognize that they exist. Become aware of when and where and how they show up for you. Be conscious of their presence in your thoughts, words and activities and you will be well on your way to heal, release and clear them.

What we let show, we can let go. When we are hiding, faking, pretending, denying what we have invited into our thoughts, we cannot take responsibility for their release. Awareness with no judgment is healing.

What are some signs of fear and doubt? They may show up on the screen of our life experience in the form of lack of confidence, secrets, envy, gossip, disrespect, anger, self-pity, sacrifice, and feelings of lack, littleness and limitation. When we are not living our highest spiritual principles, we know that we have allowed doubt and fear to “inter-fear.”

Attitudinal healing, undoing limiting beliefs, affirmations and forgiveness are all useful to be free.
I could see peace instead of this. Everything that is not Love is always a call for Love.
“I forgive myself for not wholly loving and supporting myself. I forgive those from whom I learned by word and example to let fear make the decisions in my life. I love you and free you all to return to Love. I trust in Love. I live and give from Love. I have faith and confidence that Love is the way for me to live.”

The resistance to changing our minds and changing our lives is really about ignorance (not knowing any better way), arrogance (my way is the best way), fear (being comfortable with our way of living), and attachment (not wanting to let go without knowing what might come in its place).

Changing our mind requires trust that there is a better way. Changing our mind requires a willingness to let go without knowing what comes next. Changing our mind invites us to listen within to a place that promotes Good for All. Changing our mind inspires us to always seek for the Highest possibilities.

What is the best way for me to think and speak and live?
What is the highest possibility for my life?
How can I take responsibility to live in Joy everyday?

Loving you in loving You,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Have We Turned Anyone Away?

Is there anyone unworthy of our Love?
When we turn our backs on those seeking help, wisdom, comfort, a warm bed or meal, have we denied a Holy One? Have we denied ourselves?
When we cease to listen to the cries of an infant, have we denied our own inner child? When we turn away from one who is ill or dying because we are afraid , have we reinforced the fear we will be left, if we are not able bodied? When we believe someone is too much trouble or is irritating to us, do we find a way to avoid them? Are we not discriminating against those who are difficult to understand and accept? When we delay answering a phone call or pretend we are not home, have we sent away the very one who needs us most?

Yes, there are times when we are overwhelmed, over extended, sick and tired ourselves. At those times it is valuable to teach others by sharing our choices to take care of ourselves first. We must be our best to freely give our very best. This is our commitment to others, in order to teach others to give their best.

Everyone we give to is giving to ourselves. Everyone we abandon is abandoning ourselves. Everyone we judge is a judgment against ourselves. Everyone forgiven is forgiveness for ourselves.

Are we willing to turn no one away?
Are we willing to be responsible to every relationship? Are we willing to respect everyones’ request (even if we cannot fulfill their desires) by acknowledging their call? We can refer them on to others or respond at a better time for us. We can give them our best in each moment.
Treat everyone as you want to be treated.
and you will fear no lack. Give your best to each one who comes your way and you will know you are loved. Give your kindness to All and you will know the depth of kindness within you.

Loving you with All I Am,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Is Trusting in Love Safe?

All seek to love and be loved. However, human beings have learned that love is not safe. From early experiences in a body, humanity has come to experience that love is conditional, depending on the current state of the personality. When we expose our whole self to someone who “loves” us, we seek for acceptance, receptivity, compassion and kindness. However when we receive judgment, fear, rejection, abandonment, anger and threat, we learn that trusting in Love is not safe. When we offer our love to someone, but withhold that love when their behavior is not to our liking, we teach them that trusting in Love and trusting in us is unsafe.

To receive what we want, we must give what we want to receive. To live in a world where we truly Love, we must learn to love truly. Love is risky. Love takes courage and conviction. Love requires us to reach out and teach what we want our world to learn one person at a time. Love asks of us that we commit to learn the lessons of Love. To love all is to know God. To love all without ceasing is to trust true love is endless and eternal.

