Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Connecting with Another

How Are You?
How Are You Doing?
So What's Up in Your Life?
Tell me what you've been doing lately?

The standard questions often lead us to being stymied or stuck in our response.
Sometimes people want to connect.
Sometimes they want an excuse to talk to us.
Sometimes people are being polite.
Sometimes we don't know what to say, so we say what is usual and customary.

The problem for me when I am really in the present moment, (which is most of the time),
I don't remember what I was doing lately.
I am so in the now, I have no answer.
" So I give my usual "GREAT and How are you?"

But the real question is…”What is the REAL question?”

"I want to connect with you and don't quite know what to ask or where to begin."
"I feel like talking with someone and wonder if you would like to listen."
"I just want to say Hi and let you know I feel connected."
"It is so good to see you."

“I love the ( party, the weather, etc.), being here.
Are you enjoying yourself?”
Or if I really have a specific question, I ask it directly.
“How did you feel about the World Series Games?”
“What is your favorite birthday cake?”
“What is your feeling about………?”

Bottom line:
Everything is an excuse to be in relationship.
Idle chatter or socializing is not my strength or comfort zone.
I prefer to share meaningful and positive stuff unless I am asked for help or spiritual guidance.
However, most people share at the surface level ,until there is a confidential and trust connection.
So responding with as much authenticity as possible seems best to me.

Our work in healing and healthy relationships is to create some form of joining (common goal)
To be honest and open without withholding love or being secretive.
To feel equal, we need to give our best in the moment and support the other in doing the same.
To be committed to making the connection, we need to be responsive to what is for the best of both.
To be response-able is to take impeccable care of ourselves so that we can respond to whatever is up.

Send me your authentic questions or door-openers for creating a mutually respectful connection.
Connecting with you by being a authentic and transparent as I can,
Betty Lue

Hmmmm. Wonder how I can navigate these things. Lookin’ good~

I am 11 months and not walking yet. But these stairs sure look interesting!

Monday, October 29, 2007

What Do You Do?

Do you spend every moment with people you like?
Do you take time daily to enjoy what you are doing?
Do you give the best you have to everyone including You?
Do you allow inner guidance and inspiration to guide your life?

When you can answer with a whole-hearted YES, your life will be a Joy!
When you can give a resounding 'thumbs up', you will be healthy and happy.
When you take full responsibility for the life you have, you will be empowered.
When you are creating the Good Life, the Godly life and it is Good!

When you find yourself with those you judge, forgive yourself for judging.
Seek something to appreciate and let go of the rest.
Focus on what you value in yourself and others.
Remember where we place our attention we increase.

When you are feeling down and negative, sad or bored, forgive your choices.
Make a list of what makes you feel up and positive, happy and interested.
Give yourself at least one positive experience daily and appreciate it.
When you focus on what you value with appreciation, it grows and you have more to appreciate.

When you believe you are a victim of circumstances, people or bad luck, you will feel weak and helpless.
Forgive yourself for playing the " Poor-me" game to find comfort, solace and attention.
Forgive others for teaching you that we are at the effect of the fates or destiny and undo limiting beliefs.
Stop telling sad stories and stop believing you deserve anything less than the best.

When your lifer seems sad and bad, know that the script writer needs to be firee or rewired.
Give yourself a break and begin to watch listen to and read only stories of hope and possibility.
Eliminate weakening and limiting words: "I can't,", "I don't know", " I have to", "I should".
Begin each day with a vision of the Good you want to experience and give thanks for creating Good.

The best awaits us with each day, each breath, each holy encounter.
Happiness is a choice which eludes us only when we seek and find what is wrong, sad and disappointing.
Empowerment comes when we love ourselves enough to give ourselves the Good we deserve.
Looking for Good in all the wrong places is like looking for Love from those who don't have Love.

What do you do with your first moments upon awakening?
What do you do with your thoughts as you get ready for your day?
What do you do when you prepare your healthy meals?
What do you do with your work hours and your play hours?
What do you do to take impeccable care of you?
What do you do for inspiration, nutrition, loving relationships, meaningful learning, entertainment, contribution to others, community building respecting the environment, everyday creativity?

Each day is yours to envision,, create and maintain with the qualities you want and deserve.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Celebrations Galore

How do you celebrate?
Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Halloween, national holidays, Holy Days…
Every day is a Holy Day when seen with the eyes of Love.
Every day is a day for giving and living abundantly and joyously.

When we can remember to celebrate each day, we stay in the attitude of gratitude.
When we are grateful for being alive, there is only the flow of love for All and to All.
When we can truly value all those in our lives for the Gift they are, our eyes shine with delight.
When we can enter into each relationship as healed, whole and Holy, we perceive the Goodness.

Life becomes a daily celebration.
We need no excuses to light candles, to give gifts, to say "I love You."
We need not wait for a special day to respond to a request for something special.
We need only give ourselves right now in this and each holy moment.

So look at today, this day, your day, as a gift to you.
See what you can do to make this day worth living.
Give yourself the gift of wonder and curiosity and delight.
Create today being special for you and those you encounter.

