Sunday, March 31, 2019


Love created me to Love.
I choose to remember to Love myself and all creation.
Love works because it is the only Truth.
Love is the way I live and breathe and free myself to be happy

How Much Love?

How much Love are you hiding?
How much Love are you withholding?
How much Love are you denying?
How much Love are you showing?

There is plenty of Love within us.
There is more than enough Love around us.
There is an abundance of Love creating us.
There is unlimited Love providing for us.

So Where is the Love?
What is the fear?
How have we limited Love?
Why are we hiding our Love?

It seems that fear has confused us?
It may be that darkness as deluded us?
Or perhaps we are fear Love?
Have we learned that Love is dangerous, difficult and serious?

Love is fun, safe and easy
Loving is our natural state!
Giving Love is why we are here!
Love makes fear disappear!

Love is our natural state.
Why do we hesitate?
What makes us choose fear instead of Love?
How can we release Love to be Love all the time?

Love hurts some have said.
Love can cause pain and problems some believe.
Love is only for a special few egos believe.
Love is to be earned not freely given many believe.

If Love is conditional on what we get, how can it be love.
If Love will be taken away when we make a mistake, it must not be Love.
If Love is for the special few, we need to try very hard to be good enough to be loved.
And so it it, we learn falsely about what is natural and true within us.

Who we are is Love.
We are created by Love, as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Therefore when we are anything other than Love, we have made a mistake about ourselves.
When we give ourselves anything other than Love, we are in error.

I choose today and every day to return to Love and remember Who I Am!
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 30, 2019


I forgive everyone and everything for all time, including myself.
My single function is to forgive.
The more I forgive, the more freedom and trust I have.
I am here to forgive all fear and return to live in Love.

Forgiveness Works

Forgiveness works for me.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Forgiveness clears the past.
Forgiveness clears all apparent blocks to Love.

Forgiveness deletes what is not here.
Forgiveness undoes what we no longer want.
Forgiveness clears our vision.
Forgiveness washes away imagined hurt, fear and lack.

Forgiveness is the gift of returning to Love.
Forgiveness is the way we remember Who We Are.
Forgiveness is our willingness to see things differently.
Forgiveness is learning to trust again.

When we block ourselves with judgment, we need to forgive.
When we remember what is hurtful, we need to forgive.
When we have stopped loving, we need to forgive our lack of love.
When we think we are not here to Love, we need to forgive.

Life may teach us to judge to be safe.
Experiences may convince us it is foolish to love.
History may show us that we must stop loving.
But our heart knows Love is safety, wisdom and purpose in living.

When we block love, we block happiness.
When we stop giving, we stop being healthy.
When we decide to condemn, we condemn ourselves.
When we will not forgive, we cannot forgive ourselves.

Forgiveness is a choice, and not an emotion.
Forgiveness is opening up, and not shutting down.
Forgiveness is returning to Love, not being lost in fear.
Forgiveness is a tool, we can use whenever we want.

Forgiveness heals us.
Forgiveness teaches us.
Forgiveness empowers us.
Forgiveness returns us to wholeness.

Forgiveness offers us everything we want.
Forgiveness is the key to perfect happiness.
Forgiveness opens the door to Truth and Understanding.
Forgiveness is our function, our purpose and our life.

Forgiving is the key to fully living!
Betty Lue

Friday, March 29, 2019


I use time to do what I love.
I live in present moment and have plenty of time.
There is Divine timing for everything Divine.
Everything always happens in perfect timing.

No Time or Unlimited Time?

What is time but a measurement?
What are we measuring?
Are we using our time wisely?
Is there enough time?

When we measure what we have, we may find that we think more or less time.
When we lose track of time, we find we have not been paying attention to time.
When we think we don’t have enough time, we may feel rushed or anxious.
When we imagine that we are out of time, we may even feel panicky or desperate.

What if time is our imagined measure of what limits us.
What if we use time as a way to motivate or depress ourselves.
What if we see time as a power that we need to manage.
What if time is our own created adversary or friend.

It took no time at all.
I better hurry because I am running out of time.
I just wasted all that time.
What time is it anyway?
I didn’t know what time it was.
I need to take my time.
Time is money.
That was good timing.
There is never enough time.
I need to learn to be on time.

All of these expressions indicate that time is significant.
Whatever our attitude about time, it challenges us to pay attention.
What we think or say about time, we apparently need it .
However we use time, we seem to find it important to master.

When we measure time as begin perfect, it is.
When we see time as running out, it does.
When we know there is enough time, we have enough.
When we are fear wasting time, we do.

What we think and say, we create.
Do we get it?
Are we learning?
Let’s practice using time for our learning how we create and master time.
Betty Lue