Loving those who fear love requires respect and sensitivity to their fear. Loving those who are needy and cling to love requires us to teach them to love themselves. Loving those who reject or desecrate our love requires an inner reverence for loving no matter what. Loving fully requires that we love ourselves as much as we seek to love others. Loving ourselves fully requires that we recognize and release all lack of love both from ourselves to others and from others to us, as well as our lack of love within ourselves.

Loving is simple and natural, flowing and effortless, once we acknowledge and commit to clearing all blocks to love, all judgments and all fear. However, when we remain in the state of needing love before we can and will extend it, loving is as intermittent and variable as the personalities of those we seek to love us. When we remain in a state of defending against love, not being open and vulnerable, honest and true, real and authentic, we experience in others and in ourselves how unsafe, painful and difficult love can be.

Begin by loving you and loving me.
I am loving me and you unconditionally.
Choose to create positive experiences where you will be loved unconditionally. Develop an openness to experiment with loving. Honor the process as you see and forgive all limiting beliefs about love.

I am loving you with a heart that is True. In this I know God’s Love and I know my True Self. I can trust in the Power and the Presence of Love at all times and in all ways, as I let go of the conditions or obstacles I have placed on Love.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Monday, October 13, 2003

Discovering a New Paradigm

We are now experiencing a new land of opportunity. Just as Columbus discovered a new continent which was filled with both hope for the future and fear of the unknown, so humanity is now approaching a new way of being. We must first let go of the land, the ways of being we have known. We can see the dissolution of masculine dominated organizations and even the disabling of our male energies, so that the feminine might be strengthened within us. We see men being imprisoned, laid off from work, disabled, and quitting what no longer has heart and meaning.

The call of the times is for balance, the marriage of the masculine and the feminine. We are merging within ourselves, being and doing, feeling and thinking, judging and visioning. We are seeking within the healing of the separation, the unification of the assertive and the passive, the yin and the yang, the darkness and the light. This is the integration of heaven and earth.

Most of us are afraid to let go of what was without knowing what will be. Yet to experience growth and the realization of an ever-evolving Self, we must step forward into the unknown, erasing the mystery and miracles of what is to come. Only through letting go with gratitude and blessing of our history can we be fearless about the history we shall co-create together with compassion, understanding and love. Each one of us must embrace our internal androgeny, the union of male and female within.

The feminine is called to be kind and appreciative of the masculine. The feminine must create a safe place in which the masculine energy can relax and rest, soften, to open and receive the fruits of their labor without fear. The feminine can easily hold the space in which power, provision, and Presence are valued and honored as the gifts of Goodness which they are.
The feminine can also strengthen the masculine, active, light, confident, productive energy within. Both male and female are currently enlightening their own inner separation and creating a sacred union within. In the inner ReUnion there is the full realization of the unlimited Power and Peace that is our Essential Truth.

Bless all with your forgiveness and Love,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Is Anyone Home?

Are you there for me? Are you there for you?
If you are not pleased with the home you have created for yourself in this life, how can you want to be at home? If you are not pleased for the life you have created for yourself, how can you remember to appreciate yourself and your life? If you are not pleased with your relationship with others, how can you be pleased with others’ relationship with you? How many ways we distract, deny and fool ourselves into missing what is real and loving, true and lasting in our lives. I have wondered what it takes to have humanity wakeup and choose for what is real. I have asked and invited, counseled and coached, listened and forgiven the forgetfulness of our human ways, and still I ask, “Is anyone home?”

What of our elders, what of those who have given their lives for our freedom? What of those who have sacrificed and demonstrated the Good Life? What of those who have given All that we might have abundant life? What would you do if the Christ, the Buddha, the Holy Man or your Grandmothers and Grandfathers came into town? Would you invite them to your home? Would you give them food and drink? Would you share with them the best you have? Would you create a feast and invite in all your neighbors and friends? Would you honor them with your love, your respect, your gratitude? Would you listen carefully to their stories and their wisdom? Would you feel honored by their presence? What would you do with the wisdom of the ages in your hands and in your home?