Make each day new.
Paint it in colors that please you.
Give it fragrances that you enjoy.
And surround yourself with playmates that you respect and love.

Life is a gift given to each one.
It is to be treasured and to create lots of fun.
Life is a joy to beheld and behold.
It is to be shared with others, both young and old.

If we take just a little time to watch the sun rise or set.
If we share some smiles and some laughter,
Each day is special, never to forget.
Give thanks to the tress, the autumn sun and cool breeze.
Give thanks to your friends as they arrive and they leave.

And when you want a day just for you,
Choose what is best and is true.
Give yourself the time, and space.
Create your own beauty and grace.

I am loving you and each day,
(When I don't remember, I am simply caught in thinking and judging.
I forgive myself and choose again to find the beauty and Goodness in All That Is.)
Betty Lue

Let’s play each day. Play house. Play dress up. Play Mommy.
Play let’s discover. Play let’s be happy.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Veil is Thin

When we are haunted by dreams about the past, nightmares about our future or just plain worries about today, we are being called to stop and pay attention.

Paying attention is the first step to being willing to clean up whatever accumulation of negative pictures, programs and beliefs we may be holding. Paying attention is giving the time and energy to wash away old hurts with forgiveness and love. Paying attention will give us the focus to re-vision our future forecasting, so our prophecies are of the Good we want and deserve. Paying attention will allow us the awareness to step into today as the creative moment it is.

When we return to right now, we find unlimited opportunity awaits us.
Right now we can denigrate or appreciate.
Right now we can regret or applaud in what was.
Right now we can give ourselves pain and problems or pleasure and possibilities.
Right now we can hate or love ourselves and our creations.
Right now we can erase and release what was and choose again.
Right now is the only moment of power and peace there is.
Right now is the perfect time to abundantly live and give.
Right now is a gift to ourselves to create with gratitude and joy.

The veil is thin between then and now and when.
We can walk effortlessly in our imagination through the veil of time and find any other time we wish.
To leave here to go there is useful only to find what will benefit and bless.
To leave here and go into another time gives us insight, information and education to see the light.
To leave here and travel in our dreams or stories of our past gives us perspective on our Now.

Our ancestors, parents, lifetimes and illusive dreams give us the opportunity to heal everything.
To make what is mistaken Real only values our mistakes more than our right use of time and space.
To enter into fear of what will be because of what has been depletes our hope and creative power.
To wallow in the pervasive fears of what might be or regrets for what could have been weakens us.

This time of year makes it clear we must let go and begin again.
This time of year calls to clean our the ghost and goblins and dress up in the costume of our choice.
This time of year sets apart dark memories and useless grief and calls forth happy dreams and prophecy.
This time of year begs for celebration and gratitude for who we are and how far we have come.

This is the time to clean our closets and begin again.
Enjoy the process. It is all the game of life.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 26, 2007

Life in Time and Space

We have this life to be lived abundantly.

We choose to be happy or sad.
We choose to be forgiving or mad.
We choose to be rich or be poor.
We choose to be full or want more.

Life is our game to be played.
We can make it win, lose or draw.
We set the rules and the stage.
We can play for the game or the goal.

To make it easy on ourselves,
We can play with supporters or foes.
We can make the rules stringent or relaxed.
We can appreciate everyone's gains or look out for our own.

Life it seems is the laboratory, where we explore unlimited options.
Play it alone or with a team?
Play it gentle or play it mean?
Play it fun and easy or serious and hard.
Play it inside our home or out in the yard?
Play it every changing or routine?
Play it dirty or play it clean?

I like life, because I can always choose again.
I choose my environment.
I choose my friends.
I choose the work I do.
I choose how much I give.
I choose my attitude.
I choose how I live.
I choose what I believe.
I choose what I forget.
I choose what I value.
I choose what I regret.

Life at its best is for those who are willing to take responsibility for their choice.
Life as a victim comes when I blame my past, my present and my future for my experiences.
Life can be changed in a moment, simply by forgiving, choosing anew and moving on.

So let' us join in consciousness, and support one another in choosing the part we play.
Let's begin this and every new day ,as though it were totally ours to play…with full responsibility.

Loving you playing this game of life with me,
Betty Lue
Remember Love sets us free.

Bandaids on the fingers, on the toes and on the cheeks.
But ouch. They hurt when you take them off!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do You Care?

Worry wastes energy.
"To Worry" means to strangle.

Worrying is passive and is based on not trusting, and feeling helpless to act.
Yes, many families teach worrying is a sign of caring..

What is daring to care?
How can we care effectively?

Respect others.
To respect means to "look again" or see things differently.
To respect others is to be willing to look beneath the apparency and see their strengths and good intentions.
To respect others is to trust them to handle, learn from and solve their own problems.

Be responsible.
To be able and willing to respond is to participate with Love when asked or invited.
To be responsible does not mean to interfere, advise and take over, when not involved.
To be responsible means caring and sharing when requested for what you have to offer.

