Monday, December 31, 2007

Honorable Closure and Peaceful Completions

It is time to close 2007 with forgiveness, gratitude and our blessing.
It is only when we leave someone or something with peace in our heart that we know it is done.
It is only when we have no regret, resistance, judgment or fear, that we are clear to move on.
It is only when we can really say “Amen” and “Blessed be.” that we are free to choose again.

When haunted by past memories or assailed by some repetitive problem, we are not complete.
We have not learned the lessons before us.
Or we have not forgiven ourselves for continuing the same reactive and fear-based response.
Or we have not completed our communication with love, gratitude and blessing for one and all.

Hauntings are merely the remembrance of what is unfinished nagging for our attention and blessing.
Fears are also the residual energy causing us to see where we are not being true to the voice of God.
Recurring day dreams, nightmares or apparent repetitive difficulties are the result of incompletion.
Wherever we find ourselves stuck in the same old stuff, we are being called to forgive and choose again.

Much as my happy self might not enjoy the process of digging through the unflushed poop of the past,
there is a reason it remains in my subconscious and semi consciousness.
The inner request is always to flush the cosmic toilet.
In order to fully let go, I must finish digesting what I chose with my imagination, words and actions.
I must take responsibility for my entire experience and ask where I was blind, neglectful or in avoidance.

I love this failsafe life in which we cannot fail to learn, to clear, to forgive, to heal, to GET IT.
I am grateful I have chosen the school of life in which we are given infinite opportunities to succeed.
To reach into our Greatness, to find the inner Light, to set our minds on the Highest Goal is to win.
To clear the fear, to undo what is not True, to buy only what is priceless and to live in Love is the goal.

No matter what others say, the answer for Peace lies within you and me.
We set ourselves free to be, to create anew and to live with the Truth, when we take responsibility.

Forgive everyone and everything for all time, including yourself.
Step our in faith, with joy in your heart and Peace in mind and give your very best all the time.
Let go of yesterday for it no longer exists except to cloud your field of possibility.
Eat, drink and be merry, for we cannot fail to bring forth the Truth of the Love We Are.

Forgive all past errors inyourself and others.
Erase what does not bring your joy.
Offer to God, the Highest Healing Presence you know, that which you cannot forgive and let go.
Be grateful that you are happy and willing to do the work.

Life is a carousel, with music playing in the background while we go up and down.
Around and around, looking at the same scenery, making us dizzy until we focus on NOW.
When we come to enjoy the ride right where we are, we cannot rest in love, laughter and be at home.
When we see all are forgiven and enjoy the ride for its simple truths, we can say “Amen and “Blessed Be”.

For all of us I say thank you for the learning, the healing and the growth.
Thanks to All that Is for leading us to rely more on inner authority rather than outer conformity.
Thanks for another Great Year in which we lay fear aside and allow Love to reside in our hearts.
Thanks for the opportunity to re renewed in faith, in love, in creativity and in Spirit.

Blessed be and Amen,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Year of Success

Hope you are ready for a really big and wonderful year of Success and New Beginnings!
Our New Year’s eve workshops are today and tomorrow and recordings will be available on line.
Inviting you to share a free will contribution for benefit of our new non profit community Center.

To get ready you must do the work.
Forgive the past.
Erase with love.
What remains will be the blessings of days gone by.
Only with appreciation of what we learned, received and gave can we fully open to Good that is to come.

Appreciate who you are and where you are right now!
See your life is on purpose.
Release all doubt, criticism and fear.
Only with the fullness and confidence of One who sees, trusts and believes in themselves can we achieve.

Expect only Good and all Good in your future.
Place your faith in One Whose Only Purpose is your Good, your Happiness and Peace.
End all unnecessary anxiety by trusting there is a Good Life awaiting you.
Free yourself to believe and conceive of your Highest Vision.
Know you can achieve what is Good for All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

See 2008 Symbology in the menu bar to the left for a head start on the year.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

You Are The One!

Come to our New Year’s Workshops: Sunday 12/30 at Unity on the Delta from 11:30-2 pm
Monday 12/31 in PH Center for Conscious Living from 1-4 pm
Or down load through our web site.

You Are The One!

This is your Life!

You are Here on Purpose!

Your Life makes a Difference!

Only You can Create Change in your World!

Go for it!
Live your life as though it really mattered, because…. it does!
Your life and how you live it makes a difference to past generations and to those who come after us.
You are the One needed to heal and change our world.

Believe it or not, each and every one of us will awaken to our perfect wholeness and holiness, before we are done with the healing and transformation of humanity. Each one of us is playing a personal part to heal our own little life. As we heal our past limiting beliefs and false perceptions, we will reveal our inner perfection and Essential Self. With this revelation, there will be a greater ripple effect forgiving and really giving to all those around us. Our sight will be cleared and we will see the need for love. We will respond with tolerance, kindness, patience and open-mindedness rather than resist or condemn the apparent ignorance, anger and fear. We will invite the Peace of God and goodness to make itself present within every relationship. We will demonstrate Spiritual Love that is trusting and freeing rather than the limiting and doubting egoic version of “loving”. Our Presence will bring an invitation to create what is Good and beautiful and holy for All.

You go for it!
Make this coming year the one in which you and those around you blossom with the warmth and light of your Loving Presence.
Give each day to the Highest Vision you hold.
Give each relationship to the Highest Outcome of Healing and Joining in Mutual Respect.
Give each job to the outcome of what is Good for all Concerned.
Give each breath to gratitude for the source of All Creation, trusting in the Ultimate Outcome of Good.
Give your Self to wholeness and holiness, to laughter and learning, to revealing the Best in You!
Give your Self to Love and Love will give to you…All Good and Only Good.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Exploring with respect and awe.
(Just 13 1/2 mos. Old and learning to walk)

Flower Poem
If you would grow to be your best self
Be patient, not demanding
Accepting, not condemning
Nurturing, not withholding
Self-marveling, not belittling
Gently guiding, not pushing & punishing

For you are more sensitive than you know
Mankind is tough as war
Yet delicate as flowers
We can endure agonies
But we open fully only to warmth & light
And our need to grow is fragile as a fragrance
Dispersed by storms of will
To return only when those storms are still

So accept, respect,
Attend your sensitivity

A flower
Cannot be opened
With a hammer.

Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions=re-solutions or resolving again.
Are there problems that need solving?
The spiritual solution is to trust God within.
The worldly solution is to choose clarity and commitment.

The difficulty or obstacles in resolving anything is lack of inner peace.
Where there is inner conflict, there is pain, stress, confusion, lack of clarity.
Where there are many answers, there is a scattering of energy rather than focus and simplicity.
Where there are distractions, delays and detours, there is dissolution or lack of solution.

To prepare for making a choice you can live with and accomplish and actually create,
Keep it simple, familiar and easy to practice daily.
Make a step-by-step plan rather than taking giant steps to success.
And give yourself time to learn and earn rewards along the way.

Look for priorities.
What is the one thing you can choose or change that will most benefit all areas of your life?

Consider giving yourself the time, the focus, the consideration you would give to someone important.
Consider treating yourself as the most precious gift you might be given in your whole life.
Consider making yourself the number one priority in your schedule and financial support..
Consider realizing that without the best you, your life purpose and dreams cannot come true.

You are the one key to everything you want to be or do or have.
Your life is the life you are here to save, to cherish to ensure.
Your happy and healthy self is the origin of all good things in life.
You cannot have the best life possible without having You show up.

So make time in the next few days to make a change of mind.
Write out your highest goals for 2008 and prioritize.
Give yourself affirmations to do as daily reminders.
Spend equal time in work, creativity, rest and play.

Take care of you!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

We learn to climb the stairs of life together!
Harper and Lila (32 mo old twins) teach brother Beckett (14 mos)
Always there is a loving presence to keep us safe!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It’s Time!

It’s time to let go of what brings pain and sorrow.
It’s time to undo what is not true.
It’s time to forgive what was judged and feared.
It’s time to choose to love again and still again.
It’s time to rethink mistakes of the past.
It’s time to bless what was left trashed.
It’s time to respect what was not fully valued.
It’s time to commit to what is cherished.
It’s time to schedule time with ourselves.
It’s time to balance our expenditures of time and resources.
It’s time to speak only the highest truth.
It’s time to take responsibility and respond with kindness.
It’s time to give up those habits with are unloving.
It’s time to believe with hope and faith in our hearts.
It’s time to give always and only our best.
It’s time to put the past to rest.

It is time for new beginnings in 2008.
Only when we have fully digested the year past are we ready to choose for our next year.
To finish 2007, we must forgive the mistakes and bad news and bless the learning with good news.
To be excited and engaged in what is to come, we must really appreciate and benefit from what has been.

Laughter heals.
Hugging helps.
Forgiveness gives.
Love supports the giving.

Use this hiatus between Christmas and the new Year to take the time to complete and get ready!
We will tape our New Year’s Workshop for all of you who cannot attend.
We want to share with those who are willing to do the work to improve the quality of your life and to contribute to a better world for all.
We ask from you for these free workshops now available on line:
1) Appreciate and Bless our Inspirational Work.
2) Use what you Learn for the Good of All.
3) Help us Grow what we do with Contributions of Prayer, Affirmation and Giving.
4) Be Happy and Willing to Give to what Heals and Grows the Best in You!

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue
“Where any one of us is blessed and benefited, all of us are blessed and benefit.”

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ready for Change?

In preparation for the year 2008, you may want to consider making a few changes.
I have made several commitments to myself for the coming year.
I am ready to make the changes needed.
However, I am noticing all the blocks, interferences, excuses and resistance to changing anything.

What are the common barriers to change?
Comfort with what is already in place.
Lethargy or lack of energy to do the changing.
Lack of momentum or impetus.
Laziness meaning my energy and interest goes elsewhere.
Avoiding the possibility of failure by never starting.

When I look at this list of excuses, it is laughable and so unlike me.
When I consider not making the changes needed, it is unacceptable to me.
When I let myself get away with avoiding what is needed to be my best self, it is just not OK.

Soooooooooo. What now?

Utilize My Power tools.
Clarity: I must be clear and specific on what exactly I want to change.
Choice: I must choose with all of me the outcome I desire to achieve.
Commitment: I must take full responsibility for what I want to do.
Communication: I must declare with full conviction that which I am choosing.
Consistency: I must persist until I succeed, with no excuse for less than my best.

Keys for Success
Vision: I hold a vision of the outcome I desire.
Faith: I believe I can achieve what I conceive.
Passion: I have the desire and will to fulfill my vision.
Commitment: I am determined to continue until I succeed.
Strategy: I stay in touch with my inner ReSource to guide my way.
Action: I do daily exactly what is needed and correct mistakes on the way.
Gratitude: I reward my Self with appreciation and affirmation each step.

The key to success is to persist until you succeed.
Write down your goals. (Only one or two is preferable)
Imagine how you will feel arriving at the desired outcome.
Give yourself so rewards along the way.
Develop strategies to overcome resistance.
Actually schedule time daily to review and accomplish what is desired.
Like training a pet, we must be present with the process.
Affirm and appreciate every small change and new choice.
Ask for spiritual and inspirational support.
Give yourself credit for your willingness.
Be happy about the whole journey of love and appreciation for your best Self.
Say YES often.

I love us all for being happy and willing learners and change agents for ourselves and in our world!
Yeah Team!!
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Do You Believe?

Whatever we believe is our experience and our Truth.
Whatever we believe is what we seek and find in our seeking.
What we believe is our path to peace and our way to love.