How you treat those who are wise, giving and loving, the miracle workers in your life, is how you are treating the wisdom, generosity and love within you.

Are you willing to invite into your home and your life the best you know, the wisdom you have and the love you are?

Blessing the Wisdom and Love within you and me,
Endlessly…Betty Lue

Saturday, October 11, 2003

From Healing Crisis into Holiness

From every healing crisis comes a call for healing, a call for holiness. Often in the midst of the dis-ease there is a choice point. Do I use what is before me as an excuse to shut down my life or do I use this as an opportunity to open up to my True Identity? When we are faced with any life challenge, our personal mountain to climb, we can stand at the bottom and wish we were at the top or we can start climbing.

Crisis is a dangerous opportunity when looked at the true meaning. And every dangerous opportunity has only one real danger and that is that we will quit on ourselves. Even in failure there is a call for success, the success of knowing we have given our best. When we look in the mirror at the end of the day, we can say, “I gave my all. I learned, I grew, I healed, I answered the call.”

A healing need is a need to forgive everything and everyone. A healing need is a call to love One’s whole Self. A healing need is learning to listen within and take heed of what is heard. A healing need is a call for impeccable Self care. A healing need is to took for the gift and the blessing. A healing need is to ask for and receive support. A healing need is to honor the journey rather than attach to the outcome. A healing need is to love ourselves as we are. A healing need is to be grateful for our lives with open-mindedness and full appreciation.

The crises in life are often an opening to unexplored territory, really looking at our relationship, our spirituality, our giving and receiving, our whole life balance. Our healing needs are really about honoring our own life and treating the life experience as sacred. Quick fixes are often temporary cures to give us respite from the pain and fear. The real healing is always claiming full responsibility for our journey without guilt or blame. The real healing is to be able to respond to ourselves and our lives with love, respect and kindness.

I recognize that temporary conditions of life are a gift to awaken, to enlighten, to inspire, to encourage, to support the journey, to remembering our True Identity and living and giving from our Holiness. All of life is a gift to realize the One We Are and the Love We share.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 10, 2003

Good morning to You,
Good morning to You.
We’re all in our places
With sunshiny faces.
Oh! This is the way
To start a new day.

How do you begin again?
Or are you always just keeping up with what you began long ago? Or are you dreading what you know is going to happen because it did yesterday?

Are your relationships fresh and new? Is your house a beautiful new space for you to enjoy? Is your own reflection in the mirror a new delight for you each day? How would you feel if you really could begin each day with the innocence and wonder and joy of a child exploring the new world for the first time? Our joy comes from living each moment as a new experience filled with love and gratitude. It is our attitude that is the best predictor of our experience. When we hold an open mind and a loving heart and a willing perception, we will see and be filled with the miracle of life. For each moment is unfolding before us as an expression of what we bring into the moment. Seen through the filters of the past, we will see the past repeating itself. Seen through the eyes of a loving Presence, we will see only Love and the call for Love. Life is a joy because we choose to bring Joy into our lives.

I am open and willing to bring my love and gratitude to everyone today. I am open and willing to bring my wonder and delight to the events of today. I am open and willing to allow the Spirit of All That Is Good and Holy within me lead me in what I say
And think and do. This will be a Good Day, because it is the day that Good has made. I will be happy and totally enjoy it. And so it is what I have chosen.