Be cooperative and co-creative.
When two or more come together for the good of everyone, the best solutions come about.
When there is a request for help with heartfelt listening, there is a willingness to honor the other.
To co-operate is to join for the highest outcome rather than offer a quick fix solution.

Build trust in your relationships.
Keep confidences.
Take impeccable care of yourself, so there is no resentment or guilt.
Offer only your best self.
Respect the other's ability to resolve their own issues.
Share only when asked and received with gratitude.
Forgive all judgments.
Listen within for the most inspiring and empowering counsel.
Give what is being requested, not everything that is possible.

Daring to care recognizes that caring can be interfering and disempowering.
Daring to care chooses to treat all people and situations with respect and dignity.
Daring to care does not expect anything in return, but values one’s own time and energy.
Daring to care always means caring for oneself with the best you know consistently.

Loving and caring for you, with you, because I am You!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Let go of obstacles in the flow of life.
Release the "damns" in the flow of words.
Forgive the resistance to sharing only Love.
Give up the blocks to Being All You Are.

To open the flow is to give yourself breath.
In breathing in and out, Spirit is released.
The life force is God breathing us in harmony.
Only our judgments inter-fear with All Good.

To cut out anyone from the flow of our Love is a mistake of great magnitude.
To hate, to fear, to condemn, to curse all block the flow of Goodness to us.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love.

The gift of life is to experience this truth forgotten, forgiven and re chosen again and yet again.
We are here to claim to remember what is ours and our life force, our living Truth, until it is reclaimed.

When we withhold Love from anyone, we are hurting ourselves.
When we stop our breathing with judgments of what is imagined in our minds, we diminish our own life.
When we name the evils of the world, we only seek to hold them in place and give them power over all.
When we expand energy in time and money to make and attack effigy's of hate, we deplete ourselves.

What a war we have begun, only to realize it can never be won outside ourselves.

Give Love and let it show.
Give Love and let it grow
Give Love and you will know.
Doing what comes naturally.
(One of B'lue's songs)

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is This Feeling?

Again, you have (or that which you allow to come through you) touched that resonance trigger within me.
Volumes have been written about how to love, how to forgive, how to live a full life.
Billions upon billions of words since humans learned to write.
Your wisdom (or that which you allow through you) is simplicity nearly perfected.
Here is what I have gathered from you. To forgive just let go. To love be love. To connect with God, connect with Self.
Betty Lue, love is a feeling. I feel you and that which comes through you.
EE Namaste

What is this thing called "love"?
Yes, I feel you personally and individually.
Yes, I feel you, all of you, the whole of humanity.
Yes, I know you and I love you, as I am One with you.
Yes, I feel God and know God is the Love I feel, the Love I know, the Love I AM.
Yes, there is only this flow, this endless bountiful and beautiful flow of God, of Love, of Life.

And Yes, when I am in the river of Love, of God, of Life ItSelf, there is only that for I am One.
And Yes, in God, I am all Beauty, All Wholeness, All Goodness and there is nothing else.
I breathe it in and breathe it out.
Life flows through me as me for me and is given unto me.
And I rejoice.

All prayers are of praise and gratitude and celebration.
All prayers are simply filled with blessings and simplicity in Truth.
All prayers are words and visions and actions of the flowing Love.
All prayers are gifts of Who I AM, droplets of the Essence of God.

And so It Is. This is the Truth, the all One Truth, forever and ever.
And then there is the other. …….
The thought of separation, the fear of loneliness meaninglessness, uselessness and death.
There is the belief that somehow we are separate beings, aliens in a foreign land, unloved and unwanted.
There is the withholding of our love, the condemnation of ourselves and God, the damming of the flow.
There is the hiding on the shores of time behind the rocks of ignorance and forgetfulness.
There is the loss of all the memory of safety, beauty and the holiness we really are.

There are those wretched conjured feelings, learned from time to time, fear and despair, anger and vengeance, hurt and pain, jealousy and envy.
There are the moments when the light goes out and the darkness consumes our inner torch with somber weight, and we remember nothing.
There is the reaching out to others caught in the same fog of human making only to find commiseration huddling in the corner.
And still we cry out for the Light, "Help me find the river of my Soul", that I might quench my thirst for Love.

And Yes, Love come through all the darkness, pain and forgetfulness.
And Yes, Love flows its way into my heart and mind again.
And Yes, Love shows its face of calm and quiet compassion, cradling each Soul in the Mother's arms.
Yes, Love comes to those who wait to remember.

Ahhh! And to this I say, Thank You and Yes!
Betty Lue

ACIM Lesson today: “The Holy Spirit speaks through me today”

Monday, October 22, 2007

What to Do?

Life is meant to be lived well, with happiness, health and fulfillment.

Be clear about your mission in life.
Examples:"Love. Serve. Remember God."
"Inspire all to follow highest calling"

State and follow your highest values (principles).
Clarify your top five values. (Ex. Honesty, inner peace, faithfulness, contribution)
These are your guideposts for all life choices and relationships.

Set clear achievable goals with simple steps itemized.
Return to mission, principles and goals weekly.