I believe in Good, the intrinsic Goodness of creation.
I believe in the essential Goodness in all humanity.
I believe that Love, pure Love, calls forth that inner Goodness.
I believe that God is perfect Love and Perfect Love is All Good.
I believe that Christmas is the symbolic birth of Goodness on Earth.
I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was One sent to remind us of Pure Love.
I believe that many others have been sent to represent The Love of our Creator and source.
I believe that Santa represents the Spirit of loving by giving to one another anonymously.
I believe that each and everyone can enter into the spirit of Christmas by giving Love.
I believe that it is Love that heals and grows and inspires, that Love lights our way.
I believe that all of us err in how we live and love, think and act, and love forgives all things.
I believe that our imperfections are object lessons to demonstrate the power of forgiveness.
I believe that we can erase the past and begin anew choosing again for Goodness and Love.
I believe that we are all students and teachers of loving Goodness.
I believe that the Christ in you is the Light I see when I seek your inner Goodness and Love.
I believe that what I can see in you is a reflection of the Light and Love in me.
I believe that during times of apparent external darkness, we are called to shine ever bright.
I believe that when there is a lack of love and forgiveness, we are called to offer the Love within.
I believe that the Love of God and the goodness within our brothers is all we are to see.
I believe that it is through forgiving mistakes and fearing nothing, we come to know God.
I believe that our loving kindness given to all equally represents God’s Love here on Earth.
I believe that as we bless our world with Peace and Good Will to all humanity, we awaken.
I believe that in our awakening, we see the Light and delight with Gratitude and Joy for All That Is.
I believe that we are all in the right place at the right time doing the perfect things with the perfect ones.
I believe that we are hands and feet, the eyes and ears, the heart and mind of God, the All Good.
I believe that we can and will clear the fear with our forgiveness and love right here.
I believe that you and I and everyone of us are family, wanting and waiting to come home to Love.
I believe Christmas is a reminder that we are all in this together here to Love one another.
I love you .
I love God, the All Good.
I love all my brothers and sisters.
I love myself.
For I believe we are all One: One Light, One Love One Source, One Expression of God.
And in this belief I find inner peace and Great Joy which I share with all people.
Betty Lue

I have two gifts for you.
1) Robert’s version of Night Before Christmas. (See menu bar on left.)
2) Our workshops are now available on line!
We are freely offering all our workshops where participants give permission.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Blessings of Peace in All Minds

Blessings of Peace in All Minds, Joy in All Hearts and Love in All Homes!

Winter Solstice
Full Moon
Christmas Eve

The message is clear: The Light has come.
When we have forgiven the world, the light comes.

When we have forgiven ourselves, the light comes from within with a rebirth of inspiration and joy.
When we have forgiven our past, the light comes and we realize that only the precious Present matters.
When we have forgiven our family history, the light comes and we see them simply calling for our Love.
When we have forgiven the world, we stop complaining, resenting and begin creating what we want.
When we have forgiven sickness, disasters and problems, we are able to respond with kindness and love.
When we have forgiven our judgments, fears and failings, we see them all as learning opportunities.
When we have forgiven governments and world leaders, we recognize they do the best they know.
When we have forgiven everyone and everything, we see all things new again and are grateful.

Life works when we do the work of forgiving.
In the act of forgiving our minds are erased and we are filled with light.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
There is only Love and the call for Love.

If anyone is sending an unloving message, they seek only to be loved.
If anyone is pushing away the love, they believe they do not deserve to be loved.
If anyone is is reaching out with love, they only want the love to be received and cherished.
If anyone is afraid to trust love, they will find ways to hold the loving one away.

Guilt pushes love away.
Guilt blames the one trying to love.
Guilt withholds and withdraws from love.
Guilt is a false protection which can look like resentment.
Guilt is always calling for forgiveness and Love.

When we forget to shine our light, we feel guilty.
When we withhold our Love, we feel guilty.
When we resist being loved, we feel guilty.
When we hurt those we love, we feel guilty.

Forgiveness always begins and ends with me forgiving me.
When I erase all guilt, I become fearless in loving.
When I erase all withholds, resentments and resistance, I remember the Love I Am.
When I clear all blocks to Love, I shine the Light.
I am Bright and True and Free and Let It Be.

May the Son and the Sun shine always in all ways for all to see in you and me!
Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Light, Light and More Light

“We are the Light of the World.
That is our only function.
That is why we are here.” ACIM

Here we are in times of darkness, here to bring the light.
Some call us light workers.
Some would say we are full of delight or delightful.
Some would say we shine the light on darkness and see the light within.

To be the Light and bring the Light, we must forgive all darkness within.
To bring the Peace of God, we must forgive all conflict.
To extend the Love of God, we must clear the fear.
To share our Joy, we must heal our hurt and suffering.

Our call is to enlighten ourselves from within, to light up our own darkness and erase all sin.

To be enlightened is to suspend all judgment and see beneath the surface appearances.
To be enlightened is to lift our minds to seek only God and the Good.
To be enlightened is to seek and find blessings within everything.
To be enlightened is to be at peace with what is: to let go and let God.

From the light within ourselves we can shine that light to our world.

Where lost in ignorance, let us offer education.
Where consumed by fear, let us give always and only love.
Where stuck in our humanness, let us remember our Divinity.
Where holding judgment and hatred, let us offer peace and Good will.

We often believe in the shadow we cast with the denseness of our body.
We forget that our body is mostly space between the molecules.
What looks solid is actually 85 or more water…fluid and malleable.
When there is illness or death of the physical body, it appears the light has gone.

When we remember energy can be neither created nor destroyed, we know the individual light is set free.
The light in us cannot die or be destroyed, for it is eternal, the creative spark of the Universe.
The life in us is the gift we are here to give, to create what is good and beautiful and holy.
The love in us is the Love of goodness here to heal, to remind and to bring together our spiritual family.

Let us be reminded.
The light is in you and me.
We are free to create from this energy whatever we choose.
What is your gift, your creation here on earth?

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Child’s Christmas

Christmas is for children.
Celebrated in most cultures, Christmas is really about giving joy to children.
During much of the year, parents are at work and children are in school.
During this winter holiday vacation, we can take extra time to focus on hugs,
laughter, hot chocolate with marshmallows, games, little gifts in stockings, stories,
special cookies, time with family, special treats to eat and lots of fun for everyone.

What happened to the Child’s Christmas?
Overdoing everything became a financial and energy burden instead of a joy.
When we shifted from one special present or a single sticking for each child to buying presents for everyone.
Then we competed with ourselves to buy more or bigger or more expensive each year.
Somehow we forgot that Christmas is really to love our children by giving them a special day.
The innocence in children gets lost in our measuring how much is given and how many gifts are around our tree.