Loving each New Day,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

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If you wish to consult or connect with me while I am travelling, do not hesitate to call.  I will always return your  calls when I am available.  Loving you and all in the journey of life.  Betty Lue

Itinerary for Betty Lue and Robert October 9-20

October 9  Leave SFO at 6:35AM Arrive Kalamazoo at 4:35PM Delta #5708
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Thursday , 10/9     7-9PM at 3331 Greenleaf Blvd.
      Self-Love: Impeccable Self Care and Integrity
Friday 10/10         Personal Consultations (8-5PM)
       Gathering of all Reunion Ministers   (6-9PM)
Saturday 10/11     3333 Greenleaf Blvd. 9AM –4:30 PM
       Empowerment:  Respect and Confidence, Kindness and Assertiveness  (9-12noon)
       Celebrating Our Differences : Dealing with Difficult People    (1:30-4:30
      Reunion Potluck  and Fellowship Saturday eve. 5-8PM  at Willow Lakes Clubhouse
       Everyone is invited for song, sharing  stories and Loving Reminders
Sunday 10/12        
       Celebration of Spirit (singing, sharing, and silence)  (9:30-noon)
       Living a Spiritual Life in an Uninspired World  ( 2-4PM)

Dyer, Indiana, from 6:00-8:00PM

Empowerment: Respect and Confidence, Kindness and Assertiveness
Held 2013 Sunnyside, Dyer, IN #219-865-8687

“Your contributions are gratefully received for all programs.”
Monday 10/13    Consultations, informal gatherings and personal meetings and dinner.
Call for appointments with Dr. Robert and/or Dr. Betty Lue. #800-919-2392
All programs are open to the public, except Friday evening. Please invite others.
Leave Kalamazoo Tuesday 10/14 at 6:00AM Arrive Ashville at 10:08AM Delta #5111
Current schedule for Asheville and Lincolnton, NC   October 16-19

October 16  Changing Your Mind Changes Your Life: Clear Doubt and Fear
Held at the new Curves  in Lincolnton, NC                        7-9PM Thursday eve.
October 17   Empowerment: Confidence, Respect and Assertiveness
Asheville , NC  at 11 Hyannis Dr. #3J             7-9PM Friday eve.
October 18   Dealing with Difficult and Different People
Asheville (same address)                                     10-12 AM Sat.  Potluck lunch follows
October 18    Forgiveness: Transforming Judgment Into Acceptance
Same address in Asheville                                   2-4PM Saturday
October 19    Spiritual Living: Attunement and Listening Within
Same place                                                          1-3 PM Sunday

Asheville Programs at 11 Hyannis Dr. #3J  
My cell phone # is 707-321-0604.
Register by leaving your name, phone # and programs attending on my #800-919-2392.
Call for personal consultations with Dr. Robert and/or Dr. Betty Lue.
Looking forward to seeing you all with Love!  
Betty Lue

Letting Go and Receiving All!

The Autumn paradox feels uncomfortable for many, mysterious for some and inspiring for a few.  As nature shows us, there is need to harvest the plenty which we have sown and grown with our consciousness, our focus, our appreciation.  Often our real work is in getting out of the way to let all that is Good and Holy become all that it is meant to be. In our lives.  Yes!  Life is as much about undoing the barriers and steeping back and allowing healing and growth and abundance to happen, as it appears to be effort and commitment and persistence and activity.  

Conceive, Believe, and Achieve.  
A requirement for harvest is letting go of our resistance to being prosperous, to recognizing the Source, to gathering in our support, to looking toward our real wealth, to being happy and sharing with others, to releasing our “poverty consciousness’.  Most people in our culture seem to look to what we don’t have and want to have, rather than spending our energy on fully appreciating what we do have and are happy to share with others.  
The more you give, the more you have.  
The more you share and support others, the more you feel supported and given to.
Share the good news in your life and you will find more good news to share.  
Share the bad news and it will attract more bad  news from yourself or others.

In its essence, life is never about “getting” or needing or wanting.  
Life at it fullest has always been about valuing, enjoying, celebrating, sharing, appreciating, contributing and serving.  
When we find ourselves looking down at how awful, we can change our gaze to look up and be grateful.  

Yes, it is that simple.  
Do you look up or look down?  
Do you consciously seek to get or to give?
Do you complain or appreciate?
Do you share what you have or try to get?
Are you satisfied and trusting or discontent?
Would you rather whine or give thanks?
Do you know what is enough?
Are you willing to see how blessed you are?
Would you rather hope or be disappointed?