Clear away all distractions, detours and delays.
Simplify your life to focus on what matters and is meaningful.

Acknowledge and appreciate yourself and those who support you.
Forgive and let go of those who interfere, doubt and criticize you.

Eliminate all sabotaging thoughts, words and activities.
Speak only about what your CAN Do, rather than on what you can't do.

Talk to yourself and act in positive and affirming way.
Change the habits of complaining, waiting, demanding, or doubting into positive habits of appreciation, action, requesting, and affirming will change the quality of your everyday life.

Celebrate each day the progress made.
Focus on what you have accomplished rather than what waits to be done.

Loving you in living what is true for you,
Betty Lue

Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living
  1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
  2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
  3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
  4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions, rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
  5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
  6. Create and maintain an impeccable environment that nurtures me.
  7. See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
  8. Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
  9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative thoughts, knowing all thoughts are creative.
  10. Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
  11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
  12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daring to Care

Respectful relationships are ones in which we see ourselves and all that is in the most holy light.
Respectful relationships respond in the moment to what is rather than one's story or projected future.
Respectful relationships always give the best without guilt or sacrifice.
Respectful relationships dare to care with open mind, forgiving heart and trusting consciousness.

When we dare to care, we share the best we have.
When we dare to care, we take care of our whole lives impeccably.
When we dare to care, we ask for nothing but give as we are guided.
When we dare to care, there is no regret, assumption or expectation of return.

Dare to care about your relationship with the Great Mystery.
Spend time daily in prayer, meditation, reflection and/or listening within.
Dare to care about your everyday life.
Maintain your finances and business affairs with respect for all concerned.
Dare to care about your home and work environment.
Where you live is a reflection of your respect and care for yourself.
Dare to care about your family, friends and neighbors.
Maintain relationships which are tolerant, honest, patient and giving.
Dare to care about your community.
Give to those people and service organizations that give to others inspiration and hope.
Dare to care about your country.
Take time to exercise your right to vote, obey the laws and respect those in leadership.
Dare to care about the planet Earth.
Be a conscious steward of her resources always giving back your gratitude and respect.

Daring to care with respect includes specific rules of engagement which will inspire and empower.
Remember to honor all those for whom you care, remembering that you thoughts and feelings and interaction can teach and inspire confidence clarity, commitment and caring in the other.
Be spiritually wise as you choose to treat everyone with honor and dignity.
Be spiritually conscious in giving only what you would want to receive.

Caring with respect for All That Is,
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 20, 2007


On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
And to obey the Law
To help other people at all times.
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake and morally straight.
(Scout Oath)
Be Prepared (Scout Motto)
Do a Good turn daily. (Scout slogan)

What do you promise?
Have you made commitments to yourself and others?
What is your Motto, the reminder you live daily?
How do you reassure the quality of your life?

Notice this is all about what we do to take care of ourselves so that we can help others.
There is nothing here about what we earn or how we look or the credit we get.
This is about living our lives in integrity with our perceived values.
This is the foundation for our everyday life from childhood to our senior years.

Another set of promises are our wedding vows.
Do you remember what you agreed to during those vows?
Did they actually mean something at the time?
Have you adhered to do your part?

And how about the golden rule?
Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.
Treat others with the same sensitivity and respect that you would like in return.
Can you be accountable for the 10 commandments, the golden rule, your wedding vows?

I have learned through observation, lifetimes of experience in working with individuals, families and communities that where people are living their values, guided by an internal set of principles, life has order, meaning and healthy relationships exist. Where folks are just doing and saying what they feel in the moment, there is chaos, separation and unhealthy patterns continue.

Life requires commitment to what is meaningful, helpful and strengthening for everyone.
Life reflects back to us our mistakes and our successes with negative and positive results.
Life is a laboratory for exploration of our healing and holy part and what works best for all.
Life is a game to e played to a holy and honorable completion where everyone is at peace in love.

For those of us who have made and lived our vows for decades, we recognize the value of being true to something that matters, that gives life purpose and that makes each day worth living, loving and giving.

Loving you as the Eternal Girl Scout I am,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 19, 2007

Center of Light

WE are the Center of Light.
(The Center of Light is where Souls unite!)
"We are the Light of the World.
That is our only function.
That is why we are here." ACIM

Whenever one bulb is dimmed or turned off, all souls are diminished.
We are connected in a circle.
Each one of us presents an aspect of Love's perfect expression.
Everyone has a part to play, no matter the apparent differences.
While we view the surface presentation of human beings.
The holiness of everyone is apparent.
When we treat even one as less valuable, we have diminished ourselves.

When I recognize my part in the plan to remember Reunion, I seek only to play my part.
In playing my part I clean up my own house, inner and outer.
In playing my part, I think, speak and act in a manner that inspires, heals and teaches only Love.
In playing my part, I listen within and follow the path of inspiration, wholeness and contribution.
In playing my part, I forgive the past and love, serve and remember God in the present.
In playing my part, I am whole, happy and free.

When I am playing my part, I see the Light within everyone.
When I am remembering my function, I forgive errors along the way.
When I am realizing my holiness, I see your holiness, too.
When I am the Light, I delight in seeing only Light.