The magic of Christmas is in the caring and sharing for each other.
The delightful wonder of Christmas is in the beauty of the lights and the smell of hot cider and cookies in the oven.
The joy of Christmas is in watching the delight on each child’s face as they embrace that one gift that says, “I love you.”
Christmas is calling those who are far away or visiting ones unable to travel to us.
Christmas is sharing our joy by singing carols or bring home-baked cookies to our neighbors.
Christmas is singing the familiar carols of day’s gone by with those we love.
Christmas is waking on Christmas morning wondering if Santa has come and eaten the mild and cookies we left for him.
Christmas is the day with family and friends together playing games and talking about how much we care about one another.
Christmas is remembering all the good times and forgetting the yuck.
Christmas is the renewal of our faith and hope for the new year.
Christmas is casting a new light on what can be if we all can simply remember to forgive the past and love one another right now.
Christmas is a new beginning.

With the innocence of a child, we can delight in the simple acts of loving kindness.
With the joy of a child, we can smile and say, “I love you.”
With the gentleness of a child, we can give a heartfelt hug or smile.
Through a child’s heart and mind, we can remember the miracle of the birth of that special One.

Loving and blessing us all as we remember to Love, simply Love.
Betty Lue

Friday, December 21, 2007


It is our spiritual and inspirational vision that portends our future experience.

When we hold an image in our mind, we begin to set in place the mental attitude emotions move and our doingness supports what we have imagined.

Take time to imagine each day, each encounter each experience as healing and holy.

What you see and believe within, you will make manifest.

Hold the vision and wash away your doubts and fears.
Second thoughts corrupt the beauty and goodness of what you really desire.
Give yourself time to forgive all that interferes with the Glad tidings you bring.

You are King in your own realm. Miracles occur because you Love.
The bright Light of Joy shines on all you think and say and do.
You are the One who bears gifts to al the innocent ones being born in this healing and Holy Light.
Believe it or not, you are creating the experience you have.

As you come to each new moment, give yourself to Love.
As you bring your words and smile and touch, offer Peace.
As you share your healing Presence, bring the Love you Are.
As you speak and write your appreciation, See within each one the Holy One.

You are the Loving Reminder here on Earth, here to birth a new world of Hope and Faith and Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I want to remind you of Who We Are and Why We Have Come to this Holy Place together.
We are the Ones who give the real meaning to Christmas and everyday.
May your family times be healing.
May you be the One who forgives all and remembers only Love is Real.

Let this be a sign unto you.
See yourSelf in this child’s face.
Remember every day is Your Birth Day.
Everyday is the rebirth to the Christ Light in You.
Each day you are reminded to celebrate with innocent Joy!
And This Day is Your Time to Shine out Your Love.

You are awakening everyOne you meet to share their De Light!
Let this be your healing and Holy Present!
I see You. I know You. I love You.
Betty Lue
I am celebrating your awakening and Birth Day!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Love More!

Love is.
It really isn’t quantifiable, no more or less.
Christ Mas. Light more. Holiness more. Love more.
This really means to me to let go of fear.
Let go of withholding.
Let go of judging.
Let go of trying.
Let go of symbols of love—i.e. gifts.
Let go of making up for the past.
Let go of fixing anyone.
Let go of getting the approval or appreciation you want.
Let go of hiding your light.
Let go of keeping your feelings of gratitude to yourself.
Let go of not sending your blessings to everyone.
Let go of treating some better than others.
Let go of denying yourself the peace you want.
Let go of holding yourself separate from others.
Let go of making others earn your love.
Let go of keeping to yourself.
Let go of waiting.
Let go of denying that you care.
Let go of any and all blocks that keep you from freely and naturally giving your best to all.

I noticed that I feel awkward and guilty when I don’t give to the salvation army bell ringers.
This feeling tells me I am withholding something. At the very least, I can smile and say, “God bless you.”
The same holds true for anyone asking for money.
It is our guilt that keeps ups separate, irritated and shrinking away.
We will feel guilty anytime we are not fully and freely sharing the love we are and the blessings we have.
Guilt will show up as staying away from the one with whom we have guilt or it will show up as blame.
Guilt can be healed very easily and quickly by remembering life is for giving.
Give the light, the blessings, the prayers, the appreciation and the love you are.
Be willing to be the Love.
Ahhh! Then Life is fun, safe and easy!!

Loving you easily and freely and with great and abundant joy!
Betty Lue

Ask for the Responsible Money Seminars on line or CD and the handouts and homework that can change your life!
Our intention is to educate and inspire financial consciousness so we can build happier and healthier relationships and communities without the distraction of money concerns.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spiritual Calling

Just nine years ago (when we had moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area), I asked Spirit what I could do to continue my ministry of ReUnion.
I was guided to use the computer (I was then computer avoidant) to send our daily inspiration, specifically my morning inner guidance.
Since 1977 I have listened within daily and allowed spirit to guide my decisions, contributions, and the founding of 18 non-profit holistic healing, counseling and spiritual centers in five states, under our non-profit Reunion Ministries.
Spirit was asking me to share my guidance with everyone who wished to receive the good news and loving reminders.

And so I began on Jan. 1, 1999 with daily inspiration being emailed to hundreds and now with the forwarding some of you do, to thousands around the planet.
This is my loving reminder for myself.
This is my way of making a difference one person at a time. T
his brings joy and inspiration to me.
Not only what is shared, but the caring intention behind it gives me a real connection with each one of you who receive these reminders.
We are together, in Reunion, when we perceive neither space nor time.
We can feel the union and the Love and the Peace of God, knowing always that we are there and here for one another.
We know that there will never be a need that cannot be filled when we are together in faith and prayer.

Yesterday we picked up my Mom from SFO airport and (because the plane was 2 hrs. late) went directly to our afternoon caroling holiday party for a women’s recovery rehab 3-6 month program for women who have children.
For me, my Christmas is in the opportunity to share joy and love and faith and peace with one another.
Yes, we brought homemade cookies and brownies and juice and gifts for the kids and sang carols together as a spiritual family.
We gave teddy bears to the Moms as well, because some have no family to remind them “You are loved!” during the difficult and lonely times.
It was in their sincere gratitude to us for taking the time, their lingering strong hugs and the way we ll laughed together…elders and young adults as family.
This made my Christmas!!!!!
And we still have several other caroling and party events to share the glad tidings of Great Joy!
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when we LOVE one another.