You are enough.  You have enough.  There is enough.  
When we throw away what we have been given through misuse or discontent, we will slow the flow to a trickle.  
When we appreciate and celebrate, have faith, hope and love we will always receive enough to share.

If you find there is limitation in your life, check your consciousness.  
You can find and eliminate the blocks to all that is Good and Holy.

Loving you with profound  gratitude,
Betty Lue

The real riches are eternal.  
They never fade or diminish.

I will be teaching and sharing, listening and coaching, facilitating and counseling in Michigan, Indiana and North Carolina for the next 12  days .  You can find my daily loving reminders posted on my web site at
I look forward to our time together with Spirit everyday.  We are a circle of love.  I respect, honor and support us all  in  listening to spirit as we lead our daily lives.  there is nothing more sacred, effective and powerful.  
Loving you, Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Healing Abandonment

Afraid of being abandoned or left?

Are we ever really abandoned or left?  
Or have we abandoned the Source of our True Connection?  
When someone dies, or moves, or divorces, or leaves us, do we leave them?  
When we feel hurt and scared, do we withhold our love?  
When we feel abandoned or rejected, do we stop loving in order to avoid the hurt and sorrow?  
When a loved one dies, do we imagine a curtain being pulled to separate us from their loving Presence?  
Perhaps we feel guilt that we have not loved and supported the other with our very best.
Perhaps we focus on the loss rather than on the fullness of that relationship.  .
Perhaps we jump to negative conclusions and assume that we weren’t “good enough” or “everyone I love always leaves me”.   Perhaps we get angry and push the relationship away instead of sharing our loving feelings.  
Perhaps we don’t admit that we ourselves want to be free, to change our place or our job or our relationship.  

Is it possible that when we abandon ourselves and abandon God, we have begun the fear of abandonment?  
Until we forgive ourselves for withholding our Love and full Presence from anyone, we will recreate the experience of leaving or being left again and again.
Until we fully recognize that we can choose how we continue every relationship beyond the illusion of time and space.  

We can know that our Love is unending no matter what the circumstances.  No one and nothing can separate us.  
No one and nothing can cause us feelings of harm or abandonment.  When we have forgiven our story of being left, being hurt and being helpless, we will take responsibility for choosing to love no matter what.  

No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am with or where I live, I am always loving you.
Betty Lue

Monday, October 06, 2003

Are You Needy?

When people feel lacking or needy, they become fearful, critical and demanding.  
When a child feels their basic needs are not being met, they become anxious, cranky and demanding.  
Are you anxious, cranky or demanding?  
What is missing?  What feels lacking or needed in your life?  
Security, safety, affection, good food, appreciation, happiness, friendship, play, creativity, gentleness or being heard?

When we seek for external fulfillment from those who are lacking, ignorant or incapable of providing, we set ourselves up for failure and more fear, blame and demands.  
The more we are needy, cranky and demanding, the more others feel helpless, insufficient, fearful of failing and withdraw.  
The more we demand fulfillment from others and our world, the less likely it is to get it. (unless of course you have a saint in your life.)

The work is to be good to ourselves.  
The work is to love ourselves.  
The work is to nurture and reassure ourselves.
The work is to nourish and rest ourselves.  
The work is to allow the Universe to support us.  
The work is to trust in the Higher Power.  
The work is to teach others how to treat us.  
The work is to choose those who are willing to learn.  
The work is to be forgiving and patient.  
The work is to honor the process as we all learn to let go of the barriers to love.

If you are needy, listen within to find out what is needed to fulfill you.
Give to your wholeness.  
Give to your goodness.  
Give to your fulfillment.  
Teach others how to do the same for themselves.  
Only those who are fulfilled can give without sacrifice.  