Together in Love, there is only the Light of God shining through.
This holy instant is the moment in which we remember.
When we forget, we forgive ourselves and choose again for Love.
Love is the way to turn on the Lights.

Loving you, Loving me, Loving All as One,
Betty Lue

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No Rules

Make your own rules and live by them.
Find your own values and practice them.
Declare you own principles and then follow them.
Live, love, give and receive with consistency and integrity.

Finding what works is a work unto itself.
I cannot makeup what is right for others.
I can only find what works for me.
To find what works, I must be always observing, learning and discerning.

My focus is to support others in improving the quality of their lives by living their full potential.
(By the way, our potential is unlimited!)
My ways of support include encouraging, inviting, teaching, modeling, advising, inspiring, contributing, appreciating, utilizing, building teams and centers, befriending, teasing, directing, and being siltent.
There re many more ways which may include letting go,, forgiving, ignoring, blessing, visualizing, praying, affirming, counseling, coaching, mentoring, employing, etc.

When I speak to someone, I may be soft and easy, strong and firm, directive and non-directive.
In a group, I may tell, teach, listen, process, demonstrate, wait for others, push ahead.
Underneath all the apparent differences in approach, I simply intend to access and encourage each individual to make the changes needed to develop their innate potential with purpose, passion and power.

You see I know the Truth in You and each one.
God's kids are unlimited as is God.
The Creator created us limitless in our creativity.
We create with our words and our ways of living.
We can when we KNOW we can.

I am a True Believer. ( and always have been)
I know what is possible, because I know all things are possible.
I KNOW you are capable of changing the quality of your life.
I know you (we) create our relationships, prosperity. Happiness, fulfillment.
I know we are responsible for the experiences we have and how we interpret them.

I know there are no rules until we make them.
I know we create what we believe to be true.
I know I am here to be helpful and hopeful.
I know I must listen within to find the way to think, speak and act each moment with each one.
I know that I do not know how, because the how is every changing.
I know that only the power within me can see what is for the Highest Good each moment.
I know I am loving you, loving me and loving God.
This means to me I am trusting you, me and God in our unfolding or "remembering" process.
This means I free us all to flow like the river in the direction of ease and Joy.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Past is Gone

These reminders are written daily by me to be shared with all those who wish to receive them.
They are my own spiritual guidance from which I am blessed.
I share them freely with those who request them.
I simply sit at my keyboard and let spirit direct the writing.
They flow through in 10-15 minutes.
There is no editing or spell check as you may notice.
I have been sharing them on email since Jan. 1, 1999.
And I will continue for as long as I am guided.
My prayer is that they benefit even one life with greater insight, love and encouragement in finding a better way.
Blessed be.

The Past is Gone.
Be Present in Love.

Love is the willingness to let go of what was and to be fully present with what is.
Judgment condemns or exalts the past and allows it to cloud the present with positives and negatives.

Forgiveness is the eraser that gently fills the mind with light to dissolve the archived history.
Where we hold the past, we judge, compare, encourage or avoid what is to come.

In this there is both prediction and predisposition for the past to repeat itself.
In this there is hyper vigilance for defense against what is condemned and expectation for what is valued.

The awareness of the present love and happiness is overlooked.
The distractive energies prevent our receipt of the blessings and gifts of love in the present.

The sooner we let go with gratitude and move on, the faster we can return to our natural path of ease.
The more we linger in contemplation, analysis and building a case for or against the past, the more we are distracted from enjoyment of our present.

History is the using of time to build a case for victimization and control.
As we build a case for defense against the past, we also delay our experience of right now.
As we endlessly discuss the wrongs of the past and worries about the future, we deplete our creative and spiritual energies for living today, fully awake, aware and creating our experience.

This hopeless tripping from past to future delays our mastery of happiness and inner peace in the present.

I choose to today to step forward and build a spirit-guided and service-oriented future, but celebrating Who I Am, valuing all I am learning, enjoying the blessings of today and giving always the best I have.

In love, faith and hope for our collective future,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Home Again

No place like home, especially after a long trip!
We love being truly helpful. We love to travel.
We love to spend time with our cherished family and friends.
And we love to come back home.

For Robert and I our hoe is our retreat and sanctuary.
It remains in a state of beauty, harmony and order everyday.
It is our place of refuge, peace and quiet.
There are few words needed here.
Those spoken in our home are always kind and respectful.
We enjoy simply music without lyrics or silence.
While we have our offices in our home, our work is creative, reverent and filled with gratitude.
We love who we are, what we are called to do and how we choose to live.

When there are worldly problems or issues, we discuss them after inner listening to Spirit.
We have chosen a life of dedication to God and to Goodness.
We focus on Loving Serving and remembering The Good in All That Is.
We have committed our lives to following the path of inner joy and peace for All.