And last night our Awaken class met and finished the year 2007 with the Littlest Angel (1946) which remains my favorite Xmas story which I read aloud annually and always cry with the sweet love therein.
Yes we have family dinners and games and a few gifts for the little ones on Thursday and Friday, Saturday.
And next week some outings with the children and my Mom (now 86 yrs and very with it!)
The extra special events which often have more spiritual content are with our classes and groups, the ministry students, the congregants at our Unity Church and those who will be meeting us for caroling on Christmas Day.
When we take the time to share with one another the intrinsic meaning of these holy days, when we give ourselves the opportunity to fully express our love and caring,
when we dance with joy and sing our with the Love and Light in us, we really can feel what is REAL!

Love is Christmas!
More Delight is Christmas!
Be as a child and give the Love you are to each and everyone you encounter this year!
Know the True Joy of Christmas everyday.

Loving You,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Be Happy!

Are you willing to be happy?
Are you willing to give up all your reasons for being unhappy?
Are you willing to be cheerful?
Are you willing to give ups stressing and upset?
Are you willing to be kind?
Are you willing to treat everyone as you want to be treated?
Are you willing to be loving?
Are you willing to give everyone your best self?
Are you willing to be peaceful?
Are you willing to give up inner conflict and outer arguments?
Are you willing to be tolerant and accepting?
Are you willing to relinquish prejudices, fears and assumptions?
Are you willing to be trusting?
Are you willing to give up your suspicion and projections from the past?
Are you willing to give yourself and others freedom to be different?
Are you willing to stop conforming and expecting others to fit in?
Are you willing to be giving with enjoyment?
Are you willing to let go of giving to get anything in return?
Are you willing to be a gracious and grateful receiver?
Are you willing to remember to say and write “Thank You” to all?
Are you willing to be honest and speak the Highest Most Loving Truth?
Are you willing to stop being nice or nasty and say what is meaningful to the receiver?
Are you willing to be forgiving?
Are you willing to relinquish attacks, judgments, blame and guilt?
Are you willing to extend love and joy and peace to everyone everywhere?
Are you willing t be the True Santa Claus everyday?
Are you willing to bring Light where there is Darkness?
Are you willing to be Love where there is hatred and fear?
Are you willing to be the One who remembers the real meaning of the Christ Mass season?

I know you are willing, so let us choose everyday with everyone and make a Real Difference.
This is the Real Gift, our Healing and Holy Presence.
Let it begin with me and you.

Celebrating our willingness,
Betty Lue

Monday, December 17, 2007

How Can you be Happy and at Peace?

The fastest way I know to unhappiness and inner upset is to judge and fear and blame someone.
The fastest way I know to happiness and inner peace is to forgive, erase all judgments of anyone.

Today’s lesson from A Course in Miracles is: “My sinless brother is my guide to peace”. ACIM
It is a reminder that when we see others as holy, when we forgive the mistakes of humanity, we are on the path to peace.

The more we forgive, the more peaceful we feel.
The more we erase past history, the more we are open to create a positive future.
The more we let go of our own mistakes and see their learning value and gifts, the more we can undo the mistakes, errors and “sins” of others and our world.

Judging is upsetting.
Judging creates fear.
Judging stops the picture.
Judging causes prejudice and arrogance.
Judging is an attack.
Judging sets up the fear of being judged.
Judging is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Judging begets more judgments.
Judging induces process of proving ourselves right.
Judging leads only to pain and suffering, attack and fear.

We cannot see what is for the overall highest good.
We cannot know what is in the mind, the history, the energy of any individual including ourselves.
We do not know what is in our own best interests.
Judging is far beyond the scope of what any of us can do.
When we relinquish our attack thoughts, we become open, appreciative, sensitive, able to respond and genuinely creative and desirous of helping and healing.

It is my intention in life to be a loving reminder.
I am the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.

May you find peace today by forgiving your judgments.
We need only forgive our thinking to find peace within.
We need only erase our mind by filling it with light and loving thoughts.
We need only seek the peace of God, of Goodness and Mercy and Love.
We need only rely on the universal power and Presence of One whose only purpose is our Good.
So let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me this day in loving all One and everyone.
I ask for nothing and am willing to give everything that we might remember the Love within.

Blessed be.
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Creating Real Family!

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” Thich Nhat Hanh
“Building community one person at a time is a gift to all.” Betty Lue
Deepak Chopra is creating an “alliance for humanity with human forums for co-creation of a new world.”

Reunion was created in 1977 by the joining of many families and individuals for positive parenting, healing relationships, building a better world for generations to come.
It became a tax exempt non-profit in 1981, at the same time as I was ordained as a minister of Reunion.

Now known as Reunion Ministries, with over 31 ordained ministers and another 11 in our 2-3 year facilitation program, we have travelled and taught, counseled and coached thousands of individuals and their families.
Our work is inspirational, educational and supportive of each one in finding their own Authentic Self, living True to their own values and practicing ways that Heal, Inspire and Empower them to Give their Best.

Reunion is the calling to re-connect with ourselves and with one another.
Reunion is the path to return to the Source of our Good.
Reunion is remembering Love and Returning to wholeness and our intrinsic Holiness.
Reunion is our way to heal isolation and alienation and fear.

Spiritual Inner Guidance has given us opportunities to found 18 non-profit holistic healing and counseling centers in five states, relying on faith, our own money, ingenuity and practical abilities.
“When the focus is on giving abundantly, much is accomplished from seemingly minimal resources. “

With each new Center, we have built healing community with those who came as practitioners, teachers, students, clients and volunteers.
Every Center had no paid employees, with independent holistic practitioners volunteering their energies for the Center operation.
No one is ever turned away due to limited financial resources. All are served to the best we have.

It is in our togetherness that we heal and find the Love within.
It is in our separateness that we feel alone, lost, alienated and afraid.
It is in our cooperation and mutual respect that we find our confidence, our courage and our authenticity.
It is in our competition and comparison that we find our weakness, our self doubts, and need to pretend.
It is in our willingness and happiness to give all to all that we have all we need and more.
It is in our unwillingness and withholding what we have that we lose faith, joy and inner peace.

No matter what the message being shared;
Our work and play is always about healing our separation from Self, for Source and from one another to build community and spiritual family.
Where two or more are joined, there all things are possible.
We are all in this together.
There is only One of Us. You are my reflection.
With the Love of God in us, there is nothing we cannot do.