Loving you and me all ways,  
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 05, 2003

True Community Helps

What is missing from our lives?  
A sense of belonging and security, being good neighbors, knowing we are not alone  may be part of the answers  When looking at the modernization of our society, I see the weakening and loss of small towns, church communities, farming cooperatives and volunteerism.  Yes, I still see how we gather in times of crisis and tragedy.  Humanity seems to reach out with help when there is war, death, suffering, weather disasters, but so often we live in isolation comfortable in our chosen separation.  Watching TV seems to take care of many human needs on an impersonal level.  We often leave our sick, elderly, grieving and depressed people alone to fend for themselves.  

Indigenous peoples believe that every person within the community is valuable for the whole life health and well-being of the entire village.  These peoples take responsibility for each and everyone, as they would care for their own family members and themselves, because they are aware that ever part of the whole effects the whole.  

We have created a society which encourages independence rather than interdependence.  We promote self-sufficiency rather that contributing to the Good of the whole.  We have so feared co-dependence  that we have forgotten our natural interdependence.  The earth is showing lack of health due to our selfish and unconscious consumption of her resources.  Everyone needs to have their own everything, so we no longer borrow or share with one another.  Extended families no longer live nearby to help with childcare or care of the elderly.   

Within community all pitch in to help care for those in need.  We honor each one as important to the well-being of the whole.  We see no one’s needs as separate from our own.  We need not look across the ocean or in another country, because there is enough to care for within our own  neighborhood and family.  

Ask yourself , “What can I do today to reach out to someone with love.  What can I do today that will make my world a better place?  What can I do today that will help me know I am enough, and I have plenty to share?  What can I do today that will ensure someone will reach out to me if I ever have need?”

Reach out with love.  
Build community right where you are.  
Call people by name.  
Appreciate everyone.
Give a helping hand and an encouraging word.
Genuinely listen and care.

Loving you,  
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Healing through Crisis

When someone asks us for help with money, food or support,  how can we respond honestly, being truly helpful?

There are churches and other organizations that have food banks.
You can call community crisis lines and non-profits to ask for resources available.  
There is assistance for people in difficult circumstances.
Use your phone to research and get acquainted with the resources available.  
The person in crisis may not have the time or energy to do the work themselves.  
Call consumer credit counseling and ask for their financial guidance.  
Creditors work with people when given the right information.  
Mostly the person in crisis needs to know they are not alone.  
In indigenous or natural cultures, when one individual is sick or in trouble, everyone responds. When one cell in the body is out of balance and in crisis,  it effects the rest of the body.  The responsibility of the whole community is to take care of the health and well-being of everyone to bring the whole bsck into balance.  Our planet is calling for our attention. Many peoples have need of our education, inspiration, conscious attention and respectful support.  (To criticize is to place in crisis.) To forgive ourselves and one another is to respond effectively with Love and positive intention.

When anyone is fearful and needy, they first need to know they are not alone.
Listening requires only our time.  

The real work is what follows:
Listen and affirm.
Listen and have faith.  
Listen and offer hope.  
Listen and do what you can without sacrifice.  
Listen and be a friend, not a parent or judge.  
Listen and believe in them.  
Listen and trust God.  
Listen and be there.  
Listen and gather resources.  
Listen and learn.  
Listen and forgive.
Listen and LOVE profoundly.  
Listen and forgive yourself.  
Listen within and respond.  
Listen and give without sacrifice.
Listen and see the wholeness and goodness.
Listen and ask what would be most helpful.
Listen and speak with respect and dignity.
Listen within and respond with Joy.

All we give is given to ourselves.
Giving with Joy,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 03, 2003

Imperfection is Healing

The perfectly imperfect don’t try to be perfect.  We let be what is, without judging what isn’t.  
There is no need to wish, to cajole, to effort, to fantasize, or to expect, when we let life be.  
Whatever happens is always an opportunity to Love, to forgive and choose again, to trust and accept.  