Where does one begin to have a soulful and inspiring life?
Clean up your life.
Your environment is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.
Clear up your relationships.
Hold everyone in a state of respect and love.
This demonstrates how you hold yourself.
Do what you love and love what you do.
When you give your best, you receive the best.
Find and follow a spiritual practice.
Meditate, walk, read, listen within, serve others and/or daily give yourself to Love.

We are loving you by taking the best care of ourselves first.
Everyday commit to simplify and bring your whole life into balance and order with gratitude and love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Monday, October 08, 2007

Flowing like the River.

Although we begin this week with the love planet Venus entering hardworking Virgo on October 8, your need for independence is compelling with the square between Jupiter and Uranus on October 9. October 11 brings a new Moon in Libra. prompting you to invest extra energy into your relationships. But watch out for Mercury turning retrograde on the same day; you'll need to make sure you clear up any misunderstandings right away. This is from I village astrology.

No matter what the physical, emotional, financial or astrological weather wherever you are, we can flow like the river.
While each one of us has differing circumstances, both challenges and opportunities, we can all learn to let go and flow like the river.

Water takes all forms and no for at all. Solid, liquid and vapor.
It flows in rain, fog, snow and hail.
It flows into streams and rivers and into the ocean.
I evaporates from visible into the invisible.
It creates the illusion of substance in clouds which dissipate with flow.
It goes where the wind blows or gravity allows the easiest movement.
Watch and learn from water.

The path of least resistance is the fun, safe and easy way.
Flowing around all obstacles is the fun, safe and easy way.
Allowing everything to change, it still flows with the changes.
As unique snowflakes, it takes on many different forms of individuation.
As it flows into the ocean, it loses it identity and becomes one with the collective whole.
Holding onto nothing it is part of everything.

Look at the energy expended in your attachments and need to control.
Look at the fatigue that comes from judging and fearing obstacles.
Look at the mind's need to be right and convince others righteously.
Look at the human needs to look and dress and act as an individual.

There are times to stand out and individuate.
There are times to join with and blend into the whole.
There are times to be strong and true to your values.
There are times to let go and trust God, the Good in All.
There are times to be a waterfall, a bubbling brook, a merging river.
There are times to be a simply cool drink of water, refreshing those who come to you.
There are times to wash and cleanse the cares and worries of those you love.
There are times to be still and reflect the beauty of God.

We are all droplets of God.
In our remembrance, we join in Love, Trust and Freedom.
In our Union, we flow like the river.
In our Enlightenment, we become One with the Ocean.
And so it is, We Are and All is well.

I am flowing to Asheville, NC tomorrow early AM.
Will send Loving Reminders from there.
Time for my Mom and for workshops with our North Carolina friends.
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Keep Your Agreements

Agreements are the foundation of our relationship with our world.
Agreements are the fabric of our relationship with one another.
Agreements require continuity, commitment and consciousness.
Agreements represent the integrity with which we live and give.

When we enter into an agreement, we agree to give my best to fulfill and sustain that agreement.
When we enter into an agreement, it is implied that the other parties are also in agreement.
When we give our best to fulfill the agreement withholding nothing, we are fulfilled and at peace.
When the other parties have fulfilled their agreements withholding nothing, there is peace.

A broken agreement cracks and weakens the foundation of our integrity.
A deceptive agreement delivers the message of dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness.
An agreement that is sustained and disregarded sporadically creates confusion and un-support.
An agreement which only one party keeps signals disrespect, irresponsibility and sabotage.

Employer and employee enter into an agreement to keep their implied and explicit agreements.
Independent contractor and board must understand, respect and honor their agreements with one another.
Married partners must be true to their understood agreement with one another.
When we forget, forsake or blatantly disregard our agreements, we tear apart the fabric of societal mores.

Equally important is the essential requirement to support the other in keeping their agreements.
In work situations, to build success, we must help others keep their agreements with teamwork.
In board/employee situations, it behooves both parties to support one another's success.
In married relationships, both must consistently encourage the other's conscious commitment.

If one side is keeping their agreements, but distrusting the other, failure is forecast.
If even one part of a team is negating the work of the whole, there is a lack of fulfillment.
If there is a covert competition, to see who is better, there will be subtle sabotage of success.
If one insists on keeping score, looking for problems and pitfalls, they will be created.

When we "take care of ourselves" for selfish purposes, we often miss what it does to our future trust.
When we get caught in the emotions of the moment, we may miss the opportunity to educate and inspire.
When we lose motivation to give what was agreed, we must communicate our need for help.
When we feel undermined and unappreciated, we can refer to our original agreement and fulfill our part.

Evaluation of our agreements must only be done in a positive and proactive way to encourage success.
Agreements must be effectively filled by both parties to be considered successful for all.
When we do our part and have extra energy, we must support the other in doing their part.
When we don't know how to offer support, ask with sincerity and make note of what is needed.

Each one of us is the architect for the future foundation of our families and communities.
Giving our best, fulfilling our agreements and supporting the other's responsible behavior yields a respectful, responsible and cooperative world.