Let this Holiday Season and our new year of 2008 be about reclaiming the family of humanity.
Take time to give a smile, a blessing, a kind word and a little gift to each one who asks.

Remember: There is no loss in true giving.
We are all giving to ourselves, the Greater One.
What is given with love and Joy is received in the giving.

Loving you in living the Highest Truth I know,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are You Awake?

“What is enlightenment?”, I was asked recently.
Enlightenment is waking up from unconsciousness, fear, guilt and victimization.
Enlightenment is taking total responsibility for your whole life and your experiences.
Enlightenment is seeing what is without judgment, analysis, fixing or making wrong.
Enlightenment is being willing to be peaceful, happy and in love no matter what.

My 30 Days to Enlightenment Diet was outlined over 20 years ago.
I never wrote the book, because I was actively living the life.
So many others have written about the “how to’s”.
One of my favorites is “Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus ……

How do we wake up?
Stop judging anything or anyone, including yourself.
And if you judge, immediately correct it with, “My judgment means nothing.” That is the truth.

How can we possibly see the whole picture of anyone’s life or the life of our planet?
From our minuscule perspective we cannot understand the unfolding of human consciousness?
What I write here in these reminders is in response to the query of those seeking to learn or be reminded.

I cannot know the answer for you.
I can by my own example lead you to your own inner guidance, discovery and understanding.
I do know that it is when we are at peace that the greatest awareness, healing and wisdom comes to us.
I do know that all of us have the potential for waking up to the natural greatness and goodness within.

I trust in all these things.
I have seen miracles occur naturally with Love.
I have faith in the limitless power and peace that exists in all life.
I celebrate that Awakening and Rebirth of the Christ, the enlightened One and light that lives in All.

Happiness is a choice.
Love is a choice.
Peace is a choice.
Enlightenment is being willing to make that choice and live with our spiritual eyes wide open.

Loving you and seeing you whole and Holy,
Blessed be All That Is,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Keeping Agreements

(We are keeping our agreement with Spirit to be ”On Call for God and Serving Only Good.”)

When we keep our agreements, we gain strength and confidence.
When we disregard our agreements, we lose strength and confidence.

With our Money Seminars, Robert and I were inspired and learned as much as we inspired and taught.
Whatever is given honestly is received first by the giver.
Whatever is taught authentically is being learned first by the teacher.
Whatever is spiritually healed, is always being healed within the healer.
Whatever is being lovingly reminded, is always for the one offering the loving reminders.

I hear you Betty Lue.
I appreciate you Betty Lue.
I am one with you Betty Lue.
I am learning with you Betty Lue.
I am always giving my best to you Betty Lue.

Did you know that these reminders were originally a spiritual request from within my inner guidance?
Did you know that I was reluctant to even use a computer in December of 1998 when I began?
Did you know that they take about 30 minutes total to write and send out to 10 email lists of almost 1000?
Did you know that I simply sit with my hands on the keys and type what I hear within?
Did you know that they may save you hundreds of dollars I health care cost and counseling?
Did you know they cut the counseling time I spend with folks to far fewer sessions?
Did you know that I receive only 2-4 email responses daily?
Did you know that I don’t feel complete when I am not able to write to you and me daily?
Did you know that what I receive is loving, trusting connection with Spirit and YOU?

We are all in this together and You can help me!

You can practice daily the best you know.
You can take the time to be still and listen within.
You can give someone your blessing today.
You can forgive mistakes and those of others.
You can contribute and appreciate what inspires you.
You can take impeccable care of yourself.
You can give more love, joy and peace for healthy and holy purposes.

We are building a new non profit Community center.
Robert and I are investing about $7000 to rent, design, furnish and initiate the programs and services.
We are committing about 20 hours weekly on site and 10 hours of business administrative time.
(in addition to our Center for Conscious Living in Pleasant Hill (20-30hrs/wk)and our ministry for Unity on the Delta (10 hrs/wk), plus 2 days/week caring for our grand children.)

We invite you to contribute to our new community Center of Light in Alameda.
Donations are a tax-deductible contribution to Reunion Ministries and we thank you!
This is a great way create a better, happier, healthier and more inspired world one person at a time.

Loving you and always giving the very best I am given.
Betty Lue

Spiritual Tips for Abundant Living
1. Honor and Respect your Self.
2. Do what you love and love what you do.
3. Appreciate what you have.
4. Stop complaining, wishing, fantasizing.
5. Clarify what ego wants and what Spirit wants.
6. Recognize the difference between temporal pleasures and eternal treasures.
7. Spend less than you earn.
8. Notice that you always have more than enough to share.
9. Expect life to work for you and your happiness.
10. Your Spirit-directed choices never require explanation, justification or convincing.
11. Get clear on your real priorities (health, travel, new home, service, retirement, etc.)
Set aside the money needed and live on what’s left.
12. Give your Self and others only what is for the Highest Good (useful, valuable & inspiring).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Light In You

To be unlimited and free is to claim your inheritance.
To be trusting and giving is to recognize your Source.
To be loving and kind is to forgive all mistakes.
To be happy and whole is to give only Love.

We are all here to clear the way to living, loving and giving our best everyday.
We are here to relate to one another in a forgiving way, undoing what blocks full appreciation.
We are here to remember the Source from which we came with gratitude and profound Love.
We are here to realize there is nothing greater than to love another as our Creator loves us.

As we are in the Holiday and season of Holy Days, it is this we are to remember to know peace.
The gift we are to give to each one, stranger and family member alike, is the gift of our Best Self.
The real gift of this season is our Peaceful Presence, filled with appreciation and open-mindedness.
When we perceive one another in a holy and healing light, the mistakes of the past are washed away.

What is important is before us in this precious Present moment.
What matters is how we think of and speak of one another right now.
What gives us joy and sets all free is the trust and love we share.
Remember, today, to give the Best you have to everyone who comes your way.

You are the Gift.
Now is the time to give yourself.
Join in the celebration, not by buying, but by Being the Love You Are.
Give generously from your heart and you will receive the reward of instant Joy.

Loving you, loving me and all.
Betty Lue

Monday, December 10, 2007

Toxic or Not?

Have we created a toxic environment?
Do we ingest foods with little nutrition and lots of toxicity?
Are we preparing foods in unhealthy ways?
Do we feed ourselves poorly just for convenience?