Often people disappoint us in order to free themselves from our expectations.  
Often people make mistakes in order to test the strength of our Love.  
Often people break rules and commitments to challenge our commitment to love unconditionally.
“How much do you love me? “

When we disappoint ourselves, make mistakes, break our promises to ourselves, this too is an opportunity for us to simply see it as 'no problem', to let it go with gentleness and to choose to love ourselves again.  We must love ourselves and others, not for what we do, but for simply who we are.  

Love does not judge or compare.  
Love is not perfectly expressed meeting the needs and expectations of others.  
Love does not complain or criticize.  
Love simply is the state within us that steadfastly sees the Essence of each Being as precious and worthy of Love.

I love you and me no matter what.  
I love myself with mistakes and wrinkles and forgetfulness.  
I love you just the same.  
When I can love me without condition, without changing my mind…then I can love you just the same.  
I know this life is about remembering to love, no matter what we do or don’t do.  
I now release all expectations you have for me to be perfect.  
I release all expectations I have for you to be perfect.  
I love us all as God Loves us,  always and forever.
Betty Lue, Loving me and you the same.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Dreaming the Dream

Have you ever made up that someone or something is the way we wish it would be?
Have you imagined that life is as bad as you fear?  
Have you dreamed about the end of the world or bad things that could happen?  
Have you fantasized about life being different?  
Have you ever hoped or expected a better or worse outcome?

We are all living in a dream.  Some would call it a trance.  
Our perception of our lives is filled with our judgments, expectation, and beliefs creating an illusion of the worst and the best.  We then seek agreement with those we associate that what we see and believe is true. We tend to have friends and go to authorities who will confirm our suspicions or observations.  Because we so believe in the dream of our life and see it as real and happening to us rather than through us, we get stuck in our experience.

As we request spiritual help, we begin watching the darkness melt away.  
As we forgive our bad dreams, we allow the light to show us the unlimited opportunities.  
As we join with others who are free, we begin to trust in higher possibilities.  
As we believe that we may have deluded ourselves, we invite in the reality of Love.  
Letting go of our mistaken perceptions requires a willingness to see things differently.  
Releasing the dreams of our past and hopes  for our future opens the door for light within our minds and love within our hearts.   

To relinquish the dream is to let go of the dream we are dreaming and the mistakes we believe in and the pain we have suffered and the illness we have had and the relationships we have lost and the money we have squandered and the creations we have destroyed and the sorrow we have accumulated and all that is not Real.  

There is a great and Grand Undoing happening within us all right now.  
Gently lay aside everything and what will last is what is Real.
Dare to let go and Dream a Happy Dream.

Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Guilt Separates. Forgiveness Reunites.

Where are you avoiding someone?  
Where are you blaming or resentful?
where are you hurting or afraid?

Wherever we are  withholding our love, keeping ourselves separate, afraid to meet someone face to face, we are in guilt.  
I check out my relationships and where I may have that little twinge of anxiety in my belly when I think about seeing someone, I know there is guilt.  It is always a call for healing within me.

Wherever we are criticizing, blaming, judging, or making another wrong, we have guilt within ourselves.  
I listen to my own conversation and look for places where “they” are doing something I don’t like.

So how does this “guilt” work?
Wherever we feel guilty, we cast the blame on the other, rather than face our own need to make the correction within.  Wherever we feel guilty, we want to get that person, that memory or experience out of our lives so we can stop feeling “Guilt”.

What causes the guilt, when we try so hard to be spiritual and loving?  
Whenever we judge another, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are angry with another, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are better or more right than another, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are not in alignment with our spiritual principles, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are not forgiving, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are not patient, kind, honest and generous, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are judging another for mistakes we have made ourselves, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are pretending to be better than others, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we have denied another what is asked of us, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we have sought revenge or want to get rid of someone, we feel guilt.  
Whenever we are not living in freedom and trust, we feel guilt.
whenever we are not giving to another what we would want ourselves, we feel guilt.  

Every relationship is a lesson in love…because every relationship is an opportunity to see where we need to heal within.

Healing myself with every relationship.
Betty Lue