Blessing us all in keeping our agreements.
Betty Lue

Saturday, October 06, 2007


This is the commentary on Hexagram #55
in the Book of Changes, I Ching by Hua-Ching Ni

Be gentle in doing right;
Do not be violent.
Be diligent in all undertakings,
even in small matters.
The essence of work is diligence.
A successful life depends on doing the right thing
At the right time and obeying the subtle law.
Blessings come in many ways.
Do not look for happiness,
And contentment will come naturally.

Continuously remove the negativity within yourself.
One's good life is decided by one's virtue.
and clean mind.
To endure difficulty, avoid complaining.
To endure vexation and annoyance,
avoid bitter comments.
If your mind is always occupied with distress,
good fortune is sure to evade you.
When things reach their worst,
they can only get better.
When something reaches its limit,
It turns into its opposite.
This is the T'ai Chi of events.
Avoid involvement with people who are suspicious,
easily pleased or angered.
Listen only to viewpoints that are balanced.
Walk away from idle talk.
Unite with people of outstanding character.
Collective purposes form fortresses.
In uniting harmonized energies, we gather strength.

The autumn is a time to let go of what is excessive or out of balance.
Just as the leaves fall away and we harvest grapes for wine,
we must take in what is valuable and relinquish what is no longer needed.
There is a time for forgiveness and erasing what is not a blessing for all.
There is a time for harvest and sharing with others the best that we have.
There is a time for gratitude, celebrating and giving thanks for the Goodness of today.

When things are not going well, maybe we failed to do the work at the right time.
See what needs to be released with gratitude and love.
See what needs to be remembered and shared.
See what needs to be celebrated and given thanks.
Life has many times for us, each to use wisely and well.
Blessings of fulfillment for all,
Betty Lue

Friday, October 05, 2007

Grief, Guilt or Gratitude?

When we lose a loved one, how do we let go?
When we lose a job, how do we let go?
When we lose a dream, how do we let go?
Grief, guilt or gratitude, it is always a choice.

Death of a loved one is a deeply personal experience.
There is no one who can fully understand what it means to the individual.
Therefore, we cannot predict, help or tell the other what or how to grieve.
We can listen, support, and trust the other's process in letting go.

Loss feels empty, dark, void and sad to many.
To others it feels like release, freedom lightness and blessing.
Losing a job or a special focused project or person may leave an absence of something meaningful.
When we fill it with love, gratitude and expectation of the next new fulfillment, we are hopeful.

To some the "grieving" process is totally private.
To inquire, to give comfort, to try to help, may seem like an intrusion.
To others, the grieving must be done openly with authentic emotional expression.
For these folks, the more we listen, honor and validate their feelings, the better it feels.

For some the pain of loss is due to the guilt of unexpressed love and generosity.
The guilt of not giving the very best weighs heavily on their heart and mind.
The wish for having given more or told the truth or been more forgiving, haunts their thinking.
For these folks, learning how to forgive themselves comes in their own timing with choice.

To some death, completion, letting go is experienced with total trust in right outcome.
There is peace, a feeling of "All is in divine order." And freedom to choose again.
When there is total acceptance (with no anger, remorse, fear or depression), we remember only the Good.
The past is gone and all that is left is the blessing.

So let us not forsake our own unique responses to what we experience collectively.
We are all learning from life what we need to learn from and care for.
Life offers us each grand opportunities to give all or withhold, to love all or make special loves,
to let go easily or hang on tight, to learn from everything or to hang on to our way of thinking.

We each are grieving, holding guilt or grateful for all that life offers us.
We each are learning, forgiving or laughing at what we experience.
We are in the perfect place for our own spiritual growth and healing.
When we tend to our own process, we model for our loved ones how to respect their uniqueness.

It may be time to say, “I don't know what is best for you, but I can listen if you would like.”

Loving you, Loving me and Loving All as One,
Betty Lue

Even waking up from a nap can feel like a loss...
Time to cry, time to laugh, time to be still...it just depends....

We just plunked down and sat for a while, until there was a smile and thumbs up!

A little song never hurts, especially if we are feeling quiet and a little sensitive.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Life's Stuff

Life is change.
Life has stuff.
Life is complex.
Life has surprises.

When I am dealing with life's "stuff", I usually handle it like the weather.
Batten down the hatches when it's stormy.
Put on my warmest clothes when it's cold.
Breathe deep after a refreshing rain and let the sun shine in.

Often we cannot predict the weather changes.
However, we can respond to them.
If there is a flood every year, move to higher ground.
If there is a drought once every 10 years, store what you need or move on.

People seem to get angry, depressed or saddened by the changes that come our way.
Perhaps it is because we have not responded to what is when it was.
Perhaps we have ignored, defended, justified or just plain been too comfortable with our way.
Perhaps we are stubborn and stuck in our complacency to respond in a healthy manner.

Sometimes when we are caught up in being busy, we forget our basic needs.
Sometimes when we are pushing for completion, we don't attend to details.
Sometimes when we are absorbed by fears and judgments, we cannot see the light.
Sometimes when the world throws too much our way, we get confused and scattered.

It helps to stop, look and listen.
Stop what we are doing. Be still.
Look both within and without. What is really going on and how do we think/feel about it?
Listen within to the voice of sanity, peace and Love. Seek happiness and inner peace.