Have we created toxic relationships?
Do we interact with people for little fulfillment and lots of negativity?
Are we creating relationships that are unhealthy for all parties?
Do we communicate poorly just because it is popular and easy?

Have we created toxic jobs and careers?
Do we make our living with little fulfillment and lots of stress?
Are we creating more work that is not healthy for al concerned?
Do we continue to work with resentment and lack of integrity jus because we get paid?

Have we created a toxic lifestyle?
Do we live with little meaning and purpose and lots of unhappiness?
Are we causing more depression and dis-ease in ourselves and our families?
Do we live a lie pretending it is the only way to get by?

We cannot complain about the abusive world when we abuse ourselves.
We cannot begin to undo what is not true until we stop deceiving ourselves.
We cannot make a real change until we end lying, cheating and stealing from ourselves.
We cannot return to a healthy happy way of living until we forgive our mistakes.

Now is the time to make a real change.
Now is the time to choose again for what is truly highest and best.
Each small step will lead to the rest of what is Good for All.
When each one begins right where we are, the rest of humanity will be blessed.

So let us begin here and now.

Loving you and wanting real commitment and change.
It begins within me and You!
Betty Lue

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Light, Light, More Light

The energy of the Sun provides life.
The energy of the Son provides love.
The energies of their Light give us sight, both inner sight and outer sight.
To see, we must be willing to relinquish our illusions.

What is it we can see in the light of the Sun?
We see the beauty of the earth.
We see the wonder of the skies.
We see the miracle of our birth.
We see the healing of our love.
We see the abundance within and around us.

What is it we can see in the light of the Son?
Within each one of us is a light more magnificent than the sun.
Within the creation of the all loving, all powerful and all present One, we find limitless power and peace.
There are no limits to what God, Creator and Source can do to us and through us.

And still, in order to reveal this Light and this Love, we must be happy and willing to let go of our blocks.
Where we are distracting our selves, we will not notice or appreciate the blessings already here.
Where we are defending ourselves against self-made fears, we cannot know the Love that protects us.
Where we are denying ourselves the Real gifts of freedom and trust, we will not receive True Prosperity.

When we invite in more light into our minds we relinquish ignorance and intolerance.
When we receive more light in our hearts, we forgive all fear and separateness.
When we allow more light in our bodies, we experience a healing peace and boundless vitality.
Light bathes away all darkness and frees our attachments to clear the way to inner peace.

In this time of seeming planetary darkness, let us bring the light of our love to everyone.
In these times of advertised disease, hunger and despair, let us feed everyone with respect and kindness.
In these times of Holiday frenetic buying and giving, let us gift others with our peace and appreciation.
In these times of financial stress and uncertainty, let us trust in Abundant Love for each other.

We are here to remember the Light.
We are here to give our de Light.
We are here to bring the Light.
We are here to enlighten our world.

The blessings already are within You and Me,
Betty Lue

Saturday, December 08, 2007

No Complaints

What would our world be if there were no more complaints?
If all we thought and spoke and did issue forth gratitude and loving kindness?
If everyone dropped their false expectations, their judgments and prejudices?
If we gave up wishing and fantasizing and simply accepted what it?

The has issued fuchsia colored bracelets which I wear and have given to many of our students and friends.
They say it takes up to 21 days to develop a complaint-free habit.
Whenever you find yourself judging or complaining about something or someone, you simply switch the bracelet to the other wrist.
When habitual patterns are interrupted, the awareness will create a new possibility.

Consider developing the awareness of letting go with ease and forgiveness of complaining, gossiping, judging and defensiveness to open the way to gratitude, lasting joy and a feeling of peaceful acceptance of the way it is.

Remember: Awareness with love is healing.
We need not fix or change or try to change anyone, including ourselves.
It is through peaceful awareness and acceptance that we come to erase negativity and judgment from our minds, our speech and interactions.

Blessings on all of us this season for giving the gift of gratitude and joy,
Betty Lue

Friday, December 07, 2007

Life Is A Gift

When you appreciate what you have, it increases in value.
When you disrespect, ignore or criticize what you have, it diminishes in worth.
What you value, benefits you with peace, comfort, ease, freedom, enjoyment and well-being.
What you de-value, drains your energy with negativity, judgment, hate, resentment, guilt and criticism.

Your life is a gift to you, given by the Source, the One Who created you.
Your life was given as a gift for Holy Purposes.
When you recognize and receive the gift of life with gratitude, you will cherish your life with respect.
When you resent and abuse the gift of your life, you will feel scared, guilty, confused, lost and alone.

Your life was given to you for Holy and healing purposes.
When we know our purpose, the sacred calling for life, we are better able to navigate the stormy seas.
When we are grateful to our Maker, we can call upon help with certainty that our needs are being met.
When we know there is a reason of Being, we seek only to fulfill that purpose in Being here.

When we are clear life is a gift, given by One Who loves us and seeks only our Good, we are grateful.
When we know that this life is to be lived awake with respect and expanded awareness, we stay present.
When we realize that all life has Holy Purpose, we pay attention and celebrate the calling of each Soul.
When we honor our life and treat our selves with impeccable care, we love and embrace our Purpose here.

Look at what your life has been and patterns are revealed.
These patterns or events in life demonstrate what is beneath our emotional judgment.
The events and relationships of life demonstrate what can be achieved, learned, healed, grown and given.
Look with a neutral mind and grateful heart to see what is there, your Holy Purpose.
  • To learn spiritual principles that work.
  • To teach others how to live with love.
  • To forgive mistakes of yourself and others.
  • To be gentle and respectful of all life.
  • To appreciate what is and watch it grow.
  • To enjoy every event, challenge and experience.
  • To actualize your potential by giving your best.
  • To contribute to the well-being of everyone you encounter.
  • To give your family what heals and blesses them.
  • To empower yourself and others to be confident and caring.
  • To love unconditionally and serve from the heart.
  • To remember God all ways and always.
Whatever your True Calling, live it well.
Be honored in choosing to receive the sacred gift of life and live and love well.

Blessing us all as one,
Betty Lue

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Be Who You Are

Is your energy fast or slow?
Do you like to work or to play?
Are you needing the security of a steady paycheck?
Or do you like the motivation of being an entrepreneur?
Are you a self promoter and self starter?
Do you sit back and wait for direction?
Are you capable of living on less until you have more?
Are you able to attract the people and resources you need?
Are you dependent or independent?
Are you an extrovert or introvert?
Do you learn by watching, study, listening and experiencing?
Are you capable of multitasking or do you need focus?
Are you willing and happy to work as much as you need to get the job done?
Is it inspiring to always have something more to do?
Do you get bored and depressed with the same thing every day?
Or do you get tired and depressed when you have too much to do everyday?

I am seeing also in our Money seminars that few people have the energy, faith and creative abilities required to be successful as entrepreneurs.
Yet many people are attracted to self-employment because they like the freedom and independence.
Sometimes we are fooled by only looking at the qualities in a person, job, home or experience with blinders on seeing only what we covet and desire.
To look at the whole picture, we must be willing to neutralize our preferences, be hones about ourselves and be willing to stop fantasizing, wishing, hoping and praying for something to be what it is not.

Seeing what is with gratitude opens the door to clear and accurate choices.
Be who you are. Know what you really want.
Create a life in which you have what supports you in being You.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Are the Major Blocks?

I am always learning from everyone and everything!
What I have learned from our free Money Seminars are three major blocks exist for most people, causing most of the distress and strife in life.
These blocks appear to interfere and distract folks for joy and peace and fulfillment in relationships, health, finances and happiness.

Common Blocks to Inspired and Effective Living

1) Not knowing Who We Are or Why We Are here.
When we know our true and authentic Self and have a sense of purpose and mission in life, we can find a path that supports and sustains us.

2) Seeking a quick fix, instant healing or gratification.
When we realize that life is WORK, everyday, we will be happy and willing do what it takes to be healthy, happy and peaceful.

3) Blaming someone or avoiding responsibility for the solution to problems.
When we accept full responsibility for our life’s challenges and learning opportunities, we can successfully effect positive change and healing.

It seems so simple to see the solution to all problems as the clearing of these three blocks. See if it is so in your life.

Discover Who You Really Are.
Commit to your Unique Inspired and Purposeful Path.
Develop the healthy habit of working daily to inspire and cultivate your Best Self.
Suspend all judgments, blame and guilt.
Be totally responsible and grateful for the quality of your life and your relationships.

This requires daily practice.
Begin today.
Stop procrastinating and take one small step now.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Take time to give yourself the gift of loving Awareness during this Holiday Season.
What you do to Know and Love You will be a blessing to everyone for the rest of your life and beyond.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Doing the Work

The work in life is never-ending.
The temptations of the world are daunting.
The seduction of buying and spending and giving to get is obvious.
Life offers unlimited options and paths on which to walk.

The question is: temporal pleasures or eternal treasures?
The invitation to serve Spirit is calling.
The end of suffering is the choice to Love with non attachment.
The value of consistent forgiveness is true happiness.

The choice is with us each moment and in every encounter.
Who am I? Why am I here?
Who and how an I to serve?
The answer is clear when we listen inside to the voice of Loving Wisdom.

Life requires us to consciously remember Love and choose to live in Love.
Life offers options to forget and forgive, to forgive and forget.
Life is the learning lab where we will all finally get the Truth, the awakening.
This is the place. We are the One. Now is the time.

So let’s remind one another to do the healing and Holy work!

Loving you,
Betty Lue

One evening an old Apache told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all.
One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.
The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?"
The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed.”

Monday, December 03, 2007


Take the time to feed yourself spiritually to be aware of the light within.
Take the time to sit and simply be still.
Take the time to listen to your inner voice.
Take the time to be grateful for Everything….Everything.
Take the time to bless everyone, wishing only the best for all people.
Take the time to look your family members in the eyes and give them your attention.
Take the time to breath in the joy and beauty of Christmas.
Take the time to say thank you even to those who are in a hurry or grouchy.
Take the time to be really present.
Take the time to learn the true meaning of the holidays, the Holy Days for all religions.
Take the time to forgive the past.
Take the time to be enthusiastic about the future.
Take the time to stop the gossip and complining.
Take the time to take care of your own well-being.
Take the time to give your best.
Take the time and trust God will do the rest.

Taking the time to Love you and me and God/Goddess.

Betty Lue

Sunday, December 02, 2007

We Are The Light!

As we approach the time of greatest dark, Winter Solstice on Dec. 22, we are called more steadfastly to bring our light to our world. Light comes through forgiving the dark thoughts, unkind words and deeds done with ingratitude and resentment. We are filled with light personally and collectively, when we think the Highest Good and speak with patience and positive regard, and act with full appreciation for the gifts we are given and those who receive them.

It is easy to go along with media, gossip and the inference humanity is basically flawed and there is evil.
It is easy to fit in when we act like others, focus on fear and suffering, illness and tragedy.
It seems easy and normal to defend and protect ourselves against bad things happening.
However, what we perceive and attend to becomes our god and is strengthened within ourselves.

To bring the Light requires consciousness and attention to the Sun, the Son of God, the creation of Good.
To bring the Light asks that we celebrate and encourage hope and faith and love with everyone.
To be the Light of the world invites us to turn up the brightness within and remember to be grateful.
To be the Light in our families, our homes and our communities asks that we become givers of Goodness.

No matter what our religious beliefs, many traditions invite us to celebrate at this time of year.
Whether Christian, Wiccan, Jewish, Kwanzaan and others I do not know, remind their peoples that the Light comes in times of darkness and seeming difficulty. It is in the times of apparent lack and limitation that the Greatest Light and Love are needed. We are here to Give from the wellspring of Love within.

To find the Light, we must go within to our faith in the miracle of Love.
To know the light requires that we practice by giving only Love.
To bring the Light asks that we give the Best we know without specialness to all people everywhere.

As we translate these words and the words of others, let us realize:
There is only Love and the call for Love.
As we listen within to the Voice for Good, let us remember:
We are the Ones here to represent the Love of our Source, our comforter and our Guide.
As we pray and speak and act in our daily lives, let us recognize:
Every unhappy and unloving expression is calling forth our forgiveness, our Love and our Joy.

We are here to be the Light unto our world.
It is through us that the Light of Creation expresses ItSelf.

Blessings on each Bringer of Light and Love to all humanity.
Loving you,
Betty Lue