I notice that life keeps unfolding.
As I trust in the process, I can release all judgment and fear.
I can free myself to listen within and follow the clear path of peace.
Fun, safe and easy…this is the way.
God wants me happy to love everyday.

I am grateful this is so.

Little children are we all.
God wants us happy as we follow the call.
Let's love ourselves as the precious beings we are.
Let’s strengthen our faith as we follow that star.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Past is Gone

Only when we carry the past in our consciousness, does it remain with us.
The past is not here.
Usually we store memories, both positive and negative in our archives.
We can choose to let the past go and leave in its place only Goodness.
The past is gone.
All that is left are blessings.
And so it is that we are free.
No ghosts to haunt us.
No fears to contract the flow of love.
No pain to distract us from the beauty of today.
No defenses to build so that we do not repeat what was.
The past is gone.
We live today, this moment and each moment.
Here to create what is good and holy and beautiful.
We are present to experience the Presence of Love, here and now.
We are the ones who step aside from the past and future tripping to see what really is.
We can be forgivers of what appeared to be as we give endless of the Love and Light of God.
The past is gone.
We love unconditionally and serve from the heart.
We give the best we know every moment.
We are here now to remember God's Goodness in All That Is.
And so it is.
We are free.
We are happy.
All is well.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Kids stay in the moment and teach us to be really present with them.
Everything changes in an instant.

Each moment matters as if it were the only moment.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Teaching and Learning

(Notes from my talk at Unity on the Delta yesterday.)

We are all teachers one to another.
We are all learning from one another.
Everything we think, say and do is teaching all the universe.
We are creating the world we see with our thoughts and words.

Some say thoughts create.
So what we think is creating our experience.
Some say our words are a vibration that creates.
So what we say is building the world we live in.
Some say our behavior speaks more loudly than our words.
So our behaviors are our teaching.

Look around to see what you are teaching.
The world is a magnificent screen on which we project our ideas, beliefs and actions.
The more we engage in fighting, the more we see conflict.
The more we see war, the more we strengthen our internal wars.

How can we teach peace, when we are in conflict?
How can we find inner peace, when we think we must fight for what we believe?
How can we be peacemakers, when we make others wrong for fighting?
How can we learn to be peaceful, when we talk to others about ending war?

Life is a failsafe laboratory where we can find ourselves or lose ourselves.
When we live in this world, we can forget our own truth and buy others' truths.

We are teachers of innocence, here to reestablish the reign of Love.
Holy Spirit will paint a picture on our lives, if we ask for God's Will to be done through us.
We can live a personal life of getting or choose an impersonal life of giving.
We can work on healing ourselves or creating the world we want to see for All.

To have All, give all to All.

Story: This last year has been interesting and educational for me.
As I give my life to Spirit, I was guided to a church and spiritual center for ministry.
Instead of simply doing Sunday sermons, I invested in paying the debts using fund-raising and membership pledges. Instead of letting things simply fall to others, I chose to gather new energized teams to renew and rebuild a 100 year old facility. Instead of waiting to be asked by the Board, I listened within to Spirit and gave all I had to inspire, renew and remind a dying order. Instead of letting the congregation be a family of 20 or so folks, I chose to build new membership and practice outreach ministry. I listened to Spirit to find vision, energy and resources. When the teacher is ready, the students appear. When the students are ready, the teacher appears. When the teacher isn't teaching what some students want to hear, they turn a deaf ear. When the teacher isn't doing what makes some students comfortable, they want the teacher to leave. When the teacher isn't filling the emotional needs of making those students special, the students may go away or make the teacher wrong.

What was I teaching?
What am I learning?
I am teaching to be proactive in following Spirit.
I am teaching that old wine cannot be placed in old wineskins without turning sour.
I am teaching that to be happy, we must forgive the past.
I am teaching there are times to leave an environment that is toxic, angry or disruptive.
I am teaching we can each choose to leave people and places that are unhealthy and interfering.
I am teaching that Spirit will decide for us so that no one loses.
Psalms 118:8
"It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man."

As I put my faith in God, I realized, we can walk away from conflict to find peace.
One can choose the path of love simply by moving on with Love and Faith and Courage.
One can live in the grace of God solely by forgiving any and all judgments.
One can be falsely judged, crucified and hung on the cross and resurrect to a new creation.
God is Good and there is no need to be stuck in any place, relationship or situation.
Peace is found within.
Peace comes before understanding.
I choose peace instead of this.

What am I learning in this life?
What am I teaching?
I am reminding myself and others.
Rather than listen to the false teachings of the world,
I prefer the teachings of Christ and the great Ones who stay connected to God.
I prefer what I know from within.
So this is what I live and teach, what I teach and learn.

I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him who sent Me.
I don't have to worry about what to say or do because He who sent me does direct me.
I am content to be where God wishes knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let God teach me to heal. ACIM

Loving you by telling you what I am learning now.
Betty Lue

What are you learning from your life? We are always teaching ourselves and one another!